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(The scene fades to the parking lot. Tod gets out of a car and heads toward the arena door. He opens the door only to get met in the head with a baseball bat. Standng over a fallen Tod is Sam Potright.)

Potright: Just think about that Tod. Don't show up on Sunday. It's better to have your career ended by forfeit, rather then havine me end it by force.

(Tod stays on the concrete, watching Potright walk up the hall.)
[We see none other than the IWO logo slowly fade in and out of the screen, while we hear the familiar heartbeat pulsate throughout the television speakers. This repeats three times as slowly, the logo stays on the screen. Then, a bolt of lightning comes from the sky, erupting the logo into flames.]

[Fade into the Staples Center in Los Angelas, California, as we hear the cords from Spiral by Godsmack. The camera pans around the arena, as it eventually focuses itself onto none other than Shawn Arrows, Phelen Kell, Ashley Keller. Shawn is wearing a pair of black jean pants, with red and gold flames and a plain black t-shirt, Kell is dressed in a finely threaded suit, and Ashley Keller is dressed nicely, although we can’t tell much of what she’s wearing due to the fact that she’s already seated.]

Shawn Arrows: Welcome fans, to another night of Monday Night Meltdown!!

Phelen Kell: Thats right Shawn, we’re back, and ready for another installment of Monday Night Meltdown! Tonight, we’ve got what seems to be a seriously jam packed show.

Ashley Keller: Thats right guys. We’re just about ready to get down to action as well!!

Shawn: Yea guys, thats right, for once, we don’t have any strange crap happening backstage.

Kell: Think again man, I just heard theres something going on in the back!

[Fade to backstage, where Chris Mezz is seen walking through the hallway. As he is walking, he bumps into Erik Blake, who just stops and stares at him with an arrogant smirk.]

Blake: Get out of my way man.

Chris: Who the hell are you talking to?

Blake: You man. Move it!

Chris: You’re the one that bumped into me, shouldn’t you be getitng the hell out of MY way?

Blake: Just shut up and go.

Chris: What the hell did you just say?!?

Blake: I said go on, dumbass.

[Chris walks by, walking out of the screen as Blake stands laughing, before walking away. After a few seconds, Mezz runs back into the picture and nails Blake with some pole type object, he found somewhere near by. Chris smiles, as Ben Archer walks into the screens view smiling, and starts climbing to the top of a set of crates. He stands at the top, as Chris hooks Blake for his NyQuil Bomb. Chris lifts him, and runs , slamming him through a table as Ben jumps off with a leg drop at the same time.]

Archer: Now, smart ass. That will help you get your z’s. I’ll see you in the ring. And Chris. Thats 1 down..1 to go..right?

Chris: Yea, lets go take care of business.

[Chris and Ben walk off laughing, as Blake starts to move slowly. We then come back to the ringside area.]

Kell: Proud of your boys still Shawn?

Shawn: Yea man, very proud.

Ashley: How can you support guys that do those types of things?

Shawn: Very easily actually. They’re two very good friends of mine, therfor, I do stand behind them, and whaever they decide to do, because I know they are doing what is right for their career right now.

Ashley: So you like the fact that these guys just beat the crap out of a guy, because he bumped into one of them?

Shawn: No Ashley, I’m not that cruel.

Ashley: Then what?

Shawn: I am cool with what they did, because Ben Archer realizes that to win the Television Title, and still be able to compete at the Pay Per View, it would be in his best interest, to take out Erik Blake and Adam Wars, one of which is down, and I’d guess that Wars was the other guy they were going after.

Kell: Yea, that does seem like something you would set up for them Shawn, sure you didn’t have any part in this?

Shawn: How could I have a part in it? I had no clue Erik Blake would be heading to his locker room, from where his limo driver was told to park, when he did!

Kell: Suure man.

Ashley Keller: Guys, stop your bickering, and lets get down to the ring for our first match. Quinn and Discord, are both in the ring, and we’re about ready to get this match started!

Shawn: Damn, this looks like it might be fun to watch, just look at those two.

Kell: Lets just get this match going.

[The bell rings, as both ladies start to make their way towards each other. Discord finally makes the first move, trying to grab Quinn, but Quinn steps to the side, and jerks Discord down by her hair. Quinn picks Discord up, and throws her into the corner, kicking her in the stomach until she falls to the mat.]

Shawn: Looks like this match is going to be one sided.

Kell: Yea, really.

[Quinn picks Discord up, and slams her back down to the mat by her hair. Quinn picks Discord up again, but Evan Levine runs down to the ring, sliding in, quickly followed by Syphon Fission. Evan’s storming towards Quinn, but Fission’s got Evan. Fission turns Evan towards him, and throws him up and over the top rope, turning his attention to Discord. Fission lifts up Discord, as Quinn slaps her across the face. Fission hooks her, and lays her out with a Death Plunge.]

Shawn: My god..Discord’s dead..

Kell: Discord just got Death Plunged out of her boots!!

Shawn: Evan is going to be pissed when he gets back in the ring!!

[Evan finally gets to his feet, but Fission has Discord up in the air, and tosses her out of the ring, onto Levine.]

Shawn: Levine’s back on the ground, and Fission is standing tall!!!

Kell: You go Fission! Teach Levine a lesson!!

Ashley: Guys, we’ve got to go backstage!!

(Scene cut to Jax Stone's locker room. Stone is just gearing up for the
nine-man tag match, when a knock is heard.)

Jax Stone: Come in.

(A beggar comes in.)


Jax Stone: What the fuck? Hell no!

(Stone shoves the beggar right out of his locker room and slams the

Jax Stone: God damned beggars...

(Another knock is heard. The door opens and another beggar crawls in.)


Jax Stone: Hey! What the hell?!

(Stone kicks the beggar right out of the room and shuts the door.)

Jax Stone: What the hell's going on?

(Stone opens the door and looks outside. A very long line of beggars are
waiting at the door.)

Jax Stone: God dammit!

(Stone takes his gear and runs from his locker room, with stampeding
beggars chasing after him. Once all of the beggars leave, Joey Malone
and Donnie Daze come in.)

Joey Malone: Ha ha ha ha...

Donnie Daze: Joey, have I mentioned just how evil you are?

Joey Malone: Hey, they needed some food, why not send them in Stone's
general direction?

Donnie Daze: Point taken...


(The scene fades to the office of President Levine. Sam Potright enters.)

President Levine: Well?

Sam Potright: I don't think he'll be a much of a problem. I showed him what he should be expecting, he knows he can't beat me.

President Levine: Excellent, another troublemaker is out of our hair for good. You can have the rest of the night off.

Sam Potright: I think I'll just stick around here for a while.

(The scene fades back to the ringside area.)

SA: Folks, I have just been informed by President Levine that the legend that the Super Martin-o Bros. will be facing this Sunday at the Pay-Per-View is none other than Gunnar Smith!

Kell: Gunnar? Holy crap! I wouldn't think he'd want to go after the Martins!

AK: Is he doing it by himself?

SA: No, Ashley, he gets to pick a mystery partner any time between here and the Pay-Per-View,...

AK: But, could he do it by himself if he wanted to?

SA: Probably,..

Kell: I just don't understand our world tag team champs,...they have so much talent, but they compromise their heart for the game in order to just chalk up wins. Kevin Martin has changed a lot since coming to the IWO.

