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News for 3/11/2001

Harold Hash is dead! This rumor may or may not be true. But I feel that no one cares so that is all I am going to put. Nothing else will come from this cause I WILL NOT LOOK UP INFO THAT NO ONE CARES ABOUT! By: DPS MAN (also known as Bob.)

News for 3/10/2001

YOUR North American champion speaks!
by Chè Clikoob
Current IWO North American champion Joey Malone, who has become the leader of Team CGI with Syphon Fission's departure, recently heard the comments of Dane Matthews, the new IWO World Champion. He offers this retort. 'Dane Matthews? The original Muffin Man? But he's a big meaniehead who was all 'GROWL. LET'S USE THE MARTINS TO INTERFERE AND COST SYPHIEWYPHIE THE WORLD TITLE'! Why should I give a dingo's kidneys about Dane Matthews?'. Though many of us question Joey's sanity, would these comments raise the ire of the World Champion? Who knows. I don't.

YOUR IWO World Champion speaks..
Recently newly crowned IWO World Heavyweight champion, addressed his people about somethign..He began talking about the competition in the IWO, and had these comments 'I've already beaten Syphon, I've already injured him, what more can I do?' A cocky World Champ, awaits to find out who is going to be challenging him for HIS title, at Desperate Measures.

News for 2/28/2001

Drunken Bastard Back To Being a Bastard?
Some people in the back have told us that Billy Ray plans to come back full time to the IWO and is going to start at this up and comming Friday night HT against Erik Blake so tune to HT this Friday and check out if the Former IWO Pacific and IWO United States Champions is back to top form!

News for 2/27/2001

Ash Robinson to make his return soon....
The rumor that is going around that nobody cares about is that Ash Robinson could be making his return to the IWO. He has been out of action for a while only fighting in a few matches here and there. The last time he cut a promo was back when he fought AWS Man (Also Known as Bill) for the Pacific title. Does anybody care? Probably not. Reporter Billy Bob

Great News Regarding Bum Knee of Former Tag Champ!
by IWO Reporter Clem Hoss

As those who watched Broken Hearts, Broken Bones 3 last night on Pay Per View saw during the steel cage match for the World Tag Team Titles, 'K-Mart' Kevin Martin and Sam Potright left the ring not totally unharmed. This IWO Reporter, who has followed the career of Martin and his 'brother' Walter (who many of you already know is really not Kevin's brother outside of the show but nephew of retired wrestling legend Kevin Flynn Olsen, Sr., also known as 'Fabulous' Flynn Olsen), has traced the knee injury suffered by Martin last night to be a result of a near-fatal car accident which Kevin was in almost two years ago. I think, therefore, that what had the former TV Champ crying in pain last night was really only an agravation of a bum knee, agravation which was inevitable and long overdue. Kevin saw a doctor in Paris late last night who says that he should be fine but will need surgery soon if he doesn't want it to pop out of socket during strenuous physical activity. Mr. Martin says he will at least be here for another month or two, getting more pro opinions, before he schedules any such surgery. I'll keep ya posted,...

Archer!!! Married??
The Department of Interior recently released a list of recent immigrants who are looking for current U.S residents. One of the names released was Mrs. Ben Archer. When contacted by an unknown source we are lead to believe that the IWO World Televison Champion, 'The Icon' Ben Archer is married!!! Wow! what a story......more to come.

News for 2/26/2001

The Unstoppable Rookie
Earlier in the night at Hell & High Water Scott Styles successfully defended his IML US title against Dante Jones & Bryan Fury with ease. Then later on that night he went into the hellish Hell & High Water match. Where he had to face nine other people which he defied the odds and won the Hell & High Water match bye doing so he became the IML #1 contender for the World Title. Scott has earned his shot at the World Champion Jon Crisp at the March PPV. Until then what will Scott Styles do next? Who knows, you will just have to wait and see what this up and coming IML rookie will do.

News for 2/25/2001

Another Superstar Returning Tonight?
That's right! Rumor has it that another former IWO superstar plans to make his return at tonight's Pay-Per-View, Broken Hearts Broken Bones. Who will it be? What will this mean to the rest of the IWO? Call your local cable company and DEMAND for IWO's Broken Hearts Broken Bones 3. IWO Reporter Tim Bagoo

Hours before Broken Hearts, Broken Bones 3!!
We've recently gotten some words from the IWO Extreme Champion, before his match @ BhBB3..When asked where he's been as of late he responded 'With Daze's Mom'..When asked further Questions Dane made this statement 'I'm out, Like Tom Green's Left Nut.' After those comments Dane left and we were unable to get anymore comments from him..However in good news, we've been informed that IWO Jobber Shawn Carter has gone down to IML! We are all safe now from his jobbing presence! That's All...

