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Thursday, May 4, 2000
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World Title vs. Atlantic Title matchup
Last Man Standing Matchup
Title for Title

Lance McNally -c- vs. Mystic Tragedy -c-

Tag Team Title matchup
There are two belts hung on oppositie sides of the ring. Once one man from a team grabs a belt, that team shall continue on to the second round. That man who grabbed the belt can not grab the other one, but his partner can, and that will take away the second round. If another team grabs the other title, they are both then hung in the center of the ring. The other team is eliminated, as it turns into a single tag team lader match. First team to grab the belts there wins.
Winners from Tournament below

Tag Team Tournament
There will be a six team tournament during the card involving the following tag teams. The winner of the tournament will be decided tonight, and will be given the tag team championship after a three way double ladder matchup!
Love Triangle vs. Doomsday Warriors
Fire and Ice vs. The Devestators
Crimson Circus vs. Zero Casulaties

Hardcore Title Matchup
Hardcore Harry vs. Chris Page

9 Man Hardcore Rumble
Winner gets title shot next MNM. Men can use anything they feel like using in this enviorment... did I mention it's taking place in a local elementary school?
Winners from the matches listed below.

Hardcore Rumble Deciding Matches
Fury vs. Dred Lox
Enfirno vs. Big Van
God vs. Damage
Arctic Freeze vs. Butch
Chris Waldon vs. Ringo Roberts
Gangsta vs. Guff Daddy
The Green Jackal vs. Vergo
LiGiL vs. the Pilot
Tony Baker vs. The Portugese Jiggalo

(Highlights from the past IML2 cards showing the feud for the world title between the five athletes, all to the tune of "Unforgiven" by Metallica. The camera then fades into the ringside area, as fireworks go off while Unforgiven continues to play. The camera pans around the arena, showing what everything looks like. Towards the entranceway, there are three IWO-screens. One is to the left of the entrance and is as tall and even with the top of the other three. There is one to the right of the entrance, and one above. The one above is more horizontal as the ones to the left and right are more vertical. A V and E are on top of the screens. IE:The IWO-Screen on the left has a V on top, and the IWO screen to the right has an E. The wrestlers come out from under the middle IWO screen onto a rampway. The ramp is pretty much your normal rampway, but this one has weapons cluttering the area. Pretty much anything and everything the mind can think of. To the left and right are stairs to climb down to the concrete floor of the arena. The rampway is made out of steel, and is even throughout. It doesn't not go up or down, but yet is straight. This straight rampway is leval with the ring apron, and pretty much is an extension of the ring. Use this however you feel should be used. The fans are blocked off by a plastic see through barricade, much like the WWF but clear plastic. Fans are lower than the ring and the rampway as well. These fans hold up signs such as "We found G.I. Bro!," "Who the hell are these newbies!," and "Title for title just sweatens the pot!" The camera pans to the ring. It has four sides, like usual. The main one from in front of the announcers table is the IWO tarp. The one to the left of that from the announcers point of view is IML, and the one to the right of the announcers is IML2. From the rampway, since the rampway cuts the ring tarp in half, to the left is IML3 and to the right is IWO Tournament. The ring is normally constructed, but yet has green rope, the color of the IML2. In the center of the ring is the Vengeful Encounters logo from the web site. Turnbuckles are made of steel colored into the IWO Colors. It has the IWO logo shrunk with the flames up and down the ringpost. The camera pans to the announcers booth. The announcers for this evening are Tom Baines, VP Keegan, and a debuting Duce Johnson. These announcers are positioned to the opposite side of the ramp, and sit to the left of the timekeepers, and to the right of the INTERNATIONAL broadcast system. There is no spanish announcers near ringside. Baines as well as Duce are screaming over the fan leval of these erupting fans!)




Duce:Finally the crowd is dying down. Fans, we also have eight other qualifing matches for that huge hardcore battle royal! That royal is going to be a huge fight, a fight inside a local elementary school in Greensburo North Carolina!

Baines:And what about Hardcore Harry defending the Hardcore title against Chris Page! That is going to be a huge match!

Duce:We also have a tag team one night tournament, with the three leftover tag teams going head to head in a first ever for IWO and it's affiliates a three way tag team ladder matchup! Last year at Broken Hearts Broken Bones, the IWO had a twenty man singles shot at the world title, and now we have it in a three way tag team championsihp matchup!

VP Keegan:But all those matches mean nothing to the main event. Mystic Tragedy, Lance McNally, title for title, Atlantic versus the World! Which title is truely better!

Baines:What's with you? You don't say a thing and then you announce the huge main event!

VP Keegan:Well, the only match that matters is the world title, and considering that the atlantic champion is the one to get the title shot, this is a HUGE match for the IML2! This is the greatest match in IML2 History!

Baines:Now you're sounding like Tony Schivani...

VP Keegan:Well it is!

Baines:We should be getting to the ring right now for announcements of the first matchup here at Vengeful Encounters!

Chris Astro(RA):Welcome to Vengeful Encounters, proudly brought to you tonight by the IML2 in association with the Internet Wrestling Organization! I am your ring announcer for this evening, Chris Astro. This first matchup is the first matchup of Vengeful Encounters, and is scheduled for one fall and a fifteen minute time limit! Introducing first, weighing in at 239 pounds, accompanied to the ring by Bingo his manager and Bruno his bodyguard. Here is BIG VAN!

("Natural Born Killaz" by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube starts up over the pa system as out from the back walks The Big Van with both his bodyguard and his manager, Bingo and Bruno. He quickly makes his way into the ring, and goes to the referee.)

Chris Astro:And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 235 pounds... he is ENFIRNO!

("Witching Hour" by Myzery starts up over the pa system as out from the back walks Enfirno. He runs to the ring and slides in.)

*Ding, ding, ding*
Hardcore Rumble Deciding Matches
Enfirno vs. Big Van

Baines:What the hell does Enfirno have! Is that... that's a blow up doll!

VP Keegan:Did I see that in your locker room Baines?

Baines:He just wacked Big Van in the back of the head! Big Van is down, Enfirno with the count... 1-2-3! Enfirno wins! That thing must have been loaded!

VP Keegan:Yeah... with your Se...

DJ:KEEGAN! We may be on pay per view but that's just sick and wrong!

(The camera goes to the back where G.I. Bro and Junior Johnson are outside trying to get in!)

Security Guard:I'm sorry guys, I can't let you in unless you're on the list.

G.I. Bro:Let me see that list boy!

(Bro takes the list and looks at it.)

Bro:What the hell are you trying to do! You're lettin' Barbara F'n Streisand into this event and not the master of the ARMY BAR!

Security Guard:I can't let anyone that's not on the list in the arena...

(Junior Johnson has taken out a pen and added their name to the center of the paper. He hands it back to the guard.)

Security Guard:GET OFF THE PROPERTY NOW!!! I don't want to hear it!

Baines:Theya re being forced to leave... Bro... ARMY BAR ON THE SECURITY GUARD! ARMY BAR!

Hardcore Rumble Deciding Matches
Gangsta vs. Guff Daddy

Tom Baines:: And what a match we have for you next at Vengeful Encounters!

VP Keegan:: It's going to suck.. Baines you smell!

Duce Johnson:: HAHA! STOP! STOP! I am to keep order around here!

TB:: Ok.. Well this match is Gangsta and Guff Daddy. Sounds like Buff Daddy.. BUT NO! It's GUFF DADDY! The future of tha IML 2!



[We see various signs, "TOM SUCKS","KILL TOM","TOM RAPED A MONKEY BEFORE"]

TB:: They don't like our President..

VPK:: There assholes..

DJ:: SHUTUP BOTH OF YOU! Their the fans of the IML 2! So shutup!

Ring Announcer:: If the IML 2 announcers would shutup.. We can start this match!

[They are in shock]

Ring Announcer:: This next voice is set for one fall.. It is going to be a good one..

[Guff's music plays as he walks out form the back.]

Ring Announcer:: His name says it all.. HES Guff Daddy!!!!

[Guff waits his opponent as a video plays on the IWO-Tron. Gangsta is there, and wearing all black.]

Gangsta:Yo Guff, as you can see, I'm not there at the moment. I'm not in the house, I'm here at a funeral... so Guff, I guess you get the easy win...

(Guff leaves the ring satisfied with his no work win.)

Hardcore Rumble Deciding Matches
Tony Baker vs. the Portugese Jiggalo

Baines:Well, up next we have the redeubiting Portugese Jiggalo fighting Tony Baker for a spot in that hardcore rumble!

VP Keegan: Well fans, since Tom Baines can't shut up, these two men are in the ring and they are ready to begin.

Baines: THey are all locked and Baker throws the TPJ into the ropes.

Keegan: Yeah but the TPJ is coming back strong look he just knocked Bakers
head off with a nice clothsline.

Duce: look TPJ is waisting no time at all he is going right to the outside,
and is getting what looks like not one but two chairs.

Baines: I knew this was going to get out of hand.

Keegan: While getting those two chairs he just gave Baker the chance to get

Duce: What a punch by Baker and it looks like TPJ is trying to get up. down
but Baker want let him.

Baines: Oh suplex back into the ring has TPJ in a lot of pain on the canvas.

Keegan: Now Baker has one of the chairs and hes stalking TPJ to get up from

Duce: Oh this is going to sting once TPJ turns around. OH bang whos your
daddy PJ.

Baines: Look this fight just started and already TPJ is bleeding from what
looks like his forhead.

Keegan: Look at this now Baker is on the floor going for oh what a suprise a

Duce: Yup he puts it into the ring, and is now going back in.

Baines: ANd look TPJ is still down on the mat. Thats how much that chair
shot hurt.

Keegan: He's setting the table up over in the corner. This isnt looking to
good for TPJ.

Duce: Hes putting TPJ on the table and looks like he is heading up top for
some kind of move.

Keegan: WHat the hell is this man going to do from up there?¿? Hes calling
to the fans and leaps oh hes going for a leg drop from the top.

Baines: TPJ just moved to the side off the table and Baker just put himself
through it.

Duce: TPJ is up and picks up Baker, eww kick in the gut DDT and he just
spiked Baker which looked a hard as a pitcher throwing a baseball.

Keegan: Look at this fans TPJ is not going for the Pinfall hes going to get
another table.

Baines: Yup and hes takeing his little sweet time to do it, which I dont
think is a very good idea.

Duce: Look he just threw the table into the ring. And Baker slides to the
outside and pulls down TPJ.

Keegan: Now this is where its dangerous to be. Look TPJ just got dumped into
the crowd and hes trying to run away it looks like.

Duce: Yeah but Baker is fast enough to catch him. Theyre fighting in the

Baines: Oh no not another match where they are going to go waste great food.
Look they arent going of there where are those two going?¿?

Keegan: There going over to a table where you sign up for homless shelters
and shit.

Duce: Well when these two are done with that table theylle be table less.

Baines: TPJ and Baker are on the table fighting. Low blow by TPJ and Baker
is crouching down. Hes setting him up for what looks like a PIledriver.

Keegan: No dont do that, you going to kill someone. Ohhhhhhhhh $hit did you
just see the way that Baker landed on his neck.

Duce: TPJ might have just broke the poor guys neck.

Baines: TPJ is now walking back to the ring, to get some rest what a smart

Keegan: Bakers telling the fans to help him back to the ring.

Duce: What the hell is he doing he could barley stand hes going to get
killed if he goes back to the ring!

Baines: Yeah well he's showing the talent and the braveness he has to
actually tell the fans to bring him back to the ring.

Keegan: Look they are at the guardrail and he just hoped over it.

Baines TPJ was waiting and he takes advantage right way. Oh he jujst threw
threw the man into the steel steps.

Duce: look he's holding his should and his back. He looks badly injured

Keegan: look at TPJ hes on the side letting him use his own power to get up,
and hes also saving his.

Baines: ANd look hes stopping the blood from coming out with a towel.

Duce: Now whats TPJ doing?¿? Hes taking the padding and ripping it from the
floor expossing bare hard floor.

Keegan: He's picking up Bakers falling body and has something else in mind.

Baines: Hes setting him up from another Piledriver with no padding, this
mans career is over. I cant watch.

Duce: Oh a counter back body drop and TPJ is the one hitting the floor this

Keegan: Yeah yeah he might have just counterd but look hes on the floor hurt
just as bad as TPJ.

Baines: Your right hes not moving.

Duce: Finally back is up and just to make sure TPJ isnt he just gave hin a
nice soldid kick in the face. Man how much do you think that hurts.

Keegan: Baker his going under the ring for what another table?¿?

Baines: Look he has a little thing of weapons he hiid under there. He has a
garbage can, and hes turing around oh garbage can to the back of TPJ. Hes
hurt bad and Baker is going for some more things he put under there.

Keegan: hes cheating he cant pre plan something like this. Now whats he got,
oh great whats a garbage can without its lid?

Duce: Look TPJ is back up and oh he just punched the lid back into the face
of Baker and now Baker is the one down on the ground and TPJ is just

Baines: These men are giving it all they have just two win the match.

Keegan: WHat the hell do TPJ think he is doing he just bodyslammed Baker on
are table.

Duce: Dont worry are table will never break its real. Look wheres TPJ going
hes up top

Baines: Oh elbow drop through the table, and I thought you said it woulodnt

Duce: Ok so I was wrong about that big deal.

Keegan: Both men are down but TPJ is getting up very slowly.

Baines: Now Baker is getting up wew these men are crazy.

Duce: Theres a table in the ring and who's going to be put through it?

Keegan: Look TPJ he has a chair and Baker doesnt see him. WIth it.

Duce: Now he does and backer ducked and TPJ just hit the air he turns around
and Baker hits him what looks like a version of the Stunner or something.

Baines: Look at Baker he loves tables hes setting that one up from before
right in the middle of the ring. Now what does he have in mind.

Keegan: TPJ is up and Baker see's him oh suplex and TPJ is hurt badly.

Duce: Now wheres Baker going?¿? Oh my god hes getting another table and hes
bringing that one into the ring as well what else is going to happen in this

Baines: I really dont know but I know all hes doing is putting on top of the
other one we have a double wammy coming up here.

Keegan: I know whats hes doing hes setting up TPJ on the last table so its
like driving himself and a table through TPJ.

DUce: hes really doing it hes up top and boom hes flying oh TPJ moved and
Baker just put himself through not one but two tables that must hurt badley.

Baines: TPJ is rolling out of the ring is there something hes going for or
is he running away?¿?

Duce: Well hes going for something under the ring and guess what it is. No
way not a table.

Keegan: We have gone through more tables tonight.

Baines: Look Baker is still down lying in the table reckage.

Duce: Look TPJ is going to put the table in the corner for what reason?
Beats the hell out of me.

Keegan: Bakers up and they are now pounding each other with all they go.
What a match.

Duce: Oh wait the on the top ropes in the corner TPJ set up the table. There

Keegan: Now TPJ is moving to the second rope.

Baines: Oh hes setting him up. Yes there it is his version of The Rock
bottom of the second rope no one gets up from the.

Duce: Hes going for the pin.

Ref: 1

Keegan: Fans after a well fought battle finally someone wins TPJ is the
winner of this one dam that was a fight.

Hardcore Battle Royal Qualifying Match
God v Damage

Baines:Up next here at Vengeful Encounters we have Damage going against none other than GOD! Yes, that's right, God!

