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(We hear the sound of glass shattering, then the IML logo appears on the screen, followed by the Malice Logo flashing a few times. We then fade to the sold out Cow Palace. The cameras work thier way through the crowd, panning around. Several gigns are shown- 'Crispity Crunchity Tender Flaky Crust' 'Xperiment for prez' 'JOsh Harris quit cause he jacks off in the ring!' We then cut to the announce table where Johnny Shallow and 'The Nitro Beaver' Kyle Morris sit.)

Kyle Morris (KM): Welcome to Monday Night Meldown!

Jonny Shallow(Shallow): Fans, we have quite an event for you tonight! Reaper makes his return, and El Bastardo Loco will defend his Extreme belt in a ladder match!

KM: That's not all! In the main event, Harold Has and Mad Max team up against Jon Crisp and Kent Anthason!

Shallow: Your right htere Kyle, VP John forced those two men to team up. John either thinks they can work well together... Or he's hoping that they'll tear each other apart.

KM: And that's not the only match Kent has tonight. He's also defending his US title against Dante' Jackson, Scott Styles, and Psycho Jay!

Shallow: Before we get into anything title wise, lets head over to the ring, for our first match of the evening.

Bryan Fury vs. Capital Punishment

KM: The winner of this match gets, of course, the prestigious Chocolate Bunny! Oh, and a title shot at PPV or something...whatever. Anyway, Here comes Bryan Fury down the the crowd booing him?

Shallow: No, that's me. Now here comes Capital Punishment! And Bryan, starting off our show with some stiff right arms to Cappy..wait! Capital P. blocks and counters with a DDT!

KM: Bryan Fury goes down hard! And Capital Punishment is trying to rally the crowd against Fury!

Shallow: Ok, Fury's up, and Cappy whips him into the ropes...Tilt-a-Whirl Sideslam! Now Capital Punishment's up on the top turnbuckle!

KM: Woah! Guillotine Leg Drop on Bryan Fury! Cappy's up, and now he's setting Bryan up for a Suplex...wait! Fury flips over Capital Punishment's head, and there's a Dragon Suplex!

Shallow: Now Fury's trying to lock on some kind of hold...there! Indian Deathlock! This is it! Bryan Fury's gonna win the bunny!

KM: Capital Punishment, trying to grab that bottom rope...and he's got it. The ref is arguing with Bryan now...Fury won't break the hold! He just knocked the referee down with a wild forearm!

Shallow: Cappy's managed to get to his feet, and Fury's still arguing with the ref! Now Capital Punishment's going up top again, and there's a wild flying clothesline to Fury! What a move!

KM: Cappy's setting Fury up now...Death Valley Driver! Incredible! Fury goes down again! Capital Punishment's taunting Bryan Fury now, and there goes Fury, with a low blow on Cappy!

Shallow: Bryan Fury is in control now, and there's a Swinging Neckbreaker on Capital P! Now he's setting him up again...Fisherman's Suplex! Now there's a hook of the leg...this is it! Bryan's gonna win the bunny! One! Two!! Cappy somehow kicks out

KM: Capital Punishment, trying to work up some momentum with those forearms. He has Fury backed into a he's working on stomping a mudhole in Bryan Fury!

Shallow: Now he's setting him up on the turnbuckle...Dragonsteiner! Incredible strength by Capital Punishment! Now he's going for a cover! He sure wants that damn bunny!

KM: One! Tw...Fury gets his shoulder up!

Shallow: Both men getting back on their feet...Fury, with an Evenflow DDT on Cappy! Now there's a German Suplex! Oh my God!

KM: Capital Punishment's back on his feet now...but not for long! Bryan Fury, almost taking his head off with that Crossover Clothesline!

Shallow: What a matchup this is so far! Both men working their asses off for that chocolate bunny! Now Fury has Cappy in a Dragon Sleeper! And it looks like that bunny is...wait, Cappy gets his foot on the rope!

KM: Both men are retreating to opposite corners now. And...what's Fury doing with his boot? Looks like he's taking it off, but...

Shallow: Bam! Bryan Fury, with a literal boot to the face of Capital Punishment! There's a! Two! Kickout! Fury's now on his feet, stomping at Cappy! Cappy grabs out at Bryan's leg, woah! There's a rollup! One! Two! Th..Fury gets a shoulder up!

KM: Both men struggle back to their feet...they're both in the center of the ring, exchanging right hands...Cappy ducks under Fury's arm and...Tiger Suplex!

Shallow: What a move by Capital Punishment!

KM: It's all over!

Shallow; And Cappy gets the cover! One! Two! Thre.. WOW! Fury kicks out!

KM: That's just insane! Cappy can't believe what's going on!

Shallow: Capital Punishment again with the pin! One! Two! No!

KM: Cappy has Bryan Fury up, and he whips him into the ropes, he prepares for a head butt, but FURY COUNTERS WITH A RUNNING DDT!

Shallow: Punishment's down!

KM: Fury to the top rope... AND A MASSIVEDROP TO CAPPY!

Shallow: The pin! One! Two! Three!

KM: Fury wins the Bunny! He wins the Bunny!

Shallow: What a match!

