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IWO Indi (2002)


May 31st, 2003 : 1 PM Bell Time : Murphey Rec Center

[Main Event]
Trey Vincent vs. Greg Allocca

High Flyer vs. Coral Avalon

[Mystery Death Match]
Donnie Daze vs. the Mysterious One

Tony Davis vs. Schitzo Tod

[Special Challenge Match-RP Rules-Extreme Style]
HardCase vs. Hardcore God

[Technical Exhibition... wha?!?]
Samuel Potright vs. HIT

[Tag Team Scramble]
Legion of Dairy vs. Those Damned Mexicans vs. the Deadly Sins vs. the Super Martin-O Bros.

2002 Hall of Fame Inductees shall be announced!

GP: Welcome everyone, to the RETURN, of the Internet Wrestling Organization! I'm sitting here in a booth calling action with JT, and we're getting ready for some exciting wrestling here tonight! Personally, it'll take some time getting used to being away from the action during the play by play.

JT: Well, I tried getting the company to put us down by the ring.

GP: What? The only thing you tried was to get Nicky to lie down on the floor and be a living couch!

JT: Hey! I was getting the seating arrangements. I figured you'd handle the technical aspect of things!

GP: How does making Nikki lie down accomplish ANYTHING whatsoever?

JT: What DOESN'T it accomplish. Hell, she brought peace to the Middle East!

GP: We were just AT WAR in the Middle East!

JT: Quiet you. Ruining my logic like that. You're already making me look like a fool and we've only been back for like, three minutes!

GP: When you're that big of a fool JT, you don't NEED anyone's help.

JT: Hardy har har har.

GP: Tonight, in that very ring, we'll see Coral Avalon, the young upstair kleptomaniac, going against the formerly loved snow selling lunatic, High Flyer!

JT: Formerly? He's a heel now? Oh great, gotta update the sheet.

GP: The sheet of what?

JT: The sheet that tells me who to cheer and who not to cheer.

GP: Of course. Remind me to steal that later.


GP: Nothing! Also, we have a tag team scramble with the returning Super Martin-O Bros., squaring off against the Deadly Sins, 2001 Mayhem match winner Jack Breaker and the last Cruiserweight Champion Jake Walker, the fWo Survivor tandem of the Legion of Dairy, as well as the former two time IWO tag team champions, Those Damned Mexicans!

JT: GREG! I can't believe you. It's incrediculus, and other big words I couldn't pronounce even if I tried. Damning the mexicans. You should be ashamed of yourself!

GP: Moving on. Donnie Daze and the Mysterious One battle in a Mystery Death match. Two former World Champions enter, only ONE leaves!

JT: Not to mention that Sam Potright and HIT rekindle their flames in a... technical match?

GP: I'm about as confused as you.

Parker pauses to regain his senses.

GP: Schitzo Tod battles Tony Davis, and we've been told HardCase, formerly known as both Invalid and Nuke, on this show. HardCase is said not to be pleased that he's no longer the IWO World Heavyweight Champion!

JT: By the way, what the hell did you do in your last year's of free time?

GP: Me? *coughs, adjusts collar* I spent most of my time rewatching old IWO pay per views and repeating the commentary with our action figures.


GP: What?!? What the hell did YOU do this past year?

JT: Oh, just took care of the usual. You know, sexual harrassment cases, birth certificate documentation to find out my actual name.

GP: I know I'm gonna kick myself for asking this, but how many sexual harassment cases?

JT: Fourteen in about six months.


JT: That's not counting Canada, but then again, who DOES count Canada?

GP: So, what IS your real name?

JT: My what?

GP: Nevermind.

High Flyer vs. Coral Avalon

GP: Well, this will be an interesting contest pitting and IWO legend against an Action! legend in the making. Coral Avalon, the kleptomaniac and the Action! B champion goes one on one with the former IWO grand slam and current fWo superstar High Flyer.

JT: Coral Avalon was a product of our short lived farm system, was he not?

GP: That he was little J.

JT: Little J? Why not just tattoo the word idiot on your forehead.

GP: I don't have the funds. Coral Avalon had a long standing stint in our farm system, working dark matches across the company until he was brought up briefly last year. Shortly after, he drifted to Action!, but it seems as if he's not forgotten his roots.

JT: But what's so dangerous about this guy that he's skyrocketed to the top of the professional wrestling world at the age of freakin' twenty-one?

GP: Coral has a quite unpredictable nature, stemming from his kleptomania. He can steal pratically any finishing maneuver and hit it during any point in the contest. It's quite hard to prepare for someone like Coral who can pretty much camoflouge himself in the wrestling style of any wrestler on the face of the planet he chooses. But that's not to sell High Flyer short, because he's quite the accomplished athlete in his own right. Throw in the fact that he's a lunatic with an agenda, I don't think there's a lot that can stop him from fulfilling his goal.

JT: Which is?

GP: Total World Domination.

There is a slight pause as JT took in what Greg had just said.

JT: Re-really?!? Seaman just had IWO domination and I orgasmed over it. If Flyer's trying to control the world, I think I should be the first one to say ZIEG FLYER~!

Parker sighs.

GP: And this is why we'll never be on television again.

JT: What? Hitler's funny right? Cuz if Aids is funny as South Park tells me it is, Hitler HAS to be funny.

GP: Let's just get to the ring.

JT: It's SOUTH PARK! You can't tell me an authority like South Park can be questioned. If so, then what next? Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Family Guy? THE SIMPSONS?!?

GP: Is that all you watch? Cartoons?

JT: Oh, you should know that I watch much more than cartoons. Porn for instance.

GP: So if you could find a pornography tape of Kyle from South Park plowing Lois from Family Guy, you'd be in heaven?

JT: You know, I've never thought of that before.

GP: *sigh* Toonophile.


The camera focuses on the ring, as Chris Astro stands in there with a tuxedo on. He holds a microphone firm in his hands, but the only thing it's connected to was a nearby camera and a small stereo speaker in the corner of the ring. The fans in attendance, what few there were, huddle together in the Murphey Rec Center, awaiting the start of the show.

Chris Astro: Welcome everyone, back, to the Internet Wrestling Organization!

The fans cheer, because if they didn't like the IWO, they wouldn't have bought the show. Or if they did buy they show, they'd be kinda… what's the word? Stupid. Well, I was going for something else besides stupid, but I couldn't think of any. You try being a narrator.{Okay, that narrator joke was done. Now we can stop using it because I can't say I've ever found it funny.}

Chris Astro: Before we start off tonight, I'd like to thank all of you fans for coming out here to our first show back in a little under a year. We couldn't do it without all you diehard fans!

More cheers.

Chris Astro: This, is our OPENING contest, and it is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, he hails from Action! wrestling and is their current Bantem champion. Coming from New Orleans, Lousiana, he is the Kleptomaniac, Coral Avalon!

"Won't Back Down" by Fuel begisn over the pa system as the fans cheer the Kleptomaniac. Coral Avalon walks out from the backstage area, with Allison holding his B-title from Action! He slaps the fans hands as he walks down the aisle, receiving a pretty loud and echoing reaction, all things considering since they were packed into a small gymnasium. Coral enters the ring, and tests the ring ropes before awaiting his opponent.

GP: And there he is. The young superstar destined for greatness, if he hasn't already been given said greatness.

Chris Astro: And his opponent…

Coral's theme dies down, and that's when "Idioteque" by Radiohead plays over the pa system, echoing out in the gym like it was being played in a bathroom.

Chris Astro: He hails from the fWo, but truly, his home and his heart belongs here. He weighs in tonight at ninety three kilos, and he was the first IWO Grand Slam Champion. Here is High Flyer!

Flyer steps out from the backstage area, holding a sledgehammer in his right hand, and his arm around his wife Kate Young-Harmen's shoulders. He wasn't prepared for what was happening though. Through the thick of the gymnasium's humidity, he feels it. He feels the cheers from the audience.

JT: Okay, now I'm confused.

Flyer walks to the ring slowly, his eyes wide, and with every step seeming to bring him closer to tears. He looks to his wife, and she just coyly smiles before Flyer steps up onto the ring apron, and raises his free hand to the crowd in a devil horn, only to receive a lot of the crowd doing the same in return. He is stunned, but gathers himself enough to enter the ring.

GP: I'm not exactly sure what to say. Flyer's hated around the world, but here in the IWO, he's beloved!

JT: Oh great. We finally get a heel with world domination on his mind and these idiots cheer him. I'll be in my car.

GP: You don't own a car.

JT: I meant my shopping cart.

Flyer and Avalon circle around the ring before the bell sounds out.

*ding, ding, ding*

Avalon extends his hand toward Flyer, and Flyer shakes it to a small chorus of cheers. They each back away slowly, and continue circling around before locking up in the center of the ring with a tie up. Once there, Avy uses his weight advantage to shove Flyer in a top wristlock. Bending him backward in a bridge, Flyer tries to avoid having his shoulder's touch the mat. Once realizing there is no escape without trying something drastic, Flyer kicks out his legs and braces his feet against Avy's midsection. Once there, with his shoulders down, the referee counts.


But Flyer monkeyflipps Avy off of on top of him. Avalon however breaks the hand lock and lands on his feet. Once there, he shoots himself off the ropes and Flyer returns to his feet to barely duck a charging Coral Avalon. Once off the other side, Flyer bends down for a tilt-a-whirl, but Coral's momentum seems to shift against him as Coral wraps his legs around Flyer's head and neck. Once there though, Flyer braces himself, and stands there with Coral Avalon hanging in mid-air, in his grasp in a sidewalk slam type position. He looks to the cheering crowd and throws Coral's legs off of his shoulders, but this just let Coral land on his feet. Grabbing Flyer by his hair, Coral swung Flyer into a vicious Russian leg sweep into a rollover cover.



GP: I hope you folks don't mind if I just watch, because this is a little too fast paced for me and my partner, and I use that term lightly, to call. But Flyer barely got his shoulder up and we're only about a minute into the match.

JT: I always heard Flyer's anything but a stamina staillion. If you know what I mean.

GP: JT, you shouldn't be allowed to make fun of other people's sex lives. Not to mention, how WOULD you have heard. You don't talk to Kate, hell, you couldn't tell who she was if she had her name tattooed on her forehead.

JT: No, but if she had a name tag over the bosom, I'm sure I could.

Both men recover fairly quick, although Avalon, if the announcers were pressed to say, rises to his feet a bit quicker. Once there, Avalon catches Flyer with a vicious knife edge chop to the chest that sends him realing backwards and the crowd "Wooing" for Coral. Flyer however, isn't meant to be upstaged, clearing Coral's arms away from his chest and firing back with one of his own. Coral stumbles backwards, and then returns, knife edge chopping a statuesque Flyer. Flyer returns the favor, and Coral himself refuses to move. Coral chops Flyer, and then Flyer returns, and they went this way, back and forth for what must have been a total of ten chops each, each chop getting louder and louder, and the crowd noise rising with each blow. After Flyer delivers his tenth blow, both men turn around and clutch their chest in pain. Flyer leans over a bit, as Avalon drops to his knees. Both men have a chest that could have been confused for a tomato by now.

GP: There JT, there's your blood.

JT: Where.

GP: Under their skin.

Parker shudders, as both men turned around with a kick to the gut, that each take. Once again, they turn around, and each man kicks, but this time, Avalon and Flyer both catch the legs in mid air. So, standing in the middle of the ring, both men seem as if they were one person, with four arms and two legs. Flyer tries to dragon screw Avy but he has pratically no positioning to do so. That's when Avalon drops Flyer's leg and swings his other one up in an enzugiri. At the last moment, Flyer ducks his head, and when Avalon crashes and burns onto the canvas, Flyer immediately goes to town on his left knee, lifting it up and smashing it into the mat.

GP: Looks like Flyer's going after Avalon's knee. You take out Avalon's knee, he can't do his breakdancing moves, he doesn't nearly have the same agility as he normally does, and well, let's face it, it'll be easier for Flyer to get him to tap out to the Peaceful Slumber.

JT: But Coral has no history of leg problems. That's Flyer's territory with his left wheel that's been operated more times than Doctor Love has operated on his female patients.

GP: Doctor Love? Maybe if you add the word Strange in there.

JT: SHH! They might sue us!

Flyer grabs Avalon's left knee, front flip senton splashing Avalon's ribs while landing, and jerks his knee up over his shoulder as if he were in a single legged boston crab, but his body twisted the other way. Once there, Flyer places his knees and the complete lower half of his legs around Avalon's body, underneath his arm pits so he can't escape quite so easily. Avalon screams in pain, because it's not everyday you get tied up like, well, I'd use the word pretzel, but that's been overused already.

GP: We could see the end of the match right now! Mind you Coral's knees are probably at one hundred percent, but you try getting locked in that hold and not wanting to tap out.

JT: Would saying the safety word be the same thing as tapping out?

GP: Why are you still employed?

JT: I dunno. Does Affirmitive Action count?

GP: Not for you.

JT: Damn.