VP Keegan:How did we sign God. I mean, doesn't he make the money that pays the wrestlers, and therefore he pays himself?

DJ:Maybe he's doing this for the fun of the sport...

Baines:Maybe it's a gimmick?

VP Keegan:Nah, that's the true God!

Chris Astro:This next match is a qualifing matchup for the hardcore rumble.... introducing first, he is from heaven...he weighs in tonight at 278 pounds... this is GOD!

("Voodo Child" by Jimi Hendrix? starts up over the pa system as out from the back walks God with Jesus Christ.)


Baines:Would you stop cursing Keegan!

VP Keegan:What, I can't say God's manager's name?

(God makes his way to the ring and slides in, as a light shines down from the top of the arena.)

Chris Astro:And his opponent... he hails from London, England and weighs in tonight at 245 pounds! He goes by the name of DAMAGE!

("No Shelter" by Rage Against the Machine starts up over the pa system as out from the back walks Damage. He makes his way out as pyro shoots down from the IWO-tron. Damage makes his way to the ring, and slides in. Both wrestlers are in the ring. The bell rings and the wrestlers grapple}

Baines: Here we go! It's God, yes that's right, GOD against Damage. ONLY in the IML2!

Duce: That's right, and it's only in the IML2 that a wrestler picks up a referee and throws him out into the crowd! Damage is a crazy SOB!

Keegan: But he's taken his concentration away from God, who hits him with a spear from behind! God hits Damage with a HUGE vertical suplex! He's going up top!

Duce: He can't be going for the big leg drop already! He is! He goes for it!

Keegan: But Damage punches him in the balls on the way down!

Baines: HE'S WEARING A KNUCKLE-DUSTER! He's crazy! He throws God out of the ring! An Irish whip into the barricades, and Damage is looking to do some damage as he looks under the ring for weapons!

Keegan: He's got a chair! Holds it up…

Baines: BUT GOD DROPKICKS IT BACK IN HIS FACE! Now God is going to go on the offence again, he grabs the chair and unfolds it! He pulls Damage to his feet…INVERTED DDT ON TO THE CHAIR!

Duce: Man! Look at that dent! Damage hurt the chair more than the chair hurt him! God folds the chair back up and hits Damage in the stomach, then the head! God tucks the chair under his arm and jumps on Damage with it!

Baines: God tosses Damage back into the ring, but Damage is up! God takes a table from under the ring and slides it into the ring! Damage has the table and God doesn't know! God slides into the ring!

Keegan: Damage drives the table into the knees of God, then into his face! Damage off the ropes, looking for a Hurricanrana…


Baines: Ouch! The table is cracked in half, and I'm surprised that Damage isn't! God covers!


Keegan: Kick out at 2! Our first near fall! God pulls Damage to his feet, whip to the ropes…back body drop by God! And to make it all the worse, it was right on to the remains of that table. God goes for another cover


Duce: Kick out before the ref. could even get to 2! God pulls Damage to his feet, Damage with a punch to the gut! Damage grabs God and throws him out of the ring! He takes a piece of that table, uses the ropes as a springboard and jumps out of the ring!

Baines: OH! He just hammered that piece of wood down on God's temple! God is still on his feet…DROP TOEHOLD BY DAMAGE! God's face was just smacked face-first right on to our desk here! Damage whips God into the bell table!

Keegan: He's got the bell…but God with a low blow!

Duce: Doesn't look like a very God sort of thing to do

Keegan: Even our Lord has to cheat once in a while

Baines: Cheating is a bad, bad thing and I don't think our Lord should endorse it

Keegan: That's just the sort of thing you would say!

Baines: So what if it is?

Keegan: You trying to be clever?

Baines: Unlike you, I don't have to try

Duce: The Divine one now has the bell, but Damage knocks it out of his hand! SPINEBUSTER! Right down on to that bell!

Keegan: HA! I graduated from Harvard with honours!

Baines: Like hell you did! You probably graduated from Hillbilly State!

Keegan: Jealous?

Duce: Damage with an elbow drop, and the lateral press


Duce: God kicks out with authority! He sends Damage into the barrier!

Baines: Nobody could be jealous of you!

Keegan: Which is more than you!

{In the corner of the screen, you can see Keegan and Baines starting to fight}

Duce: God tosses Damage into the ring, and is looking for weapons under the apron. Let's see what he can find! A chair, a table, another chair, another table, a baseball bat, a steel tray, a broomstick, a walking stick! Looks like God is going to have some fun!

Baines: Did we miss something?

Duce: Yeah God just…hey, is that blood on your hand?

Baines: Yeah, but not mine. Tee hee

Duce: Whatever, God setting up one of those tables in the ring. He picks up Damage, looking for a scoop slam on to the table…

Baines: But Damage reverses! From behind with a bridged belly to back suplex!


Duce: Kick out at 2…umm, is Keegan all right?

Baines: Yeah, but I don't think God is right now. Damage has him laid out on that table, and is going up top with a broomstick. He breaks it in half on his knee and flies!

Duce: Down hard on God! The table is in two! Are you SURE he's all right?

Baines: Positive, just a broken nose

Duce: Okay…A BROKEN NOSE!?

Baines: Damage has set up another table, and has laid God on top again. He's up top, clutching a chair against his chest. He flies again!

Duce: BUT THIS TIME MISSES! God rolled out of the way and Damage has just gone crashing right through that table! 2 broken tables!

Baines: God is up top now! With a baseball bat!

Duce and Baines together: OH!

Baines: God just hit Damage with that bat lengthways across his neck! He could have taken his head off! A cover!


Duce: Kick out! Those counts are getting closer to 3 though!

{Keegan is back up}

Keegan: What the hell did you do that for, Baines?

Baines: I dunno

Keegan: You sunuva bitch! What do you mean you don't know!?

Duce: Now, now girls. Calm down. Concentrate on the match, which is getting real good! God has that baseball bat again, swing and a miss! And Damage is laughing in the middle of the ring!

Keegan: Careful!

Baines: God just broke that bat over the back of Damage's head! He goes for another cover!


Keegan: Another kick out! God puts a steel tray under Damage's head, off the ropes…LEG DROP!

Baines: But Damage rolls out of the way! God hits the tray! God hopping around the ring holding his leg…STEEL TRAY TO THE HEAD FROM DAMAGE!

Duce: But God is still on his feet! Damage with another shot to the head!

Keegan: HE'S STILL UP!

Duce: Shot to the stomach! Shot to the head! That got God down! That tray looks more bent than George Michael! Cover from Damage!


Keegan: Kick out at 2! Damage looks furious! He must have thought that was 3 for sure.

Baines: Well I doubt that God himself is going to stay down easily, him being the almighty ruler of the world and all

Duce: Damage has the walking stick! He whips God to the ropes and drives that thing into his stomach! God goes down, but not for long as he pulls himself up again

Keegan: Balls of steel

Baines: Damage looking to hit God with the walking stick again…but God snatches the stick from his hand!

Duce: Furious strike from God! The walking stick is broken in 2!

Keegan: God looks around the ring…looks like he's run out of weapons!

Baines: Now he's searching under the ring, doesn't look like he's gonna have much luck down there either! He's not too happy about this, he rolls Damage out of the ring and on to the ramp.

Keegan: DDT on the ramp! God has this one under control! He drags Damage out of the entranceway!

Duce: They're going backstage!

Keegan: Damn straight. They're in the waiting room! God grabs a 2x4 from the floor and snaps it over Damage's head! He whips Damage into a pile of crates! God smashes one of the crates over Damage's head, which is now bleeding! God covers!


Duce: Kick out at 2! It looks like God's gonna have to do a lot more than that to win this one! God grabs Damage and drags him out into that corridor! God goes for an Irish whip, but Damage reverses! God goes crashing through a door!

Baines: They're in the technician's room! Wires and electrical equipment galore! Damage slams God headfirst into that stack of monitors! Damage pulls God to his feet, sets him up…SUPLEX!

Keegan: Right on to those monitors! Sparks are flying! Damage with a cover, he hooks the leg


Keegan: I can't believe it! He kicked out! God looks unstoppable!

Duce: Both wrestlers look unstoppable, Damage grabs a microphone and starts whipping Our Lord with it!

Baines: But God grabs the microphone, pulls Damage towards him and DDT's him! God pulls Damage up, picks him up and starts running!

Keegan: OH MY! Running Powerslam on to that computer! The computer crushed and the desk broken too! God is going to cover!


Duce: My GOD! Another kick out from Damage! God pulls Damage to his feet, Damage pushes God away from him…AND GOES FOR A SPEAR!

Keegan: God fell back on that rack of equipment!

Baines: And that fell back on another rack!

Keegan: Domino effect! They've made a real mess of this room; this stuff costs a lot of money! Damage strikes God with a can of coke, and covers!


Baines: I can't believe he still kicked out! Damage can't believe it either, he's livid! He grabs God by the hair and throws him out of the fire exit!

Keegan: They've made their way to the parking lot! Damage slams God headfirst into a car window! The alarm goes off! Damage gets up on the hood of the car and pulls God up

Duce: BUT GOD PULLS BACK! He hoists Damage on to his back and hits a Samoan Drop! God gets in the car!

Baines: Time for a joyride?

Duce: He starts it up, and reverses…oh my god, he's heading for Damage!

Baines: But Damage is on his feet and has a trashcan! He throws it into the windshield of the car! God's view is blinded! The car drives straight into Damage, then into the wall! MADNESS!!!

Keegan: Both wrestlers are out, if not dead!

Duce: The ref. is checking to see if they're alive…

Baines: He gives the signal…THEY'RE OKAY!

Duce: They're far from okay Baines, they're just alive. Both men are bleeding heavily from different parts of their bodies. I can see some movement!

Keegan: God is slowly squirming out of the crushed car! And Damage is stirring too!

Baines: Both men are up, but staggering around. A sluggish right hand from Damage, equal response from God.

Duce: Real exciting, they're just standing there throwing weak punches back and forth for Pete's sake!

Keegan: But it looks like something's clicked inside Damage! Repeated punches to God, a boot and throws him into the wall! Damage opens an anonymous door and throws God in!

Duce: It's the kitchen! Damage throws God into a cooker! He takes a frying pan, and smacks it over the head of Our Lord!

Keegan: I don't think Damage is Christian. He covers!


All 3: OH!!

Duce: That had to be like 2 and 9/10! Damage pulls God to his feet, God with a back elbow in to the gut of Damage! God slams Damage's head into that sink full of dishes!

Baines: Now God is smashing those dishes over Damage's head one by one! He pours some water into a pan and puts it on the stove! I wonder why he is doing that?

Keegan: God knows! God rolls Damage onto the counter and grabs a rolling pin. He starts beating Damage over the head with it!

Duce: God opens a drawer and starts rummaging inside. He pulls out a Potato masher! He starts beating Damage with it! God with an elbow-drop on Damage!

Keegan: Those knives just fell off the shelf! They've pinned down Damage on the counter! God should pin, but he doesn't! Instead he goes back over to that cooker! He grabs the pan of now boiling water!

Baines: Oh no, this looks bad! He holds the pan above Damage's groin! I CAN'T WATCH!

Duce: But Damage gets his arm up and knocks the water back in God's face! Our Lord has been scolded!

Baines: But OH MY! Some of it did spill onto Damage! Both wrestlers are madly hopping around this kitchen, screaming with pain!

Keegan: God's beard has caught on the stove flame! GOD IS ON FIRE! ONLY IN IML2!!! He soaks his beard in the sink, and Damage hits him from behind with a wooden spoon! He puts the spoon down, but on the stove flame! Nobody has noticed!

Duce: That place is going to go up in flames! But they don't care! Damage grabs a bottle of oil and throws it at God's face! But GOD DUCKS!!!

Baines: Oh my God! The Oil went on the stove! The place IS going up in flames!!! But they keep on fighting! God grabs Damage and throws him into the cabinet, no, Damage blocks it, and he grabs God, TIGER DRIVER 91! That was Brain Damage! Damage covers God, 1-----2-------3! It's over! Damage will go on to the hardcore rumble tonight for a shot at the winner of Hardcore Harry Chris Page!

Duce:Let's take you to a preview of IML2's March Pay Per View spectacular... Break Point!

(The camera fades to show glimpses of Break Point. It shows some of the IML2 talent, such as Lance McNally, Mystic Tragedy, Hardcore Harry, Chris Page, Dred Lox, The Portugese Jiggalo, and Enfirno. It then cracks down the middle of the screen, as "Break Point" is seen. "Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit is playing in the background as the camera fades back to the ring. The announcer has introduced the next match, as Chris Waldon is making his way to the ring, and Ringo Roberts is already in the ring!)

Hardcore Battle Royal Qualifying Match
Ringo Roverts vs. Chris Waldon

Tom Baines: Well fans its time for are next match here at this great PPV extravaganza! We have "Crazy" Chris Waldon going against Ringo Roberts. Well fans as you might hear, Chris is making his way to
the ring with his manager "High Class" Ronny Jackson. And our friend Ringo is already in the ring.

VP Keegan: Well Ringo is wasting no time as he is going right after Chris, what a smart move.

Duce: What are you talking about, that was such a cheap shot. Well Ringo is now going to work on Waldon... wow I have never seen that man kick someone so hard.

Baines: Ewwwww that gotta hurt. Now whats he doing?

Keegan: Oh dear god... Ringo dont turn your eyes and talk to these stupid people. No turn around, Waldon's back up. I cant watch.

Duce: Boom. I think he just took his head off with that clothsline. And he's not letting up. He picks Ringo up and throws him over the top rope.

Baines: What the heck is he doing out there.

VP Keegan:Heck.... jeez...

Baines:Oh wait what does Chris have in mind? He's going to fly, oh big splash right on Ringo on the outside! Is he nuts? Hes going to kill himself.

Keegan: Wow I think you're right, he might have hurt himself more then he hurt Ringo. Ringo's up and is throwing Chris back into the ring.

Duce: Yeah, He lifts Chris up and this might hurt... suplex, and Chris lands on the lower end of his back. Ringo is making a mistake letting Chris back on his feet. He sends Chris off the ropes, Chris ducks, Ringo turns around, pop, huge punch right in the face.

Baines: Now where in god's name is Chris going. He's up top showboating for those fans.

VP Keegan:Not a smart move by Waldon....

Baines:Oh yes, Back flip right onto Ringo! Bam that must hurt him.

Duce:That's usually called a moonsault...

Keegan: Well Chris has Ringo up now, what is he going to do? He's going for the German Suplex. Ringo counters with a nice elbow to the face. Now whats Ringo doing... Bam, that looked like a version of a face buster.

Duce: Well look, Chris's face is a bloody! Not only that but he looks hurt.

Baines: Yeah but look at Ringo he's showboating to the fans again, and he's getting booed out of the stadium!

Duce: Yeah, and look at Chris! He's getting up again! From behind on Ringo...HUGE Neckbreaker. Ringo is down and now Chris is showing off....

VP Keegan:Is it me, or are there just too many showboaters in this matchup...

Baines:Too much ego in the ring...

Duce: What is Ronny doing, he is destracting the ref! And look at Chris sliding out of the ring. He got a chair, and slides right back into the ring!

Baines: What the hell is this! He's going to cheat. He's going to hit Ringo with a chair! He's waving for poor Ringo to get up. Hes up oh no I cant watch.

