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IWO Indi (2002)


[The scene opens with a heart beating sound as IWO banner fades in as words
fly all around it. Pride, Honor pass the screen as the banner fades out. As
it fades in the words Phelen Kell and Zombie fly around the screen to another
heart beat. Then as a O fly's across the screen we see the words Hate and
Love fly around and fade in. With the last heart beat the O fly's in with the
names Mysterious One and Titan following it. Finally the IWO comes ablaze as
the IWO symbol fly's past it as it fades out.]

[The scene fades back in with a shot of the IWO symbol as it melts into the
MNM symbol and then explodes as "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N Roases
starts to play. Then all of a sudden the scene cuts to a live feed from The
Hershey Arena and a sold out crowed of 28000 people. The camera pans all
around as we see people going nuts and all on there feet as the camera cuts
to GP, JT, and Shallow ready to announce the matches for this MNM]


JT: No matter how many times I hear you say that, I get more and more sick of

Shallow: Really?

JT: Yea.

Shallow: Thats nice.

JT: I know.

GP: Fans we have one hell of a show for you tonight. For the first time in a
long time the wrestlers booked the card in this all request Monday.

JT: If you ask me these wrestlers suck at booking.

Shallow: I agree, I mean there was there isnt one
good match on this card tonight.

GP: You know I agree with you a lot Shallow, but this time I wont because
tonight none of the really big names are here and we will see what the IWO
has in the lower levels.

JT: That's what IM scared about.

Shallow: He's right Greg.

GP: No......HES NOT!

Shallow: YES HE IS!


Shallow: YES!

JT: GUYS!!!! please....dont bicker over little old me, FIGHT IN THE RING!

Shallow and GP: SHUT UP!


GP: fans none the less, we do have a great show for you and we will get right
to it after this word from are new sponcer, COW BOY DICKS!

::Cuts to a Cow Boy Dick Promo::

Guy: Hey what you eaten.

Woman: Cow Boy Dick!

Cow Boy Dick: Hey buckaroos, theres nothing like a little bit of Cow Boy
Dicks Ice Cream.

Woman:I want something, I got a craven

Cow Boy Dick: Here how about some cow boy Dick.

Woman: SURE!

Cow Boy Dick: All the cowgirls love my Cow Boy Dick! AND I SHOULD KNOW,
Because im Cow Boy Dick.

Guy: I like my Cow Boy Dick with some nuts.

Cow Boy Dick: No Problem partner, introducing Cow Boy Dick with nuts so big
you can hardly get your tong around them.

Woman: My kids love Cow Boy Dick

Cow Boy Dick: Mama fill your posy with my Cow Boy Dick.

Woman: Oh Cow Boy Dick

Cow Boy Dick: here try it!

::Slurp sound::

Cow Boy Dick: So how is it?

Woman: I cant talk, my mouth is full of Cow Boy Dick.

Cow Boy Dick: SHES SMILEN.........SHES SMILEN! Fill your mouth with my Cow
Boy Dick......available in your grocers freezer......whooooooo once you had
your mouth full of my Cow Boy Dick you wont ever go back.

::cuts back to GP JT and Shallow::

JT: I had some Cow Boy Dick last night and I will tell you I couldn't get one
ounce of sleep.....all I could think about is getting my mouth full of more
Cow Boy Dick.

GP: That's right folks Cow Boy Dicks is ready to sweeten up your mouth.

Shallow: Oh God.........we'll be right back.

[Cuts to a PPV promo]

[The show comes back on the air with a shot of a limo pulling up in the
outside. The camera pans all around it as the limo comes to a stop. Then the
door opens up and out walks the IWO Prez Evan Levine]

GP: Well there is the boss

Shallow: The Asshole

JT: HEY......he pays you to be lets talk good around here.

[The camera pans around Evan as he smiles and fixes his coat]

Evan: It is a good day....and tonight will be even better.

[Evan smiles and walks off camera as it cuts back to the ring]

GP: Well this should get violent folks.


Shallow: I had a feeling he’d say something like that.

GP: Yeah JT is so predictable.

