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Hostile Takeover 6/15/01
Live from Smillyville
Dark Matches
LiGiL vs. Billy Ray
Billy Ray defeated LiGiL after the Beer Bomb. Nuke then ran out, and smashed Billy Ray over the head with his own beer bottle.

{Unified Title}Nuke vs. Eye Suk
Nuke easily defeated Eye Suk. Need I say more?
(We fade slowly into the backstage area, as we see none other than High Flyer sitting there, hands in his arms, seemingly in deep concentraction. Kent Anthason walks up to him, carrying a water bottle.)

Kent Anthason:Hey, Joey's got some idea to go to the ring in a few, you game?

Flyer:Well, I would... but this thing with Fission. I'd really like to show that I'm better, you know?

Kent:Suit yourself....

(Anthason walks away, as Flyer continues to head into his deep concentration. Then, a small letter lands at his feet, as Flyer reaches down, and picks it up. He wonders what exactly it is, as he opens it, and of course, reads it...

Darkness... Slowly, we see the fading in of the words "IWO Online," three times, into a blast of flames. Slowly, the words melt like wax, as we take the camera down a spiral voyage, focusing in on the falling drops of wax. We see the picture evolve rather quickly, down the tube, and onto the set of Hostile Takeover. Floating around the crowd, we hear "Give Me One Good Reason" by Blink 182 hit the pa system. The camera stops at the announce position, as we see none other than Greg Parker, JT, and Nikki standing there, microphones in hand, ready to begin.)


JT:You never get tired of that, do you Parker?

GP:Why should I? FOLKS! WE ARE JUST A LITTLE OVER A WEEK FROM BEACH PARTY, and we've got ONE hell of a show!

Nikki:Yes! Tonight, Major Push Two point O will be decided. The Qualifying Matches begin, and conclude tonight!

GP:Throw in the heated feud between Crow and Cyanide, will it end tonight? Or will it take up until Beach Party to finally exit!

JT:What about the Duel Main Event?!? Malone and Anthason square off against the Deadly Sins with 12 very intrested lumbjacks around the outside! And the Ring of 7 Tables match between Syphon Fission and High Flyer will definitly be a show-stealer, with Tony Davis and Kent Anthason set to referee!

(The camera cuts to the backstage set, as we see none other than Vice President Ford. He seems to be finally healed up from all of his injuries stemming over the past couple months. Then, a door slams open, as we see none other than Sam Potright standing before him.)

VP Ford:Ah, Mr. Potright. What may I do for you kind sir?

Potright:You know what I want Ford.

VP Ford:I don't know if I can do that Sam. I know you're a good guy and all, but I've got a Main Event to maintain Sammy.

Potright:Give me Matthews...

VP Ford:You do realize that I'll have to take you out of the Beach Party Main Event if you do that, correct?

Potright:Whatever it takes.

VP Ford:Fine, you want Matthews,, you've got him. Now if you don't mind, I've got to think up a new main event to plug...

(Potright leaves, satisfied with the events that have transpired.)

GP:Dear God! We have no Main Event for Beach Party! None!

JT:Like we did before. Potright and Malone are stable buddies, why would they want to square off for the title? And Matthews does have Sam's former wife by his side, and I'll be glad to see that match. Blood with most definitly be spilt Parker...

Nikki:Well... where do we go from here?

(All of a sudden, You Suck(Extreme Sucktitude Remix)" by WBTY2 cuts Nikki off.)

JT:Looks like someone answered your question Nikki...

(Out from the back walks Joey Malone, along with his stable mate Kent Anthason. They both have on their respected championships, as they slowly begin their walk down towards the ring. They both get into the ring, as Malone is the first one to graba microphone.)

Malone:Hello Smillyville!

(The crowd cheers.)

Malone:Pretty hard time finding you guys, but you know what, it will be worth it. Now, going through some old IWO footage, I found out a disturbing fact. Roll the footage.

(Malone points over to the IWO-tron, as we see a faded image of one "Jamie/Hitler" from the September 12th, 2000 episode of Monday Night Meltdown.)