(We cut to the back. VP John is talking on the phone with Presidnet Gunnar Smith who is out of town.)

VP John: So it turns out that Kosoy just wanted to kill Jay, and not take over.

Gunnar: Well, that's good... As long as he doesn't take over. Now, we have a huge problem...

VP John: What's that?

Gunnar: World Title match at Hell and High Water. We need a guy for it, unfortunately people I have been considering have other matches.

VP John: That won't be a problem for long sir... After tonight, you'll have your Hell and High Water main event, I promise you that.

(VP John drops something on his desk, the cmera zooms in to see what it could be. It's the card lineup, with the main event- Hash and Max vs. Crisp and Anthason circled.)

**Commercial Break**

(Bryan Fury and Twizted are walking into their locker room as Dante Jackson comes from behind and knocks Bryan Fury and Twizted out cold)

Dante: Back up your trash talking... It'll do you good!

(Dante races back down the hall toward the entrance ramp.)

Bryan Fury: Back it up huh?

(The scene fades to the ring.)

US Title Match: Kent Anthason v. Psycho Jay v. Scott Styles v. Dante Jackson


Shallow: Yes! First up...

Announcer: He's the master... well... the master of evil! HE IS... DAAANTE JACCKSON!

( Dante's music hits, as he makes his way out to a chorus of Boo's. The fans can't stand him. He gets very angry, and flips the crowd off. An even bigger round of hateful comments, and bitter yells from the crowd. )

Announcer: Next up! He's your everyday hitman, dressed like a ninja!! SCOOTT STYLLES!

( Style's music slams through the arena, as Scott makes his way down the ramp to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Scott enters the ring and gives a mean glare toward Dante. )


( The Crowd goes nuts. Whistles make it through the crowd. And Jay comes down to the ring, filing his fingernails. He's whistling along to his music also. As he just non-chalanutly gets into the ring, paying no attention to the wrestlers in the ring. )

Announcer: Finally! We have for you, the IML UNITED STATES CHAMPION! KENT ANTHASON!!

( The Crowd goes absoultely crazy. Flashes go off. And Kent comes out to his music... 'Lakini's Juice'. Kent is wearing the US title around his waist, as he gets in the ring, he pulls it off and hands it to the ref, staring down both Styles and Jackson. )

KM: Alright, the bell is sounding...

( Bell sounds... go figure. )

Shallow: And Dante Jackson makes no hesitation to start first. And he bounces off the ropes and frog splashes Scott Styles. Dante Jackson is literally pounding the shit out of styles as he sits on top of him, hooking him with lefts and rights.

KM: Yes! But here's Kent Anthason. Anthason with a knee to Jackson's head. Anthason rips Jackson up by his hair. Dante throws a punch, but Kent easily dodges it, and knees Jackson in the solar plexus. Dante doubles over from pain!

Shallow: Jay's just standing there, filing his nails. Meanwhile, Scott and Kent double up on Jackson. They're looking to take him out early. The two men slam Dante into a corner and batter him with kicks to the chest, and to the head. Dante slowly slides down into a sitting position.

KM: But look at this! Styles isn't paying attention, as Anthason grabs him and throws him into the slain Dante Jackson! Both men are laid out in the corner. Kent grabs on to the ropes, and puts a foot to Styles' throat, pushing in, he crushes both men against the turnbuckle!

Shallow: Jay still isn't doing anything, as Kent punishes them both. Dante Jackson with the save, though! He just pushed Styles off of him, and now starts swinging in Kent's direction!

KM: Too bad Kent isn't letting him take one shot. Kent just grabbed a punch from Dante! And he has Jackson's fist in hand! He's pushing it back, almost parallel with his wrist. That HAS to hurt.

Shallow: Dante saves himself, and pulls away. Dante is really nusing that wrist... BUT OUT OF NOWHERE DANTE SLAPS KENT OVER THE FACE! Kent doubles up, and then grabs Dante by the neck. Kent slams Dante onto the ground with a small chokeslam! And Kent rams on him with kicks to the mid section. Meanwhile, Styles is making his way up, and has gone outside to get a chair...

KM: Kent pulls Dante up, but Dante gives him an elbow to the mid section, and then reverses behind Kent, putting him in a standing full-nelson. Scott Styles in the ring with the chair, he's aiming up Kent who is being held by Jackson! He swings! SLAM RIGHT INTO DANTE JACKSONS FACE. KENT DUCKED!

Shallow: Dante lands on the mat, grabbing his face, as Kent nails Styles with a vicious chop, he gives him a couple more and slings Styles into the ropes. Styles comes bouncing back! Arm drag takedown, by Kent Anthason! Kent's holding that arm back, making Styles scream! Dante to the rescue though, as he shoves Kent off Styles! Kent stands, but Jackson is there. Dante slings Kent to the turnbuckle that Jay is standing at...

KM: IRISH WHIP. Dante flies full force into Jay. Jay still stands though, as he screams. Psycho Jay has just broke a nail! JAY IS FURIOUS. Psycho Jay with a power slam to Dante Jackson. Styles and Kent stop thier fighting to watch on. Jay with a leg drop.

