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(A slow, incessant heartbeat is heard. Thump. Thump. Thump. Louder and louder it grows, until you start to go insane. The IWO logo slowly fades onto the screen, accompanying the heatbeats. Instantaneaously, the beating stops, and the IWO logo melts into the Meltdown logo. It explodes as "Bradley" by Coal Chamber blats through the arena. We go to the backstage area.)

(The Structure and the Method Kent Anthason is making his way to Joey Malone's locker-room. The fans in the audience immediately cheer for the former North American champion, as he smirks and takes off his sunglasses revealing his sharp, blue eyes.)

Kent Anthason: I may not be able to wrestle, but at least I can hang back here where I belong.

(Kent continues to walk as he is confronted by that countress Julie Malone-Carson. She brushes past Kent, as Anthason whirls around.)

Julie Malone-Carson: That's a mighty big bruise you got there, champ.

Kent Anthason: I would be the one to know.

Julie Malone-Carson: Joey doesn't want to see you.

Kent Anthason: *I* don't want to see you.

Julie Malone-Carson: You know, Kent. Joey doesn't really like you, he just plays as your friend because you got hurt by his mistake.

Kent Anthason: I'll believe it when I hear it, Julie. Until then, I'd rather not hear your voice.

Julie Malone-Carson: I'm doing it for your own good. You're just a kid, anyhow.

Kent Anthason: For my own good? It's in your best interest, and your own good, that you get out of my way before I RUN you over, myself.

Julie Malone-Carson: Touchy, touchy. Fine then.

(Julie steps aside as Kent Anthason passes. She glares at him, then mutters under her breath.)

Julie Malone-Carson: You'll see, Kent. Soon enough.

(We fade over to another area, as we see Shawn Arrows and Ben Archer slowly walking into the arena. The crowd gives them both a mixed reaction.)

Ben Archer:What.. What do you have planned Shawn? Come on, let me in.

Shawn Arrows:Listen Ben, it'll be more of a shock. This could hurt both of us if it gets out, and I can't risk that. Just wait, and you'll know when the time comes.

Ben Archer:Come on Arrows!

Shawn Arrows:*holds up finger* In due time....

(Arrows leaves, as Archer stands dumbfounded at being "Shot down.")

(Into the arena walks Team V.I.A.G.R.A., as the entire crowd gives a pop. High Flyer seems a little aggitated.)

Davis:Come on Flyer, please, just let me appologize.

Flyer:What do you mean? How can you not remember?

Davis:I can't remember a thing! It's like I'm drunk, but I don't get that enflated boost of self esteem!

Flyer:Fine... Davis, listen, I'll trust you as far as I can throw you...

(Flyer goes to try to throw Davis. Davis instead, goes with him and goes flying about five feet.)

Flyer:Hmmmm... Five Feet. Not bad.

(Flyer walks off, as Davis gets to his feet, walking out of view.)

Davis vs. Archer

"I Hope You Die" by the Bloodhoung Gang hits the air as both members of Team V.I.A.G.R.A. come out to the ring for this singles match. Flyer looks slighty agitated and confused, while Davis has that look of paranioa in his eyes. They get to the ring and have a few words as "The Unforgiven II" by Metallica signals Ben Archer's entrance. Archer comes out with Arrows, who takes a seat with the announcers. Flyer hops off the ring apron as
this match begins.

The two circle each other before going at it. Archer gets the immediate upper hand, thrusting his knee into the midsection of Davis. He tosses him into the ropes, and catches him with a back body drop. Davis climbs back to his feet, but is met once again with a lariat. Archer drops to his knees and begins a chockehold on Davis, which he lets go at the referee's count of four. Archers backs off a bit while Davis stands up, allowing Davis some
time to recover.

Davis used that time nicely, as when Archer came close, Davis caught him with a viscious swinging neckbreaker. With fire in his eyes, Davis pulls Archer up by his hair and hits a Northern Lights Suplex. He goes for a cover,
but ony gets a two-count. He picks the man up again and throws him into the corner turnbuckle. He picks him up, sits him on top, and delivers a top rope neckbreaker!

Before he has a chance to cover, however, Archer rolls out of the ring to recover. Davis turns around to discuss something with Flyer when Archer slides back in with a chair. He slowly approaches Davis, who gets a tip off
from Flyer as Archer swings, rolling out of the way. Davis runs back, kicking Archer in the gut, grabbing the chair, and nailing Archer in the back with it. The referee calls for the bell as Davis decides to use the Equalizer on Archer, and plants him face first into the mat. Flyer jumps in the ring to calm him down a little...