SA: You're right, Phelen,...but I'm being told right now that my brother Kaysey is backstage, waiting for an interview with Gunnar, who has yet to arrive,..

(Cut to shot of Kaysey Arrows outside of a dressing room with a sign that reads "Gunnar Smith" on the door.)

KA: Shawn, guys,...I'm here to get an interview with IWO legend Gunnar Smith, who hasn't shown up thus far tonight. I'm sure you've heard that Gunnar, along with a partner of his choice, will be facing our current World Tag Team Champions, the Super Martin-o Bros., this Sunday at Broken Hearts, Broken Bones 3 in Paris! This comes as,...

(Suddenly, the door opens slightly, and the head of "Wal-Mart" Walter Martin, who is wearing yellow-tinted, large-framed glasses, pops out. He looks around, spots the camera, and smiles.)

Wal-Mart: Hi, Kaysey,..uh,...what's up?

KA: I was about to ask the same thing to you!

(Wal-Mart steps out of the locker room, revealing that he is wearing full ring attire and holding two bags with rope-tightening thingies, perfect for holding,,...let's say, world tag team titles?)

Wal-Mart: Oh,...(looking down at bags and then holding them up) you know,...just borrowing these from,, old friend Gun-gun! Ha ha ha ha ha!

(Wal-Mart looks at the camera suspiciously and runs off, but trips on a wire.)

Wal-Mart: DAMN!

KA: You okay?

Wal-Mart: IT WASN'T ME!

KA: What?

Wal-Mart: Oh,...nothing,...yeah, I'm okay! BYE!

(Walter Martin walks off-camera.)

KA: O-kay,....well, that's the second weird interview I've had with this fella over the past few weeks,...back to you guys at ringside, Shawn!

[Camera pans back.]

SA:Well it's that time again.

PK:That's right, you can all go ahead take a pee break now.

SA:No, not that. It's time for Scott Stone versus newcomer Ryan Remedy.

PK:You can call it that too I guess, if like that sort of thing.

AK:We don't need any introductions, let's just go on and call this match.

SA:Well there you have Stone and Remedy sizing up each other in the ring as
the bell rings.

PK:Or better known as Nyquil and Pepto Bismol.

AK:Great! Which one is which?!

SA:I'd like to take some time out to plug our sponsors. NYQUIL AND PEPTO
BISMOL?! Nice one Kell, nnnniiiiiiccccceeeeee.

PK:Thanks, good to know I'm doing something good.

SA:Anyways, a wrestling match is happening right in front of our eyes, so
let's do a little thing called 'commentary'.

(Stone and Remedy grapple, Remedy with the upper hand and forces him to the
turnbuckle. As the ref breaks the grapple, Remedy charges Stone, but Stone
sidesteps and catches Remedy with a couple of elbows. Stone whips Remedy in
the opposite corner and as Remedy staggers back, Stone connects with a

SA:Great set of moves displayed by Scott Stone in the early goings of this

(Remedy gets back up and throws a right, but misses. Stone hooks Remedy
from behind and hits a atomic drop. As Remedy stands there, Stone bounces
off the ropes and hits a knee lift.)

PK:Surprisingly, Scott Stone seems prepared for this match-up.

AK:You've got to agree. I don't know if Stone trained harder than usual, is
determined to put himself back into the upper echelon of the IWO, or ate
those funky oysters on the craft service table backstage like I did.

(Stone drops down and puts a headlock on Remedy to slow the match down.)

SA:Smart move by Stone attempting to literally weaken his opponent Ryan

(Remedy slowly gets up, trying to get out of that simple, yet affective
offensive move by Stone. Remedy connects with a couple elbow shots to
Stone's midsection and breaks the hold. Remedy bounces off the ropes, but
Stone catches him with a back body drop. Stone puts the boots to Remedy and
bounces off the ropes, this time nailing a leg drop and the cover.)

AK:There's the cover!




AK:Ryan Remedy showing us that he won't give up any time soon.

(Stone picks up Remedy and whips him into the ropes and attempts a
clothesline, Remedy ducks, Stone tries a knife edge chop, Remedy ducks again
and comes off the ropes with a flying elbow.)

SA:Desperation move by the newcomer!

(Stone gets up and charges Remedy, but Remedy reverses and connects with a
russian leg sweep. Stone quickly gets up, but Remedy connects with a couple
of punches and whips Stone into the ropes. Remedy charges and hits a body
splash. Keeping Stone in the corner with a knife edge chop, Remedy perches
Stone on the top rope as he starts to climb the ropes.)

PK:Ryan Remedy looks like he has the advantage. He's making his way to the
top turnbuckle.

(Ryan Remedy sets up Scott Stone on the top turnbuckle. He hooks Stone and
has him up and down for a beautiful superplex.)

PK:Superplex made it's mark. Remedy is in control of this thing.

(Ryan Remedy scoopslams Stone on the ground and sets him up as he ascends
once again into the top rope. Remedy starts to climb, but Stone gets back
up and catches Remedy and throws him off the turnbuckle onto the canvas.)

AK:Up and....Down! Well that advantage is over with.

(Stone picks up Remedy and tosses him over the top rope onto the floor.
Stone goes after him and throws his head into the guardrail. When Remedy
tries to crawl back into the ring, Stone throws his head into the guardrail
once more and whips him into the steel steps. Stone then guides Remedy back
into the ring. As Remedy slowly stands up, Stone uses the ropes and flies
over Remedy, executing a sunset flip and the cover.)

AK:This could be it!




AK:Remedy denies Scott Stone yet again.

SA:The fight in this kid Remedy is tremedous folks. He could very well put
up the uspet.

(Stone hooks Remedy from behind, but Remedy reverses and nails a german




PK:Remedy is denied!

(Stone gets up, but Remedy puts him in a small package.)




(Stone reverses.)




(Remedy reverses.)




(We hear several fans applaud as both of them get up at the same time.)

PK:The fans are showing their appreciation for this display.

(Remedy attempts a standing sidekick, but it is blocked by Stone. Remedy
attempts a inseguri, by Stone ducks and applies an ankle lock submission in
the middle of the ring.)

AK:Remedy has no where to go and the fans know it!

(Remedy screams in pain as Stone applies pressure. The ref checks on
Remedy, but Remedy doesn't want to give up any time soon. As Stone wrenches
on Remedy's ankle, Remedy desperately tries to crawl to the bottom rope.)

SA:Remedy can't go on much longer. He might pass out if he doesn't submit.

(Remedy reaches for the ropes, but is just a few inches short. Stone
notices this and tries to backpedal, but Remedy attempts with all his might
to reach the ropes and at the last second, gets a grasp of the bottom rope
as the ref forces Scott Stone to break the hold.)

SA:Remedy broke the hold! This guy just won't give up!

(Remedy gets up, but limps as he charges Stone. Stone tries to whip Remedy
into the ropes, but Remedy reverses and as Stone comes off the opposite
ropes, Remedy hits a spinebuster before they both just fall to the canvas
trying to catch their breath.)

SA:What a move by this youngster.

(Remedy gets up to his feet, and pulls Stone up after him. Remedy hooks Stone, and nails a strong DDT, rolling over and making a cover. The referee drops down, and counts the three count.)

