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That Trivia is HARD!!! How are we supposed to know the answers?
Guess. :) Seriously, every question in that Trivia has been mentioned at some point in time on IWO Online. Most of the answers you could probably find just by looking through our site. And, as a bonus for reading this, I'll give you a hint: My birthday is in January.

Will you tell me when the IWO opens next?
I can't do that, because I don't really know. IWO Online (whether it be the IWO or one of the IMLs) is always open to new applications. We don't specify when one site will close and the next one will open, simply because we don't know ourselves. You just have to continue to come back to to our site and find out for yourself. Sorry.

How come some of these sites are different colors (besides blue)?
In order to differentiate FWLnet, the IWO and the different IMLs, we created our layout to have different colors for each. FWLnet is orange. The IWO and non-members links are blue. The IML is red, IML2 is green, IML3 is brown, and Tournament is purple.

Are you going to continue running these sites in college?
The contract I've signed with ScoopsWrestling is for two years. I signed this contract in December 1999, so the site will remain under my direction until at least 2001. In that time, who knows how far we can grow?

What does FWLnet stand for?
FWLnet stands for Fantasy Wrestling Leagues network. It was set up to provide a chance for all e-wrestling sites to grow, making the game even more popular.

What does IWO stand for?
IWO stands for Internet Wrestling Organization. It is the flagship e-fed of FWLnet and IWO-Online.

Why do you have 2 domain names? How do I get a domain name?
We have two because we felt we outgrew the first one, and needed a second to provide us a little breathing room as we grow even larger. You can get a domain name from InterNIC.

Do you make any money off your site? How much?
Yes I do. How much is my personal business. Sorry.

Would you join my e-fed?
Sorry, I don't have time for another e-fed right now. If I ever get enough free time, I may look into it, but this web site alone eats too much of my time.

Will you send me whatever applications you don't accept?
Sorry, no can do. The people who apply to the IWO do not expect their applications to be forwarded to another e-fed, and we will not betray them in that manner. It is their choice if they want to apply to another e-fed, we will not hand them over elsewhere.

How do you make those PPV Promos?
With a program called Macromedia Flash 4. You can download that by clicking here.

Flash is HARD!! Will you help me?
No, sorry. I don't have time to help with any programs whatsoever. Flash, Paint Shop Pro, HTML, etc....anything related to the Internet. There are hundreds of tutorials you can search for on the Internet....don't ask me. I just don't have the time.

What program do you use to make images?
Adobe Photoshop 5.0. Again, I will not help with that or any other program/code.

What programming languages do you know?
I know HTML (the web page language), Perl (makes Top 1000s and such), Basic, and I'm learning C++. I'm also extremely familiar with Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and other such programs.

How old are you?
I (Jamie Kosoy) am currently 18 years old. Finally. Considering how young I (and the rest of the IWO board) am, we're remarkably talented. But compared to most e-feds, we're probably torwards the middle-upper aged group of the demograph.

Do you want to have an interfed PPV?
I am asked this all too often. No, the IWO is not interested in having a PPV with another fed right now. It is too complicated and too unorganized, despite common belief that it can be organized with time. We will contact a site should we ever be interested in an interfed PPV.

Will you advertise my site on your page?
Sure, just use our services. With the Top 1000, Discussion Boards, Web Ring, and all the other features we've got, there's plenty of room to find a place to put your link on IWO Online without having to ask me. If you want an ad on the front page, we suggest you contact Scoops Wrestling about that, as they do all our advertisements.

Who hosts your web page?
Our site is an affiliate, and thus is hosted, by Scoops Wrestling. Scoops is one of the first and largest wrestling web sites on the Internet. We are very proud to be one of their sites.

Will you add me to the IWO RP list so I can see if I like it or not?
We don't give out our RP list to anybody but our own members. Sorry.

Will you look at my e-fed and tell me what you think?
Sorry, no. Not only am I too short on time to do so, but the opinion you expect from me and the opinion I may have are two different things. In other words, I'm in a compromising position, where I can either: (a) tell you your site is really good (which could be a lie) or (b) tell you that your site isn't good, and then face the consequences from that. Rather than disappoint anyone, I don't give my opinions out.