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Fear the Darkness 2001

November 1st, 2001
Time:Midnight, Eastern Standard Time
Moments after the feed was cut

The scene fades out to backstage. We see Jack and Aubrey Breaker, Rodeo Daniels, and the Hamburglar roaming the hallways with sacks of candy. They stop at a dressing room door, and Jack pounds on it. The door swings open to reveal Mega JOB: The Epic Tag Team, preparing for their match.

Jack, Aubrey, Rodeo, and Hamburglar: TRICK OR TREAT!

El Janito: Gasp! Beef, the Hamburglar is back! I think he's got a knife! Yo, what do you want, esse?

Hamburglar: Uhm... ROBBLE ROBBLE!

Beef: [In the background] JUST GIVE HIM THE MONEY, JANITO!

Jack: No no! You give us candy!

Janito: Hmm... intruguing. And if we don't?

Jack: Uhm... we set your house on fire?

Janito: Seems fair enough.

Janito produces four cans of spam out of thin air and drops them into their sacks.

Janito: Thank you for not killing us, esse!


Janito: [To Beef] Shut up, he's... [looks back up at the Hamburglar] uhm... hello there! Why don't you
stop by sometime and we can... uhm... shit... RUN AWAAY!

He and Beef suddenly take off down the hall. The Hamburglar scratches his head.

Jack: On to the next door!

They knock on the next door. This time, High Flyer answers.

Jack, Aubrey, Rodeo, and Hamburglar: Trick or treat!

Flyer: Oh goodie! It's my favorite music group, H... wait a minute, you're not Hanson! You're.... you're... shudder... the Hamburglar! And Jack Breaker! RUN AWAA...

Jack: Calm down, Fly! We just want candy!

Flyer: Oh! Well, I think I can help you out there.

Flyer fills their bags with snow from the huge jar next to the door.

Jack: Uh... thanks.

Flyer: Have a nice day! And remember me next time you're in the market for snooow!

The four move on to the next door. This time Rodeo knocks. The door swings open on an angry Jeff King.

Rodeo: Trick or treat!

Jeff: Aha! Trying to sabotage our secret plans!

Ryan King: What secret plans?

Jeff: The ones that just got sabotaged by those meddlesome kids and that... hey, where'd they go?

The camera pans down the hall on Jack, Aubrey, Rodeo, and the Hamburglar running down the hall, throwing eggs at the Suicide Kings.

The camera returns to the arena, everything seems the norm, everything seems... right.

Which is extremely odd for the occurance of events in a short time span. With the re-emergance of FWL's Eric, I'm sure the Executive Board will not only have to keep their eyes on their own kind, but Eric as well.

The camera's slowly fade backstage, as we can see President Ford, standing behind his desk, phone in hand, his face red in anger.

Thomas Ford: What the hell are you talking about? You let a security breach like that on National Pay Per View broadcast! I mean, christ, do you want to just hand him the company on a silver platter!

Ford listens intently, trying to gain the excuse.

Thomas Ford: Listen, get your systems up to code or I will fire you myself. I can't have Eric running around trying to ruin this for me, you got me?

Ford slams the phone down in anger, as HIT slowly walks into the room, worn down from his match earlier in the evening with Evan Levine.

Thomas Ford: Good thing you're here Hardcore. I'm going to have to make some personal visits to the production depart, make sure they tighten up their ship. I can't believe Eric broadcast through our lines, and then cut the power like that.

HIT: I saw on a monitor, it was almost as if he didn't mean to cut himself off so early though... maybe it was someone else?

Thomas Ford: Someone else? Eric's just too dumb to realize that if he pressed the button again, he loses the feed. Listen, take care of things back here, I've got some pressing issues to take care of....

Ford leaves the locker room, as HIT takes a seat on the recliner, before reaching over to the wall and drapping a towel over his head, in order to help himself out from his match earlier.

GP: Let's just try to move on with the show... as best we can... GP: And now, it's time for the REAL tag team title match.

JT: Please, god, no more Mega Job... no more Mega Job...

Cut once again backstage. We see Jack Breaker, Rodeo Daniels, Aubrey Breaker, and the Hamburglar once again trick-or-treating in the halls.

Jack: Okay, let's do one more door before we go get ready for our match.

Rodeo: If you say so.

Jack: Relax! The Suicide Kings are gone!

Jack knocks on the next door. It opens, and the Suicide Kings step out.

Jack: Trick or...SHIT!

Suddenly, High Flyer pops up from behind the Kings.

Flyer: Oh, hello again! Do you like my Suicide Kings cardboard cutouts? I just got them from the... uhm... cardboard cutout store!

Jack: Wonderful.

Flyer: So, you guys want MORE candy?

Jack: Uhm... wait, I thought you were in the dressing room down the hall... what are you doing here?

Flyer: I was looking to steal Matt Rivers' wallet.

Jack: Ah. Does Matt have any candy?

Flyer: No, but you can have his wallet.

Jack: Score!

Rodeo: Okay, our match is next, Jack. Let's go... uhm... matchify.

Jack: Word up!

Cut back to the announcer's table.

GP: Well, the Jack Daniels Connection, and more specifically, Jack Breaker, has been DOMINATING the IWO tag division since August, but the Suicide Kings are all like "HEY, WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE THE GOOD TEAM AROUND HERE". So two of the greatest tag teams of the modern IWO era will square off for the biggest prize in the IWO Tag Division.

JT: And yes, you're including the IWO Black Tag Titles.

GP: Do not mention the Mega Job match to me again.

"Between Angels and Insects" by Papa Roach hits. The crowd gives a mostly positive reaction to the two-time former IWO World Tag Team Champions, the Suicide Kings. Jeff King and Ryan King.

Meygon: The following contest is a tornado tag team match for the IWO World Tag Team Championship! ...Introducing first, the challengers. They hail from New York City, New York. They come here at a total combined weight of four hundred and seventy-one pounds. They are two-time former IWO World Tag Team Champions and the LAST Offical IWO Intercontinental Tag Team Champions... they are the masters of the Flip the Switch... ladies and gentlemen... they are the SUUUUICIIIDDDEEE KIIINNNNNGGGGGSSSSS!!!!

The brothers King enter the ring, and they hop the turnbuckles to raise their arms to the crowd. Then "Black Dog" by Led Zeppelin hits and the crowd pops big for the one, the only, the IWO World Tag Team Champions... the Jack Daniels Connection.

Meygon: And their opponents a total combined weight of four hundred and seventy pounds... Breaker hails from New Orleans, Louisina, while Rodeo Daniels hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma... they are accompanied to the ring by Aubrey Breaker... and they are the masters of the Tequila Sunset and the Voodoo Cutter... ladies and gentlemen... they are the IWO WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS... THEY ARE THE JACK DANIELS CONNNNNNEECCCCCTTTTIIIOOOOONNNNN!!!!

The entourage that can only be described as the Jack Daniel Connection don't just walk out from behind the curtain. They ride out on blue turtles. Aubrey and Jack occupy one, while Rodeo rides the other. Behind them is approximently thirty-seven midgets, and a walrus.

GP: Okay, this is even more ridiculous than the six-man tag we had earlier.

They reach the ring and the Jack Daniels Connection enter the ring, holding up their titles triumphantly. They hand them to the ring official and the match begins.

With utter chaos.

*ding, ding, ding!*

Breaker and Daniels begin pounding away on the King brothers, with Breaker pounding on Jeff in one corner and Daniels pounding Ryan in the other. They whip the brothers in, but Jeff reverses Breaker, and Ryan simply keeps going and clotheslines Breaker. Jeff charges in, and Ryan backdrops Jeff into Rodeo Daniels in a neat spot, Jeff stays on Rodeo for the pin.

GP: Holy shit! What a move! One... two... NO!

Daniels kicked out, so the Suicide Kings grab Daniels and double irish whip him into the ropes. They go for a double clothesline, but Daniels ducks, and Breaker gets to his feet and spears down Ryan King, then rains right hands in on him, as Daniels nails a Lou Thesz Press on Jeff King and rains similar right hands on him. Both men get to their feet and pick up both Kings. Breaker snap suplexes Ryan King, and Daniels snap suplexes Jeff King. Both Kings go to the outside, but they get obliterated by a double pescado by the Jack Daniels Connection. Daniels and Breaker pound on the Kings until Breaker throws Jeff King back into the ring. He heads to the top rope for the Heartbreaker, but Ryan King kicks Daniels in the nuts and then crotches Breaker on the top rope. This allows Jeff King to climb the turnbuckles and superplex Breaker off, then he floats over into the cover.


While Daniels and Ryan King brawl on the outside some more, Jeff King picks up Jack Breaker and sends him off the ropes. Reversal by Breaker, but he puts his head down too soon, and Jeff King flips over him for a sunset flip. Breaker rolls through and gets a Japanese legroll, that gets two as King bridges up and turns it into a backslide. That gets two, but when Breaker gets up, King destroys him with a clothesline. King picks up Breaker and German suplexes him to the mat, holding on with a bridge.


King gets to his feet and drops a knee on the back of Breaker's head. Meanwhile, Ryan King throws Rodeo Daniels into the ringside steps and then climbs into the ring apron. Jeff whips Jack Breaker into the ropes opposite of that of Ryan, and he ducks down. After he ducks down, Ryan springboards and nails a hurricanrana on Breaker, pinning his shoulders to the mat.


Jeff nods to Ryan, and Ryan goes up to the top rope. Jeff picks up Breaker into the shoulder mount position, as the fans knew what was coming. Flip the Switch. But it didn't work quite the way the Kings wanted to, as Rodeo Daniels gets up and crotches Ryan on the top rope. Jeff sees rodeo coming at him, but there's nothing he can do as he's still holding Breaker up, and Daniels spears him to the canvas, landing Jack Breaker on top of him, who stays on for the cover. One. Two. No. Ryan managed to recover in time to leap off with a dropkick, flying past Rodeo Daniels and nailing Breaker off of Jeff.

GP: Holy SHIT, what a move!

Breaker throws Ryan King to the outside, then calls for Rodeo Daniels to go to the outside. Daniels obliges, and the Jack Daniels Connection head to the outside, and they pull out a giant cooler, to the confusion of fans and announcers alike. Their confusion turns to a huge pop, as Breaker and Daniels pull out a pair of gigantic tuna fish. They slide back into the ring and measure a recovering Jeff King.

JT: Are they doing what I think they're doing!?


