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Thursday, May 4, 2000
This site is best viewed maximized on your computer screen with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0+ or Netscape Navigator 4.0+ in a 800x600+ screen resolution.

(The IML2 logo fades on onto the screen, as "VooDoo" by Godsmack plays softly in the background. Pictures come on over the screen as the main beat hits. It shows Former President Sean throwing former President Neil off the top of the Y2K arena. It shows Hardcore Harry diving off a platform at Vengeful Encounters putting Chris Page through a table. Then it shows Guff Daddy diving off the roof of the boiler room to put himself through a table at VE. It them shows McNally being tossed off the stage by Mystic Tragedy. Cut to Break-Point, where Green Jackal is shown throwing Hardcore Harry through a shopping window. Cut to J.J. Nuclear executing the Time Bomb onto Enfirno, as Enfirno is shown hitting Candle-Wax on Nuclear. Scene cuts to recent highlights, showing highlight from No Man's Land. It cuts to Lance McNally holding the heavyweight title high in the air after the grueling match at No Man's Land, as the camera fades into the screaming arena. The fans are going nuts, as "Voodoo" blasts even further. The camera pans down into the announcers Tom Baines, Duce Johnson, and Lorin.)

TB:Dear god! This response is electrifing for a MNM!

DJ:It's tuesday Baines.

TB:No it's not! It's Monday!

Lorin:Get over it, everyone knows it's Tuesday by now.

TB:I'm not going to argue... fans! Just like this response, we have an electrifing card for each and every one of you! We will have a battle of the Jason, four way single elimination matchup!

Lorin:Not to meantion the debut of the Hunters as they take on the Winds of Change!

DJ:What about The Hardcore Title Match! Guff Daddy defends the title against God!

TB:GOD?!? Getting a title shot! Just last week he could have been fired! This week he gets a hardcore title shot!

Lorin:Well, in the main event, J.J. Nuclear and Lance McNally, the New Era, take on Enfirno and LiGiL! That's going to hugely affect the pay per view matchup!

TB:Well, yes, it will, because right now it's going to be Nuclear and LiGiL in a best out of thirteen table match, and Lance McNally defending the World Championship against Enfirno!

Lorin:I'd rather see Enfirno and Nuclear get it on again, because they've had a pretty bitter feud the past two months. Ever since breakpoint when Nuclear choose Enfirno as his dream partner, and then Enfirno defeated Nuclear at Breakpoint to become the first ever Platinum champion. That's one match I'd like to see with thirteen tables surronding the ring.

TB:Well, it'll be LiGiL and Nuclear, and that feud has been building for some time as well. We might as well get to the...

("Cemetary Gates" by Pantera blasts onto the pa system as out from the back walks President Thomas Ford! He's wearing a suit and a tie, a plain black suit, as he walks into the ring. A huge cheer for Ford, a former huge anti-fan person.)

IML2 President Thomas Ford:WELCOME TO MONDAY NIGHT MELEE!(Cheers) Now, let's get down to business. This sunday... Cemetary Gates. The sixth pay per view of all time during the IML2 stay, will be huge. I PROMISE you this will be the best damn pay per view we've had EVER! We've got the battle royal at the begining of the card, as well as a couple lower card matches. Due to Dane Matthews cancelling his matchup, and leaving the promotion(Boos), Shawn Arrows will now take on... GOD! And if God wins the Hardcore title tonight, that match will be for the Hardcore Championship! And for the Number one contendership to the tag team titles? Well, the winner of tonights Hunters/Winds of Change match will be thrusted into the tag team title match at the pay per view! They will face Seducation and Destruction, Kyle Kash and Chris Briggs, the Devastators, Dustin Dachey and Devon Dice, and none other than the returning...

("Bad Touch" by the Bloodhound Gang comes on over the pa system. The fans look towards the entranceway... as... THE LOVE TRIANGLE COMES OUT! The fans give out a huge ovation.)


