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[We see none other than the IWO logo slowly fade in and out of the screen, while we hear the familiar heartbeat pulsate throughout the television speakers. This repeats three times as slowly, the logo stays on the screen. Then, a bolt of lightning comes from the sky, erupting the logo into flames.]

[Fade into Madison Sqaure Garden in Manhattan, New York, as we hear the cords from Spiral by Godsmack. The camera pans around the arena, as it eventually focuses itself onto none other than Max Riot, Jason Storm, and Ashley Keller, all three of them finely dressed.]

MR: Welcome fans, to Madison Square Garden, and welcome to Monday Night Meltdown!!! We've got an amazing show..

JS: Which is packed with talentless wrestlers

AK: I'd like to see you get in there with these guys.

JS: I could take anyone from the IWO at anytime.

MR: Whatever, lets just get this show on the road. Fans, we've been told that there is something going on in the back stage area.

[Fade to the back, where we see Eric Reed, preparing for his match against Adam Wars for the TV title. After a few long, boring seconds, of seeing Reed working out, Shawn Arrows enters the room with an angry look on his face.]

Shawn: Yo, Eric, I've been told to deliver a message to you man.

Eric: Oh really?

Shawn: Yea, you best start training as much as possible, because if you let this one go by you, and don't take the title with you tonight, I've got orders to make sure you wont be wasting IWO television time anymore. Good luck.

Eric: Heh, yea, whatever Shawn. I'm taking that belt with me tonight, and then you'll have to admit you and your pal were wrong.

[Shawn walks out, and closes the door, as Reed flips him off. After this, we fade back out to the commentators at ringside.]

MR: I really don't know what to think about that. It seems as if someone's trying to get rid of Eric Reed if he fails again.

JS: Finally, we get to see the end of another talentless peice of trash here in the IWO.

AK: It does appear that way, but who's the guy Shawn Arrows seems to be working for?

MR: I don't know, but we've got to get down to business, and get into our first match.

Meygon: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our opening match for Monday Night Meltdown. Coming to the ring first..Shawn Arrows!!!

[Ironman by Black Sabbath plays as Shawn Arrows runs down to the ring, fans booing, and bounces off the ropes a few times, trying to keep himself worked up.

Meygon: And his opponent, Brian Blade!!

[Brian Blade runs down to the ring and slides in the ring, immediatly getting up, and charging towards Arrows. Arrows comes off the ropes, and clotheslines Blade down, waiting for him to get up, and then nailing another clothesline.]

AK: It looks like Arrows has the upper hand in the early going here.

JS: Of course, he's fighting someone with half his talent, and thats pretty bad considering Arrows has basically no talent.

[Arrows, waiting on Blade to get up, finally gets tired of waiting, and picks Blade up. He swings him to the ropes, and catches him coming off with a knee lift to the gut, and a leg drop to follow it up. Arrows climbs through the ropes, and goes up to the top rope, waiting on Blade to get up. Blade, finally getting to his feet, and Arrows comes off the top rope with a missle drop kick. Arrows picks Blade back up and runs to the ropes, Arrows jumps to try and grab him for a DDT, but Blade nails Arrows with a spine buster!]

MR: Brian Blade seems to be turning this match around now. He's got Arrows down and hurt after that spinebuster, now lets see if he can finish him off.

[Blade picks Arrows up, and swings him to the ropes, but Arrows reveres it. Blade goes for a running clothesline, but Arrows ducks and catches Blade in a sleeper. Arrows takes Blade down to the mat, and the referee raises Blade's arm twice and it falls, but it stays up the third time.]

AK: Shawn almost had this match won!

[Blade starts fighting his way back up to his feet, as the young lady from Shawn's recent interviews, known as Jessica, begins to make her way down to the ring. Blade pushes Shawn off, and into the ropes, as the lady finally gets to ringside and stands against the apron. Shawn gets caught with a back body drop and Blade runs to the ropes. Jessica grabs his leg, and distracts Blade, as Arrows is getting back to his feet. Blade turns around, and runs back towards Arrows, as Arrows lifts him up and nails an Arrow-Shot DDT, but he picks him up!]

MR: What the hell is Shawn doing?!?

[Shawn climbs out of the ring, and grabs a chair from ringside, and slides back in the ring as Jessica gets up on the ring apron, and distracts the referee. Shawn, waiting on Blade to get up, and Blade is on his knees. Blade to one foot, Blad's up, and Arrows just cracked him with that chair, and threw it out of the ring, along with Blade. Arrows rolls out, and grabs Blade, putting him on the ring apron, and climbing up there as well. Arrows sets Blade up on the top rope, and climbs up, standing behind him on the top rope, and he locks him in a taz-mission like hold. Arrows spins him, so he's still got the hold locked, but he's got him in a DDT type position as well, and dives off the top rope, going down through the announcers table.]

AK: What the hell did he just do?

JS: He just killed Brian Blade!!

MR: I think he might have killed himself with that move as well!

[Arrows slowly getting to his feet, he looks a bit wobbly, and he's got Blade, rolling him in the ring. climbs in the ring, as Blade is getting to his knees. Blade's up, but bent over, trying to regain some stability, and Arrows just sprung off the middle rope and DDT'd Blade right back down, rolling over for the pin.]




[Arrows, slowly getting to his feet, and staring at Jessica, who has a smile on her face. Arrows gets to his feet, and looks down at Blade, and Arrows just cracked a smile.]

MR: What the hell? Shawn Arrows, is standing in the middle of the ring, with Jessica coming up beside him, smiling at what he's done. Whats going on here?

AK: Well, it appears as if Jessica has made Shawn into a monster here. The only question, after this impressive match from Arrows, is if, there is anyone in the IWO that can stop him with this young lady behind him.

JS: Onslaught did it before, and he may have to do it again.

MR: Well, Shawn Arrows has made his way to the back with Jessica following behind, and Brian Blade is getting out of the ring.

AK: Ok, fans, we've got to take a commercial break, but we'll be right back!

----Commercial Break-----

MR: Fans, we're back, and ready to get right down to our next match tonight.

AK: Thats right, next up, we get to see if Adam Wars can hold onto that Television Title, against Eric Reed, who's basically been told if he doesn't get that belt, he'll have to deal with Shawn Arrows next Monday.

JS: Lets just get this job fest over with.

MR: Wait a second guys, lets go to the back for a moment.

[A camera is strolling in the back and see's Mac D walking around. Mac not wrestling tonight is dressed in street attire. He walks into his room and closes
the door. Screaming and something being broken is heard. The door opens, and a masked man appears. The camera shows Mac D on the ground busted up bloody all
over and a bat broken over his head.]

Meygon: We're now ready for our Television Title Match. Coming to the ring first, weighing in at 222 pounds, and standing 6'1, he is...the current Television Champion..Adam Wars!!!