JT: Hey

Shallow and JT: (At the same time) No I’m not! Hey stop repeating me!

Shallow: See.

GP: Heh heh. That’s pretty funny.

JT: (under his breath) if you’re a faggot say what.

Shallow: Wha?

JT: HAHAHAHAHA!! You homo!

Shallow: Shut up!

JT: No you shutup!

GP: Both of you shut up! Jesus Christ. We have a match to call. JT why
don’t you explain the rules.

JT: Fine. This will be a Cage/Ladder/and Table match With Erick Black and
Ben Archer going toe to toe. The rules are…

Shallow: Hey isn’t that a double-u, double-u, f type match.

JT: Shut the fuck up! I’m talking!

Shallow: Geez. Fine go ahead.

JT: Ok. The rules for the Cage/Ladder/ and Table match are beat the
fucking shit out of the other guy and climb out of the cage. Real simple.
There are ladders attached to the cage, and tables all over the ring. Now
in the words of George Mill’s Lane…Let’s get it on!

Shallow: You know that’s copy righted, and we’re gonna get sued.

JT: So sue me!

Shallow: That’s exactly what he’s gonna do!

GP: Shut up! The match is about to start.

[ The view focuses back inside the ring where Erik Blake and Ben Archer are
getting ready for the match on opposite sides of the ring. ]

JT: No entrance music, or anything?

*Ding Ding Ding*

Shallow: I guess not.

GP: And the match begins. Erik Blake and Ben Archer circle each other.
They lock up. Blake wins the lockup…sends Archer into the ropes…he goes for
a clothesline…no! Archer ducks, and bounces off the opposite ropes. He
comes charging in…nails Blake with a clothesline!

Shallow: Blake went down kinda hard.

JT: He could of went down a lot harder. I want blood danmmit!

GP: You might get your wish. Archer’s going for a ladder…no! Blake dumps
him from behind with a back body drop driver!

JT: Bastard.

GP: Blake lifts Archer to his feet, and Irish whips him into the corner.

JT: Alright. He should able to stomp the shit out of him now.

Shallow: Doesn’t look like that’s what he’s doing.

GP: You’re right Shallow. Blake is going for a ladder! Blake grabs a
ladder from off of the side of the cage. He charges into the corner with
it! He’s gonna crush Ben Archer here!

JT: Yes!

GP: NO! Archer dropkicks the ladder, slamming it right back in Blake’s
face! Archer lifts Blake to his feet…DDT on the steel ladder! Archer is
going for a table. Archer takes a table, and leaves it unfolded on the

Shallow: Blake’s back up to his feet! Blake rushes in on Archer! I don’t
think Archer sees him! Blake nails Archer with a forearm smash, sending
Archer down to the mat.

GP: Blake caught him by surprise. Blake sets up the table. Blake now
brings Archer up to his feet. Blake goes to powerbomb Archer through the
table! NO! Archer fights out of it. The two men exchanging punches now.

JT: Look at them go!

GP: Archer catches Blake with a right to the jaw. Archer with a kick to the
midsection…Gutwrench Suplex! Blake is down! Archer now laying the boots to
Blake’s face. Archer gives Blake a few standing elbows for good measure.
Archer pulls Blake to his feet, and lays him on the table. Archer sets up
the ladder Blake unstrapped from the cage. He’s climbing to the top!

JT: Yes! He’s gonna do it!

GP: Archer comes off the top of the ladder with a leg drop to Blake driving
him through the table!!


Shallow: What are you laughing at?

JT: He got put through freaking table!

Shallow: So? It’s something that happens all the time.

JT: Oh.

GP: Archer now lifts Blake to his feet. Archer whips Blake into the
ropes…plants him with a spine buster! Archer now locks in an armbar on

Shallow: Why doesn’t he just leave and win the match?

JT: What? And not beat the shit out of Blake? Just shut up with you crazy
ideas Shallow.

GP: Well it looks like Archer is taking your advice Shallow. Archer begins
to scale the side of the cage. Archer makes it to the top! He was this one
won! Wait!! Blake is up! Blake shakes the cage!! Archer loses his
balance! Archer falls off! No! He grabs the side of the cage and clings to

Shallow: He’s just dangling over the ring. That’s not a safe thing to do
when there’s that many tables and ladders lying around.

