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Hostile Takeover
Hostile Takeover 12/29/01

Heartbeat. Fade to the IWO logo, then cut to a wide, sweeping shot of the exterior of the Cajun Dome in Louisiana.

GP: We are just hours away from the biggest IWO pay-per-view of the year! Welcome to Hostile Takeover!

Fade to a few glory shots of the past weeks, leading to the IWO Ice Age 4 logo.

GP: Join us this Sunday for the historic Ice Age four, but in the meantime, we've got an exciting card lined up for tonight! World champ Simon Seaman is set to face underdog Jack Breaker tonight, one-on-one, only a day before he is to meet Matt Rivers inside a glass cage! Nuke is set to defend his North American title against Syphon Fission, and...

Greg is interrupted by the opening notes of "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin, and Jack Breaker bursts out onto the stage, accompanied by his wife Aubrey.

GP: Well, speaking of Jack Breaker, here he is!

Jack grabs a mic and clears his throat.

Jack: *Ahem*. Hey Louisiana, what's up?


Jack: Great to be back here in my HOMETOWN of New Orleans!

Another cheap pop.

Jack: Now. Down to business. Simon Seaman's probably backstage right now...

The crowd boos.

Jack: And let me just take a few moments to express my deepest sympathies to all of you people who are going to have to sit through another one of his long, drawn-out boring promos... so uhm... right after I say a few words, I'm taking you all out for pizza!

Another pop.

Jack: Simon Seaman. A name that has become synonymous with everything wrong with this business today. Simon, you disgust me. What the hell kind of champion are you, anyway? When's the last time you actually wrestled a fair, honest match, huh? What, are you so good that you don't need to adhere to the rules in order to hold onto that strap? Or are you just scared? You know that you're washed up, you know that you don't have what it takes anymore, so what do you do? You cheat us honest, hard-working individuals out of our chance to be great in this federation. What I'm doing tonight, I'm not doing for myself. Oh, no. I'm going to kick your ass all over Louisiana, and I'm doing it for all the little guys, all the underdogs. I'm doing this for all the Bob Jobs, and all the Erik Blakes, and everyone who deserves a lot better than to be pushed around in this company by the likes of you.

GP: Jack's got a lot on his mind tonight. This is very uncharacteristic of him.

Jack: You're a disgrace to this business, Simon. You know you can't win an honest match. You know that come this Sunday, your title reign will come to a screeching halt at the hands of Matt Rivers. Scared yet, Simon? Bring your ass. Pump the positivity.

"Kashmir" hits once again, as Jack throws his mic to the ground in disgust and exits the stage. Aubrey follows.

GP: Uhm... we'll be right back.

Cut to a commercial for Ice Age, then fade back in and cut backstage, where we see IWO personality Nikki, waiting for her cue. Next to her stands IWO world champion Simon Seaman, who gets a substancially negative reaction from the fans who view him on the IWOTron. In his wrestling attire, with blue and gold replacing black and silver this time, the world title is presented proudly around his waist.

Nikki: Simon Seaman, tonight you face Jack Breaker,not title on the line, but after that, in what could be the most violent match in the history of this company, you face Matt Rivers at Ice Age. What are your thoughts?

Snatching the microphone away from her, he begins his speech with intensity, using swift hand gestures, moving back and forth contstantly and looking into the camera.

Simon: You know something? I don't deserve to be treated this way, manipulated like I have been, having the odds stacked against me. Everyone wishes for me to just lose with my shoulders pinned for the one, two, three so they won't have to see yours truly as the world champion with this title belt. Nikki, what you don't understand, what those couch potatoes at home don't get, and what these people in this arena who paid a ridiculous amount of money who are forced to watch someone named "Jack Breaker" wrestle me tonight is this. Four months ago, the Internet Wrestling Organization was absoutely nothing. People hated watching us, people didn't want to be here anymore. You say that's a lie, I say that's bull. Malone, Anthason, Birdman, the list goes on. Fans looked elsewhere for their entertainment. They apparently weren't enjoying the "product" the IWO was providing. You want to know why it was so horrible? They made it that way.

He pauses for a moment to clear his throat.

Simon: They could've done something, but they didn't. They finger pointed and blamed each other until the cows came home. Then I came along. I won the world title. Fans in the arena and watching at home, you probably don't like me as your IWO world champion, do you? Well, tell you what. I never liked other people as champion either. Did I complain? No. While those so called "loyal champions" became lazy and unhappy and eventually left in a blink of an eye, I was here. I was loyal, yet I'm sure no one would want to tell you that because recognition for someone who works hard day in and day out is, I guess, out of the question.

Motioning to the cameraman to bring the camera to the floor, the cameraman obliges. As they crouch down, Simon points to the floor.

Simon: I single-handedly brought the IWO from here.