[Dragula by Rob Zombie plays throughout the arena, as Adam Wars begins to walk down to the ring, quickly cut off from behind by Eric Reed. Reed throws Wars towards the ring, and takes off running towards him, kicking him as he reaches him. Reed picks up Wars, and rolls him in the ring, and then slides in himself, only to be caught with repeated boots to the back.]

MR: Just when you think Eric Reed had everything going his way, he makes a rookie mistake, and is paying for it now.

[Wars picks Reed up, and sends him back into the ropes, catching him with a back elbow. He lifts him up again, and nails a body slam, and then locks on a sitting headlock. Reed, fighting his way to his feet, he gives Wars an elbow, and another, and another, and sends Wars into the ropes, catching him coming off in a sleeper, and then dropping down dropping Wars head first. Wars gets back to his feet, and Reed catches him in a headlock. Wars pushes him, trying to send Reed into the ropes, but Reed holds his ground, and bulldogs Wars. Reed gets up, but again, Wars pops right up! Wars runs at Reed and clotheslines him, pulling him back up, and kicking him in the gut.]

MR: It looks like Wars is setting Reed up for the turning the Tides!!

[Wars turns Reed, bending him backwards, and nails the Turning the Tides, pinning him for the three count.]

AK: Fans, Adam Wars retains the Television Title, against Eric Reed here tonight, and now we're going backstage for something else, before we go to commercial.

[The show comes back on the air with a shot of LiGiL talking to someone. The camera pans around to try and see who it is........then all of a sudden LiGiL moves his head and.......]


[The fans start to boo as LiGiL and him walk off screen with Evan having a big smile on his face]


AK: He cant be back he was fired!

[As the announcers are talking the scene cuts now to Jamie Kosoy in his office watching the TV.]

Jamie: WHAT THE HELL!! I FIRED HIM! HE CANT BE HERE!!.......Well...ill take care of him!

[Jamie stands up and walks out the door as the scene cuts back to the ring]

-----Commercial Break-----

JS: We're back fans, and ready to go backstage once more before we get back to wrestling action.

[Phelen Kell slowly enters his locker room. As he goes to switch on the light, nothing happens. As he makes his way in more, in the corner of the room,
there is sort of a shrine with candles. The candles are surrounding a picture of Sue, and on the wall behind the shrine reads the word Fate written in

MR: Well fans, we've been informed by VP Evan, that our next match up is going to be a Vertical Limit Match, between Adam Wars, who got basically NO rest, and Onslaught!

JS: Wars, getting no rest, seems to have gotten wronged here, but he deserves it for all the shit he's been talking recently.

Meygon: The following is a Vertical Limit Match! There is no disqualification and no count out match. The only ways to win the match is to make your opponent fall victim by a 10 Knockout Count or having them deemed passed out after failing to respond to a 10 Handcheck Count which both have to be administered by a Referee. Introducing first, Hailing from Port St. Lucie, Florida. Weighing in at 265 pounds. Standing tall at 6'1". Master of the Final Flight, The IWO Television Champion, Adam Wars!

(Two fireworks shoot down from the rafter and explode into sparks once they hit the entryway. Simultaneously the chorus to Dragula By Rob Zombie is heard. Adam Wars comes out and starts to work the crowd and he gets a pretty decent main reaction, mainly cheering. Adam Wars has the IWO Television Championship is over his shoulder. He runs to the ring and throws it in. Then he goes to the apron and does a springboard 180 Moonsault into the ring landing on his feet pyro shoots up from all four corners when his feet make contact.)

Meygon: And his opponent, Hailing from Albany, New York. Weighing in at 264 pounds. Standing tall at 6'4, Master of Courage Required, Undefeated in this same Arena, The Greatest Of All Time, The Epitome of Greatness, Onslaught!

(The Internet Wrestling Organization Jumbo Tron begins to displays the
background on the Onslaught The Epitome Of Greatness logo as a countdown is displayed in the blacked area to a Big Pop from the Crowd.)


(In the blacked area the word Onslaught is displayed with the words The Epitome of Greatness is displayed directly under it as Disposable Teens by Marilyn Manson [Instrumental Version] plays. Madison Square Garden's ring lights blackout, while a gray mist is clouding the entryway, making us unable to see the man standing there. The ring lights return. As the mist slowly fades away the camera begins span around the Onslaught. He gets an absolutely outstanding pop from the crowd. Crowd continues to cheer as Onslaught has his forearms crossed at his shoulder level as both of his index and middle fingers are shaped just as the Hardy Boyz' Gunz taunt with the exception that his thumbs are bent. Onslaught quickly separates his arms, making a fist as his knuckles face outward! At the same moment two gigantic golden yellow fireworks shoot out into the crowd. Onslaught tilts his face to his left and stares down Adam Wars with an odd confident grin his face. Onslaught heads to the ring and slaps hands with fans at ringside and finally slides in ring to another pop from the crowd.)

JS: I don't like the looks of this. For some reason the words Ice Age Three keep flying though my head.

MR: Possibly because you're worried about the same thing happening here, that happened there?

JS: No, because I love blood!

(Onslaught and Adam Wars begin to circle around each other and lock up. Onslaught, the bigger of the two, pressures Wars back into the corner and unloads with knife edge chops.)

Crowd: WOOO!

(Onslaught lays in another.)

Crowd: WOOO!

AK: He sure is laying those in.

Onslaught lays in another.)

Crowd: WOOO!

(Onslaught Irish Whips Wars into the opposite corner and Onslaught charges behind. Adam Wars leaps onto the second turnbuckle and drops the Hometown Hero with a Springboard Back Elbow. Adam Wars pulls Onslaught up and Irish Whips him to ropes. Adam Leapfrogs over and Monkey Flips Onslaught, but Onslaught grabs his legs and lifts him into an Inverted Powerbomb, but Wars counters with a bulldog. Adam Wars slides to outside and starts reaching for something to use.)

JS: Cheese Grader! Gimme Blood!

(Wars pulls out a Ladder! He then slides it into the ring.)

JS: It Is So On!

(Adam picks up Onslaught by his shirt and pushes him to the corner. Adam lies the Ladder on the ropes, near Onslaught and takes a few steps back and charges in. Onslaught replies with a boot to the face. He grips the ropes and jumps back to the second rope and heads up to third. Onslaught leaps off with a leg drop onto the bottom part of the ladder that's hanging over the third rope, snapping it up into Adam's Jaw! Wars is whiplashed into the mat. Onslaught slides back in. Wars uses the ropes to get back to his feet. Onslaught Irish Whips Wars to the ropes and ducks down, but Wars counters with a Flying DDT!)

AK: I think Wars might be able to turn this thing around.

(Adam Wars nails a Sambo Suplex on Onslaught and holds on and pulls him up to his feet. Adam spins from the Sambo Suplex position with a Falling Reverse DDT! Wars pulls up The G.O.A.T. and Dropkick him into the ropes. Onslaught stumbles out and Wars executes a beautiful Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Wars rolls to the outside. He unfolds the ladder outside the ring and scales the ladder with his back to the crowd.)