Kell: Fans, Ryan Remedy wins!! He has defeated Scott Stone, here on Monday Night Meltdown!!

(The secne cuts to Tod, who has snuck inside Evan's office..)

Tod: Where is he?

President Levine: Where is... Who?

Tod: Sam Potright!

Presidnet Levine: I... I don't know. Honest.

Tod: Well... If you see him... Can you give him a message?

President Levine: ...Ok

Tod: Tell him that come Broken Hearts Broken Bones... He'll be the one wishing I never came.

(Tod storms out.)

President Levine: Get security on the line!

[Commercial Break.]

Kell: Any updates on Gunnar Smith, Shawn? It just doesn't feel right,...what with the way Walter Martin just popped out of his locker room a while ago,..

AK: Yeah, I'm with you, Phelen.

SA: Well, let's check back in with Kaysey.

(The screen splits to reveal Kaysey Arrows, still standing outside the dressing room of Gunnar Smith.)

KA: Sorry, guys,..

(Gunnar Smith walks toward his locker room in street clothes, with a duffel bag around his shoulder.)

Gunnar Smith: Kaysey, what's up?

KA: Gunnar! I've been waiting for you all night, man!

Gunnar Smith: Sorry, man, I guess I'm running a little behind,...

KA: So, how does it feel to have a match with the Super Martin-o Bros. this Sunday?

Gunnar Smith: Well, it's really humbling, know? To know I'm still regarded as one of the best even though I haven't been around as much lately,...and I promise I'll deliver one hell of a fight to the Martin Brothers in Paris!

KA: Ha ha! That sou,....


(Suddenly, the Super Martin-o Bros. walk on camera, still dressed in ring attire. Gunnar Smith is less than impressed, to say the least. Wal-Mart is carrying a little device, which he is studying carefully.)

KA: What's going on here, guys?

K-Mart: I'm glad you asked, Kaysey Arrows! You see this little device that my younger brother is holding?

KA: Yes, I do.

K-Mart: Well, Walter's been studying it very carefully, see, this device is tuned to the exact amount of glare which shines off our long-lost belts, Kaysey Arrows. And we've finally pinpointed them to this locker room,...

(Wal-Mart nods in approval,...Gunnar is giving the brothers a "What the hell are you guys talking about?" look, as this scene takes fullscreen.)

K-Mart: Meaning, that you, Gunnar Smith, are the feller who broke into our home, the Warehouse at Martin Landing, and stole our belts.

(camera zooms in on Gunnar's face)

Gunnar Smith: Ha ha ha! Whatever you grabassers think is fine by me, but even Kaysey here will testify that I just got here,...Kaysey?

(Camera zooms out from the close-up of Gunnar Smith to reveal that Kaysey Arrows is gone.)

K-Mart: Well, Gunnar Smith, about showing the whole world that you're innocent?

Gunnar Smith: Fine by me!

Wal-Mart: Let's take a look inside, shall we?

::The Martin-o Bros. and Gunnar Smith walk into the locker room, the camera following right behind them. There are many places where one could hide belts, but the first place the Martin Bros. look is under the couch cushions,...which just happens to be where they are! They pick them up, and give a condescending look to Gunnar.::

Gunnar Smith: I don't know what kind of (bleep)in' game you guys are tryin' to play here, bu,..

K-Mart: I think the evidence speaks for itself, don't you, Walter?

Wal-Mart: Hell yes, brother.

Gunnar Smith: (calmly) Well,....if you guys are feelin' froggy, you might as well,.

(Gunnar Smith swings at Kevin Martin, knocking him down, for he knew that he couldn't avoid a scrap with the Tag Team Champions. Walter then straddles Gunnar's back, attempting a choke-out, but Gunnar rams Wal-Mart's back into the wall, causing him to let go. However, K-Mart has gotten up by this time and, running toward Gunnar with a large wooden chair, knocks the IWO legend out. K-Mart helps his brother up, and they quickly get out of the room.)

Wal-Mart: That'll teach you to mess with the champs, old codger!

(The camera follows the brothers as they make their way around the arena, but they bump into Sam Potright, whose body is still recovering from the burns he received a few weeks ago. K-Mart causes the fellow to drop his bags and falls down. The man offers a hand to K-Mart, but K-Mart gets up on his own and gets in the face of Potright. The cheer of fans, excited to see Samuel, is heard throughout the building.)

K-Mart: Who the hell do you think you are, knocking people over and just thinking they'll accept your help like that?

Sam Potright: ......

Wal-Mart:(grabbing his brother, getting him to seperate from the staredown) Hey, bro,...let's get goin'.

[Commercial Break.]

(We come back from commercial break to find Sam
Potright standing in the corner of the ring... he sits
back against a turnbuckle, his head's lowered, and the
crowd has begun to chant "please don't go".)

PK: Folks, during the break, Sam Potright came out to
the ring... he's having trouble speaking... and I can
understand why. We've watched him for a year and a
half, wrestle his heart out for the organization...
this must be the most difficult thing for him to say.
I know, I've been through it before.

SA: Oh, shut up. You've retired more times than Terry

(Potright brings his head up.)

Potright: A year and a half... has it been that long
already? Wow... most guys don't last a month, and here
I am, a whole year and six months into this place...
it's been such a long time... I've seen it all, I've
heard it all, and I've done almost everything. Hell,
I've beaten Phelen Kell! Joey Rappaport, Mad Max, I've
faced the IWO's elite... and I've put them over or
gone over them myself. And I'm so thankful for that...
and I am thankful for you, the fans, to have accepted
me, either by cheering or trying to kill me with your

(The crowd pops.)

Potright: But now... I guess the official announcement
must be made... I guess the time has come... tonight,
this Monday, President's Day... I, Sam Potright, am no
longer part of the IWO roster.

(The crowd applauds him, each and every person rising
out of their seats. Syphon Fission walks out, no theme
music, no nothing. He carries a microphone.)

Fission: So, it's come to this? Sam Potright...
leaving the IWO? Well, I'll be damned. I never thought
I'd see it happen. I thought we'd battle to the edge
of time, man. And beyond that.

(He climbs onto the apron.)

Fission: But, it's only right... to wish you goodwill
on your journey.

(He extends a hand... when "Rock The Casbah" by The
Clash plays. Fission turns his head as The Super
Martin-o Brothers make their way out to the ring,
Walter carrying a cattle prod.)

PK: What are these two doing here?

SA: Probably wishing him luck?

PK: Yeah right!

SA: Hey, it could happen.

PK: I bet you fifty bucks that there's something fishy
going on...

SA: You're on!

(The Martin-o Bros. get into the ring.)

Kevin Martin: Let me just ask this... YOU THINK YOU

(Potright stares at them with no knowledge of what the
hell Kevin is talking about on his face.)

Kevin Martin: Oh, c'mon... I can SMELL it. I smell
swerves like bloodhounds smell a lost child's scent.
You're not here to retire... YOU'RE TRICKING THIS GUY!

(He points to Syphon Fission, who gives an odd stare
at Potright. Potright shakes his head.)

Kevin Martin: ADMIT IT!

(Walter tries to calm Kevin down, but Kevin gets right
in his face.)


(Potright raises the mic to his lips.)

