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Hostile Takeover
Hostile Takeover 12/21/01
Live from Los Angelos, California

Ford didn't know what would happen.

It was only one true week between now and the legendary Ice Age IV Pay Per View. So much to live up to, he wasn't sure if he could. He wasn't sure what would happen.

But he really shouldn't be looking beyond tonight. Tonight, something will happen, something, he knew it.

Pacing back and forth in his office, he seemed agitated. He seemed nervous, to say the least. Sweat trickled down his forehead, covering his body. His suit had turned into a diver's wet suit, pratically dripping at the amount of tension that had been exposed.

Ford didn't think he could contain it.

Ford: What exactly did I get myself into? What did I do running a company such as the IWO. Trying to bring it up to glory standards, trying to bring it up to the best thing out there. I know it's hard, I know I can't do it. I can't live up to Ice Age three... or two... or the first stellar card. At least, not with Seaman as the champion...

Ford thought to himself. He knew Seaman was weighing his company down, calling the IWO his own personal wrestling federation by the SWO. There has been so much that he's done against the IWO since he's become champion, and with his rise, the IWO has risen as well. Ford knew this, Ford knew Seaman was as good as he was bad. But...

He knew Seaman couldn't take them to the next level. He knew that when it was all said and done, he needed the championship off of Seaman's shoulders, no matter the cost. And he also knew that, there wouldn't be a fair way to do it if Seaman cheated. He knew that he wouldn't be able to have a fair match at Ice Age... and he knew he couldn't restore order to chaos...

And then... he thought of one man...

And Ford smiled....

"Los Angelos" by Frank Black played over the pa system of the sold out Alexandria Riverfront Center in Los Angelos, California, where tonight, tensions were at an all time high. Where the IWO was one week away from Ice Age IV... In eight days, Ice Age would begin, and in nine days, it would be all over. Where the IWO will be after the Ice Age however, isn't certain. It's not certain who will survive...

But the fans didn't care. The fans that packed the arena screamed for their favorite wrestlers, screamed for the start of a jam packed show. And they wouldn't be disappointed.

The cameras faded to the announce team of Greg Parker and JT. JT had been rocking out to the song, sway back and forth in the softer quiet parts and trying to mosh with Greg Parker. Of course, moshing and Greg Parker would be like mixing water and oil. It just doesn't work.

GP: Will you STOP that JT! We are LIVE, from the Alexandria Riverfront Center,and we ready for one hell of a show. Ice Age is just eight days away, the extravaganza that is the IWO will be unleashed.

JT: That's right Greg! Ice Age, a time of destruction chaos, and when it's all over, a rebirth. The end of an era, the begining of a new. What will survive will all be determined on the dates of December 29th and the 30th! Two jam packed days of shows for your enjoyment!

GP: That's right JT, at Ice Age, there will be stands for fans to meet and greet with their favorite wrestlers, merchandise, it'll be it's own woodstock pratically! Anything for the fans of the IWO.

JT: And I believe we're even going to have a band or two to play in between wrestling sets? And the esteemed IWO awards of 2001?

GP: That's all on the agenda as of now JT, and I'm sure I can't wait personally till next week. And next week, Simon Seaman and Matt Rivers will battle for the World Heavyweight Championship. Tempers have been flaring ever since Autumn in Hell, when Simon Seaman used Evan Levine and Mike Extreme to not only screw High Flyer from the championship, but Matt Rivers as well.

JT: Oh this one sided journalism Parker. Seaman didn't screw Rivers, Rivers had just a fair chance as anyone else!

GP: How can you say that! Mike Extreme was sent to INJURE Matt Rivers so that Seaman would have an easy climb to glory. And then, with Evan Levine's former booking power, he forced a hurt Rivers to battle Seaman directly after his match with Mike Extreme! How can you say that Seaman earned the championship.

JT: EASY PARKER! Has anyone proved Seaman wrong in being champion? Has anyone beaten him?

GP: Well, let's go down the list, High Flyer, AWS Man(Also Known as Bill), Mad Max...

JT: None of them beat Seaman for the title Parker! NONE! They all lost, just like Rivers will AGAIN!

GP: They LOST because Seaman CHEATED! Can't you see that you blind pedophile!

JT: Insults don't matter when Seaman is still the champion. No matter what you say, you can't change that fact.

Parker paused, JT pulled the trump card so to say, and Parker let out a sigh of dispare. JT then raised his hands like he had won the lottery.


GP: Uhmmm... yes, that I shall do.

Parker rolled his eyes, as an old song…a cry from the past…it plays loudly in the arena…causing a
mass of people to go nuts. That song is "Papercut" by Linkin Park. The theme signified the coming of someone who, for over a year, was the IWO's resident ass kicker…its doer of good deeds…its player of psychological warfare. This music signified the coming of one of the best the IWO had…

Syphon Fission.

He strolled out of the back with his usual intensity marked on the angered look on his face. His deep blue hair was in a ponytail, with his tight black shirt showing off what he had worked hard in the weight room crafting. His baggy tan khaki shorts, his black pair of Nike's…all were there. As was a certain beautiful young lass.

Quinn Morgan.

She walked to the ring with Fission, her face nervous. She knew someone like Nuke could attack at anytime. At anyplace. And under any circumstances. As we could notice, something concrete, shaped oddly was tucked under his arm. When the couple finally got in the ring, Fission stood before everyone, microphone in his hand. It had been there since he came from the back. The fans complied fairly quickly, their cheers coming to a screeching halt. He surveyed the crowd, looking for Nuke. He finally began to speak to the crowd.

