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News for 3/11/2001

Harold Hash is dead! This rumor may or may not be true. But I feel that no one cares so that is all I am going to put. Nothing else will come from this cause I WILL NOT LOOK UP INFO THAT NO ONE CARES ABOUT! By: DPS MAN (also known as Bob.)

News for 2/26/2001

The Unstoppable Rookie
Earlier in the night at Hell & High Water Scott Styles successfully defended his IML US title against Dante Jones & Bryan Fury with ease. Then later on that night he went into the hellish Hell & High Water match. Where he had to face nine other people which he defied the odds and won the Hell & High Water match bye doing so he became the IML #1 contender for the World Title. Scott has earned his shot at the World Champion Jon Crisp at the March PPV. Until then what will Scott Styles do next? Who knows, you will just have to wait and see what this up and coming IML rookie will do.

News for 2/20/2001

In less then a month and already the IML U.S. Champion.
It's true. Scott Styles has only been in the IML for three weeks and has taken the IML U.S. title away from the one and only Kent Anthason. What's next for this up and coming IML superstar? Who knows, you will just have to watch and see..

News for 2/16/2001

Bryan Young arrives in the IML
It's true...Bryan Young has arrived in the UCF and will take on TQ Smooth and El Bastardo Loco at C&C for the Extreme Title..

News for 1/29/2001

Fury...what an idiot. by Faygo Joe
After some confusion it is clear. Bryan Fury is indeed and idiot. It seems that he thought had become the commish of the IML well this only lead to alot of questions. I don't know who is truly at fault but I like to believe it is Elvis. There is no proof of this but it is the only thing that makes sense. Well after some debating it is clear. Mike Renner AKA Interim Commish Boy and become the official Commish Boy. Now I don't want to make fun of Fury but if you do please go to and post any comments. Also go to and click on one of the banners cause John is poor. This is Faygo Joe saying that everything is messy that is fun.

News for 1/21/2001

Wrestler trips acid? by Dill Dong the 3rd
It seems to me that a wrestler has decided to trip acid and some how video tape his trip. How this is possible is not the question. The question is was this a wrestler having fun or a cry for help? I believe that it was a cry for help. There for I have decided to start up a rehab program for one Harold Hash. IF anyone cares that is good. I just wanted to post this. This is Dill Dong the 3rd telling everyone to hang low.

News for 1/20/2001

Anyone... care?
by Ch Clikoob
Mega Job recently bought a puppy named Pringles. Is this important? Probably not, since nothing important comes out of the IML, anyway. In other news, it seems apparent that Michael Storm is once against challenging my patience by posting all of this stuff which greatly defends Onslaught. I just love biased reporting. It makes me feel all warm and squishy inside.

News for 1/18/2001

Mega Job... possible tag team champions?!
by Ch Clikoob

At the IML's first pay-per-view under its new administration, Death From Above are set to face the surprisingly popular tag team known only as Mega Job: Th