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These are the rules of the IWO of old. Set in an e-mail setting, these were placed on the site so people applying would know what they were getting into before they, got into it. I'm really stretching what I consider history, aren't I?

The rules on this page apply to the Internet Wrestling Organization (IWO) or IWO Minor League (IML). You must read these terms and conditions before you will be accepted to any of these e-federations. Failure to read the rules will result in your immediate termination.

Rule #1: Roleplays (RPs) are determined by quality, not quantity. While the Board can and will put length, amount, and the angle/feud into factor when deciding a winner, the judgement will be based on who the Board has felt did a better job of RPing. Winners will then be sent out to writers, then attacks, interferances, and other such additions placed into the finalized match product. Any complaints about winners can be sent to the Board. If a complaint about a particular winner is recieved, a rematch will be rescheduled. Continous complaints about losses will result in termination.

Rule #2: RPs must not contain any anti-semetic, racial, or other such unneccessary comment. Sexual comments are allowed on a very strignent basis (you are not allowed to continually make sexual referances). Any comment that personally insults a person's race, color, or religon will be deemed null and void. If RPs frequently contain this problem, termination will result. Likewise, searching an opponent's RP to find error such as these too frequently will also result in penalty and/or termination.

Rule #3: You are limited to the use of your e-wrestler and him alone. Creation of "temporary" characters (such as your e-wrestler's wife, a friend, etc.) is allowed. Use of managers/valets in RPs is also acceptable. Use of another's characters, a real person/wrestler, or another fed other than the feds belonging to the IWO will result in a penalty as well as voiding of the RP.

Rule #4: Spam mail is not acceptable. Informing the roleplay list of your e-fed, site, or anything else of that nature will result in your immediate termination.

Rule #5: You are not allowed to inform AOL's Terms of Service (TOS), Hotmail's TOS, or any other mail client of any roleplays concerning a violation of their rules. If you inform AOL that someone from our e-fed is spamming (when all they are really doing is RPing), you will be terminated immediatly.

Rule #6: E-mail switching will be very limited. A definition of e-mail switching would be changing your e-mail address once a week. Stick with one e-mail address, if you must change it then give us ample warning time. If you frequently change your e-mail address, we will simply not add you to our RP list anymore.

Rule #7: Asking the Board for an opinion on a RP will negatively impact our judgement.

Rule #8: You must send an application in for review in order to be considered for acceptance. Not everyone is accepted, so do not get your hopes up. Fill out the application as best you can, making sure to include a sample roleplay, even if you have never done one before.

Rule #9: No unoriginal wrestler names are permitted in the IWO. Unoriginal wrestler names are defined as any celebrity or wrestler that is somewhat of a household name. You must create your own original character in order to be reviewed.

Rule #10: There are no Out Of Character (OOC) e-mails allowed to be sent to the IWO RP list, with the exception of current IWO Board members. This is as a result of overexcessive abuse of the IWO RP list. Any breach of this rule will result in immediate termination, unless permission is granted by the Executive Board. Furthermore, Any and all complaints should be directed to the Board, not specific members or in character RPs. We are open to suggestions and improvements, and are willing to do our best to see that you enjoy your experience in our feds, but will not tolerate irrational and immature comments sent behind our backs or within character. If this rule is violated, or abused by being used too frequently, the Board reserves the right to terminate you from the fed.

The following rules have been put into effect as of 4/2001

Rule #11: Wrestlers are given 95% creative control over their wrestlers. To insure this privledge will be utilized to the fullest extent, wrestlers are required to inform the IWO Board with an "event calendar" in which they will explain who they are feuding with and a basic synopsis of how the angle will take effect. Wrestlers who do not submit this monthly event calendar will lose creative control of their wrestler for that month.

Rule #12:To promote more rping and better rping, special dark matches will be added to cards that will not be seen on IWO webpage.

Rule #13:Wrestlers must roleplay at least once a week. Consistant failure to do so will result in your dismissal from the IWO.

Rule #14:Tag teams must remain a tag team unit unless a formal request to move to singles is made to the IWO Board. The move will only be made if the Board rules unanimously to do so.

Rule #15:No friends allowed. Everyone gets a fair chance to apply to the IWO, no shortcuts will be given.

Rule #16:Temporary Leave of Absences will be granted to nontitleholders and/or members not involved in "high profile" angles. The IWO Board reserves the right to move your character out of a title/high profile position in the event that you must temporarily leave.

Rule #17: Those members who offer to write Pay Per View Matches will be given special considerations for their help. This will not be a major impact on winning and losing a match, but is given as incentive for more help with our writing staff. Those who volunteer to write for Pay Per Views must submit their matches to the card booker within the allocated time. Failure to do so will result in negative considerations.

Rule #18: All roleplays must be sent to the Roleplay E-mail Address ("roleplay list") distributed by the Executive Board. This roleplay list is to be kept confidential at all times.

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