VP Keegan:Oh no I can't wait! Come on Waldon, whack him with that chair!

Baines: Well I can I tell ya what happens. WHO WHO WHO WHO bang WHOS YOUR DADDY RINGO ROBERTS. That's it! This match is over.

Duce: That was cheap... here comes the referee...

Ref: 1 2 NO!

VP Keegan: Whew, that was a close one everybody. Ringo is just to strong.

Baines: Ringo and up and so is Chris...what will happen.

Duce: Ringo sends Chris off the ropes... oh man double clothsline.

Keegan: Well, they're both lying there on the mat, looking up at the ceiling. They have nothing left... what a great match.

Baines: Wow, what a match! These two are giving it all they got.

Duce:Wait, Chris is getting up before Ringo. What is he doing?

Keegan: Oh no! Ronny is giving him a chair. Hes going to hit Ringo again! Its has to be all but over.

Baines: Wait he missed Ringo! Ringo ducked! Waldon's chair hits the ropes and bounces RIGHT BACK INTO HIS FACE!

Duce: Look at Ringo he thinks its funny. But once again he is wasting time.

Keegan: Here comes Chris Waldon, on wobbly legs.... Ringo knocks Waldon down with another clothline.

Baines: Oh my god! Now what is Ringo doing? Hes going outside of the ring and is looking underneath the ring for something. He pulls out a table...this cant be good news for anyone but the fans.

Duce:Now Ringo is trying to get back into the ring, but wait Chris is up. Chris is waiting for Ringo, who doesnt see him,while Ringo is making fun of the fans.

Keegan: No Ringo, don't turn around. OHHHHHH! Drop kick!


VP Keegan:Ringo just feel from the apron right through the table!

Baines: Now Chris is waisting time hes going to talk to High Class... he is shaking his head about something. What is he thinking now?

Duce: Well, he just gave Ringo time to get up. Oh no, not another jump! Waldon runs, SUICIDE PLANCHA over the top rope and down onto Ringo! Ringo falls down on the outside!

Baines: Yeah but I think Chris Waldon may have just hit his head on the outside concrete floor! That has to hurt like a bitch.

Keegan: Well they are both out and it doesnt look like either off them are getting anytime soon.Hey, look, I'm wrong... they're both getting up... they must have a high stamina!

Duce: Hahahahahahaha... I thought you said you were never wrong.

VP Keegan:Everyone's wrong ONCE! So shut Duce...

Duce: Well look, Chris is getting up, Ringo climbing up too... if they turn around they'll be nose to nose!

Baines: Chris and Ringo are exchanging rights and lefts! Right hand by Waldon, another one by Roberts, Roberts sending Waldon up that rampway!

VP Keegan: This is very dangerous! Thave to be fifteen foot above the conctrete! Tragging Chris?

Keegan: All I know is its backstage somewhere. They are exchanging blows like a Muhhamid Ali Joe Frazier fight.

Duce: Chris has something in his hand, it's a broom.

Baines:Chris just stuck it right into Ringo's ribs!Now Chris breaks it over the back of Ringo Robert's head! Robert's is doubled over on his knees!

Keegan: Back in control, Chris throws Ringo through a door... that might leave a mark!

Duce:They are in the loading dock! This isn't good for Ringo! This means trouble, big time trouble... are they allowed back there?!!

Baines: Those two are on top of that huge u-haul truck that the ring is in before the events. Ringo is up there, as Chris is actually trying to climb up!

Keegan: Yeah, but Roberts has something up there with him.

Duce: Chris just moved out of the way though, and saw it coming!

Baines: Only in the IML2 will you see 2 men batteling on a truck. Wait they are starting to deliver pound for pound blows.

Keegan: Well if thats a cheap move if I ever saw one, Chris just low blowed Ringo! Chris is waiting for Ringo to get up, and clotheslines him back off, but Ringo grabs Chris so they both crash down to the outside!

Duce:They just both landed on top of that car!

Baines: HAHAHAHAHA, hey um Keegan isnt that your Viper?

Keegan:Wait... is that a Viper... DAMNIT! I just bought that two days ago!

Duce: Those two HAVE to be dead! Chris is slowly getting up and grabs Ringo up off the mat! Where are they going now?

Baines:It looks like they are going to the bathrooms here in Greensburo!

Keegan: Yup, Ringo was just thrown intom the girls bathroom. And there come the women screams!

Duce: These two are crazy battling in there! Are they crazy!?!?

Baines: Chris is about to throw Ringo into a mirror. No, wait, Ringo counters with an elbow to Waldon's skull...

Keegan: WOW he just drove Chris right into a glass mirror.

Duce: Look at this Punk Ringo! He's running out of the Bathroom, and he's on his way to the ring where I guess it is safe, compared to all over the rest of the arena!

Baines: Well thats true because it's safer there.

Keegan: Yeah well look at this people Chris is up and he is walking back to the ring.

Duce: And finally both man are back in the ring.

Baines: Yeah, but Ringo isnt looking at him, he is looking at us.

Keegan: Waldon throws Ringo into the corner and is ready to do something else. Oh it looks like a version of the stinger splash but wait Ringo moved and Chris hits his head off the post, Waldon tumbling around, Ringo rolls him up from behind...

Ref: 1....2

Duce: No he doesnt get the three count what will it take for one of these men to win this great matchup!

Baines:Ringo grabs Waldon, and throws him in the corner. Ringo, knife edge chop, wait... Waldon grabs Ringo and reverses it, sending Ringo into the corner! Waldon, huge right hand, and now Waldon is setting Ringo Roberts up top...

Duce:NO! Roberts just slapped the taste out of Chris Waldon's mouth... he backs up, and comes back in... Ringo... TORNADO DDT! THAT'S IT! FLAME BY RINGO! He covers Waldon...


VP Keegan:And Ringo Roberts advances to the Hardcore Rumble! Ringo Roberts' advances!

Hardcore Battle Royal Qualifying Match
The Green Jackal vs. Vergo

Baines:We have to get right to the next matchup... as the Green Jackal faces off against Vergo, who is accompanied by the Misfits!

Chris Astro:This next matchup is a hardcore rumble qualifing match...

(Vergo comes out from the back as TGJ jumps him from behind before he can make it to the ring. Jackal throws Vergo into the ring as he slides in himself.)

VP Keegan:Smart move by TGJ... gain the advantage early!

Duce: The misfits are down here that might only be trouble for The Green Jackal.

Keegan: Green Jackal is going right after Vergo! TGJ gives him a nice atomic drop, HUGE hit by TGJ! The Green Jackal is following it up, he's not dumb enough to let Vergo regain the advantage!

Baines: He lifts Vergo right back up, Belly to Belly suplex! He's going for the early pin.

Ref: 1 No!

Duce: You are not going to be an IML2 star with one pin, especially this early in the matchup.

Baines: No he's not... Jackal is going off the ropes for what looks like an elbow.

Keegan: Hey the Misfits just tripped him! TGJ might have just broke his nose on the mat. Thats so cheap get them the hell out of here.

Baines: Well that just gave an opening to Vego. He throws Green Jackal outside the ring. This can't be good for Jackal, since it's about three on one on the outside!

Duce: Wait one of the misfits has the ref and Vergo hits TGJ with a chair! The Green Jackal is out cold.

Keegan: Wait they are coming over here. No get away! This coffee has more value than your pathetic lives!

Baines: This doesnt look good at all for Jackal. Wait, they are putting him on our table...

Keegan:Get him off the damn table! I don't like moving!

Duce: Wait guys look Vergo is going up top to the ropes. No!!!!!!!!!

Keegan: No guys look he can't do this oh my god, Jackal is helpless. He jumps he flips no Jackal moved.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baines: Vergo just slammed himself onto concrete! He couldn't reach Jackal anyway!. Oh my god.

Duce: He's dead I'm telling you, he's dead!

Keegan: Jackal's up, and he is dragging Vergo into the ring!

Duce: He's going for another early pin...

Ref: 1 2 No!

Baines: How the hell did he kick out of that, after landing back first on the concrete! Vergo must have had the wind knocked out of him!

Keegan: Look at Jackal he cant believe it.

Baines: Jackal is going up top for the Frog Splash. NO! He missed it and he looks like he is in some pain

Duce: Look Vergo is up and looks mad. He gets Jackal up.

Keegan: What is he setting him up for. No not this... Piledriver city! Wait, Jackal just kick him in the while upside down, but when you're upside down like that, there's only one way down, and it's HARD and down to the mat! What else can happen here at Vengeful Encounters!

Baines: Well look at this Vergo is getting up first.

DUce: Yeah well now where is he going? What can he do to put TGJ out!?

Keegan: Well I know what this is, I've been doing this all night and of course its another table! Yes! Blood!

Baines:He is bringing out a table, just like you said, and he is setting it up in the left corner of the ring... what the hell is he doing!

Duce: Oh punch to the head from Green Jackal.He's not going to take this lying down, and he's definitly not just going to lye down and die!

Keegan: Low blow by TGJ! What the hell does he think he is doing!

Baines: Oh, he just suplexed him onto the table! And look! Dear god that table didn't even budge! It didn't break!

Duce:That's funny. Look he's going up top. Oh, front flip conects and through the table they both go. My god can this card get any more exstreme!

Keegan: Yeah but look at Jackal get up that must have hurt him just a little!

Baines: Yeah I think you are right.

Duce: Jackal is picking Vergo up, and they are battling back and forth.Dropkick by Vergo sends TGJ to the outside floor!

Keegan: Wait, don't take your eyes off of Vergo... he's on the top... Planta right
on the outside by Vergo! These men are going through hell for you people.

Baines: Look Vergo is right back up and is looking for something esle under the ring.

Duce: Well I am going to have to say what Keegan said before I think he is going for another table.

Keegan: Yeah... what does he want with another table!

Baines:Look he's setting it up on the outside of the ring this time.

Duce:This looks pretty dangerous.

Keegan: Look Jackal snuck back into the ring and he meets Vergo right away.

Baines:TGJ snaps Vergo into the corner and he looks like he is sitting on the rope getting ready for something.

Duce:Wait look at this they both are up on the top rope now.

Keegan: Green Jackal is spinning his hand like he is ready to do something...

Baines: Now Frankensteiner of the top rope and Jackal drives Vergo right through a table! Huge moveby TGJ!

Duce: Yeah yeah yeah well you might think it hurt Vergo but Jackal didnt land exactly like he would have hoped. He landed right on his neck. God they both must feel like they are going to collapse!

Keegan: Yeah well whos going to get up first.

Baines: Well from here it looks like Vergo is getting up first.

Duce: And he gets Green Jackal up and throws him into the crowd!

Keegan: Great now let these animals go somewhere into the stands.

Duce: Look at this they are punching each other while walking around this arena!

Baines: Look at this they are in the hallway where you can buy food and t-shirts!.

Duce: Maybe they will get something to eat.

Keegan: Look they are are at the pretzel stand.

Baines: Vergo is going for something. He gets that glass thing that the pretzels are in.

Duce: No this might be a little painful. AWWWWW. He got him. Poor Jackal is hurt. TGJ is down!

Keegan: He just was hit in the head with a glass! What do you expect!

Baines: I am surpised they both aren't dead

Duce: Look at this they are both up and they are fightening back to the ring! I wished they stayed away, but I dont have the luck for that.

Keegan: They are back into the ring.

Baines: Look kick to the gut piledriver by Jackal and they are both out on the ground! TGJ grabs Vergo, up on his shoulders... JACKAL BOMB ON VERGO! 1-2-3! And TGJ advanaces!

VP Keegan:Look... here come the misfits as TGJ is trying to fight these little guys off... and here comes security...TGJ grabs one of the Misfits... JACKALBOMB! That running powerbomb!

Hardcore Battle Royal Qualifying Match
Dred Lox vs. Fury

Baines: Folks we've got another hot match coming up between two of the many
new IML2 stars.

Duce: So far tonight has been AMAZING! I can't wait to see what these two
new superstars can do!

VP Keegan: I really don't give a rat's ass what they do.

Baines: Well, here comes Dred Lox!

("The End" by the Doors blasts as Dred Lox heads down to the ring.)

VP Keegan: Here comes Fury, he's got maybe an ounce of talent, which is more
than any of these other new guys.

("Low, Down, Dirty" by Eminem plays as Fury runs down to the ring and attacks
Dred Lox.)

Baines: We're underway here folks and Fury is pummeling Dred Lox in the
corner. Fury reels back for a haymaker, Dred Lox blocks it and clotheslines
Fury! Dred Lox picks up Fury and plants him with a DDT, he covers,

Duce: You ain't gonna win a match against Fury that fast.

VP Keegan: How the fuck would you know? You've never seen any of these guys

Duce: I just have a feeling, who the hell ever wins with a DDT anyway?

Baines: Ok, settle down we've got some hot action going on in the ring.

VP Keegan: Yeah, and they better hurry it the hell up cause I've got some
hot action waiting for me at my hotel after this bore-fest is over.

Baines: Dred Lox pulls Fury up by the head and pounds him back down with
forearms across the back. Fury fires back with a low blow!

Duce: Youch!

Baines: Fury scoops up Lox and drills him with a DVD! Fury is heading up
top! He's 6'2", 275 pounds!

VP Keegan: That means he's fat!

Baines: He comes off with a flying elbow drop!

Duce: He misses! It felt like the earth shook!

Baines: Now Dred Lox pulls Fury to his feet and nails him with a rock
bottom! he covers, 1...............2...............KICKOUT!

VP Keegan: Just end this damn match.

Baines: Dred Lox is mocking Fury! He's going for Fury finishing move, the
PainBomb. No! Fury kicks Lox in the stomach and goes for the
dazed and Dred Lox grabs him, THE CASH OUT(standing fireman's carry into a
1..................2......................THREEEEEEEE!!!! IT'S OVER!!!!
Dred Lox wins it!

VP Keegan: Thank God it's over.

(Just then IML2 wrestler and savior GOD comes storming down to the ring. He
gets in and SCOOPSLAMS DRED LOX!! GOD bounces off the ropes, THE HUGE LEG

Baines: God is on a rampage! He's coming this way!

God: Who said God's name in vein BRAHS?

VP Keegan: I....

(God cuts off Keegan with a VICIOUS THROAT THRUST.)

God: I know you did it brother, you better watch yourself BRAH! Bow to GOD!

(God POWERWALKS to the back while Keegan is left gasping for air.)

Hardcore Battle Royal Qualifying Match
LiGil v Pilot

Baines:With that, we are going to have to go to the next matchup, LiGiL battles the Pilot for another spot in the hardcome rumble. There are nine matches, and there are nine spots. Eighteen men start off, nine men are in the finals, and each one is then eliminated until one man remains!

Duce:LiGiL is going to fight the Pilot here...

VP Keegan:We already know that Duce, why not get to the ring, because you obviously don't know anything new to say about these two!

Chris Astro:This next matchup is for a spot in the hardcore battle royal! Introducing first, from the air Force... and he weights in at 220 pounds.. he is the Pilot!

("Learn to Fly" by the Foo Fighters start up over the pa system as a huge model plane drops down from the ceiling above the enterance, as the Pilot walks out. He walks to the ring and slides in.)

Chris Astro:And his opponent, from Portland Oregon, weighing in at 254 pounds, he is LiGiL!

("No Leaf Clover" by Metallica starts up over the pa system as out from the back walks LiGiL. LiGiL runs to the ring and slides in.)

