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Thursday, May 4, 2000
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(The IML2 logo is shown up over the screen, as "Marche Slave" can be heard distinctly in the background. The scene shows highlights from the past couple weeks showing what has been going on. It begins by showing T.Q. Smooth being attacked by Silverchair. It then shows the recent building feud between the Devastators and the Xtreme Legendz. Later it shows the front office warfare, as LiGiL is grouped with Sean, Dustin Dachey is grouped with Ford, and Mike Extreme with Gunnar Smith. Later is shows the buildup to the world heavyweight title feud between Dark Wolf, Hardcore Harry, and Lance McNally. The IML2 heavyweight championship is shown on the screen, as the camera slowly fades into the ringside area. The fans scream as the lights are off and pyro shoots around. The camera fades down into Tom Baines, Duce Johnson, as well as Lorin.)






DJ:You don't have to scream at my Bainesy... heh.

Lorin:You should be nicer to him! I remember, in that atlantic title match, the front office is split down the middle on it!

TB:Tom Ford IS NOT HERE TONIGHT! Gunnar Smith is running the show! That's chaos right there!

Lorin:You're right!

TB:We might as well get to the action! Tremor Christ makes his pay per view debut against the former IML2 heavyweight champion Myst! Fans, make sure you set your VCR's for this one, we are about to see one hell of a match.

DJ: Thats right both men have just entered the ring, and they look like they are ready to go here at No Mans

Lorin: In the left corner you have Tremor Christ, he looks pretty confident, and in the other corner you have

TB: I cant wait! Ring the bell..

(Bell rings)

Lorin: And we are under way.

DJ: Both men charge out of the corner. They have a good old fashion lock up.

Lorin: Now thats how everything in the IML2 should be.

TB: Look Tremor just gave him a good old fashion rake to the eyes!

DJ: Now that is how everything should be. Look Tremor follows up with a punch to the gut.

Lorin: Punch to the face! He takes him by the arm, and bang throws him right into the corner.

DJ: Man Myst is seeing nothing but stars.

TB: Oh wait, look what is Tremor doing.

Lorin: He is running like a train.


TB: Shut up...

Lorin: Look hes going to run right through Myst.

DJ: This is going to hurt.

TB: LOOK! Myst just moved out of the way.

Lorin: Wow, Tremor just rammed his own jaw into the ring post.

DJ: Hes staggering with his back turned. Which can't be good.

Lorin: Myst running...BULLDOG....

DJ: For the second time in 20 seconds his jaw has just smacked against something.

TB: He's down, and he's not getting up.

Lorin: Look Myst has something in mind he is going outside of the ring.


Lorin: No, you sick, sick man... hes getting the hammer from the ring bell?

TB: This cant be good

DJ:What do you mean this can't be good! This is going to be better than a table!

Lorin: Tremor is just starting to get up

DJ: But he's facing towards the aile, so he cant see who or what is behind

TB: He just relized Myst is missing.

Lorin: Not for long, turn around and you will find him buddy.

TB: Tremor is staggering around...

DJ: I cant watch... wait, yes I can! Hit him Myst!

Lorin: BANG! BANG! he just got his head cleaned with the hammer.

TB: That was a short match..

Lroin: Hes going for the pin!

TB: The match is over

DJ: Hes going. 1 2 NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ: That mother Fucker kicked out? HOW?

Lorin:If you're in the IML2, you aren't going down that easy!

DJ: Well look at Myst he cant believe it.

TB: Oh wait look at Tremor, hes not only bleeding from the shot he just took right on the top of his head....

Lorin: Hes bleeding from the two shots where he landed on his jaw.

DJ: Well Myst is still shocked..

TB: Hes looking around the crowd I wonder why!

Lorin: He just looked like he found an idea..

DJ: Yeah hes on the outside again..

TB: What is he doing! H'es going under the ring..


Lorin: This time you are right.

DJ: He is getting a table..

TB: WHat the... He isnt putting it in the ring..

Lorin: He's walking over to the side of the crowd

DJ: Oh I see!

TB: See what!

DJ: I know what he's doing. He's setting that table up one side on the crowd and the other on the edge of the

TB: Oh man. Hes going to put Tremor right through the table!

DJ: He's climbing on the aprain..

Lorin: Look Tremor is up!

TB: Well, we see it.. But does Myst?

DJ: He bounces off the ropes.

Lorin: Theres no where for him to hit! He's going to go jaw first!

TB: Drop kick!

DJ: That's NUTS!

Lorin: He just dropkicked Myst of the ring into the table onto the floor.

TB: Myst isn't moving! He has to be dead!

DJ: NO! I dont think so....He's breathing..

Lorin: Tremor looks fine.

DJ: Yeah, if you can get past the blood on him.

TB: Tremor is asking the people at ringside for something..

Lorin: Somebody just through Christ a chair..

DJ: What can he do, I mean Myst is still down..

TB: Hes getting up..

DJ:What are you talking about moron! Myst isn't getting up!

TB: I dont mean Myst I meant Tremor Christ is climbing to the top rope with the chair in hand!

Lorin: What!

TB: Yeah look for yourself!..

DJ: He is nuts...

Lorin: No Myst is getting up

TB: he has no where to go!

DJ: Yeah he's in No Man's Land

Lorin: Yeah!

TB: He's up and Tremor is off!

Lorin: Tremor just wacked him with the chair off the top rope..

DJ: But look he's down as well..

TB: I think that fall to the concrete might have hurt just as much, if not, more then he hurt Myst...

Lorin: Blodd FEst!

TB: What?

DJ: Yeah, now Myst is bleeding..

TB: From where I dont see a cut..

DJ: Wait neither do I

Lorin: Hes bleeding from the nose!

TB: Man, this looks like a car reck...

DJ: Tell me about it, both men are like dead..

Lorin: I know, they ant moving

TB: I wonder who is going to get up first!

DJ: I know who will get up first..

TB: The one whos wants it the most!

Lorin: Both men want it!

DJ: And it looks like Tremor is getting up!

Lorin: Man he's bleeding from the head and the Jaw

TB: Hes see's Myst on the ground

DJ: Yeah, instead of trying to get in the ring he is picking the man up!

Lorin: Yeah now there both up..

TB: They are fighting pucnhes

DJ: My god they are pounding each other.

Lorin: Who and how is someone going to win this slugfest outside..?

TB: Well thats how!

DJ: Yeah what a cheap ass move, Myst just low blowed TRemor...

Lorin: He now has him by the neck.

DJ: What the hell does he have in mind now?

Lorin: I dont know! But hes taking him up the ramp..

TB: Yeah.

DJ: Kick to the gut! He has something in mind!

TB: PileDriver.Right through on the stage...

DJ: ANd thats hurt more, because there is no give in the stage..

Lorin: I agree, and Tremor looks hurt..

DJ: Hes shaking!

Lorin: Hes going for the pin on Tremor..

DJ: Yeah and the winner Myst..

Lorin: 1 2 NO!

TB: I cant belive hes just kicked out of that move..

Lorin: Yeah he wants this match bad.

TB: But so does Myst..

DJ: Look Myst isnt wasting anytime..

TB: Yup! he just picked Tremor CHrist up..

Lorin: Now this is looking a little dangerous..

DJ: Yeah why is he taking him to the end of the stage..

TB: I dont know but theres nothing on the way down but tables and hard floor with no padding..

Lorin: Hes taking him between his legs..

DJ: NO!!!!!!!!!

TB: We are going to see the end of poor Tremor here tonight!

Lorin: He has him hanging power bomb city 10 feet down!

TB: Like hell he is..

DJ: What the hell is Tremor doing!

Lorin: hes holding on with his feet!

TB: Frankenstiener!


TB: Yeah you saw it!

DJ: But I cant believe it, he was just piledrived and look dead how did he have the strength to do it!

Lorin: Man well I will tell you what. Both man hit hard and they both look like they need help to the back!

TB: YEah I think your right!

DJ: They arent moving they really need help..

Lorin: Yeah your right, here comes the doctors.,

DJ: FOlks this has been a good match but I would have to say its over

TB: Yeah they are taking them out on strechers..

DJ: They ant wasting time, there already on the strechers..