Standing up, he raises his hand as he as he can and stares at the camera.

Simon: To here. What would've happened to the Internet Wrestling Organization if I weren't in it? Simply put, it wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me. I can't believe you people have the nerve to boo me and make a mockery out of me because if it wasn't for Simon Seaman, the IWO would be dead.

Shoving the cameraman backwards, realizing he is finished using him, he continues.

Simon: I didn't become the champ because of some fluke accident. I hold onto the title for over three months because I'm lucky. Face it ladies and gentleman, people are tuning in. Ratings are increasing. All because of me, yet you think that Matt Rivers is worthy of this belt I have around my waist? After all I've done. The blood, the sweat, the tears to bring this company back up and you want Matt Rivers as your champion because he isn't me? Next time you see Rivers, tell him that he's just like the rest of those quitters who left the company. Tell him that doing nothing doesn't equal to something. Tell him that whatever persona he might be whether it's Donnie Daze or Matt Rivers, that will he always be number two.

He quickly switches his mic from one hand to the other.

Simon: So if you still want Matt Rivers as your IWO World Heavyweight Champion, so be it. I don't care. Just take note that if he's your champ, the IWO is just going to go through it all again. From here.

Simon points to the ceiling.

Simon: To here again and once more, it will be all your fault.

Motioning the cameraman to catch the view of the floor again, he does. Next we see Nikki lift the camera up as she grabs a hold of another microphone from off camera.

Nikki: I'll take those opinions into consideration, but Simon, let me ask you another question. What is your reaction to LLB being announced special guest referee at Ice Age by IWO President Tom Ford?

Grabbing the second mic from her, disgusted by her words, he stares at it and then throws it over his shoulder.

Simon: As far as I'm concerned, Ford can do anything he damn well pleases. He can have a special guest ref, he can make me face people obviously beneath me, he can make me face a million opponents at once, he can slice me, dice me, thrill me, kill me, do anything he wants, but in the end, he doesn't really have control against me.

With the IWO logo shown in the background, he stares at it with anger in his eyes before staring into the camera lens.

Simon: You want to fire me, Ford? I bet you do, you really, really do, but this right here is a business. You know deep inside that if you fire me, you'll be firing yourself because without me, this company is a sinking ship. LLB as the special guest referee? Oh no, first Matt Rivers now LLB. 'Tis the season to be scared indeed. You think I'm afraid of LLB? The law? At Ice Age, the law will be obeyed because it will be made by me. My match, my title, my rules, my Pay-Per-View. I bet you'd like to stick me back as a curtain jerker like last year's Ice Age, right Ford? Well this year, it's a different story. For there is no one that is going to stop me. You see those "legends" here? That's right, those loved by all? Wait, no?! Didn't think so.

In frustration of what's been happening to him as of late, he kicks a few chairs over and tears down part of the interview set behind him. Nikki stands back as she lets Simon finish his speech. Wagging his finger at the camera, he shakes his head uttering his words toward the president.

Simon: You want to surprise me tonight? I'm going to do the same. Oh by the way, if you feel the need to fire me at the end of tonight, be my guest. I'm not the one that's going to be blamed for the death of the Internet Wrestling Organization. That would be me. Oh, that's right, it wouldn't be me. I GUESS THAT WOULD BE YOU.

Nikki stands in his way as he tries to walk away. Looking at her with a blank stares, she stands there not knowing what to do next. Without hesitation, he undoes his belt from his waist and shows it to her.

Simon: Are you going to let me leave or do I have to show you my hall pass?

She steps to the side as Simon walks off camera, but not before glancing back and throwing a chair in her direction. It misses her by mere inches as it goes over her head and crashes onto the floor.

Cut back to the ring.

GP: Coming up next is a pretty unusual matchup. Jack Breaker's wife Aubrey is set to face Eye Suk.

JT: And do you know what this means?

GP: ..what?

JT: Aubrey in tights!

GP: ...she's married, you know.

JT: That's just her way of saying that she wants me.

GP: Right... well, Eye Suk is already in the ring, because he doubles as the janitor around here.

"Devil's Haircut" by Beck hits over the PA.

Meygon: Introducing the challenger, weighing in at one hundred forty-three pounds, Aubrey Breaker!

Aubrey comes down to the ring, dressed in a revealing tight t-shirt and wrestling tights. She's accompanied by Jack.


GP: This match is underway!

Aubrey starts the match off with a forearm to Eye Suk, and a drop toehold. Suk hits the mat, and Aubrey lands a knee to the back of his head. As he writhes in pain on the mat, Aubrey lifts him to his feet and executes a hair-pull bulldog. She mounts the turnbuckle as Jack cheers her on. Eye Suk gets to his feet, and Aubrey nails a hurricanrana off the top rope.