Syphon: It seems…that our North American Champion…he wants a war. Why else mess with a man's wife? Why mess with his tranquility? Why try to play dumb…and ignorant to the fact that he simply is not man enough to fight mono e mono. So…I will make this short and to the point. Nuke…I know you're here. I do not care if you are in the crowd waiting for your time to come and make a boring and typical run in. I do not care if you are in the back, sipping tea…or licking your chops to a big piece of manly ass. I do not care if you are in Anchorage Alaska…b you listen to me. War is not a pretty thing. It isn't glamorous. And if you think I am your launching pad to the IWO World Title…you are very much mistaken. In the end…when we do battle in the squared circle…the superior man…regardless of psychological well being…will be victorious. And simply put…that man is me. And you want to know why?

Fission pulled the concrete slab from under his arm. He examined it harshly, and then looked at the crowd.

Syphon: Because the future says it. This epitaph, for you…it signifies it. It has your name…your birth date…your picture etched in stone. The only thing missing is the date of passing. And Nuke…if you screw with Quinn… I will be the one who puts you…*six feet under*. And that is…the last word!

A close up of the nervous look on the face of Quinn, is the last thing we see as we hear "Papercut" blare. We fade to black for a commercial.

**Commerical Break**

Backstage in front of an large IWO logo showed proudly on the wall in the background, we see IWO personality Nikki standing there with a mic in hand looking to her left. Speaking into it, she appears to be looking at no one.

Nikki: Can you explain your actions last week on Hostile Takeover? Why did you do what you did? Do you think you deserved the consequences? Are you looking for revenge? What are you plans from here to Ice Age?

Panning over to the right, we see her place her mic towards Simon Seaman. With bright blue, shiny pants, a silver silk shirt and the IWO World Title shown proudly around his waist, he looks at the IWO logo as we hear the fans inside the arena boo at the mere sight of him. Pointing to the IWO sign, he grabs the microphone away from her and raises his voice.

Simon: What the hell is that? What kind of stunt or you trying to pull?

Glancing back at the logo, she shrugs her shoulders and speaks into the microphone in Simon's possession.

Nikki: It's the IWO logo.

Pulling the mic back towards him, he gets annoyed from the previous remark.

Simon: I know what is it damn it! I just want to know why is it here when you know and the fans know that this is the SWO now? The Seaman Wrestling Organization. I have the title, I rule this company. I think therefore I am the best so listen here.

Walking up to the logo, he pulls it down from the wall and throws it to the ground before speaking. From beside him, he crouches down and picks up a large, rectangular piece of glass. Looking into the camera, he notices Nikki laughing at him in the corner of his eye. Seeing her, he turns to her and threatens her with it as she backs away.

Simon: You want to get a taste of this like I got last week? That's what I thought.

He stares back into the camera speaking with intensity.

Simon: You know, I'm not surprised you, Matt Rivers. I'll tell you why. Only a coward like you would attack me after I was emotionally and physically spent and unable to defend myself. After all this time, after all these months of me trying to show you that I am and will always be better than you, you just don't get it. How dare you embarrass me out there? How dare you come out there like you accomplished something by hitting me with this?

Looking down at the ground, he pauses before continuing.

Simon: Ice Age IV is just around the corner. The biggest Pay-Per-View of the year, December 30, at the Cow Palace in San Fran, C-A. I know that you are just dying to get beaten again by yours truly so since this is the Christmas time, I'm going to be generous and give the needy such as yourself something special. Since I am in the spirit of giving, guess what? You're going to get what you deserve. For on that day, it's going to be Matt Rivers. You, Matthew Rivers versus I, Simon Seaman for this world title around my waist.

A loud cheer from the crowd is heard as Simon places the microphone on the floor and puts his hand up to his ear hearing their reaction and nodding his head. Grabbing the mic back off the ground, he continues.

Simon: You hear that reaction? The fans just can't get enough of me. Anyway, you better believe that I'm going to be there. I hope you are to. Isn't it going to be fun? I know it's going to be one hell of an event.

About to walk away, he looks down at the piece of glass in his hand and comes to a halt. Looking back at the camera, he smirks.

Simon: Before I leave, I forget to mention this tiny, minuscule, fact. At Ice Age, when it's Simon Seaman versus Matt Rivers for the World Heavyweight Championship, since you like glass so much, I'm going to let you and myself get more acquainted with it. You know how you shouldn't throw stones at a glass house? Well it's going to be a glass house and that stone is going to be your body, Rivers. You see this piece of glass? Times it by a thousand. At Ice Age, it's going to be you versus me in hell. A... glass... hell... in... a... cell. I'm going to get revenge for everything you did to me, all the stress you have caused, everything that has involved yourself and I will be resolved. Oh and if you have any questions, ask yourself because I'm not the one who's going to get my ass handed to me in front of the world. Wait, I'm not going to lose? Well, I guess that must be you. You can thank me later.

A loud eruption of cheers are heard as the mere mention of the match excites the crowd. He walks away and throws the mic back over to Nikki.

GP: Seaman versus Rivers in a glass hell in a cell at Ice Age?!

JT: Yes! Justice will be served! Who ever said violence doesn't solve anything?

GP: My god is that going to be something! Seaman versus Rivers at the biggest Pay-Per-View of the year!

JT: There is no doubt that this is going to be pure hell. I can't wait!

The scene cuts backstage. We see Jack Breaker, tying his sneakers in preparation for his comming match. He turns to the door and Aubrey follows. He reaches for the doorknob, but it escapes his grasp as the door swings open. Simon Seaman steps into the room and looks around, bewildered.