*Ding, ding, ding*

Duce: LiGil and Pilot grapple, but LiGil doesn't look like he wants to waste any time and hits Pilot with a hard punch to the gut.

Baines: He follows up now with a back heel kick on Pilot. And already, he's going to the outside!!

Keegan: Yay!

Duce: LiGil grabs a chair from underneath the ring...

Baines: But Pilot goes for a Suicide Dive off the ropes!
All three: OOOOH!!

Baines: Oh my, LiGil just drove that chair right into the gut of the high-flying Pilot! LiGil grabs the stunned Pilot by the hair, and smack! Right into the side of that ramp!

Keegan: Hey, this is starting to look up, a few cheap shots and we'll be well on our way!

Duce: LiGil reaches under the ring, and pulls out...

Keegan: A barbed wire 2x4!!

Duce: looks like one of Hardcore Harry's toys, LiGil with a swing and a miss, Pilot with a boot to the stomach...DDT on the mat!!

Baines: Ouch, that had to hurt, but obviously not enough for Pilot's liking as he's scrounging about under the ring...what's he gonna pull out?

Keegan: Hopefully some damn talent with any luck. No, it's a baseball bat. I guess Pilot couldn't find talent if it was given to him. He holds the bat by both ends, and strikes it down on the back of LiGil!

Duce: Pilot now stands LiGil up against the corner of the ring, and is climbing on to the barricades! What the hell is he going to do??

Baines: He Goes for the drop kick!!!

{The camera cuts to show the commentators. All three commentators wince at the crunching sound they hear}

Keegan: What little chance he had of having children, just went out of the window.

Baines: And just to rub it in, LiGil hits him with an inverted atomic drop!! Double whammy, great opportunity for LiGil!

Keegan: About time too, this guy looks the part. He grabs that baseball bat...swings...CRUNCH!

Duce: WOW! That bat just snapped in half with the impact it made with Pilot's head!! He goes for a pin, not surprisingly


Baines: Kickout shortly after 2 there, it's horrible to think that it's gonna take a lot more than what we just saw to finish off this guy! Now what in the hell is LiGil doing??

Duce: Looks like he's applying a move similar to the figure four, but using the pieces of the baseball bat!

Keegan: Clever...

Duce: But not too effective!! Pilot just grabbed LiGil's legs and hit him with the sidewalk slam! LiGil is to his feet, but stumbling around...and Pilot has the baseball bat, or bats. Oh my, he's playing the drums on LiGil's head!!

Baines: And finishes off with a ram into his nose!!! Pilot grabs LiGil by the hair, and is dragging him over here. What are you doing??

Duce: This looks bad for LiGil as Pilot rolls him onto the desk in front of us!

Keegan: Pilot up on the ring apron, uses the rope as a springboard...FANTASTIC ELBOW DROP!!!

Baines: I thought you said he was crap, Keegan.

Keegan: Well he's a lot better now, so shut up.

Baines: No, why don't cold steel, he delivers a knife-edge chop to the back of LiGil and is now setting him up for a piledriver!


Baines: Well that was the plan, but LiGil is reversing...looks like aback body drop...but NO!

Duce: A reversal for the reversal! Pilot with a huge Leg Scissor Stomp!!

Keegan: He's definitely back in control, he throws LiGil off the ramp way and back down to the ringside area. He throws LiGil into the ring and sets up four chairs!

Baines: 4???

Keegan: He's set them out like a little platform, all joined together. It might hurt if he's planning on putting LiGil onto those!

Duce: Pilot grabs LiGil from over the ropes, looks like he's going for a suplex!!!

Baines: My GOD!! Did he just do that??

Keegan: Damn straight he did, that was a rather nasty noise when LiGil hit those chairs!

Duce: Pilot covers!


All three: OH!!!

Baines: That had to be like 2 and 7 eighths!
Keegan: 2 and 9 10ths!

Baines: No, 2 7/8

Keegan: 2 9/10!!

Duce: Quit it!! You're like babies sometimes, guys, I swear to God you really are! And with your bickering, you just missed Pilot toss LiGil over the barricade and into the fans!

Baines: They've hardly used the ring, now they're done with the ringside area! Taking this one BACKSTAGE!!

Keegan: Pilot looking to whip LiGil into that drinks stand...

Baines: But LiGil reverses! Pilot gets a nice cold drink of OJ, all over him!

Duce: Clothesline by LiGil and Pilot stumbles onto the drink stand behind him. LiGil with a chair, slams it down hard on PILOT!!!

Baines: And again!!

Keegan: And Again!!!

All three: AND AGAIN!!!!!

Keegan: LiGil getting back into this one in a big way! He's climbing up to the higher tier of seating!! He pushes an innocent fan out of the way and rips his seat out from where it was! That seat was screwed to the floor! And now it looks like Pilot is going to be screwed!!

Baines: LiGil leaps with the chair!

Duce: AND BRINGS IT DOWN HARD ON PILOT!! The drinks stand is shattered!! That HAS to be it, LiGil covers!!


Baines: KICKOUT!! Another VERY close call, this time for Pilot. LiGil drags Pilot by the hair, out of that exit door!
: They're in the backstage corridors! It's like hell on Earth in a hardcore matchup! Duce: LiGil slams Pilot's head into the wall, and hits him with a Russian Leg Sweep!! Right onto that concrete!!! He grabs Pilot again and throws him through that door!

Keegan: Let's see what's behind door number 1! Hopefully, it'll be the girls' locker room!

Other two: HERE HERE!!

Baines: Our cameras are following them in, it is a locker room...but it's either the men's or those are pretty ugly women! LiGil slams Pilot's head into those lockers, and is now jamming his head in-between the door and the locker, he slams the door shut!!

Duce: He's not stopping! He's just gonna keep slamming that door 'til there ain't nothing left of Pilot!!

Keegan: Woohoo, the first blood of the match!!!

Duce: Looks like Pilot is bleeding not very far above his right eyebrow, looks painful but I have a feeling we're gonna see a lot worse tonight with no less than 15...yes, FIFTEEN hardcore matches!!

Keegan: And that includes the good-for-nothing Hardcore Harry defending his Hardcore Title.

Baines: He was good enough for the hardcore title

Keegan: Humph

Baines: Fine, be like that

Duce: Will you two knock it off.

Keegan: Speaking off knocking, Pilot has just been K.O.'d! LiGil just slammed his head into the shower knob! A steel shower knob!!

Baines: LiGil will cover...


Baines: Kickout at 2!! LiGil can't believe it! He pulls Pilot to his feet, goes for a bulldog…BUT PILOT THROWS LiGil INTO THE LOCKERS!

Keegan: And as LiGil stumbles around, Pilot catches him with an inverted DDT! He drags him out into the corridor again, and throws him through the next door along!! Will this one be the women?

Baines: No, it's a broom closet! Pilot takes a bucket, and puts it over LiGil's head! He's got a broom…

Duce: He starts hitting the broom on the bucket!!! He breaks the broom on his knee and hits LiGil on both sides of his head with the two pieces!

Keegan: LiGil is against the wall, Pilot goes for a clothesline but is caught out with a drop toehold from LiGil! LiGil pulls Pilot to his feet and throws him head-first into the wall! LiGil throws Pilot through the next door! Let's see what's behind door number 3!

All three: Ladies Locker Room!

Baines: Both men are back on their feet, going toe to toe with sluggish punches. Both wrestlers are bleeding quite bad - hey, was that a naked chick?

Duce: Back to the wrestling, big right hand by Pilot sends LiGil crashing to the floor - HEY, THAT IS A NAKED CHICK!

{The three commentators are speechless for a little while. Pilot slams LiGil into the lockers head first, then starts choking him with some women's underwear! We hear some light panting from the commentators. Pilot throws LiGil off screen to the right, and into the showers. There are some women there, the panting gets louder and faster. The women rush out, Pilot repeatedly slams LiGil's head into the wall then holds him under the shower. This angers LiGil, who retaliates with a punch to the gut of Pilot. LiGil grabs Pilot and throws him, with one of the meanest throws ever, right across and through the doorway, out into the corridor. LiGil follows, walking past the naked women again. As the cameras leave the women's locker room, the commentary returns}

Baines: I think we had some technical difficulties there, guys.

Duce: Yeah, technical difficulties…right….

Keegan: Back to the match in hand then. The two wrestlers have stumbled into the waiting area here; this is where all the wrestlers wait before their matches.

Duce: That means we've probably seen the last of the backstage action

Baines: By no means, there're plenty of weapons in here.

Keegan: INCLUDING A TV!!! Which LiGil just smashed over Pilot's head!! He goes for the cover!


Baines: OH! A kick out at 2! What is it going to take to finish off one of these guys?

Duce: Maybe a steel pipe, 'cause LiGil just clocked Pilot with one! Now what's he doing?

Keegan: Looks like he's climbing up onto that stack of boxes! With steel pipe in hand!!

All 3:WOAH!!

Baines: Oh MY GOD! LiGil was looking to drive that steel pipe down on to the chest of Pilot, but Pilot moved!

Duce: And the steel pipe dug into the stomach of LiGil, who's now bleeding out of his mouth! We'd like to say this match is going to be stopped, but it's a hardcore match-up!

Keegan: No stoppages, no count-outs, no DQ. Which is why that chair shot from Pilot just there is completely legal! He sticks LiGil's arm in the chair…and brings a hard knee down on it! He could have broken Pilot's arm!

All 3: COOL!

Baines: Here they come, they're back in the main arena! Pilot with a snap suplex on the steel ramp! He starts rolling LiGil down the ramp with his foot, and into the ring. Pilot slams LiGil's head into the turnbuckle, followed by an Irish whip into the other corner!

Duce: Oh no, Pilot's going under the ring!

Keegan: Oh YES! He's got a table! And another one!

Baines: Oh Lord, this looks bad for LiGil!

Duce: You got that right, Pilot has stacked those tables near the corner and is taking LiGil up top! You know what that means…

All 3: SKY HIGH!

Baines: He goes for it…


Keegan: LiGil has countered! He's going for The Palindrome!


Baines: Both men grapple on the top rope…

Duce: Pilot has lost his footing!

Keegan: So has LiGil!

All three: OH!!!

Baines: My God! Both wrestlers have just fallen off the top rope and gone crashing through TWO tables!!! Neither man looks like they can get up! I don't even think I can see any signs of life for God's Sake!

Duce:There are both knocked out cold and are lying in the middle of the ring! LiGiL slowly crawls over, and drapes the arm over Pilot.. 1-2-3! LiGiL Wins it! He's going to the Hardcore Rumble later in the evening!

Baines:Wait! I hear someone's coming down to the elementary school!

(The camera fades in as the PRESIDENT OF YAHOO ENTERPRISES is walking around outside the elementary school. He gets a fair amount of cheers.)

DJ:I know him! That's the President of Yahoo!

VP Keegan:What's his name then?

DJ:Uhhh... uhhh....

(All of a sudden a 1989 Chevy Lebaron Convertable comes out nowhere and runs over the president of Yahoo!)

Baines:Dear god! Someone just ran over the president of yahoo!

DJ:Who has the gaul to run over the president of Yahoo!

(All a sudden High Flyer walks out of the car as the audience gives out a HUGE pop! He's wearing a new "Snow's a Sellin'" t-shirt and blue jeans, with a black sweater type jacket. He looks down and sees a Yahoo! t-shirt and the president of Yahoo!, and shurgs his shoulders.)

Baines:High Flyer is here at Vengeful Encounters, as he just ran over the president of Yahoo! Dear God!

Tag Team Tournament
Crimson Circus vs. Zero Casulaties
Zero Casulaties came out to the ring as Crimson Circus then hit both men with pillows. ZC fell to the mat as Crimson Circus pinned them....

Tag Team Tournament

Love Triangle vs. Doomsday Warriors

VP Keegan: Next up, fans, we've got tag team action as two hot new teams make their debuts tonight!

Duce: The Doomsday Warriors and the Love Triangle have both been pretty vocal about their prospects in the IML2 Tag Team Division. Now they're facing eachother for a spot on the Triple Threat, Double Ladder Match to determine new Tag Team Champions!

Baines: The Doomsday Warriors....and the Love Triangle? These two teams couldn't be more UNlike eachother! And now we're about to see who'll come out on top...the extra-pretty Love Triangle, or the extra-nasty Doomsday Warriors!

("Love Gravy", by Rick James and Ike Turner, starts up as the Love Triangle, Pete Love and his brother Steve Love, come down in the aisle in their colourful ring attire, alongside their manager, Joey Love. They
slap hands with the fans, paying particular attention to the women who swoon over them as they pass. On entering the ring, they do a couple of rounds of the ropes, still pandering to the fans, before retiring to
their corner.)

Tom Baines: There's the Love Triangle...here come the Doomsday Warriors!

("Living Dead Girl", by Rob Zombie, starts up as the Doomsday Warriors, Renno and Nicky make their way out, alongside their manager, Ms. Farrah. The fans pop for the tough guy duo as they too slap hands with the fans on their way down the aisle. The referee comes to the middle of the ring as the warriors go to their corner.)

VP Keegan: Pete Love is starting for the Triangle and it's Renno starting for the Warriors. The bell's rung, and here we go!

Duce Johnson: They lock up... Renno with a hammerlock... Pete reverses... Renno spins out and takes him down with an armdrag! And another one! Pete's up and he comes back with an armdrag of his own! Pete into the ropes... he lunges... misses with the clothesline... he returns, Renno leaps over... and ducks the rebound... and turns Pete INSIDE OUT with a clothesline!

VP Keegan: He picks up Pete... Irish whip... and Pete catches him in a POWERSLAM! He pins...
KICKOUT by Renno!

Pete makes the tag... Renno crawls over and tags Nicky....it's Steve vs. Nicky, they lock up, armwringer by Nicky... Steve rolls out... Irish whip by Nicky and Steve hits the turnbuckles hard!

Baines: Nicky's a big guy at 320 lbs. He's not a man to try to grapple with. He runs... OH! Avalanche by Nicky, and Steve is suffering! Nicky pulls Steve out... POWERBOMB! The ref counts...
Th... NO!! Pete makes the save and now it's two on one...

Duce: Double Irish whip! Double Clothesline!! Double DDT!!! The ref sends Pete back to the corner and Steve makes the pin...
KICKOUT with authority by the much bigger Nicky! Nicky's up... and he connects with a lariat! He picks up Steve and throws him into his corner! Renno's holding Steve into the corner and the ref
doesn't see it!

Baines: He's too busy keeping Pete Love in check! And Nicky is wailing on Steve with lefts and rights! He backs up... and PANCAKES Steve to the turnbuckles with another Avalanche! Now he tags to Renno... picks up Steve in an electric chair hold... Renno's up top and they hit a DOOMSDAY DEVICE!! Renno with the lateral press...
Thr... NOO!! Pete saves again, just in the nick of time!

VP Keegan: And it looks like Nicky's P-ed off by that... he grabs Pete by the hair and tosses him clean over the ropes! Renno's up top again... PLANCHA!! Renno and Pete are brawling at ringside, and Nicky's showing Steve what for in the ring!

Duce: Nicky with a vertical suplex! Body slam! Leg drop! He pins... and the ref is too busy trying to pull apart the ringside brawl! Renno with an Irish whip... Pete reverses... and Renno goes crashing into the
guardrail! Pete's not letting up on Renno... he picks him and sends him crotch first into the ringpost!!