GP: That might be it! Aubrey goes for a cover! One! Two! Ooh, so close. Eye Suk managed to kick out.

Aubrey hooks Eye Suk's arms and double-arm DDTs him to the mat. She stomps on his back untill he pulls himself up with the ropes. Aubrey quickly clotheslines him over the top. He gets to his feet outside the ring, and Aubrey lands a cross body block off the top. He hits the ground under the force of Aubrey's body, and lands hard on his shoulder. Aubrey slides him back into the ring and prepares to cover him, when...

"XTC vs. Adam Ant" by They Might be Giants blasts over the PA, signaling the entry of Rodeo Daniels. Aubrey and Jack look up to the stage, and Jack readies himself with a nearby chair... but no Rodeo. Jack starts up the ramp to look for him. Meanwhile, Rodeo hops the crowd barrier behind them and rushes into the ring after Aubrey. Jack notices him on the IWO-tron, but can't reach the ring in time as Rodeo bashes Aubrey's head into the mat. He lifts her in a capture suplex, but suddenly relinquishes the hold when someone hits him in the knees with a broom.

GP: My God... could it be...

"Space Suit" by They Might be Giants blares in the arena as Jake Walker, the former Deadly Sin, stands up to his full six foot one inch and levels Rodeo once again with the broom handle. He motions for Aubrey to cover Eye Suk, who had just been sitting there the whole time.

*ONE!* *TWO!* *THREE!*

Meygon: Here's your winner, Aubrey Breaker!

"Devil's Haircut" hits as Jack and Jake make their way backstage, carrying Aubrey on their shoulders. As they reach the top of the stage, Jake grabs a mic.

Jake: Hey... Rodeo... guess what? I just kicked your ass.

They make their way backstage while Rodeo furiously chases them.

GP: I am in shock of the events that just transpired here!

A shiny, silver-graphite roadster pulled into the employee parking lot of the arena. The powerful engine died, and the driver hopped out of the vehicle.

The driver being Nuke.

Before heading toward the arena, Nuke reached back into his car, and pulled out the aluminum baseball bat he's been using to terrorize Syphon Fission and his girlfriend Quinn as of late. He closes the door, and lets the bat,still stained red from last week's confrontation, rest on his shoulder as he heads into the arena.

We has a sense of purpose entering the arena tonight. He's searched and found a meaning to life's absurdity. Hurting Syphon Fission. It wasn't much, but it was working quite nicely for him...for now anyway.

But as he approached the entrance, he was met by a team of security being led by IWO president Tom Ford. Nuke stopped, standing toe to toe with the men blocking his entrance. Then turned his attention to Tom Ford.

Nuke: Just what the fuck are you doing?

Ford: Exactly what it look's like Nuke. Denying you entrance into tonight's show.

Nuke: *scoffs at him* Heh. Whatever.

Ford: You're not going in Nuke.

Nuke ignores Tom's warning and attempts to go around him, but his grabbed and restrained by the guards.

Ford: I told you. You're not going in.

Nuke: *while struggling with the guards* This isn't cute Tom. You can't deny me entrance to an IWO show. I'm on your fucking roster idiot!

Ford: I can and I am.

Nuke: Jesus. Don't you have better things to do then annoy me?

Ford: Actually, yes. I do. I don't have time for this Nuke. Last weeks stunt was over the line. I can't have wrestlers doing that to other wrestlers. There's been a little too much death in this profession as of late. I have a lot of bullshit to deal with. I can't be worrying about what crap you're about to pull next, and run this federation at the same time. Which is why you're suspended until further notice.

Nuke: *shocked* Suspended!

Ford: Yes. Until I feel things have cooled down, you are to stay away from all IWO events.

Nuke was shocked. But he finally stopped struggling the guards, and ripped free of their grasp. They were about to grab him again, but he held a hand up telling them to cool it.

Nuke: Just chill out. You want to suspend me Ford? Fine. I'll leave. Honest.

Ford: You better be telling the truth.

Nuke: *while grinning* Would I lie to you Tom?

Nuke began back peddling away from the entrance and to his car. Ford said something to the guards and left. Nuke got into his car, fired the engine and backed out of the parking lot.

Ford: Jeez. The things I have to put up with around here...

Suddenly, Rodeo Daniels stumbles up to him, out of breath.

Ford: Ah, Rodeo Daniels. Great. Just what I needed.

Rodeo: *Gasp* Jake Walker.... I want Walker.... NOW!

Ford: Well, you can't have him tonight.

Rodeo stares incredulously, blood trickling down his forehead.

Ford: But, I'll tell you what. You can have him Sunday night at Ice Age.

Rodeo: That's what I like to hear.

Rodeo starts to walk away.

Ford: Did I mention it was a career vs. career match?

Rodeo: What?