Coral barely reaches, dragging Flyer with him. Although it was inescapable from the position he was in, Coral could quite easily drag Flyer toward the bottom rope and latch on. And that's preciously what he does, diving to the bottom rope and hanging onto it for his dear life.

Flyer's reluctant to break the hold, and takes all of the four count he is allowed before doing so. Once there, Avalon limps to his feet using the ropes for leverage.

GP: And Flyer's smiling! He knows that that move has really affected the Kleptomaniac.

Flyer charges toward Coral, looking to nail some maneuver. What move that is, we'll never know, because Coral lowers his head.


JT: As am I, since I can no longer HEAR WITH ALL THIS SHOUTING!

Coral stays on top for a cover.



GP: THR… No? Flyer got his FOOT, on the BOTTOM rope.

Coral gets to his feet, dragging Flyer up with him. Once there, Coral hits him with yet another knife edge chop, before Flyer fires back with a limp forearm to the skull. Coral replies with an elbow strike to the jaw, which sends Flyer back into the corner. Once there, Coral charges in, but with a slight limp and less speed, Flyer is able to lift his legs, places them on Coral's shoulders, and swings himself around for a hudaconrada that plants Coral directly on his head.

Flyer crawls over and drapes an arm overtop of Coral's chest, still feeling the effects of the Erroneous Conclusion delivered to him moments ago.



Coral barely gets a shoulder up.

GP: And Flyer can't waste any time trying to be Coral. Coral may be young, but he's one of the fastest learners in pro wrestling today.

Flyer returns to his feet, and just stands there. Once Coral gets up himself, he charges toward Flyer, and Flyer grabs his legs on the way and rolls completely through for his Peaceful Slumber. Coral however, uses all the strength in his legs, and fights through the pain to shove Flyer into the corner. Flyer bounces off, and Coral returns to his feet. Once behind, Coral kicks Flyer in the back, locks in an inverted headlock, and…


JT: Come on, this early?!?




JT: Woah, I guess Flyer's been a little out of it lately.

Astro: Your winner, via pinfall. CORAL AVALON!

Coral gets to his feet, and Flyer lies face up on the canvas. Kate climbs in, and helps her husband up to his feet slowly. They stare at one another, as Flyer extends his hand to Coral, who in return, shakes it. The fans cheers the display of sportsmanship, as both men exit the ring together, along with their wife/girlfriend combination.

JT: WHAT?!? I thought Flyer was evil!

GP: I guess sportsmanship holds no bonds.

JT: What a jip.

H.I.T. vs. Sam Potright

JT: Well, Parker, I can't believe we're going to be calling this match again.

GP: To be perfectly honest, neither can I JT. Up next is Samuel Potright taking on the Hardcore Isosceles Trapezoid. We haven't seen either of these men for a long time. Potright was presumed to be dead, but has come back, fighting in the IOW, among other federations. Meanwhile, Trapezoid battled in Primetime Championship Wrestling, before leaving and heading to the smaller Universal Wrestling Federation, his home base of operations, where he recently gained the title of THC Prom King.

JT: Perhaps, but to be honest, I think we need to give the advantage to Sam Potright here. Potright has won the last two meetings between these two men, in Trick or Treat III, and in Epic Wrestling, in a contest for the North American Championship of that promotion.

GP: It's all going to come down to who the better wrestler is, as this has been signed as a technical exhibition. No chairs, no weapons, just Potright and Trapezoid! Let's go up to our ring announcer Meygon for the start of this contest!

Meygon takes the stage, microphone in hand to call the action. She's barely wearing clothing at all, just like she used to never wear anything.

Meygon: This is a technical exhibition match, scheduled for one fall, with a forty-five minute time limit! Introducing first…

The opening lyrics to Metallica's "The Memory Remains" begin to play…


As the crowd begins to cheer, Metallica's song cuts off, and is replaced by "Violence Fetish" by Disturbed. Soon enough, the IWO's own legendary Hardcore Isosceles Trapezoid walks down the aisle, and begins performing the (in)famous Trapezoid Dance, to the delight and/or consternation of the crowd, depending on who you support.

GP: There he is! One of the IWO's greatest performers of all time! Former IWO North American Champion! Co-winner of the Mayhem Match! Former IWO Extreme Champion, and winner of Trick or Treat II!

Trapezoid slides into the ring, standing dead center, his eyes focused on the entryway. His merriment has ceased, as he waits for his arch-rival to emerge from behind the curtain.

Meygon: He has shocked audiences the world over with his relentless, innovative, and hardcore take on professional wrestling! To his students, he is Mr. Trapezoid, to his enemies, he is one of the most dangerous athletes to step into the squared circle! FROM SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH..WEIGHING IN AT 222 POUNDS, THE HARDCORE ISOSCELES TRAPEZOID!

JT: All those honorfics are nice, but he'll need every last goddamned one of them against this man..

As the crowd rises to a fevered pitch, "Hemorage by Fuel begins to play. The ovation in the arena is absolutely manic, as the former IWO World Champion, Samuel Potright, steps out into the aisle. The reaction is extremely loud for a simple gymnasium, and the cheers echo out throughout the building.


JT: Why do you always have to yell?

GP: They told us to in Announcers School.

Potright enters the ring, eyes focused on those of his opponent. He keeps his distance, as Meygon announces his entrance.

Meygon: He is one of the greatest superstars in IWO history! He has competed in some of the most barbaric matches in history, including the Stairway to Heaven/Train to Hell match, and has competed in three Trick or Treat matches! HAILING FROM SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS, HE IS THE MASTER OF WAR WITHIN A BREATH AND THE CHRIST AIR! HE IS SAMUEL POTRIGHT!

As Meygon exits the ring, Potright steps forward, eyes boring into the HIT. HIT stares back with equal ferocity, calling for a mic, which the refere
e gladly hands over.

The HIT: You know, Samuel, I thought you were dead this time…

Potright reaches out, taking the microphone from Trapezoid

Samuel Potright: You should know better than that. I will always survive. No matter what you, or anyone else can throw at me. Face it, Trapezoid, we define each other. Without me, there is no you. Without you, there is no me. My name in this industry is built on blood, sweat…and a guy who's real name I don't even know.

HIT takes the microphone back, glaring daggers at Potright

The HIT: Man, as much as it pains me to admit it, you're right, Sam. The same goes for me. But, it's occurred to me that, we're in the middle of an IWO ring again. It's time to stop talking, and do what we do best, minus the weaponry.

Potright nods, as Trapezoid tosses the microphone out of the ring, and the bell sounds.



Both men circle briefly, and then commence an aggressive collar and elbow tieup. They jostle for position, trying everything they can think of for about ten seconds. Potright tries to shoot down for a single leg takedown, but HIT steps away, and tries to raise Potright's arm in the tieup for a fireman's carry, but Samuel blocks, and both men break, to rethink their strategies.

GP: Early on, we're seeing how well these two men know each other! They've fought for over four hours in Trick or Treat matches, so they know one another's strengths, weaknesses, and what it takes to get the job done.

JT: I'm so torn…both of these guys have proven they can be evil, but I don't know who to root for now!

They go back to the tieup, and this time, Potright comes away with a quick arm drag, taking the HIT to the canvas. Trapezoid pops up quickly, and turns into another well-executed arm drag by Potright. Potright goes for a third, but HIT is able to evade it, and rams a forearm into Samuel's face. HIT steps back, and delivers a second, then steps back once more, tapping his left hand against his forearm.

GP: Numberline on the way!

Trapezoid spins, and strikes out with his forearm, but Potright is able to catch the blow! He attempts to use the arm to take down HIT, but Trapezoid uses his LEFT arm to forearm Potright, releasing HIT's right arm, so he can spin, and nail Potright in the face with the Numberline!

JT: HIT hits it! Potright tumbles down to the mat!

GP: So far, HIT is proving himself to be the more skillful mat technician of the two in this contest.

Potright is up from the Numberline, an annoyed look on his face. He goes back to the collar and elbow tieup, but gets caught in a wristlock by the Trapezoid. Potright looks for counters, but HIT applies the full arm drag and twist, then drives his elbow into Potright's. Samuel gasps in pain, as HIT uses the grip to take Potright down, and apply a Fujiwara armbar!


GP: Trapezoid's pouring the pressure on early!

Potright manages to get up to his knees, relieving much of the pressure of the submission hold. Samuel wriggles his way free, boots Trapezoid in the gut, and locks in a front facelock!

GP: Here we go! Potright's going for War Within a Breath!

Potright attempts to hit his vaunted finisher, but Trapezoid blocks, and takes Samuel over with a release Northern Lights Suplex! Trapezoid smiles, and backs into the ropes, cart wheeling, and ending the tumbling pass with a moonsault, which hits Potright's knees!


GP: Algebra II countered by Potright!

Samuel picks the HIT back up to his feet, and scores with a quick forearm. He delivers a second powerful blow, then doubles over Trapezoid.

GP: Potright looking for a piledriver!

Indeed, Sam lifts HIT upside down, but HIT extends his hands down to the mat, and pushes up, causing him to shift upwards in Potright's grip, and take him over with a hurricanrana!

GP: What a counter that was!

Potright is up quickly, and charges in angrily, to be met with a Japanese arm drag by the HIT. Samuel recovers his footing, and charges again, as the sick sound of boot meeting chin can be heard, as Potright drops like a stone.


Indeed, Trapezoid stands, his right leg still arched out in the super kick position, posing briefly before dropping to his knees for the first cover of the match.

GP: Trapezoid covers!



Potright kicks away from the pinning predicament, and begins to consider his options. He sees Hardcore Isosceles Trapezoid coming at him, and tries his own super kick, but HIT catches the kick, and points to his brain.

JT: Mister Mathematics Man! My hero! He's so smart!

GP: I can't take THIS again..

JT: He's a former IWO Champion, you know!

GP: That's disputed!

JT: Only in your mind, Parker! The fans know he was champ!

GP: Well, he DID beat Evan Levine in a title defense..

JT: *Sniff* Don't remind me…

Trapezoid spins Potright around, but the former IWO Champion counters, spinning out of the manuever and taking down The HIT with a HARD lariat!

GP: Nice shot there from Potright!

Samuel Potright looks down at the motionless Trapezoid, and begins to walk over to the turnbuckle. Potright ascends to the top turnbuckle, looking down at his hated rival, and extends his arms outwards…

GP: Here we go! As good of a high flyer as The HIT is, Potright has the aerial advantage, and we're about to see why, with one of the prettiest aerial moves you're ever going to see, anywhere!

Potright leaps as high as he can, his arms extended still in the crucifixtion pose. Slowly, he rotates backward, making his fall even more impressively as he completes his rotation mere milliseconds before impact, crashing into the Hardcore Isosceles Trapezoid with his trademark aerial manuever known only as…


The official moves into position to count.



At the last possible second, the Trapezoid's shoulder makes its way off the canvas. The crowd gasps at the near fall, as Potright looks at the wounded HIT, and decides to go back up top!

JT: Potright's throwing caution to the wind here!

GP: His advantage is in the skies! The Trapezoid knows how to counter virtually every move one can think of, but it's kind of difficult to counter a guy flying at you off the top rope!

Potright stands on top once more, and leaps off, somersaulting into a Swanton Bomb…that misses.

GP: NO! Potright misses the Tattoo of the Sun! HIT is trying to capitalize!

The Sultan of Sides attempts to shake off the ill effects of the Christ Air. He grabs Potright's legs, and pushes them into Texas Cloverleaf position, and takes Samuel over into his Elevated Texas Cloverleaf!

JT: YES! The Paragraph Proof is locked on!

GP: Potright just landed on his back after the missed aerial move, and you can bet your bottom dollar that THIS ISN'T HELPING IT MUCH!

HIT TORQUES back on his submission hold, screaming out as Potright desperately looks for a counter. Sam bridges up onto his hands, taking off a bit of the pressure as the crowd begins screaming for him. HIT continues to cinch the hold in, but Potright has bridged up sufficiently to knock the HIT over!


However, HIT still has the hold locked in! He gets up from his lying position, drags Potright to the dead center of the ring, and sits back down with it!


Inch by inch though, Potright crawls towards the ropes, and with a final heave, gets hold of them! The official forces HIT to break, and he does, stomping away at Sam's injured back.

GP: Great strategy here by the HIT. He's honed in on Potright's injured body part, and is starting to go to work!

Trapezoid lifts Potright up in a Canadian Backbreaker Rack, and drops to his knees, driving Samuel's back into his shoulder!

JT: Axis of Symmetry!

GP: That's the advantage to having a moveset as large as the HIT's…you have a move for ANY situation!

Trapezoid goes down to cover, but Potright rolls him up with a small package!



HIT frantically gets the shoulder up, looking at Potright in utter shock. He viciously drives his boot into Potright's stomach, and calls for Parallel Bases II!

GP: This is one of HIT's weapons Potright's never seen before!

Trapezoid pump handles Potright, AND DROPS HIM ON HIS HEAD WITH AN EMERALD FROISON! The crowd gasps, but HIT shows no signs of covering, instead pointing to the top!


