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Monday Night Meltdown
Main Event
Team CGI vs. Phelen Kell and ??? (TBA)
The fight for the belt is on, as Syphon and his best friend and IWO great Marvin "The Birdman" Gardens team up to face Phelen Kell, the current IWO world champ, and another man to be revealed come Meltdown.

Extreme Rooftop Match
Justin Shack vs. Ken War vs. Mike Extreme
This isn't for any title, or really its placement in the card means nothing either, it's just we think the current Extreme champ versus an Extreme Legend...versus the man that named Extreme.....Could there be a better extreme match?

Us Title Match
Billy Ray -c- vs. Donie Daze
Daze asked for it, Billy agreed, so, here it is. Plus its a ratings grabber, we had no problem booking it either.

Jump Ship match!
Scott Morris vs Scott Stone
Well, need I say what this match is? Well I will anyway. The only way to win is to jump of a barge going down one of the 3 rivers in Pit! Now where did the idea of this match come from, oh, they have there ways of come to me.

IC Tag match
Bastards Incorporated -c- vs. Those Damned Mexicans vs. Enemies of the State
Once again, our tag team division is slowly thining out, so we decided to put three of the rising tag teams against one another in what could be the match of the card. We'll see what happens.

TV Title Number one contenders match.
Adam Wars -c- vs Shawn Arrows
Shawn lost his title at Ice Age, now he has a chance to get it back when he takes on Wars. Whoever wins this match will go on to next MNM to face K-Mart.

Opening Match
Win or be fired match
Liquid Metal vs Scott Linx vs Eric Reed vs Oscar
Most of these guys are either taken up roster space or are just being lazy. SO IWO has come to the thought that they need to get an eye opener. Only one man can win, so the winner keeps his job in the IWO, and the loser gets their pink slip.

MR: We're about to start our first match of the night. Liquid metal versus Scott Linx versus Eric Reed vs Oscar, in a match where the winner keeps his job, while the losers are fired.

JT: Good! The less jobbers the better!

AK: I would kind of have to agree with that one. These guys seem to be pretty lazy. They deserve to be fired.

MR: All but one of them do. Any predictions on this one?

JT: Scott Linx. He was in the IWO before and he won't get fired like this. Actually, I don't really care. I wish they'd all get fired.

AK: I'll go with Oscar. He's from Australia and I like Australian men.

JT: You like any kind of men.

AK: Shut up!

MR: I'm going with Eric Reed. I don't know why. I just can't agree with either of you, and I'm not particular to the name Liquid metal.

AK: How about we go to Meygon for the announcement.

MR: Sounds good.

Meygon: Coming to the ring first, LIQUID MEEEEEETTAAAALLLLL!!!!!!

(Liquid metal comes to the ring to a small pop)

MR: That wasn't very exciting.

JT: He's a jobber. What do you expect?

AK: Shut up and let Meygon call this so we can get it over with.

Meygon: Coming to the ring next, from Richmond, Virginia. He stands at 6' 4" and 250 pounds!!! He is the master of the Dynamo!!! He is SCOTT LIIIIINNNNNX!!!!!!!!!!!

("Rock Superstar" by Cypress Hill begins to blast throughout the arena. The crowd gives a moderate pop as Scott Linx makes his way to the ring. He gets in the ring and stares down Liquid metal.

AK: Let's just get this over with. It's going to be a bore fest.

MR: You guys can always look forward to the rest of the matches. Think about them when you're calling this.

JT: I just want this one to go by! Hurry up and get all the jobbers out here!

Meygon: Coming to the ring next ERIC REEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Eric Reed comes out to a moderate pop. He gets into the ring and stands in his corner)

Meygon: Coming to the ring last, OOOOSSSSSSSSCCCAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Oscar runs down to the ring and slides in. Liquid metal and Linx go at it, while Reed stomps on Oscar)


MR: This isn't an elimination match by the way. The first person to get the pinfall is the one to keep his job.

JT: If I had my way, they would all be fired!