New Edition of The Phelen Kell Report Posted!
Thats right ladies and gentlemen, 'The Legend' Phelen Kell has blessed IWO Online with yet another column piece. It will make you will make you will make you want to eat beef jerky. Go check it your left in the Columns area.

0¿0 to announce earth-shattering news at BHBB3
Former Extreme and Tag Team Champion 'The Mysterious Birdman' 0¿0 has told us IWO reporters that he is to announce an announcement he has been prolonging for a long, long time. What could this be? Could he be retiring? Could he be quitting? Only Birdman knows at this time. Oh, and in other news, Bill Clinton has pardoned Birdman and his good buddy Saddam Hussain of all charges of killing those prostitutes in Vegas. That may change due to those damn republicans.

News for 2/24/2001

?¿?Forming of a Stable?¿?
Rumor, going around the IWO lockerrooms, has it that IWO Extreme Champion Dane Matthews, has been in talks with many IWO superstars, about forming an Alliance and even a stable..Now, many people wonder if this rumor is true or not, but according the sources, Dane could be revealing this Stable at the upcoming IWO PPV Broken Hearts, Broken Bones 3..Tune in to find out!

News for 2/22/2001

A Tour of Idiocy?
by Chè Clikoob
Joey Malone, who recently managed to dethrone LiGiL for the North American title, has started on a tour of the world before the pay-per-view in Paris. It is unknown if he's overconfident or just an idiot, but with his Arizona Firewater Death Match just four days away, and Jax Stone getting ready for his chance at Malone's title, is Malone just setting himself up to be beaten? We'll have more on this story when I feel like reporting it.

This just in!
According to numerous souces, IWO superstar Cyanide, currently missing in action, may return to the IWO very soon.
Very little is known at this stage about his whereabouts, or the reason for his disappearance, though it is expected that this will all be explained if and when he returns.
Stay tuned.
- Jimmy the Weasel

News for 2/21/2001

Sabastian Crow prepares for tonights Grammy Awards
With IWO 'Broken Hearts, Broken Bones' just a few days away with Crows match against 0¿0 for the #1 Contendership at the Extreme Title, tonight, Sabastian Crow will be making a special appearance at the Grammy Awards promoting the IWO around but most likely introducing a certain recording artist out to do a song, rumors speculating that artists in the list could be either Limp Bizkit, Eminem, Britney Spears, or possibly Shaggy...merely the only way you can find out is to watch the Music Grammy Awards LIVE tonight (Channel TBA).

News for 2/20/2001

In less then a month and already the IML U.S. Champion.
It's true. Scott Styles has only been in the IML for three weeks and has taken the IML U.S. title away from the one and only Kent Anthason. What's next for this up and coming IML superstar? Who knows, you will just have to watch and see..

News for 2/19/2001

Tag Champs to Learn 'Facts of Life' From IWO Legend!
by Shawn Arrows
I have just been informed from a higher power here at Internet Wrestling Organization that our world tag champs 'K-Mart' Kevin Martin and his brother 'Wal-Mart' Walter Martin, whom I believe to be one of the greatest teams since IML2's Unknown Elements, will now be facing an IWO legend and his partner of choice at Broken Hearts, Broken Bones 3. This announcement comes after the Facts of Life, the Martin's former scheduled opponents at our February PPV, have been M.I.A. since their humiliating loss at the hands of Team C.G.I. last Monday night. However, the Blair and Toodie have been known to bounce back from such situations, as their theme music implies ('You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both,..'), so don't expect them to be gone forever. When asked to comment on this situation from his home at Martin Landing in Martinopolis, Michigan, Walter Martin said, 'It seems that the IWO just can't stop pushing its main event singles stars in the tag leagues. The Martins intend to change that,...we will stand together, come legend A or Mid-Carder B, or even that crazy Pillsbury 'Dough-kid''s what our late father 'Food-Mart' Fudario Martin, the legendary NWA booker, would have wanted,'s what the fans want, too. And we intend to make them, as well as the mostly-tag-exclusive wrestlers of the world, proud.'

News for 2/18/2001

Sam Potright Retiring?
Yes, it may be true. One of the young superstars of the IWO that has recently risen in the ranks, Sam Potright, may choose to leave the IWO's active roster due to injuries and personal problems that have left him with no will to go on in wrestling. This is unstantiated as of now; however, there's a belief that Sam will make an official announcement at MNM, 6 days before Broken Hearts, Broken Bones 3.