Ford:THE LOVE TRIANGLE! Pete, Steve, and Joey Love!!!

TB:This is huge. You know the Triangle hasn't forgotten what happened three months ago when the Devastators turned on them!

Steve Love:Dustin Dachey, Devon Dice... get ready to be rocked by the Love Machines! You see, we never did forget that three way ladder match a couple months back, and neither will you forget this sunday. We've got something special planned for you... Love Triangle style...

Pete Love:That's right. Dachey, Dice, count the days down, and Seduction... Destruction, get ready to met the real love seduction, and the destruction of your tag team title reign.

Ford:Now, now, now, what pay per view can be complete without a tag team by the name... of THE SNAKEHIPS ARMY!!!(cheers) And you know what, I think I'll put them up against the Jersey Brothers in a loser leaves federation matchup! I think I like the sound of that!

TB:Ford is just booking up a storm!

DJ:I wonder what Gunnar is thinking about all of this?

Ford:And as for Mike Extreme... and the Atlantic Championship? Due to the fact that Mike Extreme left the IML2 just last week, and was scheduled to fight Cedric Cinder for that very championship... the match between Guff Daddy and Cedric Cinder will be for the ATLANTIC CHAMPIONSHIP! And if Guff Daddy walks out tonight with the Hardcore title, BOTH belts will be on the line! And as for the main event...

("Take Me On" by Reel Big Fish comes on over the pa system as out from the back walks Gunnar Smith, along with Lance McNally, who is carrying the heavyweight title on his shoulder.)

TB:McNally! With the prize of this company on his shoulders! And look, Silverchair is with him. Remember, he fights Kurt Zoom this sunday in a ladder match! Nuclear is there too!

Vice President Gunnar Smith:Now, now there... Ford... are you done? I mean, you sure as hell put this audience to sleep. You want to give the Love Triangle their comeback to the IML2.. that's fine. You want to get the Snakehips Army involved... no one cares. And I don't care that you striped Mike Extreme of the Atlantic championship and gave it to Cedric Cinder. That's all well and good! But you see, what you shouldn't do, what you DON'T DO, is you DON'T touch the main event. THE MAIN EVENT IS OFF LIMITS FORD! May 21st outside of Death Valley California, it will be McNally's night, and WHATEVER YOU SAY OR DO WON'T STOP IT!

Ford:Then why are you so scared of what I'm about to say?

Gunnar Smith:Scared? Scared? You think McNally is scared? He's in the best shape of his life! He can do anything!

IML2 World Champion Lance McNally:That's right Ford. I can do anything I want to Enfirno. I can put him through tables, I can lit him on fire, and I will pin him this sunday night. When I'm through with Enfirno, you might as well put his career six feet under...

Ford:Oh, that's good, because you see, your match with Enfirno?(Long Pause) BURIED ALIVE MATCH! I hope you realize that McNally, because if you don't do what you say you're going to so, we're not going to care whether you're champion or not.

McNally:Don't worry, I'm coming out of Cemetary Gates with the belt on my shoulder! Enfirno's NOTHING! And sunday, he'll still be nothing!

Ford:Oh yeah, one more thing... tonight's main event? YOU'RE TITLE'S ON THE LINE MR. BIG TIME!(Huge ovation!)



Ford:Hey, what you can do... I can do better...

("Cemetary Gates" by Pantera plays as we fade to Commercial Break.)

**Commercial Break**

Winds of Change(Riot Phillips and Tempest Malone) vs. The Hunters(Brian and Scott Hunter)

TB:WELCOME BACK TO MNM! We've got a huge tag team matchup, because the winner of this match gets put into the tag team four way at the pay per view!

DJ:Whatever happened with FNF?

Lorin:It doesn't matter.

DJ:NO! The Winds of Change got a tag team title shot, what happened!

TB:I have no clue Duce... ask Gunnar about that, he should know.