Jamie/Hitler "NO! As Fuehrer of the IWO I am going to make you EARN your chance to kick Rob in the head and become champion. In order to win your shot at beating him you must face ME in a match! It's so simple that even you should understand the premise. You win, you face Rob at the Pay Per View, I win, you don't and Rob spends the Main Event at the Pay Per View teaching everyone how to cross stitch. I'm so confident in my CGI wrestling script that I will even let YOU, Psycho GAY pick the match we will participate in! Any match at all! Just pick your FAVORITE match!"

(The IWO-Tron slowly fades out, as we head back to Malone, who is standing in the ring, viewing the footage with a look of disturbance.)

Malone:Now, I know I'm not the only one who's scared at that, but, what happened, Psycho Jay defeated Jamie, and he got to fight Rob for the Shiny belt at Autumn In Hell. The one problem is, none of you fans out there got to learn how to cross stich! And although I'd love to teach all of you tonight, with the vacant Pay Per View event just a week away, we figured that we could BOTH teach you how to cross stich!

Kent Anthason:It's not that hard really. Rob taught you once, didn't he?

Malone:Think so, it's just like riding a tricycle I think, you always forget.

Kent Anthason:Ah, yes.

("Papercut" by Linkin Park hits the pa system, as out from the back walks one Syphon Fission. The fans immediatly erupt in a booing fashion, after interupting the conversation between one Joey Malone and Kent Anthason. Fission stands atop of the rampway, and slowly walks his way down, talking as he does.)

Syphon Fission:Listen to you two bumbling idiots. I swear, if the IWO knew what they were doing, they wouldn't have someone with the attention span of a poodle with the world Heavyweight title.

Malone:There's the stupid-pants shining through Syphie. You should really avoid that, you don't get friends by beain' a meanie-head.

Syphon Fision:Shut up Malone. And Anthason, who seems to have involved himself constantly with everything I've been doing. Don't believe for a second you have anything on me boy. You're still a scared little rookie, who got lucky by winning that title...

Kent Anthason:Lucky? Yeah, lucky I don't have the name Rashard.

Syphon Fission:Always one with the quick retort, huh Kent? Well, how would you like to retort when I knock you upside the head with my shovel.

Malone:You better watch that Kent. He pulls that shovel out of nowhere you know.

Syphon Fission:Shut up Malone...

Anthason:Yeah, well, at least I can get the job done without a shovel Syphon.

Malone:Oh! Good one Kent!

(Malone and Kent high five.)

Syphon Fission:For the last time Malone, shut your mouth.

Malone: Sowry :-(

Syphon Fission:Listen, screw this, I want you two in a match, let's have a three way dance at Beach Party. Kent Anthason versus Joey Malone versus Syphon Fission.

Joey Malone:Messa confused.

Kent Anthason:Why would we want to face one another Syphon? There's no gain to this.

Syphon Fission:Fine, how about you two team up, much like you're doing later tonight, and I'll come there with my tag team partner, and I'll take the title off your shoulders. Both of your belts up on the line for a fall!

Joey:Oh, and who's going to team with a jerk-o-lantern like you?

(Suddenly, "Three Point One Four" hits the PA system, and AWS Man (also known as Bill) walks out to a mixed reaction. Mixed like your mom! ... OK, so that didn't make sense. He still walked out, whether you like it or not. The Insane One is holding a mic.)

AWS Man (also known as Bill) : Hey, are you guys freakin' talkin' about the silly old World title?!

Malone : Why, yes. Yes, we are.

AWS Man (also known as Bill) : Good, because I like the World title. In fact, freakin' I don't know if anybody here remembers, but one time I was in a World title match. I actually would have won it, but I was freakin', pardon my Polish, "screwed" by Seamonkey Cow. Hey, actually, that was just last freakin' week! What a coincidence! ... Well, maybe not. It's really just more of a funny thing that happened to me, only it's not really that
freakin' funny, and actually makes me a little bit mad when I think about it. Although I did get revenge on Crow on Monday with the most effective submission in the IWO, the Buzz Freakin' Saw, and-

Fission : (Interrupting) Just why the hell are you out here?!

AWS Man (also known as Bill) : Oh, uh, I dunno. I freakin' thought you knew... wait, I remember. I'm gonna be your freakin' partner, Syphon! How fun will that be?!