Ford: Oh, I guess I did just now. Take it or leave it Rodeo, I'm not in the mood for this... and you staind my shirt!

Ford looks down at his shirt, trying to wipe the blood away, as, fuming, Rodeo trudges away.

Commercial Break.

A knock on steel. A knock at the door of the president of the IWO: Thomas Ford. He was at his desk, sitting in his suit. Had to look professional on the show before Ice Age 4. He spoke out in a stern, kind of annoyed voice.

Ford: Come in!

When he heard the door slam against the wall from the force of it being opened, Ford took a gulp. He looked up and looked eye to eye with an angered vigilante. His name is Syphon Fission. Fission stomped over to Ford's desk, and slammed his hand as hard as he could on the hard oak. He looked at Ford in a way that would donate he had killed someone near and dear to him. Fission yelled at Ford, getting out all his frustration on the corporate suit.

Fission: You did not do what I think you just did? Did you? Because if you did, the payment your going to get from my fists is going to put me behind bars.

Ford: What did I do now? I have to deal with a lot of things right now Mr. Syphon, and just because you have been around here for a long time doesn't mean you can push me around!

Fission grabbed Ford's tie and brought him over the desk. He looked at him. A cold stare was shared. Fission then threw him back into his chair.

Fission: Lift the suspension of Nuke right now!

Ford: I can't do that Fission. You don't understand. We have to punish him for his actions against you!

Fission's face became beat red.

Fission: You are giving utter bullsh*t! THAT'S ALL! Ford, we do our business in the ring! let me deal him his slice of justice in that same ring. You will make loads of money. And Nuke will get his ass kicked. IT'S THAT F*CKING SIMPLE!

Ford: Sorry Syph, can't do it...

Fission smirked at Ford.

Fission: Then I will kill him tonight. Simple at as that. I will see you when you try to explain to the authorities that one of your highest draws is dead, but it is all just for show. Toddles!

Fission walked out of the office, slamming the door behind him. Ford just shook his head.

Ford: ... Toodles?

Ford sighed, trying to regain himself... after toodles?

The IWO logo, in silver behind a black background is shown. We then cut to footage of a silhouette of an individual walking up a ramp in the
middle of the screen. With the camera focused on that individual, it gradually pans away revealing a wrestling ring with a single spotlight shining down on it. A familiar voice is then heard echoing throughout the whole place.

"Some people say that I should get a life."

The camera is ran along the set of ropes, as the light from above begins to shine.

"They tell me that I don't deserve to be here."

From above the ring, an old style microphone is lowered down. With the camera circling, we get a view of the empty seats and the silhouette of
the individual that continues to stand in the background.

"They say I just don't have it."

The sound of chairshots, screams of pain, bodies hitting the canvas are heard as the camera gradually starts to zoom over to the silhouette.

"Get a life they say?"

A hush of silence occurs, as images of the IWO World Heavyweight Title, dramatic shots of pyro, as well as wrestlers in action in the ring are shown as finally the spotlight is focused on the individual standing before us. With the light shining down on him, Simon Seaman smirks as the IWO world title is projected and blown up on the large, white curtain behind him.

"I've already got one."

We segueway to scratchy, film-like footage of Simon standing on the second turnbuckle with the world title held high above his head as dramatic, opera music is heard over everything going on.

"Where superstars become legends..."

From that scene we move onto glimpes of Simon standing confidently on top of a large IWO logo. On top of the logo, he picks up a silver painted, steel chair and looks at it.

"Where legends become immortals..."

The screams of fans are heard as Simon takes that steel chair, stares at the word "legend" carved in stone above him, and proceeds to take that exact chair and strike the word with it, surprisingly shattering it into pieces.

"Where immortals become gods..."

From all around him, the turnbuckles, the ropes as well as the entire ring itself starts to freeze up. Icicles dangle from the microphone hanging above as everything turns to ice with Simon in the middle.

"I will simply be victorious."

As the scene suddenly cuts to a black screen, the Ice Age logo comes into view as the IWO logo appears above it.

Voice-over: A new age is upon us.

Long pause.

Voice-over: The IWO proudly presents Ice Age 4. Coming to you live and only on Pay-Per-View. Call your local cable company for details.

**Commercial Break**

Fission was limping to the back entrance into the building. He knew Nuke would try to sneak into the place and get him. Thanks be to god Quinn was at home, safe from this war. Now it was man to man. And as always, Fission felt good about that. But Nuke did a number on him. His left kneecap is messed up, and his chest and ribs were in searing pain. But he had a man to take out. And thanks for him; his threshold of pain was great. When Fission approached the back parking lot, he noticed a shovel, and grabbed it for himself. Then, he saw Nuke backpedaling toward him. A bat in his hands, Nuke was confident he had gotten away from the guards. Fission smiled. His prey was coming at him. Fission kept as quiet as he could. Two hands on the shovel, he waited patiently. Nuke started yelling out loud, as if in victory.