Baines: Renno may never have kids again! And Pete's not done! He picks up a portion of the steel steps... and sends it crashing down on Renno! Renno with a LOW BLOW! Now they're even!

Duce: Back to the ring for a moment, and Nicky's picking up Steve... Steve with a double-leg takedown! And an elbowdrop! And a kneedrop! He goes up top...FLYING SPLASH and Nicky is doubled up! He goes up again... he's...waving to the crowd?

Baines: Stop wasting time and nail the guy!! Finally, he's off with a guillotine legdrop...and he MISSES! Who didn't see that coming?

VP Keegan: Nicky moved out of the way, and now he's going for the pin!
Th...NO! He gets his foot in the rope!

It looks like the other two have finally got back to their corners...Nicky and Steve are both tired out and going for the tag... Nicky gets it, and Renno intercepts Steve! He sends him intothe ropes and locks him into a sleeper!

Duce: Steve is in serious trouble... he needs to make a tag soon, or else the Love Triangle can kiss goodbye to the ladder match! Renno's got the hold cinched in and Steve's starting to slip...NO!
He breaks free with a jawbreaker! He hits the ropes... THESZ PRESS!!

Baines: Steve's holding Renno down with mounted punches and elbows... he needs to take his chance and make a tag! Hold on... Nicky's come over... he pulls Steve off Renno and throws him back into the Warriors' corner! Now both of the Warriors are doing a number on Steve while Ms. Farrah holds him back! Where's the referee?

Duce: He's holding back Pete, who's trying to bail his partner out. There's nothing he can do. But wait a minute... the Triangle's manager, Joey Love, is coming round to the Warriors' corner... he pulls Ms.
Farrah off and trips up Renno! Steve hits a low blow on Nicky! He stumbles across the ring and THERE'S THE TAG!!

Baines:But Ms. Farrah hit a low blow on Joey! Joey is leaving the area, hurt too!

VP Keegan: Pete is finally in, and he's on fire! Clothesline for Renno! Forearm smash for Nicky! Double clothesline to take down both at once! He rolls Nicky out, and now it's Pete against Renno again! BRAIN BUSTER by Pete! GERMAN SUPLEX!

Baines: But Pete's not done yet! He hits a perfect DDT! And an inverted DDT! And a Fisherman Suplex!
Thre...NO! Two and nine tenths for Pete, but that's not

Duce: Just a minute... Nicky's charged in... and so has Steve... this isn't a Tornado match, get your asses back to your corners!

VP Keegan: I don't think they're listening to you, or to the referee! It's a pier four brawl, but the ref won't stop the match, becausehe knows how important it is!

Baines: Oh God! Renno just took another shot to the family jewels, courtesy of Steve! Renno's wife will not be a happy lady tonight! Steve brings Renno down with a vicious POWERBOMB!! Now he's gunning straight for Nicky! Clothesline into the ropes, and Nicky and Steve go over the top together!

VP Keegan: It's Pete and Renno once again...Renno is down, Pete is up top, and he hits a FROGSPLASH!! He hooks the leg!
NO! Renno kicks out with authority!

Duce: They're both worn out, neither man is moving, and the ref's giving a mandatory ten count...
One... Two... Three... Four... Five... Six... Seven... Eight... Renno rolls over for a pin!
KICKOUT by Pete!

Baines: Steve and Nicky are desperate to be tagged in... Pete and Renno are crawling painfully over to their corners... it's all a matter of who gets there first... Renno tags Nicky! But Pete tags Steve as well! They charge...leaping cross body by Steve puts Nicky flat on his back! But Nicky rolls through, and he's on top! Steve pushes him off and they both stand up!

VP Keegan: They're circling eachother now... this has been too close to call from the very start, and these two just don't know what do next... They lock up... Nicky with a deep armdrag, but Steve follows through and puts Nicky down! He twists the arm... brings him up... Irish whip into the ropes and he kicks him on the way back... but Nicky catches it and brings him down with a Dragon Screw legwhip! Steve gets straight back up, throws another kick to the gut, yet again Nicky catches it, and... NO! Steve with an enziguiri! Nicky is on his knees, and Steve hits a low dropkick, straight to Nicky's face!

Duce: He grabs Nicky by the hair...but Nicky's ready...he has Steve in a fireman's carry...DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! He sets Steve up on the turnbuckle...ROCKET LAUNCHER!! And a Diving Headbutt to round it off! He covers...
VP Keegan:Thre... NOO!! Pete makes the save! That could've been it right there, but Pete was quick enough to save his team's chances! The referee sends Pete back... Nicky hauls Steve up... Steve with an inside cradle! This could be it right here!
Thr....NO! Pete Love was celebrating as Renno came in and reversed the count! He pulled Steve so Steve is on the bottom! Renno throws Pete over the top.....
One... Wait! It's Joey Love! He's running out of here!
Two.....And Joey reverses the count back! He just pulled Steve BACK on top of that reverse cradle,

VP Keegan:Look, Renno is celebrating, and Pete Love is getting back up, and can't believe what just happened! He slides into the ring, and starts celebrating with Steve as Joey comes back as well! They are just jumping up and down in the ring right now!

Tag Team Match-up
Fire and Ice vs. the Devastors

Duce: Well, everyone. We have another great match coming up for ya. It's a tag team match between the team of Fire and Ice and the team of Devon and
Dustin Dachey, the Devstaters.

Baines: This is going to be one hell of a match. So, let's get on to ringside.

[Smashmouth's "Allstar" plays loudly over the PA system throughout the
arena, and then we see Fire and Ice, the team of Hotshot and Iceman coming
down to ringside. They reach the ring and hop into it.]

Keegan: There's Fire and Ice. And now, here comes The Devastors.

["Total Devestation" Slip Knot plays over the PA system and then we see The
Devastors coming down through the ring entrance and into the ring.]


Duce: The match is underway. Hotshot and Devon are fighting in the center of the ring and Hotshot gains a headlock over Devon. Hotshot is then brought to the ropes and pushed to the other end of the ring. Hotshot comes up with a clothesline, but Devon ducked it. Hotshot coming back off the ropes, and Devon puts his head down, and REVERSAL by Hotshot with a boot to the face. Devon stands straight up Hotshot brings down Devon with a clothesline.

Baines: Hotshot then drops a leg across the throat of Devon. Hotshot goes to his corner and tags in the big man, Iceman. Iceman picks up Devon with the massive hands of his and shots Devon between his legs. Iceman picks up Devon and POWERBOMBS HIM TO THE GROUND! Iceman tags in Hotshot again and
Hotshot goes to work again on Devon. Hotshot throws Devon off the ropes and... Devon Reverses the irish whip with a clothesline to take down Hotshot. Devon goes down and so does Hotshot. The referee is counting... 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7.. 8... both men are up.

Keegan: TAG IN BY HOTSHOT! TAG IN DEVON! Iceman and Dustin, the two big men are in the ring! Iceman goes for a clothesline on Dustin, but Dustin ducks under it and Dustin gives Iceman a good old kick to the chest! Iceman is stunned and Dustin runs off the ropes and gives Iceman a flying elbow to send the big man down. Dustin picks up Iceman and gets Iceman a DDT. Dustin tags in Devon and Dustin stands in the corner. Devon climbs to the top and then to the top of Dustin's shoulders. DEVON JUMPS OFF THE

The referee counts...

Duce: Iceman gets up and so does Devon. Devon irish whips Iceman into the ropes, but Iceman REVERSES IT with his own. Iceman picks up Devon with a gorrilla press and drops him to the ground! Iceman drops to the ground as does, Devon.

Keegan: They both tag in their partners and Hotshot goes to work on Dustin. Hotshot gives Dustin a few lefts and rights and then pushes him into the corner. Hotshot climbs the ropes and drops a few rights to the face of Dustin! 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10!!! Dustin drops to the ground.

Baines: Iceman and Devon are going at it on the outside and Iceman throws Devon into the plastic guardrail. Iceman charges... Devon picks up Iceman and drops Iceman on his neck on the plastic guardrail.

Duce: In the ring, Hotshot calls in Iceman, but doesn't notice he's out.He irish whips Dustin into the ropes, and duck their heads. Dustin sets the two up for a DDT, but HOTSHOT KICKS DUSTIN IN THE STOMACHE! DUSTIN LETS GO, AND THEN...

Keegan: YES, YES!

Baines: And then, Hotshot whips Dustin off the ropes, but Dustin reverses it! Dustin whips Hotshot into the ropes, back off... Devon slides in...for their Double Team DDT. IT CONNECTED! IT'S OVER! DEVON GOES FOR THE COVER!

The referee counts...

Duce: It's over. The match is over. The Devastators move on to another match without losing. It's great! Woohoo!

Chris Astro:Your winners. the Devastators!

Hardcore Title Matchup
Hardcore Harry vs. Chris Page

Duce Johnson: Our next bout has the potential to be one of the greatest matches every here in the IML² as we have "The American Rage" Chris Page face off against the current IML² hardcore champion, Hardcore Harry.

VP Keegan: Well, even though I really don't care for Harry, I have to give credit to him. They guy has some kahoonaz.

Tom Baines: I've been looking forward to this match for so long. I can't wait to see what these two have in store for eachother. I've seen both these men wrestle in the past, and they take some major risks.

Duce Johnson: Let's just hope that no one ends up in the hospital here tonight, it would be such a shame to see either of these two talented young stars injured.

VP Keegan: Well, I don't know about you two, but I'm definatly going with Page in this one. He's got major talent, and isn't afraid at all to take a bumb or two. Hell, the guy is one crazy mother f*cker. Oh sh*t, can Isay that? F*ck, my bad.

Duce: Okay then.

VP Keegan: F*ck you. Oh, my bad.

Baines: Well, with that all squared away, I'd have to say that my choice would be Harry in this one. He's an unbelievable peformer, he's one psycho bitch, and hell, he can work a microphone too.

Duce: I'm gonna have to agree with you on this one Tom, I'd say that Harry will retain the title. He's got unbelievable potential.

VP Keegan: Man, you guys wouldn't know a headlock from pair of bowling shoes, nevertheless pick the outcome of the match. Let's just get this underway and we'll see what happens.

[All of a sudden, the lights in the arena all go out. White spot lights begin to shine everyone, building up the suspense. Pyro goes off in the ring to schedual what should be a match to remember here in the IML². The lights go off one more time, and "Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit blares throughout the sold out arena.]

Chris Astro: "About to make his way to the ring, standing in at six feet five inches tall. And weighing in tonights at two hundred and sixty pounds. He hails from Jersey City, New Jersey. He is the master of The Red, The White and The Blue. He is the _SICKEST_ man in the bussiness today. Here he is... ...'THE AMERICAN RAGE' CHRIS PAGE!!!

[The areana is quickly filled with a chorus of BOOS. "Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit continues to play as the camera zooms in by the entrance way but no one is coming out. Suddenly red, white and blue pyros and fireworks go off as Page pops out from behind the curtain. Page is wearing his red, white and blue wrestling attire. In his right hand he has a bottle of water. Page walks down the aisleway as fans begin to thrown garbage at him. Page is just laughing at them and is taunting them. Page reaches the ring and steps
through the middle ropes. Page takes a sip of the water and then pours the rest of it on his head. He takes one last sip, and then spits it all at the crowd. He goes over to the ring time keepers, and hands them his
waterbottle. He walks around for a little while, when all of a sudden the lights go out yet again.]

Duce: Here comes our Hardcore champion!

[Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana blares throughout the arena. Pyrotechnics go off all around the stage as the music only gets louder]

Chris Astro: About to make his way to the ring. He stands at six feet, six inches tall and weighs in tonight at two hundred and eighty one and a quarter pounds. He is your IML2 Hardcore Champion. Ladies and gentlemen, here is...HARDCORE HARRY!!!!!!!

[Hardcore Harry comes out from behind the curtain with the title over his right shoulder. The crowd erupts for this man. He makes his way into the ring and hands the belt over to the referee. The ref holds it up in the air for the audience to see. He hands the belt over to the time keeper and signals for the bell.]

Duce: Let's get this match underway!


[The two start off by staring each other down. The lock up, and struggle for control. Page starts off by delivering a knee to the gut of Harry. Page grabs Harry's head, and follows up with a devestating DDT, making Harry litterally bounce off of the mat.]

Duce: Thunderous DDT by Page.

VP Keegan: What did I tell you!

[Page picks Harry up and throws him to the ropes. Page lies down on the ground and Harry hops right over him. Page ducks down, and Harry stop, and places Page's head between his legs. Harry grabs Page's tights and nail Page with a pulling piledriver. Page in motionless on the great.]

Baines: Great piledriver there by Harry. Page isn't moving.

Duce: What's this, Harry has just exited the ring. And he's here right in front us.

[Harry rips the headset off of Duce, and places it on his head.]

Harry: You see right there!? How he's not moving!? That's why I am a grade A champ, and why he's nothing but A grade chump.

Baines: Wait, Page is getting up!

[Harry doesn't here Baines, and just continues.]

Harry: Ya see, I told you that I would kick his ass, and that is exactly what I'm doing right now!

[Page picks up and chair and charges towards Harry. Harry turns around, and WHACK! Harry's head put a deant in the chair. Page takes the headset off of the unconsious Harry, and puts it on.]

Page: Oh poor baby. Did I just take your head off with a F*CKING CHAIR!? TOO F*CKING BAD!!

[Page takes a fan off of the announce table, and lays Harry on the table. Page picks up Harry's head by the hair, and then slams him with the fan.]

VP Keegan: That's right Page, give it to him!

[Page continues his onslaught, and finally throws the fan, and then pushes Harry off of the table. Page proceeds to go over to the ring. He pulls up the IWO curtain, and pulls out a toolbox. He throws that aside, and searches a little more. He finds a table and brings it out as the crowd begins to go
absolutely NUTS! Page continues on his way, and finds yet another table, and brings that out too.]

Duce: this crowd is going absolutely CRAZY!

Baines: What!? I can't hear you!

[Page sets up one of the tables on the outside, right infront of the announcers, and then sets the other one up on top of it. Page picks Harry up, and rolls him into the ring. Page stands up on the apron, and grabs
Harry as he stands up. Page gets Harry ready for a possible suples through the tables]

Duce: What is Page going to do here!? He could end Harry's career with this one move!

[Page tries to life Harry over, but it gets blocked. He tries again, but it's blocked again. He waits five seconds, and lifts one more time and is able to get Harry over. Page keeps him up there a second, but Harry hops off, and lands on the table, feet first.]

VP Keegan: Turn around Page!

[Harry grabs Page from behind and delivers a diving reverse DDT through both of those tables!]


VP Keegan: PAGE!!!!

Baines: My lord! They're broken in half!

[Harry and Page both just lay there, not moving. The referee doesn't know what to do.]


[Suddenly, Hardcore Harry's hand moves, and drops across the chest of "The American Rage". The ref drops down...

VP Keegan: Get up!




VP Keegan: I knew he could do it!

Baines: How in the hell was he able to kick out of that one!?

Duce: I have no idea!