You've got your own little agenda... you've got your
own little ideas... well, listen to me... I AM
IN BLOOD! Whatever the HELL you think you're doing, it
isn't going to work. That's why... I should kick your
ass right now. That's why I should lay it out right
here in the center of the ring, because you
interrupted my final moment in the ring -- this ring,
any ring. You've screwed everything up, and that's why

rolls out of the ring!

PK: Looks like I win the fifty bucks!

SA: DAMMIT! I needed that, too!

PK: Anyway, both the World champ and Potright are
down! WAIT!

SA: Huh?




AK: Hey, you're not half bad at this announcing stuff.
Getting better and better...

PK: Thank you. Smith is down! Walter Martin is up, and
he shocks Smith!


AK: Uh oh...





PK: And he's driving the cattle prod into one-half of
the tag champion's chest! Walter pulls Kevin out
before Pandora can get him again, thank lord! The
Martin-O Brothers are running away! Gunnar Smith and
Lunatic Pandora stand in the ring!

AK: What the hell does this all mean?!

[Commercial Break.]

Kell: Ladies and gentleman the men in our next contest are two great stars here in IWO. Sabastian Crow has been impressing the people upstairs as of late. Let's see if Douglas can put his hot streak to an end while bringing himself another step higher in the IWO ladder.

[The men automatically appear in the ring since the damn rosters don't work and i don't feel like tracking them down and asking them their music and crap.]

SA: Crow starts off strong with a flury of punches to Douglas. Douglas is backed into a corner and Crow continues to pound away at him. Douglas is on the ground now and Crow stomps a mudhole in him. Man Crow has a meen streak in him! Crow now whips Douglas into the corner, no wait Douglas reverses and Crow goes into the corner.

Kell: But Crow hits the corner and runs right back into Douglas with a spear! Crow can't be stopped! Douglas goes to the outside, Crow won't let him get away that easy though! Crow hits a baseball slide on the outside. Douglas is down. Crow now takes Douglas by the hair and pound on him some more! Man alive this guy has come here to fight!

SA: Crow now is about to whip him into the steel steps! NO Douglas reverses and Crow hits the steps hard and flips right over them! It looks like Corw's knees and ribs to the most of that hit. The ref now telling the men to get into the ring. Douglas throws Crow in and then follows. Crow is up and Douglas takes him down with a clothesline. Crow up again and Douglas again taking him down. Douglas now picks Crow up and hoks him in a suplex. He picks him up and is holdin him.

Kell: I know this move all too well. He holds him up there to let all the blood rush to his brain and then OH MAN! Just as i though, he hit a brainbuster!




Kell: I don't believe it he kicked out!

SA: Well it is pretty early in the match Kell.

Kell: Hey who is the wrerstling expert here? HUH!

SA: Ok jeez sorry.

Kell: Douglas now whips crow into the corner. Crow hits hard and stubmles out towards Douglas, Douglas bounces off the ropes behind Crow, he grabs Crow's head and nails a bull dog! He goes to the opposite ropes and comes back hitting a leg drop on Crow. Crow holding his chest is slowly getting to his feet and once again Douglas goes to work on him with right hands.

SA: This whole match has been pretty much a fist fight. This two men have just pounded on each other the entire match. Douglas now hitting an acctual wrestling move. He hit a suplex on Crow. He hangs on and hits anoth. He hangs on again and this time hits a modified Falcon Arrow only he slammed Crow face first. The cover.




Kell: These men are not going to stay down easy. Which means they will be going fare in IWO. I wouldn't be suprised if they were pushed to the US title ranks not to long from now, if now higher than that. Douglas now hitting a powerslam and he seems to be signaling that he's going to end it right now. He goes to the top. Crow is up though and he pushes Douglases feet out from under him. Crow goes to the top now. He hooks Douglas and back body drop off the top rope!

SA: Both men are down now! The ref is starting the count.

Ref: 1......2......3......4......5.......6........7.......8

Kell: Crow has gotten up. However he doesn't see Douglas has gotten up right behind him. Crow is dazed Douglas stalks him and, Crossface Chicken wing applied! He has it hooked!

SA: Yea but he doesn't have the leg's around the stomach of Crow. That may be a mistake. Crow may be able to get to the ropes. Crow in a lot of pain here. That chikenwing submission has is one painful move. I've seen it win some titles in my day.

Kell: Crow is trying to get the the ropes with his legs. He is inching closer and closer but he is just a little shot of the ropes. Douglas is smiling he knows that a win may not be far away right now. Crow is still trying to get to those ropes. He seems to be losing it. His arms have stopped moving and he isn't trying to get to the ropes anymore. The ref is checking his arm. If he doesn't answer to a ten count the ref has to stop the match due to health reasons for Crow.











KELL: NO CROW GOT HIS ARM UP! That's incredable! Crow now trying to get to his feet. Douglas stomps on him some more. Douglas picks him up and tosses him into the ropes. Crow ducks a clothesline and comes back with a spinning kick to the face of Douglas. Crow now has the momentum. He picks Douglas up and nails a standing dropkick. Crow going to the top now. He jumps off an hits a moonsault!




SA: He kicked out at the last second. Crow now begins to once again pund on Douglas. Douglas fights back with right hands. He gets Crow stumbling. Douglas now off the ropes and, no! Crow get's Douglas on his shoulders! Death Valley Driver by Crow!! Kickout again. Crow says that's it. He seems to be waiting for Douglas to get up.

Kell: I think I know what's coming up right here. Crow is stomping his leg. That could mean superkick time. Douglas is up and Crow kicks. No Douglas grabs the leg and hits a Cradle Suplex! We haven't seen that move in a while. Douglas now has Crow again. He positions him in a powerbomb position. No he hits a pulling piledriver!! Crow will not stay down.

SA: Douglas setting up Crow for a tornado ddt. No wait Crow counters by slapping Douglas in the chest! Crow now punches Douglas in the face. Crow is climing the turnbuckle with Douglas now. The two men are fighting on top. Crow knees Douglas in the mid section. He grabs him by the hair and FACEBUSTER OFF THE TOP ROPE!




Kell: This thing is history.

Announcer: Your winner of the match. SABASTIAN CROW!!!!!

Shawn: Fans, we’ve gotta go backstage!!

(Scene cut to Jax Stone, who has finally lost those beggars. The camera
is high above at Stone, looking down at him.)

Jax Stone: Argh. Damn beggars. How the hell did they get there?

(Stone wanders in this room for a few seconds, and then, we see Joey
Malone, standing upside-down for the camera. He puts his index finger on
his lip, indicating that he wants silence. He walks toward Stone, who's
still on the ground. He taps Stone from behind, Stone turns around, but
Malone gets behind Stone without Stone's notice.)

Jax Stone: What the hell?

(Malone taps Stone from behind again, and Stone swings behind him, but
Malone "ducks" it(he actually squats down while he's upside-down).)

Jax Stone: Dammit, Malone! I know you're here! Somewhere!

(Malone gets right behind Jax Stone, now standing normally.)

Joey Malone: BOO!

Jax Stone: Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!

(Stone runs for his life.)

Joey Malone: I'm loving this "mind game" stuff that Syphon told me
about. =)

Pen: ...

Joey Malone: Well, I should've hit him, but this is just too much fun...

[Commercial Break.]