Nuke: Hey! PIGS! I WIN! You LOSE! And now, I can get that prick and finally get rid of that whore!

He smiled. Fission's blood was about to boil. Nuke was taunting nothingness as he walked backwards. That is, until a shovel shot put him on the ground. Fission looked at Nuke, and began to yell at him.

Syphon: SHUT...

He slammed the shovel against Nuke again.

Syphon: THE...

He struck Nuke again with the shovel.

Syphon: HELL...

Fission kicked Nuke over and began to give him repeated shovel shots to the ribs.

Syphon: UP...

Fission threw the shovel away and picked Nuke up. He kicked him in the gut.

Syphon: YOU...

He put him in position to give him a Death Plunge.

Syphon: F*CKING...

He gives Nuke a Death Plunge.

Syphon: WHORE!

With Nuke bloody and pummeled, Fission walked to the back. His body was hurting, but he tried his best to not show it. Nuke would get to his knees, and was enraged.

Commercial Break.

Fission had caught Nuke by surprise. Nuke wasn't expecting that. He expected Syphon Fission to be scared, and pinned up in his locker room if he even came to Hostile Takeover at all. He was wrong.

Though it didn't bother Nuke. It was always more fun when the victims fought back. And Syphon Fission thought he was so smart, predicting Nuke would try to re-enter. And now here Syphon Fission was stalking Nuke's locker room entrance, again trying to be one step ahead.

Nuke: *whispering to himself* What a dick.

Nuke whispered, while ducking Fission's view. He had been waiting like this for about 15 minutes. He was just waiting for Syphon to get impatient, then it would be his turn to ambush.

As Syphon Fission finally grew tired of guarding the door, he left to search for Nuke. That's when Nuke attacked.

He leaped out of the shadows and shoulder blocked Fission into a wall. He then decked Fission in the gut, and let him crumble to the floor. Nuke's right fist was wrapped in a heavy support chain he found in the back, and decided would come in handy. And it did. Fission closed his eyes, and held his stomach, as he winced in pain.

Nuke mounted the downed Syphon Fission, held up his head, and begin to taunt him.

Nuke: Looking for me Syphie? Yeah? Well today is you're lucky day!

Nuke then planted a right hand wrapped in rusty steel into Fission's face busting Syphon open on impact. Nuke then pummeled him with rights, the chain tearing and scrapping away skin as he did.

Nuke finally let up, and unwrapped the chain from his fist. He then turned Fission over, and wrapped the chain around his neck. Using the chain for added pressure and pain, Nuke locked in his dreaded "No Body Loves You" submission. Syphon Fission was howling in pain.

Nuke was loving every second of it, but Fission's screams attracted unwanted attention. Security swarmed the area, and Nuke was forced to release the hold, and make his escape.

Fission rolled over on all fours gasping for air. He had webs on his neck from where the chain was choking him. He got up to his feet and his eyes burned with anger. A medic which arrived on the scene attempted to tend to his wounds, and Syphon Fission brushed him off, and went after Nuke once more.

And so the chase resumes.

Cut backstage to Jack Breaker's locker room. Jack stands near one corner, warming up for his match. Aubrey is reclining on a couch, with an ice pak on her wrist.

Jack: Well, I'm up next.

Aubrey: Good luck!

Jack: You think I need luck to beat that mongoloid's ass? Luck is what allowed him to hold onto the belt for so long. I'm just gonna go out there and do what I do best, and then we're gonna go get some pizza.

Aubrey: Aren't you being a tad overconfident?

Jack: Does it really matter? The only thing that's keeping me from kicking the world champion's ass is that door. Let's go.

Jack and Aubrey exit.

GP: Well, we have that match to look forward to next... but let's get back to the business unfolding between Nuke and Syphon Fisson!

Fade in to Nuke.

After being chased off by the guards for the second time earlier tonight, Nuke once again attempted to enter the arena. This time however, drunk with rage he wasn't so subtle about it, and was appended quickly. He is once
again being escorted out to the parking lot by security. He's complying-reluctantly-but he's not putting up a fight.

Nuke: *rips his arm from the grasp of one of the guards* Get the fuck off me. I know my way from here.

Security Guard: The next time you try to violate your suspension, and set foot on in this arena, you'll be taken away in handcuffs.

Nuke: *laughs* Ha! That didn't work last week, way the hell would it would now?

Security Guard: I'm serious Nuke. Anymore crap, and Ford can and will press charges.

Nuke: Pffts. Whatever. I'm done with Syphie...for tonight anyway.

Nuke continues to walk toward his car while the guards keep an eye on him, not quite trusting him. He would've kept his word too. He had no reason to re-enter the arena.