News for 2/17/2001

Sabastian Crow in a rage over False Statements
Recently backstage, Sabastian Crow tuned into IWO Online to check out the latest news on Hostile Takeover !, Even though, what he found wasn't what he expected. At the end of a recent post, a false joke announcement was made for Hostile Takeover explaining the battle royals, the favorites, but even left with this message: ( p.s. Sabastian Crow, likes boys! )...a interviewer recently caught up with Sabastian Crow backstage before the big event and asked him what his thoughts were ?, his thoughts ?, Sabastian wasn't too happy with this as he quickly grabbed hold of the interviewer and threw him into the wall before charging out. To set a record straight, Sabastian Crow does NOT like boys, he is straight with a beautiful girlfriend, and is currently on the search for the person who issued the false news and with a notice, we have never seen Sabastian Crow in this state of mind since his debut with the IWO. We'll keep you more updated as this situation continues to stew up !

News for 2/16/2001

Tune into Hostile TakeOver tonite!
Tonite we are going to witness, possible the BIGGEST Hostile Takeover, in the history of Hostile Takeover..Where we've got two battle royals, with the WINNERS of both Battle Royals, fighting it out for a Shot at Syphon Fission on next week's Hostile Takeover..Now, the favorites must be Donnie Daze,Dane Matthews,Sebastian Crow and Joey Malone in becoming the man to shoot after Syphon Fission, or whoever wins the World Title next week's title..All four men have been seeming pretty confident about this upcoming match...Tune in and find out! p.s. Sabastian Crow, likes boys!

Bryan Young arrives in the IML
It's true...Bryan Young has arrived in the UCF and will take on TQ Smooth and El Bastardo Loco at C&C for the Extreme Title..

News for 2/14/2001

A new column posted!
A new edition of 'The Phelen Kell Report' has been posted on IWO Online. Go check it out to see how many picks Phelen picked correctly for Monday Night Meltdown, and to see his choices for this weeks Hostile Takeover! And an added bonus. Phelen Kells thoughts on Tod and President Evan Levine!

News for 2/13/2001

Sabastian Crow finally debuts in the IWO
We knew that Sabastian Crow wanted to be at Monday Night Meltdown this week but we never expected on what his mission was. Recently, on a episode of Monday Night Meltdown for Monday, February 12th, 2001, during the opening match...Tod was originally supposed to be in a 3 way match with both Kevin Martin and Ash Robinson. But due to Ash Robinsons delay at not showing up, Tod took on Kevin through'out the entire bout. Although, somewhere during the match, new rookie of the IWO, Sabastian Crow, walked down to the ring and distracted the referee as Tod grabbed a chair. Although, Tods chairshot was missed, but Crow grabbed another chair and cracked it over Kevin Martins head for good measure, as he slid out of the ring and made his exit through the crowd as Tod picked up the win. Now !, the question stands, what was Sabastians Crows motive in this match ? Why did he help Tod win the war between Kevin Martin ? And what was the reason Ash Robinson pulled a no-show ? Could the Crow have a possible answer to this mystery ? Nobody hardly knows, but as questions keep surrounding minds of people, I guess we'll just have to wait until Hostile Takeover to see what happens next !

News for 2/12/2001

This news just in...
According to a man named Phil McCracken, who asked to remain anonymous, former IWO IC-Tag champion Angry Johnson is no longer with the IWO.
Mr McCracken claimed that he spotted the missing IWO superstar at a Lobster Racing event, in Idaho, Angry Johnson's supposed hometown even though Idaho has denied it to this day.
According to Mr McCracken, Angry Johnson told him that he had left the IWO to pursue a singles career in another federation, because according to Angry Johnson, 'The IWO pre-show catering just wasn't up to scratch on the Hamburger front.'
For the record, Phil McCracken, has been arrested nine times. Eight times for fraud, and once for running on field during the 1500m final at the Olympics and assaulting one of the compeditors with a Hotdog.
- Jimmy the Weasel

Phelen Kell Still Working For The IWO!
Thats right our very own 'The Legend' Phelen Kell now has a job working for IWO Online as a columnist. You can check out his thoughts at 'The Phelen Kell Report' on the IWO Online menu bar your left!