MR: This doesn't look too good for Onslaught.

(Adam stands on top of the last rung. He does a spinning jump turning himself to the crowd and drops a Dragon Attack onto Onslaught! The Referee administers the count.)

The Referee: 1…2…3.

(Onslaught starts crawling towards the ropes.)

The Referee: ..4…5…6

(Onslaught pulls himself up using the ropes. Adam Wars charges Onslaught and slams him down with an Inverted Neckbreaker. Wars heads up to the top rope. He looks down at Onslaught and begins signaling for the Final Flight.)

AK: This match has been going that long, but I think Onslaught undefeated streak in this arena might just end tonight.

(Onslaught springs up and smacks the Top Rope causing Wars to fall in a crotched position on the Top Turnbuckle. Onslaught lifts off and Press Adam above his head and delivers a Body Press Drop and Onslaught follows up with a Springboard Moonsault off the Top Rope. Onslaught scales the ladder as Adam Wars gets back to his feet. Onslaught reaches the top. Adam Wars baseball slides into the ladder, sending Onslaught somewhere into the fifth row. Adam Wars taunts to the Madison Square Garden crowd. Wars slides outside and hops over the Safety Railing. He frantically begins to look for Onslaught in the crowd, but The G.O.A.T. is nowhere in sight.)



MR: My Goodness. Onslaught just waffled Adam Wars with that Platinum Chair he had from Ice Age 3!

JS: Wars is busted open! This might be a good thing after all!

(Onslaught picks up Wars and carries him over the Safety Railing and scales up the ladder with his back to the crowd. Onslaught sits him up on the top rung. Wars regains his consciousness and Onslaught nails a hard left.)

MR: CATASTROPHIC (During a mid Somersault Hurricanranna aka Dragonranna, Onslaught swiftly slides off the shoulders his opponent to deliver a DDT)! ONSLAUGHT JUST DELIVERED CATASTROPHIC FROM THE LADDER INTO THE CROWD. THE REFEREE BEGINS TO ADMINISTER THE COUNT. BOTH MEN APPEAR HURT.

The Referee: 1…2…3.,,

(Onslaught's pulling himself up on a chair.)

The Referee: 4…5…6..

(Onslaught makes it to his feet. Onslaught pulls Adam Wars off a chair and pushes him over the Safety Railing and slides over with him. Onslaught rolls Wars into the ring and slides in as well. Onslaught pulls the fallen Television Champion to his feet and places him in a Pump Handle position and the crowd is on their feet, cheering.)

MR: I think it's pretty much over, folks. Onslaught's setting him up for The Prelude to Extinction!

(Onslaught flips Adam Wars onto his shoulder and begins to whip him back down, but Wars counters with a Reverse Front Facelock.)

JS: I think it's about time to start Turning The Tides.

(Adam Wars positions him correctly for Turning The Tides [Reverse DDT into a Inverted 3/4 Neckbreaker] Wars, flips, but so does Onslaught who takes him down by the legs and hooks his ankles..)

AK: Uh Oh!

MR: Onslaught's going for Courage Required!

JS: I Hate This Move!

(Onslaught applies an Elevated Boston Crab. Turning the victim over at the proper angle, Onslaught positions himself able to rest a knee across the head of opponent)!

AK: Onslaught's got in locked in!


Adam Wars: I…Q….U..…I.….T!


(Onslaught gets up, and starts posing, as Wars smiles, and nails him with a low blow, bending him backwards, and nailing the Turning The Tides! The referee checks Onslaught, and starts raising his hand as Shawn Arrows begins making his way to the ring with a chair.)

Fans Count With Referee: 1!


Fans Count With Referee: 2!


Fans Count With Referee: 3!

(THE REFEREE CHECKS Onslaught's HAND AND IT DROPS! Shawn Arrows rolls into the ring.)

Fans Count With Referee: 4!


Fans Count With Referee: 5!


Fans Count With Referee: 6!


Fans Count With Referee: 7!


Fans Count With Referee: 8!


Fans Count With Referee: 9!

MR: Wait a minute, Arrows just gave Wars an Arrow-Shot DDT!!!

Shawn Arrows: Onslaught, I'm Sorry!

(THE REFEREE CHECKS Onslaught's HAND AND…Arrows picks Onslaught up!)

MR: ARROWS JUST HIT ONSLAUGHT WITH A CHAIR! THESE TWO ARE FRIENDS! I don't get this. This New York Crowd is Booing Arrows like there is No Tomorrow.

(Shawn Arrows rolls out of the ring and heads to the back.)

JS: WooHoo! Onslaught's busted open! Blood! He's getting up! What the heck?! He's up.

AK: He's charging Arrows…Arrows turns around.

MR: Lou Thez Press by Onslaught. Right hands! Right hands!

(The two begin brawling backstage.)

JS: What. A draw?

MR: I guess..

AK: I'd guess so.

MR: Alllrighty, fans, Mac D has just made his way down to the ring, and he seems to be pissed off!

(Mac D is in the ring about to speak on this Masked
Man...when "Self-Esteem" hits and the lights go out.
The lights turn on quickly to have Shack in the ring
right in front of Mac with a chair, and nails him into
the ropes. Mac gets tied up in the ropes and Shack
continues to nail him. 7 times should do it until the
scar re-busts and blood spills all over Mac D so bad
you can't make out his face. Shack grabs the mic and
ends this beating with these words....)

Stone...I want my Extreme title shot, whatever can be
done...will be done for me to get it back. That's not
a's a threat you gutless bastard!

(Shack then grabs Mac, and delivers Shacked 4 Life on
a chair laying his ass out and Shack leaves.)

MR: My god, fans, Mac D has just been laid out, and we've got to take a commercial break.

-----Commercial Break-----

AK: Fans, we're back, and ready for our next matchup I think.

MR: This next match is going to be an interesting one on one I really didn't expect to see but I'm sure we will see some great wrestling tonight.

JS: LiGiL has this match in the bag. He is going to walk all over Jax here tonight.

AK: Wrong as usual...Jax Stone is going to give LiGiL a good match and walk out of here with a W in the Win/Lose column.

MR: Well, as usual you both are fighting over who is going to win this match but in the end you two have nothing to do with the outcome.

JS: Nothing wrong with talking about who is going to win.

MR: True but it is almost always the same thing...If one of you says that LiGiL is going to win the other will say that Jax Stone is going to win.

JS: I have my reasons as I'm sure she does to.

MR: Okay what are they?

JS: LiGiL is one of the best wrestlers in the IWO and Jax Stone is no match for him.

MR: And your reasons?

AK: LiGiL isn't the same since he has been back in the will be a good match but like I said Jax will come out on top.

MR: It looks like everything is ready lets head to the ring...