GP: Blake sets up a ladder under where Archer is hanging. Blake now rips
another ladder from the cage straps!! He bat’s Archer off the side of the
cage with the ladder! Archer goes crashing though the table!!

Shallow: I thought Blake was done for.

GP: Well looks like he could win this one. Blake pulls Archer from the
table ruble. Blake slams him down with a falling vertical suplex. Blake
now mounts Archer and punches away at his face!

JT: Look at him go!

GP: Blake now gets off of Archer, and his looking to win this match. He’s
climbing him the side of the cage.

Shallow: Look he’s using the ladder already there, so he can get up the
cage faster.

GP: That looks like a good idea, but it might back fire here for Erik
Blake. Archer is up to his feet, a bit hurt, but he’s up none the less. He
drop kicks the ladder! Blake comes crashing to the mat!

JT: See now that’s a hard fall.

GP: Archer pulls Blake to his feet. Archer dumps Blake over in Overhead
Belly to Belly Suplex! Archer lifts him up to his feet again. Archer whips
Blake into the turnbuckle. Archer gives Blake a series of brutal chops to
the chest!

JT: Make him bleed!!

GP: Geez stop yelling JT. Archer now takes two tables and double stacks
them one on top of the other! He takes Blake to the top rope! Superplex
through the double stacked tables!


Shallow: Why doesn’t he just end this?

GP: Archer’s going for more punishment! Archer takes a ladder, and sets it
up. Archer at the top of the ladder! He jumps off…Archer lands a rib
crushing Frog Splash onto Erik Blake!

Shallow: Now can he end this?

GP: I think he’s gonna end it right here. Archer now scaling the side of
the cage. If Blake were to knock him off the cage, he’s have to do it now.

[ Blake slowly gets to his feet. ]

GP: Blake’s up!

*Ding Ding Ding*

GP: Oh! But it’s too late Ben Archer wins the match up.

Meygon: Here is your winner......BEN ARCHER!

[There is a close up of Archer as the camera fades to the back were we see
Evan Levine walking down a hallway]

GP: It looks like the prez is going to be comen out here.

JT: Good

GP: Fans will be right back with more MNM

[cuts to a Nads add]

(The scene opens up backstage, as we see a man in a
trenchcoat slowly walking down the parking lot. A
security Guard comes up to him, as the man in the
Trenchcoat simply pushes him away. He slowly walks
down the hall, making his way past the noisy locker
rooms, into a seemingly forbiddened locker room. The
door is jammed shut, tapped off with caution tape. The
man in the trenchcoat rips down the tape, and slams
his shoulder into the door, unhinging it and opening
it. He walks into the room, as he waves... and the
same women from Friday walks into the room with him...
The scene fades out.)
This should go in the same part, after a match or
something or what not.
(We fade into the backstage area, as we see the locker
room of none other than the man in the trenchcoat. He
has his face hidden by his long black hair, as he sits
next to the women. She seems to be trying to comfort

Women:Well... I did have a family... but it sort of
imploded on itself... It's rather sad I must say...
but enough about me, what about you? I told you my
name was Tammy, what was yours?

(The man in the trenchcoat remains in silence.)

Tammy:Please, talk to me. I know you may seem like a
bad guy, but I know that somewhere, underneath your
skin and your tough exteriour, there beats a heart of
a man who cares...

(The man in the trenchcoat rises to his feet, and
slowly makes his way out from the locker room. Fade
This should go later on, but not too far later on.
Near middlesq?

(The camera fades back into the backstage area, as we
see the man in a trenchcoat, holding a pipe in his
hands, and slowly walking. He seems to have a

GP:Dear god, what the hell can that man be doing. I
can't even think what he could have done had I been
the one to face my ultimate demise...

(All of a sudden, VP Ford walks out from a side
entrance, along with three or four police guards by
his side. The trenchcoat man walks into the first one,
who seems to have brought a shield with them. They
look more like SWAT team members.)