Simon: This isn't my locker room?

Jack: Well then I guess it must be mine...

The crowd pops for Breaker, as Seaman turns to leave, but Jack stares at him questioningly.

Simon: ...What? Who the hell are you too look at me like that! Who the hell are you!

Jack: My God, you are one hideously ugly man.

Simon: What the...?

Jack: No, seriously. I mean, Jesus Christ, man! You look like a goddamn muppet with all it's hair shaved off!

Simon: Hey, I...

Aubrey: No, I'm afraid Jack's right, Simon. You might want to go get a grocery bag or something for your head.

Simon: Wha...

Jack: Well, I'll see you later, unfortunately. SOME people around here actually work for a living.

Simon: But I...

Jack: No no, ugly people are not allowed on TV.

That's it. After everything this Jack Breaker character said, he couldn't take it. Seaman let loose with a vicious right hand, sending Breaker down to the locker room floor. Seaman however was quick to pounce on top, pounding away with vicious rights and lefts. Only when Aubrey Breaker reached, grabbing Seaman's hand to stop him, did he relent.

Simon Seaman: Who are you people anyway?

Seaman looks up to Aubrey, who has his right hand in her grasp. She's just barely holding on, trying to protect Jack as best as she could. Seaman just sort of looks at her, and whips his hand backwards, sending Aubrey slamming up against the nearest wall. Seaman gets up, and dusts himself off, and looks down at his carnage. Jack immediatly goes over to Aubrey's side, trying to help her.

Simon Seaman: Oh, did you throw your girlfriend up against the wall?

Seaman pauses, and smirks in Breaker's direction.

Simon Seaman: You didn't? Well I guess that must be me.

Seaman turns away, towards the entrance door of the locker room, when...


Seaman collapses in a gasp of pain, glass shattering all around him.

And standing there was Matt Rivers. The fWo Survivor contestant, the former World Heavyweight Champion, and the man that hated Seaman more than any other.

Rivers just looked down, pleased, as the fans let out a cry of approval. Rivers slowly walked away, leaving Seaman down on the locker room floor, a small trickle of blood pouring from his head.

**Commercial Break**

Slowly, the camera returns to the parking lot, as we see a white Lotus slowly pull in, High Flyer in the driver's seat. The crowd lets out a pop, as he slowly pulls into the nearest parking space. He reaches over to his side, and pulls out the crusier weight chamionship from a bag, releasing another small pop to the crowd. Flyer slowly reaches over to his side door, to unlock it and get out...

However, a hand was enclampsed over it, and suddenly, a look of shock and fear shown over the face of High Flyer. He was reached out by this person, and drug out of the car, before a quick side kick knocked the camera down to the ground. The person couldn't be identified, but whowever it was, they took Flyer...

Ford: What the hell are people thinking?

Ford was still pacing to a degree. His phone call must have been brief, but that left him to attend to other matters as well.

Ford: First, Seaman goes around calling the IWO the SWO, and then Flyer just lets anyone they want into the IWO at Ice Age. Anyone that weighs under 225 pounds can just come in and battle it out on MY television. You know how many lawsuits I could have on my hands?

Ford seems to be talking to Steve Christ, who is sitting there, sort of staring out of space.

Ford: And what the hell are you doing Steve?

Steve suddently breaks out of his trance like state.

Steve Christ: That's not a way to get an answer out of the son of God, now is it Tommy-Boy.

Ford sighed. He wasn't sure why Steve Christ was really there. He had no clue, but he was there. He just sort of appeared there, and has been more of a pain than anything else.

Ford: Listen, Steve, think you could get Seaman and Flyer in my office asap? I need to talk to both of them.

Steve Christ: I'm the son of God, not the son of Hermes.

Ford: Will you just shut up and work with me here for once?

Steve got up from his chair, disgruntled, but it was nothing near the anger that ensued on Ford's face. Something had thrown him off, and we were going to find that out...

The camera returns to the locker room, as we see Sebastian Leifel standing there, lacing up his boots.

GP: What exactly is Sebastian doing here tonight?

And behind him, appears Mad Max.

JT: I think he's here to be annoyed by Mad Max.

Mad Max: Hi Sebastian!

Sebastian turns around, startled at the site of Max behind him. He jumps, and then turns his fear into anger.

Sebastian Leifel: What the hell are you doing here Max, because if you're here to screw me over, I swear to God I will throw your head against a wall and make you pay.

Mad Max: Oh, I'm not here to fight Sebastians!

Sebastian looks around confused.

Sebastian Leifel: There's only one of me you know...

Mad Max: Silly Sebastians. See, you must has been super sillys last weeks, when you costs my matches with Seamans!

Sebastian just looks at him odd again, confused.


Sebastian Leifel: Listen Max, what do you want, because I'm getting annoyed, and bored...

Mad Max: I wants matches at Ice Age, in order to beat the sillys in you!

Sebastian Leifel: As long as you leave my sight, you can have fort knox for all I care...

Mad Max just stands there, not actually fulfilling Sebastian's request.

Sebastian Leifel: WELL! What the hell are you doing here?

Max looks around confused.

Mad Max: Well, I have to say my catch phrases!

Sebastian Leifel lets out a sigh, as Max looks at him even closer. He seems to be edging Sebastian on, and Sebastian concurs, sighing once more.

Mad Max & The crowd: REDUNDANT!

Max leaves the locker room, as Sebastian just shakes his head in disgust.

GP: Sebastian Leifel and Mad Max, signed and sealed for Ice Age!