Two fish. One head. Impact. The move commonly known as the Confishto connects, as Jeff King collapses to the mat. Breaker makes the cover. One. Two. No. The move wasn't enough to keep Jeff King down, as he kicks out at two. Completely confused, Jack Breaker decides to put it away with the Tequila Sunset. They each grab a leg on Jeff King and pick him up for the double wheelbarrow powerbomb, but King suddenly grabs both by their head and bulldog the two of them down to a surprisingly huge pop from the crowd. Jeff King gets to his feet and scoop slams Rodeo Daniels, then heads to the top rope. King measures Daniels and lets fly with an elbow drop off the top rope, driving his elbow into the chest of Daniels. He makes the cover.


Breaker makes the save, saving the IWO Tag Titles for the JDC. Ryan King recovers on the outside, and goes back to the ring. Breaker meets him, but gets shoulderblocked in the chest. King goes for a sunset flip, but his back lands on Breaker's back, then he lands on his feet, turns around quickly, and grabs Breaker from behind in a full nelson, and executes a released Dragon Suplex. Breaker lands on his head with a sickening thud, and King crawls into the cover.

GP: Released Dragon Suplex! ONE... TWO... NO! NO! DANIELS SAVES!

All four men are down, and the fans are on their feet, clapping for somebody to get up. Daniels is up first, as is Ryan King. Daniels goes for a punch, it's blocked by King, and King kneelifts Daniels in the gut. He follows it up with a Shining Wizard knee to the face, but King doesn't stop there, as he picks up King again and lifts him up before powerbombing Rodeo Daniels into the canvas. He stays on for the cover. One. Two. Breaker saves with a kneeclip to the standing Ryan King, which seems to have injured Ryan King's knee.

JT: Uh oh, Ryan King's knee is hurt!

Like a shark that smells blood, Breaker attacks the knee. He picks up Ryan King and hits a kneebreaker, and follows it up with the familiar turnaround for a certain white-haired, strutting, stylin' and profilin' wrestler's finishing move. The Figure Four Leglock. Breaker applies it, and King is struggling in pain to get to the ropes. The fans are almost behind the Suicide Kings at this point, as Breaker reaches over and grabs King's arms to applies even more pressure on the hold. Jeff King gets up and sees this going on, and realizing that his brother might submit, he kicks Breaker in the face, making him release Ryan King's arms. The figure four is broken as Ryan King reaches the ropes.

GP: You have to believe that Ryan King is hurting like hell now, since his knee is buggered.

JT: Damn right.

Rodeo Daniels gets to his feet, and as Jeff King turns around to eat a Cactus Suplex(inverted salto suplex) by Rodeo Daniels, dropping King right on his face. Breaker, though holding his face, informs Daniels of Ryan's knee injury. So Daniels places Ryan King in a tree of woe before going to the outside and grabbing a chair. Securing it, Daniels enters to ring and measures Ryan King before blasting his knee with a chair.


And again.


And one more time. The crowd boos, it's almost too much.


Daniels sees that King still isn't out of the Tree of Woe, so he takes a few steps back to aim a charging chairshot on the hanging Ryan King, who's wincing in pain at this point, not sure if he'll be able to walk on his knee correctly for the rest of the match. He charges, but Jeff King suddenly drop-toe-holds Daniels down, smacking his face on the chair. The crowd pops for this, as the relentless onslaught on King's knee was starting to annoy the crowd. Ryan King gets out of the corner, but he's basically on one leg. Breaker recovers, but Ryan King manages to hobble over to him and DDT him to the mat. Sensing victory, Ryan rolls over into the cover.


JT: Breaker manages to get a foot on the ropes and save the titles. And with Ryan King's leg the way it is, you have to believe that it'll only be a matter of time before the Jack Daniels Connection can score a victory on the Kings.

GP: Holy shit... ACTUAL play-by-play analysis from you, JT? I need a vacation.

JT: Shaddap.

Jeff King gets up and picks up Rodeo Daniels. He drives Rodeo Daniels with a double underhook powerbomb, commonly called a Tiger Driver, and goes for the pin off of that move.


Now Jeff and Ryan didn't know what to do. They pick up Rodeo Daniels again as they send Daniels into the ropes. They decided to take a page from the book of an old foe. Ryan grabs Daniels with a setup for the spinebuster, and Jeff starts to go for the revese DDT that would've followed the move, but Breaker suddenly gets up and clips Ryan King's knee again, sending Daniels on top of him. Jeff realizes that Daniels' head isn't where it should be, so he lands from his jump and drives a double axehandle into the back of Rodeo Daniels' head.

JT: What a counter to that move!

GP: Were they going for what I thought they were going for?

JT: Yes.

Breaker tosses Jeff King out of the ring, as he and Daniels call for the Tequila Sunset again. This time, there's no bulldog counter, as they smash King's throat across the ring ropes with a double wheelbarrow powerbomb. Rodeo Daniels makes the cover, but Ryan King manages to pull him out of the ring at the last second. He climbs into the ring, by Breaker meets him there and axehandles him, then follows it up with the application of an anklelock. Ryan cries out in pain, as the dreaded submission hold tears away at his knee. King makes it to the ropes and pulls himself up before catching Breaker with an enzugiri with his good leg. Rodeo Daniels climbs into the ring to make a pin on the downed Ryan King, but Jeff King grabs his foot and trips Daniels, sending him right down on the leftover steel chair, as all four men are now down.

GP: My god, what a match.

The crowd is going batshit, cheering both teams to their feet. Breaker is up, as is Jeff King. But Breaker isn't up for long, as Jeff King nails him with a stungun and rolls him up for the pin. One. Two. No. Breaker kicks out, so Jeff calls over to his brother. They're going for the Flip the Switch again. Ryan climbs up to the top rope, incapable of actually picking Breaker up, as Jeff picks up Jack Breaker. They hook up Breaker and nail him with the dreaded Electric Chair Drop-Tornado DDT attack, but Ryan King is too hurt from his knee injury to capitalize, so Jeff King makes the cover.


Daniels had pulled the referee out at the last second. As the referee argues with Daniels, Jeff King yells at the ref to get back in the ring. He does so and counts again. One. Two. This time, Rodeo Daniels enters the ring and breaks up the three. Daniels enters the ring and clotheslines both himself and Ryan King over the top rope and to the outside. Jeff King gets back up and peels Jack Breaker off of the canvas before throwing him over the top too. The match has gone outside.

GP: What now?

Daniels is being taken all the way to the elevated entryway, where he's fending off both and injured Ryan King, and a relatively-uninjured Jeff King. After clubbing Jeff with an elbow to the face, he kicks Ryan King in the back of his weak leg, sending him crashing onto the metal ramp. Now it's Daniels and Jeff heading up, but Jeff is pounding on Daniels on the elevated entryway, as Daniels gets closer and closer to the edge of the thing. Daniels teeters on the edge, but as Jeff charges in to finish Daniels off, Daniels ducks and trips Jeff, sending him crashing through the tables below.


The crowd gives the spot "holy shit" honors, as Jeff King lays in a heap in the tables. Ryan King gets to his feet and hobbles back to the ring. Jack Breaker still lays unconscious outside, thanks to the earlier Flip the Switch. Thus leaving Rodeo Daniels and Ryan King left in the match. Daniels rushes back to the ring to take care of the injured Ryan King.

JT: This match has basically turned into a one-on-one affair!

Daniels re-enters the ring and stalks Ryan King in the corner before stomping him in the chest repeatedly. He picks up Ryan King and whips him into the ropes, but as Daniels charges in, King moves out of the way, bounces off the ropes, and lands a vicious reverse bulldog on Daniels. He makes the cover.


King gets up and hobbles to his feet. He picks up Daniels and sets him on the top rope. He follows suit and despite the bad knee, he grabs Daniels and nails him... with a SUPER BRAINBUSTER! Daniels is seemingly fucked, now, as King floats over into the cover.



Breaker managed to get into the ring and break up the three just before the match could be over. Daniels rolls to the outside, still shaking the cobwebs from the brainbuster he just took. Breaker grabs King and kicks him in the gut before hooking his head... and nailing him with the Clockwork DDT(standing tornado DDT). The fans gasp as King's head hits hard. However, Breaker is too hurt to capitalize and both men are double-KOed.


GP: Breaker can't capitalize, though! This could cost him!

Finally, Breaker wills his arm over King's chest and makes the pin. The referee counts. One. Two. No. The crowd pops huge, as Ryan King SOMEHOW got his left shoulder out. Daniels manages to get to his feet on the outside, and Jack Breaker calls him over. Daniels enters the ring and they send Ryan King off the ropes. They go for a double flapjack, but Ryan King reverses, to another huge pop, into a double DDT. And everyone in the ring is down.

JT: Everyone's down! The referee begins the ten count!

One. Two. Three. Four. King stirs. Five. Six. Seven. King's on his feet. He sees that both Breaker and Daniels are down, and deciding that the double DDT that he just performed wouldn't be enough, he climbs to the top rope. His body aching, his knee worse, Ryan King measures Jack Breaker and leaps off. Five Star Frog Splash.


The crowd gasps as Breaker moved out of the way at the last minute. Breaker gets up and goes up top for the Heartbreaker. Ryan King is up. Breaker leaps. Breaker connects with the Heartbreaker(Top Rope 450 Blockbuster). And like the name, it seems as though the move had broken the hearts of the crowd, as Breaker crawls over to make the cover. One. The crowd pops huge for some reason. Two. Someone enters the ring. No.


King had somehow pulled himself out of the wreckage in time to save his partner from the Heartbreaker. Rodeo Daniels charges in on Jeff King, but takes a superkick for his troubles, and Daniels falls to the outside. Ryan King is using the ropes to struggle to his feet, while Jeff King kicks Breaker in the gut and puts him in powerbomb position.

JT: What the hell...

Jeff King lifts up Breaker into the position for a move called Ganso Bomb, or the Hangman's DDT. He begins climbing up to the second rope, as some fans instantly recognize the move. Ryan King superkicks Breaker in the chest and jumps up and over the top rope to the outside, as Jeff hits the Hangman's DDT off the second rope, and almost immediately upon impact, Ryan King nails a split-legged moonsault onto Breaker.

Underestimation. The Kings' last-known tag team finisher. It had to be over.


GP: You can almost HEAR Ryan King curse in frustration!

Ryan King and Jeff King pull Breaker into the center of the ring, and Ryan makes the pin. One. Two. No. Daniels nails Ryan King with a guillotine legdrop off the top rope. He ducks a clothesline from Jeff King and DDTs Jeff King to the mat. And everyone was down again. The fans are continuing the cheer both teams on, encouraging them to get to their feet.

Daniels was up. Breaker struggled to get up. Daniels calls for something and lifts up Jeff King for a side suplex. Breaker gets up, takes a running start, and nails a neckbreaker at the same time Daniels hits a backbreaker.

The Wrath. NOW it had to be over.