Ring Announcer: The following match up is a one on one match up. Introducing first from Detroit, Michigan standing 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighting 2 hundred and 54 pounds...LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiGGGGGGGGGGGGGiiiiiiiiiiLLLLLL!!!

('Suffocate' by Finger Eleven starts playing over the PA system. After a few seconds of it playing LiGiL walks out from behind the curtains. He stands at the top of the ramp and he raises his hands in the air as fireworks start shooting off. LiGiL then slowly walks down to the ring as the fans are booing him. LiGiL walks up the ring steps and he looks out at the crowd and then he gets in the ring.)

MR: LiGiL looks to be in great shape for this match. This is defiantly going to be a good match.

AK: LiGiL does look to be in good shape but he is still going to have to out wrestle Jax Stone and I just don't see that one happening.

JS: They might as well call this match now and have the referee raise LiGiL's hand.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent...From Chicago, Illinois standing 6 feet and 6 inches tall, and weighting 258 pounds the IWO Extreme champion JAAAAAAAAAXXXXXXXX SSTTTTTOOOOONNNNNNNEEEE!!!!

(Get on Top by Red hot Chili Peppers blast over the PA system Jax walks out from behind the curtains and he raises his right hand in the air as he does a few fireworks shoot off. Jax then looks at LiGiL who is standing in the ring. Jax then slowly walks down to the ring and he gets in.)

MR: Now I really don't know what to think both these men look like they have prepared themselves perfectly for this match. Jax and LiGiL look to be in possibly the best shape of their life's.


MR: Their is the bell and Jax and LiGiL lock up in the center of the ring. LiGiL twist Jax's arm and he has an arm bar locked in. Jax reverses right away kicking LiGiL in the gut.

AK: He has broken the arm bar and now Jax sends LiGiL to the ropes...Jax bends over going for a back body drop but LiGiL puts on the breaks and gives him an awesome DDT.

JS: You see LiGiL is to smart to get flipped over like that so he simply put on his breaks and then he gave Jax Stone one hell of a DDT.

MR: Well, you do make a good point because it shows great ring presence by LiGiL. LiGiL is back on his feet and he picks up Jax by the hair. LiGiL then picks Jax up high in the air and slams him down to the mat.

JS: That is the way LiGiL keep the offense going.

MR: LiGiL is now going for a suplex. He has Jax up but no he couldn't pick him up. He tires it again but no...Jax reverse it into a small package....and he is going for the pin....
THR..............NOOOOOOOOOOOO, LiGiL kicked out.

JS: That move caught LiGiL by surprise that is the only reason Jax almost got the pin.

AK: You are even making excuses for LiGiL now?

JS: It isn't an excuses it is the truth!

MR: Will you two shut up!

AK: ...

JS: ....

MR: That is better now back to the match. Jax is the first man back to his feet. He picks up LiGiL and he has him by the neck...swinging neck breaker. Look how LiGiL is holding his neck you know how bad that neck breaker had to hurt. What is Jax doing now?

AK: It likes to me he is climbing to the top rope. Now he is on the top rope and he stands all the way up. Jax jumps and he just hit a huge big splash from the top rope. But why isn't he going for the pin?

JS: Because he is stupid that is why. You see now you know why I picked LiGiL to win this match because if it was him then he would have went for the pin and got the 3 count.

MR: I do think Jax should have went for the pin but he is the professional and he knows what he is doing. Jax is back to his feet and he looks down at LiGiL but LiGiL grabs Jax and he slings Jax into the ring corner. From here it looked like Jax hit his head pretty hard.

AK: Jax didn't only hit his head pretty hard but he hit it really hard. He looks to be still awake but I think if LiGiL was to go for the pin right now he would win this match up.

JS: It is only a matter of time now until LiGiL puts Jax Stone away.

MR: LiGiL is now back on his feet and he kicks Jax in the stomach. LiGiL is now picking up Jax. LiGiL is now going for a powerbomb...he has Jax up and he SLAMS him down to the mat. LiGiL covers Jax....
THRE..........NOOOOOOOOOOO, somehow Jax Stone gave it everything he had and kicked out.

AK: Jax looks to be out of it. LiGiL has to pick him up again. LiGiL sends Jax to the ropes Jax ducks a cloths line attempt and he hits the other side of the ropes. Jax just speared LiGiL. He almost broke him in half.

MR: Jax is back to his feet and he kicks LiGiL in the stomach...DROP LIKE A STONE!!!! Jax is going for the pin...
THREEEEE...........YES, Jax has pulled off this win.

Ring Announcer: The winner of this match up JAAAAAAXXXXXXXX STTTTTOONNNNNNNEEEE!!!

AK: It is now official the referee just raised Jax's hand.

MR: We have to go to a commercial we will be right back.

-----commercial break-----

MR: Fans, we're back, and ready for our next match.

AK: Yes, we've got the IC Tag Title match next!

MR: Wait who is that in the crowd over there? Folks, there is a man wearing a maroon speedo, taking notes on this match for the IC Tag Titles,...

AK: That's disgustin',....

JS: Oh, please, don't act like you guys don't know! That man is Stephen Seagull, the caddy of the Super Martin-o Bros.!!

MR and AK: **gawking at JS**

JS: You know,...K-Mart and Wal-Mart?!

MR and AK: **nodding** Oh yeah!

MR: Well, I guess K-Mart and Wal-Mart have their eyes on IWO tag gold, and no wonder they're scoping out the talent in this match,...we have some of the top IWO tag teams here fighting for one of the greatest set of titles in sports entertainment today!

Announcer: Coming to the ring first. They are the IWO IC tag champions! Please welcome GUNNAR SMITH! AND SAM POTRIGHT!

(((Their music plays as they come to the ring with the tag titles around their waist. They enter the ring and await their opponents.)))

Announcer: Coming to the ring next. They are the former IWO TAG CHAMPIONS! Suicide Kings!

(((The Suicide Kings mucis plays as they runs to the ring and stare down their opponents)))

Announcer: And finally Coming to the ring at this time! Enemies of the State! 2001!!!!!!!!!

(((Enemies of the State’s music begins to play. They walk to the ring staring at the other wrestlers they then smile and go into the ring)))

JS: And here we go. Suicide Kings Ryan King starts off for his team while Flare starts off for Enemies of the State. Gunnar will be in the ring for his team.

MR: Why are their three people in the ring?

AK: because IWO figured it would be unfair to have one team stay out. Then the other teams could just never tag in the third team. So IWO decided the rules will go as follows. Three men start in the ring. They can tag in any man from any team. Oh and you have to make contact with the other people in the ring before tagging another person in. When your pinned that man is out not the team.

JS: Too many damn rules!

AK: Let’s just get on with the match


MR: Gunnar runs at Flare but Flare ducks a clothesline and rears back to punch Gunnar but Ryan grabs his arm and backslides him. Flare kicks out easily and clotheslines Ryan once he gets up. However he is taken down with a spear by Gunnar. Gunnar walks over and slaps Jeff King to tag him in.