Shallow: Psycho Jay pulls Jackson up, and literally HURLS HIM INTO THE AIR. He stomps over to where Dante Jackson is lying. He pulls him up, and slings him toward Kent Anthason! PORK RIND INFINITY ( Jumping round-house kick.) to DANTE JACKSON. DANTE IS OUT. DANTE IS OUT!!!!

KM: Jay isn't interested anymore, if he was any. Jay pulls out all the stops... HEAD HUMPING TO DANTE JACKSON. DANTE IS GETTING HEAD HUMPED. THAT IS TOTALLY DISGUSTING.


KM: You're sick. Jay's finished, and is leaving the arena... Kent Anthason proceeds to stomp on Dante Jackson. Styles hits Kent from behind! Kent turns around, and kicks Styles. Kent takes him to the top rope, and gives him a slingshot suplex from the top! Wow. What a move!

Shallow: I'd say it's all Kent Anthason from here.

KM: Really. I would have never figured. Kent goes to the outside, and gets the US championship belt. Bringing it into the ring, he puts it in Dante's face.

Kent Anthason: Yes, you bastard. Take a good look at it. Because this is the closest you'll ever get to it. Take heed, you probably won't even TOUCH the World Title.

KM: Kent slaps Dante with the belt. Anthason then lays the belt on Jackson's face... He goes up top! I think this is it... NO. OH MY GOD. IT'S JON CRISP. HE JUST NAILED KENT WITH A CEMENT BLOCK!!! Kent falls of the turnbuckle.

Shallow: And look who's there to pick up the pieces... Styles... Scott Styles with several vicious kicks to Kent. Dante Jackson is now back up, stomping away on Kent. Styles goes for the cover.


KM: Dante throws Styles off of Kent, and covers.


Shallow: Still, no. Styles slams his two fists into Jackson. Styles with a scoop! HE'S STARTING TO RUN... RUNNING SIDEWALK SLAM to DANTE JACKSON. Styles goes to Kent for the pin.





Shallow: OH MY GOD. CRISP JUST COST KENT THE US TITLE... But, look at this! Jackon is back up, and furious. He kicks Styles in the back, turning him around, and NAILING HIM with spine buster! Jackson then throws Styles out of the ring. Dante leans over the ropes to shout insults at Styles who is lying on the mat, on the outside...

KM: A hand falls on Dante's shoulder. LOOK AT DANTE'S EYES! THERE AS BIG AS WALNUTS. The arm spinds Dante around... KENT ANTHASON WITH ANOTHER PORK RIND INFINITY (Jumping round-house kick) to DANTE JACKSON. Dante is out! But Kent isn't! Kent pulls Dante up by the hair, and slings him into the ropes. Kent backs up and waits for Jackson's return, but Dante slides out of the ring before he hits the ropes. Dante starts to walk away, but Kent runs, and jumps off the tope rope to the outside! FLYING BODY PRESS TO DANTE JACKSON... DID YOU SEE THAT?

Shallow: Yes, Kent ran in the ring, jumped onto the top rope, then jumped on the outside to give a body press to Jackson. We saw it.

KM: Well, jeeze. You don't have to be snotty about it. Kent has Jackson by the hair now, and slams his face against the steel steps! JACKSON IS BUSTED OPEN! JACKSON IS BLEEDING! Kent's diverting his attention to the man who's stumbling his way up the steel ramp... Scott Styles. Kent runs to catch up, and grabs Styles on the stage.

Shallow: What's he doing? WHAT'S HE DOING! HE JUST THREW STYLES OFF THE STAGE... THAT'S THIRTY FEET OR SO! Kent walks to the back, and the match is over! THE EMT'S ARE CHECKING ON DANTE, and STYLES... WHAT A MATCH.

{The Last Eskimo is in the back preparing for his match....}

The Last Eskimo 'I must defeat the white man tonight and prove my genetic dominance. But first I must call up someone to help boost my emotional well being.'

{The Last Eskimo picks up a phone and dials 215-735-7790. A person picks up the phone....}

Person 'Jewish residence, Jew speaking...' The Last Eskimo 'I'm going to harpoon you in the gut.'

Person 'Is that you Psycho Gay?'

The Last Eskimo 'I am not that waste of semen! I am the Last Eskimo!'

Person 'Funny Funny Psycho Gay but don't you realize that you're not funny?'

The Last Eskimo 'What do you think you're doing?'

Person 'I'm having not homosexual sex with Josh Harris.'

The Last Eskimo 'You are disgusting. I'm going to spare your life because I wouldn't let my harpoon touch you. You're too scary for death.'

{The Last Eskimo hangs up the phone, grabs his harpoon and heads to the ring.}

**Commercial Break**

The Watcher vs. Rob Kestler

Kyle Morris : Well let's get this show on the road!

Shallow : Sounds like a good idea to me Kyle, lets go down to the ring.

(The Watchers music hits and he comes out to a mixed reaction from the crowd he runs into the ring and waits for his opponent to get into the ring)

(The Last Eskimo's music hits and he comes charging our of the stage area and slides into the ring and the bell rings. The Last Eskimo swings under the arms of The Watcher and takes his legs out. Eskimo pulls up The Watcher by his hair and delivers a reverse DDT.)