Sabastian Crow Hitting Hollywood ?
Sabastian Crow !, the newest star rookie of the IWO is surely making his name well known. But with his home state located in California, he still enjoys going back once in a while for hollywood entertainment. Thats right !, in fact, this past week on IWO Television, Sabastian Crow released his made for tv comedy movie entitled 'Story of One Mans Tale'. The story is based around a detective who must capture a murder case before he becomes a victim himself. The film drew a 10.20 rating from viewers of IWO Television as Sabastian Crow recieved a total amount of 2.3 million dollars+ for the capture rating. But movies isn't the only thing this youngster is doing, just recently he published his own song during the set'up of Monday Night Meltdown called 'The Real Sabastian Crow'. The song is merely a parody spoof based off 'The Real Slim Shady' and Sabastian Crow could very well be seen going into the next MTV Music Awards...we'll keep you updated on this story as his hollywood skills continue.

News for 2/11/2001

LiGiL going to Broken Hearts, Broken Bones 3!!!
It's official, after the win over Schitzo Tod on Hostile Takeover, former North American and US Champ LiGiL is finally going to BHBB3 to fight in the main event for the World Title. In that match, he will face off with Syphon Fission and AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) in what makes an amazing main event to be for the next PPV. But before all that goes down, LiGiL must step into the ring with half of the opposition and face off with AWS Man in a North American title match on MNM. Will LiGiL defeat one half of what awaits him at the PPV and become a two time North American champion? Tune into Monday Night Meltdown to find out.

Pen in Malone's hands?

by Chè Clikoob

It is common knowledge that Pen has been the manager of AWS Man (also known as Bill) for quite some time, but following AWS Man (also known as Bill)'s heel turn, Pen ended up in Schitzo Tod's hands. Following Tod leaving Pen in the dust, Pen went time-travelling and ended up in the possession of Joey Malone, AWS Man (also known as Bill)'s archnemesis. Joey has appeared on TV numerous times with Pen and no one seems to notice that Joey really has Pen... even AWS Man (also known as Bill) has refused comment at this time. Then again, he told us 'Freakin' go away you freakin' soul-stealing box!' and locked us out. But you can't blame us for trying! I will have more on this story when hell freezes over.

News for 2/9/2001

The Crow Lands in the IWO
After 6 months of being with the indies, Sabastian Crow has finally landed his way into the IWO. As it appears, he was one of the final 8 men who was signed last night by the IWO, and he hopes to make the best of his career. When reporters recently caught up with Sabastian Crow earlier today, they quickly asked him what it felt like to finally on top of the game. Crow stopped in his tracks, turned around, and quickly replied 'It Feels Great', from those words, he once again took off as reporters tried to get more talk about of the newcomer but came to no avail. As of right now, I guess time will only tell where and how far the road of the IWO takes this youngster as he marks his week with hopefully, a new victory...and a new glory.

News for 2/8/2001

New Announce Team for MNM?
This week on MNM we saw Shawn Arrows retire only to become a new play by play man on MNM. It is now rumored that MNM will become a all wrestlers play by play. Who are the other two that will join Shawn? Tune in for MNM live this Monday to find out!

Takeover Preview Posted!
with BHBB just a few weeks away, the IWO has really picked up and this Friday is no different. With great matches as Donnie Daze vs. Joey Malone and Syphon Fission defending the IWO world title, this card is bound to be a winner.

FTP Problem fixed, IWO-Online starts to update.
Due to a problem while switching servers, the IWO had problem with its FTP access and was unable to upload or update much of anything on the site. BUT! That is all over. PPV Archives has been updated along with others.

News for 2/4/2001

What's Going on with IWO these days?¿?
Lately around the IWO there's been some crazy shit happening to say the least. First off Vice President Thomas Ford left and went on vacation..This is when all of the crazy shit started happening.. After that we were getting ready to expect the unthinkable.. Evan Levine took Jamie Kosoy hostage until Jamie signed him over the company! Capital Punishment back in the IML?! Pyscho Jay and Rob Kestler FIRED?! Samuel Potright hot bacon in the hospital? and the most recent turn of events..LiGiL going to Broken Hearts, Broken Bones 2 to fight in the Main Event? Not to mention High Flyer being hospitalized and crazy and most likely never wrestling in the IWO ever again..Then we cannot forget to mention the IWO jobber files of Shawn Carter, Noah Carter, Grim Reaper, Scott Stone, and the sixth backstreet boy Mac-D. Another thing is we've gotten rid of some jobbers! Whooo hoo! Not being able to drop ALL of the dead weight at one time we lost IWO losers Onslaught,Erik Reed,Justin Shack and many other 'Superstars' who royally suck therefore we're not naming them..But, with this thought in mind..Whats next with the IWO? What can we be expecting? Only, TIME will tell..DuhDuh DUH!!!!

News for 2/3/2001

Sam Potright In XFL?
Yes, Sam Potright, currently hospitalized with burns, is still signed up to be part of the Memphis Maniax XFL football team! This all occured back in the summertime, when Potright recieved a Maniax uniform and a letter saying he was accepted to the team. What effect this will have on Potright in his physical condition is unknown. Of course, it'll probably do something to his mental condition, too...