We fade into the locker room of Syphon Fission. Fission and Morgan are sitting, watching Hostile Takeover on a television they have inside the locker room when a young, foxy lady comes in. She is dressed like an intern. She asks a question directly to Syphon Fission.

Intern: Mister…um…Syphon?

Syphon: Call me Rashard.

Intern: Okay…um…do you know that tonight you have a match against Simon Seaman?

Fission's face was puzzled. He was not told by anyone that this match would take place. No phone calls. He didn't even sign a contract.

Syphon: No…I did not.

Intern: It's for the IWO World Title.

Syphon: Look…I know that's great and all…but that…

Intern: Your on next. HURRY!

The intern makes a quick exit. Fission sits back down in his chair and looks Quinn in the eyes. She is happy, but Fission has a perplexed look spread on his face.

Quinn: You got your chance. The one you have wanted since you lost the title to Potright. Win what's yours back!

Syphon: Fact is…this is random and…frankly…very fishy.

Quinn: Why do you say that?

Syphon: How can I justify a shot at the IWO World Champion? I can't. I have yet to cut a promo since I returned. I have been lazy when it comes to media appearances. They need to get me going. I am 0-2 since I
returned. I do not deserve the title shot.

Quinn: Just see it as a gift.

Syphon: I think Nuke is behind this…

Quinn: Well…don't worry. I will be fine. Let me stay back here.

Syphon: Fine. You lock that door. I am going to see Ford.

Fission exited the room, and locked the door behind him. He could only hope that Nuke would not pick this time to pounce.
The camera fades backstage, as we see AWS Man(Also Known as Bill), watching, what else, but pornography. Suddenly, into the room bursts Schitzo Tod.

AWS Man(Also Known as Bill): Freak Tod! You're freakin' spoiling my porn moment!

Schitzo Tod: ... Can You believe it AWS Man(Also Known as Bill)! It's the return of Team Tampax! It's us in a tag team match in the main event! Oh the good old times! Remember when we killed Viagra?

AWS Man(Also Known as Bill): Oh freakin' yeah!

Brian Blade: You didn't actually KILL them AWS Man(Also Known as Bill)...

Tod jumps, not seeing Blade there, who seemed to have been off camera for whatever reason.

Brian Blade: You only beat them because of Rob Kestler and Psycho Jay, I hope you remember that.

AWS Man(Also Known as Bill): You're ruinin' our freakin' moment here Blade! And I'm freakin' missing my porn!

Voice: No, but I am...

The camera quickly turns to the entrance, as we see Harold Hash standing there alongside Evan Levine. He seems to have a devilish smile on his face.

And then they charge, Evan Levine clotheslining Brian Blade down to the ground. Hash goes after AWS Man(Also Known as Bill), however AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) is able to catch Hash square in the jaw with a vicious side kick, the Knock Your Freakin' Head Off. Hash falls down, clutching at his face, as Evan turns around to him. Tod however, grabs Evan, and thrusts him into the nearest wall, face first, but, Evan backs up, colliding heads with Tod, sending both man down.

Suddenly, Pen, who was in Hash's pocket, catches AWS Man(Also Known as Bill)'s eyes. He opens them in a large gaze.

Pen is thrusted upwards, and cluthes at AWS Man(Also Known as Bill)'s face. He tries to fight it, but throws it off, right into a recovering Tod's hands, and Knock Your Freakin' Head Off.

Pen goes flying into Evan Levine's hands, as they slowly make their way out. Tod, fallen, hurt, as AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) tries to help him to his feet.

Rob Kestler slowly makes his way into the locker room, shocked and amazed at the destruction before his eyes...

Rob Kestler: Derp..

Kestler stands wide-eyed, as the scene cuts away..

World Tag Team Championship
Those Damned Mexicans -c- vs. Jack Daniels Connection

Meygon: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it's for the IWO World Tag championships! Making their way to the ring first, the champions, Edguardo and Diablo, Those Damn Mexicans!

"Johnny" by System of a Down plays as the crowd pops for the champs. They make their way to the ring and hand the championship belts to the ref, who holds them up for a moment, then passes them to the timekeeper.

Meygon: Making their way to the ring next, from New Orleans Louisiana and Tulsa, Oaklahoma, Jack Breaker and Rodeo Daniels, the Jack Daniels Connection!

"Black Dog" by Led Zeppelin hits as Jack Breaker and his wife Aubrey stroll out to the ring, trailed by Rodeo. They slide into the ring, and Jack poses on the turnbuckles with Aubrey on his shoulders, as Rodeo stares down the Mexicans.

GP: The Jack Daniels Connection have been going through some rough times lately. Let's see if they can keep it together long enough to win those tag straps.

Rodeo heads to the apron, as does Edguardo, leaving Jack and Diablo in the ring. They lock up. Jack quickly breaks his grasp on Diablo, and Diablo stumbles for a second, giving Jack and opportunity to hit a facebuster. He mounts the turnbuckle to capitalize with a body splash, but Diablo rolls away and Jack lands on a sore shoulder.

GP: Jack's still pretty beat up from his encounter a little while ago with Simon Seaman...

Diablo takes it to Jack's ribs with some stiff chops, backing him into the turnbuckle. Diablo tags in Edguardo, and they double-irish-whip Jack across the ring. Jack rebounds, and the Mexicans go for a double team, but Jack clotheslines them both. Diablo rolls out to the apron, and Jack kicks Edguardo in the gut. Edguardo hunches over, and Jack DDTs him to the mat. Jack hits the top rope once again, and this time lands a leg drop. He lifts Edguardo to his feet and manages to gain some momentum with a few hook punches. He backs Edguardo into the corner and sets him up on the turnbuckle for a superplex, but Edguardo kicks Jack off and nails an elbow drop. Jack manages to make the tag to Rodeo. Rodeo immediately takes Edguardo down with a superkick. Edguardo pops back up and Rodeo takes him back down with a strong crossover clothesline.