Shallow : The Watcher is not looking like he is going to get anything going!

(Eskimo gets up and goes towards Eskimo's legs. He tries to lock him in a figure four but Watcher kicks out of it)

Kyle Morris : That was close, if the Last Eskimo locked that in, it would have been over!

Shallow : True there Kyle!

(Watcher jumps on the chest of The Last Eskimo and starts to give him a barrage of punches. The ref pulls the Wather off Eskimo as Eskimo rubs some blood off his face)

Kyle Morris : Wow! The Last Eskimo is bleeding from those punches from the Watcher!

Shallow : Ouch.

(The Last Eskimo gets up and runs off the ropes he runs towards the Watcher but the Watcher jumps over his spear and The Last Eskimo goes flying through the ropes onto the floor. The Watcher slides under the ring and puts Eskimo on a fallen over guard rail. Watcher climbs to the top rope.)

Kyle Morris : Oh my god!

(The Watcher jumps off and decides to do a moonsault, but just when he gets close to the Last Eskimo, Eskimo rolls away and The Watcher lands face first into the guard rail. The Last Eskimo drapes his arm over The Watcher.)

Shallow : If The Watcher can survive this.....

(The ref coutns out!)

Kyle Morris : Now how much drive would it take to make a kick out like that!

Shallow : More than you have Kyle!

(The Last Eskimo looks shocked The Watcher kicked out. The Last Eskimo gets up and slides into the ring as The Watcher gets counted out 1...2...3 but Watcher gets up and by 5 is back in the ring. The Last Eskimo is waiting for him and gives his some sweet chin music. Eskimo runs off the ropes and baseball slides into The Watchers head.)

Shallow : That has to hurt like a bitch! Kyle Morris : How could you tell?

(The Watcher holds his head in pain as The Last Eskimo gets up and whipes some blood of his face. He goes over to The Watcher and picks him up. Eskimo delivers a quick spinebuster to The Watcher and climbs to the top rope.)

Kyle Morris : Seems like weare going to get some more top rope action!

(The Last Eskimo lands a body splash from the top rope and decides not to cover. Eskimo pulls The Watcher by his legs over the turnbuckle and props his legs up on the second turnbuckle. The last Eskimo then comes from behind The Watcher and lifts him by his shoulders, swings him up and delivers a big pumhandle slame, The Last Eskimo covers.....)

Shallow : This should be over!

Kyle Morris: One! Two! No! Watcher kicks out! Watcher kicks out!

Shallow: The Last Eskimo is in shock!

(The Watcher gets to his feet, the drags up The Last Eskimo.)



(The Last Eskimo throws his harpoon at The Watcher, but it misses him, Instead it hits Josh Harris.)

Kyle Morris: Yes! The bastard is gone!

(Cut to the back- Dante Jackson is walking in the locker room. Bryan Fury comes from behind him and hits with a 2X4 Wrapped in Barbed Wire. Bryan Fury and Twizted are stomping and knocking Dante Jackson out cold.)

Bryan Fury: You just got knocked the f*ck out!

Twizted: The TWIZTED ONES have spoken!!

Bryan Fury: This is the year 2001 and the year of the Fury....Not the year of the Dante!!!

**Commercial Break**

(The scene fades into VP John's office. Dante Jackson comes running in.)

Dante: Damnit! I was screwed!

VP John: What?

Dante: And to top it off, Fury attacked me!

VP John: ...ok

Dante: Look, I want my revenge, AND the US title.

VP John: Tell ya' what Dante... How about if you and Fury settle things at Hell and High Water?

Dante: I'm listening...

VP John: Best 2 out of 3 falls, winner gets a shot at the US Title. Sound fair?

Dante: Actually... It does... Dante Jackson, US Champion. I like the sound of that!

(Cut to the ring.) Extreme Title Match: Bryan Young vs. TQ Smooth vs. El Bastardo Loco

Ring Announcer: This match is a Ladder Match for the IML Extreme Championship title. Coming to the ring first, Bryan Young !!! (crowd cheers ****)

[Bryan Young's music hits. ?Bryan Young appears from backstage and walks down to the ring. ]

Ring Announcer: The second in this four way match,TQ Smooth (crowd boos ********)

[TQ Smooth music plays as he walks down to the ring:: ]

Ring Announcer: Introducing third contestent of this match. He is the IML Extrme Champion El Bastardo Loco !!! (crowd cheers *****)

[El Bastardo Loco music plays as he walks down to the ring:: Bryan Young places TQ Smooth on the turnbuckle and executes a front-layout suplerplex. TQ Smooth drops Bryan Young with a Gorilla Press Slam on the mat. El Bastardo Loco places Bryan Young on the turnbuckle and executes a front-layout suplerplex. (ring, ring, ring) Bryan Young\TQ Smooth . Bryan Young bounces TQ Smooth off the ropes and faceslams him onto the mat. Bryan Young is back on his feet. TQ Smooth rakes the face of Bryan Young in attempt to make a come back. Bryan Young double underhook faceslams TQ Smooth hard to the TQ Smooth . TQ Smooth is up again.TQ Smooth trys for a spinning neck-breaker but Bryan Young avoids it. TQ Smooth and Bryan Youngleave the ring. TQ Smooth swings a Steel chair and hits Bryan Young. Bryan Young is bleeding as a result. ]

'Nitro Beaver' Kyle Morris - The IML is the number one wrestling program on television.