Lorin: They are both starting to move!

DJ: TO late they are already in the abulance..

(The ambulance starts to ride away but then you here a big stop)

DJ: What the hell is this...

TB: Look both men are fighting on the back of the thing!

Lorin: Tremor has Myst, and throws him

TB: Well that just opend up the doors.

DJ: What a nasty fall that man just took..

Lorin: TRemor just hoped out the back. And I guess the match just started back up..

DJ: Yeah...Well both men are up and battleing..

TB: Where are they going...

DJ: They are out by the parking lot..

Lorin: yeah they are, and look Tremor just got thrown into a car..

TB: Hey that window just busted..

DJ: Yeah and he dont got pads on so it looks like Tremor hasglass in his

Lorin: GOd that must hurt.

DJ: Look Myst is coming bang clothsline..

TB: Yeah Tremor is thriving in pain!

Lorin: I feel so sick after watching this match!

DJ: AFter!

TB: It ant over..

Lorin: Well Tremor is up, thank god and Myst is walking back.

DJ: HEs getting a running start he wants to finnish him..

TB: it ant going to work, Tremor see's him..

Lorin: Yeah.... BAck Body Drop!

DJ: Ewwww.. Right on that car!

TB: Yeah........

Lorin:Wait isnt that Tremorz car............

TB: Yeah

Lorin: hes opening it!

DJ: he just popped the tronk

TB: hes going to stick Myst in the trunk!

Lorin: No he isnt hes looking in there for something...

DJ: hes pulling something out!

TB: its a baseball bat!

Lorin: Yeah hes going to crush Myst..

DJ: No Myst is up....

TB: He saw the bat and he is jetting...

Lorin: He just fell!

DJ: ANd Tremor is up to him...

TB: Wait hes ready bang!

DJ: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TB: He just missed and thankx god he did! He hit the car and busted a

DJ: And there goes Myst again!

Lorin: DAMMIT!

DJ: What you wanted him to get hit!?!

Lorin: NO!

DJ: Then What!

Lorin: Dammit, that was my car he hit with the bat..

TB: Ha

Lorin: But look he is chasing the man with the bat...

DJ: It looks like they made there way back out here...

TB: Yeah and Tremor has dropped the bet thank god!

Lorin: Myst is in the ring, and here comes Tremor..

DJ: Oh he gets kicked on his way into the ring..

Lorin: hes down....

DJ: But hes back up!

Lorin: They are going head to head...

DJ: And of course they have to cheat Myst just scracthed the guy in the face...

Lorin: Yeah, and he just slammed him down to the mat..

TB: Yeah he likes that! What a cheap bitch..

DJ: Wheres he going!

TB: Hes going to get a chair!

Lorin: Blood! More Blood!

DJ: But hes going up top..

Lorin: But why!

TB: Remember earlyin the match..

Lorin: Oh YEAH

DJ: This isnt pretty

TB: But Tremor isnt that hurt

DJ: Yeah he could porbally see it coming!

Lorin: You dam right!

TB: HE jumps...

Lorin: Tremor see's it!

DJ: he just punched the chair back into the face of Myst!

TB: Oh man that is wrong as hell!

Lorin: Tell me

DJ: I dont think that was to good of an idea!

Lorin: Why not!

TB: Yeah why..

DJ: Because sure he hit the chair into the face of Myst but he also might have just hurt his wrist....

TB: Your right...

DJ: he doesnt look to happy right about noW!

tb: But he is strong so of course Tremor is back up.........

DJ: No ass hole thats Myst up,

TB: Yeah, and look he has a new cut under his eye...

DJ: But look on the ground Tremor has been bleeding the whole macth..I think hes lost way to much dam blood..

Lorin: Yeah thats true..

TB: Man, now what does that fool have in mind...

LOrin: I dont know but hes going under the ring..


Lorin: Theres one he just through into the ring..

DJ: NO he just set it up on the outside! Right by are table!

TB: ANother TABLE!

Lorin: He just set this on up between the middle of ares and his table!

TB: YEah! This doesnt look good!

DJ: HEs going to the other side of the ring!

TB: NO more table on that side!

DJ: There is, I just dont know what hes doing!

TB: Hes got something, and the fans on that side seem pretty happy!

DJ: Hes got a ladder!!!!!!!!

Lorin: This doesnt look good...

TB: He just slid it into the ring, right next to a fallen Tremor!

DJ: Hes in the ring...

Lorin: He is setting it up in the corner by the ropes!!

DJ: Now he is going to get something else!

TB: hes has another table he is setting up in the corner!

Lorin: And now that isnt enough!

TB: NOpe, cause hes getting something else...

DJ: YEah look at this shit!

Lorin: He has another table!

DJ: And he is taking that up on the ladder!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?

TR: He is taking that up to the top!

Lorin: He sets it up between!?!?!?!??!?!?

DJ: Between the two ladders..

TB: Its likea plank!

DJ: YEah and Tremor is up!

Lorin: With blood in his face he is head up the other ladder!

TB: Yeah they are both on the plank!

Lorin: This isnt good!


DJ: They are battleing...

TB: Rake to the eyes, and Myst is down.!

Lorin: What is Tremor pulling out!

TB: Powder! HE throws it in the eyes of poor little Myst!

DJ: Good bye! Myst we love you..

Lorin: Look he just did threw that ass hole of the plank!



Lorin: NO!


Lorin: OH MY GOD! Myst just was thrown ofthe ladder through that table through are table and the other one!!!!!

TB: AND look in the ring!

DJ: Yeah, while falling he must have kicked Tremor cause Tremor fell and the plank snapped and hes in the fucking ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lorin: Both men are hurt badly!

DJ: I dont think they can get up

TB: But hell they will I know it!

Lorin: Well Tremor is starting to move...

DJ: Look at the ring mat, It went from white to red

TB: YEah CHrist is bleeding badly....

DJ: Hes lost to much blood

Lorin: But hes up

TB: OH my god!

Lorin: WHAT!

TB: Myst is getting up!

Lorin: NO way this to are amazing I cant believe they are that dam good!

TB: They want a win!

Lorin: Look Tremor is ready, hes running of the ropes front flip out of the


DJ: Myst just moved out of the way and Tremor just landed on the hard floor...

TB: HEs dead, I swear to god...

Lorin: Myst is happy he moved..

DJ: Yeah, well look he never learns Myst is getting him back up!

Lorin: He throws him into the ring, and both men are up!

DJ: Tremor turns him around afterMyst is looking at the people.Lorin: he shouldnt have turnedhis dam back!

TB: hes going to pay!

Lorin: YEah bang!

DJ: Twist of fate!

Lorin: ANd Myst is out cold.........

TB: Myst has had a good match but this has to be it!

DJ: YEah, 1 2

Lorin: My god he kicked out how!

TB: I am telling you people they both want this match.

DJ: Tremor isnt going to talk to the people hes going back to work.

Lorin: Hes going off the ropes

TB: Elbow drop....

Lorin: NO! Myst moves out of the the way, and is back up.

DJ: AW, that has to hurt look at those chops by Myst tremorz stomack now has hand mark tatoos..

TB: Dam Myst just chopped Tremor Christ all the way into the corner!

Lorin: Yeah and theres no stopping Myst now, hes on a roll!

DJ: I know he looks possesed..

TB: He's on top of Tremor CHrist........My favorite!

The Fans: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10..

DJ: Now the fans are really starting to get into this one!

Lorin: Myst finally just got off of Tremor after those vicious blows! And hes so tired Tremor just fell right to the mat!

TB: YEah every time he hits Tremor the blood rushes out faster..

DJ: Hes going over to a fallen Tremor CHrist, and hes going to pin him!

Loirn: Its all over!

TB: NO, hes not turning him over he putting on a subbmission hold? HE has on an ankle lock!

Lorin: I havent seen a lot of this latley!

DJ: Hes going to tap!

Lorin: Yes he is.


DJ: Look at his face reaching down deep squeezing to hold on has forced more blood out!

Lorin: Myst cant belive this!

DJ: Neither can I!

TB: Hes ! What his going outside of the ring!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!

DJ: WHats is he doing!


