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IWO Indi (2002)


Darkness. An eeriely calm night sky, sparks of
white light shine from the heavens, in the form of burning fire. The
moonlight lays down light apon the earth, revealing a picture to all. Small
concrete rocks lie uprooted in the ground, the grass a fresh green, flowers
lie ahead of the stones. The wear and tear of time has slowly erroded the
marble, leaving them worn and torn, and slowly destroying them. The flowers
have slowly wilted, some stones have fallen, it seems very unmaintenced.
Silence, still, nothing can be heard or seen, until the soft roar of an
engine can be heard. Slowly, we see a wider image, of a Lotus pulling up to
the side, bright white in color, reflecting the moonlight all around. A
slamming of the door can be heard, as slowly, High Flyer makes his way over
to the site. He seems to be distraught, somewhat torn, destroyed
emotionally. His eyes show wrinkles of a forty year old man, slowly dragging
them down in a fashion of no sleep. His hair seems ratted and frizzled.
Everything has gotten to him and his entire family. Slowly, he drops to his
knees, taking a deep breath in. The moss covers what looks to be writing, as
Flyer's hand brushes against it, taking whatever moss off of the stone

Joseph and Sarah Harmen.

February 5th and 6th, 1982

Flyer let out a sigh. It was visably difficult for
him to be here, at this point and time in his life, nevertheless at any time
in his life. "I'm Sorry."

Flyer lowered his head in an attempt to work
through his thoughts, his conflicting emotions, his mind. A slight ringing
noise can be heard, as Flyer looked down towards his jean pocket, talking
out his cell phone. It was Kate. She had been calling him for two days
straight, ever since he ran out of the hospital room. He let out another
sigh and turned off his phone, not answering her call, and placing it back
in his jeans.

"I'm... I'm sorry for not coming here sooner."
stumbled Flyer, trying to convey his thoughts and emotions into words. "I'm
at the end of my ropes. I don't know what to do anymore. This career, this
life I've made up, it means nothing. It's worthless. Fucken meaningless..."

Flyer smacked himself for saying the words about
the business he cherished, but he still felt the way he felt. After so many
years of dedication, he realized that finally, family was much more
important than any sort of glory. Any sort of championship. "How could I be
so stupid. So dumb. I thought I wanted to live this lifestyle that you lead
Dad, but I didn't want it to do what it did to you! I thought I was
impervious to it. To the strains, and the destruction this business caused.
Why am I here?"

Flyer collapsed to a sitting position. The wear
had slowly tortured his body and soul. The wear and tear of the road, of his
family life, of his life in general. Life was hurting itself, in a
masochisstic sort of way. "Why... Why am I here? Why am I living your life?
Why am I following in your footsteps! I don't want Kate to feel pain... I
don't want to live through what you lived through all those years. I don't
want to die in the ring..." Flyer trailed off. He realized then and there,
that his life mimicked his father's to a T. He realized that his days would
soon be over, and he wouldn't be able to see his one son grow up, just like
his father could never see him grow up. Instead of a feeling of sadness, a
feeling of shear anger seemed to overtake him.

"Why did you have to die Dad! Why did you have to
kill yourself Mom! Why the hell did this have to happen! Why is it going to
happen to me!" Flyer began to throw right hands at the ground, leaving
imprints of his fist in the soft mud. After a small while, Flyer collapsed
to a lying position...


Slowly the camera panned away to an aeriel view,
before fading out to a pitch black.

GP: Well weíre going to have a bit of comic relief to start off todayís

JT: Comic relief. You mean IWO couldnít find anything to do with the first
15 minutes of tonightís show so these 2 knuckleheads are killing some time
before the real wrestlers get in the ring.

GP: Thatís just not true JT.

Shallow: Yeah it is. These 2 guys suck.

JT: See, even the egg head agrees with me.

Shallow: Egg head? Where the hell is that coming from?

JT: Up my ass and around the corner.

Shallow: ...

GP: Youíre an idiot.

JT: Wait a minuteÖ

GP: What?

JT: Isnít there usually some dramatic beginning to this show?

Shallow: Hey yeah, waitÖwhat happened to the cool fireworks and heavy metal music and what not?

(The camera goes backstage to where the entire technical crew is cheering Evan on in his Mortal Kombat 2 bout against Tom.)

GP: Jesus Christ.


Shallow: Actually, Mortal Kombat is my favorite gameÖ(gets up to leave, JT and GP grab him)


Shallow: JUST ONE GAME!!


Shallow: ÖjustÖoneÖgameÖ


Shallow: *cries*

GP: Fans, we apologize for the lack of exciting things at this show. Apparantly our technical crew is playing Nintendo. Lets just go to the ring.

( Meygon steps into the ring with a mic in hand. )

JT: Say, how did we switch cameras if the technical crew isnít working?

GP: Iíd explain, but it involves a lot of physics and chemistry.

JT: Ah.

GP: And a rhincerous named Bobo.


Meygon: Now coming to the ring, weighing in at 500 pounds...PEANUT!!

( The crowds gets up to gets some beer. )

Meygon: And his opponent for this match...ALTIOD!

( The fans return to their seats, but most find some other reason to leave
the area until this match is over. )

GP: It seems as if the fans arenít very receptive to these 2 wrestlers.

JT: Who cares about them? I thought they were died. Like the faggot Johnny

Shallow: Iím right here you idiot.


( Hides under his desk. )

GP: God heís dumb.


GP: And this match is started. Peanut, who is a fat ass slob kinda dude of
some kind is standing in center ring, like he doesnít know where he is.
Altoid takes advantage, by punching him in the stomach with his left
hand!...but his left hand gets stuck in Peanutís gut.

JT: Altoid with a right!...itís stuck too.

Shallow: Altoid thinks heís real smart. Now he kicks peanut...and both feet
are stuck. God what the hell is this? That moron Altoid head butts Peanut
and gets his head sucked in. Heí completely stuck.

JT: Peanut has yet to do anything in this match but be a fat slob. Iím gonna
go buy some Coke this match sucks.

GP: Good, get me some soda too.

JT: Soda?

GP: You said you were gonna go get Coke.

JT: Yeah, thaaats what I meant. Coke the soda kind...*nervous laugh* heh

Shallow: You know damn well you werenít talking about cocaine. Youíre too
pussy to even smoke a cigarette.

JT: I could buy coke.

Shallow: Sure JT ...sure.

JT: Iíll prove it.

( JT goes over to the Mexican announcer table, and tries to score some
cocaine. The Mexicans are highly offended that JT stereotyped them as crack
dealers, but they point toward the nearest Columbian drug lord they smuggle
the stuff in the US for. )

GP: ...I donít care. I just donít care.

( Peanut falls asleep, and crushes Altiod. )

GP: Ooooh! Well thereís the match. Letís go to...

( All the kings horses and all the kings men, mistake Altiod for Humpty
Dumpty and put him back together, this time with tampons for hands. )

GP: What the...

( Altiod attacks Peanut, and the big 500 pounder flees of Altiodís tampon
rage. He retreats to the back with Altiod on his tail. )

Shallow: This match just keeps getting more an more bizarre.

( Altiod rounds a corner were he sees Peanut by a refreshment stand. )

Altiod: *holding up his tampon hands.* I GOT YOU NOW!!

Peanut: No you donít!

GP: What the hell is Peanut doing?

Shallow: If Iím not mistaken, heís...MAKING CAPPACCINO!! HEíS MAKING IT AT A

GP: In what sense?

Shallow: ...Well...Altiod doesnít know what the fuck is happening.

( Altiod snaps out of it, and attacks Peanut. Peanut holds up two cups of
cappaccino and Altiodís tampon hands go into them. He then begins screaming
like a bitch. )

Shallow: I have NO idea what just happened.

GP: Donít you see? Altiodís hands were tampons. Super absorbent kinds. His
tampon hands sucked in all that hot cappaccino heís in enormous pain right
now. He has to be.

( Peanut tries to walk away, but slips, and falls on top of Altiod. The ref
makes the count. )




Meygon: Your winner...PEANUT!

GP: What a match!

Shallow: Whereís JT?