No reason until...

Fission walked out to him. Fission, bloody and filled with rage himself, stormed out in front of the security entourage, and stopped them. Looking at the guards, he stopped them and began to talk to them.

Syphon: Good job in doing your jobs, fellows. The acts over. This is all...after's fake...isn't that right...

He couldn't stand to, but he knew this was the only way to get at Nuke. And Nuke knew the same thing.

Nuke was overcome with the urge to strike at the sight of him, but he quickly quelled the fire burning inside of him. He knew Fission was dying to rip him into shreds. But they had to do something about those pesky guards.
Nuke played along.

Nuke: Heh, good ole Rashard. You know we're not supposed to break character. Bah, Hostile Takeovers over. What'd ya say we stop this silly trying to kill each other business. I'm almost plum out of fake blood. Haha!

Nuke was laughing and smiling at Syphon Fission. Putting on a real great show for the guards. It was sickening him.

But once the guards left the real show would begin.

Nuke smiled gaily, and outstretched a hand to Syphon Fission, waiting for him to make his move.

Syphon: Yeah...this fake sure looks real...

One of the security guards looked at Fission.

Guard: I am sorry...but Ford said this is real. We can not take any precautions...

That's when it all boiled over. Fission gave the guard a super kick to the jaw. His knee almost buckled, but he put on a stoic face.

The charade had to end sometime. The other 3 guards watched stupidly, as there comrade went down hard. Nuke acted quickly, his fist smashing against the jaw of the guard to his right, snapping his head back violently, before
he collapsed to the asphalt. The other guard looked to be reaching for his firearm, but a stiff right to the back of his neck, quickly aborted any action he was going to take.

There was one guard left. Nuke and Syphon Fission disregarded him however, and were immersed in an intense stare down. If the remaining guard cared, for his well being, he wouldn't get involved.


Nuke flashed Syphon a grotesque smile, as he gave Fission a psychotic glare, and began to advance.

Nuke: You've never been more right Syphie. It does end...FOR YOU!

Nuke charged, and so did Fission. The two clashed in a flurry of fist.

It was quite a sight. Neither man was giving in. They just kept throwing punches at one another. The battle between the ultimate good, and the ultimate evil. Screw Seaman versus Rivers. Fission and Nuke were not doing it for a title. A company. They hit each other because of the desire to. Because, in the end, after their fight, they will not have a couple brews at the local pub. They hit each other and intended on inflicting bodily harm. They intended on killing each other. And they would have no regard for the other's life.


Fission laid out Nuke with a perfectly formed tackle. He was on top of Nuke and began to harm him with rights and lefts. He did it like a service. And Fission enjoys doing service with a smile.

Fission kept Nuke down, with a vicious barrage of punches. Nuke finally got Fission off of him by jerking to his side roughly, tossing Syphon Fission off of him. Fission pounced again, but Nuke held a knee up which connected with Fission chest, briefly knocking the wind out of him.

Nuke wipes a splotch of blood from his cheek, as he rose to his feet. Syphon Fission rushed again, and tackling Nuke, and pinning him against the windshield of a car. Fission rained down a shower of punches upon Nuke's face. Nuke's visage, was streaking with blood.

The onslaught finally ceased when Nuke headbutted Fission in the face. Nuke's forehead collided with Fission's nose, which exploded in a cloud of crimson mist.

Nuke charged at Fission, punching away at him. He backed Syphon Fission to the back entrance, and the both went crashing though it into the back stage area as Nuke speared Syphon Fission through the wooden door.

Fission screamed as he got up at the same time as Nuke. Fission was pissed off now. His brain was diverted to his fighting. Fending off the pain, he grabbed Nuke and charged him into a wall, forcing him through. Fission
stumbled as he pushed Nuke through. Nuke was up, and was just as angry as Fission. Nuke punched Fission in the face but once, then grabbed him by the head and threw him through a pane glass window in the room. The blood that was around was ungodly. Fission was on the ground...trying to fend off the searing pain.

Nuke was exhausted. He tried to gather his breath for one second, but when he looked up again, he saw something coming at him. A steel chair pelted him in the face before his brain could put two and two together. Fission was standing, his white shirt soaking with dark blood. His face was twisted. The pain was getting at him. He picked up Nuke and took him out of the room, and returned the favor. He threw him through a pane glass window. Nuke was in a heap on the ground...but so was Fission.

Nuke crawled over to Fission who was just raising to one knee. Nuke read the pain on Fission's face as he attempted to gingerly stand up on the weak knee. Nuke saw his chance.

He mustered up what strength he had and decided to strike. Before Fission could realize Nuke was already up, Nuke planted a standing dropkick to Syphon's injured knee. Fission grimaced and screamed in pain as he grabbed
the knee and fell back.