Breaker groggilly makes the cover. One. Two. No. Ryan King pulls Breaker off of Jeff. The crowd goes nuts, as all four men get up at the same time after a nine-count from the referee. Jeff King kicks Breaker in the nuts and double arm DDTs him to the mat. Jeff calls for the Flip the Switch again, and Jeff King goes up while Ryan King picks up Rodeo Daniels.

Beaker groggilly makes the cover. One. Two. No. Ryan King pulls Breaker off of Jeff. The crowd goes nuts, as all four men get up at the same time after a nine-count from the referee. Jack Breaker kicks Jeff King in the nuts and double arm DDTs him to the mat. Breaker calls for the Degrees of Sin, and he and Rodeo Daniels hook up Jeff King for the move. However, Ryan King jumps right up over the both of them and bulldogs both to the mat. He calls for the Flip the Switch. Jeff King picks up Daniels and sets him up for the Electric Chair. Ryan King climbs up, and leaps, and lands the Tornado DDT portion of the Flip the Switch before Jeff King comes down a moment later with the Electric Chair. Daniels is out, and as Ryan trips Breaker and holds him down, keeping him inches from breaking the pin, the referee made the count.


One. Two. Breaker breaks loose from Ryan's grip. Three. He's too late. The Kings have won.

*ding, ding, ding*


The crowd explodes. "Between Angels and Insects" play as the referee hands the Kings their newly won IWO World Tag Titles. Jeff holds the title in his hands, looking at it, almost in the verge of tears, not believing the history they have just made.

They are the second team to ever be three-time World Tag Team Champions.

Jeff helps his brother, Ryan, to his feet and hands him the belt. They raise the titles for all to see, and the crowd gives them a positive response. They head to the back, as Breaker and Daniels struggle to their feet. They have nothing to be ashamed of.

GP: What a match... WHAT a match...

JT: I'll say.

An image of the Suicide Kings fades out, as we see images of the past weeks, of the argueing leading up to the match of Erik Blake and Scott Styles. Slowly, we see a split screen, the Television title in the middle...

"Hell's Bells" by AC/DC cracks through the speakers as Scott Styles enters the arena. He's booed -- of course he is, he's SCOTT FREAKIN' STYLES -- and he carries a microphone with him. He stares at the sold-out (surprise surprise) crowd of this small arena, before raising the mic to his lips.

Scott Styles: Hey folks... if you don't like it, TOUGH.

He drops the mic down.

JT: That's ALL he had to say?

GP: It's apparently so.

Styles heads to the ring, and "Revelation" by D-12 replaces his music. Down runs Erik Blake, looking as pissed off as an elephant who's been given a rotten peanut. You know, never give a peanut to an elephant, especially if the peanut's rotten. The damn thing will chase you around the block three or four times until it gets tired. Or, you could jump over a few fences. Elephants can't jump, did you know that? If they could, I'd have had three elephants jump on me. That's not to say I don't like elephants, though, because elephants are cool as long as they don't eat rotten peanuts.

Blake hits the ring swiftly, and gets a swift kick in the chin for his sliding. It's enough to teach a kid never to use those "slip-and-slide" things that we all had so much fun on. But Blake isn't a kid. Too bad. This might interest the crowd more if he was -- but it IS low card. Currently, Styles continues trying to beat the hell out of Blake. Blake punches back, though, and quickly pushes him back to the ropes. There, he chops Styles, hard, roughly, leaving a wide swath of red on the pecs of the former IWO Black (HA!) World (double HA!) champion. This actually intrigues the crowd a little bit.

They make a little noise. Hell yeah, they made some noise! Blake seems surprised by
this... and gets a boot in the gut for it.

GP: I'll be damned. The crowd responded! TO A BLAKE MOVE!

JT: Well, whatever. It won't happen again.

Styles continues to kick and punch at Blake, tossing down the gauntlet (or rather, an elbow pad or something of the sort) and bringing down his elbow on the top of Blake's head. Blake squeals in pain, but retaliates, grabbing Styles and belly-to-belly suplexing him. He holds onto Styles's arms, lifts him up again, and sets him up for a double underhook piledriver. Styles lifts him up, though, and nearly drops him on his head with a vertebreaker piledriver. Blake manages to land on his feet, though, and does a reverse facebuster. Styles stays down for a moment, and Blake uses the oppurtunity to throw his body on top. The count begins... and Styles kicks out at two. Blake takes Styles by the hair, and effortlessly throws him into the corner. He sends a few kicks into Styles's gut. He stares him in the face.

Blake: You know, I don't really like you. Or what you do.

Styles: If you don't like it...

Styles springs from the corner, taking Blake down with a lariat.

Styles: ... TOUGH.

Styles begins his attempt to turn the tide. He stomps on the sternum of Erik Blake, malicious intent behind it. He gets into Blake's face, mutters something to him, and drops down to begin an assault with his fists. He lifts Blake up after a few punches, though, and tosses him into the ropes. A powerslam is what Blake recieves, and Styles stands up, looking around, taking in the gloating power he currently has like a sponge.

And Erik Blake swipes an arm up in between Styles's legs. Styles groans and collapses to the mat, and Blake raises an arm into the air triumphantly. He then proceeds to roll out of the ring and grabs a chair.

GP: Is this smart?

JT: Are DQs enforced in this match?

GP: Yes.

JT: Then he's a fuckin' idiot. BUT BLOOD WILL BE SHED! HAHAHAHAHA!

Blake rolls into the ring... the referee sees the chair, tries to tear it away from the hands of Blake. Blake tugs back on it.

Blake: MINE!

The referee pulls it away. In retaliation, Blake pushes the referee. The referee calls for the bell.

JT: AWWWWWWW! Just when it was getting good!

The referee raises the arm of Scott Styles. He's got a huge smile on his face. Blake has a look of utter anger crossing his eyes right now, and it's surely not to leave.

Not for a while.

Styles begins to get angered, as Blake walks out of the ring, grabbing his television title. Styles won tonight, but didn't win the war...

Slowly, images of the ongoing rivalry between AWS Man(Also Known as Nuke) and Nuke are shown on the screen, before we see an image of their rivarly blared on the screen.

GP: Now for one of the more...disturbing matches of the night.

JT: Oh FUCK yes!!

GP: I had a feeling *you'd* like this match. Anyway the rules of this match...well...are...I can't do it.

JT: I fucking can! The rules are simple there is a pit just outside the arena near, the parking lot filled with diseased ridden individuals all picked out by Nuke's deranged manager midget Nuke. Either AWS Man(also known as Bill) or Nuke will have to first give their opponent a swirly in toilet bowl, or one of the nearby port-a-potties all around this place, then toss the guy in. Whoever completes this task first wins the match and the IWO Extreme Championship.

GP: How the hell is the IWO co-singing a match like this?

JT: Oh com'on Greg. Don't sit there and tell me after working with this company for over 3 years you didn't see something like *this* coming.

GP: ...I actually can't say I didn't. And...

Greg is cut off as "Dead Wrong" by Biggie Smalls blares through out the arena. This is the signature entrance theme of Nuke's manger midget Nuke. And sure enough the homicidal maniac we've all come to love walks out to the entrance ramp holding a microphone.


He gets booed passionately for wishing death on everyone in attendance.

The crowd: BOOOOO!!!

midget Nuke: OK SHUT NOW.

The crowd: BOOOOOOOOOO!!!

midget Nuke: I SAID...SHUT THE FUCK UP!!



Several shot from midget Nuke's handy sawed off shot gun ring through out the arena as the fans are now quieted.


midget Nuke motions to the IWO Tron, to show the deep pit dug into the gravel outside.


Several scantly dressed hookers, some even naked drunkedly fall into the pit.

JT: Heh heh! You can see the genital worts from here Greg!

GP: I'm gonna be sick.


On the IWO Tron we see several elderly people being shoved into the pit by IWO officials.


Several really messed up looking people dive into the pit.


A fork lift, with the biohazard symbol on the side drives up to the pit, with a large barrel. It tips the barrel after barrel of a thick green florescent goo into the pit.


A sickly young woman, with a terrible hacking couch, jumps into the pit.


Men in bio suits carry cages of several angry monkeys and toss them into the cage.


GP: This is twisted.

JT: Yeah! Don't you love it!

Greg disregards JT's last comment, as Meygon grabs a mic and takes center ring.

Meygon: This match, under 98 disease/bathroom brawl rules is for the IWO Extreme Championship Title!

The fans give a cheap pop.

Meygon: Coming to the ring now is the challenger, weighing in at 236 pounds, master of the "Win the freakin' matchifier", a former World, North American, TV, US, and Pacific Champion, heres...AWS Man(also known as Bill) !!!!!

'Three Point One Four' by the Bloodhound Gang hits as AWS Man(also known as Bill) with his manger Pen in his hand. He places Pen in the ring corner.

Meygon: Now coming to the ring is the IWO Extreme Champion, weighing in at 240 pounds, a former Unified Champion and an overall...disturbed individual...NUUUUUKE!!

"American Psycho" by D12 hits the PA system, as the fans give Nuke small heat for his manger wishing death on them and their families Nuke.

GP: Oh com'on now. This is getting old.

JT: Wait there he is!

Out of the crowd a black man wearing a silver Jason mask storms into the ring. It's Nuke, and he slides in behind AWS Man(also known as Bill) who is completely oblivious to his presence. Nuke charges AWS Man(also known
as Bill) from behind and clocks him upside the head with the Extreme Title. AWS Man(also known as Bill) tumbles over the ring ropes and to the outside.

*ding! ding!*

GP: And Nuke starts this match off with a sneak attack on AWS Man(also known as Bill). Nuke is taking this fight to the outside.

JT: Yeah! Go Nuke!

GP: I thought you liked the heels?

JT: Nuke is the heel.

GP: Both of them are heels.

JT: Really? AWS Man(also known as Bill) is doing a shitty job of it and now that I think of it midget Nuke is much worst of a person than Nuke actually is.

GP: Well...I didn't say they were *good* heels.

AWS Man(also known as Bill) rises to his feet, but before he can shake out the cobwebs with Nuke's attack with the Extreme Title, Nuke smashes the belt into AWS Man(also known as Bill) paintball mask causing him to
drop to the steel ramp.

Nuke tosses the belt on the time keeper table, and grabs a steel chair. He stands over AWS Man(also known as Bill)'s body waiting for him to get up again. Nuke slams the chair on the ground trying to get AWS Man(also
known as Bill) up. AWS Man(also known as Bill) finally gets to his feet, and Nuke swings, but AWS Man(also known as Bill) ducks. Nuke turns around and AWS Man(also known as Bill) nails him with a "Knock Your Freakin' Head Off"(superkick) slamming the steel chair into Nuke's face. Nuke drops hard.