JT: Ha, Rodeo's way more focused in there than Jack was!

GP: That's because Rodeo didn't just get his ass kicked by our World champion.

JT: Yeah, well...uh... I don't like that tie you're wearing! Yeah! How do you like them apples?

GP: ..I'm not wearing a tie.

JT: A...damn.

Edguardo tries to get ahold of Rodeo to hook him for a suplex, but Rodeo just takes him down with a snapmare and follows up by stomping angrily on Ed's somach. Edguardo manages to grab the bottom rope, and the ref forces Rodeo to break it up, which he does. Edguardo makes it to his feet, and Rodeo tries a clothesline, which Edguardo reverses into an armbar. He applies some pressure, but Rodeo manages to squirm out easily. Rodeo reaches his feet and Edguardo whips him into the ropes and hits a drop toehold, sending Rodeo to the mat. Rodeo manages a stiff tag to Jack. The crowd goes "oooh" because of the tension between these two. Jack goes to tie up with Edguardo, and gets hip tossed for his efforts.

GP: Jack Breaker's still feeling the effects of that assault earlier today by Simon Seaman... but, I mean, he is right. Simon Seaman is one ugly man!

Edguardo suplexes Jack, then attempts a flying headbutt. Jack gets his knees up, however, and Edguardo drops to the ground, clutching his chest. Jack tries a quick cover. One, two, and a kickout. Edguardo gets to his feet, when suddenly...



GP: My God! Rodeo Daniels just nearly took Edguardo's head off with the ring bell! Now Diablo goes down! This is terrible!

JT: The ref's calling for the bell, but... uhm...


GP: God, what a terrible impression of a bell.

Ford sat at his desk, patiently waiting the arrivial of the first of his men to be yelled at. He sat there, fuming, further intoxicating his blood with anger, resentment.

And then, the door burst open. Steve Christ stood there, Simon Seaman next to him, obviously not happy at the current situation. His cut is still noticible on his forehead from the glass plate of Matt Rivers earlier in the evening, and it feels just like the wrong time.

Ford doesn't care, he's had it up to here.

Steve Christ: Flyer has been reported missing, I hear, so here's Seaman for now. We'll find Flyer though... I mean, God is on my side and all. At least, mostly.

Steve Christ leaves the room quietly, feeling the tension from Ford, and especially from Seaman as well. Both men have been through alot, as Ford gets up from his chair.

Ford: Now, Seaman, I know you've been a company man for the majority of your stay here at the IWO. You've done alot of things positive for us, so, I figure it would be best for you to sit down.

Ford motions for Seaman to take the seat in front of him, in front of his oak desk. Seaman is reluctant at first, but eventually follows through with the motion.

Ford: Now, I've been seeing you running around for the past couple months, and I'll admit, I have seen a rise in ticketed attendence, and a rise in merchandise sale. You want to know why?

Seaman looks up to Ford, pondering, wondering, but without an answer.

Ford: Because they all want to see you without the title around your waist. And I'll make no bones about it, I'm with the fans on this one. Screw the partiality factor, but you're eventually going to hurt this company like you never have before. Whether it be on your own terms or by an accidental occurance, you will make a casulty of this company.

Seaman scoffs. He goes to speak, but Ford slams his hands down in a vicous angry fashion, interrupting the world champion. The fans let out a cry.

Ford: Don't you EVER interrupt me when I'm speaking Simon. I don't care if you're the world champion, you don't control this f'n company, I do. What I say goes Seaman, and right now, that belt, in the world of business, means nothing to me, and it means nothing to you. You see, I'm here to talk about Nikki...

GP: Nikki?

Seaman looks up towards the ceiling, sort of glancing away, as Ford pounds his desk once again, and reaches over, grabbing Simon by his face.


Seaman is fuming even more than he was before, a raging inferno. With each word that comes out of Ford's mouth, Seaman wants to hit him even more.

Ford: You know I'm not a bad man Seaman, but you, you've taken a turn for the worse, and I wont let you corrupting our employees. I won't have you treating people like Nikki, and treating people like Aubrey, so poor. I could care less if you run around destroying my property, being off in some fantasy world calling the IWO the SWO, but when you hurt the women inside this federation, the women that I respect for being in this business. Do you hear me?

Seaman doesn't reply, he's just stemming with rage even more than he ever was before...

Ford: And that's not even begining to talk about how you've decimated the credibility of that championship. You can't legally hang onto the belt, can you? You always find some way to cheat your way out of a pay per view, out of any sort of confrontation... well, at Ice Age, there will be no running Simon.

Ford releases Seaman's jaw from his grasp, as Seaman begins to huff in a worn out anger. The blood loss has definitly affected him.

Ford:Next Friday, on Hostile Takeover, you will defend against Jack Breaker...

The crowd lets out a huge pop, as Seaman looks on in agony... in pain, pain caused by fury.

Ford: And when all that is said and done, Sunday, in that Glass hell in a cell you offered, you'll have a special referee to keep you in line...

Seaman looks Ford in the eyes, intrigued. "Who's going to stop me," Seaman says to himself...

Ford: And you damn well better obey the Law!

Seaman's eyes open to a wide gaze. He can't believe it. No way, not possible. It can't be... he couldn't have gotten... could he?