The HIT ascends to the top rope, looking down at Potright. He leaps off, backflipping, while at the same time corkscrewing his body…


POTRIGHT EVADES CONTACT! The HIT's rapidly rotating form smacks into the mat, and bounces back up three feet before laying still!

GP: That psycho bastard just went for a corkscrew shooting star press, and he hit the mat! THIS IS IT! THIS IS POTRIGHT'S CHANCE TO WIN THIS MATCH!

Potright gets to his feet, a gleam in his eye. He waits, and waits, until HIT is barely back up, then drives his own boot into Trapezoid's chest, whispering something to the Trapezoid as he pulls the Sultan of Sides into a front facelock.

Samuel Potright: And now, we end things as we did in 2001...

Potright's free arm grabs HIT's tights, as he lifts the Sultan of Sides in the air, spiking him down on his head with the Evenflow Implant DDT, a move known throughout the wrestling world as War Within a Breath.



Potright kneels, covering the Trapezoid, and hooking his left leg as the crowd counts along with the official.



The hand comes down for the third and final time, but the referee catches himself before the hand hits. As Potright sees this, he turns to see the ugly truth: The HIT's right foot rests on the bottom rope.


GP: Potright had that match won! If he would have struck with War Within a Breath midring, there's NO WAY Trapezoid would have kicked out!

Potright gets up, and contemptuously drags the HIT off the ropes, and to the center of the ring. He crosses over HIT's legs, and applies his infamous Wall Breaker submission!


HIT is floundering desperately for a counter. With the energy he has left, he reaches up, and grabs Potright by his hair! Trapezoid pulls back on Potright's mane, as Samuel begins SCREAMING in pain.


GP: The hell do you mean, he's pulling the man's hair!

JT: No! Potright's back is still worn down from the Paragraph Proof. By pulling back like that, HIT's torquing the injured body part. EACH OF THEM HAS A SUBMISSION LOCKED ON THE OTHER!

HIT manages to get his arm around Potright's neck, and pulls down hard. Potright screams from the pain in his back, but at the same time, HIT's own hold is causing Potright to pull back harder on the Wall Breaker! Both men stay locked in the pain for thirty seconds, until finally, one man blinks, hand tapping three times to signal the submission.



Potright collapses from on top of the Trapezoid, as The HIT lies motionless on the floor. Slowly, the official moves over…and raises The HIT's arm.



GP: As much as I hate to say it, Trapezoid earned every bit of that match. Although, I think I speak for everyone else when I say that I don't think this is over!

Surprising Disease
Tony Davis and High Flyer are hanging out in their locker room. It had been a while since they were together in the same room, with Flyer's travel scehedule in the fWo and Davis' schedule inside Action!

Flyer: You know, I'm sorry I'm not there alongside ya anymore.

Davis: Don't worry about it. Not one bit whatsoever.

Flyer: It's just, I feel I'm abandoning, not just you, but Action! and everyone there. Even fkkn Reed Young man.

Davis: It's just a contract. We only were signed for a couple dates. They did want us both back, but then you got the contract from the fWo, which is too good to pass up man. Reed knows that. Joey knows that. Hell, all the guys would probably drop everything if they had an offer on the table from the f-dub.

Flyer just hangs his head. That's when there's a knock on their door. Tony gets up from his seat and answers it.

Davis: Hey Jax, I was just about to go find Tod about out match later tonight.

Jax Stone, former North American Champion and current Road Agent stands there looking a bit somber. This brings Flyer over as well.

Flyer: Woah, who died?

Stone: Tony, you're not wrestling tonight. We're gonna pay you still for showing up but we can't book you on such short notice.

Davis: Why, where's Tod?

Stone: He's in the hospital.

Flyer: Woah… so when I said, who died… Oh God, I didn't mean it like that.

Stone: No, no, he'll be fine.

Davis: What's wrong with him?

Stone: Alcohol poisoning. At least, that's their first diagnosis. You know, since he still had a bottle of So-Co in his hands when they admitted him.

Flyer: So-Co?

Davis: Southern Comfort. Jax, I didn't even know Tod was a drinker.

Stone: Neither did we. This took us by surprise too Tony. We don't know what got into him.

Flyer backs off, as if he was just hit by a bullet.

Flyer: It's… It's gotta be the IWO.

Davis: What?

Flyer: You know, he hasn't been around much lately. He didn't get work after IWO closed like us. This place was his home man. You don't take that easily.

Awkward silence.

Stone: Just… I'll give him your well wishes.

Davis: Of course.

Stone backs away and exits the locker room door, shutting it on his way out.

HardCase vs. Hardcore God

"Sugar" by System of the Down hits the PA as the first competitor prepares to make an entrance awaiting the ring announcer Meygon to call his name.

Meygon: Now coming to the ring weighing in at 255 pounds, hailing from... uh... someplace on this planet

JT: Reeeeaal professional Meygon.

Meygon: Shut up! Where was I? Oh yea. Now coming down to the ring, its the...HARDCORE GOOOOD!!!

JT: How can she HEAR me?!?

Hardcore God dressed in a long platinum coat makes his slow methodical walk down to the ring, pyros shooting off out of both sides of the ramp with every footfall.

He gets little to no reaction from the fans, being a new to this promotion. But the cold reaction from the crowd doesn't seem to faze him in the least.

Meygon: His opponent, hailing form Queens, New York. A former Unified, Extreme, North American, AND World Championship holder, weighing in at 243 pounds, the wrestler formerly known as Nuke it's...HAAAARRDCAAAASSSE!!!

"Bad News" by 50 cent bumps through out the arena, drowned out by the outburst of boos from the fans in attendance, who haven't forgotten just how despicable a human being was about to coming out to this ring.

HardCase pulls the curtains aside and slowly strolls down to the ring, socking in the hate form the crowd.

GP: Well, HardCase is taking his sweet time coming down to the ring here.

JT: Hey, he can take all the goddamn time he wants. He's the freakin World Champion!!

GP: Correction JT, was the World Champion.

JT: *Pffst* Whatever.

Hardcore God, becoming impatient with his opponent, storms the ring ropes and slides under them.

GP: Doesn't look like Hardcore God feels like waiting any longer, and is now bring the match to HardCase.

Hardcore God charges in on HardCase who beckons him on with an arrogant wave of his hand. Hardcore God finally reaches HardCase and goes for a spear, but HardCase drops backward grabbing and judo flipping Hardcore God over his head.

JT: What a move!

Hardcore God quickly scrambles to his feet, but is taken right back down by a stiff right hand from HardCase. Hardcore God pops back up, and HardCase puts him back down with a DDT onto the steep ramp way.

GP: HardCase just DDTs H-God and-

JT: Whoa...H-God? Who the hell do you think you are?

GP: That's what he likes being called JT. I'm glad ONE of us take the time to study up on the wrestlers of this match.

HardCase goes for an early cover, which is broken even before the ref can get down to the ramp to start a count.

HardCase goes to lift Hardcore God, but H-God shoves him away with a kick to the chest. Hardcore God quickly pops up to his feet and runs in after
HardCase, looking for a clothesline.

HardCase ducks, but Hardcore God is able to recover before HardCase can counter attack, and brings HardCase to one knee with a double axe handle to the back.

Hardcore God then gives HardCase a fame-ass-er, planting his face onto the steel ramp, and making the cover.



kick out by HardCase.

GP: Almost thought he had him there.

JT: What are you retarded? It'll take a lot more than that to keep the Innovator of Wrongness down.

Hardcore God seems to agree, and leaves HardCase alone breifly, while he reaches over the crowd barrier and snatches up a steel folding chair. He begins to turn backs to meet HardCase when...


HardCase meets him with a wicked roundhouse, sending the steel chair into
H-God's own face, and causing him to spill over the crowd barrier.

JT: Nice! Did you see that?!

GP: When you're wrestling someone as dangerous as HardCase you can't turn your back to him. A lesson Hardcore God is going to have to learn quick with he wants to win this one.

HardCase hops over the barricade bring the now dented steel chair with him. Hardcore God gives his head a good shake, clearing the cobwebs a bit and just as he raises to his feet...


The sound of steel on skull rings out throughout the arena as HardCase delivers a nasty chairshot to the face of Hardcore God. HardCase discards
the steel chair and hooks a leg to make a cover on Hardcore God.



Hardcore God defiantly kicks out of the pin and scrambles to feet. HardCase moves in to grab him, but Hardcore God kicks him in the gut, and plants him with a gutwrentch powerbomb right on the unforgiving arena floor. HardCase grabs his back in pain.

GP: Ouch. That was a high impact maneuver, Hardcore God is really looking
to end HardCase right here.

Hardcore God rips HardCase to his feet and...


Plasters the side of his head with a chair shot, using a folding chair he just snatched from another unsuspecting fan.

JT: Hey, the fans can't sue for that can they?

GP: I wouldn't think so.

JT: Sweet!

JT turns around, and reaches over the railing to rip a seat from one of the fans, but gets punched in the face.

JT: *tending to a now black eye* Owwww!

GP: They can't sue. I didn't say anything about them fighting back.

JT: Well...can I sue them.

GP: ...

JT: Well can-

GP: Watch the match you big baby!!

Hardcore God is giving it HardCase outside the ring, peppering his body with
chairshots. Hardcore God finally lets up and lifts HardCase to his feet. HardCase wobbles dizzily before him. Hardcore God then backs up, and thrust forward looking for a superkick but-

JT: NO! HardCase ducks and catches Hardcore God's leg, fisherman's suplex!
He bridges for the pin!


Hardcore God shoulders out before the ref finishes the count. He grabs HardCase again from behind, and applies a waistlock.

GP: German suplex with a bridge!


HardCase now shoulders out and scrambles to his feet. Hardcore God charges in on him but HardCase sidesteps him allowing him to run past. HardCase then charges in on Hardcore God leaping in the air and nailing him with a jumping kick to the side of the neck.

JT: Nice move!

GP: Are you gonna say that anytime he does something even remotely special?

JT ponders the question briefly

JT: Yes...yes that is what I intend to do.

GP: Whatever. HardCase now brandishing the steel chair Hardcore God used earlier. Hardcore God quickly grabs one of his own and these two men face off weapons in hand.

JT: HardCase with a chairshot, Hardcore God returns it with one of his own, which prompts equal retaliation from HardCase. These two are dueling viciously with steel chairs!

GP: Who will come out on top!?!

HardCase hammers down, but Hardcore God just fires back and the chairs clang. HardCase raises his hand, realizing this isn't getting anywhere, and simply exposes himself.

GP: What the hell is he doing?

Hardcore God takes a shot, nearly taking HardCase's head off, as the seat goes flying as if we were in Japan. Hardcore God takes a look down at his now defunct weapon, and his wobbling opponent, before HardCase began to just wail on Hardcore God repeated with his chair. Seven, Eight, Nine. Just keep counting. Seventeen. Twenty one. And the referee had to stop the match. But HardCase kept going, and reach all the way to Thirty until officials came down and pulled him off of the Hardcore God.

GP: Wow, I knew HardCase was insane, but I didn't know this.

Meygon: Your winner, via referee's decision, the Hardcore God!

Hardcore God slowly returns to his feet with the help of his midget. With that, he collapses in the ring and we head to an intermission.


Inside the ring during this time, not shown on video, was Nikki, trying to sell Psycho Factor t-shirts, Twix Breaker shirts, and numerous other overstocked DVD's from the last run of the IWO. She also promoted the next show in Philadelphia on the fifth of July, and told people to bring their friends. After that, there was some crappy music and Potright signed autographs in the lobby.

Legion of Dairy vs. the Deadlier Sins vs. Super Martin-O Bros. vs. Those Damned Mexicans

GP: Folks, we're in for a treat.

JT: You mean the rest of this card wasn't a treat? God. Then why does my mouth taste so sweet.

GP: Reminder. JT. What your mother says to you has no baring on what we're doing right now.

JT: If only I could curse your name.

GP: The Deadlier Sins, Jack Breaker and Jake Walker, are probably two of the most talented homegrown individuals the IWO have ever seen. Jack Breaker was the 2001 May Mayhem winner, outlasting Simon Seaman.

JT: Now you're cursing MY God.

GP: It's true JT. Get over it. And Jake Walker was the IWO's last cruiserweight champion, an honor that may not be duplicated. The Legion of Dairy however, are probably the most decorated tag team in the history of tag team wrestling. Numberous titles, wrestling in fWo's Survivor competition as we speak. Not to mention, they are in that underground fighting place that scares the living bejeebus outta me.

JT: What about the Super Martin-O Bros. The inspiration for the Fuse Bros.

GP: We're on good standing with the fWo, but don't think they won't sue if we keep saying that. And finally, multiple time IWO Tag Team Champions Those Damned Mexicans, Edguardo and Diablo.

JT: Let's get to the slut~!

GP: That still has yet to sleep with you.


GP: JT… everyone knows.

Meygon: The following contest is a Tag Team Scramble match...