JT: OOOOH! He already hit one of his trademark moves on Nuke.

GP: AWS Man(also known as Bill) covers!


GP: Too bad for him there are no pinfalls in this match.

AWS Man(also known as Bill) finally realizes this and lifts Nuke to his feet, but AWS Man(also known as Bill) has already allowed Nuke to recover a bit from the "Knock Your Freakin' Head Off". Nuke gives AWS Man(also known as Bill) a forearm to AWS Man(also known as Bill)'s gut. AWS Man(also known as Bill) lets go of Nuke. Nuke grabs AWS Man(also known as Bill) by the head and slams him face first into the guard rail.

AWS Man(also known as Bill) snaps back and falls to the ground. Nuke then stomps down on AWS Man(also known as Bill) face, trying to crack through his paintball mask. Nuke lets up and pulls AWS Man(also known as Bill) to his feet. Nuke take AWS Man(also known as Bill) up the ramp.

GP: Where the hell are they going? Nuke is taking AWS Man(also known as Bill) to the back.

JT: Didn't you listen to the damn rules? The pit in the parking lot jerk!

GP: That wasn't necessary.

JT: Yeah, but it made me feel better about myself.

Nuke taking AWS Man(also known as Bill) up the exit ramp to the back, but AWS Man(also known as Bill) shoves Nuke off of him. AWS Man(also known as Bill) then decks Nuke in the face with a stiff right hand. Nuke is shaken a bit, but answers back with a right of his own. AWS Man(also known as Bill) no trade punches back and forth for a while.

AWS Man(also known as Bill) goes for an eye gauge, sticking his fingers into the holes of Nuke's hockey mask. Nuke instinctly covers his face. AWS Man(also known as Bill) charges in with a clothesline, toppling Nuke over onto the steel ramp. AWS Man(also known as Bill) then lands a standing leg drop to Nuke's neck.

GP: AWS Man(also known as Bill) is taking it to Nuke now.

JT: What an...announcer thing to say.

GP:'s true.

AWS Man(also known as Bill) lifts Nuke to his feet, and gives Nuke a vertical suplex slamming him back first into the hard steel of the exit ramp. Nuke grabs his back in pain. AWS Man(also known as Bill) goes to lift Nuke once again, but instead is kicked in the face.

AWS Man(also known as Bill) reels back a bit, and Nuke pops up quickly, and hits a knee lift connecting with AWS Man(also known as Bill)'s face. AWS Man(also known as Bill) is slumped back first on the guardrail. Nuke punishes AWS Man(also known as Bill) is a vicious series of chop blocks to the chest. Nuke then lets up, and gives AWS Man(also known as Bill) a stungun slamming him neck first on the guardrail.

Nuke then rips AWS Man(also known as Bill) to his feet, and plants him with a flowing DDT onto the steel ramp.

GP: He could've cracked his skull there!


Nuke pulls AWS Man(also known as Bill) to his feet and irish whips him into the back stage area. AWS Man(also known as Bill) smacks face first with the wall.

Nuke lifts AWS Man(also known as Bill) and searches for the nearest toilet bowl.

JT: AWS Man(also known as Bill)'s about to go face first into shit water!

GP: Again, this is sick.

Nuke finally arrives at a bathroom, and tosses AWS Man(also known as Bill) into the ladies room crashing through the door.

GP: Oh com'on! He purposely took this match into the ladies room. Has he no morals?!

Nuke reaches under one of the stools, and pulls out a young ladies panties which were down at her ankles, and uses it to strangle AWS Man(also known as Bill)

GP: ...Apparently not.

JT: Never seen female undergarment used quite like that before.

The rest of the women in the bathroom, bolt out of there. As Nuke continues his attempt to asphyxiate AWS Man(also known as Bill) with women's panties. But the underwear rips. Nuke knees AWS Man(also known as Bill) in the face once, and slams him into one of the empty stools.

Nuke grabs AWS Man(also known as Bill) and tries to dunk his head into the bowl, but AWS Man(also known as Bill) blocks it by grabbing the side of the bowl. AWS Man(also known as Bill) slams his elbow into Nuke's face.

AWS Man(also known as Bill) then grabs Nuke and slams his head repeatedly into the side of the toilet bowl. AWS Man(also known as Bill) then dunks Nuke's head into the toilet bowel and steps on his head. Nuke is
frantically trying to get his face out of the water, while AWS Man(also known as Bill) flushes the bowl over and over.


GP: I don't see how people like this kind of stuff.

AWS Man(also known as Bill) pulls Nuke's head out of the bowl, and dunks it back in and out over and over again. AWS Man(also known as Bill) finally lets up after, Nuke mule kicks him in the testicles.

JT: Ouch!

AWS Man(also known as Bill) bends over clutching his crotch. Nuke gives AWS Man(also known as Bill) a swinging neckbreaker on the bathroom floor. Nuke grabs AWS Man(also known as Bill)'s arm and applies an armbar. Nuke releases after a few seconds, and pulls him up.

Nuke whips AWS Man(also known as Bill) into another stool sending him crashing through the door. The metal door is banged up pretty bad, as the 236 pound AWS Man(also known as Bill) slammed into it. Nuke rips the door rest of the door of its hinges, and jabs the side of the metal door into AWS Man(also known as Bill)'s ribs. Nuke, holding onto the door by the sides, keeps slamming the door over and over into AWS Man(also known as Bill) throat and chest.

GP: This is a brutal attack here by Nuke.

JT: Yeah...great ain't it.

Nuke tosses the door aside, and dunks AWS Man(also known as Bill)'s head into the bowl. Nuke then slams the toilet seat down on AWS Man(also known as Bill)'s head, and flushes several times. Nuke then rips the toilet seat off, and assaults AWS Man(also known as Bill) with it.

GP: Damn. This guy will use anything as a weapon. Heh..I'm surprised he doesn't use the kitchen sink.

JT: ...One, that wasn't funny. Two, Nuke might not use the kitchen sink, but it looks like he's putting the bathroom sink into good use.

Nuke rips AWS Man(also known as Bill) to his feet, and slams him face first into the bathroom sink. AWS Man(also known as Bill) is laid out on the floor. Nuke steps to the top of the toilet bowl, and is about to jump of, but slips and gets his foot stuck in the bowl. Nuke falls over and slams his face into the bathroom floor pretty hard.

GP: That was a nasty fall.

JT: In more ways than one.

Both men are down now. AWS Man (also known as Bill) is the first to his feet, just barely. He measures Nuke up and goes for another Knock Your Freakin' Head Off, but Nuke ducks it and kicks him viciously in the nuts. The Insane One bends over holding his package, and Nuke comes up from behind him and upends him into the toilet bowl. Holding him by the legs, Nuke flushes the toilet.

GP : That's it! Nuke got the first swirly of the match. The previous flushes didn't count, since the men weren't in "traditional swirly position."

Nuke continues to hold AWS Man (also known as Bill) in position for several seconds, before jerking him back out. AWS Man (also known as Bill) audibly gasps for breath, but Nuke doesn't let up the assault. He grabs AWS Man (also known as Bill) by the hair and pulls him out of the stall. Nuke grabs his arm and whips him into the bathroom door, but the Insane One reverses and sends Nuke crashing through the door. AWS Man (also known as Bill) follows him out into the hallway.

JT : What's that tard doing? He's got to get him back in that bathroom and give him a swirly before he can try to do anything else.

GP : Well, there are port-a-potties outside.

JT : Greg, your mom doesn't count.

AWS Man (also known as Bill) lifts Nuke to his feet. Nuke hits him with a low blow on the way up. The Insane One drops to his knees, clutching his lower extremities, as Nuke stands up and hooks his arms.

GP : It looks like Nuke's going for the Burning Psychosis (Slapjack) on the hard tile floor!

JT : This'll pretty much ensure the win for him if he hits this.

At the last second, AWS Man (also known as Bill) manages to wriggle one of his arms free and stick it in between Nuke's legs. Instead of low blowing him, though, he puts his hand in a flat, blade-like position and starts making a rapid sawing motion with it up against Nuke's ... well, crotch.

JT : Ahhhhhh!! It's the most feared submission move in all of wrestling, the Buzz Freakin' Saw!

Nuke drops to the ground and starts flailing around in agony, but AWS Man (also known as Bill) is relentless. After keeping the hold locked on for about thirty seconds, he finally releases it and stomps on Nuke's stomach a few times.

GP : Well, that certainly seemed to have turned the tide of this match-up ... even if that move is SICK.

AWS Man (also known as Bill) boots Nuke a few more times, then sits on his chest and begins administering the Slap the Freak Around.

JT : Now he's doing his other submission move, the Slap the Freak Around. Is he trying to get Nuke to tap or something?

GP : I wouldn't doubt it. It would add insult to injury to make Nuke give up in a non-submission match ... or more likely, he's forgotten the rules again and thinks he's can win that way.

After about ten seconds, Nuke squirms out of the way of a slap and flips AWS Man (also known as Bill) over so that Nuke is sitting on his chest. Nuke begins straight up punching AWS Man (also known as Bill) in the sides
of the head, where the paintball mask doesn't cover.

GP : Nuke just turned the tables on him.

JT : He's still got the advantage, too. All he has to do is throw AWS Man (also known as Bill) in the pit now, but AWS Man (also known as Bill) has to give Nuke a swirly first.

GP : Indeed.

Nuke climbs off AWS Man (also known as Bill) and waits for him to stand up. When he does, Nuke comes up and grabs him for Paranoia (Downward Spiral), but AWS Man (also known as Bill) elbows him off. As Nuke staggers back around, the Insane One scoops him into a Drop You On Your Freakin' Face (Emerald Fusion).

GP : And AWS Man (also known as Bill) hits another one of his signature moves! Will he be able to capitalize?

AWS Man (also known as Bill) and Nuke both lie on the ground for several moments. Both men finally slowly get to their feet and begin trading punches. Nuke ducks a roundhouse right by AWS Man (also known as Bill) and shoves him into a door leading outside of the arena. The cameras switch outside the arena to show the Insane One stumbling out of the door. Nuke suddenly runs up from behind him and catches him with a running bulldog onto the gravel. He walks up to AWS Man (also known as Bill) and turns him over onto his back, choking him with his boot. After keeping it on for several seconds, Nuke lets up, only to step back on it with both feet and walk right over him.

JT : Man! Nuke's being pretty vicious! ... Good.

GP : You're a twisted man, JT.

JT : Twisted in a good way?

GP : No!

JT : No in a good way?

GP : ...Yes.

JT : Sweet.

Nuke turns the Insane One over and slaps on Nobody Loves you (A double legged full-nelson STF). AWS Man (also known as Bill) writhes around on the ground, finding no escape from the painful maneuver. The camera can pick up AWS Man (also known as Bill)'s screams.