( We see JT sprawled on the floor, with white power covering his face, while
a Colombian drug lord counts large amounts of 100 Dollar bills. )

JT: *while obviously high*

Shallow: He brings idiocy to the next level. Weíll be right backÖ

*commercial break*
Scene cuts to a shot of Jack Breaker outside of Jamie Kosoy's dressing room. He knocks gingerly on the door, and a few moments later, Jamie answers.)

Jamie: Jeez, could you hold just a minute? I finally got John in the clutches of Shang Tsung and now I have to watch and gloat as his soul is sucked away! Mua ha hah!

Jack: Uhm... wonderful. But I really need to talk with you. Remember my friend, Rodeo Daniels?

Jamie: I can honestly say that I don't.

Jack: Oh, come on! Sure you remember! You were considering him for an IWO contract untill he ran over your cat?

Jamie: I don't have a cat.

Jack: Not anymore, you don't. But... uhm... seriously, and stuff. He really needs a job. He's a hard worker, he's qualified, and he's a whole bunch of other stuff that I wrote on my hand so I wouldn't forget but then I took a shower and I forgot about it so they all washed off... uhm... yeah. Just give him a tryout, at least.

Jamie: Oh, ALL RIGHT, if it means I can get back to schooling John in MK2.... but there's a catch. I'll give Rodeo his contract, but first... you have to beat me in a game of Mario Tennis!

Jack: Gasp! No, not tha.. oh, wait, Mario Tennis? You're on, man. Bring your ass.

Jamie: All right, then. Step into my office, won't you?

(Fade out.)

JT: Oh boy.

GP: Iím not going to say a word. Letís just get to the next match, which pitsÖ

( ďMutant XĒ by Twiztid blares over the PA System, as we see Ken War appear
on top of the entrance ramp and walk down to the ring. )

GP: What the hell is he doing?

JT: Cutting an interview dumbass. Damn Greg, and youíre supposed to be the
start one.

( War demands a mic from one of the IWO grounds crew, and is handed one
shortly. He raises to his lips, and begins to speak. )

Ken War: Let me cut to the chase. Chris Anthony. You and I have a long
brutal history with each other. You hate me, and believe me the feelings
mutual, but if you thought your little run in last Hostile Takeover was
enough to take me down, you are mistaken! Itíll take a shit load more then
that to bring down Ken War!! Even death, couldnít successfully defeat me,
how do you expect to? So why donít we finish what you started, and have you
come down to the ring.

GP: Ken War just issued an out right challenge to Chris Anthony. But I donít
think heís in the Arena tonight.

( The lights dim, and strobe spotlights scan the crowd, as ďTill Hell
Freezes OverĒ by D12 blares over the PA system. )

GP: Oh, guess I was wrong.

JT: Thatís not his music, thatís...

( Nuke, dressed in his normal wrestling attire, with a silver Jason mask
covering his face, walks down a ramp, and is tossed a mic on the way to the
ring. )

JT: What the hell is he doing out here?

( Ken War, asking himself the same question, walks to ringside, and stares
down Nuke who is a few feet away from the ring on the outside. )

Ken War: What the hell are you doing here? I called out Chris Anthony, are
you deaf? Iím finished with you.

Nuke: Oh, but Iím far from finished with you. I really didnít like how our
last match ended. I couldíve beaten you without Chris Anthonyís

Ken War: Is that it? Youíve come down here to ďsayĒ you couldíve beaten me
without help.

Nuke: No I can down here, because I donít like you, and I intend to beat you
without any help.

Ken War: Heh. Ok, well Chris Anthony doesnít seem to be in the house
tonight, and since youíre so eager to be ripped limb from limb, why donít
you come here, and get what you came out here for!

( Nuke drops the mic, and slides into the ring. Ken War immediately attacks
him, and brings him to his feet. )

GP: Ken War and Nuke are getting it on in the ring now!

JT: Why do you have to say it like that?

GP: You now what a freaking mean.

( Ken War chops Nuke on the chest a few times, then goes to Irish whip him.
Nuke however, reverses into a short arm clothesline, and hammers away on Ken
War with punches to the face. )

GP: Nuke just got the upper hand here.

( War kicks Nuke off of him, but Nuke is right on him. Nuke begins to lift
War to his feet, but War hits him with a punch to the gut. Ken War lands a
few right hands on Nuke, backing him into the ropes. Ken War then whips Nuke
into the opposite ropes. Ken War goes for strong clothesline, but Nuke
ducks, and hits the Fall Out(inverted stunner) )


JT: Damn! That was quick.

( Nuke hits the 4 corners. )

JT: Now heís playing to the fans. What a cheesy bastard.

GP: I donít think he should be gloating with Ken War still in the ring. No
matter what Nuke thinks about him, War has been through a lot, heís down but
not quite out just yet.

JT: Please. I doubt he knows what state heís in.

( Nuke gets on top of the 4th corner, and climbs to the top, getting a cheap
pop from the fans. When Ken War groggily begins to get to his feet. )

GP: Ken Warís back up!

JT: What the hell?

GP: I told you, Nuke underestimated him and heís about to pay for it.

( War sees Nuke on top of the turnbuckle, like heís the fucking Rock or
something, and becomes enraged. But Nuke is oblivious to him, unaware that
he is up. War charges in, crotching Nuke on the top rope. )

GP: War has Nuke on the top rope! War sets him up...PSYCHO DRIVER!! KEN WAR

( Nuke is laid out on the mat, as Ken War stomps down on him. Ken War stomps
Nuke out of the ring, under the bottom rope, and climbs out himself. Ken War
goes over to the announcers table, and pulls out a chair. )




( Ken War continues delivering chair shot after chairshot to Nuke as if he
were possessed. Nuke lays battered, in his own pool of blood. )

GP: Ken War really laid it to Nuke there.

JT: Heh heh!! That cocky bastard got what he deserved.

( Ken War lays the chair down on the ground, and brings Nuke to his feet. He
then drags Nuke over to the announcers table, and powerbombs him through it,
crumbling it to bits. )


JT: I think heís done.

( Ken War turns his back on Nuke, laying in the rubble, and begins to walk
toward the exit, when Nuke begins to crawl out of the broken announcers
table. )


JT: Iíd stay down if I were. Him he really got his ass kicked once tonight.

( Nuke slowly pulls himself to his feet, and calls out to Ken War, actually
jeering him. Ken War stops dead in his tracks, and turns toward Nuke. )

JT: What is he stupid? Nuke is in now condition to stand on his own two
feet, let alone trash talk.

GP: I donít know what heís doing, but Nuke has a lot of heart to take the
abuse he did, and ask for more.

( Ken War charges Nuke and knees him in the gut. Nuke falls to the floor.
Ken War hammers away on him. )

GP: Ken War is relentless here, punching away at Nuke.

( Ken War then piledrives Nuke, slamming his head onto the concrete. Ken War
then rips Nuke to his feet, and gives him a Psycho Driver, onto the crowd
barricade. )

JT: Ken War is really beating the shit out of Nuke.

( Ken War rips Nuke to his feet, and drags him to the steel entrance ramp,
and powerbombs him onto it. )


JT: Ken War had enough. Heís walking to the back.

( Nuke slowly again, slumps himself up on his hands and knees, enable to get
to his feet, but heís STILL trash talking Ken War. )


GP: How is he still conscious after all that!

( Ken War again turns to Nuke, and kicks him in the ribs, knocking him back
down. Ken War then goes over to the ring. )

GP: What the hell is he doing?

JT: Heís getting tables!

GP: My God. War just wonít let up. Ken War take a table, no TWO tables. He
slams one of them on top of Nuke while they were still folded. He sets them
up and double stacks them. He then pulls Nuke, who is in bad shape, to his
feet. Oh no, heís not gonna.


( Ken War drags Nuke, in a firemans carry position and balances himself on
the crowd barricade. Ken War then gives Nuke a Psycho Driver(DVD into a
Diamond cutter) through BOTH tables. )



( Ken War rips Nuke out of the table rubble, and puts him in a head scissors
position. Ken War then grabs Nuke by the mid section, lifts him, and gives
him a running powerbomb off of the ramp! )


JT: You already said that GP.