[Both men are now up and brawling their way around the ring. Page get's the upper hand, and clotheslines Harry over the barricade and into the crowd. Page hops over after him, and proceeds to kick the hell out of Harry. Page throws some old lady off of her seat, takes it and stabs Harry in the gut with it. The crowd now has been backed up by the security guards. Page begins to walk away, but then hops up onto the barricade. He almost loses his balance, but then runs down the top of the barricade, leaps off and slams
the steal chair into Harry's face.]

Duce: He could have broken his nose!

[Page stands up, and looks at the crowd with a sedistic gesture. Page lifts Harry up, and they begin to battle their way through the crowd. Harry hits Page with a low blow out of no where, sending Page to the floor. Harry lifts him back up, and begins to pull him um the stairs. Page tries to fight back, but Harry retaliates by slamming Page's head into the railing. Page falls down onto his ass and Harry goes to one of the fans. He grabs a can of beer, pops it open and takes a chug. Page stands up, but gets smacked in the head with the can. Page stands back up, and get's slaped in the face. As Page lies across the railing, Harry twists the can, and rips it in half. He takes one half, and begins to carve into the forehead of Page. Page's face is covered by Harry, but when he pulls away we see that Page is now busted wide open.]

VP Keegan: Page is cut, and he's bleeding badly.

[Harry begins to lead Page up the stair until finally reaching the top. Harry takes Page, and slams his head into the brick wall. The continue on there way, and turn into an aisle. Harry throws Page into a wall again, and lifts him back up. They continue on there way, and are now in the main hallway. The fans form a circle around the two, as they continue fighting. Harry picks Page up and bodyslams him on the cement floor. Harry walks away and dissapears from the picture as Page get's back to his feet. Page looks for Harry, but as he turns around he is nailed with metal trashcan over the head. By this point, Page's face in covered in blood.]

Duce: Would you look at Page's face!

[Harry picks up Page, and they begin to walk down the hall. Harry goes to slam Page into a consetion stand, but Page blocks. Page then hits Harry with an elbow to the stomache, and then a headbutt. Page rolls Harry onto the table, and then hops over it. He walks towards the back where they have the
steal shelf with the merchandise on it. Half way up he grabs a Hardcore Harry shirt, and brings it with him. He finally reaches the top, and stands tall. He looks at the Hardcore Harry t-shirt, and then rips it in half. He rolls the pieces into a ball, and then throws it at Harry. Page looks around at the fans who have gathered, and he then leaps off the top of the shelf, and lands on Harry with a legdrop, sending both of them crashing through the table and slamming against the ground.]


VP Keegan: That's why Page is one of the best in this sport today. He's not afraid to hurt himself.

Duce: What the hell do you mean not afraid? He's friggin CRAZY!

[Page get's up, and tells the fans to get out of his face. He picks up Harry, and puts him on his shoulder. He walks away with him, and drops him on the floor. Page sees a sign that says "Authorized Personel Only" and just discards the sign, and kicks the door open. He drags Harry by his feet into the room. Suddenly, screams are heard, but nothing is seen. The cameraman runs in, and sees another open door. He looks in, and sees that it's a womens locker room. President Sean's wife is changing in there! AND SHE'S NAKED!]

VP Keegan: ........................

Duce: ........................

Baines: .........................

VP Keegan: Uh....... [drool]

[The two leave the room, and continue on there way. Page leaves Harry on the floor, and goes out of the picture. He comes back, and leads Harry to where he just came from. He goes through a curtain, and finds himself back onto the stage. Harry and Page are dueling it out right now, niether one able to get the upper hand. Finally Harry nails Page with an elbow to the head, sending Page to the ground. Harry picks Page up, and looks over to the edge of the stage. He cuffs his ear towards the crowd and they explode.]

Duce: He wouldn't.

[Harry begins to walk to the edge until finally reaching it. He then takes Page, and puts him between his legs.]

Baines: He couldn't!

[Harry points around to the crowd, and then lifts Page up for a power bomb. He keeps him up there for a second, but Page realizes what is about to happen, and grabs a hold of Harry's head. Page then proceeds to punch away at Harry's face, until Harry is forced to drop Page. Page runs away, but as soon as Harry turns around, Page hits him with a super kick. Harry starts losing his balance, and then falls over the edge, and lands hard on the concrete floor. Page looks over towards Harry, and let's out a sinister laugh.]

VP Keegan: BUT PAGE CAN!!!!


Duce: HE KILLED HIM!!!!!!!

Baines: What's Page going to do next?

[Page runs over to the ring, and goes under there once again. This time he pulls out a ladder. Page picks up the ladder, walks it over to the top of the stage, and throws it up there. Page then walks back down to the ring, and picks up two, yes two tables. He brings them over to the side of the stage, and stacks them on top of each other. The camera shows Harry, who is still knocked out from the huge fall. Then it focuses back on Page, who now has another two tables. He brings them over to where the other two are stacked, and places one on top of the other, and the pushes the second stack against the first. Page then walks back one last time, and gets one last table. He hops up onto the rampway, and walks over to the place where the
tables are stacked up. He places that last table on top of the other four, and makes a pyramid shape. He then looks over to the other side of the stage that Harry had fallen off of.]

Baines: What is he planning on doing!?

VP Keegan: Who cares!? ANYTHING HE WANTS BABY!!!!

[Page hops down off of the stage right where Harry is located. At this point Harry is strugling to get up. He is coughing up blook, and seems to have some internal injuries. Page puts Harry back on his shoulders and heads towards the ring. They both get in and begin to battle it out. The whole right side of Harry's body seems to be severily injured, yet he still continues. Page charges towards Harry with a clothesline, but Harry ducks it, and reverses it into a backslide pin. The ref runs over.....




Baines: My lord, Hardcore Harry has won this bout!

VP Keegan: How in the hell did that happen!?

Duce: What an upset!

VP Keegan: No it can't be!

Baines:But it is! Hardcore Harry has defended his Hardcore title against Chris Page! And he will go on to face the winner of the Hardcore Rumble! Dear god what a night!

Tag Team Title matchup
There are two belts hung on oppositie sides of the ring. Once one man from a team grabs a belt, that team shall continue on to the second round. That man who grabbed the belt can not grab the other one, but his partner can, and that will take away the second round. If another team grabs the other title, they are both then hung in the center of the ring. The other team is eliminated, as it turns into a single tag team lader match. First team to grab the belts there wins.
Love Triangle vs. Devastators vs. Crimson Circus

Duce:And up next is the tag team ladder match! There has only been one ever before, and that was in the WWF at No Mercy. Think about the work rate of the IML2, and then see what it comes after, and we all know for sure that this match is going to be LEGENDARY!

Baines:That's true! We have the Love Triangle, Pete and Steve Love with Joey Love, going against the Devastators, the Destroyer Devon Dice and the Demortilizer Dustin Dachey, going against the Crimson Circus, Abomination and Grotesque!

DJ:We have two ladders set up on the rampway there for these teams to use. We have tons of weapons by the rampway, as well as some other stuff under the ring.

Baines:You shouldn't be telling the wrestlers this! I mean, dear god, you don't want this THAT insane!

VP Keegan:Why wouldn't he? Insaneness makes great matches!

Baines:Yeah, but you can't possibly want to see one of these two teams to die here tonight!

DJ:We might as well get to the ring now...

Chris Astro:IML2, this next matchup is for the IML2 tag team championship! This is a LADDER match! The rules are simple. One tag belt is hung under a corner and the other is hung on the opposite corner. Once a tag team member grabs one belt, he has taken his team to the next leval. That man can not then grab the other tag team belt, but may still participate on the match. If the other tag team partner grabs the other belt, this match is over, and that tag team wins. Should another tag team grab the other title, the tag team that did not grab a title is eliminated, as the two tag team titles are then hung in the center of the ring. The tag team to grab the tag titles from the center of the ring shall be proclaimed the new tag team champions!

VP Keegan:This is going to be great Tom! This is going to be HUGE!

Chris Astro:Introducing first, weighing in at a combined 541 pounds... Pete Love, Steve Love, THE LOVE TRIANGLE!

("Love gravy" by Rick James and Ike Turner starts up over the pa system as out from the back walk Love Triangle, along with Pete Love....)

Baines:It's the Devastators! Dusin Dachey attacks Steve Love, Devon Dice attacks Pete! Brawling on the rampway. Dusin throws Steve into the ladder which folds up and falls down onto the ramp!

VP Keegan:Devon Dice grabs Pete and nails him with a huge ddt!

DJ:And here comes the Crimson Circus! Abomination attacks Dustin, Grotesque attacks Dice! Abomination picks up Dustin and picks him up for a huge press slam! And he tosses him right onto the folded ladder! Stomach first!

Baines:Steve Love is getting up as Grotesgue takes the ladder and smacks it into Devon Dice's face!

VP Keegan:And look! He turns around and levals Steve with the ladder. Pete gets up and dropkicks the ladder into the face of Grotesque!

DJ:Abomination grabs Pete Love and throws him down the ramp. He comes back off, like off the ropes, as Abomination takes the ladder and swings it like the baseball bat to the midsection of Pete Love! Love goes down hard!

Baines:Abomination is the only man standing, but Dustin nails him with a huge low blow! Abomination drops the ladder as Dustin nails Abomination with a huge ddt onto the same ladder he dropped!

VP Keegan:Steve Love is getting to his feet, as he grabs Dustin from behind, and drops him with a inverted neck breaker to the ramp, with the ladder landing on top of Dustin! Steve is up and raises his hands to the fans. Devon is up however, and see's his tag team partner down. Steve has that ladder above his head, Devon Dice, SPEAR on Steve Love! And the ladder falls down!

Baines:Devon Dice picks up the ladder and knocks Pete Love off the ramp with the huge ladder shot!

DJ: Abomination and Grotesque are up, and they just clothesline Devon Dice from behind. Crimson Circus grabs the two ladders and takes them to the ring. Crimson Circus gets into the ring, as they are trying to gain the tag team belts! Abomination is climbing from one end, as Grotesque is climbing up the other side!

Baines: Steve Love is rushing up to the top, and tosses Abomination and his ladder down to the mat! Abomination falls off before he hits the mats, and falls backward... hitting Grotesque's ladder when he was about to grab the belt...

(Grotesque falls from the ladder and goes through a table at ringside.)

DJ:Not the Ancient Language table! Dear God! Dear god!

Baines:And look! Steve Love is picking up the ladder, and he is climbing up top, He's within inches from the belt, and he just grabbed one and falls from the ladder after Dustin shoved it! Steve Love has one of the tag team titles in his possession, as he will definitly be advancing to the next round!

VP Keegan:Now the devastators climb into the ring as they start double teaming Steve Love. Dustin Dachey throws Steve off the ropes, and picks him up... Devon Dice grabs him.. modified Dudley Death Drop! Total Devastation on Steve Love!

DJ:And here comes Pete Love... missle dropkick on Dice! Rights and lefts by Pete, as Dustin is slowly climbing the ladder on the other side!


DJ:And look! Abomination is pissed! Abomination grabs the ladder that Dustin is on, and throws Dustin off of it, but Dustin lands on Devon, who catches him!

Baines:And now the referee is putting the belts in the center of the ring, as The Love Triangle and the Devastators look at each other, and they huge! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!

VP Keegan:The Love Triangle and the Devastators?!?!

(Pete Love grabs the mic.)

Pete Love:Never would I say this.. but the Devastators show us something....effort... and therefore, we are the new alliance... called..

Baines:WAIT! From behind! Dustin Dachey with a ladder to Pete Love sends Pete flying out of the ring! Steve turns around as Dice catches him in the face knocking the other member of Love Triangle down! And here comes Joey Love! Dustin Dachey is climbing the ladder as Devon Dice grabs Joey, HUGE running powebomb on the third member of Love Triangle... and Dustin grabs the titles! We have new tag team champions!

VP Keegan:This is great! The Devastators lured Love Triangle in, and then they stole the belts from right under their faces! New tag team champions!

DJ:But what they did is ruin what looked to be a great matchup! They just screwed the IML2 out of bloodshed!


9 Man Hardcore Rumble
Elementary Destruction

Winner gets title shot next MNM. Men can use anything they feel like using in this enviorment... did I mention it's taking place in a local elementary school?
Enfirno vs Guff Daddy vs. LiGiL vs. Ringo Roberts vs. Damage vs. The Portugese Jiggalo vs. the Green Jackal vs. Butch vs. Dred Lox
Elimination Order:The Portugese Jiggalo, Ringo Roberts, Dred Lox, Butch, The Green Jackal, Enfirno, Guff Daddy, LiGiL, Damage

Baines:We might as well get to the next match...Fans of the IML2! We are going to go live to a satelitte feed of the local elementary school for this hardcore rumble! The winner gains a hardcore title shot against Hardcore Harry!

DJ:Consider that there are nine people there in the rumble, we most likely will not be able to keep up with everything that's going on, and therefore, as you all know, action IS going on otherwise.

Baines:And from what I hear from Ford, this match is called an Elementary Destruction.... I guess he got the idea from IWO's Mall Brawl!

VP Keegan:Let's just get right to it! I've been waiting for this for a while!

(The camera cuts to a live feed of all of the participants. All nine of them are there, as five referees are there as well. Considering that there are nine people, five referees for every two, just in case there's a double pin or four pins at once.)

*Ding, ding, ding*

Baines:Dear god, everyone is just pounding on everyone else! It's a brawl here!

VP Keegan:What did you expect Tom!?!

DJ:Oh! LiGiL just threw Ringo Roberts into a door. Let's follow this!

VP Keegan:That's the first grader room! LiGiL hammers Ringo Roberts, and throws him face first into the blackboard. Roberts bounces off, as LiGiL grabs Roberts and nails him with a side russian leg sweep.

DJ:Look back in the hallway! Damage has Guff Daddy up on his shoulders, and look, the Green Jackal shoulder block's Damage's knee! The Green Jackal grabs Damage and slams him into one of those glass trophey cases! Look at that glass shatter! over the head of Damage!

Baines:There's tons of Damage there!

VP Keegan:That was lame Baines, even for you.

DJ:Dred Lox has Butch, up on his shoulders, sit down piledriver by Dred Lox! And that's on concrete guys!

Baines:Look back in the first grade room! LiGiL has Ringo Roberts, and he's just piling chair on top of him.

VP Keegan:In the hallway, the Portugesse Jiggalo is getting double teamed! They are just stomping down TPJ due to his history with the IML2! It's Enfirno as well as The Green Jackal!

DJ:Wait! The Portugesse Jiggalo hits a low blow on the Green Jackal, but Enfirno grabs him in an inverted headlock, and now uses that same trophey case that Damage's head got smashed through, and nails TPJ with a huge inverted spinning ddt! That's the Candle-Wax! Candle-Wax by Enfirno! Enfirno with a cover on TPJ, 1-2-3! And The Portugese Jiggalo is the first man eliminated in this matchup!

Eliminated:The Portugese Jiggalo

Baines:That's the first man eliminated in this matchup, the first ever IML2 Atlantic champion!

DJ:Well, Hardcore just isn't his thing...

VP Keegan:Look! LiGiL has Ringo Roberts in that first grader room, and now has Ringo Roberts.. PALINDROME BY LiGiL! DVD! Onto the concrete from the desk! Roberts is lying out cold... cover by LiGiL... 1-2-3!

DJ:And there went Ringo Roberts!

Elimination:The Portugese Jiggalo, Ringo Roberts

Baines:Guff Daddy has Damage, and body slams him on the concrete in the hallway. Damage is fallen, as Guff Daddy then grabs Damage, and throws him into the Kindergarten room! Guff Daddy is just kicking away at Damage now in that Kindergarten room.