Nuke rose, and lifted Syphon Fission to his feet and applied a head lock. Nuke then went to work, ruthlessly pounding that the spine and ribs of Syphon Fission with elbows and punches to the side and back.

Nuke was thoroughly enjoying himself. Until his look of pleasure, turned into a contortion of pain and he howled in agony. He released Fission, but Fission had his badly injured rib cage locked in a bear hug. Fission crushed
at Nuke's weak ribs, while Nuke twisted in pain. Fission, with Nuke in his clutches rammed both their bodies through a metal door, swinging it open, and causing them to tumble down a short flight of stairs. They both lay, in their respective pools of blood, and struggled to remain conscious.

That's when President Thomas Ford made himself at welcome to the fray. He looked at two of his biggest draws in his company with a distaste.

Ford: I thought you two would let it all blow over. Like smoke under the bridge. But you wouldn't, you just tired each other out, because I know for a fact you still want to rip each other's spines out and feed them to each you have left me no other choice...

Was he going to fire them?

Ford: So it will happen! Nuke will defend his North American Championship at Ice Age 4...against Syphon Fission in a...

Tom just had to get a dramatic pause in.

Ford: Buried Alive Match!

Both Nuke and Fission smiled. They had their chance to kill each other. And it would all be legal.

Ford: Now...guards...get these two men as far away from each other as possible. Having a lost of life on a wrestling show nowadays seems so...redundant...Jesus I'm sounding like Mad Max. Do you see what you two
are doing to me!

Exit Ford and enter a police force. With about ten men on each of them, Fission and Nuke were being escorted away. They both broke free and gave us one more image before Ice Age...

A cold stare was exchanged between the two.

We fade back to ringside.

GP: Well, it's main event time - and you know what that means! Seaman, Breaker! This is going to go mad!

JT: I'm gunna go mad - cripes, it's only Jack Breaker - Simon Seaman needs a true champion for competition.

GP: Like you?

JT: Nah, I was kinda thinking Bob the Builder.

'Kashmir' by Led Zeppelin starts up and the crowd goes NuTs! Jack Breaker walks to the ring, and gives them all a wave and a salute.

Meygon: The following Non-Title, No Disqualification match is scheduled for one-fall! On his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 215 pounds, from New Orleans, Louisiana, Jack Breaker!!!

JT: Wait...Who made this No DQ!?

The crowd goes bannana at the mention of his name, and he slides into the ring. 'Relax' by Powerman 5000 kicks in, and the crowd jeers and boos the IWO World Champion, Simon Seaman. He steps out from backstage and gives the crowd a quick taunt to get some real heat. He makes his way to the ring, and hands the belt to the time keeper. He also slides into the opposite side of the ring, and the referee stands inbetween them. - the two begin to yell at each other.

JT (sarcastically): Yeah, Nice one Breaker, REAL innovative - Yelling at Seaman.

GP: I don't hear any of these fans complaining, I'm looking forward to a good match.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

GP: Woah! Seaman starts off the match well, with a nice Flying somersault drop kick! Brilliant! Absolutley Brilliant!

JT: Ha! He's only starting to reach his full potential. Oo, Look! Seaman gets back into Breaker with a jumping neck snap on him! Ha!

GP: Look's like S2 is going up top for a quick...YES! He does, Seaman with a double foot stomp onto Jack Breaker!

JT: Ah, this match is over - Seaman can't be beaten.

GP: Wait! Breaker is staggering to his feet! Seaman saying something to the crowd, he has his back turned!

JT: You're saying Breaker sucks too? Thankyou.

GP: No, I didn't say...

JT (holding his hand up): Talk to the hand, Parker, talk to the hand.

GP: Breaker has Seaman in a headlock! Dammit JT! You always talk at stupid times! Breaker is taking Seaman to the ropes, He's...He's...

JT: Breaker can't do that! He just put Seaman's head through the ropes! He's choking him, Goddamit! That's not legal!

GP: It's as legal as the squirrel grip on a Saturday Night, JT.

JT: Seaman is cut open at the base of his chin. This is horrible! Stop the match! The champ is injured!

GP: Wait! Seaman kick's his foot back into the crouch of Jack Breaker! Breaker is down, dammit, that's just low Seaman.

JT: Hench the expression 'Low Blow.' Man, you suck Parker, I'm talking to Ford about you, you have to go.

GP: Your just jealous that I get all the women.

JT scofs at the prospect, almost to a state where he can't breath.

GP: Seaman has his head free from the cell and is looking to get some revenge on Breaker. Seaman standing over Breaker now...And Jack Breaker get's a foot up himself! My god! Simon Seaman got his wanger well and truley rang!

JT: Seaman has Titanium Testicles, he could withstand anything happening to those baby's.