( Nuke lays motionless as Ken War looks down at him. Ken War then comes off
the top with an elbow drop to Nuke. )


( EMTís and IWO officials rush over to Nukeís side. EMTís place Nuke on a
stretcher. He is bleeding profusely. His wrestling attire is torn, his body
looks mangled, and his life liquids are even oozing through the Jason mask
he wears to the ring, like a human fountain of blood. Ken War is escorted
away, and is clutching his shoulder from the elbow drop, but from the
sadistic look on his face, it was worth it to him. )

GP: And Nuke is taken away to an ambulance. This is terrible.

JT: What are you talking about? That was cool!

GP: JT Nuke might be out of wrestling for a long time. Imagine how many
broken bones, and internal bleeding he must have. Thatís not funny.

JT: Please. He run his mouth, and got his ass busted for it. I think itís
goddamn hilarious.

GP: Youíre sick, and so is Ken War. I hope Nuke is able to live through

JT: Hey, HE was the one who came out here. I deserved every bit of it.

GP: Whatever. Letís go to commercial break while the grounds crew get
everything sorted out at ring side.

*Commercial Break*

(We cut to see Simon Seaman, with his referee's shirt pacing just outside of
the United Center. IWO's own Nikki walks up to Simon to get an interview
and shoves the microphone in his face. Looking at Nikki with a serious
glare, he looks down at the mic.)

Nikki:Simon Seaman, what are you doing out here?

Simon:Look, I'm not in the mood for this. You caught me at a really bad
time here.

Nikki:Just one quick question. Could it be that the reason you are out here
is to find Ben O'Connor? The individual that stole your property.

Simon:You think I'm going to let that moron, Ben O'Connor, take what's mine
and get away with it? He can dress my IWO Unified title up. Put pretty
decorations on it, engrave his ugly name on the front, get his mom to place
sequins on it like on his ballerina outfit when he was five, I don't really
give a rat's ass what he does. For he knows that deep inside that mind of
his, it isn't really his. So I have taken the liberty to do this.

(Simon picks up a ladder with Ben O'Connor's name on it and looks into the

Simon:Remember this, Ben? It's my good old friend, ladder. You know what?
You not only get to meet him at Heatstroke, but by the time you enter the
building, I'm going to hit you with this dangerous object very, very, very,
hard. So bring yourself down, Ben. Look no further because I'm standing
right here. No, not the buffet line, here in the parking lot.

(Simon stands up the ladder and goes talks back into the microphone.)

Simon:Now if you would excuse me Nikki, I would like it if you would stop
staring at me with those bedroom eyes of yours. I've got some work to do.

(Back to HT)

JT:Welcome back ladies & gentlemen to this addition of Hostile Takeover. Our next match features Eraser Vs Justin Lucas. GP can you tell us a little something about them?

GP: {Drooling on a pencil.}Uhhhhhhhhhhh

JT: Shallow can you tell us a little something about them?

Shallow: Yes I can JT. Eraser is a young, arrogant little pissed off tird who thinks he can wrestle & Justin Lucas is the same way but with one difference.

JT: What would that be Shallow?

Shallow. Justin Lucas actually has a wrestling degree from Wheaties & Eraser doesn't.

JT: How in hell did that happen.

Shallow: Well that's an interesting story. One day at his home Justin Lucas was emptying a wheaties box and he saw something in it. He cut it out & saw it was a cardboard cutout of a wrestling degree.

JT: Just like his IWO career heh heh.

Shallow: Let's go to the match where our special guest ring announcer Barny the dinosaur is awaiting to announce the match.

Barny: First... from Num Nut Ville, Mississippi... he has accomplished nothing since his stay in the IWO. Ladies & gentlemen presenting Eraser.

(Eraser makes his way into the ring. He enters the ring & awaits his opponent.)

Barny: His opponent... from the sticks of Red Neck Ville, California... he has accomplished nothing but to annoy people since his stay in the IWO. Ladies & gentlemen presenting Justin Lucas.

{Justin Lucas makes his way into the ring. He enters the ring & stairs down Eraser}

Barny: Now gentlemen I want to see a clean good fight. Now lets get it on.


JT: Theirs the bell.

Shallow: Eraser & Justin Lucas are now in each other's face. Eraser pushes Justin. Justin pushes Eraser. Eraser goes for a right hand. Justin ducks down. Low blow bye Justin Lucas on Eraser. Eraser is down on the ground thriving in pain. Man that has to hurt.

GP:{Finally stops drooling on the pencil} Justin Lucas takes a right foot. {Whack} To the ribs of Eraser. Justin kicks Eraser again & again in the rib's. Justin bends down & grab's Eraser bye the hair pulls him up & whips him into the ropes. Justin goes for a clothesline & connects. Eraser is down. Justin goes for a pin.


2........KICKOUT by Eraser.

JT: Justin gets up quickly as Eraser slowly makes his way back to his feet. Justin is waiting for him. Justin goes for a dropkick misses as Eraser back steps falls to the ground. Eraser grabs the ring ropes and pulls himself up. Eraser rushes Justin Lucas as he tries to get up. Clothesline by Eraser who flips Justin over nearly taking his head off. Eraser goes for the cover.



3..... NO KICKOUT bye Justin Lucas.

Shallow: Eraser picks Justin up kicks him into the stomic & hits a jumping DDT on Justin Lucas. Eraser is up again. He pulls up Lucas bye the hair whips him into the corner & rushes towards the Justin. Justin Side steps & starts go give left & rights one right after another. Justin picks up Eraser & sets him on the second rope. Justin climbs to the second rope sets Eraser up for what seems to be a superplex.

GP: Justin Lucas tries to pick up Eraser but Eraser is holding the ropes. Eraser has Justin up & down he goes for a front face plant onto the canvas. Eraser turns around & climbs to the third rope. He sets up for a moonsalt. Eraser launches off the top rope. Justin Lucas moves. {Crash} Eraser misses with the moonsalt & he's in a lot of pain. Justin goes for the cover.



Shallow: What's this Barny that stupid Dino just stopped the count for no apparent reason. What's this why does that purple idiot now have a mic?

Barny: Come on guys cant we all get along. Let's sing my song. I love you, you love me ahhhhh.

GP: Justin Lucas has Barny DDT on the purple freak.

JT: Thank God.

Shallow: Now we have no referee because Justin just took him out. Now what the hell is going on. The IWO Board is making their way out to the ringside area & they all have mic's Justin sees this and he heads towards the rope looking over towards the board member as Eraser is still on the canvas thriving in pain.

John Maples: Congrat's guy's for making this a good match but we have a problem.

Evan Levine: That we do John. Tell them Jamie.

Jamie Kosoy: Well guy's since you didn't keep your end of the bargain & do an interview this week. We the board feel that you two need to be punished. Say Justin have you ever seen celebrity deathmatch?

{Justin shakes his head yes.}

Jamie Kosoy: Justin do you know what happens at the end of every celebrity deathmatch.

{Justin shakes his head yes.}

Jamie Kosoy: Evan pull off the black cloth please.

{Evan pulls off the black cloth & reveals an N64 controller in Jamie's hand. Eraser finally gets up and sees the board.}

Jamie Kosoy: Justin & Eraser do either of you know what this is in my hand?

{Justin & Eraser both at the same time shake their heads yes.}

Jamie Kosoy: Well IM said to say that the likes of you two are no longer needed here in the IWO. So goodbye & die Muhaha.

{Jamie hits a button on his Nintendo control & both Justin Lucas & Eraser mysteriously blow up. A smile appears on the faces of the board members as they leave towards the back.}

JT: What the hell was that all about?

GP: It was blast heh heh.

Shallow: Oh well at least the IWO doesn't have to fire them.

JT,GP,Shallow: Heh heh ha ha ha ha.

{Five minutes pass & in the back heading torward his locker we see Jamie with controller at hand polishing it. Tony Davis makes his way over to Jamie.}

Tony Davis: Say Jamie where did you get that cool N64 controller?

Jamie Kosoy: Used at Funcoland.

Tony Davis: Thanks, later.

Jamie Kosoy: Later.