AWS Man (also known as Bill) : AHHHHHH-FREAKIN'-HHHHHH! Hey ... Nuke ... can you ... freakin' ... get off me now?

Nuke : Mmmmm ... nah.

AWS Man (also known as Bill) : Pretty ... freakin' ... please?

Nuke : Wellllll ... I don't think so.

AWS Man (also known as Bill) : Awwwww ... you're ... freakin' ... mean.

Nuke : Yeah, I know. I guess that's just- OOF!

Nuke is interrupted by a stiff elbow to the jaw that AWS Man (also known as Bill) was able to get loose. AWS Man (also known as Bill) rolls onto his back, gasping for air, but is able to get back to his feet and pick Nuke up. The Insane One turns Nuke around and picks him up onto his back for a Break Your Freakin' Neck (Russian Hammer-style inverted DVD), but Nuke manages to wiggle free. He drops down behind AWS Man (also known as Bill) and prepares for some move when-

GP : What the?



GP : Wrong move, Paul.

Paul E. Heyman : Oh, my bad.

A poodle apparently flew out of nowhere and landed in Nuke's hands, which AWS Man (also known as Bill) managed to spinning heel kick into Nuke's mask. AWS Man (also known as Bill) raises his hands in celebration over hitting one of his rarer, and more random, moves. He picks Nuke up and leads him towards the big pit, which is in the distance about 40 feet away. About halfway there, Nuke manages to get free of AWS Man (also known as Bill)'s grasp and lock him in an inverted facelock. Instead of dropping him with a reverse DDT, though, Nuke puts his hand on AWS Man (also known as Bill)'s shoulder and pushes into a forward flip all the way over AWS Man (also known as Bill), landing the Insane One on his face while Nuke himself lands on his back!

GP : WOW! What an innovative move by Nuke!

JT : Well, he IS the Innovator of Wrongness.

GP : No, you just made that up.

JT : Yeah, well ... still.

GP : You're a moron.

JT : Yeah, well ... still.

Nuke lifts AWS Man (also known as Bill) up by the hair and leads him over to one of the port-a-potties surrounding the pit. He slams the Insane One's head full force into the side of the container, staggering the former World champion. Nuke then walks in front of AWS Man (also known as Bill), grabs him, and executes Paranoia right into the port-a-potty's side.

GP : Ouch! Nuke is lighting up AWS Man (also known as Bill) right now.

JT : Yeah, he's on him like a hooker on rice pudding.

GP : ...Are you high or something?

JT : No, I think I'm just an idiot.

GP : I see.

Nuke looks around and sees a big pile of weapons near the pit's edge. He grins (probably - we can't see his face either) and walks over, pulling out a folding table and a chair. He looks at the port-a-potty and sets up the table
about ten feet away from it. He then walks over to the still down AWS Man (also known as Bill) and takes the chair, driving it forcefully a few times into the ribs. AWS Man (also known as Bill) clutches his ribs in pain, helpless to stop the repeated assault. Finally apparently satisfied, Nuke picks up AWS Man (also known as Bill) and takes him over to the table, propping him up in a standing position in front of it.

GP : What the hell is Nuke going for?

JT : I dunno, but it looks like it'll be really keen.

GP : ...

JT : ...Er, cool. Really cool.

GP : Better.

Nuke looks to the port-a-potty, and suddenly runs and leaps, catching the top of it. The portable toilet almost tips over as Nuke hoists himself on top. He looks down at AWS Man (also known as Bill) and takes a few steps back, coming to the opposite edge of the larger than normal flushing port-a-potty.

GP : Oh, wait a second ... I think I know what he's going for.

JT : Yes! Do it! Fly, fatass, fly!

GP : Um ... Nuke's not fat.

JT : SO?!

Nuke runs and flies off, flipping in mid-air to hit a variation of the Aerial Insanity (Nuke place the victim on the guard rail, with a table behind them. He then runs to the ropes comes off the top with a swan dive which he
turns into a flipping neckbreaker taking the victim through the table.) At the last second, though, AWS Man (also known as Bill) ducks and catches Nuke on his shoulders, driving him through the table with a high-impact Break Your Freakin' Neck.



Both men lie in the wreckage for quite a while, before AWS Man (also known as Bill) makes his way to the feet and drags up the still unconscious Nuke. He leads him over the port-a-potty and kicks the door, taking Nuke in. He tips Nuke over special flushing port-a-potty toilet and flushes the handle, completing the first part of the stipulations.

GP : AWS Man (also known as Bill) has tied it up! Now all either man has to do is throw the other man into the diseased pit, and they win!

AWS Man (also known as Bill) wastes no time in leading Nuke back out of the port-a-potty. He takes Nuke over the pit and chucks him in. Nuke reaches out and grabs the side, though, keeping himself from falling all the way in. Nuke scrambles to pull himself back over the side, kicking away the hand of one of the elderly people.

GP : That was a close one for Nuke!

JT : Damn! I wanted to see one of them go in!

GP : Well, I assume that'll happen all in due time.

The Insane One measures Nuke up and runs for a baseball slide to knock his opponent back into the pit, but Nuke rolls out of the way, almost sending AWS Man (also known as Bill) hurtling into the pit. AWS Man (also known as Bill) digs his hands into the gravel to stop himself, and pulls his legs back over the side. Both men trade punches as they rise to their feet. Nuke gets the upper hand and runs over AWS Man (also known as Bill) with a clothesline. He lifts him up and shoves AWS Man (also known as Bill) towards the pit, but AWS Man (also known as Bill) regains his footing and stops himself at the last second, teetering over the edge. Nuke comes up from behind to push him again, but AWS Man (also known as Bill) mule kicks him away.

GP : That was below the belt, but was perfectly legal in this sordid match.

JT : Filling up space?

GP : You know it!

GP and JT high-five.

JT : Yeah, heh heh ... we have no lives.

GP : I know.

As Nuke staggers back, the Insane One turns and DDTs his head into the pavement, looking like it may have busted the top of Nuke's head open. AWS Man (also known as Bill) gets up and seems to consider his course of
action for a moment, then drags Nuke away from the pit, back towards the port-a-potty.

JT : What the hell is that idiot doing?! Win the match!

GP : Actually, I think he is about to win the match...ifier. And throw a freakin' in there, too.

JT : That was really lame.

GP : It's not like you could do better!

AWS Man (also known as Bill) hoists himself up to the top of the port-a-potty, the same way that Nuke did. He positions himself and leaps for a Win the Freakin' Matchifier (shooting star press), but Nuke rolls out of the way, and the Insane One smacks the pavement with a sickening thud.


JT : (Chomping popcorn) Yeah ... needs more blood, though.

GP : God, you're sick!

JT : Well, it does!

Nuke finally drags himself to his feet, the match having taken quite a toll on him. He picks up AWS Man (also known as Bill)'s still form and leads him over to the pit, with AWS Man (also known as Bill)'s back facing it. Nuke knees him in the gut and hooks both of his arms.

GP : He's going for the win!

Nuke tries to lift AWS Man (also known as Bill) up for the Burning Psychosis, but is headbutted in the genitals. AWS Man (also known as Bill) stands up and back body drops Nuke into the pit. The bell rings as the Insane One collapses onto his knees and raises his arms in the air.


AWS Man (also known as Bill) is handed his title as EMTs in bio-suits dive into the pit to fish out Nuke. AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) slowly makes his way to the ring, in order to celebrate that is, as Nuke is slowly being helped out as well...

That's when the lights just decide to go out. And the IWOTron comes alive, a single glow of light, a stringent red. It illuminates the rampway, the ring, and AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) -- who stares at the screen, not quite sure what it means.

A shadow of a figure's head pops into view -- it's nearly impossible to tell whose it is.

The hearse that has followed Nuke for weeks... and showed up tonight... drives out from the entranceway, the
shadow of the figure frozen on the screen. It drives down the rampway, rolling like a funeral procession is in
order. No music plays, and no one -- NO ONE -- makes a sound.

The hearse comes to a stop right at ringside. The few lights that remain on, high above in the rafters, concentrate on the hood and area of the hearse's resting spot... and the driver's side door opens. A man in an old,
western-style undertaker's outfit exits. A wide-brimmed hat covers his face. We must assume the shadow on the screen is the man under the hat. Nuke is watching the man as he walks to the ring.

JT: We didn't hire Mark Calloway, did we?


The man in the outfit gets to the apron. AWS Man(Also Known as Bill stands up, ready to face him if he attacks. Nuke is then shown, looking from another angle.The man simply gets into the ring, and he reaches for the hat.

Off it goes. "Bones + Joints" by Finger Eleven hits. The lights return. This all happens simultaneously, a sudden and quick movement brought on by this man's hat moving.

Who is the man?

It's quite simple, dear reader.

The man is Sam Potright.

The crowd's roar is deafening. The commentators are brought to a silence by the mere shock of it all. And he
stands in front of the Extreme champion. He makes obvious what he's there for, bringing up a single finger and
pointing it to the golden strap that AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) holds in his hand. Potright brings the finger that he points to the Extreme title with, and brings it to his chest, poking his sternum. He nods, a slow, decisive movement.

AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) AND Nuke have yet to move. He thought this man to be dead until a few weeks ago, when he saw him in another wrestling federation -- and even then, he figured it to be an impostor, a lookalike using his name. But this is indeed the real deal. He can see it in the man's eyes.

I've been down here before, all my bones and joints are sore, lost myself and so much more, climb my way out of
the wreck again...

Potright leaves the ring. He walks back to his hearse, stripping off the undertaker coat he has on -- he's dressed in a shirt and jeans, black and blue, his colors of course -- and gets in the hearse. The vehicle backs away.

The awe is still felt in the arena. Both men stand there, trying to comprehend it all.

But all his mind can come up with is "what the fuck".

What the fuck, indeed....

However, we slowly fade into highlight footage from Matt Rivers and Mike Extreme's recent feud, boiling over from Extreme screwing Rivers out of the World Championship... and then... the purty graphic.

Meygon: The following contest is a Dumpster match, and it's for the IWO North American Championship!

The crowd starts to buzz as the dumpster is wheeled out to the stage.

Meygon: Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois... he weighs in at three hundred and thirty-eight pounds, Mike Extreme!

The crowd continues to buzz as Mike makes his way out and hides behind the dumpster to ambush his opponent.

Meygon: Making his way to the ring next, from Port St. Lucie, Florida, he weighs in at two hundred ten pounds, and is accompanied by Amanda Rivers... please welcome the IWO North American champion, Matt Rivers!

"Aerials" by System of a Down hits and the crowd erupts in a frenzy as Matt Rivers... fails to appear on stage.

