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2001 Inductees

Since the beginning of the FWL, the IWO has seen many great superstars, tag teams, and stables come through. Those that have retired or have been retired have now been placed in this shrine dedicated to them, the greatest and most respected wrestlers we have ever seen.

Joey Malone
Click here for his Biography
You might wonder what a guy like Joey Malone is doing on the IWO Hall of Fame. Unlike Al Coholic, he's never actively sucked up to Jamie Kosoy. Unlike Zombie, he was never entirely that dominant. And unlike everyone else in the Hall of Fame(well, except Coholic), he actually got his ass kicked quite a bit in his IWO tenure. Maybe Malone's in because of what he was able to do. Headlining a large number of shows in mid-2001, Joey Malone became one of the most beloved wrestlers on the roster, rapidly gaining a huge following with his antics, his relationship with Keri Lindum, and his wrestling skill. Malone, a former World Champion, had one of the most carnage-filled championship reigns ever, marked with a pair of back-to-back iron man matches against Matt Rivers and Kent Anthason. Never will he be an "icon", "the mysterious one", or a "war machine". Nor will he ever be come to be known as a legend, a hardcore icon, or the most controversial athlete that ever graced a wrestling arena. What he is, is a survivor of the IWO's harsh enviroment, a man who earned his respect through taking his pain and coming back for more.

High Flyer
Click here for his Biography
Not to many people can boost the past that High Flyer has, being the first ever Grand Slam Champion, a term used loosely to describe the winning of all of IWO's eight major championships. Starting off in a sea of mediocrady, Flyer fought his way through to be noticed, by being out of the norm. Why guys like Dane Wilt and Phelen Kell ran rampant running the company, Flyer was able to bring a whole new aspect to the IWO, a comical snow selling, time traveling lunatic personality, that was almost immediatly embraced by the IWO faithful. Reminiscent of characters like Mad Max and Joey Rappoport, Flyer formed up with fellow mad-man Tony Davis to form the legendary Team V.I.A.G.R.A., to dominate the Tag team Division.


Zombie's career in the IWO was unparalleled. Fighting Titan, Phelen Kell, the Mysterious One, and a slew of others in his terrific career, Zombie managed to lay claim to victories over opponents many have dreamed of even getting in the ring with. Zombie held a wide array of IWO titles, scoring everything from the IWO World Title twice to the World Tag Titles once with all sorts of other titles in between, Zombie nearly completed the coveted goal of the IWO Grand Slam: Holding every single IWO title at least once. Zombie's career is something members both current and future can look up to and try and compete with...he truly has set the bar for the IWO.

Tony Davis
Click here for his Biography
Arguably the most entertaining character in the history of the IWO, Tony Davis found his mark in the IWO with Nads. Upon seeing the world famous TV commercial, Davis signed on to become the resident Nads specialist, using the odd hair removal gel wherever he went, against whoever he faced, and however he wanted throughout his career. Despite his antics, nobody can take away his in-ring ability. He's a former IWO World Champion, World Tag Champion (with fellow looney High Flyer as Team V.I.A.G.R.A), and more. Davis's comeback from a 4 wheeler accident in the FWL to super-stardom in the IWO just shows that he truly is one of the greatest of all time.

Al Coholic
Starting in the NWF as a nobody, Al Coholic fought his way from the very bottom rungs of the fed to the highest spot you can achieve in the IWO: The World Title. Fans flocked to follow the super-popular wrestler's career as he rose to each and every occasssion. Al's career spawned over a course of years, lasting longer than most every other wrestler the IWO had seen. He literally went through two full generations of IWO wrestlers, yet still remained on top of his game throughout. A remarkably talented wrestler, both in the ring and on the mic, Al never gave up hope until he achieved his dream: To be the best. And now, with these words, he can consider himself just that.