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The Executive Board is the group of people in the IML responsible for deciding winners, opening and closing the fed, and other important activities. You can e-mail them on a variety of questions....please feel free to do so.

President: Russ AIM S/N: IML VP Russ ICQ #: None

Russ has been involved with the IWO for some sixth months now but has only held a position on the IML board for about a month. Starting off running Malice and Vice president of the fed, found out that he was not able to carry all the weight himself. He took on running a PPV instead to compensate with his schedule. When the IML board was finally revamped, he was promosted to President and was put in charge of the entire IML.

Russ is only 16, but a hardworker nevertheless. He never tries to take sides and tries to help everybody that needs to know something. He has been involved with many independent feds but the IWO is the biggest so far for him.

As President, Russ's job is to run a motnhly PPV. He also makes RP lists and checks apps when needed. Russ is also trying to start the IML's first ever Real Audio Show. It has yet to happen but will in the enar future. Russ also has final say on all events and occurences that go on in the IML. If the IML messes up somehow, Russ has to take the blame for it :).

Co-Vice President: Phelan AIM S/N: phelanBBstar ICQ #: 45601726

Phelan first starting in e-fedding when he was in the 5th grade, he was 10 at the time. He issued his first wrestler into his brother's federation, the EFWF. He was the great, Blue Bomber, or that's what he thought. Phelan worked as the Blue Bomber until he found himself trapped in the world of the WWF. He gave his career of e-wrestling and followed the WWF from when Diesel when the title and beat Bob Backland in about 30 seconds, the shortest match in history, to now with The Rock, HHH, and Stone Cold. So, Phelan has been influenced by wrestling for about 4 or 5 years now.

Phelan turned 14 this May 27th. He grew up in Ewing, New Jersey. He is currently living in Bucks County, Newtown, PA. He lives with his mom, and his two brothers, Chris (17) and Kevin (11). Phelan enjoys playing basketball, snowboarding, lacrosse, hanging out with his best friends, wrestling in a trampoline league (NCW -, going to the beach, and listening to music. Phelan's favorite band is Less Than Jake and Dave Matthews Band. He also likes listening to Reel Big Fish, A New Found Glory, Fenix TX, Blink 182, Phish, Pink Floyd, Greatful Dead, and plenty of others from rap to alternative.

Phelan worked with the IMLČ for about a full year with some gaps here or there. He was the first two-time, and three-time world champion. He was a duel champion with the world and atlantic at one time. And he was the first ever hall of fame inductee to be in the IMLČ. He is currently working with the IWO. He handles Lance McNally, former Atlantic champion. And he is currently the vice president of the great minor league of the IWO, the IML.

As vice president, Phelan handles the Malice card, which takes place on Monday Nights. He also assistants the president in whatever he needs. He also tries to make sure the IML is going smoothing without anyone SCREWING IT UP! And last but not least, he hops to bring some new faces and some new talent into the IML, or at least look for some.

And no, he doesn't handle Phelen Kell. It's just a coincidence. Don't ask. :-P

Co-Vice President: Eric AIM S/N: MixMasterYun ICQ #: 84353823

Eric Yun started out E-Wrestling as a really bad RPer, with bad characters, and not so funny ideas. Some years later, nothing has changed except for the fact that he has become a regular in the IML system.

Eric was born on December 20th, 1985 and is currently 14 years old and a Sophmore in high school. Born in South Korea he moved to New York when he was three and stayed there for seven years. He then went to Illinois for four years and is back in New York now for the time being. Aside from E-Wrestling he likes almost all sports including baseball, basketball, football, track and field and gymnastics. He likes all kinds of music from Classical to Rock.

Eric has been in the IWO Online system for quite some time now who has witnessed both the IML and IML3 crash because of his once immature decisions. Now older and ready to deal with the pressures of this job, as IML Commissioner he will be running Monday Night Malice and hopes he will bring that show justice.

Webmaster: Erik AIM S/N: iwosmith ICQ #: None

Erik is currently in 10th Grade in West Scranton High School. His hobbies are Football , Baseball , Basketball , and music. His favorite bands are Korn , Metallica , Limp Bizkit , Goldfinger , and 3 Doors Down.

Erik had sucess in the IML3 as President/Webmaster . And we hope he has that webmaster sucess here. He knows all basic CGI , Flash , and works with some java scripts here and there.