Ford: Now get out of my office...

Seaman gets up from his chair, a torn, beaten man so to say... but he wouldn't be beaten for long.

Seaman: You know Ford, I know you can't hit you, but you sure as hell can hit others...

Seaman pauses, turns around, and gives a wide eyed smirk.

Seaman: Oh, I guess that must be me...

Seaman turns back around, slamming the door loudly behind him, as Ford just shakes his head in dispair. He just released a ticking time bomb, and I'm sure, that it'll explode tonight...

**Commercial Break**

Fade back to the Jack Daniels Connection locker room. Jack is on the couch, nursing an injured shoulder and eating a sandwich. Rodeo suddenly bursts in angrily.

Rodeo: Hey, what the fuck were you doing out there?

Jack: What are you talking about? We just had a great match! We...

Rodeo: I've had enough of your lack of teamwork, Jack. Where's Aubrey?

Jack: She's in the shower, but...

Rodeo: Whatever. She's got to learn that...

Aubrey enters from the showers, wrapped in a towel. Cheap pop.

Aubrey: Jack, I ne... oh. Rodeo.

Rodeo: What the hell were you doing during the match? What, were you too busy to get involved, like a good manager?

Aubrey: That's cheating, Rodeo. You know that.

Rodeo: Oh, suddenly you're too high and mighty to get a little dirty? That's not the Aubrey I know.

Aubrey turns, as if to slap Rodeo. Rodeo anticipates this and ducks, just as Aubrey connects with a strong right hook, sending Rodeo reeling.

Rodeo: Oh, you like that, do you? You think that's funny? You little bitch...

Blood trickling from the corner of his mouth, Rodeo reaches out and grabs Aubrey by the hair. He twists her down to the ground as she shrieks in pain, and he laughs. He kneels down and starts screaming obscenities in Aubrey's face, untill Jack makes the save with a chair to Rodeo's skull. Rodeo hits the ground, and Jack delivers a few stiff kicks to the sternum. He and Aubrey leave in disgust, with Aubrey frantically trying to prevent her towel from falling off.

Cut back to ringside...

GP: Uh... folks, JT over here just hyperventilated when Aubrey came out in that towel and now he appears to be dead. But who even listens to JT, anyway?

JT: Ugff... so many pretty horses...

GP: Riiight.

The scene quickly fades backstage...

As Fission hurried on to Fords office. He had to make sure this title shot was the real deal. He was in such a hurry he didn't even notice. Someone laying cover in the shadows.

Nuke was there all along. Nuke's ribs are still heavily bandaged from Syphon Fission's assault last Hostile Takeover.

The young lady that informed Syphon Fission about his match, walks up to Nuke.

Young woman: Alright. It's done. Where's my money?

Nuke rummaged into his pocket, and dug out a wad of bills, 20s, 50s, and 100s, and tossed it to her, without saying a word or counting out the amount he has just given. That didn't matter right now.

A devilish smirk developed on Nuke's visage, as he grabbed the aluminum baseball bat resting idly against the wall, and advanced toward the locked locker room door. With one swift downward swing, the knob was dislodged
from the door, and Nuke shouldered his way into the room.

Quinn turned toward him with a look of terror painted on her face. But she made no noise.

She had no time to. It all happened to fast. Nuke moved in on her with excellent speed. He ripped a rag from his back pocket, as he held Quinn from behind, and pressed the cloth up against her nostrils. The chloroform quickly took effect and she fell to the floor limp. Nuke looked down at his handy work pleased.

Nuke: Well that was easy.

Nuke walked past Quinn's body and picked up the bat. With a smile, Nuke surveyed the room.

Nuke: Now for a little "redecorating".

Nuke walked over to begin his plans, as the camera slowly faded out of Syphon's locker room.

And into Schitzo Tod's locker room. He was standing there, sort of disheartened from earlier. He knew AWS Man(also Known as Bill) didn't mean to hit him, but he still felt the pain I guess.

Tod began to place some of his things into an IWO gym bag, and zipped it. He put it over his shoulder, and grabbed his jacket...

He was going to leave?

Voice: Going somewhere Tod?

Tod stopped in his tracks, and dropped his bag. It must have been Joey Rappoport, and when he turned around, he found out that's exactly who it was.

Joey Rappoport: I know how you feel, you feel a little hurt, like he's sort of abandoned you... But you see, there are better people out there than you. I mean, AWS Man(also Known as Bill) is a former World Champion, and no matter how hard it is to admit it to yourself, you aren't... Rob is...

Tod began to fume, breathing in and out in quick loud breathes.

Joey Rappoport: He's moved on. His talent level is higher than yours, and there's no way you can hold him back. There's no way you can pull him down to the level that you're on. He's destined to get his ass kicked day in and day out by the Kamikaze Kid... not by Erik Blake...

That was it. That was the final shot, the final words spoken by Joey. Tod turned around, laying into Joey Rappoport with swift right hands. He was wide eyed with fury, with vengance.

Joey didn't go down without a fight, hammering back. The fans didn't know how to take this all, since both men were considered fan favorites, and both men were considered good guys. However, the two men don't care about that, the two men are only trying to hurt one another.

Suddenly, officials came racing in, pulling the two men apart. Tod goes more peacefully than Rappoport, laying in the fact of the matter.

Schitzo Tod: I'll see you at Ice Age...

Tod reaches down, grabbing his bag, and slowly leaves the locker room area...

Fission was walking back to his locker room when he noticed something. The door was wide open. The doorknob was broken off the door.

And an aluminum baseball bat lay right by the door.