(The scene fades with Jack Breaker and Jamie arguing over pausing their Mario Tennis game.)

*Commercial Break*

(The scene fades out once again to Jamie's "office". Jack Breaker and Jamie are both there, seriously involved in a heated Mario Tennis battle.)

Jack: Ha! You like that backhand! WHO'S YOUR DADDY!??!

Jamie: Okay, Breaker. You've forced me to do this... BAM! POWER HIT! OOH YEAAH!

Jack: Is that the best you've got? I... OH YEAH! Right past you, baby! Advantage BOWSER! Game point!

Jamie: I'm just getting warmed up!

Jack: Okay, here we go! OH, WHAT A SERVE!

Jamie: Oh, come on. That was che... OH BABY! I'M ON FIRE! THERE'S THE RETURN!


John: Hey, can you guys keep it down? I'm trying to do nothing over here!

Jamie: You think you're bad, mistah Breaker? Just LOOK AT THAT HIT! WHAT POWER!

John: Okay, I warned you!

(With a quick tug, John pulls Jamie's controller plug out.)


(John flashes a big grin at Jamie and then leaves.)



Jamie: (Sigh) All right, all right. Your friend can debut next week on Takeover. But I want a damn rematch!

Jack: Oh, yeah? YOU'RE ON!

(Fade out once again.)

GP: So it looks like next week weíll see the debut of Rodeo Daniels!

Shallow: And look how many people care!

GP: JT cares.

Shallow- JT does not care.

GP-Where is he anyway?



JT-I'm right here.


Shallow-Don't lie.

JT-You can see me and hear me.

Shallow-Could be a hologram.

JT-Could a hologram do this.

(JT tries to punch GP but stumbles over and hits his head on the desk)

Shallow-Guess I was wrong.

(OOC Note: Somewhere amidst this last small segment there was supposed to be something humorous. I guess it just never really came to be, but I left it as is anyway cuz its so randomly weird it made me laugh. - J)

GP-Anyway it's time for another one of those great blow up matches.

JT-Yes they are great and I'm glad the board is doing something about the
lazy bums of this one time great company.

Shallow-Looking at our ratings we're turning into the old WCW.

(GP spazzes out and hits himself with a chair)



(Out comes Joe the Bum he drags a chair over and puts on a head set)

JT-Go away you smelly old fart.

JTB-That's what my mum said.

Shallow-Was that ment to be an insult or a sob story both ways it sucked.

JTB-That's what my dad said.

(At this point GP gets back up and hits JTB with a chair. JT and Shallow
look at each other then look at GP)

GP-What?...Match times.

Cheap Slut who looks like Manny McMannerson for McDonalds-That name isn't
even funny.

JT-Just announce the guys.

CSWLLMMFM-First making his way to the ring weighing in at some weight and
standing at some height that lazy guy and the master of the Dazed and
Confused Donnie Daze.

(Due to even more budget cuts all they get a nintendo themes so he comes out
to the Super Mario Brothers 1 tune. He doesn't look too happy about that and
makes his way to the ring with GP pet monkey Joe Joe)


Shallow-This is a real bad day for GP.

CSWLLMMFM-And...Chance Porter.

(Since Porter sucks he just gets launched to the ring giving Daze the upper
hand to start with)

JT-Is it just me or is IWO bias.

GP-Joe Joe??


Shallow-Get out of it GP

GP-Oh my god Shallow Daze is stomping away at Porter.

Shallow-And I care?

JT-I'll only care if the board come out with that pritty nintendo controller

GP-This could be a good match.

JT-Could but won't.


JT-Porter sucks.

Shallow-Kick the monkey.

(Shallow kicks the monkey away)



Shallow-All better?

JT-I don't know but doing it again do it again.

GP-Why is Daze still stomping?

JT-This is boring no gimmicks, blood or anything.

Shallow-Oh shut up.

(In the ring Daze has picked up Porter and is setting him up for the triple
monkey flipping slam down(c) he hits it and Daze is out it is and this point
he picks him up and tries to hit the Dazed and Confused put Porter flips him
over but Daze lands on his feet and takes him down. Daze then mounts Porter
and starts to hammer into his face he hits him so hard that at one point he
causes a nose bleed. Daze the gives him another shot to make sure he is down
and they heads out of the ring he checks under the ring and pulls out a N64
game he goes back in that ring and starts hammer at Porter with it. Then he
picks up Porter pauses but when he tries to use it again Porter blocks and
DDT's Donnie to the mat. The bloody Porter for some reason climbs the top
rope trips and falls down probably due to sucking or something along those
lines. The ref thinks about starting a ten count but ten becomes too lazy
and just looks at the game. Porter gets up first and when Daze gets up he is
met by the flying fist of Porter he tries a 360 over sell but only manages a
180. The crowd in the cheap seats chant boring but end up getting blown up.
Porter then sees a Chance(get it...I don't) to lock in a half crab hold
which is very common in Japan so the fans from Japan chant boring and get
blown. The rest of the crowd learn not to chant boring)

GP-Why is it all nintendo stuff under the ring.

Shallow-Beats me.

JT-This match is booorr...(thinks for a sec)great.

Shallow-What is borgreat.

JT-I dunno.

(Daze gets up and goes behind of Porter and nails him with a bridge German
Suplex. The ref goes for the count)


Daze-Where did you learn to count?

(Kick out)

Daze-See what you done now.


Daze-God you suck along with Porter.

(Daze picks up the dazed Porter and gives him a face full of mat using a
face front suplex. He tries for a pin but suddenly John,Jamie and Evan come
out with the nintendo controller)

Evan-Jamie have you got the book I don't know what button to push.

John-Give it here!

(John snatches it from Evan he pushes a button and it blows up Joe the Bum)

Evan-See look you did.

Jamie-Press the button under the controller.

Evan-Anything else?

Jamie-No that should do it.

(Evan press the button and it blows up the time keeper)

Evan-You two are hopeless give me the book..

Jamie-Fine here take it.

Evan-Ah ha you press the Z and aim it.

Jamie-I told you to aim it last time.

(Evan aims it at Chance and pushes the button. Chance blows up)

Evan-Ahh another job done.

CSWLLMMFM-You winner via death Donnie Daze.

JT-I love the board.

(Back outside the building, we see Simon Seaman leaning against the ladder
in the parking lot. As a black luxury car pulls up, Simon walks over to the
side of the vehicle and tries to look into the tinted mirror. Suddenly, we
see Ben O'Connor appear from behind him with Simon's IWO Unified title. As
Simon turns around, Ben O'Connor strikes Simon in the face with the belt as
Simon falls back onto the hood of the car and onto the side.)

GP:My god it's Ben O'Connor! He just hit Simon with his very own title!

JT:I told you O'Connor was smart. I told you!

(Ben O'Connor drops the belt onto the ground and picks up Simon from the
back of the head. Walking over to the ladder, Ben folds it and waits until
Simon gets up on two feet. Rushing at him, Ben clothesline Simon voilently
to the pavement with the ladder.

GP:What a vicious shot by O'Connor!

(With Simon down on the ground, Ben O'Connor picks up the Unified title and
pushes it right against Seaman's face.)

Ben:See you in the ring, ref.

JT:That was cheap. I like it.

GP:Will Simon Seaman be able to referee tonight after the vicious sneak
attack dished out by that scumbag O'Connor? Hopefully we'll get an answer
to that soon enough.

*Commercial break*

JT: Alrighty, it's time for our next victims...I mean match.

Shallow: No you didn't, you meant victimbs

JT: Heyden, Stone, definitely victims. It's almost poetic, isn't it?

Shallow: It certaintly is.

(OOC Note: Once again, I missed the humor til I realized it was amusing for its total lack of humor. -J)

GP: Let's get into it, fellas.

(Dwayne Hayden's Music Plays and he heads to the ring.)

Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall, making his way to the ring, Dwayne Hayden!

(Hayden jumps through the ropes and leans into one of the corners. Jax Stone's Music plays.)

Announcer: And his opponent, also making his way to the ring...Jax Stone!

(Stone heads down the ramp and climbs into the ring, the two start to fight.)