Lorin: NO WAY! Theres no more left is there!

TB: Theres gotta be!

DJ: Well there has to be because if there isnt what the hell did Myst find and whats in his hand?

TB: Hes sliding it back into the ring.

Lorin: Tremor is up, and he greets him with a stiff kick to the kisser!

TB: Yeah!

DJ: Tremor see's the table, and he is setting it up!

TB: But wait, an idea just snapped in his head..

Lorin: hes leaving the ring through the crowd!

DJ: Look Myst is following him they are in the stands!

TB: They are fighting on the steps....ANd now they arent they are in the hall way..

Lorin: Bring me back some beer!

DJ: They are fighting in the hall way!

TB: They are really throwing some punches up there!

Lorin: Christ just got thrown through a door!

TB: Man that must hurt!

DJ: Wait there in there in the cleaning room!


DJ: Yeah look at the brooms and things...

Lorin: Hes right!

DJ: Look Tremor just got lifted up and oh my god Myst just dunkedhis head into that dam water!

Lorin: HE better let Tremor out or hes going to die!

TB: Hes out thank god! But think how much it must hurt the chemicals getting in the blood!

DJ: Tremor could hardly breathe he was under a while!

Lorin: Well Christ is on his handsand knees trying to get up!

TB: Mystis up and got a mop in his hand..

DJ: Why do I have the feel that mop is going to snap on Tremors back?


Lorin: Cause it just did!

DJ: Man hes hurt...

TB: Now what the hell is Myst doing!

Lorin: Hes walking out of the room!

TB: LEaving his oppenent behind, hes going to the nocho place!

Lorin: Yeah, maybe the guys hungry..Look at the dude that works there he has orange hair!

TB: Whats he asking the guy!

DJ: He just gave Myst gasoline and a set of matches!

TB: I dont like this.....

Lorin: Well hes putting down the stuff right by the door and is going back into that cleaning room!

TB: Look Tremor isnt there!

DJ: Wait Tremorwas hiding, hes behind him!


TB: Myst just fell down faster then a fat Bitch that sat down to fast!

Lorin: Tremor is calling some security up there!

TB: Whats he going to do....

DJ: Hes telling them to carry Myst and himself back to the ring. ANd is telling one of them to bring the things Myst put down!

Lorin: Well they are back in the arenea now out on the floor.

TB: Tremor didnt need help back hes just a whimp!

DJ: Well Tremors going to the ring table looking for something

Lorin: hes telling the annoucer to get off the chair!

DJ: He has the chair...

TB: Myst is up, and he sees Tremor getting the chair.. Hes pulling something out!

Lorin: Part of the Mop he must have took a piece before they came back down here!

DJ: Hes creeping up on Tremor,


TB: Tremor just turned around to get greeded with a stick to the face!

DJ: Holy shit!

Lorin: That stick went from golden brown to red with one qucik hit

TB: Yeah hes open badly!

DJ: I agree..

Lorin: Myst has the gasoline and the matches and is heading into the ring!

DJ: He has the gas, and hes opening it!

TB: Hes pouring it all over this table!

Lorin: And he has one match and he just lit it up, and he just lit the whole match pack on fire! and through it at the table..

DJ: The table is on fire holy shit!

TB: We need help out here now!

DJ: I dont think TRemor relizes whats in the ring, he might because hes crawling back in it right now!

Lorin: Tremor is up, he just hit Myst with a good right hook, and Myst is staggering...

TB: Hes runs off the ropes!

Lorin: Myst is going to burn!

DJ: High cross body!

TB: That was dumb as hell because he just brought himself through the buring table as well!

DJ: These two men are oh my god I dont know what the hell they are but its...

Lorin: There hurt is what they are!

TB: Well Tremor is on Myst!

Lorin: Ref is going to count!

TB: 1 2 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO

DJ: He fell of the man he could have had him beat but he fell off!

Lorin: I guess we keep going!

TB: WHo the hell is going to get up first!

DJ: Myst! Hes up!

Lorin: SO is Tremor

TB: Punch fest again!

DJ: Irsh whip into the rope and Myst is hurting!

Lorin: Tremor is ready!

DJ: Hes running!



DJ: Miss and he just cracked his jaw again!

Lorin: Oh my god again! He just made more blood pop out!

TB: I'll tell ya he's hurting....And staggering..

DJ: Look Myst has piece of the table!


Lorin: Whos you daddy Tremor CHrist!

TB: Look again Myst is leaving the ring and is looking for something under
the ring!

Lorin: LOOK AROUND! Theres three tables by us including ares, one in the
corner, two in the ring, 1 of them burnt!, A ladder! And now another table
he just slid into the ring!

TB: Hes setting it up in the corner, and is going up top,

DJ: Here comes Trevor, hurt as hell!

Lorin: They are both up top!

TB: They are yanking each other!

DJ: Not again!


Lorin: They both just went through another table!

TB: Who's going to win this!

DJ:Look! Tremor Christ is somehow getting to his feet! He's slowly climbing up, I can't believe this! Tremor Christ is actually picking up a fallen Myst! He has him up... CRUCIFIX BOMB! DEAR GOD! Tremor Christ just destroyed Myst!

TB:Look! Christ drapes the arm on Myst... 1-2-3! What an opening contest! Tremor Christ is the winner! Let's move on!

Tag match
Jersey Bros. v Reed-West

*Scene opens in the back where all four men are duking it out as we go to
the action.*

DJ-Oh my god! They are battling out it the back! Reed suplexes North on
the hood of a truck! West throws blunt off of the semi truck onto the window
of car! West stands on top as blunt is out cold bloodied up on the car.
Reed picks up Mike north and body slams him on the truck. Blunt walks over
to Mike north as they spike piledrive Reed on the truck!

TB-Blunt picks up Reed and powerbombs him! He just broke through the steel
down into the truck! He's gotta be dead!


TB-The Jersey Bros. are holding there hands up in victory! Mike North
running he is jumping off! Here he goes!

**He jumps off of the truck.**

TB-Oh my god! He just landed a splash, the car split in two pieces, North
rolls off, and jason blunt takes a leg drop on to him! West has to be gone!
Reed is stuck in the truck! All four men arent even moving! Jason blunt
rolls off and gets up and goes for the pin!
1........2.......thr kickout! He just got out, reed jumps off of the top,
jason blunt moves! He landed on his own partner!Jason Blunt and Mike North
are just playing with the men now!

Lorin-Theyre winning! Now they are climbing atop the semi truck! They look
at each other smack hands JERSEY DROP! the pin!
They just killed them! They beat em' to a pulp of nothing!

Winner-Jersey Bros.

Memorial Dogghouse Award!
The man who makes a pinfall is eliminated!
Winners Eliminated... last on pinned is the winner... er..loser... AH!
Battle Royal Rules
Arctic Freeze, George Williams, God, The Green Jackal, Sam Horrey, Marcus
Stewart, The Shadow, ThirdIBlind, Vergo, Mystic Tragedy

DJ:Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for the Memorial Dogghouse Award. Now the
rules for this match is rather confusing. Took me all week to figure this one

Baines:That's because you're a retard. How hard could it be to figure out how a
match works?

DJ:Well smart-ass, let me explain the rules and you'll find out. Now the normal
rules for a match is to pin your opponent right?


DJ:Well in this match, the point of the match is to be pinned. The man that
makes the pinfall is the loser and is eliminated. So technically, winning is a bad
thing in this match.

Baines:What? Huh? I'm confused! AH!!!!!

DJ:You'll see how it works. All the competitors are in the ring. Let's go to
the ring with Chris Astro.

Chris Astro:Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is the special Memorial Dogghouse
Award match. All men are in the ring, so let the games begin!

*Ding Ding Ding*

DJ:And here we go! Wait! Everybody in the ring lies down! God is still standing
though. God covers Green Jackal.





Baines:Why did he make the pinfall. I thought that got you eliminated?

DJ:It does, but God knows what he's doing right here. Now Artic Freeze and Sam
Horrey lock up. They both push each other down. Artic Freeze goes for an elbow
drop but he trips over Horrey and falls flat on his ass! Sam now climbs the
turnbuckle and prepares to launch off but he slips and lands head first straight
into the mat. Horrey pulls Artic Freeze's arm over him.