Syphon Fission:You... you can't be serious?

AWS Man (also known as Bill): Yeah, It would be a freakin' good time.

Malone:So, my two arch enemies, Mr. Toothbrush and Syphie, are going to fight us?

AWS Man (also known as Bill): Yeah!

Syphon Fission: ...

Kent Anthason:Well, AWS Man(Also Known as Bill), you seem to be getting alot out of this deal. You waltz in here, and earn yourself a shot at the two highest prices in the game. What's in it for us to even let you be Syphon's partner?

AWS Man (also known as Bill): Uhhhh... How about this? It's shiny.

(AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) holds up one of the tag team championships off of his shoulder. Anthason smiles, as Malone looks at him with a confused look. Anthason then whispers something to Malone, as he seems to now have a look of joy.)


Kent Anthason:Huh?

Malone:Sorry, Damn Flyer...

("Fuck Off" by Kid Rock hits the pa system, as the fans immediatly start to head out with boos. Out from the back walks Sabastian Crow, Evan Levine along with him. Crow has a microphone in his hand.)

Sabastian Crow:Hold up just one second. AWS Man(Also Known as Bill), you seemed to have forgotten the matchup two weeks ago where we gained our shot. You have a date to put up those world tag team championships against myself and Evan, and that date is June 24th...

AWS Man(Also known as Bill): Come on Cow, you can understand, can't you? I mean, we're friends and all.

Sabastian Crow: What? No, we won't wait to get the shot that we rightfully earned. Sunday, June 24th is the day we get our shot, and if we can't get a seperate match with you... we want in the main event.

Malone:Cool! So many people to teach the fans crossstiching! And I thought it was going to be hard!

(Syphon, Crow, and Evan all just kind of glare at Malone. "Hail to the Chief" plays over the pa system, as the fans give a somewhat decent response. Out from the back walks the Vice president of IWO White, Thomas Ford. And because there are more microphones than homeless people in New York here tonight, he has four on him, just in case.)

VP Ford:Enough.You do realize, that every minute you're out here talking, is a minute of action I'll have to shave off from the card. So, here's what we are going to do. And Evan, because you're involved in this as a wrestler, you have NO say whatsoever. Seems like only minutes after I take Sam Potright out of the main event, everyone wants their "rightful" oppertuinity at the Gold. Well, June 24th, it will be Malone and Anthason defending their singles titles, against the one night team of Syphon Fission and AWS Man(Also Known as Bill), who are defending the tag team championships, against Evan Levine and Crow. The only thing, is that Crow and Levine MAY NOT become World Champion. Under no circumstance are they allowed to win the World Championship off of Joey Malone's shoulders!

(Evan Levine seems angered.)

VP Ford:Hey boys, keep it down. You're lucky you get a shot at the North American Title, because you only earned a shot at the World Tag Team Titles. Now, with that all said, Let's get on with the show.

(Ford leaves, as the six man stand there, kind of in awe.)

GP:Fans! Beach Party! A Three way tag team dance with the three largest titles on the line! Is this the largest Main Event in history? We will be right back!

**Commercial Break**

GP:During the last segment, we witnessed what could be history. Sam Potright took himself out of the Main Event, and thrusted himself into a match with Dane Matthews. Now, minutes afterwards, a new main event was signed, as Joey Malone & Kent Anthason defend their singles titles against AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) & Syphon Fission, who are defending their tag team titles, against Evan Levine and Sabastian Crow!

JT:Crazy Parker, Crazy.

(Dane Matthews and Beth Potright are walking around the hall when a kid bumps into Dane.)

Matthews: Hey, you little shit!

(The kid looks up at him. He's awfully familiar... Beth seems to recall who he is when he looks at her.)

Kid: Hello there, Beth... looking nice as the last time I saw you...

(He runs between them. Dane looks at them.)

Matthews: I never want kids.

Beth: ...

(They walk into their dressing room.)

GP:What the hell was that about?

JT: Dunno Parker, but next up we got Shawn Arrows taking on…(laughs hysterically) BOB JOB!

GP: This should be quick…

Nikki: Yeah…REALLY quick!

Meygon: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is a qualifcation match for the Major Push 2.0 Tournament!