Syphon: QUINN!

Fission ran to the door, kicking it open, and looked inside. He saw the place messed up. He found the monitor he was using to watch Hostile Takeover was broken. He also knew Quinn was not there anymore. Fission's
face was flushed with anger. With disdain. With disgust. He stormed out of the room and found there was a certain woman near him.

She was Diamond.

Fission ran toward her, and began to shake her. She was caught off guard.


Diamond: I…I…

Syphon: ANSWER ME!!!

Diamond had to gather herself. She came here to check up on Quinn and apologize for her boyfriends actions. She should've known. She should've stopped him. But she didn't. Right now all she could do is help as best she could and, hope Nuke didn't go to far this time.

Diamond: Syphon…I don't know exactly where they are. But…I have a very good idea of where he is…

Diamond grabs Syphon by his hand, and quickly hurries off, hopefully to stop Nuke. ..

An instructional video in black and white entitled "The Structure" plays. A tall scientist with thick glasses and a white lab coat is seen in front of a blackboard. He points to a square with three dimensions drawn on the board and refers to the picture.

Scientist: This square structure is used for many things.

Cut to several glimpses of a camera angle of a hell in a cell made out of glass, accompanied with smoke emerging from the floor creating a dramatic effect. Back to the scientist, he continues.

Scientist: Encased in this square, there is no return.

Footage of Simon Seaman, IWO World Champion with the world title held high above his head as he stands on the second turnbuckle is shown with Matt Rivers lying face down on the canvas in the background. Flashbulbs go off from all over the arena.

Scientist: There is no escape.

We then see Matt Rivers standing triumphantly over a tombstone which reads "Simon Seaman". With his arms raised triumphantly, he stares at the camera as it spins around him.

Scientist: Simply put, if trapped in this structure, it is truly hell in a cell.

"Tainted Love" by Marilyn Manson plays loudly in the background as we catch glimpses of both individuals in action. We see Seaman execute the Silencer on his opponent on a chair. We see Rivers nail Dazed and Confused on one of his opponents. We get several pictures of Seaman and Rivers in a stare down as well as dishing out punishment on each other. Finally, as the video package ends, we get a view of the enormous glass structure as it covers an entire wrestling ring. The Ice Age logo comes on the screen followed by a deep, male voice.

Voice-over: On December 30, get ready for it. The IWO proudly presents Ice Age IV, live and only on Pay-Per-View. Call your local cable or satellite company for details.

Quickly, we are taken back to the scientist as behind him, we see written on the blackboard the Ice Age logo.

Scientist: A new age is upon us. But what shall survive the old...

Fade to Black.

**Commercial Break**

Main Event
AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) & Schitzo Tod vs. Harold Hash & Joey Rappoport vs. Simon Seaman & Evan Levine vs. Matt Rivers & Rob Kestler

GP: Fans, we're getting ready to step into a violatle situation, one that involves teams of two, where the hatred is interwoven stronger than a spider's web.

JT: Spider's web isn't too strong Parker...

GP: It sure is, especially in the insect kingdom. That's of course what I implied...

The camera fades to the ringside area, as Meygon has cleared her way out of the ring, out of the fire to say the least.

Meygon: This next match, is the Main Event, and is scheduled for one fall!

"3.14" by the Bloodhound Gang plays over the pa system, as the fans begin to cheer the heelish AWS Man(Also Known as Bill). He slowly walks out from the back, and then, standing at the top, waits for Schitzo Tod to walk out. However... he's nowhere to be seen...

Meygon: Introducing first, the team of AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) and Schitzo Tod!

AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) slowly makes his way down to the ring, sort of confused I guess, maybe he feels what Tod feels...


"My Own Worst Enemy" by Lit plays now, cutting off the old Bloodhound Gang song.

GP: It hink things are just about ready to explode.

Joey Rappoport comes racing down to the ring, and immediatly goes to right hands with AWS Man(Also Known as Bill). The fans let out cries of cheers, as the match, I guess begins...

GP: Rappoport doesn't wait, and he's just hammering away at AWS Man(Also Known as Bill)!

JT: And here comes Rob Kestler!!

Kestler comes racing out of the back, rather dumbfounded, but is cut off by Harold Hash and Evan Levine. That however, doesn't last long, as Matt Rivers comes down to attack Evan Levine, a man that helped screw him out of the championship.

GP: Well, there goes any semblance of order...

Rivers begins hammering, throwing Evan into the ring post, sending him down to the mat. Rivers looked out to the crowd, when ...


Glass shattered from a fan at ringside clocking Rivers with a glass plate. And then, when the fan jumped the guardrail, we realized... was the World Champion.


Seaman slowly climbs up the turnbuckle, as Rappy looks. Rappy nails a Kamikaze Kick on AWS Man(also known as Bill), backing him up, as Seaman leaps off, right into the Silencer.

The scene fades backstage, as we see Schitzo Tod, slowly leaving the arena. He seems dejected, sad...

When a man in a suit walks up to him...

Man: TOD~! Shouldn't you be out in the ring?

Schitzo Tod: ... Why should I exactly? To support him...?

Man: AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) is getting his ass handed to him...

Tod drops his bags in shock, and turns around, running towards the camera....

The camera fades back to the ring, as it shows Seaman, standing over top of AWS Man(Also Known as Bill). Joey Rappoport is on the outside, total chaos has occured...

When suddenly, racing down to the ring is Schitzo Tod. Seaman doesn't see him at all, and raises his hands, taking in the crowd cheers, thinking they are meant for him.

Tod slides in, and waits for Seaman to turn, and when he does, his face wides up in shock.