VP Ford:Listen, can't you think of another way to go
about this! I'm sick of you destroying our product,
attempting to kill our announcers. Just end it, end it
right here, right now!

(The trenchcoat man backs off a bit, as he seems to be
realed by the comments.)

VP Ford:This is the last time that I'm saying this,
because I need you to realize you can't keep doing
whatever you want to do!

(Ford awaits for some sort of reaction to the
statement, but almost seems relieved when there is
not. However, in almost as much of sigh, turns into
disbelief as the man in the trenchcoat immediatly
takes the pipe to the head of one of the SWAT team
members. Another charges, and recieves a back elbow
shot to the head. The third one slowly makes his way
over, using his shield, as what it was designed for.
However a swift blow from the pipe begins to crack it,
and three shots later, the shield shatters in his
hands. The man in the trenchcoat grabs him and nails
with a Tiger Driver, sending the SWAT man down and
out. Ford looks rather scared, and rightfully so.)

VP Ford:Listen... I know I can't do anything... you've
got my hands tied legally... but please, just spare
me... I just want to put on...

(The trenchcoat man grabs VP Ford by the neck, and
tosses him against the wall. Ford slumps over, as we
fade out.)

JT:I can't believe we just saw that happened! Dear
Later on... near end of card.

(We fade out to a brightly lit evening sky, as the
stars are slowly making their appearance. Floating
high about the arena, we see the air hitting a
trenchcoat... and a sigh is let out from Greg Parker.
Panning quickly, we see none other than the man in a
trenchcoat high above the arena, holding VP Ford above
his head. Ford is still hurt, and incoherent. In a
pumping motion, the trenchcoat man begins to get ready
to toss Ford off, as Tammy, the women, comes running
up to him...)

Tammy:Listen! I know I don't even know your name, and
I don't even know anything truley about you, but
there's good in everybody, and I know it's there in
you! Realize that whatever you do now could change
your life forever! Please don't make a mistake that
would haunt you, and destroy you... PLEASE!

(Tammy gets down to her knees, as we almost see a tear
enter the face of the trenchcoat man. However, that
tear is short lived, as we see him go closer to the
edge, and toss Vice President Ford off of the
rafters... The camera follows him down, as he catches
an awning, slowing his fall, and redirecting him... he
slowly falls further, and we see a video screen pop up
of Joey Malone in the back. He shakes his head.)

Joey Malone:Joey Joey Joey... how many times do you
have to defy physics...

(Malone begins to yell, causing some sort of air
displacement. It hurries on quickly, and somehow has
enough weight to get to VP Ford, and cushin his fall.
VP Ford falls down, but is still obviously hurt from
catching himself on the awning.)

Malone:Ah... another day's work well done.

(Fade out.)

Meygon: The following matchup is sceduled for one fall. Making his way to the
ring, Vladamir the Great!

[Vlad's music hits and he steps out, to a medium pop. He walks slowly to the
ring and stands in the corner.]

Meygon: And the challenger, Ryan Remedy!

[Remedy steps out and heads to the ring.]


[Vlad starts off with a firm right hook, then a Russian leg sweep. He picks
Ryan up, and whips him into the turnbuckle. Vlad backs up, the charges. Ryan
gets his foot up, and Vlad goes down. Ryan then goes up to the top rope, and
hits a big leg drop.]

Shallow: Wow, that was one strong leg drop by Ryan Remedy! Looks like he's
starting to gain the advantage in this match.

[Remedy picks Vlad up and whips him into the ropes. Vladamir rebounds, and
Ryan delivers a powerslam. He then stands him back up, and takes him down
with a snap powerbomb. He picks him up again and delivers a chokeslam. He
goes for a cover.]




GP: Ryan's trying to gain a big advantage here, but Vlad's still got some
fight left in him.

[Vlad and Ryan lock up. Vlad takes an advantage with a headlock. He tries for
a bulldog, but Ryan shoves him and he carries on to the ropes. Ryan tries for
a spinebuster; Vlad leapfrogs it and continues into the ropes. Vlad bounces,
and comes at Ryan from behind. He goes for a face crusher, but Ryan ducks and
catches Vlad in a full nelson. He lifts him for a slam, and Vlad flips over
his head and locks in a sleeper hold. Ryan quickly gets to the ropes.]