The lights dim and the crowd starts to buzz as Meygon starts her spiel. She pauses, as if giving the crowd a chance to react. Predictably, they do nothing. Meygon turns back to the microphone, disappointed.

Meygon: Making their way to the ring first, from Dairytown, West Virginia, accompanied by YoGuRt, please welcome back to the IWO ring cHEESE and egg NOG, the Legion of Dairy!

"Sellout" by Biohazard follows the Legion up the ramp and onto the ring apron. They turn to the crowd and elict a fair reaction. Satisfied, egg NOG ducks into the ring and begins to warm up in the corner while cHEESE settles onto the apron.

Meygon: Making their way to the ring next, from Tijuana, Mexico... Edguardo, Diablo... THOSE! DAMN! MEXICANS!

The crowd erupts in frenzied disgust as "Self" by American Head Charge takes the PA by storm. TDM stroll out to ringside casually, smiling and gritting their teeth as they are pelted by a barrage of verbal assault and the occasional empty beer can. They slide into the ring and further rile up the crowd as the music dies out.

GP: Looks like these people genuinely can't stand Those Damn Mexicans. Either that, or Maintenence shut off the air conditioning. Either way, the crowd isn't happy.

Meygon: Making their way to the ring next, please welcome back to the IWO ring... Jack Breaker... Jake Walker... the Deadly Sins!

The fans are on their feet before Meygon can conclude her sentence. A few lingering jeers from TDM's introduction merge into the frenzied applause as "Cyclops Rock" by They Might be Giants follows the Sins out onto the stage. Jack hoists his prized trout proudly as he rushes to the ring, Aubrey close behind. Jake ambles slowly after them, taking time to shake hands with the ringside crowd before the Sins take their places alongside the growing crowd on the apron.

Meygon: And finally, please join me in welcoming back two veterans of the IWO ring, Kevin and Walter Martin, the Super Martin-o Brothers!

"Particle Man" by They Might be Giants hits, signaling the arrival of the Martin-o Brothers. They appear at the top of the ramp to a wild ovation. They run down to the ring energetically and hop onto the turnbuckles to pose as the crowd goes wild for the return of the IWO veterans. They finally settle into their corner as the bell sounds.


GP: Let's get this show on the road! egg NOG, Diablo, Jake Walker, and Kevin Martin, starting things off.

We focus on the ring, where egg NOG starts off the match with a few quick chops to the chest of Kevin Martin. Martin retaliates with an elbow that catches egg NOG in the side of the face. He stumbles backward into the ropes, and Kevin picks up his momentum with an Irish whip. egg NOG rebounds and takes Martin to the mat with a flying cross body.

GP: egg NOG, taking an early advantage with that mean cross body. Kevin Martin's been out of the ring for quite a while, and I guess it's still showing.

JT: You know what else is showing? You...... uh... your mom.

GP: Please excuse my partner, folks. He's been out of action for a while, too.

We turn to the ring. Jake Walker has Diablo backed into the corner. He swings a clothesline, which Diablo easily reverses into a hammerlock. He quickly releases that for a shot at Walker's neck, which he takes, sending Jake, gasping for air, to the mat. Diablo throws in a quick boot to the chest. Walker rolls away in pain and looks to Jack Breaker on the apron for a tag. Before he can reach, Diablo drags him by the ankles to the center of the ring, where he yanks him to his feet and locks in a front facelock. He goes for a DDT, but Walker manages to roll through it and gets back to his feet. Diablo tries a knee to the gut, but Walker sidesteps him and sends him tripping into the ropes. Walker quickly grabs Diablo's ankles and delivers a guillotine on the ropes.

GP: Jake Walker, taking advantage of the situation quite nicely. That's the kind of technical mastery that draws the fans to Walker.

JT: How can you possibly say that without laughing?

GP: Years of practice. Hell, I've commentated on Evan Levine matches with more enthusiasm than that.

Kevin Martin and egg NOG are still brawling on the other side of the ring. Martin has egg NOG dancing around with a few carefully placed snap jabs. He swings a tentative clothesline, which egg NOG easily ducks. He tries a body tackle, but Kevin lifts up his knee and catches egg NOG in the face. Kevin turns to Walter on the apron and makes a tag. Walter slides in under the second rope and they take it to egg NOG with a double whip into the ropes. He rebounds and trips into a tandem flapjack by the Martin-o Brothers.

GP: Great teamwork by the Super Martin-o Brothers!

JT: Thank you, Mr. I'm-too-unoriginal-to-say-anything-besides-what's-obviously-happening-in-front-of-everybody's-eyes. I didn't notice the Martin-o Brothers teamwork. I was wearing a blindfold and I had my fingers in my ears so I couldn't hear or see anything.

GP: Well, then how did you hear what I just said?

JT: I didn't. I assumed that I knew what you were going to say.

We cut quickly to Jake Walker, posing for the fans on top of a turnbuckle. Diablo is stretched out on the mat in front of him. Jake holds out his arms to steady his balance, then takes off with a flying headbutt. Diablo manages to get a boot up and Jake's jaw connects hard with it. He rolls away in pain and Diablo takes the quick advantage by yanking him to his feet and locking in a reverse chinlock. Jake writhes in pain and reaches a wild arm out to the apron, where he barely makes contact with Jack Breaker's outstretched palm. Jack hops up on the top rope and nails a dropkick on Diablo. The enraged Mexican releases his grip on Jake and turns around to face Jack. He bends down and pulls Jack quickly to his feet by the hair. He stumbles forward, however, as Jake lands a quick chop to the back of his neck. Jack quickly swings his leg out and trips Diablo. As Diablo takes a hard front bump, Jack grabs him by the back of the neck and slams his face to the mat. Jake retreats to the apron as Jack rouses Diablo to his feet with a few short kicks to his side. As Diablo regains his vertical base, Jack snaps in a quick front facelock and hooks him for a suplex. He hoists Diablo up and takes a spinning heel kick to the gut from Kevin Martin. Jack abruptly drops Diablo, who demonstrates the theory of gravity by landing on top of Jack as he crashes to the mat. Diablo quickly regains his composure and tries for a pin on the dazed Breaker.



GP: Kickout! Breaker barely manages a kickout.

Diablo works his way upright and quickly makes the tag to Edguardo, who rushes into the ring. Rather than attack Breaker, however, he charges at egg NOG and drives a hard shoulder into his gut. egg NOG winces in pain and turns to make a tag to cHEESE. He fails to do so, however, because cHEESE has been temporaraly incapacitated thanks to a quick cheap shot by Diablo. egg NOG panics and tries to run from Edguardo. He trips over Jack Breaker, who had been lying on the mat, clutching his head. Breaker takes advantage with a quick rollup, but egg NOG breaks out at the one count. Breaker works his way to his feet and engages egg NOG with a collar-and-elbow lockup. Edguardo sneaks up behind egg NOG and clobbers him with a forearm to the back of the head. Breaker quickly snatches him up and nails an underhook backbreaker. And, being his namesake and all, he delivers one hell of a backbreaker. egg NOG hits the mat and writhes in agony. Breaker goes for a cover, but Edguardo breaks it before the ref even notices. Breaker, enraged and fueled by the roar of the crowd, nails Edguardo with a stiff forearm. Edguardo goes down but gets dragged back upright by Jack, who hooks him for a double-arm DDT. Edguardo struggles, but Jack overpowers him and slams him hard to the mat. He makes a stiff tag to Jake Walker, who is already on the ropes in anticipation. He sails off majestically with a corkscrew moonsault. As he lands, he drives his knees down hard into Edguardo's chest. The crowd goes nuts as he lands the move.

GP: MY GOD! Walker just nailed the Dark Side of the Moonsault! Edguardo's got to be DEAD after an attack like that!

Walker goes for an arrogant cover.




GP: No! Edguardo gets the shoulder.... my GOD, how in the hell did Edguardo get out of that one?

JT: Well, for starters, it's the fuckin' Deadly Sins in there. They couldn't wrestle their way out of a wet paper bag!

GP: ...How would they get into the bag in the first place?

JT: That's just like those two morons, to get stuck in a paper bag like that.

Walker stares incredulously at Edguardo's still-extended shoulder. He lands a few weak kicks to Edguardo's side and tries another cover, but it is quickly broken up by Kevin Martin. Walker hoists himself to his feet and immediatley catches a superkick by Martin. He reels from the shot and hits the ropes, where Kevin uses his momentum to toss him across the ring to Walter Martin, waiting patiently on the apron. As Walker approaches him, he winds up for a power clothesline. Walker, however, stops short two feet in front of him and grabs onto the ropes to slow his approach. Walter swings and misses, and takes a shoulder block as Jake bounds over the top rope. Kevin slides out of the ring as well to help his brother, and they quickly begin the double-team assault. Jake tries to evade their grasp by hopping onto the crowd barrier, but Walter takes out his ankle and crotches him on the steel. Kevin then pulls him to the ground with a neckbreaker as Walter hops the barrier himself and nails a flying elbow on the prone Walker. They slide him into the ring and Kevin follows, hooking his leg for a quick pin.


GP: Kevin Martin has Walker! He' comes Edguardo to break the cover... and in comes Walter to prevent him!


GP: Edguardo makes one last effort... he can't reach Kevin in time! Kevin picks up the pin an.... wait a minute! Here comes egg NOG! A well-placed stomp by egg NOG breaks the count!

Kevin hops angrily to his feet and starts after egg NOG, who wisely makes a desparate tag to cHEESE. He hops into the ring and takes it to Kevin Martin with a flurry of snap jabs, as Jake Walker crawls across the ring to his corner. He tries to make the tag to Breaker, but is intercepted by Edguardo, who catches him by the ankles and drags him into the middle of the ring. Walker struggles to his feet and raises his fists to Edguardo, who takes Walker back to the mat with a scoop slam. Walker bounces back and bounds across the ring to Breaker, where he manages the quick tag. Breaker slips between the ropes, still feeling the crowd's buzz, and delivers a nasty spear to Edguardo, sending him reeling halfway across the mat, where cHEESE and Kevin Martin are still duking it out. Kevin swings a right hook, which cHEESE blocks and turns into an arm wrench. He snaps in a short-arm hammerlock. Kevin reaches for the tag to Walter with his free arm, but is intercepted by cHEESE who pins the other arm back. He then hooks Kevin by the neck and brings his vertabrae down hard onto his outstretched knee. As he releases his hold, Kevin falls to the mat, groaning in pain. cHEESE then turns to Edguardo, who at the moment is reclining in the corner. He blindsides him with a forearm, then hoists him up onto the turnbuckle and nails a perfect superplex. He hooks the leg for a cover.



GP: The Legion of Dairy seem to have everything wrapped up... but no! Edguardo kicks out.

JT: It's just a superplex. Since 1995, have you ever seen a match ended with one?

cHEESE is clearly frustrated. He lifts Edguardo angrily to his feet and cuts into him with a few knife edge chops. Edguardo stumbles and hits the mat hard. cHEESE dives on top for another quick cover, but it gets broken up by Jack Breaker. He attacks cHEESE, lifting him up in a facelock and hooking for a butterfly suplex. Jack leans back and hoists Edguardo up, when Kevin Martin comes bounding out of nowhere and lands a missile dropkick on Edguardo. He then turns to Breaker and quickly takes him out with a snap suplex. cHEESE drops to the mat and tries to snare Kevin with a drop toehold, but he wisely sidesteps and makes the tag to Walter, who comes bounding into the ring in a hurry. cHEESE scrambles to his feet just in time to catch a boot by Kevin. As cHEESE doubles over, the Martin-o Brothers spring into action, scooping him up and nailing a Martinopolous Murder Machine.

GP: My God! cHEESE has been broken in half! Walter goes for the cover, and this one looks like it's over, folks.





Meygon: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners, Walter and Kevin, the Super Martin-o brothers!

"Particle Man" by They Might be Giants blares once again as the Martin-o Brothers rush up the ramp in victory. The crowd goes wild as the returning veterans take their bows at the top of the ramp.

Donnie Daze vs. ?¿?

GP: Our next match should be a great one! Two former IWO World Champions, each from a different era, face off in what could be a dream match to many of the fans.

JT: ?¿? is back in action! This is gonna be great.

GP: Donnie is back in action too, you know.

JT: Yeah, but he sucks. He lost his edge after Joey Malone beat him for the title.

GP: This will be Donnie's first match coming back from a concussion he suffered at the hands of a Hurley Cambria in Action! a month or so back.

JT: And this will Mysterious One's first wrestling match since 2001. So I'd say he'd be a tad rustier than Daze.

GP: Mysterious One may have the advantage in this match, as it will be his trademark Mystery Death Match. To those unfamiliar with the IWO, a Mystery Death is a cage match in which each wrestler will get to bring in two weapons of his choice. To win you can either gain a pinfall, submission, or climb out of the cage..

JT: Which means lots of blood!

GP: Basically, yeah.

"Ten Minutes" by The Get Up Kids.

Meygon: Coming to the ring from Port St. Lucie, Florida! He is a former IWO World Heavyweight Champion and one of the cutest wrestlers around... DONNIE DAZE!!!