DJ:Sounds like a plan.

(Duce gets up out of his chair and leaves to the back.)

Lorin:Wait... you just got Duce to leave.

TB:I did? How in god's name did I do that!

Lorin:You just told him to kiss ass to Gunnar, and he went running!

TB:Well, now we can get right down to business. The Hunters are already in the ring, let's get there ourselves!

Chris Astro(CA):Welcome to MNM. This opening matchup is for a spot in the tag team title match at Cemetary Gates, and is schedule for One Fall... Introducing first... Brian... Scott... THE HUNTERS!!!

("Wherever I May Roam" by Metallica starts up as Tempest Malone and Riot Phillips walk out from the back.)

CA:And their opponents, Riot Phillips, Tempest Malone, THE WINDS OF CHANGE!

*Ding, ding, ding*

TB:Riot Phillips and Brian Hunter are going to start things off here from the opening bell, as Phillips and Hunter tie up. Phillips gets worked into a headlock, as Hunter gets bounced into the ropes. Phillips tosses Hunter off the side, releasing the headlock.

Lorin:Brian comes back off the other side, Phillips goes for a back body drop, but Brian puts his back onto Phillips', so that when he flips him over to the back body drop, Brian lands on his feet. Brian grabs Riot, waist lock, german suplex attempt, no, Riot switches up on Brian.

TB:Riot goes for one of his own, but now pushes Brian to the ropes, roll up attempt, but Brian holds on to the top. Riot rolls through as they both get up. Brian attempts a clothesline, but Riot ducks, back off the other side, blind tag by Tempest Malone...

Lorin:Leap Frog by Brian! He's holding his hands in the air as Scott pulls down the top rope! Riot goes flying over top! Brian doesn't realize there was a blind tag!


Lorin:He barely got out of that one!

TB:Malone now picks up Hunter, and scoop slams Hunter down to the mat. Malone going to tag in Riot, but he's still trying to recooperate from the dive over the top. Brian's tagged in Scott, and now Scott grabs Malone from behind... Inverted DDT!

(Duce returned from earlier.)

DJ:Hey guys, what's going on?

Lorin:Not much, pretty good match... what did Gunnar say about FNF?

DJ:Damn bastard threw me out of of his locker room!


DJ:Shut up.

TB:Well, Scott went for a cover, but Malone kicked out at two. Malone is thrown into a neutral corner, as Scott goes to town with crushing right hands... *SMACK* HUGE Chop by Scott sent Malone out of his boots!

DJ:Malone's not going to take it... turns Scott into the corner... *SMack* HUGE smack by Malone!

Lorin:Scott comes charging out... Malone hip tosses him over, right into an arm bar.

DJ:Malone is trying to wear down Scott now, as he tags in Riot Phillips. Phillips climbs to the top... Ax-handle to the exposed shoulder of Scott Hunter! Phillips locks in an arm bar of his own, as Scott goes to the eyes of Phillips. Riot ducks his head... Northern lights suplex on Scott Hunter!

TB:Wow! Scott quickly makes the tag to Brian, as Brian comes charging in. Clothesline by Phillips... and another one!

Lorin:Scott comes flying in as Phillips tosses him up and over the top rope!

TB:Brian Hunter goes to whip Riot off the ropes...

DJ:Look! It's the Devastators! They slide into the ring and push Brian out of the ring... TOTAL DEVASTATION ONTO RIOT PHILLIPS!

*Ding, ding, ding*

TB:The Devastators have Devastated Riot Phillips!

DJ:Look! It's The Love Triangle! Pete, Joey, and Steve Love! They hit the ring hard with rights and lefts! Tempest Malone and Scott Hunter are still battling on the outside!

Lorin:Look! It's the Foray at the top of the ramp! Cedric Cinder, Kyle Kash, and Chris Briggs! Guardian is taking some time off right now...