**Ding, Ding, Ding**

GP: Stone quickly tries to grab Hayden, but Dwayne ducks underneath him and runs behind him. Hayden turns to face him and...Ooo...A hard strike across the face! Stone reels back, he's stunned, and he throws a wild, blind strike of his own. Hayden deftly shifts himself, avoiding the blow. Dwayne jumps high and backwards and dropkicks Stone squarely in the chest! Sending him into the turnbuckle! Hayden takes a few steps backwards and runs towards him and connects with a hard clothesline into the neck of one Mr. Jax Stone.

JT: It'd be kinda nice if they just walked out, shook hands and finished this petty battle, they've like wrestled four times now, haven't they?

Shallow: This is the fourth.

JT: And I thought the third time was supposed to be lucky.

GP: Hayden grabs Stone by the arm, and whips him into the other turnbuckle. Stone reverses it and sends Hayden towards the turnbuckle instead! Hayden jumps up and springs off the turnbuckle, landing behind Stone. Stone turns around and this time grabs Hayden by the throat! Hayden thrashes about but Stone lifts him up into the air, holding him...holding him...SLAM...Straight onto his back.

Shallow: Stone laughs and brings a leg down on Dwayne... but Hayden rolls out of the way! Stone is furious and he's holding his ass like a new prison inmate!

GP: Shallow! You can't say that!

JT (laughing hysterically): Mu Ha ha! HA HA! Woo Hoo Ha! He he He! HA! Ho! He he!

GP: I'll do the play-by-play. You just sit there and...HOLY MOLY! Hayden with a quick drop toe hold on Stone! Stone lands face-first in the turnbuckle and slowly backs away. Hayden jumps onto the ropes and leaps off, using the added height to wrap his arm around Stone's head and drive him forward with a bulldog. He falls down on top of him, hooking his leg.

JT: One! Two! and a kickout! BOO!

Shallow: HISS!

GP: Shallow! I told you to sit there and I'll do the talking.

Shallow (under his breath): Spoil Sport.

GP: Hayden springs back onto her feet and runs at Stone. Stone ducks underneath him again and he grabs his ass!? Stone turns around, giving him a "What the hell was that?" look and he's gone for the throat again! And Hayden breaks free after a nice kick to the 'nether regions' of Stone. Stone drops to his knees. Hayden quickly dropkicks him right between the eyes and climbs to the turnbuckle. He leaps off, and a flying elbow... right on top of Stone's chest Hayden covers!

JT: ONE! TWO! THREE! It's all over!

GP: JT, Stone kicked out after the one count.

JT: I know, but I was kinda hoping that this match would be over.

GP: Stone is up and he looks straight at Hayden and steps forward, swinging his arm outward in a clothesline. Hayden yet again ducks him, this time stepping backwards into the ropes and using the momentum to strike him near tbe back of the neck with a clothesline of his own! Stone stumbles forward, quickly turns, and throws a right hand at Hayden, catching him in the temple, knocking her backwards. Stone grins as he Mounts the turnbuckle in celebration!

JT: Dammit! Stone! Finish the match, or I'll personally come in there and bitch slap the lot of you.

GP: Stone dismounting the turnbuckle and Hayden is back up. Stone swings a fist at Hayden, Hayden ducks, He swings again and Hayden grabs hold swinging his arm around him up and into a Hammerlock. Some nice technical wrestling here.

JT: Yeah, wonderful.

Shallow: Mm-hmm.

GP: Shallow.

Shallow: Yes Mr. Parker.

GP: Shut up.

Shallow: Yes Mr. Parker.

JT: Woah! Woah!

GP: What?

JT: Nothing, I just thought I better sound excited about this match.

GP: Hayden has the hammerlock locked and loaded, he turns that into a headlock, and Stone throws him to the ropes! A clothesline from Stone! Hayden ducks! Hayden off the other side, and a spear by Hayden! Here's the cover! One!

JT: Two!

Shallow: Three!

(GP, JT and Shallow jump onto their announce table and begin to dance, whilst singing.)

GP, JT and Shallow: Sing Hallejulah! Sing it, sing Hallejulah! Sing it! Wow! Sing Hallejulah!

Announcer: The winner of this match, Dwayne Hayden!

(GP, JT and Shallow keep singing whilst Chairman Kosoy appears from backstage and heads to the ring. He is handed a microphone and he looks over the broken body of Jax Stone.)

Kosoy: Jax Stone...I told you last week that yours - and Haydens - performances have been abominable. However, I am willing to make an exception for Hayden this week as he has finally put an end to all this Double Countouting. You on the other hand, Mr. Stone. Are fired.

(Cheers from the Audience.)

Kosoy: Mr. Stone, You are the weakest link. Goodbye.

(Chairman Kosoy heads backstage followed by Hayden, Security comes and picks up Jax Stone and throws him into a nearby dumpster, that they roll backstage. Cut back to the announce table.)

GP: Well, the IWO Career of Jax Stone is over folks, we're going to take a break.

Shallow (still dancing): Sing Hallejulah!

*Commercial Break*

GP:Welcome back to Hostile Takeover and just moments away from now, it's Ben
versus Ben. The master of the Arc against the man who stole the Unified
title. Archer versus O'Connor with Simon Seaman, the real IWO Unified
Champion, as the special guest referee.

JT:Special guest referee. Three words that you do not want to hear in a
sanctioned IWO match. Do you think that Simon Seaman, the selfish,
egotistical man that he is, is going to count the 1-2-3 and actually give
O'Connor the win?

GP:What the hell do you know about Simon Seaman? He has worked so hard to
get that IWO Unified title, he has never once claimed that he was the be all
and end all of this company and works his ass off night after night to keep
these fans entertained. What is selfish or egotistical about that?

JT:Do I have to remind you Mr. Parker for the millionth time that Simon
Seaman is no Ben O'Connor?O'Connor has stolen the belt from the rightful
owner because he can. It is not my problem that Simon, an American, doesn't
have the brains to take it back from O'Connor, an Australian.

GP:The only reason O'Connor took it because he can't beat Simon, the champ,
if his life depended on it.

JT:Say what you feel, but be prepared to put your money where your mouth is
because at Heatstroke, the best wrestler is going to win and his name is
Benjamin O'Connor.

GP:At least you wish he was. Let's take it to the ring before I strangle my
broadcast partner.

Ring Announcer:This match is set for one fall.

('The Unforgiven 2' by Metallica is played throughout the whole arena as Ben
Archer makes his way down to the ring met by a reaction of a comination of
boos and silence.)

Ring Announcer:From Belper, England. He stands at six feet, one and
weighing 243 pounds, he is BEN ARCHER!

(Entering the ring, he awaits his opponent as 'Because we can' by Fatboy
Slim blares through the speakers as Ben O'Connor walks down to the ring met
with a loud chorus of boos.)

Ring Announcer:His opponent, he is BEN O'CONNOR!

GP:What a great act of bravery not showing up with Simon's title here

JT:Correction. It's mere strategy that ignorant individuals such as
yourself fail to comprehend.

(He eats the hatred up from the fans as he walks up the steel steps and
poses to the people in attendance as the first couple rows show their
appreciation by cursing, making obscene gestures towards him, and chanting
such things as 'Where's your mom?'. Walking past Ben Archer in the ring, he
has a word with the ring announcer and gives him a shove. On the microphone
and under pressure from O'Connor, the ring announcer corrects his supposed

Ring Announcer:His opponent. The greatest foreign wrestler ever to step
foot in an IWO ring. He is YOUR IWO Unified Champion. BEN O'CONNOR!

(Chants of 'USA' and another chorus of loud boos echo throughout the arena.)

GP:He only wishes. I'd like to apologize to the viewers at home because
Simon Seaman is the IWO Unified Champion. Not this goof in the ring.

JT:If he heard you right now, he'd come down here and take you out with one
punch Gregory Parker.

(Ben Archer goes after O'Connor as his back is turned to the ring announcer.
The announcer quickly gets out of the ring as Archer turns O'Connor around
and gives him two knife edge chops as the fans seem to take to Archer more
and start cheering him on.)

GP:As the match starts here folks, we have yet to see the entrance of the
referee of this match, Simon Seaman.

