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2002 Inductees

Since the beginning of the FWL, the IWO has seen many great superstars, tag teams, and stables come through. Those that have retired or have been retired have now been placed in this shrine dedicated to them, the greatest and most respected wrestlers we have ever seen.

Ashton Cain
Going down in history as one the dark horse of the IWO, Ashton Cain scored victories over stars considered far superior to him in every way. The most notable of these victories was an upset over Billy Larson for the IWO World Title, a prize he possessed right up until Phelen Kell and ?┐? teamed up to wrest the title away from him. All in all, Ashton Cain's career was always weighed against him. Constantly put in the "David versus Goliath", Ashton Cain handled the pressure as well as any IWO super star could...and was frequently successful in his efforts to advance. Early on, he was a tag partner with Phelen Kell, forming the unbeatable Hostile Youth, a team which name only demands respect from the world of wrestling. But whether it be singles or tag, Ashton was always considered one of the best of his time...and one of the best of all time.

The Raging One
Many wouldn't consider TRO to be Hall of Fame "worthy"...he hasn't held a World Title, he suffered a good deal of defeats along with his victories, and was, for lack of a better term, completely nuts. But TRO showed more tenacity than any other member of the IWO. Beginning his career as Bill Iceberg in the FWL, he quickly rose to extreme levels beyond what what the FWL had ever scoped before. Throughout his extremely long career, he held countless Extreme titles and continually redefined what the term would be used for. Competing in everything from Antarctica matches to Highway brawls, TRO never gave in to a challenge...and never stopped fighting till the last breath. His unfathomable desire to remain the King of Extreme has earned him a place in the IWO history books.

Billy Larson
One of the most contreversial members of the IWO Hall of Fame would have to be Billy Larson. Known for openly complaining about things behind the scenes, there was no love lost between Billy and President Jamie. The two would constantly bicker with one another, ultimately resulting in Larson's dishonorable discharge from the IWO. He would return months later, rejuvenated and ready for action...though still a little quick tempered backstage, Larson successfully climbed back to the top of the IWO ladder, falling just shy of winning the IWO title twice. He defeated the likes of Phelen Kell and Ashton Cain, proving that he could handle the very best the IWO had to offer. In the end, his win/loss record earned him the respect of President Jamie and a spot in the IWO Hall of Fame.

Dane Wilt
He called himself the Super Heel of the IWO, and had every reason to do so. Nobody could get under the crowd's skin quite like Dane Wilt. With his first stint in the IWO, he replaced Ashton Cain as Phelen Kell's partner, forming a new Hostile Youth that continued it's unparalleled domination of the IWO. For months, the two would reign as the best the IWO had to offer, until a rift occured between the two. Wilt would go on to fight Kell in an extended feud, ultimately with Wilt coming away as a super star and a World Champion. He would go on to become a two time champ, only losing the title when he was stripped of it months later. Wilt dubbed himself "Genetic Perfection"...some could argue, but most agree that Dane Wilt spoke nearly the truth, as he near perfect win/loss record will bear testament to the greatness he achieved in the IWO.

Ken War
So much can be said about Ken War's career that it's almost impossible to sum it up in a short paragraph such as this. Beginning in the FWL, War slowly weaved his way to star status before being forced from the FWL into the NWF. Soon after, the NWF became the IWO, and War was a super star. Battling his arch enemy, Inferno, in an epic feud for the World Title, War achieved new heights as he strived to become one of the most extreme wrestlers in the business. Through his creative vision, some of the IWO's goriest and most brutal matches came to life, as War put his life on the line time after time. His career finished the way War wanted it a warrior on the battlefield. In his fiercest fight ever, he was defeated (and killed) by ?┐?, whom War had taken to limits unheard of before. War's last name said it all about him: He was a war itself, raging on until the very last breath. He may begone, but the War Machine's legacy will forever remain in our memories.

Phelen Kell
Whether he be loved or hated by the fans, none have ever compared to Phelen Kell's determination to be the best. Beginning his career with Asthon Cain as a tag team known as Hostile Youth, he suffered minor losses to Team Rocket before he and Cain took off...and never looked back. Together, they successfully captured the IWO World Tag Team Titles, which they held onto for an outstandingly long period of time. Kell turned his back on Cain, forming a 2nd Coming of Hostile Youth with future World Champion Dane Wilt. Kell was, by this point, a singles super star, running supreme in the ring. He would lay claim to the World Title 3 times, something no one else had ever done before. Well known and respected in the IWO for his sheer willpower to win every single match he stood for, Kell ranks as one of the all time greatest wrestlers in history.