AK: Good move. Now the Kings will have to fight each other.

JS: or they could just double team Flare.

AK: Oh good point. And that’s just what they do! Flare runs at them to try and throw them off gaurd but they hit a double hip toss. Flare gets up and Ryan sends him off the ropes. Looks like they are going for the Cut Throat! No Flare kicks King and DDT’s him. But Jeff punches him in the face. Another punch, and another! The ref is pulling Jeff off of Flare. Flare is going for the tag but is stopped by Ryan. Ryan hooks him in a suplex and connects. Ryan and Jeff setting up for a double powerbomb slam now.

JS: ZZZZzzzzz

MR: You know I think I will have to agree with him on this one. I wish this thing would pick up.

AK: Well it’s just the Kings beating on Flare, we need three men going after each other. Suicide Kings have now gotten Flare in a Boston Crab/Camel Clutch double team submission. Man I thought Courage Required put pressure on your back, but that can paralize a person. Flare is trying to get out but all of his limbs are being held at bay with this move!

MR: Oh Kain just came in and broke the hold. Here comes Gunnar and Potright who attack Kain. Now both EOTS are being double teamed. Gunnar throws Kain into the steel steps. Potright takes him and piledrives him onto the floor! The ref is gaining some order in the match now. Kain is still down. Gunnar and potright go to their corners. Once Smith is on the apron Flare tags him in by slapping him in the face. Gunnar gets i and hits Flare before he can get to his corner. He turns Flare around! DOGINATOR! Gunnar is saying something to Flare, but Gunnar better look behind him! The Kings are waiting for him!

JS: I think i know what’s gonna happen here. Gunnar turns and CUT THROAT! The Kings hit the CUT THROAT! The cover! Potright makes the save! Ryan now comes off the ropes. No Potright grabs his hair and tags himself in! Now it’s the Team of Potright and Gunnar against one of the Suicide Kings. Jeff backs himself into a corner.

Jeff: Hey come on now guys. Can’t we talk about this now? Gunnar you didn’t take that whole cut throat thing personally did you?

AK: Gunnar and Potright better look out. Ryan is coming up behind them! Oh man too late! Ryan took both men out with a flying shoulder block!

Jeff: SUCKERS!!!!

JS: Jeff now takes Gunnars hand and uses it to tag in Kain who is just getting over the piledriver on the outside. kain now reluctantly enters the ring. Once he does Jeff jumps on him pounding him to the ground. Well Jeff is really letting loose on Kain. This is great.

AK: Well Potright doesn’t seem to like the Kings that much. He goes to over to Jeff and locks him in a Sleeper hold. Jeff immediatly gets to the ropes. Potright cleanly breaks the hold and Jeff hits a knee to the mid-section. Jeff looks to be going for a powerbomb. He’s got Potright up! No Potright rolls through and lands on his feet.

MR: That’s athleticism Potright now fires back with right hands. Jeff is getting knocked back into the corner. Potright goes back to the opposite corner and runs at Jeff, NO! He’s cut off by Kain who delivers one hell of a spear! Kain goes for the pin kickout by Potright, Kain now picks Potright up and body slams him. He is saying he’s going to the top. Jeff holds Potright down. Kain jumps and no! Jeff rolled Potright out of the way! Why in the hell did he do that! He hlps Potright up now and hits him with a superkick! Jeff goes for the cover!! Kickout! Potright now back on his feat anf Jeff takes him down again with a spin heel kick.

AK: Kain is getting up now. He tags in Flare. Flare runs in and plows over Potright and Jeff. He tells Kain something and goes o the second rope. This could be the Tombstone piledriver! If he connects it’s all over for Potright. Kain helps Flare set up Potright. The ref tells him to leave the ring. Potright is set up now! no! POTRIGHT IS FIGHTING IT. HE’S DOWN! He has Flare on his shoulders now! Flare punches him in the head trying to get reverse it. Potright now connects with an Electric Chair Drop! Potright trying to make the tag to a fresh Gunnar Smith! Smith wants in. Potright is almost there but Jeff grabs his leg. Jeff is pulling him back now. NO! Potright nails him with a foot to the back of the head!

JS: Oh no Potright made the tag! Smith is in now and he’s taking out everybody! He takes Jeff down with a shoulder block! Kain is taken down with a Clothesline! Ryan King is in now and Gunnar nails a back heel kick! The ref is trying to get Ryan and Kain out of the ring now! Ryan leaves but Kain won’t. Jeff trys to get Gunnar in a german suplex but Gunnar fires back with a low blow! Gunnar turns and hooks the arms. This could be it! And YES! Doginator! Gunnar hits it and goes for the cover!

AK: Wait the ref is still trying to get Kain out of the ring! Gunnar not going to let that bother him puts Jeff in The Dog Collar! Jeff is hurting now! Wait a minute Ryan is back in! He’s got a chair! He just nailed Gunnar with a chair to the back of the head! Potright is still down and can’t seem to be much help! Jeff now drapes his arm over Smith! Kain leaves and the ref counts! 1...2...3! Gunnar Smith is gone and now Potright has to retain these titles himself!

Announcer: Gunnar Smith has been eliminated!

JS: Well Potright now in the ring for his team and he seems to be still hurt. Kain decides he’s going after Jeff but Jeff reverses with a slapjack! No wait he grabs Kains head and turns it into a 3/4 turn neckbreaker! (diamond cutter) Jeff goes for the cover but the ref is saying Kain’s not the legal man. Flare runs at Jeff now and takes him out.

AK: Potright is up now and sneaks up behind Flare, Potright hooks Flare and nails a Tazzmissionplex. Potright now just using any move he can think of. Potright tries to pick up Flare now but Flare hits a low blow. Potright turns around hurt and is met with Jeff. Jeff grabs Potright and nails a Northernlights suplex. Jeff bridges it!! Potright kicked out! Man he has no quit in him!

JS: Yea well the Kings are going to win this thing, theres no way Potright can win now! He HAS NO PARTNER! Jeff runs at Potright now! Potright hit a powerslam! NO!

AK: Well Potright may just do it. He has Jeff in the corner now and he is pounding on him. Flare runs at Potright but Potright saw it coming! He moves and Flare collides with Jeff! Man what impact! Potright rolls up Flare!! Kickout by Flare. Man that was close! Potright not letting Flare recover, he whips him off the ropes and nails a Lou Thes Press! Potright is punching Flare now! Potright is on fire! he gets up and hits Jeff with a flying forearm smash! he turns around and Flare meets him with a boot to the mid-section! DDT on Potright! Flare is setting up Potright now. he goes for a superplex! AND HE NAILS IT! Flare going strait into a small package now, NO POTRIGHT REVERSES! Small package 1...2...3! Flare is gone!

Announcer: Flare has been eliminated!