JT:There you go. That settles it. Simon is afraid of Ben O'Connor.

GP:Yeah, milk that dream as long as possible, pal.

(With O'Connor cornered at the turnbuckle, Archer gives O'Connor a stiff
right hand. Another stiff right hand by Archer. O'Connor is whipped into
the opposite turnbuckle as Archer runs at him with a head of steam nailing a
clothesline. Archer then follows that with a bulldog into the middle of the
ring. O'Connor gets back up and goes back down with a clothesline by
Archer. Archer picks up O'Connor and sends him into the ropes, but O'Connor
holds onto the ropes and exits the ring to the fans disgust.)

GP:Do you call that strategy?

JT:I call that genius. Ben O'Connor is a genius.

(O'Connor walks up the ramp trying to escape from a beating from Archer. As
Archer goes after O'Connor, O'Connor thinks he's in no harm as he stands at
the top of the ramp with a big smile on his face. Suddenly, 'Enjoy the
Silence' by Failure blares through the speakers as the fans at the United
Center get up and cheer wildly as Simon Seaman, wearing a referee's shirt
emerges from the back.)

GP:The ref has arrived!

(O'Connor slowly turns around and his grin is turned into an expression of
pure shock as there stands Simon Seaman. Begging Simon to take it easy,
Simon doesn't buy it and starts walking towards him O'Connor backpedals down
the ramp. Simon signals to O'Connor to look behind as Archer is there and
nails another right hand to O'Connor. With another knife edge chop to
O'Connor's chest, Archer whips him into the side of the ring. Throwing him
back into the ring, Archer and the special ref enter the ring. Archer picks
O'Connor back up and whips him into the turnbuckle. O'Connor staggers and
is met by a DDT by Archer and the cover.)

GP:He may have it here!




JT:O'Connor showed some class and kicked out from that obvious fast count by
Simon Seaman.

GP:It feels like I'm sitting next to Ben O'Connor's mom over here. We get
it. You like Ben O'Connor.

(O'Connor gets up and is whipped into the ropes as Archer applies a sleeper
hold. Simon checks if Ben O'Connor is going to submit. Trying to reach the
ropes, O'Connor instead reverses the hold into a back drop. He picks up
Archer from the back of the head and whips him into the ropes, connecting
with a back body drop. Archer quickly gets back up and dashes towards
O'Connor, but O'Connor sidesteps and drop toe holds his opponent as his
throat hits the second rope.)

JT:Now tell me after that great counter that Ben O'Connor isn't a genius.

(Shoving Archer's head over the second rope, Archer is defenseless as he
starts choking from the pressure inflicted to his throat. Simon counts to
five as O'Connor angrily takes his hands off of Archer and bounces off the
opposite ropes and comes down on Archer's head with a big leg and Archer
drops to the ground. Inflicting even more pressure to the throat, Ben
O'Connor chokes Archer with both hands as Seaman warns O'Connor to release
the hold. He reluctantly releases the hold and picks up Archer from the
head and hooks him up and drops him down with a backbreaker. O'Connor
bounces off the set of ropes and comes down with a knee to Archer's face and
pin attempt.)




(The fans in attendance cheer Archer on as he gets out of that pinning
predicament. Meanwhile, O'Connor yells at Simon and demands a faster

JT:That was the slowest count I've ever seen.

GP:That was nothing but fair and you know it.

(Ben O'Connor grabs Archer and hooks him up and connects with a german
suplex. With Archer looking up at the lights, O'Connor gets in a swift kick
to Archer's lower extremities as Simon warns O'Connor once again.)

GP:You call that fair? A low blow?

JT:Don't blame O'Connor just because his foot slipped.

(O'Connor grabs Archer and throws him into the turnbuckle and runs at him,
nailing a big body splash. The big man then whips Archer into the opposite
turnbuckle and connects with a second splash. Archer falls on his knees and
tries to re-couperate. As Archer gets back up on his two feet, he tries a
right punch, but O'Connor ducks and executes a belly to belly suplex,
sending Archer to the other side of the ring. Instead of going to make the
cover, he taunts the audience as the fans react with a huge chorus of

GP:Make the damn cover!

JT:Let him do what he wants to do. The crowd seems to love him for it.

(Dragging Archer by the foot, O'Connor eventually makes a cover, hooking the
leg in the process. Dropping to all fours, Simon counts.)




GP:Archer kicked out!

(O'Connor pulls Archer up from the ground and whips him into the ropes. He
attempts a clothesline, but Archer ducks and bounces off the ropes, but is
met by a tilt-a-whirl suplex and another cover.)




GP:Another kick out!

(O'Connor starts to argue with Seaman as they exchange words. Before
O'Connor moves his attention on his opponent, he gives Simon a violent shove
to the fans contempt. Simon shrugs if off and continues to referee the

JT:Look. Simon is too afraid to relatiate.

GP:He's the referee of the match. You wanted him to call it down the middle
and that's what he's doing. What more do you want from him?

(O'Connor makes his way out of the ring and grabs a chair at ringside and
slides it under the bottom rope. As Simon checks Archer if he can continue
the match, O'Connor walks back into the ring and picks up the chair and
shows it to the crowd. Archer stands up slowly as Ben O'Connor slams the
chair against the ground and wields it over his head, but Simon quickly
grabs it from him and throws it to the ground. Another argument between
O'Connor and Seaman occurs as Seaman shoves O'Connor and gets a great
reaction from the crowd for doing so.)

GP:There's your retaliation!

(O'Connor then moves his attention over to Archer and runs after him, but
Archer connects with a sidekick to O'Connor's face as he falls to the
canvas. Archer slowly gets up again and heads up to the top turnbuckle.
O'Connor staggers on his feet and turns around being hit by a huge missile
dropkick that sends him back down to the mat. Archer crawls over and pins

GP:What a comeback by Ben Archer.

JT:He might have O'Connor down, but he doesn't have him out.




JT:What did I tell you?!

(Archer is the first one to get up and bounces off the ropes as O'Connor is
on his knees. As O'Connor is finally on two feet, Archer flies through the
air attempting a clothesline, but O'Connor sidesteps and Archer hits the
canvas hard. O'Connor slowly makes his way over to Archer and bends down to
pick him up, but Archer grabs O'Connor's right leg and executes a boston
crab to the fan's delight. O'Connor screams in pain as Simon checks
O'Connor for a bit and then stands back up and mocks him as the fans cheer
the ref on. O'Connor is left cringing in pain in the middle of the ring with
nowhere to go. Losing grip of O'Connor's legs, Archer releases the hold and
pulls O'Connor back up. Archer whips O'Connor into the ropes, but O'Connor
reverses it and sends his opponent into the ropes. Archer tries to come
back with a cross body, but O'Connor ducks and Archer nails Simon with the
move, sending the guest ref to the ground. O'Connor then grabs the chair at
the edge of the ring and picks it up as Simon struggles to get up from the
miscalculation from Archer.)

JT:What a cheap shot by Ben Archer.

GP:It was a mistake for goodness sake.

JT:Yeah, sure it was.

(Archer gets up and checks if the referee is alright. Turning his back to
his opponent, O'Connor tries to nail Archer with a chairshot, but Archer
kicks O'Connor in the gut and bounces off the ropes with a swinging neck
breaker and a cover as Simon pulls himself along the canvas to make the
count as the fans in attendance count along with him.)




JT:O'Connor gets the shoulder up!

(Simon puts up two fingers as Archer and O'Connor slowly get up, but Archer
gets the upper hand and whips O'Connor into the ropes and tries a
clothesline, but his adversary has the exact same idea and both competitors
come crashing to the mat. Simon struggles to his knees and starts a ten








GP:Ben Archer shows signs of movement, trying to pull himself up, but so is


JT:O'Connor is up. Archer is up.

(Archer tries to strike O'Connor, but O'Connor blocks it and kicks him in
the gut.)

GP:It's back and forth, back and forth. Both competitors are exhausted

(Archer is bent over as Ben O'Connor limps across the ring and grabs the
chair on the mat. Simon gets up on both feet right behind Archer. Wielding
the chair once again, O'Connor runs at Archer with the chair, but Archer
sidesteps. Just as Archer moves, O'Connor nails Seaman with the steel chair
shot that echos throughout the arena, knocking him out. Archer then turns
his opponent around and nails another DDT as both men are now down. The
fans then proceed to start a ten count as the referee is knocked out.)