Results of the F.B.I. Investigation:
As a result of a week long investigation by the F.B.I. into the disappearances of IWO wrestlers 'The God of Wrestling' Cyanide and 'The Sensation' Angry Johnson, and Supermodels Callista, Stephanie and Lydia, the F.B.I. have released an official statement regarding several clues found during the investigation.
The statement included some key evidence.
Firstly, that fingerprints, left on a Pink Floyd CD which was found backstage in the arena, may point to the fact that Cyanide and the Supermodels may have disappeared in completely different circumstances than Angry Johnson, and that their disappearance at the same time was sheer coincidence.
Secondly, a hankerchief with the word 'Snoutmaster' on it seems to make F.B.I. think that a Pack of Wild Boars may have been present just moments before Cyanide's disappearance.
Thirdly, that a cheesecake found in a fridge in some guys house almost certainly guarantees that Cyanide wouldn't care about Shawn Carter, and that if Cyanide wasn't missing, he would fart in Shawns general direction.
- Jimmy the Weasel

Shawn Carter Wants Out? THANK GOD!!!
Recent reports from around the IWO, have brought us this shocking bit of information..NOBODY CARES ABOUT SHAWN CARTER! That's right..When interviewing Current IWO World Tag Champ Dane Matthews, he was caught saying.. 'Shawn Carter? Who's That'..After we showed him some tapes of the legendary Jobber..Dane had this bit to say 'Damn, I'm sorry for those IWO fans who had to watch him over time..I think the IWO is relived after hearing that someone SO stupid is planning on Leaving..Hopefully this won't leave as big of a mark as Onslaught..' Obviously nobody cares about Shawn Carter..And with that said, Shawn can go back to his trailer and live his bong smoking life...Thank you all..Hopefully Shawn Carter will die!

Super Martin-o Bros. re-signed!
by IWO Reporter Izzamee Uhmario
It was truly a disappointing moment when-a this reporter found-a out that former IWO Television Champion-a Kevin Martin-a was released on Wednesday after a heated argument-a with-a IWO officials over his brother Walter's release-a the day-a before-a. However-a, late Thursday evening-a, the IWO contacted the Brothers, re-signing them-a, to a five-month contract-a! Yay, the Martins are-a back!! News for 1/31/2001

Shawn Wants Out ?
In a recent article from a wrestling magazine, IWO wrestler Shawn Carter blasted several of the new IWO board members and even some wrestlers.' It's like those people don't know who I am. I'm one of the very few in here that has been loyal to the fed for the last couple of years despite all the stupid bullsh*t it always goes through every 2-3 months.' he said.' There is always some type of change in the board and I'm always the one geting screwed by it. It's like I'm heading in the right direction then all of the sudden there is a new cheriff in town that totally f*cks everything up for me.' He also went on to say that he would be very interested in re-joining the fed that made his name, the IML, if he continues to dislike the way he's being treated in the IWO.' I like the new management there and I think the fed is headed in the right direction'. Although he just signed a one-year extension with the IWO, there is no clause in the contract that says he can't leave and join the IML.

News for 1/30/2001

Bastards Inc. Missing in Action...
Last night, during IWO's Pay-per-view Conspiracy Theory, both members of the tag-team Bastards Incorporated, Cyanide and Angry Johnson, went missing from the IWO.
From television footage seen during the show itself, it seems that the duo were attacked in the locker room and dragged from the arena.
A search by the F.B.I. was undertaken to check the arena for any clues that might point to their whereabouts, but failed to turn up anything conclusive.
One thing the F.B.I. did find out during their investigation, was that Supermodels Stephanie, Callista and Lydia also seem to have disappeared. We'll keep you updated with any information we get.
- Jimmy the Weasel

News for 1/29/2001

He truly is the LEGEND KILLER!
Last night at Conspiracy Theory 2, Dane Matthews completed, what he said he was going to complete..For those of you who don't pay attention to Dane Matthews (Most of the World), he told the world, that he was going to become the IWO Legend Killer at Conspiracy Theory 2..On Hostile Takeover he beat not only Ken War, but Capital Punishment also! At Conspiracy Theory2 Dane Matthews beat Capital Punishment in the Ladder Match becoming IWO World Tag Team Champion and also revealing his tagteam partner SHAWN ARROWS! Now, with all this on the mind..Does being the Legend Killer, make yourself a LEGEND?! Hmmm..More to come on this story as it comes to us..