SA: This next match up could end up being a very good one. Both of these guys are trying to impress the higher ups here in the IWO. And they both have been asking for a match so what does that mean? Both men will be giving it there all here tonight.

PK: This match isn't going to be that good these two guys together don't have as much talent as any of the other wrestlers here in the IWO.

AK: That isn't true. Both of these men have a lot of talent and you know it. Stop trying to be an ass.

SA: You two shut up. Both of these wrestlers have talent because you don't make it into the IWO unless you have talent. But I think Why has a little bit more talent and he will walk away with the win here.

PK: Why oh why must you say Why is going to win this match. Jonny Trip is going to walk all over Why and win this match.

AK: You two always disagree and I must again be the tie breaker but as much as I don't want to say it I think Jonny Trip will win this match up.

SA: Well, we will have to wait and see but it looks like everything is ready to go lets head to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following match up is a one fall match up. Introducing first....WWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

(Why's music blast over the PA system. Why walks out and he stands at the top of the ramp way. As he is standing a few fireworks start shooting off. After they are done shooting off he slowly walks down to the ring and gets in.)

SA: Why looks to be in good shape but what I don't understand is why he calls himself Why. A lot of people have been talking not about this guys in ring or mic skills but just about his name.

AK: I have yet to figure out why he calls himself why. Really I haven't talked to anybody who knows why his name is Why.

PK: Does it really matter? He is going to get his ass kicked here today and he will be forgotten in time so it doesn't matter that he calls himself Why.


(Jonny's music starts playing over the PA system and Jonny walks out and as he is walking down to the ring fireworks start shooting off. Jonny then gets into the ring the whole time he is looking at Why.)

SA: Jonny looks to be very focused for this match up here tonight he has yet to take his eyes off of Why. I have a feeling this is going to be a great match up.

PK: You all ready said that moron.

SA: SO? I think it is going to be a great match up.

AK: You two shut up this match is about to get under way.

SA: The referee has checked both men to see if they have a weapon on them and they don't.

Ding Ding Ding...

SA: This match up is underway and Why and Jonny have locked up. Jonny has an armbar on Why and he is putting a lot of pressure into it. But Why breaks the hold and he sends Jonny into the ring corner.

AK: Why is kicking Jonny in the gut which is a good move but he will get disqualified if he doesn't stop because Jonny is stuck in the ring corner.

PK: That is cheating...the referee should disqualify Why and give the match to Jonny.

SA: Yeah right I'm sure you mean that. If it was the other way around you would be cheering.

PK: Yes, I know I would. I wonder if Jonny is related to Linda Trip.

AK: Can you two please focus on the match?

PK: I was just asking a simple question.

SA: Anyway lets get back to the match up. Jonny is out of the corner but Why has control of this match up. Why looks to be going for a suplex but no Jonny reverses into a small package.
TWO.......NOOOOOOOOOO, Why kicked out. That took me by surprise I know it had to of Why.

AK: Why was in control and then all of a sudden Jonny comes up with a very nice reversal. He almost came away with a very sneaky victory here tonight.

PK: You see that is why Jonny Trip is going to win this match up. He is one step ahead of Why. You see Why has a weird name and that is probably the reason he made it here in the IWO when in all reality he should be in the IML instead of the IWO.

SA: That could be true but I seriously don't think so. You have to have something special to make it here in the IWO. Anyway both men are back to there feet and they are trading punches. There is a right from Why and another right from Jonny. Both men are not backing down.

AK: Jonny ducks a punch from Why and he clothes lines Why. But Why doesn't go down he is still standing up. Jonny just kicked Why in the gut.

PK: WOOOHOO lets go Jonny!

SA: Jonny just nailed a huge DDT and Why will be feeling that for a long long time. Jonny is going for the win....
THR..........NOOOOOOOOOOOO Why kicked out after that huge DDT. Jonny is picking up Why by the hair and he grabs him by the neck and he executes a perfect swinging neck breaker.

AK: Jonny has taken total control of this match up and I don't know how much more punishment Why can take.

PK: Just like I said Jonny is going to win this match it is only a matter of time.

SA: Well, I wouldn't give up on Why just yet because Jonny has yet been able to keep Why down for the three count. Remember how quickly a match can turn around. Both men are now on there feet. But Why had to use the ropes to get to his feet. Why just stumbled into the middle of the ring. Jonny runs against the ropes but no Why bends over and he just nailed a huge back body drop.

AK: That was a quick turn around. Now Why is back in this match.

PK: He just got lucky that is all. It won't take Jonny that long to turn this match around.

SA: Why has gotten his second wind and he is on his feet. He has Jonny set up for a powerbomb or a piledriver. He just powerbombed Jonny to hell. Wait a second what is Why doing?

AK: Why isn't he going for the pin he could have this match won.

SA: I have no idea what he is thinking.

PK: Like I said Why just isn't smart enough to beat Jonny Trip.

THREE.................YEEEESSSSSSSSSS Why has done it. He has beaten Jonny Trip.

AK: What a great match up.

PK: Why is gay. He shouldn't have won this match.

SA: Like it or not Why won this match fair and square so you are going to have to live with it. We’ve gotta take a commercial break!

[Commercial Break.]

Shawn: Fans, we’re back, and it’s time for a match that strikes an interest in my eyes.

Kell: Of course, one of your boys is in it.

Shawn: Well, yea, but, you know. This match would still be interesting even if Chris wasn’t one of my boys. These two guys have great potential, and I hope we see every bit of it here tonight.

Kell: Both of these guys entered the ring during the commercial break, and we’re ready to get this one going!!

[The bell rings, and Chris Mezz just stands in the corner smiling. Shawn Carter runs towards him, but gets caught with a kick to the gut, and a knee to the face from Mezz, sending Carter down to the mat. Mezz picks Carter up, and swings him to the ropes, catching him coming off with a clothesline, and Carter rolls out of the ring. Mezz climbs out of the ring, and picks Carter up by his hair, swinging him into the steps, and up and over them. Mezz walks around, and looks at Shawn before picking Carter back up, and slamming him head first into the commentators booth. Mezz goes to slam Carter’s head back into the table, but Carter blocks it, and elbows Mezz in the gut, going for one of his own. As Mezz’s head nears the table, Arrows slides a pillow under his head, and softens the blow.]

Kell: What the hell?!?

Shawn: What? He looked tired.

Kell: Man come on.

[Carter looks at Arrows, pissed off, and grabs Mezz, tossing him up onto the table. Carter climbs up after Mezz, and picks him up, bending him over to go for some move. Carter goes to lift Mezz up, but Mezz wiggles and lands back on his feet. Carter jerks back again, but Arrows reaches up and knocks one of Carters legs out from under him. Mezz grabs Carter’s feet, and rocks back, slingshotting Carter up and off of the announcers table, into the guard rail.]

Kell: Shouldn’t the ten count be over by now?

Shawn: Yea, it probably would be, if not for the fact that the referee is too busy checking out that young lady in the crowd. Wait..referee..not paying attention..hmm..

[Arrows stands up, and climbs onto the announcers table, whispering a few things to Mezz. Mezz jumps off, and grabs Carter, rolling him into the ring, and sliding in after him. Mezz picks Carter up, and knees him in the stomach to keep him stunned, and then puts him on the top rope, climbing up with him, and lifting him up as he stands on the top rope.]