GP: What the... where the hell is Matt Rivers?

JT: Maybe he ran away.

Mike Extreme reappears to examine the scene, and Matt Rivers appears out of the dumpster with a folding chair. The crowd pops once again as Matt swings wildly and connects with Mike's skull. Mike stumbles and nearly falls off the stage, and Matt takes advantage with a bulldog into the steel ramp. Mike hits the ground and rolls down to the ring. Matt hops up on the ring apron and hits a hard leg drop.

GP: Matt Rivers, taking an early advantage here.

JT: Too bad he's not EXTREME like Mike Extreme.

GP: Yeah, that's a damn shame.

Matt rolls Mike into the ring and mounts the turnbuckle. He scouts for a body splash but Mike Extreme gets to his feet and lifts Matt off the turnbuckle in reverse electric chair position. Matt tries to roll Mike up but Mike quickly hits a running powerbomb and follows up with a jumping fist drop. Matt gets up, and Mike whips him into the turnbuckle. Matt's back collides with the ringpost and he drops down to the mat. Mike slides out of the ring and goes to pick up a steel chair from ringside. He climbs back up to the apron with it, not noticing that Matt had mouunted the turnbuckle and delivers a missile dropkick to the chair, sending it back into Mike's face and driving him off the apron.

GP: My God! Mike Extreme's really gotta be feeling that one! Listen to that impact!

Matt Rivers rolls out of the ring and drags the dumpster down to ringside. He hops up onto the apron just as Mike Extreme comes to his senses and rushes over with a baseball slide, nearly sending Matt into the dumpster. As Matt pulls himself up, Mike comes at him over the top rope with a split-legged moonsault, which Matt narrowly avoids, sending Mike Extreme right into the side of the dumpster. Matt lifts Mike up in a military press and tries to throw him into the dumpster, but he instead lands on his stomach on the edge and falls off onto the floor, curled up in a ball. Matt straightens him out with a quick boot to the gut, and then rolls the dumpster on top of him.

GP: Oh my.. OH MY GOD! Mike Extreme must have been torn in half!

JT: Yeah, that'll give you Excedrin headache number nine.

GP: Are you kidding?! Mike Extreme must be dead!

JT: You're overexaggerating. Look! The dumpster wheel missed him by a half inch! He's fine!

GP: Whatever you say, JT. After all, you're the medical expert around here.

JT: I am?!

Mike Exteme rolls out from under the dumpster and right into a waiting flurry of kicks by Matt Rivers. Mike slowly gets to his feet, and Matt goes for one last big boot, which Mike catches and counters with a desperate leg capture suplex. Matt Rivers goes down, and Mike springs up and locks in a crucifix kneebar.

JT: Mike Extreme is battered and beaten, but he's BATTLING BACK! There's a perfect hiza jujigatame!

Matt Rivers quickly manages to break out, but Mike stays on him with a few quick chops to the chest. He tries for a short clothesline, but Matt reverses with a falling arm breaker. He rolls him into the ring and whips him into the ropes. Mike rebounds, and Matt catches him in a Tornado backbreaker. He climbs the turnbuckle and tries for a frog splash, but Mike suddenly grabs the stray folding chair next to him and lays it across his knees. Matt lands hard on the chair and bounces off, clutching his stomach. Mike uses this as an opportunity to gain the upper hand with an irish whip. He bends down and Matt rolls over him across his shoulders and continues on back into the ropes. He bounces off and goes for a facebuster on Mike, but he ducks and Matt carries on into the ropes again. Mike executes a perfect flipping dropkick on Matt, sending him over the top rope and dangerously close to the announcers' tables. Mike hops over the top rope and pulls Matt up to his feet, then flapjacks Matt onto one of the tables. Mike climbs up himself and tries to send Matt through the table with a powerbomb, but the table doesn't budge.

GP: My God, that table must be made of steel!

JT: Tee hee, it's funny because it's not our table.

Mike tries for another powerbomb, but Matt counters with a boot to the chest. He gets back to his feet, and, gauging the crowd's excitement, grabs Mike's face and pulls him backwards into a sitdown position.


JT: Hey, wait a minute! There's no Scandinavian announcer's table!

GP: Well, not anymore, anyway.

Matt pulls Mike Extreme out of the wreckage of the announcer's table and drags him over to the waiting dumpster. He makes short work of throwing Mike into the dumpster, and closing the top. He starts pushing it up the ramp, as "Aerials" by System of a Down hits again and Matt Rivers' managers, Joey Legion and Matt Senate rush out and help him to shove the dumpster off the stage.

GP: MY GOD! Listen to the impact of that dumpster on the concrete floor! Mike Extreme must be dead!

Meygon: Your winner, and still IWO North American Champion, Matt Rivers!

"Aerials" continues to play as Matt and Amanda walk up the ramp.

We cut from the ring to just outside the arena, where we see Simon Seaman, wearing some sort of metallic trenchcoat with flashing lights decorated all over it getting in the spirit of Hallowe'en. The fans start booing and showing their disapproval for him the moment he appears on screen. As the camera zooms in closer, he is joined by IWO personality Nikki wearing a tight leather dress, attempting to interview him. Looking at his attire with a confused expression on her face, she puts the microphone up to Simon's face, who looks down at a grey tombstone situated just outside the entrance of the arena with High Flyer's name on it.

Nikki: What are you dressed as for this Hallowe'en, champ?

Looking down at his coat somewhat arrogantly, he looks back at Nikki with serious look on his face as he uses one hand to steady the microphone as he speaks into it.

Simon: It's Hallowe'en?


Nikki: Fair enough. You look like a mad scientist to me, but whatever.

Obviously offended from the previous remark, Simon grabs microphone from her.

Simon: A mad scientist? Are you nuts woman?! That remark is not only a diss to me. It's a diss to every mad scientist living on earth today try to make a living doing mad things.

Nikki: Then what the hell are you?

Simon: A disgruntled scientist who's getting harrassed with rude questions!

Nikki: I'll move on then.

She pauses for a second, waiting for Simon to hand her back the mic. When she does receive it back, she clears her throat before she continues.

Nikki: Simon Seaman, tonight you face a man who is putting his entire IWO career on the line not only for himself, but for the fans. He...

Glancing at her, he raises his voice.

Simon: Hold on a minute. What did I tell you to call me? Don't tell me you forgot what I told you.

Rolling her eyes at him, she sighs in frustration as she speaks once again.

Nikki: Fine ".", what do you have to say for yourself?

Simon: Don't you roll your eyes at me. I got a case of Butterfingers in the dressing and to tell you the truth, you might be wearing a costume, but bitches don't get no treats. I mean, what the Dickens is that get-up?

She looks at her dress and wonders what is the problem.

Simon: Who are you supposed to be anyway? By the way, Ru Paul called and she wants her wardrobe back.

As a furious look of anger is seen on Nikki's face, he grins at her sarcastically sticking his tongue out.

Simon: To answer your query, I think it's great that High Flyer is putting his career on the line so he can lose miserably embarrassing himself and his family so the fans don't have to see that piece of worthless garbage
stinking up IWO rings again.

Nikki: I didn't mean it by that. I meant...

Simon: Sure you didn't. You females are all alike.

Nikki: What? Intelligent?

As she sticks her tongue out back at him, he tries to make a comeback, slurring his speech while stuttering.

Simon: That's really funny. Well you, you, well you are so dumb. You are so dumb, that, that, people, that people call you, dumb. Yeah, you heard me.

Nikki: Great comeback. What's wrong? Scared of High Flyer actually taking that precious title away from you? If he wins, will he "snow" down on your parade?

Simon: You are absolutely hilarious, Nikki. You should become a comedian. I mean, my goodness. You are a hoot and a half.

Nikki: I'd like to think I have a good sense of humour.

Simon: Yeah, yeah, yeah...shut up! You know whose screen time this is? Mine. You know what this says?

The camera zooms in as Simon points to his title worn around his waist underneath his costume.

Simon: IWO World Heavyweight Champion. You know what this says?

Walking over to the tombstone placed just outside the arena, he bends down and brings the camera over to him.

Simon: High Flyer. Life goes on. New takes over old. Snow melts.

Giggling a bit, he looks at Nikki standing in front of him.

Simon: I made that one up myself.

Nikki: Funny. I smelled bullcrap somewhere. I just never realized it came from you.

Standing up staring at her eye to eye, he starts poking her in the shoulder with his finger.

Simon: I am this close to making a tombstone for you. You know what it is going to say? "Annoying biznitch who wouldn't shut up".

Shoving Nikki aside and out of view, Simon walks up to the camera with a smirk on his face.

Simon: High Flyer. I proved to you that not only can I talk smack about you and get away with it, I can defeat you whenever I want. Tonight, don't be surprised if I do the same. I did it once and I'll do it again. Not once,
not twice, not thrice, not twice, not once, not thrice, not twice, but twice.


Simon: Hope you have a good life, High Flyer. Sitting in your boat, listening to the radio, fishing as the days go by. Isn't retirement life fun? So do whatever you have to do before the match. Say goodbye to the boys in the locker room. Say goodbye to your IWO career. Say good riddance to success. Do what you have to do because after tonight, I will retire from the IWO.

Pretending to hear something in the air, he puts his hand up to his ear.

Simon: What, I'm not retiring? Oh, that's right. I guess that must be you. See you in the ring, Flyer. Also, remember when you look up to the lights to do this. Just sit back, relax, and be content with the fact that I
will beat you for the one, two, three...if you are even able to count that high.

Nikki comes back into view and shoves Simon out of the way.

Nikki: That's it! This interview is over.

With a skull in his hand, Simon uses a high pitch voice in a attempt to indulge in the art becoming a ventriloquist to make the skull's mouth move.

Simon: 'Tis not over until I say 'tis over. Screw thee. Screw thee to the fiery depths of the underworld. She is at it again. Why must thou suck like never before?

The scene slowly cuts, out of a television monitor, and into Flyer's view point. The fans pop at the sight of Flyer, who they haven't seen all day. He just sort of stares in wide-eye, and shakes his head in disgust.

High Flyer: Poor poor Seaman. Poor dillusional Simon.

Flyer Sighs.

High Flyer: Oh well, I guess it's time to take the title away.

The fans pop, as he slowly walks down the hallway, getting ready for his match.

High Flyer: And after I win the championship, I'm so going to Baskin Robbins and eating all thirty one flavors. Then, I'm so going to disney world, or something resembling Disney World. Preferably Bush Gardens...

Suddently, Busta Hymen walks out of nowhere, starling Flyer.

Busta Hymen: Flyer! Flyer! Last comments before your match?