TB:GUFF DADDY! Guff Daddy flies out of the back and grabs Cedric Cinder by the back of his shirt, and tosses him off the ramp and through a table below!!!!

DJ:DEAR GOD! What is wrong with Guff Daddy!

Lorin:Look! Kyle Kash and Chris Briggs and now hammering away at Guff Daddy, fans, we'll clear this up as we go to commercial break.

**Commercial Break**
Battle of the Jasons

TB: Well, after that brawl in the last match, I am damn sure ready for this next matchup,how about you, DJ?

[DJ slams his hand on Lorin's thigh]

DJ: Well TB, I am definitly ready for this bout...how about yourself Lorin, you fine peice of meat you?

Lorin: DJ...

[Removes DJ's hand off of her thigh]

Lorin: Let's get a few things straight. First, don't EVER touch me again because I am sure I know where those hands have been and secondly. I'm not a piece of meat!

[Lorin slaps the taste out of DJ's mouth]

DJ: I'm sorry Lorin...*grabbing his jaw*, it's just that you are such a tease. I mean, if you point those at me again, my eyes are gonna get poked out. And Lil DJ, is just so hapy to see you...

Lorin: Well, I am about to cut Lil DJ's head off if he looks at me again...are we clear?

DJ- Crystal.

TB: Ok...well Lorin, how do you feel about this match?

Lorin: Well TB, I'm not too sure. Although, if I had to toss a coin on who I think was going to win...I would have to say...Jason Adams...

DJ: Don't listen to her TB! Jason Blunt has this match in the bag!

TB: Well, personally, my money is on Jason Blair. We heard from him earlier this week, and I feel he is
ready for battle! But, anyways, to the match!

Announcer: The following match up is scheduled for one fall, and is "A Battle of the Jason's". First,
hailing from Detroit, MI. He stands at 6'3" and weighs in at 240 pounds! He is "The Real

[A slight pop is heard in the crowd although, it's nothing to write home about. Then, "Pollution" by
Limp Bizkit plays on the PA system as Jason Cyrus steps out from under the IML²tron, and walks down the
ramp and rolls into the ring.]

Announcer: And introducing next, from Bayonne, Jew Jersey, he is one half of the Jersey Bros. Weighing
in at 238 pounds and standing at 6'4", JASON.......BLUNT!!!

[Once again, another small pop and Jason Blunt steps out onto the ramp as "Supernova Goes Pop" by
Powerman 5000 and, Jason strolls down to the ring and after stepping up the steel steps, he climbs into his
corner of the ring.]

Announcer: And the third contender in this match, from Annapolis, MD, weighing in at 220 pounds and
standing at 6'4",. he is, "Sensational...JASON......BLAIR!!!!

[Yet another slight pop from the crowd as Jason Blair runs down to the ring at full speed, and slides
in under the bottom rope to the sound of "You Must Die" by the Bloodhound Gang.]

Announcer: And finally, from Baltimore, Maryland accompanied by Missy. He weighs in at 233 pounds and
stands at 6'6" his name is.....JASON....ADAMS!!!

["Hate Me Now" by Nas blares on the PA system as Jason Adams, with Missy at his side, walk down the
ramp, and climb into the ring. Missy though, stays outside, to cheer Adams on.]

*Ding, Ding, Ding*

TB: And this match is underway! Jason Adams goes for Jason Blunt as Jason Blair heads for Jason Cyrus.
Jason Blunt locks on a headlock to JA, who counters with a back body drop. Now, Blair and Cyrus lock up,
with Cyrus capiltilazing, and sending Blair into the ropes and landing a huge boot to the face.

DJ: Am I the only one who is lost bigger than shit here?

Lorin: Probably. Now, Blair is back up and he tosses Cyrus into the corner and lands a round of
chops, before taking him to the top rope and....SUPERPLEX!! Now, Adams has Blunt up and gives
him several shots to the face with his knee.