Eliminated:Artic Freeze.

Baines:Now Horrey is up and cheering because he got pinned! But Mystic Tragedy
run and goes for a tackle on Horrey but misses by a mile and nails the
turnbuckle head first. Geaorge Williams comes over and goes for a figure-four leg lock
but forces himself into a small package where Tragedy is pinning him!




Eliminated:Mystic Tragedy

Lorin:Now Vergo goes to the outside and grabs a table. He shoves it inside the
ring and sets it up. Vergo sets up ThirdIBlind on the top turnbuckle and Vergo
goes up to the turnbuckle as well. Vergo falls backwards though and onto the
table! Marcus Stewart takes The Shadow over and puts him on top of Vergo and lays
on his back so that The Shadow must pin Vergo. Now everyman in the ring is
coming over and laying on top one another! It's a dog pile pin. The ref counts!




DJ:Who's eliminated though?

Baines:The ref is going over to Chris Astro to give him the final decision.

Chris Astro:Fans. The ref has just told me that because of the dog pile,
everyman that was on top of Vergo was involved in some sort of pinfall. So everyman
except Vergo was eliminated!

Eliminated:George Williams, Green Jackal, Sam Horrey, Marcus Stewart, The
Shadow, ThirdIBlind.

Chris Astro:Which gives you your winner! Vergo!

DJ:Vergo now goes over and grabs the mic.

Vergo:I did it! I did it! I am the winner. Give me my memorial dogghouse award!

(VP Gunnar comes out from the back with a mic.)

VP Gunnar:Vergo, Vergo, you idiot. You see Vergo, what this match was, was to see who was idiotic enough to win a match where you have to be continually pinned... so, in reality, All of you but God are winners...

(The rest of the wrestlers kind of jump up and down.)

VP Gunnar:Winners of a PINK SLIP! YOU'RE ALL FIRED! YOU HERE! Now pack your bags, and get the hell out of my ring! You bastards!

TB:Gunnar just fired half of the IML2! Dear god he's nuts!

DJ:Well, we've got to get to some talent. Silverchair makes his debut against T.Q. Smooth! Let's get to the ring!

Lorin: Entering the ring first is Silverchair.

("Down" by 311 plays over the pa system. Silverchair walks through the
curtains and poses to each side. He gets a mixed reaction. he continues down
the ramp to the ring when his music is cut. "I love Smooth Operator'z" by T.Q Smooth starts
playing and TQ Smooth runs out from the backstage area. He tackles
Silverchair to the ground and starts punching him. Silverchair kicks him off
and bounces to his feet assuming the fighting position. They trade punches
until SC blocks and takes down Smooth with a clothesline)

Lorin: This match has gotten started off quick. I was expecting this match
to go slow.

DJ: Well, we have 2 of the newer guys parading around on the entrance way.
The match has only been going on for 1minute. How do you know it isn't going
to be a slow match?

Lorin: Because of that.

(Smooth trips Silverchair and starts stomping him. Silverchair grabs one of
Smooth's boots and jerks him down as well. They scramble to get up, as the
referee starts the count. 1....2.....3.....4.....5 Smooth dives into the
ring, and Silverchair comes right behingd him. Smooth hits Silverchair with
a double axehandle smash before he can make it to his feet)

Lorin: That was a cheap shot,

DJ: No, that was a great move.

TB: A great move it was.

(In the ring Smooth whips Silverchair into the ropes. On return Smooth hits
a dropkick. Smooth catches Silverchair off the ropes and does a
belly-to-belly suplex.)

TB: A nice move by TQ Smooth. He is really taking it to the newcomer.

DJ: I know. That's easy to do when the nexcomer sucks!

TB: He doesn't suck, he just isn't faring too well right now.

(Silverchair crawls to the corner and tries to pull himself up. Smooth grabs
his hair, but in return is punched in the stomach. Once, twice, three
times.Silverchair pulls himself up and slings Smooth into the corner. He
climbs him and starts punching. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9..
Silverchair pulls off and sets Smooth on he top rope. he follows and hits a

TB: This match has turned around.

Lorin:He's going for the pin.

(Silverchair makes the cover. 1...2.. kickout.)

TB: That was close.

Lorin: It sure was. TQ Smooth is pretty tough to endure a superplex.

(Meanwhile, in the ring Silverchair is hitting the mat in anger. TQ Smooth
has made it to the ropes and is pulling himself up. Silverchair regroups and
goes for Smooth. Smooth hits a low blow taking SC to the ground. Smooth gets
up and pulls SC up with him. Smooth hits a piledriver, and then goes to the
corner to pose)

TB: The match has turned around again. Just when you think someone has a
huge advantage, the other wrestler shows him up.

(Smoothie goes to work on Silverchair with a series of legdrops. Smoothie
goes for one more, but misses. Silverchair rolls out of the way. Silverchair
is quick to his feet, and even quicker to take advantage of the vulnerable
TQ Smooth. Silverchair whips him into the ropes, and nails a powerslam on
return. Silverchair goes to the top and dives off with a flying elbow drop,
hitting Smooth in the sternum. Smooth rolls outside holding his ribs)

TB: Another good move on the the part of Silverchair. TQ Smooth is fleeing
to the outside.

DJ: He's resting.

(Silverchair follows in hot pursuit, but TQ Smooth eludes him by entering
the ring. Silverchair comes in behind him and recieves a kick to the back of
the head. Smooth throws Silverchair into the corner and puts him on the
ground with a barrage of kicks. Smooth picks Silverchair up and does a short
jaw breaker sending SC through the ropes and outside to the apron. Smooth
grabs Silverchair's head and tries to shove it into the top turnbuckle, but
Silverchair blocks and slams TQ Smooth's head into it instead. Silverchair
goes to the top, but Smooth shakes the ropes. Smooth climbs up to the top
with SC)

TB: This is turning out to be a hell of a fight.

(They are both on the top trading short punches. They fall! Each man hits
the ground, equally hard. Silverchair lies on his back lifeless, looking up
at the sky as TQ smooth lies face down)

Lorin: It comes down to the line. Who can get up first will have the
advantage. Wait, I see T.Q. Smooth getting to his feet! Silverchair is to his feet too!

DJ:T. Q. Smooth grabs Silverchair from behind... seting up for the T.Q. Special! The reverse DVD... NO! Silverchair slips out... T.Q. grabs Silverchair now, and he's going for the driveby(diamond cutter)! No! Silverchair throws T.Q. Smooth off of him and off the ropes... back off...

TB:THE CANDLE FOCUS! THE CANDLE FOCUS ON T.Q. SMOOTH! Silverchair hit it! And here is the cover... 1-2-3! Dear god! What an exchange!

Chris Astro:You're winner... via pinfall... SILVERCHAIR!

("Total Devastation" by Slipknot begins to play as the Devestators make their
way to the ring.)

TB- Now we come to the next event. A World Tag Team Title Match between
former champions Dustin Dachey and Devon Dice versus the current champions,
Tha Enforcer and New Age Degenerate, the Xtreme Legends.

("Whatever" by Godsmack begins to play as the Xtreme Legends, along with IML2
Vice President Gunnar Smith, make their way to the ring.)

DJ- The Xtreme Legends enter the ring and the Devestators don't hesitate! The
bell rings and the match is underway.

TB- And Tha Enforcer and Dustin Dachey have now taken the corners as we start
off with New Age Degenerate and Devon Dice.

Lorin- New Age Degenerate looks in excellent condition tonight. He is really
pounding it away on Devon Dice.

DJ- New Age Degenerate standing above Devon Dice in the corner as he connects
with some quick punches. NAD is up and......there's a hurricaranna on
Devon Dice.

Lorin- Nice.

TB-New Age Degenerate showing off a little to the crowd and to VP Gunnar who
claps proudly.

DJ- NAD now heads back to Devon Dice and Devon with the drop toe hold
sending New Age Degenerate face first to the canvas.

TB- Devon picks up New Age Degenerate and sends him to the turn buckle.

Lorin- And Devon connects with a powerful clothesline across the chest of
New Age Degenerate.