MR: Liquid metal and Linx are going at it. metal has Linx backed up into the corner. He attempts a shoulder block and lands it in the stomach of Linx. He's going for a second and a third. Linx is holding his check. metal takes him out of the corner with a snapmare takedown.

JT: Oscar and Reed are going at it near the ropes. A punch by Reed. A punch by Oscar. Reed with another. Oscar blocked it. A punch to the face of Reed. Now another.

AK: Oscar whips Reed to the ropes! Reed holds on. Oscar rushes at Reed. Reed tackles him to the ground. He's unloading punches on Oscar. The ref is breaking it up though.

MR: Liquid metal is laying boots into Linx. One after the other.

JT: That looks like it's starting to hurt. Linx is holding his side. Metal picks him up and whips him to... no. Linx reverses it and whips Liquid to the ropes.

AK: Reed is picking up Oscar and throwing him to the outside.

MR: Liquid off the ropes, Linx levels him with a huge clothesline. Metal is up, and Linx hits him with another clothesline.

JT: Here comes Reed into the mix. He hits Linx with an elbow from behind. He falls to the ground. Metal and Reed are both laying into Linx with some strong kicks.

MR: Reed has stopped. He rushes at Liquid Metal and dropkicks him in the knee. Metal falls to the ground. Reed takes him and puts him in an arm bar.

JT: That looks painful. Maybe we'll get to see a broken bone!

AK: That's disgusting.

JT: Oscar looks like he's coming back in!

MR: Oscar hits the ropes. He dropkicks Reed in the face. Liquid is on the ground holding his arm.

JT: Linx is up too. He is behind Oscar. He grabs him and hits a back body drop. Now he's laying the boots into Oscar.

AK: Liquid and Reed are both getting up. Liquid is up. Reed is on his hands and.

Jump Ship Match
Scott Stone vs Scott Morris
(As the camera pan from inside of the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, Pa to
the outside as a barge is floating down the river as the camera gets closer
and closer to the barge you find out it is Scott Morris and Scott Stone as
the announcers break in as the scene shows Scott Morris and Scott Stone both looking at how cold the water is as the camera cuts to VP Evan)

VP Evan: Hey everyone since I am a fucking idiot and said the first
person to jump off of the barge would win forget that. The winner has to push his oppenent off of the barge into the 20 degree freezing river. And
remember Stone and Al Pittsburgh flushes all their sewage into those rivers

(as the camera cuts back to Scott Morris and Scott Stone standing on the barge which is crusing down the river with a bed full of Coal as the wind is
wiping also out in the middle of the river as the fans inside of the
Mellon Arena are going nuts at they watch the screen as the barge blows its wistle signaling the beginning of the match between these two)

MR: And here we are in yet another fucking Pittsburgh style match with
Scott Morris and Scott Stone in a Jump Ship match on a barge. You heard from VP Evan the first person to get pushed into the river looses.

JT: Ya what a fucking idiot Evan is thinking that someone would
Jump off of a fucking ship to win a fucking match come on now!

AK: This is the IWO though, and you have a man that damn near took Titan to his limit in Scott Morris taking on Scott Stone a former two time North American IWO Champion and IWO TV Champion and don't forget Stone also won the IWO World Tag Team Title with Tyler Johnson when they where the Prime Time Soldiers, hell they won the IWO World Title twice I believe.

MR: Yep these are for sure two legends in the IWO standing off on a
freezing cold night here in Pittsburgh in the middle of a river!

JT: Ha ha ha h aha look at them shaking I bet Scott Morris wants his
fat mom
back now so they can cuddle! HAHAHAHHA

AK: Stop it JT that aint nice well the match is under way and I think
men are too cold to wrestle out there!

MR: Heck no they aint too cold as Stone kicks Morris right in the nuts and
should get this match going tonight.

JT: HAHA HA HA Got to love when Scott Morris the laziest SOB in the IWO
kicked in the jimmy boy is that some funny ass shit!

AK: Well back to the action Stone picks up Morris and hip tosses him into
pile of Coal laying on the barge.