TB: And next, Adams tosses Blunt outside the ring, and these two are taking it street style! Meanwhile,
Blair is taking it to Cyrus, still. Blair lifts Cyrus high in the air...gorilla press slam! Now, Blair goes
for an early pin....NOT EVEN A ONE COUNT! A simple rookie mistake.

DJ: Rookies suck. Plain and simple.

Lorin: Right now, Adams is slamming Blunt's head into the guard rail but wait! Blunt reverses and
lands Adams head into the guard rail and now, tosses him hard into the steel steps! The ref has a 6 count
on the two so, Blunt tosses Adams into the ring.

TB: Blair now, picks Cyrus up again. Cyrus with an eye gauge! Cyrus against the ropes...running knee
hit. Cyrus now, locks on an anklelock, hoping to get the submission. Jason Blunt interrupts! Blunt now,
goes for Cyrus and tosses him into the turnbuckle and begins to choke him with his boot.

DJ: *yawn* When one of these jobbers starts to bleed...let me know!

Lorin: TB is going to sleep....big loss.

TB: Really...

Lorin: And now, Adams and Blair lock horns. Blair launches off and slams Adams' face onto the canvas
with a bulldog! Blair with a quick cover....Blunt breaks up the count! Blair now, punches Blunt straight in the nose!

TB: And now, Cyrus comes from behind and puts on an inside cradle to a stunned Jason Blunt! Count
interrupted by Jason Blair! And Jason Adams is back on his feet and he gives an unknowing Jason Blair, a

DJ: I wish they would all break their damn necks, so we wouldn't have to watch this.

Lorin: Jason Cyrus gets back up and picks Jason Blunt up with him. Cyrus sends Blunt over and knocks
Jason Blair out of the ring! Now, Cyrus runs and clotheslines Jason Adams to the mat! Cyrus with a pin.....1.......KICK OUT!

TB: Now, Jason Blair and Jason Blunt exchance blows on the outside of the ring. Jason Blair slams Jason
Blunt's head square into the ring post!! Again! Again! And once more! Jason Blunt is a bloody mess on the ringside mat!

DJ: Blood? Where? AHAHAH!! Jason Blunt is out COLD!!

Lorin: Oh, you know his name?

DJ: Ofcourse!

Lorin: Sure, you're just looking at the pictures on your "How-To-Announce an IML² Show" aren't you?

DJ: Blow me Lorin....seriously....

Lorin: SHUTUP!

[Lorin once again, slaps DJ senseless]

TB: Now, Jason Blair is back in the ring and taking a breather. Meanwhile, Cyrus is clobbering Jason
Adams with right hands. Now, Adams fires back by blocking one right hand! And now, Adams with a kick to the midsection and a swinging neck breaker!!

DJ: *yawn* This action needs something good. Like...A WHOLE LOT OF VIOLENCE! Too bad it wasn't scheduled to be a Mall Brawl or...an Utter Obliteration Match...that would kick total ass!

Lorin: DJ...just...shutup. Unless you have something constructive to say about the match going on right now..then just sit there.


Lorin: Anyways. Adams now continues to pummel on Cyrus with a reverse chin lock and will Cyrus tap
out!? NO! Jason Blair runs in an interrupts with a falling drop kick to the back of Jason Adam's head!

TB: Cyrus is now back up and he and Jason Blair are stomping away on Jason Adams! Cyrus now, he eye racks
Jason Blair! And look! Missy is on the ring apron, distracting the referee! She flashes the ref!!

DJ: TITS!!!!

Lorin: Oh no...

DJ: WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *pulls a camera out of his pants and begins to take about 30 pictures*

Lorin: Seek help DJ...

DJ: I'm just innovative...

Lorin: Well now, as the ref is in a trance...Jason Adams gets up behind Jason Cyrus who is trying to get the ref's attenion....LOW BLOW TO JASON CYRUS!