Decision: Archer wins via DQ

GP:Yeah, that was hardcore, and crazy...

Arrows:Kinda like Tod. You know, he's got a case of SCHITZOPHRENIA!

(Flyer, who's on the ring apron, is thrusted into the ring by Davis. Flyer gets to his feet, as Davis lays
Flyer out with the Equalizer.)


(Arrows gets to his feet, and helps Archer up as well. Arrows and Archer go running out of the ring.)

GP:I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! IT'S OVER! Archer and Arrows are leaving this ring! Dear God! We have to get a break!

LiGiL vs. Nuke

Both competetors in the ring, the referee rings the bell and they immediately lock up. LiGiL begins to overpower Nuke, twisting him into an arm bar. Nuke tries to twist free, but LiGiL brungs an elbow down on the arm, dropping Nuke to one knee. LiGiL holds the move as Nuke tries to get up, and again plants the elbow. Nuke gets up again, but this time, he does a front flip and takes the legs out from underneath LiGiL, and traps him in a quick one-legged crab.

LiGiL, suprised by the move, was unable to prepare, and screams out in pain. He reaches in front of him, and just barely grabs the ropes. After a count of three, Nuke reluctantly lets up on the hold as LiGiL winces in acute
pain. Nuke stays on the attack however, pulling LiGiL up and back down with a snap mare. He takes off into the ropes and lands an elbow to the solar plexus. A quick cover nets a two count, but nothing more. Nuke picks LiGiL back up and holds him high in the air, before dropping him down with a brain buster. Another quick cover, and another two count.

Nuke is getting a little agitated with the referee, complaining of a slow count. This distraction, however, has allowed LiGiL a chance to get up, and is awaiting Nuke to turn around. When he does, LiGiL unloads with a
flurry of left and rights, sending Nuke across the ring into the ropes, and when he comes back is met with a gorilla press slam. With a new vigor, LiGiL picks up Nuke from the mat and nails an inverted DDT. Nuke is then placed up on the top rope where LiGiL sets up and delivers the Palindrome. A pin gets him the win.

Decision: LiGiL via pinfall.

(We fade backstage to Joey Malone's locker-room. He's sitting in a chair, obviously listening to someone. We pull back a little to show the full screen. Joey Malone is listening to Julie Malone-Carson as she gabs away.)

Julie Malone-Carson: Joey, listen to me. Kent Anthason is no good. Keri Lindum is no good. Keri will only cause you broken hearts, just wait till you hear what she did last year... And Kent... You've known Kent. He's a
liar, a cheat. He could manipulate you at any second, Joey, and take you for a ride. He's doing it...

Joey Malone: Wait, wait, wait... Julie... Julie... I'm glad you're looking out for my well being, but Kent nor Keri would do any of that

Julie Malone-Carson: I wouldn't be so sure. Remember way back when, when you were that close at winning that wrestling scholarship, and the judges were biased against you? That was Anthason. He paid the judges with his own work so you'd lose.

Joey Malone: ... Uh... Why would he do that?

Julie Malone-Carson: I don't know, but he...

(Just as Julie begins to finish the sentence, Keri Lindum steps in Joey's dressing-room.)

Julie Malone-Carson: Uhh, we were in the middle of a conversation, here.

Keri Lindum: So? I need to talk to Joey.

Julie Malone-Carson: It'll have to wait.

Keri Lindum: Wait? WAIT? Joey's MY boyfriend, not yours.

Julie Malone-Carson: Joey's my family... Not yours.

(Keri and Julie compete in a staring contest for a second. Joey breaks it up as he grabs Keri around the waist, and almost throws her out the door. He grabs her by the shoulder, and looks at her.)

Joey Malone: Keri, I don't like to be serious most of the time, but this HAS to stop. Julie is just visiting for a while, and you need to calm down...

Keri Lindum: Calm down? Joey, that maniac is trying to separate us. Kent even told me so.

(The words Julie said moments ago flash across Joey's mind for a split second as he goes on.)

Joey Malone: Don't listen to Kent. Sincerely, he just got out of the hospital, and he's not quite sure what's going on. Just trust me... Things will be alright.

(Things will be alright. The scene fades back to the arena.)

"The Icon" Ben Archer vs. Billy Ray

As a result of Billy Ray's very recent quitting, Billy Ray does the very honorable thing, laying down to Ben Archer, making this a very quick match.