JT: Oh god! What? Does Meygon dig Daze or something now?

GP: Maybe. He doesn't seem to do too well with dating IWO employees. Remember what happened with him and Nikki.

JT: Yeah. That was great.

The curtain moves and out from behind appears Donnie Daze complete with a branding iron in his hand, to the cheers of the many loyal IWO fans, which get on their feet and cheer for the former Champion. He stands on the stage and just soaks up all the old memories, both good and bad, that he experienced in his couple years as an IWO superstar. As he walks down the ramp, he is followed by his manager, Joey Legion. The two quicken the pace about half way down and sprint to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. Daze gets up, kisses Meygon on the hand for her nice comment, and stands in the corner awaiting the match.

GP: That branding iron must be his weapon of choice for the match.

JT: What gave you that idea?

GP: Daze has quite the history with branding irons, dating all the way back to his IML2 days. He would actually win an "I'm Your Bitch" match, that resulted in the loser having "I am Winner's bitch" branded on their ass.

JT: Ah, the good old days.

"Take The Power Back" by Rage Against the Machine.

Meygon: And his opponent from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! He is also a former IWO World Heavyweight Champion! He is ?¿? THE MYSTERIOUS ONE!!!

The curtains begin to move, and the crowd is once again on it's feet to show it's respect to an IWO Hall of Famer and one of it's all-time greats, ?¿?. He stands at the ramp and raises his weapon of choice, a battle axe, into the air as the crowd stands on their feet cheering. He walks to the ring, with the axe at his side, before getting into the ring. Daze just stands in his corner with his jaw basically hitting the floor at the sight of the battle axe.

GP: Wow. A battle axe... Daze looks a little shocked.

JT: Blood!!! YES!!!

GP: I guess each only decided to bring one weapon to the ring.

Daze walks over to Meygon and whispers something into her ear. She hands him the microphone and gets out of the ring.

Daze: What in the hell is that?!? A fucking battle axe! If I knew we were allowed to have weapons like that, I would have brought a gun or a harpoon or something. Not a branding iron! What happened to the traditional weapons? You know... a baseball bat? A steel chair? Maybe a piece of a table? When someone says they want to get medieval on someone, they aren't being literal pal!

?¿?: Are you ready or what?

Daze: Ummm... sure.

GP: Jack in the Box actually did bring a gun into a Mystery Death Match in 1999.

Legion gets out of the ring as the cage begins to lower. ?¿? stands casually in the corner with his battle axe, handle side up, on the mat. He just spins in a couple times, as Daze stands in the opposite corner practicing baseball style swings with his branding iron, and looking up to the roof to say a prayer. The cage is finally lowered all the way and the bell rings.

JT: Here we go! Daze is a dead man. Literally!

?¿? picks up the axe and walks towards Daze, who begins to walk in the opposite direction in an attempt to keep the Mysterious One away from him. Tired of waiting, Mysterious One charges at Daze with the axe at his shoulder and takes a swing at Daze. Daze sucks and watches as the axe makes a horizontal cut into the cage. Daze, not wasting any time, moves out from in front of the Mysterious One, and swings the branding iron at him. Not being able to turn around fast enough due to the weight of the axe, Mysterious One is hit in the midsection with the branding iron causing him to stumble back a few feet. Much to Donnie's obvious dismay, he is still holding the axe.

GP: Wow. Daze could have lost his head with that one!

JT: Yeah. That was really close. He should take another swing!

Daze jumps back a few feet and watches as Mysterious One regains his composure, and charges at him again with the battle axe. This time he swings and Daze does the same with his branding iron. The two connect at the handles, with neither of the men giving any space to the other. Mysterious One appears to be using his height and weight advantage to slowly shove Daze back. He then kicks Daze in the midsection and shoves him backwards, causing him to fall on his ass into the corner, and drop his branding iron.

GP: Mysterious One was too strong for Daze to handle!

JT: Daze lost his branding iron. He's in a shit load of trouble now!

GP: He's going to need to find some way to defend himself now, or he could end up in pieces!

Mysterious One slowly walks towards him, picking up the branding iron on the way, and throwing it up and over the cage wall to the outside, leaving Daze weaponless. He slowly approaches Daze, who brought himself back up to his feet. He stops several feet from an obviously scared Daze, and takes an overhead chop. Daze covers his head and drops to the mat as Mysterious One misses, getting the axe stuck in the top of the turn buckle. He pulls for a few seconds before realizing it's not coming out, and gives up.

GP: Well, that changed the tide of things. Now both men are weaponless.

JT: Yeah. The fun is gone. Hopefully someone will get their face grated against the cage.

Daze still on the mat, uncovers his head and looks to see what happened. He looks up to the roof again and shakes his head, not realizing that he is still participating in a wrestling match. Because Mysterious One stands over him and nails him with a stiff kick to the side of his head, causing him to fall to the mat. ?¿? picks Daze up and sends him back down to the mat with a European uppercut. Once again, he picks Daze up off the mat. Except this time, he locks his arms around Daze and slams him down with a belly-to-belly suplex.

JT: Daze is really getting his ass kicked.

GP: Yeah. He's yet to show an offensive move thus far in this match.

Daze struggles to get off the mat, as Mysterious One takes a few steps back, and begins to lay kicks into Daze's rib cage. Donnie falls back to the mat holding his ribs, as Mysterious One raises his arms in victory, showing off to the fans. He somehow manages to get a grip of Daze's spiked hair, and pulls him off of the mat. He whips Daze to the ropes, and flips him to the mat with a back body drop. Then he gets in the full mount on Daze's chest, and begins to rain punches to Donnie's head. Pulling his arms out, Daze is able to grab both of ?¿?'s fists, preventing further damage. Daze pulls Mysterious One forward and head butts him, before rolling him from on top of him.

GP: Daze's first offensive showing of the match.

JT: He's going to have to follow up with more than that if he expects to have a chance of beating a former Champion and Hall of Famer, like Mysterious One.

Daze and Mysterious One both get to their feet. They begin to circle one another before locking up. They struggle for a moment, before once again, Mysterious One is able to use his strength advantage to shove Daze into the corner. He quickly lands a couple knees into Daze before reaching back and back handing him across his chest to a gasp from the crowd. Mysterious One turns around to see in the opposite turn buckle, the handle of his axe is extended out towards the two of them. So he grabs Daze and whips him towards the opposite corner. Daze leans back and stops himself just inches shy from taking the butt of the axe to the face. Mysterious One rushes at Daze from behind and hits him with a punishing double axe handle to the back of the head.

This forces Daze forward, causing him to hit his forehead on the butt of the handle, and knocking him backwards onto the canvas. Mysterious One quickly gets on top of him and hooks the leg looking for the pin.



Daze quickly kicks off Mysterious One and turns to his side and begins to cover his head in pain. Mysterious One lays some boots into him, before once again attempting to pull the axe out of the turn buckle. After failing, he walks to the side of the cage and begins his ascent to the top. Daze, now sitting up, rushes to his feet and grabs ?¿?'s foot. After getting kicked in the face a couple times, Daze wraps both arms around his leg and pulls it close to him. Then he jumps, kicks his feet off the cage, and yanks Mysterious One right off sending both men hard to the canvas. This time, Daze is the first one up. Just as Mysterious One gets to his feet, Daze nails him with a super kick, causing ?¿? to stumble backwards into the mesh of the cage. Daze quickly follows and clotheslines him against the ropes, causing the back of his head to smash against the cage again.

GP: Things seem to be turning around a little for Daze now.

JT: That fall off the side of the cage seemed to take a lot out of Mysterious One.

GP: Well, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

JT: You're an idiot.

Donnie stands in front of Mysterious One and begins punching him in his mask. He jabs him with two closed right hands to the nose, before the southpaw smashed him in the jaw with a thunderous left, causing Mysterious One to stumble off of the ropes and collapse to the mat. Daze quickly got onto of him for the pin.


Two... no!

Mysterious One quickly hops off of the mat. Daze pulls him up and whips him to the ropes. Mysterious One ducks a clothesline attempt and hits the ropes. He comes back, feet first, sending Daze almost through the side of the cage with a drop kick. The crowd was in awe as Daze's back almost sliced against the cage.

GP: Wow! A hell of a reversal from the Mysterious One!

JT: For a former World Champ, Daze is sure looking like shit.

GP: He is coming off of a concussion.

JT: And Mysterious One is coming from two years of doing nothing but sitting on his ass, watching Univision and eating tacos. But he's still in good shape.

Daze, stumbling around the ring, walks right into Mysterious One, who kicks him in the midsection, hooks him, and flips him to the mat with a picture perfect snap suplex. Without letting him go, Mysterious One picks him up and executes another. This time he just picks up Daze, hooks him, and spikes him to the mat with a vicious DDT. Daze doesn't move and Mysterious One rolls him over and goes for the pin.



Thr No!

JT: Daze was almost done after that one.

GP: A DDT can't be the doctor's prescribed cure for a concussion.

Mysterious One picks Daze up, who appears to have no idea who or where he is. Mysterious One picks him up and sets him between his legs. The crowd gets to their feet upon possibly seeing the first Mystery Death Driver in quite some time. But instead, he scoops Daze up for a powerbomb, but is quite surprised when upon pulling Daze up, Daze grabs the back of his mask with his right hand, and begins to punch him with his left. Mysterious One, not knowing exactly what to do in this case, runs towards the cage, smashing Daze's back against it. Daze stops his punching and holds on to the mask tight with both hands, while Mysterious One takes a few steps back, and runs into the cage yet again. With Daze still holding tight, he takes a few more steps back, and runs towards the cage again. This time Daze lets go and uses a hurricanrana to send Mysterious One to the mat.

GP: An excellent reversal by Daze!

Daze, seeing an opening with Mysterious One lying on the mat, quickly climbs one of the turn buckles and jumps, hitting his patented frog splash he calls the Daze Blaze. But after the Daze Blaze, he rolls off clinching his ribs for a moment. After fighting back the pain he turns and pins Mysterious One.




Mysterious One turned and got the shoulder up before the three was made. Daze, showing obvious signs of frustration, pulls Mysterious One up and throws him into the corner. He rushes at him and hits a clothesline. Then, Donnie turns Mysterious One towards the turn buckle and climbs it. Donnie hooks ?¿? and attempts a tornado DDT, only to have Mysterious One stop and throw Daze off of him causing him to land chest first to the mat with his own momentum. He holds his ribs and turns back and forth on the mat in pain.

JT: That's what it's all about! A perfect reversal by a great wrestler! Daze couldn't see it coming.

Mysterious One goes to the corner and climbs the turn buckle. He jumps off the top and attempts an elbow drop, but Daze quickly rolls out of the way causing Mysterious One to crash against the mat. Daze sees this as an opportunity, and begins to head to the cage. He slowly begins to climb to the top. Mysterious One though, sees what is going on, and pushes himself up. He gets up and rushes to the side of the cage as Daze nears the top. ?¿? climbs the same side of the cage and pulls himself parallel to Daze. The two men begin to exchange elbows to each other's rib cage. Daze gets two in a row and Mysterious One appears to lose grip, but regains it.

GP: Both men are climbing the cage!

JT: Mysterious One looks like he lost his grip for a second, but was able to get a hold on the cage again.

Mysterious One begins to jab into Daze's side in the same ribs that he's been working on all night, causing him to lose his grip. He falls off the side of the cage and ends up strattled on the top rope, getting groans from the male population in attendance. Daze falls from the ropes to the mat, and Mysterious One lets go of the cage and drops and elbow on the chest of Daze. He hooks his leg and goes for a pin.




Once again, Mysterious One is unable to secure the win, and Daze got his shoulder up. Mysterious One picks Daze up and grabs the back of his head. The two walk towards the cage, where Mysterious One begins to grate Daze's face back and forth against the side of the cage. Then he takes Daze from behind and hits a release German suplex. Daze flips completely over and lands on his chest. He pulls up again holding his ribs. We can see that Daze's face is scratched and appears to be bleeding on the right side of his face.

JT: Yes! Mysterious One struck blood!

Mysterious One picks Daze up off the mat and attempts to whip him to the ropes, but Daze holds on and pulls Mysterious One into him. Daze knees him in the chest, and then spikes him down to the mat with a DDT. Donnie gets up immediate after and pulls Mysterious One up with him. He punches him in the face and then hits a spinning heel kick that takes Mysterious One's legs out from under him. Mysterious One gets up quickly, only for Daze to land two hard front kicks to Mysterious One's shins, then smashes against his mask with a jumping roundhouse kick. Mysterious One stumbles to the ropes, where he bounces off and is met by a swinging neck breaker by Daze. Daze goes for the pin.



Thr No!

GP: Another near pinfall!

Mysterious One, not willing to be beaten that easily, gets off of the mat and attempts to make his way to his feet. Daze rushes towards him, but Mysterious One ducks and flips Daze back first into the cage again.

JT: Daze seems to be getting extremely friendly with that cage today!

GP: Indeed he is.