[ TQ Smooth executs the slingshot facebuster, slamming Bryan Young face to the floor. ]

Johnny Shallow - Good slingshot facebuster by TQ Smooth .

[TQ Smooth is back on his feet. TQ Smooth and Bryan Young move into the ring taking the ladder. TQ Smooth puts Bryan Young in an arm grapevine submission. Bryan Young is back on his feet. Bryan Young brings TQ Smooth down with a Mexican armdrag takedown. TQ Smooth is up again. TQ Smooth with a high crossbody on Bryan Young. TQ Smooth gets up. Bryan Young climbs to his feet. TQ Smooth hits Bryan Young with a Baba chop. TQ Smooth neck snaps Bryan Young. TQ Smooth kicks Bryan Young in the groin. ]

Johnny Shallow - TQ Smooth executes a kick to the groin.

[El Bastardo Loco puts TQ Smooth on the turnbuckle and executes a belly-to-belly superplex. El Bastardo Loco moves to the first step of the ladder. El Bastardo Loco goes one step closer to the belt. TQ Smooth kicks El Bastardo Loco off the ladder. ]

'Nitro Beaver' Kyle Morris - Are you enjoying this match?

Johnny Shallow - Yes sir!

[Chris Benoit measures TQ Smooth up and drops a closed fist. El Bastardo Loco executes a corkscrew legdrop on TQ Smooth . ]

'Nitro Beaver' Kyle Morris -El Bastardo Loco executes a corkscrew legdrop.

[El Bastardo Loco is back on his feet. El Bastardo Loco stomps TQ Smooth head. Now TQ Smooth standing. TQ Smooth knifehand chops El Bastardo Loco. El Bastardo Loco executes a ropeflip hiptoss on TQ Smooth . El Bastardo Loco applies an arm wrench to TQ Smooth . El Bastardo Loco hits TQ Smooth with an elbowdrop. El Bastardo Loco gets back to his feet. El Bastardo Loco knees TQ Smooth and rolls back to his feet. TQ Smooth stands up. Bryan Young hits a dragon suplex on TQ Smooth . TQ Smooth is up again. Bryan Young starts to climb the ladder. TQ Smooth tips over the ladder knocking TQ Smooth off. Bryan Young hits a flying karate chop right to TQ Smooth neck. Bryan Young punches TQ Smooth in the gut. Bryan Young takes TQ Smooth down with a knee. Bryan Young rolls onto TQ Smooth connecting with a knee. TQ Smooth stands up. Bryan Young gets snap suplexed by El Bastardo Loco. The Crippler goes up the ladder. El Bastardo Loco and Bryan Young move back to ringside. TQ Smooth hits El Bastardo Loco with a single arm DDT. TQ Smooth chants start. TQ Smooth moves back to his feet. TQ Smooth and El Bastardo Loco move into the ring taking the ladder. TQ Smooth throws a chair at El Bastardo Loco. TQ Smooth executes a corkscrew legdrop on El Bastardo Loco. Now TQ Smooth standing. TEl Bastardo Loco is up again. TQ Smooth gets tiger suplexed by El Bastardo Loco. El Bastardo Loco is up again. TQ Smooth gets back to his feet. El Bastardo Loco legsweeps TQ Smooth . TQ Smooth gets up. TQ Smooth comes from behind and bulldogs El Bastardo Loco. El Bastardo Loco with a high crossbody on TQ Smooth . Now El Bastardo Loco standing. Bryan Young pulls El Bastardo Loco hair. El Bastardo Loco delivers a spinning backbreak to Bryan Young. Bryan Young climbs to his feet. El Bastardo Loco pins Bryan Young against the ropes and chokes him with his forearm. Bryan Young climbs the turnbuckle and nails El Bastardo Loco with a flying bulldog. El Bastardo Loco climbs to his feet. Bryan Young moves to the first step of the ladder. El Bastardo Loco dropkicks the ladder sending Bryan Young to the mat. Bryan Young throws a chair at El Bastardo Loco. TQ Smooth jumps from the top rope and hits Bryan Young with a flying armdrag. ]

'Nitro Beaver' Kyle Morris - Bryan Young takes a flying armdrag.

[TQ Smooth climbs to his feet. Bryan Young gets back to his feet. TQ Smooth starts to climb the ladder. Bryan Young tips over the ladder knocking Bryan Young off. El Bastardo Loco grabs TQ Smooth head and arm and delivers a head and arm suplex. El Bastardo Loco goes up the ladder. El Bastardo Loco and TQ Smooth move back to ringside. El Bastardo Loco puts TQ Smooth in an arm grapevine submission. TQ Smooth is back on his feet. El Bastardo Loco get nailed with a double axhandle chop from TQ Smooth . TQ Smooth goes off the top and hits a flying sitdown splash on El Bastardo Loco. TQ Smooth is up again. TQ Smooth executes a flying knee drop right to the gut of El Bastardo Loco. TQ Smooth gets up. El Bastardo Loco is back on his feet. El Bastardo Loco places Bryan Young on the turnbuckle and executes the belly-to-back superplex. El Bastardo Loco climbs to his feet. El Bastardo Loco knees Bryan Young and rolls back to his feet. El Bastardo Loco knee drops Bryan Young. El Bastardo Loco gets back to his feet. Bryan Young gets hit with a diving elbow smash from El Bastardo Loco. El Bastardo Loco moves back to his feet. El Bastardo Loco takes the ladder back into the ring. El Bastardo Loco moves to the first step of the ladder.Then the second. Soon he is at the top, he grabs the belt, Bryan Young kicks the ladder, El Bastardo Loco hangs on to the belt.]