Kell: Arrows is signalling to Mezz, and Mezz tosses Carter. Arrows leaps..holy shit!!! Double Team Super Arrow-Shot DDT Through the table!!!

Ashley: Oh my god!! Shawn Carter, and Shawn Arrows, both just went through that table!!

Kell: Is Carter ok?

Ashley: Is Arrows ok?!?

[Mezz comes back over, and gets Carter, throwing him over the toip rope into the ring. Mezz slides in and grabs Carter, picking him up, and kicking him in the gut and nails The Tranqulizer.]

Kell: Dear god, he just put Carter’s lights out!!

Arrows: Come on ref!!!

[The young lady the referee was talking to points to the ring, where Mezz has covered Carter. The referee slides in, and makes the count.]

Shawn: 1....2.....WHAT THE HELL?!?

Kell: Carter kicked out!!

[Mezz picks Carter up, but Carter gets in a low blow, and a DDT. The referee again gets distracted by the young lady, who has now come onto the ring apron, as Shawn runs and slides into the ring, grabbing Carter from behind and nailing the Ainchillinnaia(weird Arrows looks at Carter, laughing, and climbs to the top rope, diving off with a headbutt onto Carter, and rolls out of the ring, rolling right back over to the commentators booth. The young lady lets the referee turn around, as Mezz picks Carter up, and nails the Nyquil Bomb. Mezz makes the cover.]

Shawn: 1....2.....3!!!!!!

Kell: Chris Mezz wins the match..but obvious to all of you, there was PLENTY of outside help.

Ashley: Yea, seriously, guys, we’ve gotta go backstage again!!

(Scene cut to the backstage area, in which Jax Stone is looking VERY
pissed off, now. He knocks over boxes and other things. Suddenly, Stone
sees Greg Parker.)

Jax Stone: Parker... where's Malone?

Greg Parker: I think he's chewing out JT and Nikki for miscalling his

(Scene cut to the Announcer's Lounge. Malone has JT and Nikki tied up
against each other and is bitching them out.)

Joey Malone: Damn it, you two! What the hell is *with* you guys?! How
can you get the name of the tallest mountain on Earth with the name of a
former white rapper turned folk singer MIXED UP!?

JT: Uh, we didn't say that!

Joey Malone: Don't give me that crap!

(Malone turns on the TV to the precise moment that they miscalled it.)

JT:Malone has Crow, and he's going for the Everlast Cataclysm! AND HE

(We hear a loud explosion, which catches the announcers off guard.)

GP:DAMN! I totally forgot about the C4 Explosive stipulation! Dear god!
Crow is screaming in pain in the ring, as Malone goes for a cover...

(The ref counts 1, 2, and then Stone hits Malone in the head with a
chair, knocking him off the pin.)

Nikki:He was TOTALLY down after Everlast Cataclysm, especially with that

(Back to Joey.)

Joey Malone: I don't think you want to try and misclaim that again, do
you? Or I might just, uhm, hurt you in a VERY unface-like way!

JT: =(

Nikki: =(

Joey Malone: Good. Bye!

(Joey leaves.)

JT: ...hey, Nikki. Once we get untied, want to suck my nuts?

Nikki: Go to hell, JT.

JT: =(

[Commercial Break.]

PK: Folks we’re back and we're ready for the IWO T.V Title match-up.

SA: I'll be back in a minute... I got some business to take care of.

PK: Wha?

AK: Hey Shawn... Where ya goin?

[Shawn Arrows leaves the broadcasting booth and goes backstage.]

PK: Well, whatever just happened, we've got the IWO Television Title match coming up and it's a triple threat match between the current champion Adam Wars, Ben Archer, and Erik Blake.

[Suddenly "Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine blast as the lights dim and begin flashing on and off. "Angelic" Sephiya Reign makes his way out to the ring and sits in Shawn Arrows' seat.]

PK: Well, looks like we're being joined by Sephiya Reign. One of the contenders for the Television Title at the pay per view.

SR: You damn right one of the contenders. Well, not just one of the contenders... THEE contender.

AK: Yeah well Mr. Reign, Adam Wars may not even make it past tonight the TV Champion.

SR: Maybe not.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is schedlued for one fall, introducing first...

["Erik Blake's music" plays as Erik Blake makes his way out to the ring.~

Ring Announcer: He is... ERIK BLAKE!!!

PK: Erik Blake is a promising rookie.

SR: Yeah right you're just saying that because you're a legend and if you told the truth you're afraid the fans wouldn't like you anymore.

PK: What the hell are you talking about?

AK: I love it when two sexy men argue.

[Kell and Reign look at Ashley Keller with a puzzled look. As 'Smoke on the Water' by Deep Purple plays and Ben Archer makes his way out to the ring accompanied by Shawn Arrows.]

AK: So THAT'S where Shawn went!

PK: I forgot he's Ben Archer's manager.

SR: That's just one extra disadvantage that Adam Wars doesn't need.

Ring Announcer: One of his opponents, weighing in at 243 lbs, from Belper, England being accompanied by Shawn Arrows, he is "THE ICON" BEN ARCHER!!!

PK: Something tell me we may have a new champ tonight.

AK: What makes you say that?

PK: I'm a five time IWO World Champion. I just have that feeling.

Ring Announcer: And there opponent... He is the current IWO Television Champion... weighing in at 222 lbs... from Port St. Lucie being accompanied by Johnny Camers and Lori Wars... he is ADAM WARS!!!

[Adam Wars drops his belt and charges to the ring as he begins to get stomped on by Ben Archer and Erik Blake. Erik Blake then turns around and decks Archer. Blake grabs Adam Wars and tosses him into the turnbuckle... Blake follows but Wars moves out the way and Blake falls to the ground. Wars turns around and is met by a clothesline by Ben Archer.]

SR: Whoa Legend. Looks like that brain hasn't taken as many chair shots as I thought. You might be right about the new Champ theory.

PK: I'm always right.

[Archer picks Wars up and whips him into the turnbuckle, Wars ducks a clothesline and comes back to be met by a Powerslam. He makes a quick cover. 1..........2........ Blake makes the save!]

AK: That was almost an extremely quick match!

PK: Yeah I was about to say what an embarrasement.

SR: I wouldn't be surprised.

PK: Oh speaking of you why the hell did you blow up Wars' car anyway?

SR: Phelen, I know you're a 5 time World Champ. But even you don't have the right to know. Because I do what I want, when I want.

[Ben Archer and Erik Blake have begun brawling again as Archer is tossed outside the ring. Wars comes up from behind and a forearm shot to the back onto Blake. Wars then connects with a Reverse DDT onto Erik Blake. Wars goes on top for a high risk move. Ben Archer returns and pushes Wars off the top rope. Archer gets on top himself and comes down with a Flying Elbow Drop of his own! He covers Wars! But Erik Blake makes the save before th count even starts.]

SR: That was quick. This match isn't even a fraction as brutal as my match at Broken Hearts Broken Bones 3 will be.

PK: Oh god look at Shawn. Atleast let the match go on for another minute!

[Shawn Arrows begins distracting the referee.]

PK: Hey! Where are you going?

