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     Hello Everyone, and welcome to my second weekly column of the year 2001, we've got alot to cover, and I hope to do it all inside this very column.

Week In Review
     The IWO has changed face, and seems to be continuing to do so each and every moment of every day. Firing prolific superstars such as the Grim Reaper and Ken War, as well as WWR's Justin Shack, it seems to be a youth movement. Syphon Fission, the World Heavyweight Champion, has been defending his championship at every card since his victory at Conspiracy Theory 2, making him the obvious choice right now for champion of the year. The Pacific Title changed hands into Donnie Daze's possession, and the shocker of the year so far, would have to be the reemergance of Team CGI, as Syphon Fission, Donnie Daze, and Joey Malone put President Evan into his place.

     Of course, this won't go without a reaction from Levine, as planned for Friday is a World Title Defense by Syphon Fission, and a Main Event involving Daze and Malone facing one another. Currently, these three men have become embroiled in a feud of power, and a battle of pride. This combination of people will lead to something special, and it seems like President Evan has plans of his own for Friday's Hostile Takeover. We can only wait and see what occurs.

     Also, AWS Man(Also Known As Bill) seems to have been thrown into the thick of this perdictament, with his match against Syphon Fission on Monday. We can only think to know what he will do with his back against a corner, and trying to fight two sides. Only time will tell.

     The television Title Ranks also seem to have drastically improved, as Sephyria Reign has made it his objective to take the championship off of Adam War's shoulders. Reign went as far as to actually blow up the automobile of Wars', and we can only imagine the type of payback Wars will have for Reign come tomorrow evening on Hostile Takeover.

What Happened?
A Quick Recap for those of you who missed either Hostile Takeover or Monday Night Meltdown of the week of February 1st to February 8th.

Hostile Takeover
On an un-aired Hostile Takeover, the heat between Syphon Fission and President Evan was toasted to a crispy brown when these two started off the show face to face. Eventually, Evan vowed that Syphon would not leave the arena World Champion. Evan Levine also announced that on Meltdown, he would induct himself into the IWO's Hall of Fame. Inside matches, Sephiya Reign defeated Eric Reed, Adam Wars beat Brian Blade, and a mystery man in a trenchcoat helped Jax Stone retain the Extreme Title. The Super Martin-O Bros. won their debut tag match against the departing Damned Mexicans, Daze won his Pacific Championship in a grueling match with AWS Man(Also Known As Bill). Inside the main event, President Evan Levine refereed the contest between LiGiL and Syphon Fission, as it went back and forth. LiGiL eventually went for a pin on Fission, as Levine made a fast three count. Eventually, Vice President Evan came down, and reversed the decision, only to be fired. Tod then of course was kidnapped by AWS Man as the show went off the air.

Monday Night Meltdown
The show started off with Joey Malone coming back to the IWO, talking with President Levine of his return. Levine disgraced Malone, and eventually had the show starts off to Shawn Arrow's retirement. Arrows handed the tag team titles to Super Martin-O Bros, as he became a commentator, relieving Max Riot from his post. Malone got reaquainted with Donnie Daze and Syphon Fission, as we saw the end of Ryan King's career, or so many think. Simon Seaman won the United States in a battle royal, Spaz defeated LiGiL in a huge matchup for Broken Hearts, Broken Bones 3. Syphon Fission successfully defended his World Title against AWS Man(Also Known as Bill). After the match is when the drama happened, as Levine attacked Carmen, and attempted to get Syphon Fission to hand over his World title. Arrows, the relay man, wouldn't do it, as Daze and Malone came out of nowhere to help Fission, and reform Team CGI.

Injury Update
     For some reason, there haven't been many new injuries in the past week. Hostile Takeover went off without a hitch, as did Meltdown.

     However, Billy Ray's condition was much more serious than originally thought. Coming off of Conspiracy Theory, he caught his hand in some sort of device, and strained some tendens. He should be back as early as tomorrow evening, but it will be questionable if he's in a wrestling capacity.

     Injury Update on Sam Potright, his burns seem to be slowly healing, and Beth Potright should be Hostile Takeover to give us, the fans, and the IWO an update on her husband's condition.

Top 5 Rankings of 1/28/2001
1.)Syphon Fission
Fission successfully defended his championship against AWS Man, and should have had LiGiL defeated. That's good enough to keep his Number One Spot in my book at least.
Last Week:1     Weeks:2    
2.)Donnie Daze(Pacific Title)
Daze moves up a spot with his Pacific Title Victory on Hostile Takeover, and his recent pairing with the World Heavyweight Champion, and Joey Malone. He's been taking a liking by many of the fans, and is considered the number two face behind Syphon.
Last Week:3     Weeks:2    
3.)AWS Man(Also Known As Bill) (North American
AWS Man(Also Known As Bill) Slips a spot, simply due to his loss on both Friday and Monday to two of the better competitors inside the Internet Wrestling Organization. Look for AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) to quickly rebound, and become a major force to take the championship.
Last Week:2     Weeks:2    
4.)Joey Malone
Malone made a major impact teaming with buddy Syphon Fission and Donnie Daze for his return into Team CGI. This alone propelled him into the number four spot, being that most of the fans of the IWO love him and his wackiness.
Last Week:N/a     Weeks:1    
5.)Sam Potright
He hasn't wrestled in two weeks since Conspiracy Theory, but he's been speaking, and he's been looking into his past, and Beth's past, for some damn sure entertaining television. It's rather breathtaking I must say.
Last Week:N/a     Weeks:1    

I believe that's about all information a mind can digest in a fifteen minute period, therefore, I'm going to let you go. Enjoy my column, enjoy Conspiracy Theory II, and I hope you all enjoy Hostile Takeover, and the changes IWO online is making. I thank you for everything you guys do, because YOU make the IWO.

-Greg Parker(GP)