Johnny Shallow- This is it!

[Loco and the Extreme title fall to the ground.]

Ring Announcer- You winner, and STILL Extreme CHampion... EL BASTARDO LOCO! (***Crowd Cheers***)

(Cut to the VP John's office.)

Harold Hash: Look, if Max isn't here... I don't know what to do!

VP John: He'll get here... I hope.

Harold Hash: You hope?!

VP John: Look, just go prepare for your match, I promise you, Mad Max WILL be here.

Harold Hash: Well... Alright.

**Commercial Break**

KM: We're back live on Malice, and during the break, our own Jonny Shallow was on hand in the parking garage waiting for Jack Breaker, who will go on to face Maga Job later tonight for the Tag Team Championship! Let's take a look...

[The scene opens on Shallow, standing in the middle of a dark parking garage, holding a microphone. A green jeep pulls in from the left, and the driver's side door swings open as Jack Breaker steps out. Immediatley, he opens the trunk and pulls out first, interestingly enough, a shopping cart filled with various implements of destruction, then an ordinary black addidas duffel bag. He walks casually over to Jonny, leaving the car doors wide open and the engine running.]

Jack: Hey, are you the valet?

Shallow: No, you idiot! I'm Jonny Shallow!

Jack: Uhm...?

Shallow: You know, the announcer?

Jack: Oh, wonderful. Just go park my car. Oh, and take this stuff to my dressing room.

[Jack drops the duffel bag next to the shopping cart and starts to walk towards the door.]

Shallow: Uh, Jack? What's with the shopping cart? Didn't you hear that your match isn't hardcore?

Jack: Heh. Heh heh. Let me explain something to you, Shallow. You see, even though Mega Job has done next-to-nothing to insult us, we still take great offense at their actions for some reason. It's not enough to just strip them of their titles, I want to end their careers. I want to hear that thud as those jobbers crash through a table. I want to hear the cracking of broken bones. I want to see blood and gore and guts and veins in my teeth and all.

[Jack storms off towards the door. Shallow shrugs and goes to park Jack's car.]

[Back at the announcer's table..]

KM: And what's more, we also got a few words in with Jack's partner, Jake Walker. Unfortunatley, those words were 'Gravy boats and electric blankets'. We're not even going to show that footage.

TV TITLE MATCH: Reaper vs. Xperiment

KM: ... And now we have the TV title match.

Shallow: Why, yes we do. Both men are in the ring now. And they're standing toe-to-toe. Reaper with the first punch. Xperiment blocks and delivers a right to the jaw of Reaper. Xperiment is punishing Reaper with several punches now.

KM: But Reaper fights back with a right, and then a left of his own. He sling Xperiment into the ropes... Back body drop to Xperiment. Reaper then lands a big leg over Xperiment's throat. Reaper lifts Xperiment up by the hair, and sets him up for a single-arm DDT, but Xperiment grabs Reaper around the waist, and picks him up. Xperiment runs with Reaper in hands, and hits the turnbuckle with extreme force. He lets up, and Reaper falls to the mat.

Shallow: Ouch, what a move. Xperiment going up top... Headbutt off the top rope by Xperiment. Xperiment lifts Reaper up, but Reaper lands a punch to the stomach. Reaper then slashs his hand across Xperiments chest. He viciously chops him into a corner. Where he stands on the second turnbuckle and is punishing Xperiment with punches to the face.

KM: Xperiment grabs Reaper and slings him foward. Reaper to the outside! Reaper slams into an annouce table. The ref starts the count.

(1...) (2...) (3...) (4...) (5...) (6...) KM: Alright, Reaper is back in the ring. But Xperiment is right on top of him. Xperiment with a chop to the chest. Xperiment throws Reaper in to the ropes. Reaper reverses and Xperiment bounces off the ropes with force. Reaper with a hiptoss, but it doesn't pull through. Xperiment reverses it into a hip-toss of his own, and then lands on Reaper with a knee.

Shallow: Ouch... That's gotta hurt.

KM: No kidding, genious. Xperiment elbow drops Reaper a couple of times. Xperiment rips Reaper to his feet and gives him a hard piledriver. Reaper is almost out.

Shallow: No... WAIT! LOW BLOW FROM REAPER. Xperiment goes down. Reaper falls back to the ground, but not without a fight. REAPER WITH THE COVER.