JT: What are you talking about AK a pile of Coal? The whole barge is
filled with coal. And Stone is running over and taking advantage of
down Morris but Morris picks up some coal off of the barge and throws it at
Stone hitting him in the head and I think Stone is cut!!!!!

MR: I think you are right I think Stone is cut this is big for Morris he
to take advantage of this asap. And I think he is going to Morris is up on
feet when a cold gust of freezing Pittsburgh Pa air blows him over.

JT: Ha ha ha classic that stupid drunk fuck got blown over by mother
nature! Classic!

AK: Hey that is an IWO legend you are talking about there JT! And
Stone is
back up and so is AL and they are toe to toe once again oh shit Stone
into Morris’s eye and I think that Morris is pissed off now.

(Morris wipes the spit off of his eye and turns around)

MR: Oh Stone nails Morris with a right cross right in the eye man that’s
got to
hurt and Stone picks up Morris DDT oh shit! What a move. And Stone is
back up
and he kicks AL right in the ribs whats the heck Stone is going nuts!

JT: I think Stone might win this one now Stone has Scott up in a Power
and there it is POWER BOMB by Scott Stone and Scott Morris is thrown into
Three Rivers and this match is all over!!!!

AK: Lets go to Meygon for the offical announcement!

Meygon: And your winner of this Jump Ship match is Scott Stone!!!!

US Title match(recheck winner)
MR: We have a good match coming up next.

AK: What match is that?

MR: Its the United States title match Donnie Daze verses the United
champion Billy Ray.

JT: Isn't this like Daze's 15th United States title shot?

MR. He hasn't had 15 title shots.

JT: He has had a lot of them.

MR: He has been screwed a lot to but this may be his best chance to
win his
first IWO gold tonight.

AK: Not only is this his best chance to win IWO gold tonight I think
he will
win tonight.

JT: Yeah right. Billy Ray is going to walk all over Daze tonight and
the United States title in his hometown.

MR: I really have no idea who is going to win this match with these
going at it one on one. These two have been going back and forth and
blames Billy for losing in that three way match with Daze, Billy Ray,
and Ash
Robinson verses Onslaught.

AK: Daze was pissed off about that and that is why I think he will win
match tonight.

JT: Daze is pissed off about everything.

MR: It looks like everybody is ready to get this match underway lets
head to
the ring.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first the challenger...From Port St.
Florida. Standing 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighting 225 pounds.
Former IML

("When Worlds Collide" by Powerman 5000 blast over the PA system and
fireworks start shooting off as Donnie Daze walks out. The crowd
cheers...Most of the crowd is booing him. Daze walks down to the ring
gets in not really paying much attention to the crowd.)

MR: Daze looks very confident tonight.

JT: He could have all the confidence in the world it still won't win
him the

AK: Did you hear the crowd?

MR: Yes, I did.

AK: They were booing Daze. Why did they do that?

MR: Its because we are in the hometown of Billy Ray and The Bartender.

AK: Ohhhhh yeah.

Ring Announcer: Introducing next he stands 6 feet and 2 inches tall
and he
weights 262 pounds from Pittsburgh, PA the IWO United States champion

(Family Traditions by Hank Williams Jr. blast over the PA system.
start shooting off as Billy Ray and The Bartender stumble out from
behind the
curtains. Billy has the United States title backwards over his

MR: These two are drunk off there asses.

JT: I know isn't it great?

AK: No, these two are making complete asses of themselves. How in the
does Billy expect to wrestle tonight?

JT: Drunk.

(Billy and The Bartender are still walking down to the ring when some
bald guy gives Billy a Coors Light Beer and Billy opens it and drinks
whole thing right there. Billy then crushes the can into his head.
stumbles back a little bit but he stays on his feet. Billy makes it to
ring while The Bartender passes out right where he is standing and he

JT: I love this. This is going to be great to watch a drunk man

MR: Billy may be drunk but something tells me he has wrestled drunk
so this shouldn't be a big deal to him.

AK: Good point.