Nikki:I wonder what the stipulation is…

GP: Yeah…

JT: This should be good!

Meygon: And it is a….ZERO GRAVITY MATCH!

JT: What?!

GP: That's dangerous!

Nikki: Should be lovely…

(The scene switches to the Zero Gravity Chamber, where Arrows and Bob Job are already locked in, and the gravity was moved to 0.)

Nikki: And match should be underway…

(Bell Rings)

GP: There is the start!

(Shawn Arrows starts off the match with a series of hard lefts and rights to Bob Job, but Bob Job doesn't take as much injury as he normally does due to the gravity fields within the chamber! The fans are cheering!)

JT: Well, I hope Bob is appreciative of the fact that this chamber weakens attacks!

GP: I'm sure he is!

Nikki: Most likely.

JT: Hey Nikki…

Nikki: Yeah?

JT: Wanna go in the chamber and make a little love later?


JT: OUCH! =(

GP: =D

(Bob Job is grappled, and suplexed into mid air! Then, Arrows kicks Bob into the wall, and the fans are booing at Arrows! He poses down for the fans, and tries to make himself look like a good guy, but it isn't helping!)

GP: Wow! Arrows is awfully proud of himself!

JT: And why not?

GP: What you mean?

JT: Well, he IS a legend of one of the IMLs!

GP: But this is IWO! And That's a Jobber called Bob Job!

Nikki: Yeah!

JT: So?


JT: Ouch!

Nikki: Quiet you!

(Arrows smashes Bob Jobs skull against the side of the Gravity Chamber, and fans are booing loudly! Bob Job is stumbling around, and Arrows suplexes him into mid air! Bob Job is stunned, and Arrows knows its time!)

Nikki: Oh oh!

GP: Yeah, this isn't good AT ALL!


Nikki: Whats your obsession with blood?


GP: Ok Mr. Vampire!

(Arrows grabs Bob Job, and executes his finisher, the Arrow Shot! He goes for the pin about 10 feet off the ground!)

Ref: 1…

Ref: 2…

Ref: 3!

(Bell Rings)

Meygon: Here is your winner... SHAWN ARROWS~!

(Shawn Arrows grins as 'Iron Man' by Black Sabbath hits and the gravity goes off. He walks out, looking happy!)

JT: Well, Arrows is in the Major Push Tournament now…

GP: Great…

JT:Wait?!?! Did I see what I think I see? Roll the footage from another angle!

(The footage is rolled from another angle, as it seems as if Shawn Arrows dropped Bob Job onto... what looks like a pen?)


GP:Does that mean... Spatula cost Bob Job his spot?

JT:Well, in a zero-gravity, the impact isn't as harsh, so truthfully, he could still be in this thing!

(The cameras cut to the parking lot, where the Pack of Wild Boars is standing around, being Pack of Wild Boarsy.)

DPS Man (also known as Bob) : Why are we funkin' here again?

AWS Man (also known as Bill) : The question freakin' is, why AREN'T we here?

DPS Man (also known as Bob) : Ahhhh, I see ... Wait, no I funkin' don't.

Bob Job : Hey, look, a feckin' car!

(The Wild Boars all turn and stare in amazement at a nearby yellow Lamborghini.)

Lifeguard Cyanide : Well, I never would've believe it, but that does appear
to be some type of car.

Simon Seaman : And what's more, it's Sebastian Crow's car!

AWS Man (also known as Bill) : How do you freakin' know that?

Seaman : I remember seeing him driving it last week.

AWS Man (also known as Bill) : Ah yes, this freakin' "memory" can be quite a useful tool. Well, you know what we have to freakin' do, don't you?

DPS Man (also known as Bob) : Wash it funkin' for him?

Seaman : Make sure it has a spare tire?

Bob Job : Feckin' fall asleep in it?

Cyanide : Save it from drowning?

AWS Man (also known as Bill) : All moderately good to fairly freakin' bad ideas, but I have an even better idea! Give it a paint job!

Bob Job : Ooh, a smashing feckin' good idea!

Cyanide : Yeah, we'll fix it up real nice for him ... real nice.

(The Wild Boars all begin trying to laugh evilly, but doing a fairly poor job of it.)