DJ- Devon tags Dustin and sets up NAD as Dustin takes the turn buckle.
Dustin goes up and lands a Rocker Dropper on New Age Degenerate.

TB- Dustin roll him up....1.......2.....and a kick out.

Lorin- That was close.

DJ- Very, now NADLee manages to pull off some quick punches and pulls up a
snapmare on Dustin Dachey.

TB- New Age Degenerate tags in tha Enforcer and Enforcer connects with some head
punches and a crucifix cross.

Lorin- Be completely honest for a minute DJ.

DJ- Ok...

Lorin- Who do you think is better? The Devestators or the Xtreme Legends.

DJ- The Devestators definitely have the best offense but the Xtreme Legends
have always been able to pull through with the best defense.

Lorin- But who do you think is better?

DJ- Well.....

TB- Guys, try paying attention to the match.

DJ- Well Enforcer is sent to the outside and Dustin follows behind as Devon
Dice and New Age Degenerate go at it in the ring.

Lorin- Devon and NAD are pulling off some quick moves but are getting
back to their feet as Enforcer has gotten some wind and has sent Dustin over
the guard rail.

TB- Enforcer walks over to Dustin but gets a missile drop kick from Dustin
off the guard rail sending Enforcer to the floor.

DJ- And Devon and NAD have now made their way to the outside and are
fighting across the ramp way.

Lorin- I didn't though this was no Disqualification.

TB- It ain't. The referee now heads over to the ramp way but is stopped by

Gunnar- Let them go.

Ref- But I was told this was count out and do rules?

Gunnar- You have now been reinformed. This match is no do so remember that.

Ref- Are you sure? I wasn't told this before....

Gunnar- It doesn't matter. I am the Vice President and I am informing you
that its no do.

Ref- Yes sir.

Lorin- NO DQ!!

TB- Gunnar has made it clear. The match will continue as a no
disqualification match for the World Tag Team titles live on Pay Per View!!

DJ- And not to mention all hell is breaking loose as Enforcer has taken
Dustin into the crowd and New Age Degenerate and Devon Dice are battling on the
edge of the ramp way!!

Lorin- I never thought this would happen......I thought this was just gonna
be a regular title match but its become a war!!

DJ- Only it could happen on ppv!! This is No Man's Land and these men are all
in one arena and one team will walk out the champions.

TB- Enforcer and Dustin Dachey are throwing everything they can find at each
other!! Enforcer just tried to swing a chair at Dustin but Dustin answers
back with a beer to Enforcer's eyes.

DJ- New Age Degenerate and Devon Dice are now fighting right on the edge of the
ramp way right next to the crowd.

TB- New Age Degenerate now has Devon by the back of the neck.....and oh my god!!
Devon just went straight into the crowd!!

DJ- Devon just went straight into the crowd from a hip toss and NAD is
standing above him on the ramp way. The crowd now is going wild!

Lorin- Enforcer and Dustin are now making their way back to the ring Enforcer
goes over the guard rail and Dustin follows.

TB- Meanwhile, New Age Degenerate has now jumped into the crowd and has taken
the half conscious Devon Dice by the hair and is throwing him back onto the
ramp way.

DJ- New Age Degenerate now crawls back onto the ramp way and shows off to the
crowd for he has made Devon Dice bleed.

Lorin- Devon is bleeding pretty bad. I think this is really gonna effect him
for the rest of the match.

TB- Well, Enforcer and Dustin have now made it back into the ring and
Enforcer now has the upper hand as he delivers a straight piledriver to
Dustin Dachey.

DJ- Enforcer now is up and is looking towards his partner New Age Degenerate who
is dragging the body of Devon Dice back to the ring.

Lorin- Well they have all made it back to the ring at least in one piece.

TB- NADnow hands Devon to Enforcer who takes Devon to the left rope and
pulls off an axe kick to the back of Devon's neck.

DJ- Now Dustin Dachey is back up but has been chop kicked to the side of the
head by New Age Degenerate.

TB- New Age Degenerate, now signaling to his partner Enforcer throws Devon to
the corner as Enforcer sends Dustin to his corner.

DJ- Both men pick up Devon and Dustin to the top rope and stand onto the

Lorin- I smell a double hurricaranna! I smell it and it stinks to high heaven!

TB- New Age Degenerate and Enforcer hook up and...what?! Whats this?

DJ- New Age Degenerate and Enforcer tried to pull off a hurricaranna but got
caught and are being held up by Devon and Dustin.

Lorin- There they go!! Wow!!

TB- Devon Dice and Dustin Dachey just pulled off a double Japanese powerbomb
and the ref counts.....1........2........3!!!! Wait no!!!

DJ- They kicked out on the last minute.

TB- The Xtreme Legends managed to kick out from the Japanese powerbombs and
now all four men have their backs to the mat.

DJ- No, Dustin and New Age Degenerate are starting to get up.

Lorin- So are Devon and Enforcer, well....Devon slower cause from that gash
above his eyes.

TB- New Age Degenerate starts to gain some stance as he hooks up to the the

DJ- NADthough is having a tough time gaining his stance and is taking some

Lorin- Devon is now up and Enforcer grabs his arms!! They are going to finish
off Devon once and for all.

TB- New Age Degenerate leaps off the ropes and cross kicks De....Enforcer!!!
Devon ducked the cross kicked and Enforcer took the blow.

DJ- Devon grabs hold of New Age Degenerate and Dustin Dachey hooks him up...

TB:Gunnar just slide a chair underneath The Devastators!

DJ:....Total Devastation by the Devestators!! Onto that chair!

Lorin- The hook up......1.........2..........3!!!!!! And the Devestators are
now two time IML2 World Tag Team Champions!!

Announcer- Here are your winners and new IML2 World Tag Team Champions....the

TB- The Devestators pick up the win against the Xtreme Legends and recapture
the World Tag Team titles live on No Man's Land.

DJ- I have to show much respect for Devon....

(Show replay of Devon going into the crowd)

Lorin:Wait a second! What in gods name is Gunnar Smith doing in the ring!?!

Gunnar Smith:WAIT! I told you to count disqualifications! They used a chair! It's illegal! You have to reverse the decision, or else I WILL fire you!

TB:What is this! Gunnar is now bossing around the referee! And now the referee goes over to Chris.

Chris Astro:Your winner, via disqualification... and STILL tag team champions...(BOOS)New Age Degenerate, Mike Extreme... THE XTREME LEGENDZ!

DJ:THE DEVASTATORS WERE SCREWED! And Tom Ford isn't here tonight! Gunnar Smith just screwed the Devastators out of the tag team titles! I can't believe it! Gunnar Smith and the Xtreme Legendz leave the ring, as the Devastators turn chasing after them...

Lorin:Go get em! You were screwed!

Platinum vs. Hardcore
Enfirno vs. J.J. Nuclear vs. Guff Daddy -c- vs. Kurt Zoom -c-

DJ:It's time for our fatal four way Platinum Title vs.Hardcore Title match up.

Baines:That's right, now here's how this match works. If a champion pins a
champion, then the man that got pinned keeps his title but has to leave the match.
If a non-champ pins a champ, then the winner gets the title and the man that
got pinned goes home with nothing. If the title changes hands once, it can change
again. And of course, if a non champion pins a non champion, then they are
eliminated and go home with nothing.

Lorin:I believe it's time we go down to the ring and see this match take place.

Chris Astro:Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is the special Platinum vs.
Hardcore Fatal Four Way Match! Coming to the ring first.

("Time Bomb" by Godsmack starts up as J.J. Nuclear walks out from the back.)

Chris Astro:Weighing at 260 lbs. and standing in at 6'0". He is....J.J.

(J.J. gets into the ring.)

Chris Astro:Coming to the ring next....

("Witching Hour" by Myzery starts up as Enfirno comes from the back.)

Chris Astro:He is the former and first IML2 Platinum Champion....standing at
6'1" and weighing in at 235 lbs. He

(Enfirno gets into the ring.)

Chris Astro:Coming to the ring next....

("Guerilla Radio" by Rage Against the Machine starts up as Guff Daddy walks out
from the back with the Hardcore Title around his waist.)