And Tod nails Seaman in the shin, nailing the Tam. He then picks up Seaman, and drops him on his head...

Tod just laid out Simon Seaman with his patented move... TAM.



Tod turns Seaman over, and the referee slides over for the count. Matt Rivers gets up on the outside, looking in, shocked... as Tod stands over top...




And Tod defeats Simon Seaman. A shocked expression on his face, but the TAM was able to knock out the world champion. Matt Rivers can't believe it, neither can Tod, but the job was done...

And amissed the chaos... the IWO Tron begins to flicker. On screen, staring back at us is...


Behind him several tombstones can be seen, but its too tight of a camera shot to view much else.

Nuke: Maybe you're right Syphie. Maybe this is war. But sadly, it's a war you're ill prepared to fight. To fight a war you have to be prepared to go further than your enemy would ever imagine. That's what I'm willing to do, and will do shortly. I have no sense of right or wrong. I adhere by no code of conduct. That's a dangerous quality for your enemy to have. That's what you need in a war. You said yourself you're a "doer of good". Hell, the only reason you came back is to do good. That's the kind of person that loses in a war. Syphie. You really don't know what you've gotten yourself, but more importantly *Quinn* into. You're fighting a war against an enemy which
is willing to go to all lengths to be victorious. And because of it Quinn has to pay price.

The camera shot widens to show Quinn tied and gagged. They're both in a cemetery. Quinn lies helplessly on the gas, struggling in her constraints, near a freshly dug gave, with another one right near it, both with tombstones at the head. The first with Quinn's name carved in it. The other had Syphon Fission's. Above Quinn's gave, was an open wooden coffin, just waiting to be lowered. A few feet over was a small bulldozer.

Nuke: But you see Syphie, I don't really see this as a war. I was searching for meaning, a purpose to all this absurdity called life. And I found one. Hurting you. And what better way to hurt you than by hurting the one person you love the most? It's not much of purpose, but'll tide me over for now. I've talked long enough. Time to get this party started!

Nuke said in a disturbingly jovial voice, as he roughly snatched Quinn off the grass. Nuke dragged her over to the coffin, and dumped her inside. Quinn struggled as best she could, but Nuke simply shoved her more firmly
inside the coffin, and closed it shut. Nuke then untied the ropes holding coffin up above the grave, causing it to drop, into the hole.

Meanwhile, an unsettling hush enshrouded the arena as the fans all watched this happen on the IWO-Tron in disbelief.

GP: ...This...this can't be happening.

JT: Wait...he's not seriously gonna bury he?

GP: It looks like he is.

JT: Damn. Maybe he's taking this a little too far.

Nuke then gets behind the wheel of the bulldozer, ready to shove the large mounds of upturned earth, near the grave, filling it and burying Quinn alive.

Nuke: Oh, and incase you watching at home are wondering...this is serious. As serious as cancer...and if you didn't know, that's pretty damn serious.

Nuke tells the cameraman to back up to get a good shot of all of this, and he starts the engine on the bulldozer.




As Greg finishes his sentence, head lights can be seen approaching. A car is then seen, as it barrels through the cemetery, knocking over tombstones as it does so. It comes to fast halt, and...

Syphon Fission jumps out of the drivers seat. He makes a mad dash toward the bulldozer, armed with Nuke's aluminum bat. Diamond gets out of the passenger seat, with a worried look on her face.


JT: Fat chance. I don't think he's gonna have much luck against a bulldozer. Even with a bat.

Nuke was so involved in what he was doing he didn't even notice all that just occurred. Syphon Fission runs around to the drivers side, and smashes in the window with the bat. Nuke is struck with pieces of flying glass,
and the bulldozer comes to a halt, mere inches in front of the grave.

Syphon Fission reaches up, and rips open the door. He tears Nuke out of the drivers seat, and lays in a few shots to his injured ribs with the bat. He then turns his attention to Quinn. He dives down into the grave, pulls open the top half of the coffin, and pulls Quinn out of it. He quickly unties her, and removes the gag. Quinn and Fission embrace. In the arena, the fans begin to cheer.

GP: Quinn's saved!! If he was only a few seconds late, God only knows how Quinn would've been dug out of there if Nuke had his way. Thankfully this is over.

Fission helps Quinn to her feet, and hoists her up and out of the grave. Diamond is at Nuke's side, making sure he's ok. Nuke regains himself however. He sees Quinn next to the grave reaching down to pull up Syphon Fission. Then he sees the aluminum bat laying near where he was lying. Diamond sees what her boyfriend is thinking, and pleads with him to stop, but Nuke shoves her off and charges the grave.

JT: You might've spoken to early Greg. This looks far from over!

Nuke dives into the grave, knocking Syphon Fission back down, while Quinn can do nothing but scream. Nuke lays in on Fission with punches. He then stands above Syphon Fission, and mercilessly rains down blow after blow with the bat down upon Syphon Fission's body.


Nuke continues to brutally beat Fission with the bat, then stops. Satisfied, he scales the side of the grave, and climbs out leaving Syphon Fission lying, beaten bloody, and presumably unconscious in the grave.

But he's not done.

Nuke gets behind the wheel of the bulldozer and does to Syphon Fission, what he intended to do to Quinn.

Bury him alive.



Just as Nuke finishes his vile act, the screech of police sirens can be heard approaching. All too late ,however, for Syphon Fission. The cops arrest Nuke, who goes quietly without a struggle, but proudly wears psychotic grin on his countenance, as firemen are called in to dig out Syphon Fission.

But were they in time?