DPS Man (also known as Bob) : Oh, whoops, I've got a funkin' match to wrestle. I'll come back and help you finish.

(DPS Man (also known as Bob) as the cameras cut away.)

**Commercial Break**

(Fade In. We see a sillioute cutout of a man in darkness, and a rather faded grey image of Flyer, the small note in his hand. They are located into the dark dank pits of the Boiler Room here in Shinyland. It seems as if not everything is so shiny.)

Flyer:Well... What do you need?

Voice(Women):I... I need you to stop...

Flyer:Stop? Stop what?

Voice(Women):This... this feud... everything... Davis is your friend.

Flyer:Listen. He screwed himself. I had a friendship with him that would have lasted eons, but he hit me with a car. You think I can forget getting hit by a car? Okay, I may have forgot actually being hit by the car, but I damn sure remember the rehabilitation.


Flyer:Listen, I can't.... He can't. It's gone to a point where not even you can do anything about it.

(The women storms off, obviously distraught. Then, out of nowhere, down goes Flyer to the cold concrete.)

GP:Dear God! What happened?

(The camera pans in to a see a picture of the face of one Tony Davis, standing over Flyer with a pipe.)

Davis:Stop (censored)ing talking to my girl Flyer! Beach Party, you're going to feel more than a simple lead pipe. Beach Party, your dream of World Title gold will become MY reality! You want to (censored) with me? You'll be (censored) with right back!

(Davis leaves, as Flyer is down in the ring, head bloodied from the shot. We slowly fade back in to ringside.)

GP:Tony Davis is a man possessed, and I can't wait until that match, one week from now!

JT: Well, we have up next we have Doozer 's IWO debut, as he takes on Erik Blake in a one on one match for qualifying for the Major Push 2.0 Tournament!

GP: Don't forget theres a Special Stipulation!

(Suddenly, Meygon takes a mike and speaks into it.)

Meygon: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is a….

JT: Yes?!


(Fans pop at the mention of that type of fight!)


GP: You're happy, JT?


GP: Damn, you sound REALLY happy.

Nikki: Lets get to match!

(The scene switches to Rooftop of the Arena, and Erik Blake is on one end, while Doozer is on the other! The fans cheer for Doozer, and the bell
rings! Doozer walks over to Blake, but Blake leg slides him off his feet!)

Nikki: Surprise move by Blake!

GP: And Doozer is down!

JT: Go Blake!

(Blake is dancing around, happy that he got the first strike! Then, Doozer grabs him from behind, and german suplexes him to the floor of the

GP: Ouch!

JT: I don't want to be Blake now!

Nikki: Oh come on!


Nikki: Fine.

JT: =)

(Blake is put in a figure four by Doozer! Doozer tightens the hold and Blake grits his teeth in anger as Doozer laughs at Blake trying to break

JT: Ha!

Nikki: Why you laughing at anothers' pain?

JT: I feel like it!

Nikki: I see…

GP: Don't try to understand. He's crazy.


GP: ok…

(GP moves away a bit)

(Blake is lifted by Doozer and promptly tosses over the railing! But Blake catches with one of his hands and Doozer turns around, not noticing
him! Blake suddenly jumps onto Doozer ,trying to put him in a dragon sleeper!)

JT: That's REALLY messed up!

GP: What is?

JT: Blake trying that move on Doozer, while Doozer's standing!

GP: Oh…

Nikki: Well, I doubt it'll work!

(Blake continues, and Doozer drops onto his back, crushing Blake! Blake screams in pain as Doozer grins and lifts up blake! The fans are cheering as he is lifted up on Doozer's shoulder, Doozer looks at the doorway!)

Nikki: Oh oh…

GP: Things don't look so good for Blake!

JT: He doesn't seem to be doing too well!

(Doozer rams into the doorway once using Blakes head!)

Fans: Ohhh…

(Doozer rams it again!)

Fans: Ahhh!

(Doozer rams it a third time!)

Fans: Ouch!

JT: Wow! The fans love this!

GP: Well, Doozer is a popular guy!

Nikki: He's also kinda cute…

JT: Am I?