Seeing Daze lying on the mat, Mysterious One regains his balance, and begins to stomp on Daze. ?¿? picks Daze up and scoops slams him. Then he locks on a sleeper hold. Daze begins to struggle with the sleeper hold, but then begins to slowly, slow down. Mysterious One quickly lets go with one of his hands to smash a couple punches into Daze's already fragile ribs. Every few seconds he makes an attempt to escape, before Mysterious One yanks him backwards causing the effort to stop. The referee, all this time, is in Daze's face asking him if he is going to give up. Mysterious One, unknowingly loosened his grip, allowing Daze to make a bridge, and spin out of the hold. He quickly got behind Mysterious One applying a sleeper hold of his own. But Mysterious One, being close to the ropes, reached out forcing the referee to break the hold.

Daze and Mysterious One get to their feet again and circle. This time, rather than locking up, they begin to go punch for punch. Daze with a punch, then Mysterious One with a punch. Punch, then punch. As Daze attempted to land another punch, Mysterious One grabbed his arm and picked him up onto his shoulders. He walked around the ring briefly before hitting a Death Valley Driver on Daze. Mysterious One attempts another pinfall.




GP: Neither of these men plans on giving up!

Mysterious One pulls Daze off of the mat, and kicks him in the chest. He puts him between his legs and hooks both arms.

GP: This could be it! Mysterious One is setting Daze up for the Mystery Death Driver!

Mysterious One attempts to pick Daze up for his double underhook piledriver, but Daze won't allow himself to be lifted. He gets his feet planted and back body drops Mysterious One to the canvas. He runs and kicks Mysterious One stiffly in the head, and then picks him up. He grabs the back of his head, and runs towards the cage. He slams Mysterious One's face into the face and begins to grate it onto the mesh just as ?¿? did to him. His mask slightly tears in a couple places, but not enough to expose his face. Mysterious One elbows Daze and pushes him off of him. Then he wipes some of Daze's blood off of his arm, and the two begin to circle each other again.

Without hesitation, Daze rushes at Mysterious One and spears him down to the mat. He mounts and begins to unload punch after punch to his face, before Mysterious One turns him over and begins to punch Daze in the face. Daze turns him off of him and gets to his feet. Mysterious One, now on his feet as well, begins to shove Daze towards the corner with the battle axe. He gets Daze into the corner and begins to stomp at him until he is on the ground. Then he picks Daze up and scoop slams him. Mysterious One then proceeds to climb the turn buckle with the battle axe still in it and poses for the crowd briefly.

GP: Mysterious One is looking for another high risk maneuver.

JT: He should just get the axe loose and chop Daze a new ass hole.

Posing to the crowd was a mistake. Because it gave Daze just enough time to run and hit the ropes causing Mysterious One to lose his balance. Rather than straddle the battle axe, ?¿? pushed him forward off the cage and fell, straddling the handle, causing the axe to be jarred loose and fall to the mat alongside Mysterious One.

JT: Holy shit! The axe is loose! This is gonna get good!

GP: If Daze knew what was good for him, he'd get rid of that axe!

Daze gets up and walks over to the axe. He picks it up and thinks to himself for a second about what he wants to do with it. But rather than make the decision, Mysterious One gets up and kicks Daze in the groin, causing him to drop the axe, and drop to the mat is pain. Meanwhile on the outside of the ring, Joey Legion takes the branding iron and throws it back into the ring. It lands in one of the corners.

JT: Daze is fucked now!

Mysterious One picks up the axe and walks over to Daze, who is still on the mat holding himself. Mysterious One stands over him and jabs him a couple times with the butt of the handle in the chest. Then he hits him in the head with it. Daze appears to be falling in and out of consciousness. Mysterious One kicks him in the head, then rears the axe back and brings it down. Daze rolls out of the way and crawls over to the corner with the branding iron to pull himself up as Mysterious One picks up the axe and follows. Little did he know that Daze had the branding iron ready to go.

GP: This should be good. Mysterious One doesn't realize that Daze has the branding iron again!

Mysterious One cornered Daze and pulled back the battle axe for an overhead chop right through Daze's skull. But before he could bring it down, Daze jumped up and hit him in the face with the end of the branding iron. Mysterious One dropped the axe and stumbled back. Then Daze ran up and smashed Mysterious One in the face with the branding iron, baseball swing style, sending him sprawled out onto the mat motionless. Daze dropped the branding iron and picked up the battle axe. He then proceeded to throw it slightly over the cage causing it to fall down on ringside.

JT: Daze really smashed him in the face with that good!

GP: Yeah. That was a full out baseball swing with a branding iron. I'm sure it hurts more than a baseball bat.

Daze climbs back down off of the cage, and slowly walks over to Mysterious One, who has yet to show any signs of life sprawled out in the middle of the canvas. Daze lies on his back onto Mysterious One while the referee begins the count.



Three... NO!

JT: Mysterious One got his shoulder up! Yes!

GP: I can't believe it! At the very last possible moment, Mysterious One was able to get his shoulder up!

Daze, in utter disbelief, gets to his feet and puts his head down on the turn buckle to rest a moment as Mysterious One uses the ropes to pull himself up. Daze turns around and grabs his branding iron. Mysterious One is now at his feet, but Daze rushes at him with the branding iron in hand. He takes a swing at Mysterious One, who ducks it. He swings again, but misses. Mysterious One gets behind him and drops him to the mat with his own finishing move, Dazed and Confused!

GP: Dazed and Confused from Mysterious One to Daze! Dazed and Confused from Mysterious One to Daze! That's the same exact move Hurley Cambria used in Action! to give Daze his concussion and put him out of action for a month. No pun intended.

JT: Yeah, except Cambria did three of them onto a chair. ?¿? should do the same. Maybe Daze will retire.

As opposed to pinning, Mysterious One just falls to the mat to rest, as this time, Daze is the one motionless in the center of the ring. After a few moments of rest, Mysterious One gets to his feet. This time, he picks up the branding iron and walks towards Daze. He lifts it over his head and slams it down into Daze's chest. Then he does it two more times, causing Daze to begin bleeding from the mouth. Mysterious One pulls Daze up onto his knees and balances him there, must like a baseball on a tee. Then he sets up and pulls back to smash Daze in the head baseball style. As he swings, Daze ducks and using all his strength, punches Mysterious One in the groin, causing him to drop the branding iron and fall to the mat. Shortly after, Daze spits out some of the bloods and falls face down onto the mat as well.

GP: Well... ummm... both men appear to be down.

JT: Yeah. Daze with a cheap shot of course.

GP: Mysterious One did the same thing not too long ago! And anyway, desperate times call for desperate measures.

The referee begins the ten count.






Both men begin to push themselves up.



They crawl to opposite ends of the ring and begin using the ropes to pull themselves up



Daze is at his feet, though he has yet to balance and is stumbling around. Mysterious One is at his feet as well, in basically the same physical shape as Daze is. The two men stumble around the ring for a moment, before regaining their composures. Then they rush at each other, with Mysterious One getting the upper hand and tackling Daze to the mat. The two men roll around the ring for a moment, until, out of no where, Daze locks an arm bar on the Mysterious One and begins to wrench on his elbow. Daze has ?¿?'s arm between his legs and is not letting go. The referee is on the ground checking to see if he's going to give up, as he screams in pain. Mysterious One tries to kick him off, but can't seem to be able to do so. He begins to roll back and forth and Daze begins to lose his grip.

Mysterious One rips his arm from Daze's grasp and rolls away from him. Refreshed from being able to rest on the mat, Daze gets right to his feet and drop kicks ?¿?, who was sitting on the mat, in the face. Daze hooks the leg and goes for the pin.




Mysterious One kicks out. Daze quickly gets to his feet and pulls Mysterious One with him. He slams him to the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex. Then he picks him up again and hits a full nelson slam. Mysterious One appears to be down, so Daze walks over to the cage and begins to climb the side. He gets about halfway up, as Mysterious One gets to his feet. He sees what Daze is doing, and runs over to the cage to begin climbing. Mysterious One catches up to Daze, and the two race to the top. They get there around the same time, and stand up on the edge of the cage and face each other.

GP: They're both at the top of the cage!

The two just stare each other down, neither man wanting to make a wrong move and end up losing the match or risking more pain than they'd like. They slowly inch there way to each other and lock up. Neither man can get an advantage without risking falling off the cage. Mysterious One appears to be pushing Daze back, when Daze takes a chance and kicks him in the chest, both begin to lose their balance. Donnie begins to slip, and grabs Mysterious One's arm. Daze falls back to the mat and pulls Mysterious One down with him. They land hard several feet away from each other as the crowd cheers them on.

JT: Holy crap! That was cool!

GP: Yeah, but neither wrestler is moving.





The two men begin to stir slightly on the mat.




They get up to their feet and Mysterious One swings at Daze. Daze ducks as Mysterious One spins around. Then he grabs Mysterious One and attempts Dazed and Confused, but Mysterious One grabs the ropes. Daze trips back and Mysterious One goes for a super kick, but Daze side steps and hits Dazed and Confused.

GP: Dazed and Confused! Dazed and Confused!

Daze covers Mysterious One.




GP: Daze has beaten the Mysterious One!

JT: Lucky.

GP: Both men gave it their all, but just as quickly as it started, it ended. Daze out of no where with Dazed and Confused and the victory.

Hall of fkkn Fame

There was a quiet russle from the fans in attendance. After a vicious Mystery Death Match, they weren't sure how to react to what was up next on the show. They had seen everything, and now, they are expecting something interesting and life changing to round out the end of the show.

Instead, they get "Hail to the Chief," cueing up over the cruddy announce system. It is time to remember the past, to honor the memories of the wrestlers who at one time breathed life into this promotion.

CEO Thomas Ford enters the gym through the entrance curtain as if he were a real wrestler, and gets a fairly good reaction. He has a bag in one hand and some papers in the other. He takes his time to enter the ring, but once there, is all business, a stern face and a microphone taken out of his back pocket.

Ford: Hello everyone. Before I continue, I want to thank all you fans for coming out to tonight's show. It's truly an honor and a dream come true and a bunch of other sappy comments to do this again. It truly is.

Ford coughs, reaching into his internal pocket on his suit, and pulls out a few cards. Three of them were in envelopes.

Ford: Now, there are four men that once worked with the IWO that helped me decide three of the six wrestlers to be inducted in the 2002 hall of fame. Now, I've yet to see their choices, but the production team has been set to run videos of each of the wrestlers picked. I myself have made a list of six characters, top to bottom, depending if the other former board members picked the same top four characters as I did. So, let's open envelope number 1.

Ford places the other envelopes under his armpit, as with the microphone. Ripping at it with his index finger, he shakes his hand in pain.

Ford: Stupid papercuts. What good are they anyway?

Ford sighs into the microphone, and then finally rips the envelope completely open.

Ford: Next year, we need to do these envelopes like the Oscar's.

Ford shakes his head, and pulls the internal piece of paper out of the envelop, before reading the name.

Ford: Wow. He is a former three time Extreme Champion, and one of the most popular characters to ever step foot into an IWO ring. Folks, welcome to the IWO Hall of Fame… Mad Max!

A video is sharply cut in to the tune of the "Frayed Ends of Sanity" by Metallica, where it shows Mad Max trying to romance Angel during his historic feud with Capital Punishment. An image of Mad Max shattering Bat over the head of John McRae during 1999's Ice Age. Mad Max hits Ken War with Mania off of a table through a log cabin of light tubes at Blood Showers '99. Mad Max leaping off of the scaffold during the Mayhem match to drive Chris Anthony through yet another table during the 99 version of Mayhem. Mad Max kissing Angel at Desperate Measures 1999. Mad Max looking at nude playing cards, unaware that a match was going on inside the mall of America during Heatstroke 99. Max is shown flying down from the top of the arena on a rope, cutting the rope, and landing safely on top of a fallen Ken War via an umbrella for an elimination during Mall Brawl. An image of Kell trapped in the elevator and Max cutting the strings during the same show. Mad Max returning as a Legend during Ice Age III. And finally, an image of Mad Max delivering Mania to Samuel Potright during Desperate Measures. The video slowly cuts out to a picture of Mad Max, and then back to the ring where Ford is positioned exactly as he was before.

Ford: Mad Max. Such a character.

Ford wipes an imaginary tear.

Ford: And with that, let's open up envelope number two!

Ford does so, this time without receiving a paper cut.

Ford: Well, this is no surprise. One of the greatest World Heavyweight champions of all time, he was only able to procure the belt once but remained with it for a record six months. He's also been an IWO North American Champion, and had numerous other smaller titles before that. Coming through the IML system, he was one of the fan favorites before winning the World Heavyweight Championship and turning into a hated man, but the fans still respected his skill in the ring. IWO, welcome Simon Seaman to the Hall of Fame

Another sharp video cut, as we see images of Simon Seaman in action. Simon Seaman leaping off a ladder with a moonsault onto Ben O'Connor from Heatstroke 2001. Simon Seaman throws a harpoon through the large Snoopy blow up doll in the midst of Mall Brawl. Simon Seaman leaps off a cage wall and hits Matt Rivers with the Silencer to capture the IWO Heavyweight Championship at Autumn in Hell. Repeated pictures of him with the belt, as he "matured" into a heel during the process. Simon Seaman knocking Flyer out with Flyer's own Cold Snow onto a steel chair, and then locking in the Sharpshooter from Fear the Darkness. Simon Seaman hitting the Silencer through a glass pate during Ice Age IV's main event. Simon Seaman stands in front of an SWO banner with the Heavyweight title to close the package off.