MR: There is the opening bell and this match is underway. Billy and
lock up Daze has an arm bar locked on Billy early in this match. But
doesn't hold it on for long because Billy Ray just broke the arm bar
and sent
Daze to the ropes and he nailed him with one hell of a cloths line.
Daze is

JT: He isn't down for long. He is back on his feet and he swings and
Billy with a huge right hand punch.

AK: Holy mother...That right hand didn't seem to have any effect on

JT: I think Billy is so drunk he doesn't feel pain, well anything for

MR: Daze just gave Billy the old but still effective thumb to the eye
and I
can guarantee you that Billy felt that one. The United States champion
to be in control early in this match. DDT and Billy Ray is down...Daze
going for the cover and the win...
Two..........NOOSE, Billy kicked out after a two count.

JT: Why must you always yell NOOOOOOOO after someone kicks out?

MR: Its my job to.

JT: Its annoying..

AK: You two shut up and pay attention to the match.

MR: Okay...Both men are now back on there feet. Billy charges at Daze
Daze ducks and he drop kicks Billy from behind. Daze has controlled
most of
this match and he is still in control right now. Billy Ray is going to
to get some kind of offense going or we are going to have a new United

JT: Billy is just waiting for his moment.

AK: Daze has a sleeper hold locked on Billy. Billy is slowly fading

MR: Billy isn't fading slowly he is going out fast. The referee is
Billy's hand and it falls down. Two more of those and the match is
over we
crown a new United States champion. There Billy's hand goes
again...What is

JT: It looks like an overweight woman.

MR: I know that but what is she doing in the ring?

JT: Well, she just broke the sleeper hold and she is beating the crap
out of
Donnie Daze.

MR: Does she know Billy?

JT: I don't know but I think I know something that does. Show that

(The big fat woman is shown in the crowd. As soon as she sees Billy
Ray is
in trouble she jumps over the guard rail and she squashes the guards
and runs
in the ring.)

MR: There you have it. She must be a fan of Billy Rays.

AK: You know the whole time I've watches this fat woman beat up Daze
wondering why the referee hasn't stopped the match yet.

MR: My guess would be because this is a United States title match and
would be screwing Daze real bad.

AK: Good point.

MR: Finally the security have got her out of there. Sadly they had to

JT: That was so funny.

MR: Daze took a beating and I really don't think he saw that coming.
Ray is back on his feet and he is pummeling Daze with rights and lefts.

JT: WooHoo go Billy!

AK: Well, Billy may have found the opening he needed. He is now
some offense going.

MR: Billy sends Daze to the ropes hurricanranna. Daze is down...Billy
over on top of him..
Th....................NOOOOOO Daze kicked out.

JT: You see you did it again. They actually pay you for that?

MR: Yes, and pay me well but what I can't understand is why they pay

AK: Billy has Daze up and he sends him to the ropes but no Daze
well hell Billy reversed it and Daze hits the ropes. What in the?

JT: Someone tripped up Daze.

MR: That someone was The Bartender.

JT: But I thought he was past out over there.

AK: He must have woke up. Because not only did he trip Daze up he
left that
empty beer bottle in the ring and the referee hasn't seen it.

MR: The Bartender is distracting the referee. Billy has the bottle
and Daze
turns around...SMASH! Daze just got knocked out with that beer bottle.
Billy is going for the pin.
THRE..................NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Daze kicked out some way
some how.
I have no idea how he did that but he did.

JT: Damn it! Billy should have had the win right there.

AK: Daze wants to win this title real bad because he just got hit with
beer bottle and he kicked out.

MR: Billy just picked up Daze and he puts a headlock on Daze. Daze
stay in that long because he just picked up and slammed Billy on the
Billy really looked surprised at how Daze kicked out after he hit him
the beer bottle.

JT: Come on Billy get up.

AK: Daze really wants the United States title tonight and he is giving
his all.

MR: Daze and Billy lock up Daze is going for a suplex...But no Billy
it into a small package...
THREEEEE............Billy has beaten Daze and he is still the champion.

Ring Announcer: The winner of this match up and still United States

(Family Traditions by Hank Williams Jr. blast over the PA system and
grabs the United States title belt and leaves with The Bartender
through the

MR: What a match up but come right back after this break.