JT: OUCH! =(

Nikki: =)

GP: =P

(Doozer leaves Blake on the ground, and starts to walk around the rooftop around as the fans cheer him on! He feels confident that Blake will
lose, and decides to relax! Suddenly, Blake gets up! He looks steaming mad and heads to Doozer!)

Nikki: What the?!

GP: He's mad, Nikki!


(Blake stares at Doozer!)

GP: Oh oh!

(Blake spears Doozer into the the railing!)

JT: Ouch!

Nikki: That's GOTTA hurt!

JT: Yeah, probably.

Nikki: Want me to do that to you?

JT: Try me!


JT: Ok, I give up! =*(

Nikki: =D

(Blake lifts up Doozer…)


(Doozer is tossed off the roof top!)

JT: That's it!


(Doozer catches to the ledge of the story below!)

Nikki: Doozer is indeed brave!

GP: He's gutsy!

JT: And the match continues! YES!

(Blake doesn't see Doozer anywhere. He keeps on looking.)

JT: Blake is confused!

GP: He's an idiot!

JT: Yeah, but a nice one!

Nikki: Really?

JT: Yeah, he bought me some ice cream once!

Nikki: …

GP: …

JT: =/

(Blake continues to look as Doozer enters from the Rooftop entrance!)

GP: Oh oh!

Nikki: He's stalking Erik Blake!

GP: Blakes in trouble!

(Blake suddenly is grabbed from behind, turned around, and looks into Doozer's eyes!)

GP: Oh no!

(Doozer executes the Pesky Poll! Blake is out!)

GP: That's the end of Blake!

(Doozer lifts up Blake, and tosses him off!)

JT: He's falling…

Nikki: Falling…


(Bell Rings)

Meygon: Here is your winner, DOOZER~!

(The Heavy Metal Remix of the "Superman" theme hits and Doozer opens the door to the rooftop, and exits the Rooftop area!)

JT: What a great matchup!

GP: And Blake sure is a great jobber!

Nikki: No he isn't…

GP: Sure he is!

Nikki: =(

GP: =)

(The cameras cut back to the parking lot, where the Wild Boars are finishing up their paint job. They have cans of spray paint lying on the ground around them. The cameras don't show the car itself.)

AWS Man (also known as Bill) : Well, this looks pretty freakin' good. I think Cow will be pleasantly surprised. Maybe then he'll stop being such a mean old poopiepants all the time.

(The camera now turns to show the car, which looks pretty ... bad. Each of the Boars seems to have taken a different section and drawn whatever
the hell they wanted on it.)

AWS Man (also known as Bill) : So, what did everybody draw?

Bob Job : I drew a horsie.

(Bob actually drew a square.)

AWS Man (also known as Bill) : Very freakin' good, Bob.

(Bob smiles and immediately falls asleep.)

AWS Man (also known as Bill) : And Cyanide?

Cyanide : I drew a drowning victim, as a reminder for the people too stupid to know how to swim, like Crow, to not get near the ocean.

AWS Man (also known as Bill) : Good freakin' thinking, Lifeguard Cyanide. You're always looking out for people. Seaman, what did you draw?

Seaman : Oh, I didn't know what to draw, so I just sprayed a bunch of squiggly lines.

AWS Man (also known as Bill) : Well done. And Pen and I painted some freakin' porn videos.

(The Insane One drew a bunch of boxes with "porn" written in their centers. DPS Man (also known as Bob) runs up.)

DPS Man (also known as Bob) : Hey, that looks pretty funkin' good!

AWS Man (also known as Bill) : Yeah, we thought so too. Well, come on, let's freakin' go. Our charitable work here is done.

(The show cuts to commercial as the Boars walk off.)

**Commercial Break**

GP:Welcome back, and I can't believe what the Boars are doing! It's crazy!

JT: Yeah, but finally, we get to see some REAL action!

GP: Yeah, finally.

Nikki: Anyway, let's go down to Meygon!

Meygon: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL….

(Pop from crowd)

JT: What's the damn stip, though?

GP: Yeah…

Meygon: and is a….

(Early Pop!)


(HUGE pop from crowd!)

JT: Wow! A Death Match!


Nikki: Let's see where the drunks and/or psychos are!