High Flyer: Last comments Busta? How about my actions are going to speak louder than any words I could say. By ends night, my job will be secure, and so will the IWO World Championship, on the shoulder of a CREDIBLE champion.

Busta Hymen: What if you lose Flyer?!? What's for Flyer is you lose!

High Flyer: Come on Busta... even if i lose, do you think pro wrestlers actually abide by the stipulations from these retirement match things? Expect me back in a week if I lose, which won't happen.

Busta Hymen: But that's against the rules!

High Flyer: Yeah? Well, look how Seaman won the belt in the first place... and if I don't take the belt off him tonight, the IWO may as well close. Seaman's far from credible, trying to give the championship to that scum Evan Levine. He screwed Rivers Busta... but he won't screw me...

Flyer slowly walks away, as Busta stands there, before fading out.

GP: And tonight, is the ending. Either the ending of a chase or the ending of a career. Either way, it's something I'm looking forward to seeing.

JT: Me too Parker. Finally seeing the last time that bastard High Flyer is in the ring. All I can say is finally!

GP: How can you be so heartless?

JT: What? Huh?

Slowly, JT's voice fades out, as we see a faded image, of Simon Seaman holding up the cracked, broken, World Heavyweight Championship in his hands. A fade image of Flyer, looking down at his father's grave, slowly cracking. His mind no longer with him... And then, the image was shattered. "Song 2" by Blur played softly in the background, as we could see Flyer taking the bag, containing the IWO World Heavyweight Championship, and throwing it away. Images of Evan Levine being fired, and then demanding a World Championship match, followed by Seaman demanding to recieve his title. Flyer's challenge is shown, as Seaman accepts...

The main event of Hostile Takeover. We see images of Seaman and Evan Levine battling it out for the IWO championship, as Seaman hit the Silencer, and then put Evan on top. Images of all Hell breaking loose, as Flyer comes out to stop the count. It was a double switch. The fans now loved Flyer once again, and hated Simon. In the end, a sledgehammer shot to the face by Flyer knocking Seaman down and out for the count would result in Evan Levine losing his title shot.

The next week on Hostile Takeover, images of Seaman ranting and Flyer ranting back. Seaman battling Matt Rivers, Flyer in the commentary position, until, once again, all hell breaks loose. Seaman grabs the black bag that Flyer held, "containing" the championship, but only held snow. Snow fell from the arena, as eventually, after the carnage was settled, Simon Seaman was pinned.

One week later, Seaman is shown attacking Flyer viciously, trying to break his knee. Flyer is loaded into an ambulance, in tremondous pain. In the main event, we see images of Flyer battling Seaman, and then Seaman hitting the Silencer on Flyer, effectively pinning Flyer in the middle of the ring. Seaman is shown finally, taking a chair and trying to break Flyer's knee, before we slowly faded out back to the arena.

Meygon stood in the ring, microphone in hand, ready to begin.

Meygon: This next match, is scheduled for one fall, and is a career versus World Championship matchup!

"Loco" by Coal Chamber hit the pa system as the fans immediatly burst into loud cheers.

Meygon: Introducing first, the challenger. Hailing from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and the only man to hold every single IWO Championship as of October 30th, 2000. He is known throughout the world as the pioneer of Snow in wrestling, and a man who has lived his life for the IWO. He weighs in tonight at two hundred four and one quarter pounds, and is the master of the Flying Moon Shot, here is HIGH FLYER!

"Loco" builds up to the climax, as the word "Pull" is heard. Fireworks spray forward from the top of the ramp, as the fans look to see the arena lit back up, and Flyer standing there, holding his trusty sledgehammer in his hands. The fans let out a cry of cheers, as Flyer raises the sledgehammer to the air, and whips his hair around in a frenzy. Slowly, he makes he way towards the ring, sliding in, as another flury of fireworks rose from the turnbuckles…

Meygon: And the champion, he hails from Los Angeles, California, and weighs in tonight at… 300 pounds with soaking wet gel! He is the master of the Silencer, and a former IWO North American, Unified, and United States Champion. He is the current, IWO World Heavyweight Champion, here is Simon Seaman!

"Relax" by Powerman 5000 cuts off Loco, as the fans immediately change their range of cheers to boos. Slowly, out from the back walks Simon Seaman, holding the World Heavyweight Title high in the sky, soaking in whatever he can. The Silver suit is almost blinding, especially with the lights flashing all over the arena, reflecting off. Seaman slowly made his way down the ring, never taking his focus off the challenger. Then again, neither did Flyer.

Seaman slowly walked into the ring, and showed Flyer the title from across it. He yelled that "he would never see it again," when Flyer tried to get close, but was held back by the referee.

GP: The tensions are at an all time high. Simon Seaman defends his World Championship, the belt that he screwed Matt Rivers out of, and tried to lose to Evan Levine. Seaman hasn't earned the belt, he's a degrading champion. He's pathetic.

JT: Pathetic? I think going thirty four months without winning the championship in NUMEROUS occasions is pathetic.

*Ding, ding, ding*

The bell ran, as Seaman and Flyer immediately began to circle each other, their eyes never leaving focus of each other. It was almost a cold hard stare down, one not seen since the days of the old west. But soon, they would collide, locking up in the middle of the ring. Both men fought for leverage, but it came out to Seaman thrusting Flyer down to the mat in a hard front push method. Flyer fell hard, but wasn't hurt physically, it was just his pride.

Seaman didn't wait long to show boat in the direction of Flyer. It was almost like a series of small tests had started, and Seaman was the first victor. Flyer however, didn't stay long, getting to his feet and hammering Seaman with a couple right hands, sending Simon back into the ropes. Flyer went to whip Seaman off, but Seaman was able to reverse it, and thrust Flyer into the opposite turnbuckle. Flyer however, with the momentum, flipped back first into the turnbuckle, must like Shawn Michaels in his WWF days, however he wasn't able to stop himself, falling all the way to the outside of the ring, and landing hard on his feet. Flyer immediately crumpled into a ball.

GP: And already, Flyer has landed on his tender knee ligament, re-ruptured by Seaman last Friday. If Seaman has a game plan, it's to target that knee.

Seaman didn't waist to long getting on the outside, waiting for Flyer to slowly recover to his feet. Seaman rared back with his foot, trying to kick Flyer's injured left knee, however Flyer was able to leap onto the air, and land back down on his right good knee. Seaman seemed more annoyed than angry, as Seaman tried it again, Flyer this time, leaping up and catching the top rope. He lands on the ring apron, and swiftly kicks Seaman with his right leg, sending his nose into his face.


Seaman backed off, grabbing at his face, as Flyer slide back into the ring, awaiting Seaman to return. Seaman regained his senses, and slid into the ring, only to receive a swift low dropkick to his head, sending Seaman into a dazeful drift.

Flyer didn't let up, however he was slowed down a bit by the injury he suffered on Friday. We could see that his knee was still heavily taped up, as he sent Seaman into the corner. Using the top rope the hold himself up, he swiftly kicked Seaman a few times in his head, and then drove his shoulder into Seaman's midsection. Flyer picked Seaman up, who was lying limp in the corner, and thrusted the palm of his hand apon Seaman's chest, letting out the fans calls of the ol' Nature Boy, and his whoo chops. Seaman groaned in pain, as Flyer went back with another chop, taking Seaman down.

GP: Shades of the good ol' Nature Boy in the ring! The fans just love that chop!

JT: Do they love it or are they making fun of it?

GP: I actually couldn't tell you JT…

Seaman slowly recovers from the chop, as Flyer goes to whip Seaman into the other side. Flyer charges in, as Seaman tries to flip over, only to land on Flyer's shoulder. Flyer's left knee however buckles out, as Seaman hooks Flyer in an inverted ddt and drives him down viciously into the canvas.

GP: It's going to hard for Flyer to put that much weight on his tender knee.

JT: Even if Flyer wins, he might STILL have to retire! Seaman is a genius!

GP: Or a backstabber...

JT: HEY! Flyer was FACING Seaman...

GP: I meant to the entire IWO JT, not just Flyer! He tried to disgrace this organization JT! Get that through your skull!

Seaman lets out a sly smile, knowing he has Flyer down, hurt, right where he wants him. Diving on for the cover...


Kickout. Seaman couldn't believe it. In the immense pain Flyer was in, he was still able to kick out of it. His knee buckled, he pratically couldn't walk.

But he still could get a shoulder up.

Seaman got to his feet quickly, angered, and began to just viciously stomp away at Flyer's knee without mercy. Blow after blow, scream after scream, was only ended once Flyer was able to hook the bottom rope, and even then, Seaman threatened disqualification by continuing his onslaught.

Flyer couldn't get up, and Seaman saw this. Seaman immediatly grabbed Flyer by his foot and drug him, with his injured knee recieving all the pressure, into the middle of the ring. Flyer let out a cry that most of North America probably heard, as Seaman looked down at the fallen Flyer.

GP: Dear God, Seaman drug Flyer by his injured leg... putting tremondous amounts of strain on his weak left knee.

JT: You can't take the pain get out of the... uhmmmm... ring thing.

GP: Shut up JT. You still are a bumbling idiot.


Kickout before the referee's hand could go down. Seaman had dived on top, and as quickly as he did, Flyer was able to thrust his hands up with whatever pain etched on his face to get out of the predicament. Simon couldn't believe it, that after the pain on his knees, Flyer was still able to kick out, at one. Simon went on top of Flyer, and laid in with vicious right hands, before the referee yelled at him to break at a four count. Seaman abliged, not risking disqualification.

Seaman slowly picked Flyer up to his feet, who was stumbling due to his tender knee. Seaman tried to throw Flyer into the ropes, however Flyer collapsed when he was let out of Seaman's hands, dropping to his knees. Seaman watched as Flyer tried to regain his footing, but constantly became unsuccessful. Then, with a vicious kick, in resemblence to Owen Hart at the Rumble of 94, he struck down apon Flyer with fierce avengence.

And Flyer was down, unable to stand on his feet. He felt licked, destroyed, defeated... but he wasn't going down without a fight.

GP: Seaman is looking to end this, hit the crushing blow. Seaman bouncing off the ropes, and goes for a vicious elbow... but FLYER MOVED!

And Seaman drove his elbow into the canvas, missing his target by a couple of inches. Flyer slowly rose to his knee, resting all his weight on his right leg, before driving the recovering Seaman with a small spear into the mat, right into a punching onslaught. It was Flyer's only offense before he could figure out a new game plan, and it was going to be a quick offense to say the least.

Seaman was able to roll over, but Flyer had the were-abouts to lands on his body, and get away from Seaman having the advantage. Simon quickly got to his feet, when he was met by a kick to the gut by the recovering Flyer, allowing him to regain his senses. Simon then charged at Flyer, as Flyer hooked him to his left, and lept on his one good foot, driving Simon into the mat…

GP: COLD SNOW! Very early in the match up, but Flyer has still been able to drive Simon Seaman, the World Champion, into the mat with Cold Snow!