JT: Incredible move by Vladamir the Great!

[They lock up once more. This time, Ryan takes control with a boot to the
stomach of Vlad. Vlad bends over, and Ryan hits a DDT. He stands him up and
whips him into the corner. Ryan then climbs up to the top rope and hits a
Dragon Rana. Vlad slowly pulls himself to his feet and catches Ryan off gaurd
with some right hands. He works some momentum and hits a reverse DDT drop. He
goes up top and brings down a hard elbow. While Ryan is still down, he jumps
to the apron and delivers a springboard moonsault, hooks the leg, and the ref




[Vlad gets up and starts stomping on Ryan Remedy. He picks him up and hits a
Fisherman's suplex. Remedy goes down, and Vlad locks in a Texas cloverleaf.]

Shallow: I think this is it! Ryan's gonna tap out!

[Yes. Ryan does tap out. The ref signals for the bell, and Vladamir the Great
raises his hands in victory.]

GP-Welcome back folks!

JT- Yea....pfft! Welcome back.

GP- What is wrong with you?

JT- Listen....they are already in the ring and they have still not fought

Shallow-Hedoes have a point GP.

GP- They are nice....they are waiting for the bell!


JT- Give me a break.


JT- And the winner of this match.....who gives a damn.

Shallow- heh

GP- C'mon lets call the match.

JT- I refuse to call this hoe-ish match! I WANT ERIK BLAKE! (lol j/k)



Shallow- Forget it.

GP- Ugh....Anyway the two teams are talking in the corner picking to see who
starts first. Youth #1 is going to start first.

Shallow- Youth #1?

JT- What the hell?

GP- Hey....I can't remember the guys name ok!


GP- Your not calling the match why are you angry?

Shallow- Because he is mad Nikki isn't here.


[Jeff King and Youth #1 circle around each other and finally lock up. Jeff
King spins unto a back hammerlock as he starts to laugh for his move.]

Shallow- Jeff King is such Scrotum-licker.


JT- I know....that is kinda nasty dude...

Shallow- Why don't you shut up! Your about to lose your damn announcer
priveliges in a minute!

JT- Oh yea?

Shallow- YEA!

GP- You both sound like a generic cartoon.

JT- :-\

Shallow- GP, just call the match.

GP- Whatever.....hard irish whip by King....Jeff King that is. Youth #1
bounces back and gets knock down by a clothsline. Jeff better follow up soon
or it is gonna come back to him.

JT- Do you think anything will spontaneosly Combust tonight?



JT- Never mind...

Shallow- Ugh......

GP- Cover by Jeff....
2.....NO! a kickout!

Shallow- Pfft! These guys have no chance at winning.

GP- Jeff tags in Ryan and Ryan is doing a number on Youth #1 as he reaches
for his corner.

JT- Why the hell are you reaching for the corner and you are across the ring?

Shallow-..........your a fucking faggot man.

GP- Ryan lifts Youth #1 up...and slams him down hard with a powerbomb. Goes
for the cover....
2......NO! REVERSAL!
1..........2...........ANOTHER REVERSAL!
THREE--NO! Youth #1 barely kicks out.

JT- Youth #1 desperately needs a tag!

Shallow- I thought you weren't gonna call the match!?!

JT- Fuck you guys....I got a wife and kids at home.

Shallow- No you don't

JT- Yes I do...


JT- Yes I do....

GP-Forget it...Ryan is setting Youth #1 up for something. What the hell is it?

Shallow- Youth #2 can't take it anymore. He is in the ring but the little
faggot Jeff King stops him and throws him over the top.Ryan sets him up on
the top turbuckle.

JT- What is he doing?

GP- Jeff has Youth #1 in a hurricanrana position but he would land outside on
the floor!

JT- He isn't dumb.

GP- Ryan has Youth #1 in a powerbomb position.

Shallow- This could hurt.