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The Executive Board is the group of people in the IWO responsible for deciding winners, opening and closing the fed, and other important activities. You can e-mail them on a variety of questions....please feel free to do so.

President: Jamie AIM S/N: BHorde107 ICQ #: 21905183

Jamie has presided over the IWO all but a few short months of since it's creation. Having bought the domain names and, Jamie took a gamble and invested some hard earned money and time into this e-fed, with the simple hope of learning more about web design in the process. Things went a little better than planned, and so here he is, three years later, talking about himself in third person.

Jamie is currently 18 years old, going to be a freshman in college (University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Multimedia major). Jamie enjoys designing web pages, Calvin & Hobbes, Dragonball Z (especially the new collectible card game), and especially hanging out with friends. His favorite music ranges: His CD collection contains everything from Metallica to Frank Sinatra, Cake to Led Zepplin, and everything else in between. His turn ons include...just kidding. :-)

Jamie has been involved in e-wrestling for 3 years. He began as an e-wrestler in a fed known as the FWL. Shortly after his appearance, the opportunity arose for him to begin designing that fed's web site. Eventually, the FWL became dependant on his when an arguement arose between himself and the staff, he departed. The FWL fell apart soon after, but was replaced by the NWF, a fed started by former FWL staff member John. The NWF's name was changed to the Internet Wrestling Organization- which it has remained to this day.

As President, Jamie's job remains somewhat simple. He is the webmaster in charge of everything on IWO Online. All CGI and layouts are created by him. Furthermore, the individual page layouts for the IWO and IML are his creations as well. Jamie also acts as a backup card writer, a safety judge in case of dispute between matches, and controls the IWO 'roleplay list'. He also (yes, admits it) is the voice behind Johnny Shallow of the famed IWO Real Audio show, and lastly creates the PPV Promos that the IWO is well known for.

Co-Vice President: Evan AIM S/N: Crusty BurgeR 1 ICQ #: 84339096

Evan's job in the IWO is CO-VP of the IWO. He runs IWO's Monday Night show called Monday Night Meltdown! Evan with a good history of card running has brought a new look and feeling to the IWO cards and will continue to do so till his time here in the IWO is up. Evan started to run cards in a small email fed close to 3 years ago and now is at the top of his game! Could it get any better? I think not!

Evan is 17 years old and is in his last year of Highschool. He looks to major in Writing. Evan enjoys all types of music but Country....cant stand that! He also likes being with his GF and hanging out with his friends of many years. When he is not working in the IWO Evan uses his free time on line to try and learn more HTML and CGI...But that's taken a back seat as of late.

Starting in small email feds then to Board feds Evan was more of a ewrestler then a card writer.....but as the years went on he became more versed in cards....and how they work. Evans credits go from FWF to SWA...and even IWF! For over a year Evan has worked in the IWO and has been doing his best to bring you the best entertainment out there!

Besides running MNM....Evans other jobs are the voice behind the RA show host Max Roit! Yes, that's right...Evan is the one that pisses you all off every week. =-) He is also very active in Angels and tries to help everyone he can. Last but not least....Evan is also the handler of the IWO superstar Evan Levine.

Co-Vice President: Thomas AIM S/N: BuyTheSnow ICQ #: 28179782

Thomas Ford joined the IWO as nothing more than an e-wrestler back in January 1999. In fact, when he signed the application, he didn't even remember he applied, but once he saw the impact these rps and cards made on the wrestling world, he's never looked back.

Thomas Ford is a 17 year old Senior at Liberty High School, born on September 26th, 1983 in Wilmington Delaware. He has once lived there and in North Carolina, until finally moving up to the surrounding Philadelphia area. Currently deciding his future, many hobbies have surrounded him, including graphic works, HTML web pages, playing sports with his friends, hanging out, and even a backyard wrestling league where he wrestles in his spare time. Music is a big influence in his life as well, helping him get through the tough times of life. Music likes include Rage Against the Machine, Nickelback, Incubus, P.O.D., Pulley, H20, Green Day, Blink 182, Staind, Static-X, Godsmack, and many more.

Ford began his e-wrestling career back in January 1998, one year before he joined the IWO. During that time he's experienced many front office positions, and has run some of the most successful e-fed pay per views of all time. Ford ran the IML2 for well over 6 months, and made sure that it was the only minor league not to fall down to pressure, and not to close down at all.

One of the major things that many people liked is the fact that they could im him any time he was on, and he would try to make a conversation with them. You can do that as well, however don't im him with fed offers. He was a big Public Relations man with the IML2, and hopes to bring that to the IWO as well. Other main chores of his are graphics design, helping out Jamie anyway he can with the web page, and even filling in for head card writer on occassion. He's the overall "Back up do what's left dude." Oh yeah, he also handles everyone's favorite snow selling lunatic, High Flyer.