MR: Jeff is getting up now. Potright hooks him and German Suplex! 1...2...3! Unbelievable! Potright now has made this match a three way dance! Ryan goes after Potright but is cut off by Kain! Kain takes down Ryan King. Kain is going to the top now. No Potright racks him up! Potright goes to the top. He has Kain hooked for something! No Wait Ryan is up there now! All three men are at the top! They are loosing their balance! OH MAN! They all fall! What a collision on the ground!

Ref: 1...2...3! Ring the bell!

JS: What the hell? Who was pinning who! Damn refs make the right call! Ryan was on top right! It was Ryan!

(The ref walks over to the announcer and tells him the winner)


MR: Yea, new champs!!

AK: Fans, we've got to take another stupid commercial break!

-----Commercial Break-----

MR:Welcome back to Meltdown folks. It’s time for Simon Seaman versus Donnie
Daze. It’s the match that Simon has been waiting’s for the coveted
United States Title.

JS:It’s now or never for Simon Seaman. He not only had to go through an
eleven man battle royal, he had to beat the so-called ‘Epitome of
Greatness’, Onslaught. It all comes down to this.

AK:Without further or do, let’s go the announcer.


(‘Enjoy the Silence’ by Failure blares through the PA system as the fans
stand up and await the entrance of Simon Seaman.)


(A shower of white fireworks rain down on the entrance as Simon Seaman walks
down to the ring slapping hands with the IWO fans in attendance. He walks
into the ring and acknowledges the crowd from the second rope as ‘Your
Disease’ by Saliva cuts his music.)


(Donnie gets a great pop from the crowd as he slowly steps into the ring and
hands off the US title to the ref.)

MR:Here we go!

(Simon and Donnie lock up. Simon with a kick to the midsection of Donnie
Daze. Simon shoots Donnie off the ropes, Simon ducks, Donnie steps over,
Simon attempts a hip toss, reversed by Donnie into a clothesline.)

MR:Simon went down hard there, but Daze picks him back up.

(Donnie whips Simon into the ropes, another clothesline attempt, Simon ducks
and bounces off the ropes and hits Donnie with a spinning heel kick. Simon
with the cover. Ref counts.)



JS:Simon with a beautiful move, but it’s going to take more than that to pin
the champ.

(Simon puts the boots to Daze, but Daze gets back up. Simon with a headlock
as he bounces off the ropes and comes back with a shoulder block and an
elbow drop. Daze gets back up quickly and is met by a belly to belly
suplex. Simon cover, ref counts.)




AK:It’s been all Simon so far, let’s see if Daze can slow down the fast
paced match that Simon has set.

(Simon jumps back to his feet and is taken off his feet by a leg sweep by
Daze. Daze and Seaman get back up. A right by Daze, another right by Daze.
Daze whips Seaman into the ropes and attempts a drop kick, but Simon holds
on. Daze gets back and charges Seaman. Seaman ducks, Daze goes over and
lands on the apron. Right punch attempt by
Daze, but Simon blocks and leads Donnie Daze head first into the turnbuckle
and falls on the floor.)

MR:Nice move by Simon to get out of that predicament. Simon is climbing the
top turnbuckle! What could this be? Daze gets up but doesn’t see Simon
perched on the turnbuckle.

(Simon connects with a cross body to the floor as they both fall to the
ground like a bunch of bricks, but Simon gets up and is met by a good
reaction by the sell out crowd.)

MR:Simon is putting out all the stops. He might as well, he could never get
a shot like this again. It’s still has been all Simon.

(Daze gets up as Simon whips him into the guard rail, but Daze counters and
Seaman hits the rail hard.)

MR:Until now...

(Daze picks up Simon from behind and crotches him onto the rail.)

JS:A great move by Donnie Daze as Simon is in great pain.

(Daze with a series of uppercuts to Simon Seaman. Daze then proceeds to
throw Simon back into the ring. As Simon lays in the middle of the ring,
Daze shoots off the ropes and connects with a leg drop. Daze picks Simon up
and whips him into the ropes and hits a back elbow as Simon falls down
again. Donnie with the cover as the ref makes a count.)




JS:Excellent combination by the champ, but he just could not get the pinfall

(Simon gets back up as Daze hooks Simon from behind and successfully hits a
german suplex. Daze puts the boots to Simon Seaman in the corner as Daze
runs to the other end. He runs up and attempts a body splash, but Simon
sidesteps and catches Donnie as he backpedals from the corner with a reverse
DDT, but Daze prevents a pin attempt by
kicking Simon in the face. Daze and Simon get back on their feet
simultaneously. Simon hooks Donnie with a front face headlock, but Donnie
counters that and sits Seaman on the top turnbuckle. With a few punches,
Daze starts to climb the top rope and with a top rope bulldog, attempts
another pin on the fallen opponent.)




AK:With Daze finally slowing the pace of this match down, he should be able
to capitolize on this advantage.

(Simon gets up slowly and tries to catch Donnie with a few elbows to the
midsection, but the champ doesn’t give. Donnie hooks Simon and nails a
double underhook suplex into a quick pin.)




AK:We almost saw Donnie get a victory there, but it just didn’t happen.

MR:Two underrated talents with great potential, it could go either way.

(Donnie picks up Simon and whips him into the turnbuckle. Simon staggers
and tries to come back with a sidekick, but Donnie blocks that and hits an
insaguri. Daze then proceeds to amply a single leg crab on his opponent.
Simon gets to the ropes, but Daze attempts again. Once Simon gets to the
rope once again and Donnie Daze breaks the hold. Donnie drags Simon’s leg
to the middle of the ring and strikes it against the mat.)

MR:Donnie now focusing on the leg ‘Supersexy’ Simon Seaman injured at Ice
Age. That could be the champ’s ticket to regaining the title.

(Donnie tries to attack the leg again, but Simon counters with a kick to
Donnie’s chest as Donnie falls back and Simon tries to walk the pain off,
but Daze hooks Simon into a fisherman’s suplex. The ref with the count.)




MR:Fisherman’s suplex by Donnie Daze but unfortunately, Simon’s boot finds
the bottom rope.

(Daze still has him hooked as he attempts another fisherman’s suplex but
Simon struggles out. Simon tries to get Daze off his feet with a strike to
the knee, but Daze gets a figure four leg lock on him. The ref checks.)

MR:Daze applies more pressure to the right knee of Simon. Can he turn it
over and reverse it?

(Daze still has him in the figure four leg lock as the ref counts the pin as
Simon shoulders are on the mat.)




(Simon gets up and struggles to turn it over. Just as he is about to roll
onto his stomach, Daze applies more pressure as Simon’s shoulders are once
again on the mat.)




JS:Simon somehow got the strength to get up from all that pain. He tries
again to reverse it. The crowd cheers Simon on.

(Simon turns to his left and turns to his right. Simon finally has a chance
to reverse it. With all of his strength, he turns to the left once more and
successfully applies the reversal.)