Decision: Ben Archer via pinfall

Donnie Daze vs. Erik Blake

("Heal the World" by Michael Jackson hits the arena as VP Neil strides out to the ring, mic in hand. The fans give a mixed reaction.)

VP Neil: It comes to my attention that neither Donnie Daze or Erik Blake arrived at the arena tonight. Perhaps they were too busy with trashy movies and trashing yards. However, to be fair, four men must advance in the tournament tonight. Therefore, Nuke, for the excellent showing you put up today, you will advance to the next round. Congradulations!

(VP Neil leaves as quickly as he arrived.)

AWS Man (Also known as Bill) vs. Doozer

With both competetors ready, Doozer asks for a handshake to start the match. AWS Man (Also known as Bill) shakes back. The bell rings. Doozer flies in with a cross body block, catching AWS Man (Also known as Bill) a little off-guard. Doozer goes for a cover and gets a one count. He gets up and starts kicking AWS Man (Also known as Bill) in the shoulder.

AWS Man (Also known as Bill) gets up, still being kicked, and picks up Doozer and runs him, back first, into the turnbuckle. Doozer falls to the ground and holds his back, as AWS Man (Also known as Bill) does some sort of
tribal dance around the ring. Doozer gets to his feet and sticks his tounge out at AWS Man (Also known as Bill) as he nails him with a lariat from behind. Doozer puts AWS Man (Also known as Bill) in a dragon sleeper, trying to hurt the poor bastard.

However, this plan backfires. Thinking he has AWS Man (Also known as Bill) hurt, he turns to play a little with the crowd. But AWS Man (Also known as Bill) isn't hurt, in fact, he's up as soon as Doozer turns around. Therefore, AWS Man (Also known as Bill) grabs a hold of Doozer and hits him with a flapjack. Leaving him in the perfect position, AWS Man (Also known as Bill) scales the turnbucles and attempt the Win the Freakin'
Matchifier! But misses!! At the last second, Doozer rolled out of the way, leaving AWS Man (Also known as Bill) with nothing to hit but mat. Leaving him there, Doozer himself goes to the top rope and attempts the Doozerman Dive, but he hits it! Doozer covers and gets a hard earned three-count.

Decision: Doozer via pinfall

(Backstage, Keri Lindum has packed her bags and is getting ready to leave. Her keys to her car in hand, she makes her way back toward the parking lot... That is, until Julie breaks her concentration.)

Julie Malone-Carson: I heard about what you and Joey fought about.

Keri Lindum: Fought? That's a harsh word for it, Julie.

Julie Malone-Carson: You know. Joey really doesn't love you any more.

(Keri stops dead in her tracks, and points a finger suggestively behind Julie.)

Keri Lindum: Julie, I suggest that you make your way that way, while I go this way. I don't want to start anything, and I don't need your far-out ideas swarming in my head.

Julie Malone-Carson: You know it's true.

Keri Lindum: Shut up.

Julie Malone-Carson: He doesn't want you anymore. Has he even told you he loves you?

Keri Lindum: Just... Shut up, Julie.

Julie Malone-Carson: Or would he be cursed if he said it?

Keri Lindum: SHUT UP!

(Keri pulls her hand back as if to slap Julie, but instead, a hand grabs her wrist tightly as she spins around to see Joey Malone, standing there. He frowns at the sight, and he looks at Julie who has a small smirk on her face.)

Joey Malone: What's going on here?

Keri Lindum: She's trying to split us apart, Joey! Please listen to me!

Joey Malone: Keri, she isn't. It's just Julie. No offense, Julie. *whisper* Remember, what I said.

Keri Lindum: Yeah.... But, Jo...

Joey Malone: No but's, Keri. Now go back home, I'll meet you tomorrow when I get home.

(Keri starts to leave, but as she does Kent Anthason walks up, and looks at Joey, Keri, then Julie. He speaks up, clear and shrill.)

Kent Anthason: I heard some yelling. Is everything alright?

Joey Malone: Everything's fine, Kent. We have work to do, come on.

Kent Anthason: You're sure?

Joey Malone: Yes, Kent. Everything's fine. Just family business.

(Julie Malone-Carson eyes Keri as she walks away. Joey looks at Julie before he and Kent take off.)

Joey Malone: I'll catch you after the show. We'll go out and have a drink.

(Julie nods as they walk away. Julie stands there, thinking about what is to be done. Planning. As the show fades out to the IWO logo and a promo for Hostlie Takeover.)