Ford: Simon Seaman, a true living legend. Everyone at the IWO wishes you well.

Ford chokes up a small bit, before continuing.

Ford: And the third, lucky number three.

Ford opens the envelope, cutting his finger.

Ford: Man, I really need a letter opener.

Ford takes the slip of paper out, and reads the name, to somewhat shock.

Ford: Well, this man is quite the interesting person. Someone with a day job before it was necessary. A former IWO World Heavyweight Champion, he's practically done everything there is to do here in the world of Professional IWO wrestling. And a lot of things that wrestling just shouldn't have ever seen. Folks, ROB KESTLER has just joined the class of 2002 in the Hall of Fame!

Another video, as we see an image of Rob Kestler in the Porn 'N Go, talking to David Fastino from Married with Children and Peter North. We see Kestler's debut as apart of the Usual Suspects, to his decapitation of Evan Levine during a Highlander match. Following, we see the introduction of Cassie, and Rob Kestler falling off of a cart and down onto Fugite, before having his hand raised by Evan Levine at Heatstroke '00. Kestler is also shown calling himself sink man before dropping an elbow onto him from a sink. Kestler also is shown hugging the giant inflatable Snoopy doll, before fading completely out to the ring.

Ford: Kestler, I don't think legend is the appropriate word, but his legacy will live on for decades, so what do I know.

Ford pulls the final envelope out from under his arm pocket.

Ford: The last choice not made by me, I'd like to welcome…

Ford tugs at the envelope but it's not coming open.

Ford: Damn that Jack Breaker! He gets the envelope and super glues the damn thing shut on me.

Somewhere, Jack Breaker laughs.

Ford: Sigh. I… I think I can see the name through the paper.

Ford holds the envelope up to the light, and then his eyes contort, and show signs of sadness.

Ford: Oh… fans, welcome another former IWO World Heavyweight Champion to the Hall of Fame. A man who I wish could be here tonight, but do to problems, isn't. He's a former IWO Grand Slam champion, and I'd just like to welcome, Schitzo Tod to the hall of fame!

Another video plays, where we see Tod as apart of Team Tampax, hitting his part of the Menstraul Flow. We see him holding the Pacific Championship, and hitting Tam's on like, eighteen thousand people. We see images, different angles of him hitting Simon Seaman with his Inverted DDT driver and becoming the Heavyweight Champion. And finally, we fade out to Tod holding the title up after defending it against four people in IWO's Spiral Tournament.

Ford: With those four picked, I guess it's up to me to pick the last two. Now, it's a hard decision, with so many worthy candidates, so I'd first like to welcome another of IWO's Grand Slam champions, AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) to the club!

Another video, this time starting off with the same footage from before of Team Tampax. Lazy production, huh? More images, as we see AWS Man(also Known as Bill)'s numerous television title defenses when he held onto the belt for months. We see AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) knocking LiGiL's freaking head off, as he would say, and then we see the double pin finish from the Joey Malone/AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) match from Mid-Summer 2001. We cap it all off with AWS Man(also Known as Bill) defeating Simon Seaman at Broken Hearts, Broken Bones IV, and announcing his retirement with the heavyweight title later that week.

Ford: I'd imagine most of you fans are probably bored, considering all of these guys couldn't be here, but don't worry.

Ford thinks for a moment, and then nods to himself.

Ford: This next man had historic feud after historic feud, and has found tremendous success elsewhere, beyond the walls of the IWO. It's a shame he hadn't been entered sooner, to tell you the truth. He is a former IWO Heavyweight champion, and one of the finest wrestlers in the planet. Let's add Syphon Fission, former Action! heavyweight Champion to the Hall of Fame!

The final video. I promise. We see numerous images of Fission hitting the Death Plunge on his opponents, and wielding the shovel that had become his trademark. His epic feud with Sam Potright is highlighted specifically, and then Phelen Kell's speech to him after Fission Death Plunged him at Conspiracy Theory. Following, we see Fission's feud with Nuke that lead to their Ice Age encounted, and to top it all off, Fission, coming back to the IWO to defeat Schitzo Tod inside of a steel cage for the Heavyweight Championship. A split screen, of Fission holding up the Heavyweight title three times caps off the piece, before we return to the ring.

Ford: Now, folks, I know you're probably a little stir crazy, but coming up next is Trey Vincent vs. Greg Allocca!

The crowd pops.

Ford: I knew that'd liven you up. But I have one last thing to say, that has nothing to do with the Hall of Fame. But then again, it does have something to do with this.

Ford reaches into a bag he had brought out, and pulls out…

The IWO Heavyweight Championship.

Ford: As some of you know, Invalid slash Nuke slash HardCase was stripped of this championship, as were all former champions when the IWO went … bankrupt last August. Now, I'd like share with you all how we're going to bring this baby back.

Ford pats the belt which is placed on his shoulder, before taking a deep inhaled breath.

Ford: There will be eight men, two from Action! wrestling, Jack Breaker and Coral Avalon. Two men with a past that's clouded in smoke in Greg Allocca and Markus King. Two men that think they're the best in Trey Vincent and HardCase, and finally, one more man who I hope to God recovers, in IWO Hall of Famer Schitzo Tod! I know what you're all saying, that's only seven people, and I can count. But the eight person has signed a contract which forced me to keep his identity hidden. You'll all find out who that is July 21st, in Atlantic City, NJ!

"Bad News" by 50 cent plays, cutting Ford off before he was about to exit the ring. HardCase makes his way out from the backstage area, covered in boos, before entering the ring rather quickly. He doesn't take his eyes off the Heavyweight Championship, and doesn't say a word. Ford offers him the microphone, but HardCase instead grabs the Heavyweight title off of Ford's shoulders.

GP: HardCase wants that championship back!

JT: Well, it WAS his last time I checked, and he wasn't exactly beaten for it.

Ford grabs onto the belt strap at the last moment before HardCase can exit the ring. HardCase however, stops in his tracks after being thwarted and seems more annoyed than anything else. He takes a moment, sighs, and then.


JT: Oh great, not another worker versus management story line. BEEN THERE, done that.

GP: I don't think HardCase really cares if Ford was management or the public servant giving you a ticket. You don't touch ANYTHING that belongs to that man.

HardCase looks down with a sneer, as Ford rolls around the ring, clutching his nose in pain. That's when "Cyclops Rock" by They Might be Giants plays, stopping HardCase in his tracks. HardCase took a long look toward the entrance, and waited for whoever it was to mess with his territory. That's when, out from the crowd came Jack Breaker. He slid into the ring, holding a giant fish in his hands, and tapped HardCase on the shoulder. He turned around, and ATE FISH!



HardCase hits the mat hard, dropping the belt in the process. Breaker picks it up, as HardCase thinks better of the situation and rolls out of the ring. Breaker helps Ford up, and hands him the heavyweight title. Breaker steals the microphone.

Breaker: Here ya go Tommy. Keep my belt warm for me.

Ford shakes his head in an approving nod, before Breaker turns back toward HardCase.

Breaker: Hey Nukey! THIS TROUTS FOR YOU!

Breaker tosses the fish at him, over the top and to the gym floor. He raises his arms in victory, as his theme song plays again. HardCase exits backstage, as Breaker leaves through the fans. Ford just stays there for a moment, and just shakes his head in confusion before we head into a small video package for the main event.

The package is just an image of Greg Allocca entering, and Trey Vincent entering, and then hitting their signature moves on each other on repeat. That's the time the ring crews clean up… the trout.

Greg Allocca vs. Trey Vincent

GP: Well folks, I guess the only thing we can do is move on, and that we shall. Although there's not much I can really tell you about this main event, being as both of these indivuals are new to the IWO league.

JT:Yeah. Why the hell didn't the IWO resign Seaman? Come on, how can you do that to your God!

Parker sighs.

GP: From what I'm told, Trey Vincent wrestled in both PIW and jOlt before their closures, but his impact in both was somewhat minimal. On the otherhand, his upswing seems to have huge potential, so here we are on May 31st seeing just what that potential encompasses.

JT: And well, Greg, according to these notes… he's…

GP: Yes, JT, Greg supposedly has been tragically blinded in an accident in one of the many independent wrestling leagues around the world. This is his first match back to action since the incident, so it'll be a testament to his guts and spirit to see how well he performs.

JT: Man, I feel somewhat dirty making fun of that.

Errol appears out of nowhere, drapping his arm over JT. There is an awkward silence.

Errol: What?

Errol shakes his head, turns around, gives the announce team the finger, and walks away.

GP: I did get to see some video tape of these men wrestling however, and I think you can expect to be pleasantly surprised. Take it away Astro!

JT: When did we get the Jetson's dog?

Astro: Ladies & gentlemen, I give you, tonight's MAIN EVENT! It is part of the IWO World Title Tournament. Introducing first, from Minneapolis, Minnesota...standing 6-4, and weighing in at 265 is Trey Vincent!

"Injected With a Poison by Pragha Khan plays through the arena, as Trey Vincent makes his way to the ring in the usual black wrestling tights, TV logo sported over the crotch. The crowds booing grows louder with each step he takes closer to the ring. Once in the ring, he shows off his body a bit, and looks toward the entrance for his opponent.

Astro: And his opponent, making an unusual return to the ring, he is accompanied to the ring by Axel Jones. From Queens, New York he stands 6' 1", and weighs in at 187 lbs, Greg Allocca!

The crowd begins to cheer, since this is the main event, and "Slaughter of the Soul" rips through the speakers. Axel Jones steps out first, takes a bow, and gives a hand gesture to the crowd before Greg Allocca steps out from behind the curtain, clad in his usual cut-off olive cargos and combat boots. At first, his dyed blue hair seems to be the point of focus, until we realize the blue bandana tied tightly over his eyes hanging to the middle of his back(Shinobi-style). As he gets closer to the ring some of the crowd members begin to boo.

Greg Parker: It seems the crowd members are beginning to remember some of Greg's more unsavory over the years as he gets closer to the ring.

JT: Which is weird, cuz the only thing I remember of the years are my sexual experiences.

GP: JT, stop talking about your hand as if it were a person.

Greg rolls into the ring, and climbs to the top rope, visibly weary of the task he's about to undertake.

JT: Look! The guy is trembling like a virgin on prom night! The edge in this match undoubtedly goes to Trey Vincent. He's bigger, stronger, and the fact that the other guy can't see helps out some too.

Greg Parker: Greg Allocca was one of the greats in his time, relying specifically on his speed and timing to get through obstacles. He's also been known for his resilence, but I have to question the wisdom of his decision to return to the ring after being blinded.

JT: The massacre begins.

Just as Greg brings himself down from the top rope, Trey Vincent comes barreling at him with a clothesline.


With Greg up against the ropes he lays a few fists into the mid-section and follows up with an elbow to the side of the face. He pulls Greg out, lifts him up and hits a side backbreaker into a cover.


But Greg kicks out.

GP: Mis-match or not, I don't think a basic string like that is gonna put down a 10 year veteran.

JT: Do you find goth boys attractive or something, you've been going on about this guy since his front toe came onto the camera.

GP: I've got no attraction to "goth boys" as you called it, but I do remember your disturbing collection of Michael Jackson memorabilia.

JT: How can you NOT like Thriller! It's a fkkn classic!

Greg springs up to his feet, and takes a step back, seemingly trying to gain some concentration. Vincent goes for a kick to the stomach, but Axel Jones warns Greg, and the boot is caught. He spins Trey around right into a dragon suplex! Greg quickly back to his feet, and puts a few boots to Trey Vincent before hopping up to the second turnbuckle and coming back down with a corkscrew legdrop. He pulls Vincent up by the hair and irish whips him, but it's reversed by Vincent...with AUTHORITY. The impact sends Greg reeling backward and onto his back.

GP: Greg had control for a split second, but Trey used his size to take control back.

JT: Thank you, captain obvious.

TDM's Captain Obvious appears in the announce booth.

Captain Obvious : Why are you thanking me?

JT turns around, ses Captain Obvious standing there, and nearly jumps out of his chair with a shriek.

JT: Dear GOD, why do people keep DOING that during our main event!

Trey Vincent pulls Greg up to his feet, and lifts him up onto his shoulder driving him down to the mat with a powerslam. He covers...


Kickout once again.

Vincent gives Greg a few shots to the face before pulling him up to his feet, and tossing him over the top to the outside. He gives the camera kind of a "This is too easy" gesture before he goes through the ropes to the outside.