Flyer slowly crawls, holding his knee in pain as he rolls Seaman over. Flyer then places his arm overtop.



Seaman gets a shoulder up off the mat, leaving Flyer with an astonished look on his face.

GP: Flyer's in desperation. His knee's almost destroyed, and Seaman is fighting with all he can here, kicking out of Flyer's trademark move.

Flyer slowly tries to get to his feet, limping with every amount of pressure put onto his left knee. He's not sure how much longer he can go on, especially in his weakened state. Seaman slowly regains to his feet as well, as they begin to trade blows. Flyer seemed to gain the advantage, as he whipped Seaman off the ropes. Seaman came back, as Flyer ducked his head just in time to take Seaman over in a back body drop, however, Seaman was able land on his feet behind Flyer, and low dropkick the back of Flyer's knees, sending him crippled down to the mat.

GP: Seaman definitly has a game plan, targeting Flyer's knees. If Flyer can't pick Seaman up, he can't hit On Deaf Ears. And if Flyer can't fly, well, he's sort of screwed.


JT giggles like a school girl while Seaman continues to work over Flyer's knee, turning Flyer onto his back, and then locking in a spinning toe hold on Flyer's left knee. Flyer lets out a cry of pain.

GP: Shades of Terry Funk, the spinning Toe hold, wrapping and twisting the already injured knee of Flyer. Maybe it was unwise of him to fight here tonight?

Seaman rares back, and goes for another, but Flyer takes his right foot and kicks Seaman off, to the delight of the fans. Seaman is stunned, bounces into the corner sternum first, and then comes back, only for his knee to be taken out by a clip. Flyer slowly stumbles to his feet, looking down at Seaman.


GP: Stop with the damn ~! you're going to get us sued!

Flyer stands over Seaman, holding the right leg of Seaman, the leg that he clipped out, before hooking him, and rolling him over into a single legged boston crab. Seaman lets out a cry of pain, as Flyer tries to rip at Seaman's leg, but can't stay with the leverage due to his own pain. Seaman is quick to grab the bottom rope.

Flyer isn't quick to release the hold however, waiting the duration of the four count to let go. Flyer turned around, and waited for Seaman to get up, and when he did, he was quick to attack, leaping off his right foot and catching Seaman with the thigh of his left leg, which was still rather strong, high leg clotheslining Seaman to the mat.

Flyer was quick to follow up, as Seaman was quick to try to return to his feet as well. Flyer however was able to hook his legs, and pull Seaman down to the mat, which left Seaman face up on the mat, looking up at Flyer, who held his legs in the air. And then in a fluid motion, he ripped both legs to their opposite sides, inciting a cheer from the crowd for the dreaed wishbone.

Parker and JT just groan. They aren't sure what to say after that display, as Seaman is down on the mat, clutching, screaming, holding his, well, in agony. Flyer tried to recover from his knee, showing slight signs of a limp, as picks Seaman up off the mat. Flyer attempts to whip him off the ropes, but Flyer is reversed, sending a hobbling Flyer off and back, straight into a tilt-a-whirl body slam, sending Flyer down to the mat hard.



GP: BARELY KICKOUT BY FLYER! Seaman may have delayed the pin when tending to his groin...

JT: Why hasn't Flyer been disqualified?

GP: Because Seaman deserves any nutshot he gets?

JT: NOBODY DESERVES A NUTSHOT! Especially since Nikki hit me in the nuts so many times that it shru-


Seaman hobbles to his feet before grabbing Flyer's left leg and pulls him into the center of the ring. He grabs the other leg and spins around, before applying a figure-four leglock. The crowd chants for Flyer, as he cries out in pain. He lets his shoulders drop. One. Two. No. Flyer pulls himself up, as the crowd urges on Flyer to roll over. Flyer holds his arm out, drawing his strength from the crowd that loves him. Flyer rolls over. Now it's Seaman's leg that's in pain. Seaman cries out in pain, trying to push himself upwards to crawl to the ropes. He eventually gets there, and the referee breaks the hold. Seaman uses the ropes to get to his feet, his knee in pain.

GP: Seaman's up first!

Seaman tries a kick in the gut, but Flyer catches the leg and dragon screws Seaman, getting a huge pop from the crowd. Seaman holds his knee in pain as Flyer grabs Seaman's legs and tries a sharpshooter, but Seaman grabs Flyer's injured leg and trips him, then applies a crucifix kneebar. Flyer is in a lot of pain, but he quickly struggles into the ropes. But Seaman doesn't want to break. The referee has no choice but to start a count. One. Two. Three. Four. Seaman breaks.

JT: Seaman doesn't want to just pin the man, he wants to HURT him!

GP: You may be right, JT.

Seaman grabs Flyer's foot and picks him up, but Flyer counters suddenly with an enzugiri, smacking his good leg into the face of Seaman. Seaman collapses face first onto the canvas. Flyer struggles to his feet and limps over to Seaman before picking him up. He nails Seaman with a swift double arm DDT before rolling over into the cover.


Flyer can't believe it, so he goes to the outside. Knowing that his knee is too weak to springboard, he waits for Seaman to get close before he shoulderblocks him in the gut, then catapults up and over with a catapult DDT, putting down Seaman. Unfortunately, his knee is also hurt in this exchange. Holding his knee in pain, Flyer rolls Seaman over before making a cover. One. Two. No. Seaman shot his shoulder up, signifying that he was very much alive in this contest. Flyer went to the second turnbuckle, waiting for Seaman to get up. When he does, he punches him in the face and hooks his head for a Tornado DDT. He jumps off, but Seaman catches on to the DDT offense and throws Flyer off. Flyer lands on his knee, very hard.

GP: Good counter by Seaman to the Tornado DDT.

Seaman hobbles over to Flyer, and with his knee stronger than Flyer's, he picks Flyer up and delivers a vicious fisherman's suplex, holding on for the bridge. One. Two. No. Flyer gets a shoulder up, so Seaman rolls through and does it again. Instead of continuing to bridge, Seaman rolls through and nails a fisherman's buster. He then goes for the cover.

JT: Rolling fisherman's suplexes into a fisherman's buster! ONE... TWO... THR-NO!

Seaman gets all wide-eyed, as the crowd pops for Flyer kicking out. Seaman picks up Flyer and shoves him into a corner, pounding on him with right hands. As the referee pulls Seaman back, Seaman jaws at him before Flyer reverses his position to another big pop before pounding on Seaman repeatedly in the corner. He whips Seaman into the opposite corner, but Seaman reverses, Flyer reverses back toward the corner they came from, and Seaman rereverses, sending Flyer into the referee, who gets knocked down.

GP: Oh boy! This is time for something crazy to happen!

Flyer bounces out of the corner, as Seaman tries to lift him on his shoulders. Flyer is able to counter, landing behind Seaman, and then hooks him into a Full nelson, and takes him over in a full nelson suplex. Flyer immediatly released the hold and tends to his knees, trying to get the "kinks," out of it. Slowly, Flyer begins to climb up to the top rope, the fans coming to their feet.

GP: Could Flyer be going for the Flying Moon Shot?!?

Flyer, turning to face Seaman, waits for Simon to get to his feet. As he does, Flyer leaps off with his one good foot, coming off with a shooting star. Flyer then locks his legs around Seaman's head in mid-air, and drops down into a hudaconrada. The crowd is stunned, as Seaman lies motionless on the mat.

GP: Oh... My... God! Flyer just nailed a shooting star hudaconrada! This has to be it!

Flyer dives on top of Seaman, but there's no referee to count.

JT: HAHA! Sucks to be him!

Flyer goes over to the referee, who took a vicious shot. The referee has to be made out of plexi-glass or something with the amount of shots they take these days. Seaman however, is able to slowly recover, as he climbs up to the top, un-benounced to Flyer. Flyer turns back to Seaman, only for Seaman to leap off the top...


The crowd let out a gasp as Seaman slowly dragged himself overtop of Flyer, as the referee was slowly revived.



And Flyer slowly got a shoulder up. Somehow, someway, Flyer was able to kick out of the Silencer, which not only shocked Seaman, but shocked the fans as well.


Seaman got to his feet, immediatly throwing a temper tantrum. Seaman wasn't able to really figure out a way to beat Flyer, just hitting him with the move that has put down so many. He even went as far to go to the outside, and grab a steel chair.

And yes, this is a match that could end via disqualification, cheapening the impact of Flyer's retirement and the match in general. Seaman laid the chair over his head, only for Flyer to kick him in the gut, causing Seaman to drop the chair, only for Flyer to nail Hypothermia.


Flyer lays on top of Seaman, as there's a slight delay in the counting...



And Seaman somehow gets a shoulder off the mat. Flyer can't believe it either. Neither man can defeat the other. It's constant back and forth feuding. Flyer slowly gets to his feet, and brings Seaman up top with him. He begins to fight, pounding away, as they continue to hammer each other back and forth. Slowly, both men wind up on top of the turnbuckle, as Seaman catches Flyer in his left knee, causing him to collapse and straddle the top turnbuckle.

And then, Seaman grabbed Flyer by his neck, and desperation, and turned around, leaping off the top, driving Flyer into the mat, right where the steel chair was, with Flyer's own move of Cold Snow. The palming DDT driven into a chair, Flyer's neck was bent the wrong way. Slowly, Seaman could see the referee was just returning to his feet, so he slide the chair out as not to be seen. Flyer was out cold, and now, Seaman locked in a sharp shooter, wrenching back on the out cold Flyer.

The referee raised Flyer's hand once, dropping it.

Flyer's hand was raised once more... falling...

and One more time, it was raised, before hitting the mat, a final time.

*Ding, Ding, Ding*

Meygon: Your winner, via Knockout, and STILL, IWO, World Heavyweight Champion, Simon, Seaman!!!

It was over, just like that. Flyer's career was over, as he lied there, crumbled in a ruble. Destroyed in the process of a steel chair. His face was bleeding, a crimson mask covering him, as Seaman raised the championship high in the air, soaking in the disapproving cheers. Seaman then looked down at the fallen Flyer, and stood overtop of him, holding the belt high over his conquered foe.

Chapter One of his reign was over. He proved himself as a champion, retiring a Snow Selling legend. Could he finish the novel though? Only time would tell.

GP: I can't believe it! Simon Seaman has defeated Flyer, and High Flyer now must retire! Fans, that's it for Fear the Darkness, join us next month for Utter Obliteration, and next friday for Hostile Takeover!!!

JT: Legit!

A slow fade out.... to an FWL Logo???