[Sephiya Reign gets out of his commentary chair. HOSTILE INTENTIONS (Full Nelson into a Facebuster) onto Adam Wars! HOSTILE INTENTIONS onto Erik Blake. HOSTILE INTENTIONS onto Ben Archer! Reign then comes back to the announcers booth as the ref saw nothing.]

PK: What the hell was that?

SR: Well, I was bored.

[Shawn Arrows points the ref towards Sephiya Reign as the ref makes his way to the announcers booth.]

Sephiya: I didn't do anything I swear!

[Back in the ring Shawn Arrows gets in the ring and ARROW SHOT DDT onto Erik Blake! ARROW SHOT DDT onto Adam Wars! Shawn grabs Ben Archer and puts himm on top of both Adam Wars and Erik Blake. Shawn runs and tells the ref to go and count.]

AK: We're gonna have a new champion!!!!!!



SR: There's a new damn Television Champion!?! What the hell happens to Broken Hearts Broken Bones then!?!?!?

PK: You'll just have to wait and see then!

[Shawn Arrows grabs the TV Title and gives it to Ben Archer.]

PK: I think it's time for a commercial.

SR: But the Triple Threat 1st Blood match!!!

[Commercial Break.]

(Scene cut to Jax Stone who is busy looking for Malone.)


(Suddenly, a water balloon hits Jax Stone right in the ass.)

Jax Stone: What the hell?!

(We see Joey Malone in his wrestling gear.)

Joey Malone: Hi, Jaxikins!

Jax Stone: You!

(Stone chases Malone, Malone runs, but then we hear a loud crash from
behind the corner. The cameraman looks to see what happened. We see a
glass door, broken thanks to Jax Stone's head. Malone stands over his
bleeding self.)

Joey Malone: Gee, Jax... maybe you should get that cleaned... so sorry!

(Malone leaves, as Jax Stone tries to recover. We come back to ringside.)

Kell: Joey..Malone. Is that guy ever acting normal?

Shawn: I really don’t think so. I think that drop he took in the IML2 from me, basically killed what brain cells he had left.

AK: ...and now we're ready for the non-title match between the team of Eddie Cheno and Billy Ray and the IWO World Tag Team Champions, the Super Martin-o Brothers....

SA(Shawn Arrows): All four men are in the ring right now...

*ding, ding, ding!*

SA(Shawn Arrows): Uh oh... Cheno and Ray already are nose-to-nose! Here
come the Martins, but Ray and Cheno knock them both down!

PK(Phelen Kell): Cheno ducks a right from Ray! Cheno with a right to
Ray! Right into a schoolboy by Walter Martin! One... two... NO! Ray
kicked out, as Kevin Martin grabs Cheno and nails him with a snap

AK: Cheno's in trouble as Billy Ray gets in his own corner...

SA: Cheno regains the advantage, but gets sent off the ropes!

PK: Ray just tagged himself in!

SA: Here comes Walter Martin!

(An all out brawl erupts.)

SA: The referee has having difficulting putting these guys in their
respective corners!

AK: Well, they finally got it to where we've got Kevin Martin and Ray in
the ring! Kevin Martin with hard rights to Ray! Irish whip, Kevin Martin
drops down! Powerslam by Kevin Martin! He goes for the cover! One...
two... NO! Cheno makes the sa- WHOA!

GP: Kevin Martin just rushed over to Cheno and starts beating the hell
out of him! Rights and lefts! But Ray with a forearm to Kevin Martin's
back to stop that flury! Now Ray sets Kevin Martin up... snap suplex!

SA: I'm not even sure if Ray even cared if Kevin Martin was beating the
hell out of Eddie Cheno, either. After all, Cheno and Ray don't even
like each other.

PK: Kevin Martin gets irish whipped by Ray... Daze with the blind tag!
Kevin Martin ducks the clothesline... Walter with a springboard dropkick
that sends Dane right into the waiting arms of Kevin Martin!
Belly-to-belly suplex by Kevin Martin!

SA: Kevin Martin exits the ring as Ray is taking right hands by Walter

AK: Walter whips Ray into the ropes... dropkick by Walter! Walter goes
for the cover! One... two... no!

SA: Walter picks Ray up! He's looking for a suplex... NO! Ray slips out
from behind! German suplex! Ray rolls through and hooks the arms! Dragon
suplex! With the bridge! One... two... no! Walter with the foot on the

PK: Walter is wobbily right now, as Ray picks him up again... Irish
whip... tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Ray!

AK: Ray steps back to his corner... and Eddie Cheno just tagged himself

PK: Ray didn't even want that! Ray shoves Cheno! Right into Walter
Martin! Schoolboy rollup by Walter! One... two... NO! Ray made the save!

SA: Cheno gets back up and hits a big kick to Walter's stomach! Now he
shoves Walter into the corner and starts pounding away with rights and

PK: Irish whip into the opposite corner, and Eddie Cheno with a lariat
in that corner for good measure!

AK: Now Cheno grabs Walter... and there's a reverse DDT! Cheno goes for
the cover! One... two... NO! Walter kicked out at two!

SA: Cheno actually makes the tag to Ray?!

AK: Tag? That was more like a SHOTGUN going off!

PK: Ray seems to ignore this, and picks up Walter! Could it be the Beer
Bomb?! No! Walter wiggles out and shoves Ray right into Cheno! Cheno's
chin just impacted the safety rail!

SA: Dane turns back toward Walter! Walter with a DDT! Both men are down!

PK: Walter is crawling over to the corner! Cheno is back up on the apron
and he makes the tag to Billy Ray!


(The crowd goes insane at this point.)

AK: Cheno is putting on the brakes! Kevin Martin rushes at him!
Clothesline to Eddie Cheno!

SA: Ray is up! He gets a kick in the gut... double arm DDT to Ray from
Kevin Martin!

PK: Walter is back up and Kevin Martin just put Ray in the Tree of Woe!


PK: Ray might not even have a face any more after *that* move! Jesus

SA: Eddie Cheno is back in and he clotheslines Walter out of the ring!
Kevin Martin with a kick in the gut! He turns around Cheno... he's going
for Falling Prices!

PK: He has him up! But Cheno wiggles free! There's a kick in Kevin
Martin's stomach! Bong Hi- NO! Kevin Martin wiggles free and manages to
drop Cheno down to the canvas with a snapmare!

AK: Kevin Martin with a baseball slide to Billy Ray who was on the
outside! Now Kevin Martin's out on the apron! He's waiting for Cheno to
get back on his feet!


SA: Here comes Walter Martin... but Billy Ray clotheslines him over the
top rope! Now Ray picks up Kevin Martin! Russian Legsweep! Cheno's back
on his feet!

AK: Cheno grabs Ray from behind?! Ray with a low blow to his own
partner! Ray grabs Cheno now! BEER BOMB(Powerbomb)! BEER BOMB!

SA: Ray's leaving! He's leaving!


Meygon: The winners of this match... THE SUPER MARTIN-O BROTHERS!

Shawn: Guys, time for one last commercial break!!


(The scene opens up with Sam Potright and Gunnar Smith talking backstage.)

Gunnar Smith: So, we just confront them,..see if we can't get them to just keep it business,..

Sam Potright: I don't know,..."burned-ass" doesn't settle well with me, or no, Gunnar.

Gunnar: I hear you,...let's go, anyway.