PAIN...but gets to the ropes as Simon now has to break the hold.

(Simon slowly gets up to his feet and walks the pain out and Daze crawls to
the corner. Daze charges for Simon, but Simon sidesteps and Daze goes
shoulder first into the ring post. Simon waits for Daze as Donnie turns
around and is met with a vicious standing sidekick. Daze gets back up
rather quickly and attempts a DDT, but Simon reverses.
Daze attempts again, but Simon shoots himself into the ropes. Daze ducks,
but Simon hits a flying clothesline. Simon runs to the ropes once again and
hits a 2nd rope springboard leg drop. Simon hooks Daze’s leg from that




(Simon with a great combination, but Daze gets his shoulder up. Simon gets
up and picks up Daze, Daze tries a kick, but Simon blocks and spins him
around. Northern lights release suplex by Seaman! Seaman runs to the
ropes, asai moonsault! Cover!)




JS:I can’t believe the champ kicked out of that one! The fans couldn’t
believe it either!

(Simon drags Donnie Daze and stands him up on the apron. Simon sets up the
steel steps next to the ring. Simon gets up on the ring apron and hooks
Donnie Daze. He attempts a tornado DDT, but Daze blocks it. Another
attempt! Simon hits the floor, but luckily doesn’t hit the steps and lands
on his feet. Simon climbs up on the apron again, but is
met with a set of vicious back elbows. Daze has Simon. The crowd is
awaiting this big move. Daze has Simon in the piledriver position.)

JS:Holy crap! Daze is gonna spike piledrive Simon onto the steps!

(Daze gets a running start, but Simon gets free. Simon attempts a

AK:Now Simon has him hooked! Could it be?

(Daze blocks it and tries to hit Simon with a facebuster onto the steps but
Simon gets the champ in a front face headlock. Simon with a running start.
Tornado DDT onto the steel steps!)

AK:The crowd is going ballistic! Both men are down! Simon with an
incredible move on the champ, but it looks like he got hurt too.

MR:This is great action here folks. If you don’t like this, you don’t like

(Simon hobbles back into the ring and brings Daze with him. As Daze tries
to back on his feet, Simon perches the top turnbuckle.)

MR:Could it be? The Silencer is all that’s needed for this to be over. We
could have a new United States champion crowned here...tonight! We can
taste it, the sold out crowd here in this arena can taste it. Here we go!
Daze staggers and turns around.

(Simon attempts the Silencer , but Daze hits him with a superkick to the
chin in mid air. Simon’s head bounces off the mat.)

MR:Did you see that?! What a desperation move!

(As both men try to catch their breath on the mat. The ref enforces the
standing 10 count.)









AK:Daze is crawling to a fallen Simon Seaman and drapes the arm for the




(Daze slowly gets up and hits a bunch of knee strikes on Simon. As Simon
gets up, Daze is waiting to put on his finisher, Dazed and Confused.)

AK:Donnie’s signaling Dazed and Confused. Right now, I don’t think the fans
care who wins! Anyways, Simon charges Daze.

(Daze hooks him into Dazed and Confused, but Simon reverses it and pins the
champ with a bridge.)




(Daze gets up and pins Simon with a schoolboy.)




(Simon flips Daze over in and puts a leg over each arm for the pin.)




(Daze with a pin.)




(Simon with another pin attempt.)




AK:What a great series of pin attempts by these two competitors! The crowd
are surprisingly are on their feet. Just about everyone in the arena has
stood up and are cheering for this great display of athleticism.

(Daze and Seaman bounce off opposite ropes as Simon attempts a knife edge
chop, but Daze ducks and they bounce off opposite ropes. Daze comes back
and tries a forearm shot, but Seaman blocks and they both bounce off
opposite ropes once again. As they both are about to collide, Seaman and
Daze hit each other with a clothesline and they hit
the mat.)

AK:Here we go, they are both slowly but surely getting up on their feet.

(Simon takes a swing at Daze, but Daze ducks and executes an atomic drop.
Simon bounces off the ropes and tries a scissor kick, duck by Daze, Simon
off the other rope, Daze tries a handspring elbow, Simon rolls under. Daze
has his back turned to Seaman, Seaman tries a german suplex, Daze reverses,
Daze with a go behind, but Simon catches
him with a mule kick. As Daze is bent over, Simon executes an axe kick, but
he only catches air. Daze hooks Simon’s leg and hits a capture suplex. He
signals for the clincher, Dazed and Confused.)


(Daze hooks and plants Dazed and Confused on Simon Seaman. The ref counts
the cover as the fans count simultaneously.)






MR:Excellent match up folks. It could have gone either way, but Daze got
that crucial second wind and hit his finisher.

JS:These two men put their all into this match. I don’t think this is the
end of this battle.

(The ref raises Daze’s hand as Simon rolls out of the ring and the two men
stare at each other as Simon goes to the back.)

AK: Daze might have won the battle, but who knows who will win the war. With
round 1 in the books folks, we’ll be right back. Stay tuned!

-----Commercial Break------

AK: And we're back.

JS: Yes yes...

MR: It's time for the IWO Pacific title match, and Ash Robinson is ready
for a brutal fight against the champion.

JS: Let's go to the ringside announcements!

("Deeper Underground" by Jamiroquai plays as Ash Robinson comes out to a
half-cheer, half-pop. Apparently, ever since AWS Man (also known as
Bill)'s almighty heel turn last week, Ash Robinson has become the
half-face of this match. Oh yeah, and Whiskey Wayne accompanies him as

Meygon: The following contest, scheduled for one fall, is for the IWO
Pacific Championship! First, from Los Angeles, California... weighing in
at two hundred and sixty-five pounds... he is a former IWO United States
champion... he's accompanied to the ring by Whiskey Wayne and he's the
master of the Shadow Kick, ladies and gentlemen... he is ASH "SHADOW"

(Robinson climbs into the ring and gestures to the crowd.)

JS: We'll see if he's got any ring rust on him...

("Deeper Underground" fades out, then "Three Point One Four" by the
Bloodhound Gang plays as AWS Man (also known as Bill) comes out to a
chorus of boos, being accompanied to the ring with Brian Blade and the

Meygon: And his opponent, from Freakville, North Carolina, weighing in
at two hundred and thirty-four pounds... he is a former IWO United
States, World Tag, and Intercontinental Tag champion... he's also being
accompanied to the ring by the Nude and Brian Blade. He is the master of
the Win the Freakin' Matchifier as well as other deadly moves... ladies
and gentlemen... he is AWS MAN (also known as Bill)!

(AWS Man (also known as Bill) climbs into the ring.)

*ding, ding, ding*

JS: And here we go!

(AWS Man (also known as Bill) and Ash Robinson lock up in the ring, and
AWS Man (also known as Bill) hits a headlock takeover on Robinson and
holds him in the headlock. Robinson gets AWS Man (also known as Bill)
with a headscissors, but he rolls through with it. Robinson gets to his

MR: I hate feeling out processes. They suck.