Chris Astro:He is the reigning IML2 Hardcore Champion...standing at 6'2" tall
and weighs in at 245 lbs. He is...Guff Daaaaaaaaddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

(Guff gets into the ring.)

Chris Astro:And the last man in the fatal four way match....

("F*ck You" by the Lox starts and Kurt Zoom comes from the back with the
Platinum Title on his shoulder.)

Chris Astro:He is the reigning IML2 Platinum Champion....standing at 6'9" tall
and weighing in at 292 lbs.....he is Kurt Zoooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

(Kurt Zoom gets in the ring and jumps J.J. Nucler.)

DJ:And here we go! Ok, one man can't call all this. I'll take two, and Baines,
you take two and we'll call the match.

Lorin:What will do?

DJ:Call either one you want.


Baines:Alright. Guff and Enfirno are fighting over in the corner. Enfirno
shoves Guff into the corner. He gets a couple of knife hand chops and...OW! I could
hear every single one of those hurt. But Guff gets a kick to the midsection and
he send Enfirno into the corner. Guff throws a couple of rights and lefts. He
sets Enfirno up on the top turnbuckle and Guff climbs to the top as well. He
gets a superplex off the top on Enfirno!

DJ:Well Kurt and Nuclear are battling it out in the middle of the ring. Kurt
sends Nuclear into the ropes and he catches him with a huge powerslam! Kurt jups
up to the top turnbuckle and jumps back off with a big elbow drop! Now he picks
up Nuclear, but Nuclear rolls Zoom up!



DJ:Only a one count there.

Baines:Guff and Enfirno have made their way to the outside, making the hardcore
part of this match complete. Enfirno has the advantage and he irish whips Guff
into the guardrail and follows it with a big splash! Enfiro pulls back the
padding that covers the concrete. He picks up Guff Daddy and gets a brainbuster
onto the concrete!

Lorin:I could hear the impact there!

Baines:Now Enfirno grabs a coffee from one of the fans! Guff is up and he
throws the scalding hot coffee into the face of Guff! Guff Daddy is down and Enfirno




Baines:Barely got out of that one.

DJ:J.J. Nuclear knocks Kurt Zoom to the outside with a dropkick. Now Nuclear
runs into the ropes and dives over the top....but Kurt moves and Nuclear lands on
top of Enfirno! Enfirno hops up and starts pounding on Nuclear!

Baines:Kurt grabs a chair and goes over to Nuclear. Nuclear is fixing to pick
up Enfirno for a slam but Kurt nails Nuclear in the back with the chair! Kurt
Zoom and Enfirno start stomping on J.J. Nuclear, but Guff is up! He goes over and
clothesline both Kurt and Enfirno! Guff helps up Nuclear. He's checking on
Nuclear to make sure he's ok. Nuclear is shaking his head yes, but Guff clothesline

Lorin:It's was a cheap shot by Guff Daddy!

DJ:Now Guff signals for all three of them to attack. And Enfirno, Guff, and
Kurt are all stomping on Nuclear! Kurt Zoom goes under the ring and brings out a
table. Guff and Enfirno are still stomping away on Nuclear. Kurt sets up the
table and grabs Nuclear. He picks up J.J. Nuclear and.....100% THROUGH THE




Eliminated:J.J. Nuclear

Baines:Now it's down to three. Enfirno, Kurt Zoom, and Guff Daddy. All three
are back in the ring and are circling each other. Who will make the first move?

DJ:Enfirno does by going and leg sweeping Zoom! Now Enfirno is giving rapid
punches to the head of Kurt.

Baines:But Guff comes over and pulls Enfirno off Kurt and ropeburns him! Now
Guff gets a boston crab on Kurt! The ref is asking Kurt if he wants to quit. Kurt
is shaking his head no. Enfirno comes over and now kicks Guff in the face. Kurt
is up and he nails Enfirno with a kick to the head. Kurt picks up Enfirno and
lifts him up for a press slam, but Guff comes from behind and clips Kurt in the
knee. Guff now grabs a chair and sets it up. He picks up Kurt Zoom and bulldogs
him right onto the chair!

DJ:And now Enfirno goes to the top rope and dives off with a flying headbutt!
He covers Kurt!




DJ:Close one there. Now Guff picks up Kurt and grabs the chair. He nails Kurt
over the head...and now he goes over and nails Enfirno in the head as well! Now
he picks up Enfirno and gets a huge powerbomb and holds him down for a pin.




DJ:Enfirno kicked out!

Baines:But Kurt is back up and he gets a face slam from behind on Guff Daddy.
Enfirno is back up and he goes to the outside. He grabs a ladder and shoves it
back into the ring. Kurt helps Enfirno set up the ladder. They carry Guff all
the way to the top. What are they gonna do?




DJ:Kurt Zoom saves Guff! But why?

Baines:Now Zoom take Enfirno and gets.....100%!!!! And he covers Enfirno.





DJ:Man, Enfirno put up a good fight, but just couldn't quite make it. Now it's
down to Guff and Kurt Zoom. Kurt picks up Guff and sends him into the ropes.
Guff comes back and Kurt gets a back body drop on Guff! Kurt runs into the ropes
and gets a big splash! He covers him.



Baines:Now Guff is starting to get lefts and rights to the stomach on Kurt.
Guff runs into the ropes and gets a shoulderblock. Kurt is down! Guff climbs to
the top turnbuckle. Kurt stands up and Guff gets a flying clothesline on him!

DJ:Now Guff sets up the ladder and climbs to the top. Kurt is up one more time.
Guff gets a moonsault from the top and rolls up Kurt!!




DJ:Guff was so close there. Guff goes to the outside one more time and grabs a
chair. He gets back inside the ring. He sets up the chair and picks up Kurt. He
goes for the S My DDT onto the chair but Kurt reverses it by slamming Guff onto
the chair! Now he picks up Guff and gets the 100%!!! He covers Guff!




Eliminated:Guff Daddy.

Chris Astro:Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner and still IML2 Platinum Champion, Kurt Zoom!!! And the loser
but still IML2 Hardcore Champion, Guff Daddy!

DJ:What an awesome match. Doesn't get much better than that.

["Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones starts up, and out from the back
walks VP Gunnar Smith, wearing black windbreakers and a cutoff ref's shirt.
He walks over to the announcers table.]

[Smith]- Leave.

[TB]- What?

[Smith]- You heard me. I want my boys out here.

[The announcers reluctantly leave, and down walk David Lewis and Andy
Parker, the guys from Frostbite.]

[Lewis]- Well fans, welcome to No Man's Land!

[Parker]- It's nice to be here, now it's time for our Atlantic Title

[Chris Astro]- Ladies and Gentlemen, the following matchup is scheduled for
one fall, with a 20-minute time limit. It is for the IML2 Atlantic
Championship! Coming to the ring first...

["Total Devastation" by Slipknot plays, and out walks Dustin Dachey. Devon
Dice is with him.]

[Chris Astro]- Coming to the ring first, he is the challenger...weighing in
at 269 pounds...accompanied to the ring by Devon Dice...DUSTIN DACHEY!!

[Dachey climbs into the ring.]

[Chris Astro]- His opponent...

["Surfacing" by Slipknot" plays as Mike Extreme and NAD walk out.]

[Chris Astro]- Weighing in at 325 pounds...accompanied to the ring by New

[Extreme runs down and immediately attacks Dachey.]

[Lewis]- Things are starting out quickly!

[Ding Ding Ding]

[Parker]- Enforcer sends Dachey sprawling with a big right hand! He sends
Dachey into the ropes now!

[Lewis]- Dachey ducks the clothesline and bounces off the other side of the
ropes. He sends Enforcer down with a stiff shoulder block!

["No Leaf Clover" by Metallica plays, and LiGiL walks slowly down the ramp.
The Atlantic Title is strapped around his waist.]

[Lewis]- LiGiL slides in now, and taps Dachey on the shoulder.

[Parker]- Dachey turns around, and LiGiL drops him with a DDT! He takes the
Atlantic Title off, and yells at Enforcer to get up!

pins him, and Smith goes down to count!