(Scene switches the Toys R' Us! Tod and Al Coholic at the local Toys R' Us store. The placed is closed, and they are blindfolded. They stand on opposite sides of the store, and then when they hear the bell ring, they walk
straight ahead!)

GP: This match is on!

JT: The fans love this chaos!

Nikki: As do you!


GP: We know about your blood lust already!

JT: Yeah, I know.

(Tod walks straight into an aisle wall, and falls to the ground! Meanwhile, Al Coholic rubs elbows with a life sized doll. He thinks that it's Tod, and uppercuts the doll, and then puts it in the Bitter Beer Face! But the doll can't tap out, so after 10 seconds, he gets off, and removes his blind fold!)

JT: Ha! Al is an idiot!

GP: Or drunk!

Nikki: Or both!

(Tod slowly gets up, as Al sees its not Tod, and being the drunkard that he is, stumble around, not putting a blindfold because his vision is distorted anyway.)

JT: Al is drunk, as usual

GP: Well, he's good at one thing…

Nikki: And he's a good wrestler!

GP: Eh…

(Al stumbles around, Tod stumbles into a punching bag dummy! Tod then starts to pummel it with kicks and punches, but then notices it's not reacting! He takes off the blindfold, only to see that it wasn't Al Coholic!)

GP: Tod's mad!

Nikki: And Al's drunk!

JT: This is becoming more interesting by the minute!

(Al is starting to sing bar songs, as Tod hears him! Tod grins evilly, and starts to climb up the wall, and then is on the top! As Al passes below him, Tod elbow drops onto him, and then goes for the pin!)

Ref: 1…

Ref: 2…

(Kick out by Al!)

JT: Near fall by Tod right there!

GP: Al better sober up quickly!

Nikki: Probably won't.

GP: Yeah, your right.

JT: Oh well.

(Al is stumbled around, as Tod throws Lefts and Rights into him! Al isabsorbing many of the hits, but he still is getting hurt, and Tod loves every moment of this!)

JT: Tod getting pleasure from his barrage of blows!

GP: Well, Tod is a Schitzo!

JT: …That sucked, GP.

Nikki: Yeah, it blowed.

GP: =(

JT: =)

Nikki: =P

JT: Anyway, back to match!

(Tod tosses Al to the wall, and looks at him with evil intentions! He then hits TAM! He goes for the pin!)

Ref: 1…

Ref: 2…

Ref: 3! NO!

(Tod looks confused, but sees all got his shoulder up!)

JT: Tod's pissed

Nikki: I would be too

GP: So close, yet so far.

(Tod lifts up Al! But Al reverses, and applies the Bitter Beer Face!)

GP: Is he going to tap out?

Nikki: Oh no…

(Tod someone gets the Macarana playing!)

Nikki: Al removing grip because he wants to cover ears!

GP: Tod grabs him, and then forces him to do the Macarana after saying "stop"!

JT: FOTDA Modified!

Nikki: This isn't good!

(Al Coholic is trying to resist the pain of doing the Macarana!)

Nikki: How long can he last!

JT: Not very, he's drunk!

Nikki: How you…

(Suddenly, Al taps out!)

(Bell Rings)

Meygon: Here is your winner by
submission………… SCHITZO TOD~!

JT: Good match!

GP: Too bad Al was drunk

JT: Yeah… =(

(We fade back to the parking lot where we see Sabastian Crow walking.)

(Evan’s voice can be heard In the back.)

Evan Levine: Hey Crow, what are you doing ?

Sabastian Crow: Forgot my gym bag, I’ll be right there...

Evan Levine: All right, man. But, hurry back up...

(Crow stops In his tracks and looks straight, stunned, totally shocked by his own eyes. Almost like, the whole world has paused, just for his frozen statue pose.)

(Evan Levine approaches behind Crow and looks on as well...)

Evan Levine: Crow, what Is It... oh boy...

(Evan finally see’s what Crow Is looking at. IWO Cameras catch the view and witness the yellow lamborgihni, spray painted and shit. Crow doesn’t know what to think.)

Evan Levine: Crow... come on, man... snap out of It... we’ll get them back!

(Crow just stays frozen, but starts walking the opposite way. The cameras now cut to the Wild Boars' dressing room. The Boars are all watching the television monitor.)