JS: Yeah, I agree.

(They lock up again, and Robinson gets an arm twist on AWS Man (also
known as Bill). Then we figure: "Screw this wrestling shit", and
coconuts fall on both of them.)

AWS Man (also known as Bill): What the freak?

Ash Robinson: Uh?

(Suddenly, Donkey Kong jumps into the ring.)

JS: Okay, someone's been trippin' out on acid or something.

(Donkey Kong starts making 'ooga booga' noises, then kidnaps Whiskey

Whiskey Wayne: *hic* Ash! Save me!

Ash Robinson: I'll save you!

(Donkey Kong jumps up on some nearby scaffolding as the Super Mario
Brothers theme plays. Ash starts climbing up the scaffolding, but Donkey
Kong throws barrels at Ash.)

Ash Robinson: Damn you, you damn ape! Stop throwing barre- AHHHHHH!!!!!

(Robinson gets hit by a barrel, jumps damn near a foot off the
scaffolding, then falls to his doom. Erm, I mean, to the floor. It's
only three feet up. Suddenly, a display shows up, which reads "ASH X 2"
"AWS MAN X 3". AWS Man (also known as Bill) starts climbing.)

AWS Man (also known as Bill): C'mon, freakin' Donkey Kong. Drop the
freakin' manager and no one gets hurt.

AK: It seems to me that AWS Man (also known as Bill) is unaware that
he's without Pen, ever since Schitzo Tod took him from AWS Man (also
known as Bill).

(AWS Man (also known as Bill) swiftly dodges the barrels. One of them
crashes into Ash Robinson, who started climbing, again. The display
comes up again, which says "ASH X 1 / AWS MAN X 3".)

Ash Robinson: This is not my day.

MR: My god. AWS Man (also known as Bill) is almost as the top of the
scaffolding! That's almost twenty feet!



AWS Man (also known as Bill): Freak!


JS: Wait, no! He didn't knock him off! AWS Man (also known as Bill) is
holding on to Spiderman!

AWS Man (also known as Bill): Freaaaakkkk! Would you stop freakin'
swinging so I can freakin' get down, already?

JS: My god! Spiderman has taken AWS Man (also known as Bill) back to the

AK: AWS Man (also known as Bill) spills out onto the canvas, as
Spiderman is standing on the top turnbuckle!

JS: AWS Man (also known as Bill) is up, and Spiderman hits a missile
dropkic- whoa! Spiderman just shot a web thing up on the rafters and is
still suspended in midair!

(The display now reads "ASH X 1 / AWS MAN X 2"

MR: Spiderman lets go and hits a 450 splash on AWS Man!

(The display now reads "ASH X 1 / AWS MAN X 1")

JS: Wait! Ash Robinson is back in the ring! Robinson measures
Spiderman... SHADOW KICK(Superkick)! SHADOW KICK!

MR: Robinson took out Spiderman!

JS: But AWS Man (also known as Bill) is back up! He goes for Knock Your
Freakin' Head Off! Robinson ducks! Robinson goes for the Shadow Kick!
AWS Man (also known as Bill) ducks! AWS Man (also known as Bill) grabs
Robinson! He goes for the Drop You On Your Freakin Face! Robinson slips
out from behind! Robinson goes for German suplex, but AWS Man (also
known as Bill) flips out!

MR: AWS Man (also known as Bill) grabs the confused Robinson! BREAK YOUR

(The display now reads "ASH X 0 / AWS MAN X 1")

MR: AWS Man (also known as Bill) goes for the cover! One... two...

(The display reads: PLAYER TWO: AWS MAN (also known as Bill) WINS...

JS: This was messed up.

MR: Indeed.

-----Commercial Break-----

[The scene cuts to the back again where we see Evan Levine now talking to Sam Potright.]

AK: There he is again...even fired he has to be in the spotlight.


[As Potright and Levine talk Jamie along with 6 cops show up.]

Jamie: LEVINE! What the hell do you think your doing?

Evan: Talking to Sam Potright......what the hell do you think your doing?

Jamie: Kicking your ass out of MY building!

Evan: What the hell did I do? I was just talking to my old friends.

Jamie: Does it matter? GET HIM OUT OF MY SIGHT!

[THe cops go over to Evan as Evan pulls away but he puts out his hands as the fans go nuts. The cops start to take Evan out of the building as Evan starts to scream at Jamie]


[The scene cuts back to the ring as the fans are still going nuts!]

MR: Fans, I really don't know what to think about what just happened. So lets just get to our next match!

JS: Up next... The MAIN EVENT!

AK: Stop shouting, we can all hear you just fine.

JS: Yes but this is the MAIN EVENT!

MR: Yes Jason, it is, but why don't we all be quite so I can explain this match to the fans... On Hostile Takeover Schitzo Tod turned on his Mystery Partner- Syphon Fission. We don't realy know why he did it, since no one has seen or heard from him in a few days. But, because Fission got double-crossed, he got angry. Now's his chance for revenge, in a garage match.


(The scene fades into the arena's parking lot. Syphon Fission steps out and the crowd goes nuts.)

Syphon Fission: Ok Tod, come on out. Lets get this started.

*No answer*

Syphon Fission: Heh, guess he's to chicken to face e.

(At that, Fission gets whacked in the back. He falls down, and standing over him is Tod with a led pipe. The crowd starts to boo)

MR: That was cheap!

JS: Brilliant! Brilliant I tell you!

(Tod drops the pipe, and stats helping Fission to his feet. Fission slowly grabs the pipe, then drives it into Tod's leg.)

AK: That had to have hurt.

MR: Both men are down, but it looks like Syphon's re-gaining his strength.

(Fission grabs Tod, and starts punding his head against a car. After Tod gets busted open, Fission delivers a kick to the mid section of Tod, then DDT's him onto the pipe.)

MR: The crowd's going insane!

(As soon as Tod recovers, Syphon Fission bulldog's him right into the car.)

AK: The just shows anyone not to mess with Fission.

MR: Right. What's this? It looks like Fission's getting a trash can.

(Syphon Fission hits the trashcan over Tod's head, then thows it on the ground. He picks up Tod then delievers a death plundge (pedigree) onto the trash can.)

MR: That's it right there! Syphon Fission has won the match!

(Again Fission picks Tod up, and delievers a death plundge on the trash can.)

MR: How much more can Tod take?!

(Syphon lets go of Tod, then walks over to a car that has it's trunk poped. He opens the trunk to find any type of weapon. While he looks, Tod slowly makes his way to his feet. Tod grabs the garabge can, the rushes for Fission. WHAM! Tod smakes him and he falls backwards into the car. Tod closes the trunk and the card speeds off.)

MR: What the?! Who was driving that car with Fission in the trunk?! WHy is Tod doing this?! What a Meldown! Folks, I'm Max Riot.. Signing Off! Good Night!