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Dolby Jenkins
[What are you getting into?]
Pretty much, an independant wrestling organization. Hey, that's our initials as well!

But to explain the project in short terms, which is what will be on this page until Nick designs us our site, the IWO will run in the Northeast area of the United States, running one show approximately every three weeks. We're trying to emulate any number of the independant wrestling federations around the globe, specifically a federation like Ring of Honor. Our primary focus will be on the wrestling aspect of the sport, and although we're not looking for amatur sensations, we are looking for characters and wrestlers that have either good in ring skills or can play off of their style of wrestling. We're also looking for diversity, so although you may see a bunch of cruiser weights or technical marvels, don't think twice about applying with a super heavyweight or a powerhouse.

The application page shall be going up shortly, probably with the site design itself. A field listed which may confuse you is the "date" field. Here, you write how many dates your wrestler will appear on IWO shows, anywhere from one date to fifty, to however many shows you wish your character to stay with us for. These are shows you're commited to, and unless we "terminate" your contract, you should stay with us for that long. After your contract expires, you have the desire to renew your contract if you choose, or simply go along your merry way, no harm, no foul.

Characters here should either be wrestling in other promotions for, not only exposure(as we will link to your "home" federation if you so have one) but for reality measures as well. Other characters should probably be employed elsewhere, seeing as if they are only wrestling for the IWO, they aren't going to be making enough cash to pay for living expenses. This isn't a requirement, but I feel it opens up doors we may have never seen before.

That being said, unless your character has a tie to the IWO organization from the past, many "big name" superstars, such as the LLB's and the Erik Kelly's won't be appearing. It's mostly a reality concept based around with payment structures, that these characters would not work small indi shows to pay their bills when they're tied down to high guarentee contracts from federations like Action! Wrestling and fWo.

Just to touch on the show date concept, the amount of show dates you sign up for do not have to be taken in order. In reality, you could wind up working on the May 31st show, and then miss the next show, whether it be working for another federation or possibly missing a flight, or having an injury which prevents you from competing. No worry, you can just fulfill your show dates later on in the year.

And finally, I hope that I'll never have to restrict access backstage to those that have been in the federation in the past and in the present, or in the future even. This means, that even after your show dates are up and you decide not to renew you're contract, as long as you're not causing trouble, you'll still have access backstage to the boards and to your roster biography, keeping it up to date as sort of a wrestling database. You're also welcome to post roleplays from other federations if you so desire, or create original ones for our viewing pleasure. Likewise, angles can be originally based in the IWO itself, or brought over in "cross overs" from other federation. I hope to promote a place where handlers can interact, and maybe even possibly have "dream matches," so to say, two character you love that are in different federations that may never have crossed paths can do so here.

That's the concept in a nut shell. I think I pretty much explained it, even though I said it would be shorter than it became. That's what I am though, a rambler. And with that, I hope you enjoy your stay.

And we still don't have pie.
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