Shallow: NO. Kickout, by Xperiment. Xperiment slowly gets up, as does Reaper. Reaper carges and goes for a closeline, but Xpermient grabs his arm and twists it behind him. Reaper reverses into the same move. Xperiment does the same, but before Reaper can counter again, Xperiment hooks his arm from underneath, and gives him a nice suplex. Xperiment with the cover.



KM: And a kickout by Reaper. Reaper is showing incredible defense today... Right. Anyhow, Xperiment rips Reaper to his feet, and gives him a hard facebuster. Xperiment with a knee to the chest. Xperiment grabs Reaper and gives him a Stump puller! Reaper isn't tapping out!

Shallow: Reaper is straining, he's pulling, and HE GRABS THE ROPE. Xperiment releases, and leans Reaper's neck over the rope. He bounces from one side of the ropes, and lands on Reaper.

KM: Xperiment pulls Reaper up, and slings him into the ropes. Reaper comes back with a spinning-heel-kick. Xperiment is down. Reaper falls to the mat, also. Reaper pulls himself over, and pins.



Shallow: Kick out, by Xperiment. Both of them get up fast, but Xperiment beats him to it. Xperiment grabs Reaper, spins him around...

KM: Is this it?

Shallow: Yes, it is. THE TERMINATION!!! ( Spinning Kudoh Driver ) Xperiment PINS.





(Cut to back- We see a split screen view of Deadly Sins and Mega Job heading to the ring.)

KM: Tag Team title match... NEXT!

**Commercial Break**

Tag Team Title: Deadly Sins vs. Mega Job

KM: Which brings us to this, the rematch to end all rematches, for the IML tag-team championship! Last week's title match between these two teams ended in a draw, and due to technical problems, most of the match was covered with static.

Shallow: And what a match it was! We'd love to televise it sometime soon, but due to a mysteriouis and wonderful chain of events, the footage is at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean right now. But anyway, there's Mega Job: The Epic Tag Team comming down the ramp, dragging those belts behind them.

KM: El Janito and Beef slide into the ring, and now here comes Jack Breaker, pushing a shopping cart full of hardcore weapons! But where's Jake Walker?

Shallow: Jack seems to be a little distracted - he keeps staring up into the rafters! And his partner is still missing! What could be going on?

KM: There's the bell, and this match is on! Jack Breaker and El Janito are tying up in the ring...DDT by Jack! Now there's a double knee drop! Incredible! Now Janito's being whipped into the ropes...Jack goes for a clothesline, but Janito ducks under hi arm and continues into the ropes!

Shallow: El Janito tries to hit a spinebuster, but Jack leapfrogs over him and he continues into the ropes...Tilt-a-Whirl Sideslam to El Janito by Jack Breaker! El Janito is down again!

KM: Looks like Jack is letting him crawl to the apron to tag in Beef...and here he comes! Beef with a hard forearm to Jack Breaker! Now he's stomping a mudhole in Jack Breaker...wait a second! Jack just rolled out of the ring...hey, is that Jake Walker's music playing?

Shallow: OH MY GOD! Jake Walker just dropped down from the rafters onto Beef! Was that a triple moonsault?!

KM: Beef goes down hard! And Jake continues his assault with some angry kicks to the fallen body of Beef! Meanwhile, Jack and El Janito are brawling outside the ring! El Janito, with some strong right hands to the chest of Jack Breaker, and now Jack is down...wait! He just tripped El Janito, and now he's setting him up for a Clockwork DDT! El Janito is down! Now Jack's going for his shopping cart of weapons...what the hell is that?

Shallow: Jack Breaker's got a pineapple! Bam, pineapple to the head of El Janito! He might have gotten citric acid in his eye!

KM: Back in the ring, Jake Walker is setting Beef up for a Drop Suplex!

Shallow: Wait! El Janito grabs at Jake's ankle, and he goes tumbling to the mat! And Beef falls on top of him! One! Two! Th...Jack breaks up the three count with a running stomp! Now he's setting Beef up for something...Jake just rolled out of the ring to take care of El! Tornado DDT to Beef by Jack Breaker! Now he's going back for a weapon...looks like he's got a cinderblock there!

KM: Beef's back on his feet now, but not for long! Jack Breaker, knocking him down with that cinderblock! Just listen to the thud of brick hitting skull reverberate throughout the arena!

Shallow: Now he's locked in a Boston Crab...Beef can't reach the ropes! He's about to tap! He's! El Janito with a Mongolian Chop to the head of Jack Breaker! Now he's calling for an Impaler...and just listen to the force of that hit!

KM: Both Jack Breaker and Beef are retreating to their corners, leaving Jake and El Janito together. There's a Body Press Front Slam to Jake, and now El Janito drops a leg on him! He's going to the top rope now... Asai Moonsault! There's a cover!

Shallow: One! Two! Jake kicks out! Now he's tagged in Jack!

KM: And here comes Jack! Crossover Clothesline to El Janito! He's one the ground! Now there's another clothesline over the ropes to Beef! He's down on the cold concrete floor! And Jack's climbing out onto the apron! Elbow Drop on Beef! Now he's setting him up on OUR announcer's table!

Shallow: Oh my God! Powerbomb through the table! Oh my God!

KM: Now he's reaching for a steel chair...bam! Chair shot to the back of Beef's skull!