GP:Simon Seaman has been absolutely knocked unconscious by that viscious
chair shot!



(O'Connor and Archer are now on their knees and eventually stand on their
feet. Archer hooks O'Connor from behind and tries a roll-up, but O'Connor
escapes and hooks a standing Archer with a brainbuster onto the bent chair
below, knocking Archer completely out. As O'Connor hooks both legs for the
cover, Simon is not able to count it as he lies there in the ring
unconscious. After a while, a referee from the back runs down to the ring,
slides under the bottom rope, and makes the count.)




JT:Yes! Yes! O'Connor wins! O'Connor wins! There's your proof Parker.
Ben O'Connor is your future IWO Unified Champion and Simon Seaman can't do
nothing about that.

(Fans start showing their appreciation to the winner with another chorus of
boos as O'Connor hand is raised. Posing on all four corners off the ring,
we see O'Connor gradually walk over to a fallen Simon Seaman and puts one
foot on Simon's back claiming victory as his entrance music is heard
throughout the arena, but is muffled by the sounds of the disgusted fans in
attendance. Looking down on Simon, he sees him motionless with his face to
the mat and throws his hands up in celebration.)

JT:Yes! That's your winner right there! There is what will happen at
Heatstroke. Right in front of your eyes. To the people at home, please
feast your eyes on the FUTURE of the IWO.

(As O'Connor proudly walks out the ring, Simon incredibly pops back up to
O'Connor's amazement and a loud pop from the fans.)

GP:He's up! Simon's up!

JT:How the hell did he do that?!

(O'Connor quickly gets out of the ring and makes a run for it as Seaman
angrily kicks his foot against the bottom rope and stares at O'Connor
escaping into the back.)

GP:O'Connor is high-tailing it!

(As O'Connor walks up the entranceway, Simon decides to scare him and runs
after the man that stole his title as fans cheer him on. Getting out of
dodge, O'Connor uses an alternate route and escapes from the side of the
Hostile Takeover set and out of the building as Simon is left standing at
the base of the ramp. There he stands, watching as he kneels diwband rubs
the back of his head still feeling the effects from the chair shot. 'Enjoy
the Silence' by Failure is plays through the speakers.)

GP:More HT after the break! Stay tuned.

*Commercial Break*

(The scene shows Jamie yelling at John for costing him that Mario Tennis match. The two of them stop bickering, suddenly, and pick up the controllers to go at it again in MK2. Back to actionÖ)

GP: Well. Uhm. Tag team action time, I reckon.

JT: How come every tag team match around here is called 'tag team action' or turmoil or something?

GP: Quiet, you. Let's just go to Meygon for introductions.

Meygon: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring first, the team of Jeff and Ryan King, the Suicide Kings!

(The Kings' music hits and they run out to the ring and pose on opposite turnbuckles.)

Meygon: And the challengers, from Mexico City, Mexico, Miguel and Juan, Los Llamas del Anso!

("The Macarena" by Del los Rios hits as the Llamas make their way to the ring. They slide in and the Kings immediatley go after them with strong right hands.)


GP: This match is on!

(Juan and Ryan make their way to the corners, leaving Miguel and Jeff in the ring. They lock up, and Miguel takes the advantage with an armbar and a hip toss. He sprawls down to the mat alongside Jeff, posts behind Jeff's knee, and lifts him into a powerbomb. As Jeff hits the mat, Miguel pulls himself up onto the turnbuckle and tries for a backflip splash, but Jeff rolls away and tags Ryan. Miguel curls up in pain as Ryan rushes in with some hard soccer kicks. He pulls Miguel to his feet and hits a scoop slam, driving Miguel back into the mat. Miguel reaches out and tags Juan in as he falls. Juan slips in under the top rope and charges Ryan with a flying lariat. Ryan falls to the mat, and Juan locks in a Mexican surfboard.)

GP: My God, the Mexican Surfboard! Ryan King's got no choice but to submit!

JT: Dammit Greg, the Mexican surfboard is about as effective as throwing a handful of pebbles at the guy!

GP: Hey, you could take an eye out with that!

(Ryan easily breaks the Mexican surfboard, and pulls Juan up. He whips him into the corner, but Juan reverses, sending Ryan into the turnbuckle. Juan rushes in with a few hard chops, before Ryan ducks under his arm and tags in Jeff. Juan turns around, and both Kings double-team him with a double clothesline. Ryan returns to the corner, and Jeff hits a snap suplex on Juan. He follows up with a DDT, which Juan reverses with a punch to the midsection. Juan whips Ryan into the ropes, but Ryan hooks them with his arms.)

GP: Good move by Ryan King, now Juan i... uh oh...


GP: *Ahem* Yes, Juan gores Ryan King.

(Ryan is lying on the outside, and Juan hops up onto the ropes and moonsaults out on top of him. Juan tosses Ryan into the security barrier, then back into the ring. He tags in Miguel, who climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Juan then whips Ryan into the opposite corner and executes a tornado DDT. Juan rolls away just as Miguel hits a five-star frog splash, hooks the leg, and covers.)

GP: Mejicanaa la Puesta de Sol! Cover!




Meygon: Here are your winners, Los Llamas del Anso!

JT: Well, that was short.

GP: Wait, what's that up on the stage?

("Space Suit" by They Might be Giants hits and the Deadly Sins appear on the stage in a puff of smoke, holding giant swordfish.)

Jack: Hey there, Llamas, Kings. Uhm... don't really know how to put this, but... uhm... you guys gotta get hit by a fish now, K?

(The Sins charge the ring and start swinging the fish wildly. Ryan King pokes his head up and Jack smacks him in the face with a fish. Miguel comes from behind and tries to trip Jake but catches a boot to the face. Suddenly, the lights go out and a moment later, the Convicts of Age are in the ring.)

GP: My God! The Convicts of Age! It's an all-out brawl in the ring, now!

(Indeed it is. Right hands and kicks and giant fish fly in the air as the eight men start brawling in one of those cartoon dust clouds. The smoke settles, and everyone is on the ground, except for Jack Breaker and Jeff King. They both have fish in their hands, and start to swordfight with them. Ryan King reaches out and trips Jack, and Nicholas Kain hits Jeff in the head with a stolen tag championship belt. Nicholas stands alone in the center of the ring for a second, then Jake Walker slowly stands up. They stare each other down in the ring for a second, then go at it with right hands and all whatnot.)

GP: Nicholas has Jake's tag championship belt, and he wants it back!


Shallow: Arenít we supposed to go to a commercial or something?

GP: The technical crew must be watching Jamie and John again.

Shallow: Those bastards.

JT: Ok so ahÖ

GP: So weíll just pretend that we had a commercial break then.

Shallow: OkÖ

JT: Ready?

GP and Shallow: Ready.

GP: ÖAnd we're back!

JT: Joy.

GP: Actually, it's main event time, as the IWO World Champion, Kent Anthason, goes
one-on-one with a man that's pretty much done it all, High Flyer.

Shallow: Flyer hasn't had a title shot in a long time, so maybe this is his chance to
take the title. For more than five minutes this time.

GP: With that said, let's go to the ring.

*ding, ding, ding*

Meygon: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it
is for the Internet Wrestling Organization WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

(The fans pop.)

Meygon: Introducing first, the challenger...

("Loco(Snow Edit)" by Coal Chamber begins playing as the fans give an ungodly pop for
High Flyer, as he comes to the ring with Kate Young by his side.)

Meygon: ...from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania... he stands at six feet tall, and he comes
here tonight, weighing in at two hundred, four and a fourth pounds... he has held EVERY
SINGLE TITLE in the IWO, including the TV title twice... he is the master of the Flying
Moon Shot, among other moves... and he is accompanied to the ring by Kate
Young-Harmen... ladies and gentlemen... he is HIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHHHHH

(Flyer leaps over the top rope, awaiting his opponent, Kent Anthason.)