DJ: OUCH!! My happiness just went down...WAY DOWN!!


DJ: Who wouldn't be? Look at those things! Lorin, would you mind showing us your's?

Lorin: Yes, I would. But look! Adams is up trying to get the ref....LOW BLOW TO ADAMS BY JASON BLAIR!

TB: And Jason Blair with the cover......1........2........3!!! JASON BLAIR WINS THE MATCH! JASON WON "THE BATTLE OF THE JASONS"!!!

DJ: Well then, I guess you could say that he is the best Jason in the fed right?

Lorin: That would stand to reason, yes.

[Jason Blair, after having his arm raised, slides out of the ring and slowly staggers up the ramp. Meanwhile, Missy helps Jason Adams backstage and Jason Cyrus lays on the mat grabbing his groin while, Jason Blunt is still out at ringside, bleeding.]

TB:WAIT! Look! There's a masked man! He grabs Blair... gorilla press... INTO A PILEDRIVER! Dear god! Blair is out on the rampway! Jason Blair is down and out! I'm sorry guys, but we've got to go to a commercial break!

**Commercial Break**
Razorback v Raven Nevermore

Lorin:This match is between rwo newcomers who are just upcomking in the IML2,
but i would have to put my money on raven nevermore for this matchup. He is
a unique character with i think if he can get the match going will be a
youthful force.

DT:Well, my money is going to razorback, he's new and ive seen this guy a
couple times, he is huge!

TB:Tall wise?

DT:Yeah, razorback would have to be my pick for this match-up.

TB:Well, everyone gets there picks so, im gonna go with lorin on this one and
go with raven nevermore beca-

DT:You just want some tit you bastard!

TB:Hell no i dont!

DT:Ahhhh, thats what you say you little cock! Well lets go to the match!

*"Wild one" by dio begins to play. The fans rize to see whats happening.*

Announcer:Introducing first, the challenger, hailing from East Moline
illinois, standing at six foot six and weighing in at two hundred and seventy
five pounds, the mast of The End, he is Razorbaaaaaaaaack!

**The fans begin to cheer as Razorback steps out from the curtain.**

Lorin:And here he comes!

**Razorback reaches the ring as the lights suddenly go out. They come back
on as he is under Raven Nevermore lying down.**

DT:Out of nowhere Raven nevermore has taken out razorback! Raven nevermore
holding a folded chair in his hand as the fans are going crazy! He holds up
the chair, razorback with a low blow from the ground! The fans are still on
there feet! Razorback, slowly gets up and picks up the chair and nails raven
with it! Again! Nevermore is out on the ground. Razorback holding the
chair now!

Lorin:That was a sudden quick change! Razorback picks up raven and whips him
into the ropes, chair shot! Raven goes down! Razorback sets the chair on
raven, he goes to the top! Gullitine leg drop to the neck of raven on the
chair. Razorback is in pain!

DJ:I guarentte he isnt in as much pain as raven though! Razorback grabs his
leg as raven nevermore is busted wide open! Razorback gets up slowly and
picks up raven nevermore, release norhtern lights suplex to the turnbuckle!
Raven nevermore looks like he is out!

DT:Razorback is parading around the ring now. Raven in the tree of woe
position, razorback runs and slide tackles raven nevermore! Raven falls off
the turnbuckle, and razorback begins to stomp on him. The ref holds him back
Razorback runs back at him and puts on a camel clutch, nevermore is out

Lorin:The ref holds his arm up once, twice, threeeee no! Razorback gets up
and gives raven nevermore a reverse vertical suplex, he holds it! The End!
Raven is tapping thats match, razorback wins! The new comer wins!

Announcer:Your winneeeeeer RAZORBAAAAAACK!!!!!

**Commercial Break**
Hardcore Title Match
Guff Daddy -c- vs. God

TB:Welcome back to MNM, and now we've got God going for the Hardcore title against Guff Daddy! Guff's been pretty silent as of late?

