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2002 Inductees

Since the beginning of the FWL, the IWO has seen many great superstars, tag teams, and stables come through. Those that have retired or have been retired have now been placed in this shrine dedicated to them, the greatest and most respected wrestlers we have ever seen.

On this page we've mentioned two or three people that could arguably be the best ever. Titan is unquestionably the best ever. He held over 30 titles throughout his career, feuded and defeated virtually every opponent he ever faced, and more. His career has brought through thick and thin: A triple threat match versus Mr. Misterio and GCP, two grueling Mystery Death Matches with ?┐?, countless encounters with Zombie and other huge opponents. So much could be said about Titan that we could designate an entire novel to him, but just do not have the capacity to write it. Titan now and forever is the Extreme ICON of the IWO.

Since his coming to the FWL, the Mysterious One has been known as the most famous and most well respected man in the history of the IWO/FWL. Millions of fans would flock to any show where he would be....hundreds of other "wanna-be" wrestlers came out with names like "The Misterious One", "???", and other such copy names. There has only ever been one true ?┐?, and he has always been in the IWO. Known for his famed Mystery Death Matches, ?┐? held the FWL Intercontinental Title 6 months: longer than anyone else in history. He also held the World Title on two occassions, and achieved legendary status among all of his peers. Death always will come in Mysterious Ways...

Vietnam Veteran
Leonardo Henry McGwire, also known as the Vietnam Veteran, has accomplished feats that no other has in the history of wrestling. Firstly, he's been the only person to defeat ?┐? without ever giving up a loss to him....he fought the Mysterious One twice but came away victorious both times. He destroyed five men in a guantlet match to earn the love of his wife, Katie. The Veteran held a vast collection of titles...more than anyone could guess...but he never cared for them. He made his name with the levels he would go to in order to protect his values...and will long be remembered here as one of the greats.

Dark Demon
Dark Demon held an outstanding career throughout the FWO, FWL, and IWO. His career highlight was winning the FWO and FWL World Titles. He was well known and feared for his feuds with the likes of Damien, Achilles, and Iceman, and also will be remembered for his outstandingly strong friendship with the likes of ?┐?. Dark Demon is and always will be the Phenom of the IWO.

the Iceman
The Iceman made a career for himself in the FWL, winning the FWL World Title and holding onto it for a series of months before finally losing it many months later. He and his tag partner, the Kansas City Kid, created an unstoppable tag team known as the Awesome Express, who became one of the fiercest and fightingest tag teams in FWL history. Iceman's signature manevuer, the Ice Pick, was hit no virtually every opponent he ever fought.

'Genocidal' Cameron Peters
Arguably the greatest wrestler the FWL ever saw, GCP was the first and only man to ever hold the World, Intercontinental, and World's Toughest Wrestler (WTW) Championships all at once. He was a member of the likes of the Triple Threat and the Awesome Express, but all the work was always done by him...he was the man. GCP's greatest feud was perhaps against ?┐?, whom he fought 5 times. The two, who were friends before those matches were signed, never spoke again after GCP ended ?┐?'s 6 month long Intercontinental Title reign.

The Ultimate Horsemen
One of the greatest coilitions of wrestlers in history, the Ultimate Horsemen at one point virtuall controlled the FWL. Headed by Executive Eric, the FWL President, the Horsemen seemed unstoppable. In their ranks at any point in time included the Iceman, Titan, King Sting, and countless more. The Ultimate Horsemen were cut short when Titan betrayed them and disbanded them....but they made an impact on the FWL like no other force.

Wild Child
Wild Child was always a major contender throughout his FWL career. Always giving 150%, always putting everything he had on the line, Wild Child and his stable, Damage Inc., defeated countless opponents and won an assembly of titles. He has disappeared since the FWL's demise, but his deeds are still remembered and cherished today by all fans of the sport.

Mr. Misterio
If there was any other person that could be argued as the greatest of all time, Mr. Misterio would have to be up for that nomination. His career highlight came when he defeated Titan and GCP in a three way World Title match that none of them would ever forget. He never fully recovered from that match, and perhaps his World Title reign was cut short by that, but in that one match alone he proved he was as determined as an athelete could get.

The most vulgar, crude, and disgusting wrestler to ever hit the FWL ring, Damien did whatever it took to win a match. He was a former FWL World Champion, defeating the likes of ?┐?, GCP, and Iceman on his rabid quest for the World Title. He created and was the leader of the Triple Threat, a stable which always held the top talents in the FWL. Damien has been saught for a great deal since the FWL closed....perhaps one day we may see his return yet.