VP Keegan:Why the hell did this elementary school let us do this?

DJ:I think they need the money for a new school budget or something.

Baines:Who cares, this makes for a great match! Guff Daddy picks up Damage, but Damage with a low blow on Guff! Damage goes over to the blackboard and picks up one of the meter sticks, and CRACKS IT OVER THE HEAD OF GUFF DADDY! Guff is down!

VP Keegan:And look! Dred Lox and Butch have made their way down to the elementary school cafeteria! They are just hammering each other with rights and lefts! Dred Lox grabs Butch by the head and throws him into the salad bar protector! Butch grabs at his nose, as Dred Lox grabs Butch in a side headlock. Dred Lox rubs the eyes of Butch into the lunch line rope! Butch's eyes must be burning!

DJ:Look!Enfirno and The Green Jackal have made their way to the playground on the outside of the school! TGJ grabs Enfirno and throws him into the monkey bars!

Baines:Enfirno is hurting, and now takes him over to the swingset. TGJ with a hip toss to the ground. TGJ grabs one of those swings and begins choking Enfirno with those swing set chains!

VP Keegan:Look! LiGiL out of now where, PALINDROME ON DRED LOX IN THE CAFETERIA! Butch is down, as LiGiL is looking for someone.

LiGiL:Where is that Green Jackal!

Baines:Well, there you go Keegan, he's looking for the Jackal!

DJ:And Dred Lox and Butch are just out cold in that cafeteria!

VP Keegan:Damage and Guff Daddy are hammering each other in that kindergarten room! Damage grabs Guff Daddy and throws him into the blackboard once more! Damage picks up one of those clapping erasers, and smacks them together, blinding Guff Daddy with that smoke!

Baines:Damage picks up the teacher's chairs, HUGE shot to the gut of Guff Daddy, and he just broke that chair over the back of Guff!

DJ:Look! On the outside, LiGiL has found the Green Jackal. He jumps on top of him and starts laying in the rights and the lefts. LiGiL grabs TGJ and throws him right into one of those slides! LiGiL and TGJ are climbing up that ladder! Up the slide they go!

VP Keegan:Look! Enfirno is up, belly to back suplex off the slide to the ground on LiGiL! TGJ grabs Enfirno, and throws him off the slide, right onto LiGiL with a body splash! There's a referee with him, count, 1-2-no! TGJ hit Enfirno with a huge elbow drop from the slide!

Baines:Look in the cafeteria, Butch is up, and has Dred Lox, and throws him right into the wall! Dred Lox grabs at his face now, as Butch picks up Lox from the side, almost in a belly to back suplex position, and drops him onto one of those cafeteria tables. Butch is hammering Lox with rights and lefts!

DJ:Damage and Guff Daddy are still brawling, as they have made their way down to the boiler room! Guff Daddy has Damage and throws him face first into one of those metal pipes! Damage goes down to the mat as Guff with a cover, 1-2-no, kickout by Damage.

VP Keegan:Guff grabs one of those wooden tables, and sets it up. He sets Damage up on top of it, and starts hammering away at Damage. Guff is leaving, where the hell is he going!?!?

Baines:No time to watch, on the outside of the school, TGJ has Enfirno, and throws him into that ladder on the slide. LiGiL is climbing up that ladder, but TGJ goes under LiGiL and rests LiGiL onto TGJ's shoulders! What's going to happen here!

DJ:Look! Enfirno is climbing up that slide, and now a huge cross body onto both TGJ and LiGiL! Hitting them both in the middle!

Baines:It's just a train wreck on the outside!

VP Keegan:DEAR GOD! Back in the boiler room, Guff Daddy is on one of those support pipes... AND HE DIVES!


DJ:All Damage has to do is make the cover and Guff Daddy is eliminated!

Baines:But Damage is hurting as well! That was a last ditch effort to get out of the way there!

VP Keegan:And back in the cafeteria, Butch has Dred Lox laid out on one of those tables.. he's pushing those chairs, those imfamous blue chairs stacked on one another! Butch is climbing onto the top of those chairs.... DIVING 450° splash onto Dred Lox and through those elementary school tables! Dear god! Dear God!

Baines:Dred Lox is dead! Butch is dead, but Butch is on top of Dred Lox, 1-2-3! And there it is! Dred Lox has been eliminated from this matchup!

Eliminated:The Portugese Jiggalo, Ringo Roberts, Dred Lox

Baines:We are down to six men left. Guff Daddy who is out cold lying in a table rubble in the boiler room. Damage who is lying next to him due to exhausten, and now we've also got Butch trying to rest up a little bit. On the outside of the school, Enfirno grabs the Green Jackal and throws him back into the building! They are battling now back and forth with rights hands to each other on the stairway.

VP Keegan:Look, Damage is coming this way! I mean, to the outside of the school! Why didn't he just pin Guff Daddy right there!

DJ:I don't even think he saw Guff Daddy laying out cold right next to him! But LiGiL sees Damage, as LiGiL starts an exchange. He grabs Damage and throws him into that chainlink fence face first from a whip. Damage is now climbing the fence! I don't think he has any clue where he is right now!

Baines:And look, LiGiL is climbing up too! He's chasing Damage. They are both on top of the fence, LiGiL on the side closest to the school, Damage on the other side, as they are exchanging blows. Damage loses the exchange, as LiGiL just pushed Damage off and landed right onto a 1989 Chevy Lebaron Convertable...

DJ:I recognize that car...

VP Keegan:I think it's about to be destroyed. LiGiL from the top of that chain link fence lands onto Damage! The referee doesn't know how to get out of there. He is trying to climb up that fence as quickly as possible!

Baines:That's it! Damage should be eliminated! The referee finally gets out there, and goes to the hood of the car. 1-2-NO! Damage gets a shoulder up! LiGiL can't believe it!

DJ:LiGiL grabs Damage and JUST BROKE THE WINDSHEILD WITH DAMAGE'S HEAD! Dear god! That car is going to be destroyed!

VP Keegan:Look! It's snowing here in Greensburo as we speak! HAHA! That's sweet!

Baines:Look in the stairway, Enfirno and The Green Jackal have made their way down to the front office! That's the office room! And Enfirno throws the Green Jackal into that office. The door busts open. Enfirno follows in, and grabs the Green Jackal, and throws him face first into a fileing cabinet!

DJ:TGJ is down, and Enfirno... he has a computer monitor! And he just threw it at the Green Jackal! It hits the floor as sparks fly! Enfirno is going to throw Jackal into the pa system. but Jackal reverses it and sends Enfirno into the system!

Baines:There's some sound coming from that speaker... I think it's on!

VP Keegan:And look! The Jackal grabs one of those intercom dealies! I always wanted to use those!

Jackal:Would the Enfirno please report himself to the principal's office for the BEATING OF HIS LIFE! *THUD*

DJ:And the Jackal adds insult to injury as he nails Enfirno with that intercom microphone. Enfirno glaspse at his head, as Jackal picks up Enfirno, and throws him right over the desk and onto those comfortable chairs! Jackal climbs onto the desk and jumps off, driving an elbow onto Enfirno's stomach.

(There's a huge pop in the arena... it's HIGH FLYER! HIGH FLYER FROM THE IWO! He quickly goes over to Tom Baines and grabs him by his collar.)

Flyer:What the hell is this! I come to Greensburo to see this pay per view, sell some snow, and look what happens! We've got two jerkoffs that just destroyed my custom made 1989 Chevy Lebaron!

DJ:I said I saw that car before!

Baines:It's not my fault!

VP Keegan:Hey look guys! LiGiL is driving that car with Damage in the passenger's seat and the referee in the back seat!

Baines:It more or so looks like Damage is sitting laid out in the middle... and LiGiL... that's car's stick shift.... HARD TURN OF GEARS! Damage crotch means a stick shift!

Flyer:You guys are perverts! I can't come to this event without my car getting destroyed! I don't even know if I want that car anymore! I'm going to have a talk to Ford about this!

(Flyer leaves the arena as they announcers shake their heads. The car is then shown doing an E-Brake slide into the parking lot of the Greensburo Colisseum!)

Baines:It's his fault for leaving the keys in it.... and Damage and LiGiL have made their way back to the ring!

VP Keegan:And back at the elementary school, Guff Daddy has finally gotten to his feet... look! It's Butch! Butch charges at Guff Daddy! But Guff ducks down and grabs Butch by his legs, and heaves him into the air... with the momentum, he goes crashing into that steel pipe once more! Butch is down and out!

DJ:Butch, trying to get the advantage, just didn't work this time! Guff picks up Butch... S MY DDT! The Jumping DDT onto Butch onto that table rubble! Guff Daddy falls on top of Butch with a cover, 1-2-3! And Butch has been eliminated!

Eliminated:The Portugese Jiggalo, Ringo Roberts, Dred Lox, Butch

Baines:I still can't believe that was Flyer's car!

VP Keegan:Look! Back in the principals office...

Enfirno:Time to meet the Prinicipal Jackal...

VP Keegan:Enfirno has the Green Jackal, and he just threw him through a window between the main office and the principals office! Dear god! The Green Jackal is out cold! Enfirno climbs through the window wreckage, possibly cutting himself, even though there's a door right next to it! What an idiot!

Baines:And Enfirno grabs the Green Jackal, and picks him up for an inverted DDT, but goes up to the principal's desk... there's the Candle-Wax! The Inverted Tornado DDT by Enfirno! Enfirno with a cover on the Green Jackal! And that was onto glass too! 1-2-3! And that's it! Enfirno has eliminated The Green Jackal!

Elimination Order:The Portugese Jiggalo, Ringo Roberts, Dred Lox, Butch, The Green Jackal

DJ:So there are two people left in the school, somewhere, as we have LiGiL and Damage battling it out in the parking lot! The final four... Enfirno, LiGiL, Damage, and Guff Daddy!

Baines:And look! LiGiL is in total dominance of Damage, and throws him into a 1999 green pontiac sundance! And there goes the car alarm! LiGiL starts hammering away at Damage some more, and then goes back over to High Flyer's car! He grabs Damage, and goes to slam him onto the trunk, but Damage blocks it by slipping through and falls down to his knees...

VP Keegan:LOW BLOW BY DAMAGE! Damage causing severe damage to LiGiL's private parts. And now Damage picks up LiGiL and hot shots him onto the side of the convertable! LiGiL is down slouching by the car, as Damage starts laying in the boots.

DJ:Look at that car, it's just been destroyed. Damage goes over to the trunk, and he's hits it with his fist, and it flies open! Damage is searching through that trunk, and pulls out a picture of High Flyer's valet Kate Young! Damage looks at it as LiGiL gets up. Damage with a huge shot using the picture cracks the glass over the head of LiGiL!

Baines:LiGiL is down, as Damage is still rummaging through that trunk. He goes for a stereo speak... as it gets set off?!?!

("Green Day's "Fuck off and Die(F.O.D.)" plays loudly out of the trunk, distracting Damage.)

DJ:That music just blasted into Damage's ear, and he's stunned. LiGiL grabs, what is that... that's a crowbar! And he just wacks Damage in the back of his knee!

Baines:Look! It's Tanya Harding!


VP Keegan:Lame... Damage goes down hard, as LiGiL wacks Damage in the back of his head! Damage goes down hard!

DJ:LiGiL picks up Damage and sets him throat first in that trunk. He grabs the trunk, and he's just slamming that trunk down onto the back of Damage's neck! Repeat shots by LiGiL, and Damage is pretty much dead! He's just lying there!

VP Keegan:LiGiL takes that crowbar, and sets it under the neck of Damage, and slams his fist on the other end, jamming the pointy spike into Damage's head and neck!

DJ:Look! LiGiL is just laughing at Damage, and jawjacking in his face... the TRUNK JUST CAME DOWN AND CRACKED BOTH MEN IN THE HEAD!

VP Keegan:The vibration from the music must have knocked the trunk lid down, and it just hit both Damage and LiGiL in the head! Both men are bleeding!

DJ:Wait, look at this!

(The camera goes to the back where High Flyer has confronted Tom Ford)

Flyer:What the hell kind of operation are you running here... you destroy my car... I expect that paid in full.

Tom Ford:Fine, whatever, just leave, I've got a pay per view to run...

Flyer:And I'm not leaving until I get an... huh?

Ford:Just leave... you'll get a check in the mail.

Flyer:Really? You ain't fulling?

Ford:No, I'm not messin' around... just leave. I'll even get you to Meltdown tommorow.

Flyer:Cool! Thanks! Hey, you care to buy snow?

Ford:Uhhhh.... no, sorry.


(The camera goes back to the elementary school where Enfirno is looking for the last man left... Guff Daddy.)


DJ:Enfirno is looking for who's left. He doesn't know Guff Daddy is left in the school.

Enfirno:Where the hell is everybody!

VP Keegan:He's wandering around the halls, and now he goes into the boys bathroom...

Enfirno:Anybody in here?!?!

DJ:Wait! From behind! Guff Daddy hits Enfirno in the back of his head with a lead pipe! Enfirno goes down hard as Guff drops the pipe, and picks up Enfirno. He whips Enfirno into one of those stalls. Enfirno bounces off as Guff nails him with a jawbreaker. Enfirno falls down hard.

VP Keegan:And now Guff Daddy has... is that a cheese grater?!? He is wrenching it into the head of Enfirno! And there's the blood! YES! BLOOD!

DJ:Where the hell are you Tom.

Baines:I'm not lame...

VP Keegan:You're still pouting! Damn!

DJ:Look! Guff Daddy throws Enfirno into the urinals! And now he flushes! Dear god! Enfirno has to be screaming in pain, that's all going into his open wound!Keegan:I wouldn't be surprised if his head gains five pounds from that! Enfirno is coughing, Guff is trying to drown him. Guff throws Enfirno down, and now looks to finish him off! Guff picks up Enfirno, and goes to throw him into the bathroom mirrio, but Enfirno reverse, and throws Guff into the heat box that dries your hands! Guff grabs at his head, which has just been busted open!

Enfirno:You like throw water into someone's open wounds? Well Guff, get ready to met a sensation that feels INFERNO LIKE!

DJ:And Guff gets thrown into the heat box, turning it on. Enfirno now holds Guff's head under that box, right where the open wound is! And you know how hot those get!

Baines:Call me lame... look at some of his jokes...

DJ:Just get off it, we're on pay per view!

VP Keegan:Look! Guff is screaming in pain, and now just CHOMPS DOWN ONTO ENFIRNO'S HAND! Enfirno screams out in pain, as Guff gets up, kick to the gut, S MY DDT! THE JUMPING DDT! Enfirno is laid out.. cover by Guff Daddy, 1-2-3! And Enfirno is eliminated!

Baines:Now all Guff has to do is get to the parking lot and pin both LiGiL and Damage, who are knocked out, and win this matchup!

DJ:But he doesn't know they are at the arena!

Eliminated:The Portugese Jiggalo, Ringo Roberts, Dred Lox, Butch, The Green Jackal, Enfirno

VP Keegan:Well, someone tell him! Somebody get their ass there and tell him! I'm sick of watching them two being knocked out!