Fury...what an idiot. by Faygo Joe
After some confusion it is clear. Bryan Fury is indeed and idiot. It seems that he thought had become the commish of the IML well this only lead to alot of questions. I don't know who is truly at fault but I like to believe it is Elvis. There is no proof of this but it is the only thing that makes sense. Well after some debating it is clear. Mike Renner AKA Interim Commish Boy and become the official Commish Boy. Now I don't want to make fun of Fury but if you do please go to and post any comments. Also go to and click on one of the banners cause John is poor. This is Faygo Joe saying that everything is messy that is fun.

Fission Ready To Meet His Destiny...
Earlier today, Syphon Fission walked into the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada with a chip on his shoulder. He has never held a IWO singles title, and tonight, he has the task of surviving three matches in one night against a mystery man, his arch nemesis Samuel Potright, and the man whose spot he is to take, Phelen Kell. If he survives the three matches, he is the rightful owner of the IWO World Title. When asked about tonight, he made the following statements; 'I might have come off as cocky through out the week, but I am not. Anytime I have been cocky going into a major match, I have lost. I am just going to take this one match at a time. Anything could happen.' Will Syphon become the IWO World Champion...or will he stumble. Buy the PPV tonight...because the Super Bowl is just going to suck anyways.

News for 1/27/2001

Almost The Legend Killer!!
By:Jeremy Hemmingway Just last night before Hostile Takeover aired, Dane Matthews made a promise saying that he would get past Ken War and then at Conspiracy Theory take out Capital Punishment to become the true Legend Killer. Well, for those of you who haven't seen Hostile Takeover, Dane Matthews destroyed Ken War, in the First Blood Match, getting him that much closer to being the legend Killer..Then he called out Capital Punishment and a MATCH took place! Dane Matthews then took on Capital Punishment one on one for nothing more than a preview of Conspiracy Theory..Dane hit the Downtown Explosion through tables knocking both men out..When out of nowhere Shawn Arrows came out and rolled Dane Matthews onto Capital Punishment..With two wins under his belt against 'Legends' we wonder what Dane has instore for us at Conspiracy Theory..can he become the legend killer?! And more importantly..What was Shawn Arrows doing helping Dane Matthews win that match?More to come as this story developes.

Greatness Has Departed
By Greg Parker
Earlier today, IWO Competitor, Onslaught, faxed the Entire IWO Staff his resignation. One of Onslaught reasons of his departure was his need to rediscover the fun of the game again. Although his potential in IWO was never fully met we wish him the best of luck.

The Legend Killer?!?
That's right.. IWO wrestler and current half of the IWO World tag team champions Dane Matthews has the chance to become a Legend Killer after Conspiracy Theory. On Hostile Takeover Dane Matthews has a match against a Hardcore legend, and IWO Hall of Famer Ken War, if he can get past this match he will go into Conspiracy Theory in a IWO World Tagteam Ladder Match against his current tagteam partner Capital Punishment for rights of both championship titles. Now, if Dane can win both of this big match-ups against some big IWO legends, he will truly be known as a Legend Killer..Tune into IWO and find out if he can accomplish this goal!

The Legend Killer?!?
That's right.. IWO wrestler and current half of the IWO World tag team champions Dane Matthews has the chance to become a Legend Killer after Conspiracy Theory. On Hostile Takeover Dane Matthews has a match against a Hardcore legend, and IWO Hall of Famer Ken War, if he can get past this match he will go into Conspiracy Theory in a IWO World Tagteam Ladder Match against his current tagteam partner Capital Punishment for rights of both championship titles. Now, if Dane can win both of this big match-ups against some big IWO legends, he will truly be known as a Legend Killer..Tune into IWO and find out if he can accomplish this goal!

News for 1/24/2001

High Flyer to be at Conspiracy Theory 2?
Two years from his debut, Flyer is rumored to be ariving at Conspiracy Theory 2, with a message. One can only presume it will be his retirement from the ring, but it will be a sorrowful one to say the least. Flyer seems to have regained his senses, and that is why it is rumored he will be at Conspiracy Theory. Many doctors, and even his family is telling him to just give it up, and from our sources, he most likely will.

News for 1/23/2001

Gaining Momentum.....
Returning star Jax Stone has been gainging some great wins since coming back. He has also captured the Extreme title. However, something seems to be missing ... what's different? Only time will tell.