GP: Flyer is probably the most ready guy to take the IWO World Title. It's been over a
year since he last held the title.

JT: Yeah, but Anthason's been on a hot streak, he dethroned Malone in Life, Death, and
Endurance II at Gold and Glory, and he beat the Birdman last week.

("Loco(Snow Edit)" stops playing and all is quiet for a few seconds. Then "No Way Out"
by the Stone Temple Pilots begins playing as the fans also pop for the reigning IWO
World Champion, Kent Anthason, as he heads to the ring, accompanied by Alyssa Cleeda.)

Meygon: His opponent... he stands at six foot, four inches... he weighs in at two
hundred and forty-five pounds... he is a former two-time IWO North American champion...
he is the master of the Sweet Serenity, among other moves... he is accompanied to the
ring by Alyssa Cleeda... ladies and gentlemen... he is the CURRENT IWO World

(Anthason slides into the ring, climbs the turnbuckles, takes off his title, and raises
it for all to see. He gets a huge pop in return.)

GP: The champion is focused tonight.

JT: He has to be. High Flyer can beat anyone on any given night. Bottom line.

(Anthason hands the title to the ref, who holds it high above his head. The bell

*ding, ding, ding*

GP: And here we go! Flyer and Anthason circle each other, there's a collar-and-elbow
tieup, and Anthason gets a hammerlock out of the deal!

JT: Oh god. Mat wrestling. *groan*

GP: Flyer grabs the head and flips over Anthason! He shoves him into the corner!
Anthason bounces back and Flyer gets a schoolboy! One... two... NO!

Shallow: Anthason gets back up and... OUCH! He nearly rips Flyer's HEAD off with that

GP: Anthason picks up Flyer again and he goes for a back suplex, but Flyer flips up and
over Anthason's shoulder! He grabs Anthason by the head! NECKBREAKER! Down goes the
World champion! Flyer goes for the cover! One... two... thr-NO!

JT: Flyer picks up Anthason again and he goes for the Cold Snow, but Anthason hits a
Northern Lights Suplex to counter! He bridges with it! One... two.. thr-NO!

Shallow: Now Anthason brings Flyer back up to a vertical base! He irish whips him in!
Anthason goes for another lariat, but Flyer ducks it.

GP: And Flyer comes back with a spinning heel kick right to Anthason's head! Flyer goes
for the cover off that! One... two... thr-NO!

JT: Flyer gets back to his feet and he heads out to the apron... what is he going to do

GP: Flyer with the springboard... INTO THE DDT! SPRINGBOARD DDT!

Shallow: Good lord, Flyer's ALREADY pulling out the big guns! He goes for the cover on
Anthason off of that amazing move! One... two... thre-NO! Anthason SOMEHOW gets the
shoulder out at two!

GP: Flyer's back up again and he goes for the Hypothermia, but Anthason won't have any
of that! He's blocking, and Flyer's giving up on the Hypothermia! Now he gets a scoop
slam on Anthason! He goes for the Third Degree Frostbite, instead, but Anthason rolls
out of the way before he can hit it!

JT: Now Anthason's back up on a vertical base! He stands over Flyer and grabs his
legs... INTO THE WHEELBARROW POWERBOMB! Flyer landed FACE FIRST on the canvas!

GP: That stuns the former World Champion, as now Anthason's back on track! He picks up
Flyer again, waistlock... RELEASED GERMAN SUPLEX! Flyer fell right on his damn head!
Anthason now goes for the cover! One... two... thre-NO! Flyer AGAIN kicks out at two!

Shallow: Anthason's getting a tad frustrated now, as he goes for the Sweet Serenity,
but Flyer again flips over Anthason! Anthason turns around! BAM! SUPERKICK! RIGHT TO

GP: Anthason falls down in a heap, as now Flyer is calling to go upstairs!

(And the fans pop because of it.)

JT: Doesn't look like he's going for the Flying Moon Shot just yet... he's going up to
the top!

ANTHASON IN THE CENTER OF THE RING! Anthason's down and Flyer has the cover! One...

Shallow: Flyer can't believe it, so now he picks up Anthason again! Irish whip,
Anthason reverses! Flyer goes for a clothesline, but Anthason ducks! Flyer rebounds...

JT: Flyer's knocked silly, and he stumbles back into Anthason's reach! TILT-A-WHIRL
SLAM BY ANTHASON! Anthason covers! One... two... thr-NO! Only two, as Flyer gets the
left shoulder up!

GP: Anthason is still on the offense as he irish whips Flyer back into the ropes...

Shallow: Anthason rolls Flyer over and hooks the leg! One... two... thr-NO!

GP: Flyer barely kicked out right there, and now Anthason's getting a TAD frustrated...

JT: Now Anthason gets a scoop slam on Flyer, and now he's calling for the Double Helix!

(To a huge pop.)

GP: Anthason goes up, but Flyer's back up and he crotches Anthason on the top!

Shallow: Flyer's going up to the top rope... and he grabs Anthason! He goes for a

JT: Anthason goes for the cover! One... two... thr-NO! FLYER KICKS OUT, SOMEHOW, SOME

GP: Now Anthason picks up Flyer again and he goes for a suplex, but Flyer blocks!
Anthason with a knee lift and now he goes for another suplex, but Flyer flips up and
over Anthason! Anthason turns around... FLYER WITH A DDT!

Shallow: Flyer doesn't cover! He picks Anthason back up and takes him to the ropes! He
hooks his head and climbs to the second turnbuckle... TORNADO DDT! FLYER PLANTS

JT: Flyer still can't get him, and now he goes to the top rope! He's going to try and
put Anthason away! He goes to the top rope! 450 SPLASH... ANTHASON GETS THE KNEES UP!

GP: Flyer landed chest first on Anthason's knees and now Anthason's got the upper hand
again! Anthason grabs Flyer and puts him in a fireman's carry... DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!


JT: Anthason picks up Flyer again! Double underhook... DDT! DOUBLE ARM DDT! ANTHASON
DROPS FLYER WITH IT! Anthason rolls over for the cover! One... two... thr-NO! Anthason
couldn't get the three count!

GP: Now Anthason picks up Flyer yet again! He goes for a suplex, but Flyer blocks...

Shallow: Anthason's back up again! He goes for a clothesline on the recovering Flyer,
but Flyer ducks! Kick in the gut! COLD SNOW! COLD SNOW! SIDE EMBRACE DDT! ANTHASON'S

GP: Flyer's getting a tad frustrated, but he's calling for the Flying Moon Shot! The
fans are going wild! But Anthason's back up and he crotches Flyer on the top rope! Now
Anthason goes to the outside... what's he doing?

JT: Anthason's grabbing a steel chair!

Shallow: What the hell?

GP: Anthason's got a chair! Flyer just now got off the turnbuckles, Anthason takes a
swing with that steel chair, but Flyer ducks it! Flyer with a kick in the gut, though!
Anthason drops it!

JT: I guess the referee is lax on the rules.

GP: Flyer picks it up, but Anthason leaps up...


JT: TORNADO TREMOR(Jumping roundhouse kick) INTO THE CHAIR!

GP: The chair flies up and over the top rope, the referee isn't calling for the bell!
Anthason goes for the cover! One... two... thre-NO!

JT: Flyer SOMEHOW got his foot on the rope in the nick of time!

Shallow: Anthason can't believe it, and now he goes for the Hymn of the Fallen! But
Flyer with a shot in the stomach! FISHERMAN'S SUPLEX! ONE... TWO... THREE!!!

*ding, ding, ding*


restarting the match! Rollup by Anthason! ONE... TWO... HE'S GOT THE TIGHTS! THREE!!!

*ding, ding, ding*

Meygon: Ladies and gentlemen... the winner of this match... and STILL IWO World

GP: Dammit! Anthason had the tights!

JT: It doesn't matter! Anthason's still the IWO World Champion! That's all that matters!

Shallow: Anthason is in the ring celebrating a tainted victoryÖsay, how does pulling the tights give the person leverage for a three count anyway?

GP: Well, its really easy to explain. First, you have toÖOH WAIT, WEíRE OUT OF TIME!! GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!

Shallow: DAMMIT!