Baines:But look! In the parking lot, they aren't knocked out anymore! LiGiL is slowly getting up, holding the back of his head! Damage gets picked up by LiGiL, and HE HITS PALINDROME ON DAMAGE! LiGiL HIT DAMAGE WITH A STANDING DVD! AND LiGiL has Damage down on the mat!

VP Keegan:But look, the referee is sending someone to the elementary school to tell Guff Daddy the action is at the arena!

DJ:LiGiL should have Damage eliminated now, but the referee is too busy with sending another referee to get Guff! Finally a count by this referee, 1----2--NO! Kickout by Damage, and LiGiL still can't believe it!

Baines:These two are just destroying each other here at Vengeful Encounters! Damage gets picked up by LiGiL and he's taking him back to the back! LiGiL is dragging Damage around the back, and now he's tying the leg of Damage to a rope that's hanging from the ceiling. LiGiL now nails him with a huge chair shot! Where'd he get that chair!

VP Keegan:Who cares!LiGiL covers Damage..... 1-----2----3! Three count by the referee! LiGiL can't believe it! He believe he won this matchup! He's telling the referee to raise his hand, but he won't do it! Guff is still ready to come!

Baines:LiGiL is going back to the parking lot, as the referee tells him that Guff Daddy still hasn't been eliminated! LiGiL is gone... and now another referee goes to the first.. let's see what's going on here...

Ref #1:What do you want Lance?

Ref #2:I was watching, and I saw that Damage got his shoulder up! Damage isn't eliminated!

Ref #1:He isn't?

Ref #2:No, he isn't! You didn't have the right view point!

DJ:And look! There's Guff Daddy with LiGiL! Guff rushes out of the van as LiGiL finally sees him! LiGiL and Guff Daddy start exchanging blows, and Guff gets the advantage!

Baines:WAIT! IT'S THE NEW RECRUITS! Xavier the Great, Silencer, Justin Matthews, ThirdIBlind! They are all out here! They are pounding away at Guff Daddy and LiGiL! They must be made that they didn't get into the rumble tonight!

VP Keegan:They were signed too late for the pay per view! That's why they never got a shot at the rumble! Hard-Kore is out there, as well as the tag team Ghetto Fabolous! George Williams and the Shadow! It's a complete gang beating by these new recruits!

DJ:LiGiL and Guff Daddy are all out... as finally the referee's clear these new recruits out... and they are just destroyed! They are in a wreck!

Baines:And LiGiL slowly crawls his way over to Guff, and draps his arm onto him! The last referee counts.. 1-2-3! And Guff Daddy has been eliminated!

Eliminated:The Portugese Jiggalo, Ringo Roberts, Dred Lox, Butch, The Green Jackal, Enfirno, Guff Daddy

DJ:So it's down to Damage and LiGiL! But LiGiL thinks Damage has been eliminated! The referee is helping LiGiL up, who regains his composure. He slowly makes his way to the ring.

Baines:LiGiL is walking to the ring, and now starts jogging. He gets out here and slides into the ring. The referee follows. LiGiL grabs a microphone.

LiGiL:I think you know what to do.... Raise my hand!

Referee:But LiGiL, there's one man left!

("No Shelter" by Rage Against the Machine starts up as LiGiL gets wide eyed! Out from the back races Damage! Damage slides into the ring as he starts hammering away at LiGiL!)

Baines:Dear god this is a pier six brawl! Damage and LiGiL exchange rights and lefts, LiGiL whips Damage off the ropes, back off, Damage ducks a clothesline, and grabs LiGiL from behind... JUMPING TIGER DRIVER 91! THAT'S BRAIN DAMAGE!

DJ:BRAIN DAMAGE BY DAMAGE! Cover on LiGiL..... 1-2-3! Damage has won this match! Damge wins! Damage Wins! Damage Wins!

VP Keegan:Huge win for Damage! Huge win!

World Title vs. Atlantic Title matchup
Last Man Standing Matchup
Title for Title

Lance McNally -c- vs. Mystic Tragedy -c-

Baines:Dear god! After one hell of a pay per view extravaganza, we are finally here at the main event! Lance McNally battles Mystic Tragedy in a title for title matchup, last man standing rules!

DJ:Although there has been little to no hype for this matchup, McNally and Tragedy are going to be at each others throats, just in order to hold the two highest championships in the Internet Minor League 2!

VP Keegan:This is for all the marbles. It very well could be the most important match of the evening!

Baines:Evening Keegan?

VP Keegan:Simple error Baines. This matchup will definitly be the most important of the evening, but could be the most important in the IML2 history! Lance McNally, the world heavyweight champion going against Mystic Tragedy, the atlantic Champion!

Baines:We might as well go down to the ring while we are here! I just hope this match lives up to it's height of hype!

Chris Astro:IML2, ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR MAIN EVENT! This next matchup is scheduled for one fall and has no time limit. It is for the IML2 world heavyweight championship! Introducing first, the challenger... he weighs in tonight at 350 pounds, and is accompanied by Her! He is Mystic Tragedy!

("Wait and Bleed" by Slipknot starts up over the pa system as out from the back walks Mystic Tragedy. Tragedy raises his hands to the crowd and then slowly makes his way to the ring with "Her." Tragedy slides into the ring, and then does a poise in the ring, as a huge white spark shoots from each turnbuckle.)

Chris Astro:And his opponent. He is currently the IML2 world heavyweight champion, and he likes to call himself the Skater! He weighs in tonight at 255 pounds... here is the current IML2 World Champion, LANCE MCNALLY!

("Take Me On" By the Reel Big Fish starts up over the pa system as out from the back walks the IML2 World Heavyweight champion! He holds that title high in the air, as pyro shoots from either side of McNally. McNally runs to the ring, drops the belt, and slides into the ring.)

*Ding, ding, ding*

Baines:And here we go! McNally gets up and starts hammering Tragedy with rights and lefts, as Tragedy fires back as well. McNally backs Tragedy into the ropes, and whips him off the ropes, but gets reversed, back off, and Tragedy with a huge shoulder block, knocking McNally to the mat!

DJ:McNally gets up fast though, as Mystic Tragedy comes off the ropes and goes for another shoulder block, hammering McNally down to the mat.

Baines:Mystic Tragedy back off as McNally gets up, but McNally counters a third shoulder block into a drop toe hold. Tragedy grabs at his nose as McNally bulldogs Mystic Tragedy from behind.

VP Keegan:Tragedy slides out of the ring and onto the ramp. He's trying to regain his senses, and McNally comes off the ropes, HUGE over the top cross body knocks Tragedy down to the mat! McNally gets up quickly, and goes over to the ropes.

DJ:I think he's going for something huge here. McNally is climbing the ropes, no, not the turnbuckle, the actual ropes! Tragedy is still down on the mat, McNally leaps off, but Tragedy moves, and he comes crashing down hard on that rampway!

Baines:Tragedy is getting up and grabs McNally. He has McNally high in the air, that looks almost like a press slam, but it's also a fireman's carry.

VP Keegan:I think I know what he's doing and it doesn't look good. Tragedy picks McNally all the way up, there's that press slam you were talking about, and HE JUST FLEW MCNALLY INTO THE AUDIENCE! DEAR GOD!

DJ:And look! The crowd is surfing McNally back up the platform! Tragedy doesn't know what happened, Her is screaming like crazy! McNally is up on the platform, Tragedy turns around, as he's met with a kick to the gut, McNally, CRADLE PILEDRIVER ON THE RAMPWAY!

Baines:There referee's going to let this thing go on, because no one wants to see a double countout of a double disqualification!

VP Keegan:What do you think All those fans pay 29.95 for Vengeful Encounters, would they want something like that as an ending?

DJ:29.95? The IML2 charges 19.95.

VP Keegan:Are you saying I got ripped off trying to be able to watch myself when I go home!

Baines:Uhhh... you tape yourself to watch yourself?

VP Keegan:Shut Baines.

DJ:Look, McNally has Tragedy over by the rampway up top, and that's where all those weapons are. McNally is going to go for a ddt onto the rampway...

Baines:NO! Tragedy blocked it, NORTHERN lights suplex onto the ramp and ONTO THAT CHAIR! That's a double shot right there!

DJ:Tragedy gets up from where he was, and starts stomping away at McNally. He picks up McNally, and whips him into that IWO-Tron! Come on Tragedy! Don't destroy that IWO-Tron! That's on loan from the IWO!

VP Keegan:Give it a rest Duce, we won't get blammed for it!

Baines:Tragedy is just repeatedly throwing McNally into that IWO-Tron! Those metal supporters have to hurt....

VP Keegan:Like a bitch, huh Baines?

DJ:Wait, McNally blocks Mystic Tragedy trying to throw him into it once more, and slams Tragedy's head into the metal! Tragedy bounces off, as McNally grabs him from behind, belly to back suplex on the stage.

Baines:And look now! Lance McNally has a weapon! He has a... what is that?

VP Keegan:It's an electric fan nimwit. And he just broke the plastic over Tragedy's skull!

DJ:Tragedy hits the ramp hard. McNally gets on top of him and hammers Tragedy with hard rights and lefts to the temple of Mystic Tragedy. The referee is trying to get McNally up, but that's not going to happen.

Baines:Lance gets up now, and starts confronting this referee! Tragedy is slowly getting up, and he's climbing up that IWO-Tron! Tragedy is trying to get to a place where he can rest.

VP Keegan:He's half way up, and McNally turns around...

**From Action**

McNally:SHIT! Heights suck!


Baines:McNally is chasing Mystic Tragedy up that IWO-Tron! The fans are on their feet screaming during this matchup, as Tragedy is up on top of the scaffole. McNally, just a little faster, gets up with him. Tragedy and McNally face each other, and they are getting ready to fight up on top of the scaffole!

VP Keegan:JUST FIGHT ALREADY! We don't want you to just stand up there! Knock somebody off of there!

DJ:They seem to be listening! Tragedy and McNally are hammering each other with rights and lefts! Tragedy gains the upper hand, and just lays it in on McNally!

All 3:AHHH!

VP Keegan:OW!

Baines:Lance McNally was just dropped, but he landed crotch first on the top of that IWO-Tron!

DJ:But what that does is keep McNally on the IWO-Tron! He won't fall off while he's straddled up top!

Baines:Tragedy with a dropkick to McNally puts McNally on his back, while McNally is trying to hook his legs on the tron!

DJ:This is just insane! They are easily twelve feet off the ground! McNally is holding on simply by his legs. Tragedy picks up McNally off the tron, and superkicks McNally to the head! McNally is falling off the tron! McNally is holding on simply by his legs!

Baines:Dear god! McNally's going to fall twelve feet down to the ramp on his head!

VP Keegan:Wait, the Skater just flipped off the top! But he didn't fall! That skater must be flexible, he just was hanging by his feet, then grabed onto the metal with his hand, flipped over! Now he's climbing down the IWO-Tron back down to the rampway!

DJ:I think McNally had one too much of a rush during that exchange. He drops down to the rampway, as Tragedy is more annoyed than angered. He starts climbing down as well, but halfway down...

VP Keegan:ELBOW drop from the middle of the IWO-Tron! From the V drops down onto McNally! Mystic Tragedy tells the referee to start his count... 1-2-3-4-5-6- and McNally is up on his feet.

Baines:These two should be counted out by now!

VP Keegan:But that would never happen! This is the IML2! We don't end main events with Disqualifications!

DJ:That's a good thing too, or else this match would be over. Mystic Tragedy grabs a baseball bat! McNally is slowly getting to his feet. Tragedy goes for a huge baseball shot, but McNally just drops down to the rampway. Mystic Tragedy with the force has his back to McNally, and McNally hits Mystic Tragedy with a low blow!

VP Keegan:Tragedy falls to his knees, as McNally grabs a chair, and slams it down onto the back of Mystic Tragedy! Tragedy is face down on the rampway, McNally with the chair, arabian face buster to the back of Tragedy's head!

Baines:Tragedy is down on the rampway, wait! It's Laynice from Tragedy's interviews! He grabs his "brother" and he just threw McNally off the ramp and through a table set at ringside! That was a ten foot drop!

VP Keegan:Why were you so sarcastic with that brother thing. You and I both know he's Lance McNally's brother! Laynice MacNally is showing who the better brother is!

DJ:But that's not right! Mystic Tragedy was down and almost out, as Laynice just threw McNally off the ramp and to the concrete below! That's pretty much a two on one situation! Both men are down, as the referee is escorting Laynice to the back. Look! Tragedy is slowly getting to his feet. He's trying to find a way down to McNally... there's steps right at the end of hte rampway!

Baines:But MT can't find them. MT dives off the rampway onto McNally! Dear god!

VP Keegan:Mystic Tragedy must have been hit in the head by police brutality in his past life.

DJ:Police Bru... not even going to try. And look! Tragedy rolls off of McNally, 1-2-3-4-5! You could count up to ten, with ease!!

VP Keegan:More like twenty!

Baines:At any rate, Mystic Tragedy should be the world champion as we speak! The referee turns around, and quickly walks down the steps...referee counts... 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-! Lance McNally is on his feet! Mystic Tragedy can't believe it. While he was waiting for the referee, he must have regained his senses!

VP Keegan:Tragedy should be the champion! Tragedy grabs McNally by his hair, and begins dragging him over around the arena. He has him by his hair, and throws him right into one of those electrical speakers! McNally bounces off, as Mystic Tragedy kicks him in the gut, ROCKER DROPPER BY Tragedy onto McNally!

DJ:And McNally keeps standing up! Lance McNally shows that stamina that you MUST have to be the IML2 world heavyweight champion!

Baines:And Mystic Tragedy is getting just a little frustrated. He's throwing Lance back up the steps.

VP Keegan:Maybe he's going to throw him off the platfor again?

Baines:At any rate, Tragedy just threw Lance onto the rampway, as Tragedy grabs one of those ladders from the tag team ladder matchup, and starts climbing it?!?

DJ:I think he wants to end this match by jumping off the top of that ladder onto McNally! But no! McNally grabs the ladder and shoves it! Mystic Tragedy begins to fall...

VP Keegan:But he catches himself on that IWO-Tron! And look! It's coming apart! He grabs onto the middle as that cracks the metal supporters! The IWO-Tron/IML2 Vengeful Encounters version is falling apart, and it's falling apart on top of Mystic Tragedy! Tragedy can't get up! Tragedy can't move! Lance McNally sets up that ladder, and he's climbing up, and now drops onto the wreckage! I don't know if that was too smart...

Baines:Wait! The referee is counting this as a fall!

VP Keegan:WHAT! He can't do this! Tragedy can't move!

DJ and TB:1---------- 2-------------3------- 4----------5------------ 6------------7----------- -8-----------9------------ ---10!!!



DJ:What the hell are you talking about! Lance McNally just won the Atlantic Title, and he is still our world heavyweight champion!

VP Keegan:You saw it! There was no way Mystic Tragedy could get up! I tell you he was screw by the damn IML2! And then Lance jumps on top to add insult to injury!

Baines:WHAT A HUGE PAY PER VIEW! FOR THE IML2! I'm Tom Baines, and for Duce Johnson and Vice President Keegan, and the entire IML2... WAIT! That's Dark Wolf! Former IWO Superstar! He just cold clocked Lance McNally in the back with a chair! He's standing over Lance! Dear god!

VP Keegan:*almost crying* It's not fair! It's just not fair!... wait! YES! GO DARK WOLF! HAHAHAHA! LANCE! You got yours!

(The camera slowly fades out.)
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