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By Phelen Kell

     Time for another edition of The Phelen Kell Report people. Alot has happened during the time between reports in the IWO. And this week I thought I would take a bit of a different curve with this wonderful little article of mine. Yeah I'm gonna give you all what you've been waiting for...the answer to the question "What does Phelen Kell think of the IWO and its stars?" well the answer is this...the IWO has reached a peak in the talent of its wrestlers....a peak that hasn't been this high since back in the day when myself, Titan, ?┐?, Dane Wilt and Ashton Cain, Zombie and Al Coholic ran the place...back in the day of those who are now looked upon as Hall of Famers and Legends(thats me...hehe). And with that I give you the most important top ten you will EVER see in your life....the Phelen Kell, IWO Top Ten. Where you find out whom I believe are the top talent of the Internet Wrestling Organization. So without further adu....let us start at the bottom of the list with ten...

10. Adam Wars- Plain and simple...Adam Wars was a great Television champion, fought some awesome matches while defending his title, and is a great wrestler. .

9. Shawn Arrows- Now the guy hasn't been making much of an impact inside of the ring lately...but the punk does have a victory over me. <ARE YOU HAPPY ARROWS!?!?! =) > And the kind of impact he's been making is on a different level, by taking control as a commentator on Monday Night Meltdown and helping me get a cushy commentators helping set up the reformation of Team CGI...and also by bringing in great new talent like Chris Mezz.

8. Sabastian Crow- The new guy in the IWO, Sabastian is making big noise already. Look for him to become big in the IWO really fast. I see him having gold around his waist within the next few months. He has the talent, and he has the spirit.

7. Sam Potright- Sam Potright is one of the hands down finest wrestlers I have ever seen, and have ever had the pleasure of stepping into the ring with. And not only that, but the man is a genious on the microphone. He knows what he's doing. His only problem is that ya never know when he's gonna put fourth effort and when he's just gonna slouch off and do the J.O.B. If he would keep his work rate better he'd be a world champion by now.

6. Brian Blade- The kid has a big damn mouth, and doesn't know when to shut the hell up, much as I hate to admit it along with that big mouth comes alot of wrestling skill and know-how inside of the ring. He's probably world title bound...eventually....he should pay his dues first of course.

5. Joey Malone- Not only is Joey Malone quite the funny man he is also a fine athelete with a promising future in the IWO and a probable choice for world champion in the year 2001.

4. Donnie Daze- I've faced this kid and let me tell you, their is a fierce fighting spirit in him. He took me to the limit on one or two occasions, and even though I came out on top, I had those numerous, numerous bruises to remind me of who he was the next day. He's a good wrestler and ain't half bad on the microphone either.

3. LiGiL- If I recall Mr. LiGiL took himself home the IWO North American title over AWS Man. And besides that he's finally shown that he has earned his shot at the IWO World heavyweight title, and there is a chance this kid could go all the way.

2. AWS Man(Also Known as Bill)- AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) has proved himself a worthy competitor and will reap the benefits of such when he fights for the most prestigious title in the game, the IWO World heavyweight title.

1. A Tie!

1 a. Dane Matthews- The IWOs odd ball gone bad Dane Matthews, now that his mind is finally fully forming he has focus and an evil inside him which will make him even more deadly than he was before in the coming months. Since now we can put intellect with strength and in ring talent.

1 b. Syphon Fission- Yes ladies and gentlemen the IWO World Champion himself, whom has proved his worth as the IWO world champion by defeating all on comers by any means necessary. Again...after fighting the S.O.B. on so many occasions, and having so many close falls, and then having him defeat me finally....there is no way I CAN'T put this guy on the top spot. Not only is he a great IWO World Champion but I also see alot of myself in him. He has heart, skill, intelligence, he's good on the microphone, he knows his way around...he knows what to do and what not to do in almost all situations...he is good!

     And there we have it ladies and piece of the take on the IWOs talent...and who I see as being her top ten men...and who will lead the IWO into green pastures. And theres nothing you can do about it because I'm "The Legend" and your not. HA! Suck on them apples!

-Phelen Kell