GP: Looks like he's about to pass out, actually.

JT: Simon attempts a quick stomp onto Breaker, but Woah! Breaker brings Seaman to the mat and lock's in a figure four! C'mon Seaman! Give him a what for! This is outrageous! Breaker is using every illegal move in the book just to win!

GP: No DQ, JT. Nothing is illegal.

JT: A figure four on my baby is!

GP: ...A figure four on your WHAT?!

JT: A figure four on Seaman - That's what I said...WHAT! Don't look at me like that, Parker!

GP: Seaman is looking a bit week, he's trying to turn it over. And damn, it looks like he almost might have him over too.

JT(singing): Go...Seaman Go....Seaman Go...

GP: Jack Breaker realeases the lock and gets back to his feet. Jack heads up to the top turnbuckle and lands with a beautifully executed legdrop, hitting Simon square in the face.

JT: Seaman is staggering up, there's my boy! And he pushes Jack into the ropes! Breaker fly's over the ropes and he's landing on the floor here at ringside!

GP: Simon Seaman just pushed Jack Breaker clean through the ropes! Unbelivable! Breaker is laying out cold here at ringside, whilst Seaman is standing in the ring!

JT: Jack Breaker is bleeding everywhere! Go for it Seaman! Hit him with a...something.

GP: Look's like he's going to dish out that something, Seaman heading for the ropes...he's going outside them, and...setting up for a...yes...Lionsault! Lionsault from the ring, to the floor! That's gotta hurt!

JT: As long as it didn't hurt Seaman, get up Simon!

GP: Simon is up, this boy loves going to the crowd, doesn't he? Wait! Breaker is onto his feet! He gives Seaman a tap on the shoulder...And a tilt-a-whirl powerslam by Jack Breaker shows his true strength as he slams Seaman into the ground, that's gotta hurt.

JT: Breaker taking Mr. Seaman into the ring...and he's locking an elbow submission onto goodness, this is terrible!

GP: The referee is checking the situation. Seaman is fighting the hold. Man, he looks like he's in some pain there. Breaker realeasing the hold, and heading up the top turnbuckle, Seaman getting onto his feet, holding that elbow rather badly. And WOAH! Breaker nails Seaman with a flying bulldog.

JT: If Breaker keeps using moves like that he could win the match. They're all illegal.

GP: JT, You're really bugging me - If it's illegal, then the ref will pick it up, OK? Breaker sends Seaman to the floor. Breaker pulls off a standing moonsault.

JT: Jack executes a ropeflip hiptoss on Simon Seaman. He goes for the pin! NO!

GP: There's one...There's two...And there's Seaman getting his shoulder up, just in time. Good god, this is brilliant!

JT: Seaman's being screwed!

GP: Simon is NOT being screwed JT, sit in the car.

JT: But..I...

GP: Nope. Sit in the car.

JT: Wait! Look! Seaman has Breaker Pinned again! One! Two!

GP: Breaker has his shoulder up!

JT: Three! The Ref counted the three! Seaman wins! Seaman wins!

GP: That can't work! How does that work? Jack Breaker has just been ultimatly screwed!

Seaman raises his hands in victory as the bell sounds three times. Seaman didn't even realize the referee was about as tall as him...

Seaman went over to the referee, and demanded to have his hand raised. The referee did so, as Seaman slapped him in the back of the head, telling him to go and get his championship.

And the referee did this, recieving the championship from Meygon, and handing it slowly to Seaman.

Seaman turned around to the crowd, raising the championship high in the sky, climbing the turnbuckle, and absorbing the boos of the audience. He was on top, just like he thought he would be at Ice Age.

And then, the boos turned to cheers, and Seaman brushed it off. Maybe these fans were finally realizing that Simon Seaman is one hell of a competitor. Maybe they realize the awesome power of Simon Seaman.

But as Seaman bounced down from the turnbuckle, and turned around, his face opened in wide shock.

Standing there, in a referee's shirt, a mask in his right hand, was Matt Rivers. Seaman didn't think Rivers was here tonight, no one did, but now Seaman knew. He immediatly went to hit Rivers in the head with his championshipo, but Rivers was able to duck underneath. Seaman was prone to Rivers' Dazed and Confused, his back turned away, as Rivers tried it. Seaman was able to thrust his hands backwards, sending Rivers into the corner.

Seaman fell to the ground however, using all of his body to push Rivers into the corner. Seaman slowly regained himself, as Rivers came charging in.

Rivers hooked the limp Seaman, a battle weary Seaman, and raised him up in the sky...

Further Paralysis.

Rivers looked down at Seaman with a look of joy. He hadn't hit that move in a while, but he hit it on Seaman, right there, right then. Rivers beant down, picking up the championship that Seaman had dropped, and raised it to the fans, as the show slowly left the air.