(The duo walk down the backtage corridor until they reach the Martins' locker room. Gunnar knocks, one answers. He knocks again, answer. He opens the door and walks in, Sam behind him. They find it strangely empty, until out of the corner pops Wal-Mart with a can of mace! He sprays it right in the eyes of Gunnar!)

Gunnar: ARGH!

(Potright lariots the younger Martin sibling into a wooden locker, the edge of which hits him hard under his chin, he recovers from this, Kevin Martin runs and elbows Sam in the back,...then takes his face and slams it on the back of the door. Gunnar has found his way to Walter, although he can't see, and is pounding away on him. Sam Potright kicks K-Mart in the groin and DDTS him on a coffee table in the middle of the room. Suddenly, IWO security guards make their way in the room and break up the rauckus. They apprehend each of the four men.)

Sam Potright: What the hell is all of this?

K-Mart: Yeah, what Smokey the Bear said!

IWO Security Head: Orders from President Levine,...he says you guys are to be thrown out of the building,....

Gunnar Smith: Sissy crap! We'll settle it out,..

IWO Security Head: Oh, no you won't! The Prez says that if any of you lay hands on one another before Sunday, the match is off!

Wal-Mart: Well, it'll be hard, considering they no doubt were in on the belt-stealing together, but,...I think we can,...

Sam Potright: You guys are full of s(bleep), you know!

K-Mart: Don't use such foul language around me, Louie the Lightning Bug!

IWO Security Head: Hey, watch it, guys,....I've also been told that you're all gonna duke it out in a steel cage now!

(All four men exchange gazes,...apprehension has overcome the tag champs, while Gunnar has a smile on his face. Sam looks satisfied, but not with a lasting satisfaction. The scene then fades back into the arena, as security escorts them out of the locker room and presumably out of the arena.)

Kell: Whoah.

SA: I think no words other than "whoah" sum up what has gone down tonight in regards to our tag leagues,...first we hear that Gunnar Smith and a partner of his choice are to have a match with the Super Martin-o Bros., then, through the course of the night, it becomes apparent that his choice for a tag team partner in his match is none other than Sam Potright!

AK: That should be wild,...

Kell: The tags haven't been this jacked up for a while, guys. And I think it's great.

Arrows:Well, Meltdown seems to be just getting hotter
and hotter, as we've got 9 of the most talented
wrestlers coming out to the ring now, to do battle,
for five different championships.

Kell:I've been in alot of matches, because even
something at this level would be of utmost importance
to me.

Ashley:Well, five of the most Important titles in all
of Wrestling inside one ring definitly is something
huge, shocking, super-radioactive.

Arrows:When did you gain charisma?

Ashley:Right now.. charisma fairy.


(We fade into the ring, as we see none other than
Meygon Standing in the ring.)

Meygon:This next match, is the Main Event, where Five
Championships will be on the line in One Match. It
will be a One Fall contest, mainly because our
television time is slowly being reduced to nothing.

Kell:This'll be a great technical contest...

Meygon:Introudcing first, the team of the World
Heavyweight Champion, Syphon Fission, the Extreme
Champion Dane Matthews, and Ben O'Connor!

("Synthetic" By Spineshank hits the pa system as out
from the back walks World Champion Syphon Fission. He
gets a loud applause, as then Matthews walks out,
wearing the belt. He gets boos, and obviously doesn't
like coming out to Syphon's music. Ben O'Connor walks
out, recieving a rather large amount of cheers, as he
makes his way to the ring.)

Meygon:And their opponents, introducing the second
team. The United States Champion Simon Seaman, Joey
Malone, and Jax Stone!

("Feel So Good" by Mase hits the pa system as Simom
Seaman walks out, with the United States title on his
shoulders. Malone follows him, as all of a sudden, Jax
Stone comes flying out and attacks Malone on the
rampway, singapore cane)

Arrow:And Stone and Malone wait until the Pay Per View
this sunday! Stone just nailed Malone in the back of
the head with that singapore cane! Seaman is trying to
get Stone to calm down, and he eats one to the temple

("Your Disease' by Saliva hits the pa system as out
from the back runs Donnie Daze. He immediatly takes
down a stunned Jax Stone, and begins to pelt him with
right hands.)

Kell:This isn't a falls count anywhere match, and I
don't think this match has even started yet.

(AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) runs out, and he
headbutts Donnie Daze from behind. LiGiL comes racing
out, as he hooks AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) from

Arrows:LiGiL! He's going for the Palindrome off the

Kell:That's his tag team partner! NO! You can't do


Arrows:Dear god! AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) and LiGiL
are both broken in half! Here comes Dane Matthews
racing down the ramp, trying to pick up the pieces
left by the men outside of the ring!

Kell:This is chaotic. How did the IWO think they could
actually contain the hatred for these men in this

Ashley:I think a huge net could have done it.

Arrows:Syphon Fission is playing it safe in the ring,
as Ben O'Connor races out himself. He's going right
after Simon Seaman, who had originally fell from a
cane shot by Jax Stone!

Kell:Even if you eliminate a team, it's not going to
be that simple to seperate the teams. I think this has
become falls count anywhere, because I doubt, in
reality, anyone could get these men into the ring

Arrows:Malone is getting to his feet, as he sees Jax
Stone. Malone grabs the cane, and measures up Stone,
but Stone delievers one HELL of a low blow! Stone
grabs the cane, and DAMN!

(Malone is hit hard in the temple with the cane shot,
reopening a wound he suffered on Hostile Takeover.
Malone stumbles over to the platform, as Jax winds up
once more.)


(Malone falls fifteen feet, right onto LiGiL. The
referee quickly lunges over, and counts.)

Arrows:One... two... NO! LiGiL kicked out! How in
god's name did he do that!

Kell:I'm not even sure myself on that one.

Ashley:Fission is down here, he's trying to help
Malone up to his feet, but AWS Man(Also Known as Bill)
gets to his feet, and runs down Malone and Fission
with a double clothesline!

Kell:Seaman is back to his feet, and is slamming Ben
O'Connor into the steel IWO-Tron.

Ashley:Dear god this is nuts.

Arrows:Stone is just looking around for someone to
hit, while Daze and Matthews battle down the arena

Kell:I can't even keep track of everything going on...

(We pan over to the arena floor, as LiGiL is shown
battling with Joey Malone. Fission knocks down AWS
Man(Also Known as Bill) with a table piece, and low
blows LiGiL down to the mat. Malone picks up LiGiL...)



Kell: Now we’ve got Malone, Seaman, and Stone, facing off with Syphon Fission, Dane Matthews, and Ben O’Conner.

Shawn: Thats right, but guys, it looks as if they’re all coming to pair off.

[Seman and O’Conner begin to echange blows, as do Malone and Matthews, and Fission and Stone. They all start battling, as Levine sneaks up behind Fission with a chair. CRACK!!]

Arrows: Fission’s down!!

Kell: Levine behind Malone...Crack!! Malone’s down too!!!

[Levine rears back again, and takes down Matthews, and Stone as well. And then follows that up by taking down Seaman and O’Conner.]

Shawn: Fans, we’re out of time!!

Kell: Levine just laid out all six of these men, and walked away..and we’ve got to go!!

[The camera fades away, and to black, as the last image shown, is of the 6 men in the ring, all laid out cold.]