DJ:Silent but deadly, I guess you could say.

TB:That is if he could be...

("Voodoo Child" by Hendrix starts up as out from the back walks God. He gets into the ring, as Ford comes down the rampway.)

Ford:God, God, you aren't fighting tonight.

God:What do you mean! How dare you say that to God!

Ford:Well, Guff Daddy isn't here! You don't have to fight him!

God:But I wanted to make him repent.

Ford:It doesn't matter, you're the hardcore champion! You'll fight Arrows at the ppv!

God:But Guff Daddy was just here minutes ago! Where did he go!

Ford:He went to the hospital. The Foray did a number on him after he tossed Cedric off the ramp.

(Cut to footage, as Seduction and Destruction double powerbomb Guff Daddy off the rampway from earlier tonight.)

TB:I didn't hear Guff was in the hospital!

Ford:Here's the Hardcore championship... defend it like you earned it....

(Ford leaves the ring as God is dumbfounded with the belt in his hand.)

**Commercial Break**

Main Event
Title on the line
Lance McNally -c- & J.J. Nuclear vs. LiGiL & Enfirno

TB:It's main event time! McNally and Nuclear, the New Era, versus LiGiL and Enfirno! This match is going to be huge!

DJ:Of course it is! But it shouldn't be! McNally can lose his world title if LiGiL or Enfirno pins him!

Lorin:This is definitly not good for Gunnar Smith and the New Era...

("Time Bomb" by Godsmack starts up over the pa system as out from the back walks Nuclear and McNally.)

DJ:Well, looks like they are starting without us...

Chris Astro:This next match is scheduled for one fall, and the World title is on the line! Introducing first, accompanied by Gunnar Smith, J.J. Nuclear... IML2 Heavyweight champion Lance McNally... THE NEW ERA!!!

("Witching Hour" by Mysery plays over the pa system as out from the back walks LiGiL and Enfirno! They are met with a huge applause, as they slide into the ring.)

*Ding, ding, ding*

TB:Well, here we go! Main Event time! Nuclear hammers away at Enfirno while McNally hammers LiGiL. Double whip by the New Era, back off... DOUBLE clothlesline by Enfirno and LiGiL!

DJ:Enfirno and LiGiL aren't a team! They shouldn't be like this!

Lorin:McNally and Nuclear charge, Double back body drop by Enfirno and LiGiL!

TB:McNally slides out of the ring, as Nuclear charges LiGiL, arm drag sends Nuclear under the bottom rope on the other side.

DJ:The New Era is trying to regroup on the outside... wait, it's Silverchair! He comes out, and the three men are plotting on the outside...

Lorin:What is this! Get him out of here!

TB:Silverchair is setting up a table on the outside, as McNally and Nuclear slide in. And here we go again... right hands by both men, but McNally goes low on LiGiL... JUST ROCKED ON LIGIL!


TB:Nuclear grabs LiGiL, and is setting him up top.. he's going to do a version of the Time Bomb through a table... off the top....



TB:LOOK! Silverchair is on the apron! We could have had a new World Champion! Enfirno has McNally down for the count! Enfirno is getting in the face of the referee...


Lorin:LOOK! Zoom just nailed Silverchair in the face with his Platinum Championship! Kurt Zoom has just levaled Silverchair! I didn't know Zoom was here today!

DJ:McNally... from behind on Enfirno... JUST ROCKED!!! JUST ROCKED! Dear god! McNally drops his arm onto Enfirno... 1-2-3! McNally just beat the number one contender for the world championship!!

TB:THIS IS NUTS! McNally just pinned Enfirno in the ring! And Enfirno should have won the world championship! Dear god! This is nuts! Fights all over the place! Well, just Zoom and Silverchair, because everyone else is out cold! For the IML2, and not for H2O... bastard... SEE YOU AT CEMETARY GATES!!!

(The camera fades completely out.)
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