[Lewis]- Enforcer gets the shoulder up. Smith takes the Atlantic Title, and
hands it to a guy sitting it at ringside.

[Parker]- I don't want it!

[Lewis]- Well, too bad, just hold the belt anyway.

[Parker]- Why'd he have to give it to me?

[Lewis]- Just deal with it. LiGiL picks Enforcer up, and sends him into the
ropes. He telegraphs the back body drop though, and Enforcer grabs him! He
is gonna go for Tha Enforcement! Dachey goes up top now, and instead they
hit a Spiked Piledriver! Dachey makes the pin.


[Lewis]- LiGiL kicks out.

[Parker]- It's too early to expect to eliminate somebody.

[Lewis]- Dachey now punches Enforcer, and hooks him.

[Parker]- Big suplex! LiGiL up top...360 Legdrop!

["We Ain't Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister plays.]




[Chris Astro]- Dustin Dachey is Eliminated from this match!

[Parker]- VP Gunnar is reaching into his back pocket...WHAT?! It's two
little pink pieces of paper.

[Smith]- Consider yourself fired.

[Dachey]- You fag!

[VP Gunnar pulls out a shotgun. Dawson James runs out from the back.]

[Dawson]- Come on man, not this again!

[Smith]- But-

[Dawson]- At least let me shoot them!

[Smith]- Fair enough.

[Dawson pulls the trigger.]


[Dachey shits his pants. It was just a blank! The entire crowd is laughing
at Dachey!]

[Smith]- Let this be a warning to you.

[The camera zooms in on the pink slips. They say "Gotcha sucka! Late April

[Parker]- Ouch.

[The pink slip is demolished by a burst of flames.]

[LiGiL]- Come on, let's fry him!

[LiGiL has a flamethrower.]


[Smith]- It was a warning. We aren't going to fry him just yet.


[Smith]- And you might want to put that 'thrower down. Jacob Gryn could sue
you for gimmick infringement.


[Lewis]- LiGiL puts the flamethrower down, and Mike Extreme takes advantage!
Enforcer sends LiGiL off the ropes, NO! LiGiL with the flying head
scissors! Enforcer is sent reeling!

[Parker]- LiGiL picks him up! He is going up top!

[Lewis]- He's gonna take Enforcer up there with him! It's Palindrome time!

[Parker]- NO! J.J. Nuclear just nailed LiGiL in the back with a chair!
Where the hell did he come from? Lance McNally is out now! He's up on the
apron and is talking to VP Gunnar!

[Lewis]- Here comes Silverchair! LiGiL is getting up! CANDLE FOCUS!


[Lewis]- He's...clapping?! Enforcer makes the pin!


["Surfacing" by Slipknot plays as VP Gunnar gets the Atlantic Title and
straps it around Enforcer's waist. He grabs the IML2 Tag Titles as well,
and hands one to Enforcer, and the other...he puts around his own waist?]

[Enforcer]- Hey...what the hell?

[Smith]- Well, considering the 'Degenerate is leaving...and I am the reason
that you are still the tag champs, I am your new tag partner!

[Lewis]- WHAT?!

[Smith]- Oh yeah, and thank ME for organizing this little get-together.
Ladies and Gentlemen...I present you a New Era in the IML2! Tha
Enforcer...Silverchair...J.J. Nuclear...Lance McNally...and yours truly, THE

["Paint it Black" starts up again, as Gunnar hands out New Era t-shirts to
the 4 wrestlers. They stomp down LiGiL some more. All of a sudden, "Hail to the Chief" plays over the pa system... Look! It's "Tom Ford!" It's a blow up doll! The old announcers make their way to the booth.]

TB:This is not right! Tom Ford's overseas doing important buisness for the IML2, and we have Gunnar Smith and this New Era making a joke out of the President of this establishment!

DJ:I think it's pretty funny.

Lorin:You would too! You're that type!

Gunnar Smith:Look, it seems like you're only full of HOT AIR... just like you've always been!

DJ:Look! Gunnar is jokingly boxing with the dummy! Hahaha!

Gunnar:Come on... wanna fight...

TB:Gunnar just popped that balloon!

Gunnar:Didn't think so...

("Hail to the Chief" starts up again as Gunnar laughs it off... TOM FORD comes flying out from the back! He goes to fists with Gunnar Smith, but Nuclear and Tha Enforcer pull him off. They are just holding him...)

TB:Dear god! It's Ford! Look! Nuclear just hit the time Bomb on Tom Ford! The president of the company!And the lights are out!

(The lights come back on.)

TB:There are the lights....

[Lewis]Let me guess, Ford is gone... right?

TB:He is gone! And why are you two! You two should be gone too!

[Lewis] Fine!

(They leave, as it's down to a three man set.)

TB:Fans, we are tight for time...

World Heavyweight Title Match
Hardcore Harry vs. Lance McNally vs. Dark Wolf -c-

TB:Fans, we've been waiting for this for the past month! Hardcore Harry and Lance McNally get their shots at Dark Wolf!

DJ:It's been a long ride. McNally came into the pay per view with the belt last month, and Dark Wolf left with it.
It's only a matter of time until something happens which boils over.

Lorin:Well, McNally had the belt, and lost it to Dark Wolf. Harry won a rumble last month to give him the shot,
but the IML2 front office had to give McNally a rematch, or else it wouldn't be fair. They choose No Man's Land.
What could happen!

TB:From what I've been told, the rules have been changed by President Ford and President Sean! What is this!
It's not going to be called a D-Day match.

DJ:What, is that in honor of that day Pearl Harbor was bombed?

TB:I guess so. Here's the rules. The ropes will be stripped off from the ring.

DJ:Come on... barbed wire... come on...

TB:Barbed wire will replace it...


TB:There will be pseudo bunkers in each of the four corners...


TB:Because every five minutes foreign objects will fall from the ceiling and hit the ring.

Lorin:That's insane!

TB:Randomly throughout the match, explosives will be set off! During one point in the match, the entire ring
WILL blow up!

DJ:God damn!

TB:C4 will line the ring posts, and each time they are thrown into one of the corners, it WILL go off! Tables shall
line the outside of the ring, and underneath the tables will be various objects! There will be beds of nails, C4
explosives, tacks, and numerous other devices of destruction. The winner is the last man standing.


Lorin:That's insane! McNally, Dark Wolf, and Harry all never got proper advance notice? They are all going to

DJ:But it's going to be fun as hell to watch!

TB:Right you are Duce, now, let's get to the ring for this next match!

Chris Astro:This next match up is for the IML2 World Heavyweight Championship! It will be constructed on
D-Day rules, in honor of that fateful day on December 7th, 1941. Tonight, it will truely be no man's land as these
men will throw their lives into this ring. The man to win will be the Last Man Standing. Introducing first, he is a
former Hardcore Champion and the former tag team champion of the world. He stands in tonight at six foot two,
and weighs in at 238 pounds. He comes from parts unknown... and is the master of the PILEDRIVER. Here is

("Heart Shaped Box" by Nirvana plays over the pa system as the fans immediatly pop for Hardcore Harry. Harry
walks out from the back carring a garbage can full of weapons.)

TB:Well, this match has to favor Hardcore Harry. He's in his element. Hardcore to the bone!

Chris Astro:And his opponent, he is a former two time heavyweight champion! He weighs in tonight at 225
pounds and hails from Pittsburgh, PA. He has just rocked the IML2, and there's no telling where this man will
go... here is Lance McNally!

("Take On Me" by the Reel Big Fish comes on over the pa system as out from the back walks Lance McNally.
The fans immediatly boo for their former champion, as he runs to the ring, and slides in. He eyes over Hardcore

Chris Astro:And their opponent. He is a man, who is one of the most respect wrestlers to ever compete in
anything associated with the IWO. He is a former IWO United States Champion, as well as a former Television
and Intercontinental tag team champion. He currently is the IML2 World Heavyweight champion! He is the
master of the Wolf Bite, and few have beaten him, fewer can say that they are better than him. DARK WOLF!

("Of Wolf and Man" by Metallica starts up over the pa system as out from the back walks Dark Wolf, holding the
IML2 heavyweight championship around the waist. The reaction seems to be different than normal. The aren't
booing, even though Dark Wolf is a super heel. It seems more cheers than not are going. Dark Wolf slowly makes
his way to the ring.)