'Rollback' and Put on a Happy Face!
by IWO Reporter Clem Hoss Many fans of the IWO have done research into Kevin Martin's short career since his coming here,...and many know that he really does have a brother whose stage name is Jonny Hook. As of late, I've received many e-mails asking me, 'Is Jonny Hook the same as Walter Martin?' While I can't spoil the surprise of who the man under the Wal-Mart Smile costume is, I will say, that while not Jonny Hook, the superstar known as Walter Martin was once, like Hook and 'K-Mart,' a superstar in the Minooka Wrestling Alliance. Stay tuned if you want to find out who the man under the costume is!

Who will avenge Flyer's Loss?
Well, it seems that recently, Flyer has been totally unable to fend for himself. Spening the past week in the hospital, many wonder if he'll ever have the mobility he once had. One Man wishes to avenge Flyer's career, but who is that one man? Could it be Eddie Poser, a local Nutcase? Could it be Cheno, the local Druggie? Could it be Dane Wilt, a man who once managed Flyer? Only Time will tell...

Who will avenge Flyer's Loss?

Roster Page Updated
The roster page has been updated and works correctly now.

We want Pyscho Jay back!
This is Eric Storm reporting from Channel Porn..We've been hearing from many IWO superstars that they infact want Pyscho Jay back! Many fans as well have been complaining about the same thing..How is the IWO going to fair without there superstars Pyscho Jay and Rob Kestler? Only time is going to tell unfortunately..Because, Jamie won't bring them back! =*( We miss Jay! And Kestler too!


News for 1/22/2001

IWO-online looking for Column writers
For the last few months the IWO has been without columns, but under VP Evan's new plan columns are one of the first things to be fixed. So the IWO is proud to announce it is looking for 2 none IWO writers to write a column about the happenings in the IWO. If interested contact Vice President Evan

Job Opening on IWO-online!
Today the IWO announces that jobs have opened in the IWO. In interest to keep the IWO cards more fair and released on time, the IWO is looking for 10 talented match writers who must be experienced with it and good. If interested contact Vice President Evan

Conspiracy Theory Line Up Finalized
Today VP Evan released his PPV line up replacing Co-VP Tom's old line up. The New Line up VP Evan says, 'Will reflect the new IWO'. These interesting words from the VP of the IWO only make you think what he has in-store for this Sunday's Conspiracy Theory

Another Extreme Epic
On Hostile Takeover, Mac D. and Jax Stone went to the edge of extreme wrestling, once again. On HT, the two took each other to the limit in a lumberjack match that was also a tribute to Jay and Rob. Though Jax ran with a narrow win, it is clear that this feud is far from over!

Last night on HT we saw one hell of a card. Rob Kestler and Psycho Jay have there last match, Shawn Arrows make a name for himself, The new Head Booker Neil make an impact and much much more.

News for 1/21/2001

Wrestler trips acid? by Dill Dong the 3rd
It seems to me that a wrestler has decided to trip acid and some how video tape his trip. How this is possible is not the question. The question is was this a wrestler having fun or a cry for help? I believe that it was a cry for help. There for I have decided to start up a rehab program for one Harold Hash. IF anyone cares that is good. I just wanted to post this. This is Dill Dong the 3rd telling everyone to hang low.

Psycho Jay and Rob Kestler- True Champions
Today is a sad day for the IWO. It is the last day we will see Former World Champions Psycho Jay and Rob Kestler in the ring. It has been confirmed that yesterday at 12:00 pacific time, the two were released from thier IWO contracts. Friend/Former stablemate Schitzo Tod had this to say- 'Rob and Jay were and always will be the best in this business. Tonight, on Hostile Takeover, they will be honored. And all the egotisticall self rightous morons in the front office are going to wish they never messed with Jay or Rob.' Tod vowed to avenge them, but refused to tell how. That is all for now- Greg Parker

News for 1/19/2001

Record breaking amazing sensational news...
by Weasel Strapjock Snoutmaster.This just in...For those of you who don't care about the petty bickering of Onslaught and Adam Wars, and really couldn't give half a fuc...rying out loud about Ash Robinson...We have some good news. After taking a week off from the world of wrestling to have a vacation in some tropical island that you'll never ever be able to afford to visit...everyone's favourite wrestlers, 'The God of Wrestling' Cyanide, 'The Sensation' Angry Johnson...and of course Supermodels Callista, Stephanie and Lydia...are now back in the IWO to wrestle once again after their short break. As everyone knows, Cyanide and Angry Johnson form a tag-team known as Bastards Incorporated, and having already proven themselves with a IC Tag-title reign, they will surely be looking to get back into the title hunt, with some cunning stunts inside the ring.Stay tuned to IWO TV!...It just doesn't get any more exciting than this...