GP: Vincent seems to have an awfully short memory, Greg already taught him what will happen when he makes a mistake.

JT: Yeah, but we're on the outside now...this is Trey's element right now. Greg's gonna be in for a beating.

GP: Greg's no stranger to the outside, himself y'know.

JT: Really? I thought all goths were depressed, and isolated from society.

Vincent grabs Greg's hair to pull him to his feet. Once there, Trey whipped Greg hard into the guardrail. Greg drags himself up from the train wreck, as Vincent comes charging in for a big boot. Greg drops right back down to avoid it, and Vincent crotches himself on the guardrail! Greg takes a second to recover before springing into the air, and dropkicking Vincent over the guardrail he was stradled on and into the crowd.

JT: How'd he know that was coming? He's a liar, he's trying gain pity points with the fans.

GP: If the fans really did give pity points, you would be their # 1 fan JT.

JT: I'm the heel, your the face. I'm supposed to get all the wise cracks! So cut it out already, and call the action JR.

GP: You know what I want to see happen?

JT: You get laid?

GP: No.

JT: I get laid?

GP: NO! Me and you switch jobs for ONE day. I bet you couldn't tell a wristlock from a powerbomb.

JT: Oh come on, it's not like I'd have to. I could call a move whatever the hell I wanted to and it wouldn't matter. People listen to you no matter what you say.

GP: Uhmmm… no, they don't.

JT: Stop lying to me!

Vincent returns to his feet, and Greg is there to hook his arms. Once there, Trey to fights it, but Greg users his leverage and pulls him over the guardrail and onto the concrete with a beautiful suplex. The referee has already reached the 5 count. Vincent returns to his feet, as Greg grabs Trey's shoulder to get a feel for his height, and hits another dropkick, this time right to the kneecap.


With Vincent down on one knee, Greg gives him a solid right hand to the face before spinning him around, driving his skull into the apron.


Greg gets into a northern lights position, and tries to take Vincent over. Vincent blocks it, which prompts Greg to try again. Vincent blocks yet again, and instead of trying for a third time, Greg drives his shoulder into Vincent's gut and sends him into the ringpost.


As Trey winces in pain, Greg winds up for a superkick. Trey moves at the last second, and Greg's foot smashes against the cold unforgiving steel. Somehow, Greg manages to regain his balance, but he's now favoring his right knee.


Both wrestlers realize the count and rush back into the ring.

GP: If things weren't mis-matched enough already, Greg looks like he hurt his knee on that one.

JT: I told you, Vincent is in his element on the outside.

GP: What are you talking about!? He basically took a beating until the last second there.

Both wrestlers get to their feet at about the same moment. Axel yells something out to Greg, but it only distracts him, allowing Trey to kick the injured knee right out from under him. He grabs ahold of the injured knee, and, channeling the spirit of Terry Funk, locks on a spinning toe hold.

GP: Shades of the past with this hold. You can see the pain etched in his face.

JT: Yeah, everyone can see the pain he's going through...except for Greg of course.

Vincent continues to wrench at the already injured knee of Allocca. Greg seems to be in a lot of pain here, slamming his torso up and down on the mat, doing anything he can to block out the pain. The ref asks him the questions, and Allocca yells right into the ref's face "NOOOO!". The faint beginnings of a "Greg-A-Man" chant slip through the crowd from the people who knew Greg before he joined the IWO.

GP: It seems as though the fans are beginning to rally behind Greg.

JT: It just goes to show you how bad the education system in America is, a smart person would root for the winner.

GP: Perhaps they find something intriguing about a man willing to go up against insane odds. I know I can.

JT: No, you can just relate to the fact that he's a loser.

Axel Jones is pounding on the mat as the chant begins to grow throughout the arena. It seems to only make Vincent wrench that much harder on the leg. The ref again asks Greg if he'll submit, but he still shakes his head no. The chant, still getting louder, is finally getting to Trey as he eases up on the hold to badmouth the crowd for a bit. That, however, was a huge mistake. Greg Allocca takes full advantage, and uses his other foot to shove Trey back into the ropes.

GP: The crowd caused Vincent to make a mistake, and the veteran Allocca capitalizes once again.

As Trey comes back off the ropes, Greg maneuvers onto his belly, forcing Vincent to leap over him. The majority of the crowd firmly behind Greg now, as Vincent bounces off the other side and returns. Greg gets to his feet, and tries a leapfrog, but he's caught in mid-stream and powerbombed in the center of the ring. The crowd silences in that instant, and Axel Jones is heard screaming an obscenity on the outside. Cover.




JT: That's right, Trey tell these people to shut up!

GP: It was a close count, Vincent may be nearing victory here.

With Greg still down Vincent takes a minute to gloat, and sends some trash talk to Axel Jones on the outside who leaps onto the apron. Vincent rushes over to him and decks him, dropping him right back down to the outside. Vincent takes another few seconds to revel in the boos of the crowd, but as he turns around, Greg comes off the ropes with a somersault... BEHEADER!!!!! A somersault mule kick to Trey's jaw. The crowd let out a flurry of cheers for the offensive maneuver.

GP: That's it! The Beheader. Greg Allocca has won this match! And Trey Vincent has been beaten by a blind man.

JT: Not so fast, Parker, your buddy still has to cover him.

Still a little sore from the powerbomb, Greg slowly crawls back to Vincent, and puts the arm over.

GP: 1!!! 2!!! 3!!!!


Vincent got the shoulder up! "Awwwwwwws" from the crowd took the air out of the crowd as the referee holds up 2 fingers.

JT: Haha. I told you, No way Trey is gonna let a blind man pin him.

GP: He came awfully close that time! And do you even know who Trey is?!?

JT: Well, he seems like a bad cocky guy. That's my type of a person.

GP: You have terrible standards for judging people, you know that?

Greg now in frustration grabs Vincent's head, and pounds it into the mat 3 times before trying for the cover again.



And Trey just barely gets a shoulder up.

Greg screams out in frustration as he drags Vincent back to his feet. Greg puts his leg on the back of Vincent's neck and tries for a ROCKER DRO...NO. Vincent manages to grab a hold of Greg and hits a belly to back over the shoulder. Or tries, as Greg drops out of it by holding the ropes and lands on the apron. Vincent spins around and Greg comes back over with a crossbody, but he's caught in mid-arm. Trey wanders around, Greg in his arms, and taken over in a fallaway slam.

GP: The lightweight Greg Allocca just didn't have enough momentum to take Trey down.

JT: There's no weight divisions in pro wrestling, Greg knew what he was getting himself into when he signed the dotted line.

GP: There are TOO weight divisions in wrestling.

JT: No there isn't!

GP: Then how do you describe the Heavyweight Title and the Cruiserweight Title?

JT: I describe them as Shiny.

Vincent up to his feet, and begins putting to the boots to Allocca. Greg Allocca keeps rolling away until he reaches the ropes and Vincent lets up allowing Greg to pull himself to his feet. Greg goes for a right hand, Vincent blocks...Irish whip, and a follow-in clothesline. Greg stumbles out of the corner, and Vincent grabs him draping him neck first on the top rope!

GP: Trey seems to finally be taking his opponent seriously.

JT: You can't blame him for thinking he's a joke, it's a blind guy with blue friggin' hair!

Vincent grabs Greg's feet and throws him over to the outside. Axel Jones, just now recuperating walks over to try and console his friend, but Vincent kicks him in the head as he drops down to the outside as well. Greg drags himself to his knees, and Vincent looks at him in surprised disgust!

JT: I didn't know Greg swung that way!

A hard right hand to Greg's face sends him back down to the floor, as Vincent shows off for the crowd once again. The boos resonating through the arena. Vincent drags Greg up, and drives his back into the ring apron before laying a few right hands to the mid-section. He shoves Greg back against the ring apron again, and lays in with a few knife-edge chops. The ref on the count of...


Axel begins getting to his feet once again, as Trey whips Greg into the ringsteps! Trey pushes Axel aside as he stalks over to Greg's body.


Greg is lifted up, and Trey drives his shoulder into the ringpost laughing as Greg crumbles back to the floor.


GP: Trey is sending a message now, he doesn't just wanna win anymore, he wants to hurt Greg Allocca.

JT: This is wrestling...wanting to hurt your opponent IS wanting to win. Kinda like the way you wanna "hurt" Greg Allocca.

GP: Y'know when Greg was on his knees in front of Trey before, you did seem to start breathing rather heavily.

Trey turns his attention to Axel Jones now, who immediately throws up his hands and he e starts backing away. After a few moments, the referee stops the count, and leaps to the outside to get between the two. He admonishes Trey, and begins talking to Axel. The crowd suddenly begins cheering!

JT: Behind you, Trey!

Greg Allocca is standing behind Trey with a steel chair in hand, the referee is busy with Axel Jones. Greg swings but Trey snatches it away from by placing his hands up. We are then treated to the amazing entertainment value of the "sickening thud". Greg still stands for a second, staring blankly at Trey. As Vincent leans back to take another shot Greg falls face first ala Flair, and Valentine. A slight bit of laughter emerges from the crowd, and then boos as Vincent gloats over his accomplishment.

JT: Whew! For a second I though that blue-haired freakazoid was gonna no-sell it!

GP: Stop that!

JT: Stop what?

GP: Breaking kayfabe.

JT: Shhh. The fans aren't supposed to know about that.

Trey goes to the other side of the ring, and reaches pull out a table! The crowd begins to chant "TA-BLES! TA-BLES!". The referee has re-entered the ring and begun his count once again.


Trey walks over to Greg and begins dragging him by the hair over to the table.


As they reach the table Greg begins climbing to his feet Trey drives a forearm to his back, but as Greg goes down he hits Vincent below the belt!


JT: C'mon ref, blatent cheating.

GP: Blatent as a chair shot? Or a table?

Greg comes to his feet and nails a few right hands on Vincent. He whips him into the guardrail, and climbs up to the apron. ASAI MOONSAULT!



The crowd pops! But Greg isn't done by a long shot, he recovers quickly, and tosses Vincent on to the table!


He touches the table, then walks over the ring post...and repeats this. Before pointing to the sky, and whirling his finger around.

GP: I think Greg is getting a feel for the distance between the table, and the ringpost. Is he going? Yes, he is!

Greg gets onto the apron and climbs to the top rope, but Vincent has rolled off the table. Axel shouts at Greg, trying to warn him not to leap, but it's too late as Greg goes crashing through the table!!!!


Vincent pushes aside the rubble and tosses Greg into the ring. Trey enters, and looks around at the crowd. That's when he took of his green wrist band and tossed it at the referee. He headed off one side of the ring. The opposite side. The third side, and then the fourth side, jumping over Greg each time, and now drops his "most outrageous move," the Big Time Fist Drop.



GP: 3~! 3!!!



JT: NO Way! That's not right! That's just not right!


GP: I told you how resilient he is! I think tonight was meant to be Greg Allocca's night, whether his comeback will be a flop or not I don't know, but tonight Greg Allocca is going to win!

JT: Oh, shut up already!

Vincent is irate, arguing with the ref as the Gregaman chant begins anew, Axel leading the way on the outside. Trey finally pushes the ref aside in frustration as he pulls Greg up to his feet, and whips him into the ropes...WAIT! Somersault...BEHEAD....No, Vincent ducks!

GP: So close! There would be no way Vincent could get up after 2 Beheaders.

Greg lands on his feet somehow, but on the wrong leg. He grabs his right leg, and begins limping over to Vincent who, seeing the injured leg, hits him in the stomach, and lifts him up for a kneebreaker! Still holding on he does it again, and a third time!!!

JT: Greg's gonna be lucky to walk tomorrow.

Vincent pulls Greg to his feet by the hair, and goes for a right hand, but the knee gives out, and Greg crumbles to the ground. Trey spins around and gloats, even taking a moment to spit down at Axel Jones, who ignores it and tries to shout some enthusiasm to Greg. Trey grins, and pulls the thumb across his throat signaling the end.

JT: So much for tonight being Greg's night.

GP: There's still a chance...

Vincent pulls Greg up to his feet....belly to back over the shoulder....and Greg has just COME DOWN!

JT: Coming Down, it's academic from here!





The crowd begins to boo with a few scattered cheers for a great match-up coming together. A few pieces of stray trash find their way to the ring.

Meygon: The winner, via pinfall… Trey Vincent!

Smarks to the Rescue

Trey Vincent stands in the center of the ring, victorious with his hands raised high in victory. He has on a smile that is a mile wide for his recent victory. Greg, down on the mat, slowly recovering to his feet. Trey scoffs, and then turns back to the crowd to celebrate.

But instead, he was met with the metal side of a folding chair. Trey hits the mat hard as the fans cheer for the actions of a man. He enters the ring, and just as Greg gets to his feet, he falls right back down with another vicious chair shot.

Trey gets to his feet, confused, as he charges this man who had busted him open. But he was ready, and hip tossed him right into a michanoku driver.




KSZ stands in the ring over the fallen men, lets out a small smirk and raises his hands to a mixture of both cheers and boos. The camera catches a close up, before completely fading to black.