Shallow: Now he's searching for something in his pocket...oh God, he wouldn't...holy shit! He just set the chair on fire! And Beef seems to have just been busted wide that chair wrapped in barbed wire?

KM: It is! Jack Breaker, with another barbed wire fire chairshot to the head of Beef! The carnage!

Shallow: He's sliding into the ring now with the chair...bam! Chairshot to El Janito! Now Jake's pulling something out of the shopping cart...a sledgehammer! Also wrapped in barbed wire! Bam! They're beating on El Janito!

KM: Now The Mexican Sterotype has been busted wide open, ripped apart, set on fire, and generally beaten and battered brutally!

Shallow: But the Deadly Sins aren't done yet! Jack Breaker, with a Double-Handed Chokeslam to El Janito! Now a strong Sambo Suplex! And a Double-arm DDT! German Suplex! Fisherman DDT! OH MY GOD!

KM: Belly-to-Back Suplex! There's a cover! ONE! TWO! THREE! The Deadly Sins are our new Tag Team champions!

Shallow: But they're still not satisfied! Jack's dragging Beef from the rubble of our table! Bam! Bam! Bam! Three barbed-wire fire chair shots! Beef goes down again!

KM: Now Jake has El Janito in his Lemon Squeezer (Burning Hammer to X-Factor Facebuster)! And Jack hits a Clockwork DDT (Jump Swinging DDT) on El Janito!

Shallow: The Deadly Sins' theme plays as they stand on the turnbuckles, admiring their handiwork. Mega Job:The Epic Tag Team have been busted open, torn limb from limb, jumped from the rafters, SET ON FIRE, and humiliated before being stripped of their titles, and perhaps their careers! What a slobberknocker!

KM: What the hell is a slobberknocker, anyway?

Shallow: Who gives a damn? That was incredible!

KM: Folks, stay right where you are, cause the main event is next!

**Commercial Break**

Harold Hash and Mad Max vs. Jon Crisp and Kent Anthason

Shallow: And we are back!

KM: It’s now time for our main event!

Announcer: This next match is scheduled for one fall! First, he is the IML World Champion, Jon Crisp!

(The crowd starts to boo as Jon Crisp makes his way down tot he ring.)

Announcer: And his partner, former IML US Champion, a fan favorite, Kent Anthason!

(A massive pop is heard as Kent Anthason’s music hits. Ken steps through the curtains, then proceeds down the ramp.)

Announcer: And their opponents. First, he is a former IML World Champion, Harold Hash!

(The crowd pops as Harold Hash makes his way to the ring.)

Announcer: And finally…He is a former IWO World Champion… MAD MAAAAAAAAX!

(An amazing amount of cheers are heard as Mad Max’s music starts up. We wait for a while, but Mad Max doesn’t show.)

KM: Hash looks disappointed.

(Hash stomps his foot, then is met by a dropkick by Jon Crisp.)


KM: And we’re off!

Shallow: Crisp, with several rights to Hash, now dragging him to the corner.

KM: It looks like Crisp wants to tag in Hash!

Shallow: So soon?!

(Crisp makes the tag, Anthason hops into the ring and starts his assault on Hash. Kent then whips Harold into the ropes and follows up by a kick to the mid section, and a DDT.)

Shallow: Why is Anthason just standing there?

Jon Crisp: Pin him you moron!

KM: I think he’s waiting for Hash to get up! He wants to make it fair!

(Hash gets up, and the two continue to brawl until Anthason makes the tag to Crisp.)

KM: The World Champion, reluctantly getting into the ring…

Shallow: It looks like Hash is in trouble. With all these quick tags, and without Hash’s partner, the champ will beta him yet again!

KM: Well, Crisp, just mutilating Hash…

(Various pyrotechnics go off.)

KM: What the….

(Mad Max’s music starts up, and the crowd goes nuts.)

KM: It’s him! It’s Mad Max!

(Max starts down tot he ring as we cut to VP John.)

VP John: Are you watching Gunnar?

Gunnar (Over the phone): Yeah.

VP John: I guarantee that by the end of this match, you’ll have your main event.

(The scene cuts back to the ring, where Mad Max has been destroying Jon Crisp.)

KM: What was that all about?

Shallow: I don’t know.. But things aren’t looking to good for Crisp.

(Crisp slides out of the ring, making several time out motions with his hands. He grabs something, hands it to Anthason, then gets back into the ring.)

Shallow: Crisp makes the tag to Anthason! And-

KM: He has a steal pipe!

Shallow: Ha! Max will never know what hit him!

(Kent raises the pipe, then hits Crisp.)


(Kent catches a fallen Crisp, and makes it look like a tag.)

Shallow: The ref thinks Crisp is the legal man!

(Max tags in Hash who is on the turn buckle, Hash leaps off, and pins Jon Crisp.)


(Max and Hash exit the ring, but Kent deliver one more blow to Jon Crisp.)

KM: Was this what VP John was talking about?! Crisp and Anthason at Hell and High Water?! I think it is! (Anthason throws down the pipe, and walks off. A bloody Crisp just starring at him.)

KM: That’s all for tonight! Stay tuned for Hell and High Water! This Sunday!