Ash Robinson...
Yes, I know most people are reading that headline and thinking who the hell is that guy. Well, for those of you that know who he is. Before tonight Ash hasn't been seen much on IWO TV in the way of shows or promos. But he broke his silence earlier tonight after he is receiving a Pacific title match. He said he will do whatever it takes to win this match up and to make things even more interesting Ash has yet to lose a title match here in the IWO he is 2-0. Does anybody really care? Will Ash become Pacific champion and shot the world? Or will he lose to AWS Man (Also known as Bill) like almost all others do? Find on this Monday on Meltdown.

K-Mart and Wal-Mart,...what the hey?
This past Monday, it was finally revealed in a post-MNM promo (which no one watched) that the ambulence driver which helped 'K-Mart' Kevin Martin get rid of his old manager Horatio was in fact K-Mart's brother, Walter Martin (also known as Wal-Mart). Apparently, the younger Mister Martin, who claims his nickname 'has absolutely nothing intentionally dealing with the late Sam Walton or Walton Market (Wal-Mart),' is stuck in the suit, as well. As soon as Walter is freed from the costume or even during his tenure inside it, he and his brother, a former IWO Television Champion, are expected to be hot prospects in the tag division.--IWO Reporter Dayenda Maddick (sister of IWO Reporter Belinda Maddick)

News for 1/18/2001

Who will be the number one contender?
No, we're not referring to the World title. Or even the North American title for that matter. We're talking about everyone's favorite IWO title, the United States title. This Friday on Hostile Takeover, Simon Seaman and Onslaught will be battling over who will get a shot at Donnie Daze on Monday Night Meltdown this... you guessed it! Monday! When asked about who he thought would win, Donnie had this to say: 'I don't care.' We'll have more on this as it develops!

Adam Wars fed up with the fed?
In a recent interview Adam Wars seemed fed up. he had this to say. 'I'm fed up with this place and it's whole system!in IML they throw me in the TV title race and i win it, here they give me a TV title shot and I win it! Meanwhile Onslaught gets pushed and Donnie my friend and teacher gets a world title shot! Well no more! Adam Wars will not stay in the TV title division for long. I have a plan, and let's just say that all of Adam Wars's fans will be pleased come HT.' Adam then left. What does this mean? I don't know, but you can find out this friday on HT!

Mega Job... possible tag team champions?!
by Chè Clikoob

At the IML's first pay-per-view under its new administration, Death From Above are set to face the surprisingly popular tag team known only as Mega Job: The Epic Tag Team. With some sort of motive and drive... and some baked potatoes... the jobber tag team have developed a following. Look for the team to be the fan favorites, even if they'll probably job.

Fission Questions Kell's Guts...
In a candid interview...the number one contender for the IWO World Title said some strong things about Phelen Kell. He was stated as saying, 'Kell is trash to me. He cares nothing for this company, nor will he ever. He wants to talk crap about me...fine. I am a better man then him. He is not even the top face in the company anymore, I am!'. In the end, Syphon was quoted of saying, 'I am not Zombie...nor will I turn into Zombie. Kell has to back his statements up...because ultimately...Kell can not survive the battle ahead.' Trash talk? Yes. Will this be used to fuel the fire for Conspiracy Theory 2? Check it out and see...

News for 1/17/2001

Onslaught making enemy's?
Of course Onslaught is making enemy's. His ego is so big that just about everyone hates him, however IWO stays proffesonal and gives him shots at titles rather than embarrasing him in some way. However one of his enemy's in the shadows is waiting for the opportunity to do just that. Who is this man? Will he be challenging Onslaught anytime soon? Or is this rumor just a meaningless one? We will fill you in as the story progresses.

Donnie Daze hates Onslaught?
After seeing a recent anti-Onslaught rumor on the IWO website, Onslaught decided to confront the man he thought responsible for the defamation of our almighty God Onslaught. He question IWO United States Champion, Donnie Daze, and asked if he was the one behind the heinous crime. Donnie responded by saying 'It wasn't me, because I don't really give a (beep) about you'. This is very interesting because Onslaught will be facing Simon Seaman on Friday for the number one contendership to the US title. Will Donnie watch the match? Will Onslaught accuse him of posting more anti-Onslaught rumors? Will anyone ever begin to like Onslaught? Be sure to check Hostile Takeover this Friday to maybe find out.

Flyer's career over?
Last night on Monday Night Meltdown, Flyer was T-boned by Tony Davis' mustang, which left Flyer with an injured knee and elbow, along with a huge lasceration on his forehead. Many are speculating the end of a great career, while Flyer tries to fight through the pain, fight through the agony. Could Flyer rehibilitate a destroyed and chronic knee, or should he just announce his retirement?