TB:I can't believe it! Dark Wolf is actually being recieved with cheers here in Detroit!

DJ:That's nuts in it's own right! Dark Wolf has been plotting against both Harry and McNally for weeks. Just
sneak attack and planning to destroy their chances at heavyweight gold!

Lorin:Dark Wolf still hasn't gotten into the ring, as Hardcore Harry and Lance McNally are blocking him off. I
mean, there's only one entrance to the ring, due to all the weapons that are surrounding the ringside area!

TB:Dark Wolf is now just playing mind games with Harry and McNally. Dark Wolf almost steps through, but
Harry and McNally go for him, and bump each other! Harry grabs McNally and sends him off the ropes...

*Ding, ding, ding*

DJ:Harry catches McNally with a standing forearm elbow shot knocking the former champion down to the mat.
Harry turns around, and Dark Wolf is in, and smacks Harry right in the head with the Hardcore title! Dark Wolf
goes for a cover, but there are no pinfalls in a match of thiarry has both men down and out, and here's the referee's first shot at making a winner!


Lorin:Harry's beat already, and he goes into the corner to rest...


TB:THE C4 WENT OFF! Harry threw too much weight into the corner and the C4 went off! Hardcore Harry is

DJ:Down? DOWN! He's dead Baines! I can't believe this!

Lorin:Dark Wolf slowly is slide back into the ring...


TB:THERE WAS THE FIRST RANDOM EXPLOSION! And it just took out our senior official!

DJ:Now, let me get this straight... the senior official, as well as Hardcore Harry, Dark Wolf, and Lance McNally are
all out cold! What the hell!

Lorin:Look what just happened. Ring crews are replacing the C4 that Harry had caused to explode in that corner.

TB:Wait! I see McNally getting up. He suffered the least threatening fate out of all three men. Still, Hardcore
Harry's piledriver onto thumbtacks is not much lower than what happened to Harry!

DJ:McNally doesn't know what is going on! I don't think he knows where he is right now! Here comes another

Lorin:McNally still regaining his senses, and ducks down behind a bunker.... look! What in dear god! It's, it's
FIRE! Fire from the ceiling!

DJ:It just scoarched the ring! It just took out everyone! Luckily our senior official was pulled out, and McNally
must has survived that blast! I don't think I can say the same about Dark Wolf or Hardcore Harry though!


TB:He's counting down Wolf and Harry! We could have a brand new world heavyweight champion as we speak!


DJ:Look! Hardcore Harry is getting up! And so is Dark Wolf! Dark Wolf is clutching his back, as Harry has been
busted open on his back! You can see the blood, the burn caused by the C4!

TB:Harry and Dark Wolf are up, and they see a pretty well of Lance McNally. They charge! Double team time!
Dark Wolf and Harry, still pretty burned and bruised, grab McNally and send him to the corner...


Lorin:ANOTHER C4 Blast takes out Lance McNally's back! McNally falls to the mats, face first into the tacks that still lie there!

DJ:They've got to be red hot after that huge flame!

TB:How did they even get that to work anyway?

DJ:No clue. All that matters was that it was AWESOME!

Lorin:McNally is down and out, and now Dark Wolf turns to Harry. Wolf goes to whip Harry into the corner, but Harry reverses it and goes to send Wolf into the corner....

TB:No, Dark Wolf reverses that and instead of sending Harry to the corner, sends him off the ropes. Harry comes back off, SPINEBUSTER SLAM by Dark Wolf! The Wolf one in control!

DJ:Dark Wolf goes over to Lance McNally, but McNally is fighting back with rights and lefts to Wolf's gut. Wolf smacks McNally across his face!

Lorin:That's not going to make friends! McNally grabs Wolf by his tights and throws him face first into the corner!


TB:Dark Wolf just went face first into the C4 rigged corner!

DJ:I know, don't you just love it?

Lorin:Dark Wolf isn't going to get up anytime soon...

(Dark Wolf slides out of the ring, and lands in a bed of tacks.)

TB:Dark Wolf went out of the frying pan and into the fire! Weapons scatter the outside ring area!

DJ:Look, McNally has Harry, and has him on his shoulder's in a torture rack position!

TB:Harry slides out, slides down the back of McNally, waist lock, no, reverse go behind by McNally. Harry grabs McNally's arm and drops him in a reverse pain killer inside the ring.

Lorin:Look outside the ring! Dark Wolf just pulled out... what in god's name! It's a god damn canoe! He has a canoe! A wooden canoe!

DJ:Dark Wolf slides in, and whacks the charging Harry in the face with the canoe... McNally goes to grab the canoe out of Wolf's hand, but Wolf shoves it off...

TB:McNally staggers, as Wolf swings, but McNally ducks under, and turns Wolf around, kick to the gut... he's going for Just rocked! He picks Wolf up, but Wolf slides out from overtop! Wolf slides down the back and comes off the ropes, Clothesline knocks down McNally!

Lorin:Look, Harry kicks Wolf in the gut, he's going for a piledriver....

DJ:Wolf slides out, and goes for a clothesline on Harry.... McNally is down by a bunker...




Lorin:IT'S DEFEANING IN HERE! THE FANS ARE GOING CRAZY! Dark Wolf is down! Hardcore Harry is down! And Lance McNally is the only one up! Our senior official is making a count from the outside!


TB:I can't believe this! Dark Wolf and Hardcore Harry are not moving!


DJ:LOOK! Dark Wolf is on his feet! But Harry is still down! The referee is going to eliminate Hardcore Harry!



TB:Hardcore Harry has been eliminated from this match, as Dark Wolf is on his knees! McNally thinks he's won the championship! He thinks he's done it!

DJ:Look! Dark Wolf grabs a stunned and scared Lance McNally up to the top belly to back suplex form! McNally is trying to get free, as Dark Wolf leaps...

Lorin:WOLF BITE....


TB:Oh... my.... god...


TB:Dark Wolf is down, Lance McNally is down... hell, the referee is down from the shock of that! Wait, while they are down, from what I hear from Ford, LiGiL will be his rematch when Ford comes back to full time action! Therefore, the next MNM is cancelled! Gunnar will have two cards in a row! This does not bold well for the men opposing this New Era!

DJ:Look, Dark Wolf is slowly getting up, but there's still so much smoke from when the ring exploded, he's been blinded!

Lorin:Look... STANDING WOLF BITE TO THE REFEREE! DEAR GOD! The referee is out again!

TB:I think Dark Wolf would have had the match won right there! But he hit the referee!

DJ:Look! Lance McNally has slide into the ring, and Dark Wolf doesn't see him... he turns Wolf around... POWERBOMB... up to his shoulders... onto the apron goes McNally.... DVD ONTO THE TABLE AND THROUGH IT, right onto a bed of nails! McNally has Dark Wolf down and out!

Lorin:McNally didn't hit the nails, and he slides back in! We have another referee to count the bell...


*Ding,ding, ding*

TB:Dear god!

Chris Astro:You're winner, and NEW IML2 World Heavyweight Champion... LANCE MCNALLY!

("Take On Me" by the Reel Big Fish plays as McNally is recieved to a chorus of boos.)

DJ:That was the damnest thing I've ever seen!

Lorin:Look, Dark Wolf has gotten up on the outside? What the hell is he doing! He's pilling the bed of spikes, the thumbjacks, and the tables all together! Right over the C4! Dark Wolf is nuts!

TB:Dark Wolf slides in, and catches McNally from behind. He sets McNally up top.... WOLF BITE TO THE OUTSIDE THROUGH THE TABLES, THE BED of Nails! The Tacks! The C4! This is nuts! From the barbed wire turnbuckle!!!

Lorin:Dark Wolf won't go down without a fight!

DJ:Dark Wolf slides into the ring, and grabs the IML2 world heavyweight championship. He looks at it in his hands, it's gone Wolfy!

TB:Be kinder!

(The fans have started chanting "Please Don't Go" as Dark Wolf tosses the belt to the fallen McNally, and leaves the ring. The camera slowly fades out.)</div></pre>
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