AWS Man (also known as Bill) : Hee hee, he's so freakin' happy he can't talk!

Bob Job : We done good here, didn't we?

AWS Man (also known as Bill) : Yes ... yes, we did.

(The cameras cut away.)

GP:Oh... dear... God.

**Commercial break**

GP:I'm surprised Crow hasn't murdered the Wild Boars. We are back at Hostile Takeover, and if you just joined us, Sabastian Crow's car was painted into pretty pictures by the Pack of Wild Boars.

(The camera shows a picture of Crow, shocked at what happened. We fade back.)

Nikki:I wouldn't want to be Cyanide.

JT:I'm sure you'd like to have Cyanide in you.


(We fade backstage... Matthews is sorting through his things when he looks up in the mirror and sees Sam Potright standing right behind him.)

Matthews: THE HELL!

(He spins around. No one's there... Beth is sitting on the couch. She looks up.)

Beth: What's your problem?

Matthews: Thought I saw something...

(He turns back to his bag. He looks in the mirror again... there's nothing there.)

Matthews: Boy... I'm just fucking losing it tonight. First that kid, and now I'm seeing things.

(We slowly fade back into the ring.)

GP: Well, we're going to see a great match up next between Ben Archer and DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) in a Qualifying match for the Major Push 2.0 Tournament!

Nikki: This should be good!

GP: Let's go to Meygon!

Meygon: The following match is scheduled for….ONE COUPON!

(Pop from the crowd!)


(A HUGE pop is heard!)


GP: A Pizza Hut Coupon Match?!

Nikki: Yeah.

Meygon: Entering first, from Belper, England, he is….

("Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple blasts on the PA system!)


(Ben Archer comes out to a mixed reaction, as many fans are still mad about the Mysterious One incident.)

Meygon: And his opponent…

("12" by ICP hits)

Meygon: He is one half of the Tag Team Champions, he is….DPS MAN(Also Known as Bob)!

(DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) comes down with his funny looking mask to a mixed reaction from the crowd!)

JT: Well, their in the ring!

GP: And they can win a SCRUMPTUOUS Pizza Pie!

JT: Yes….sure…

Nikki: Yeah…

GP: What?

Nikki: Well…

JT: You’re an idiot!

GP: =(

JT: Ha!


Nikki: Shut up!

JT: But…


JT: =(

Nikki: Good…

(The bell rings and DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) and Archer circle each other!)

Nikki: These two men are intent on devistating the other…


Nikki: Yes….

(GP suddenly shows a Pizza Hut box)

Nikki: What the…?

GP: Hey, if their so generous, we should give them support!

Nikki: Ok…

(DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) starts to punch Archer! But Archer isn't selling his moves today! The fans boo as Archer grins disturbingly, just like when he hit Mysterious One with the truck! The fans know Archer has something in store!)

GP: This doesn't look good!

Nikki: Archer has a plan, I can see it!

JT: Where?!

GP: Umm…

Nikki: ….


JT: Ouch! =*(

GP: =P

Nikki: =)

(Archer grapples DPS Man(Also Known as Bob), and suplexes him! The fans are booing as Archer lifts up DPS Man(Also Known as Bob), and tosses him into the turnbuckle! He starts to knee DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) hard! The fans are booing loudly as Archer waves to the crowd!)

Nikki: Damn! That's gotta hurt!

GP: Yeah!

Nikki: Archer is making himself look bad!

JT: I like it! KILL DPS IDIOT!


GP: =D

(Archer climbs out of the ring, and walks over to the ladder! He looks at the coupon in the middle of the ring, and grins! He then takes the ladder,
and begins to head to the ring, and then he suddenly doesn't see DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) anywhere!)

GP: Hmmm…where did he go?

JT: I dunno…


Nikki: Quiet!

GP: There he is!

(DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) suddenly Missile Dropkicks Archer, knocking the ladder into him! The fans are cheering as DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) keeps on saying 'Funkin' for no apparent reason, and starts to kick Archer many times, laughing at him!)

GP: That DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) is ODD!

Nikki: But not as odd as Ben Archer!

GP: How so?

Nikki: Well, they say Ben…

JT: We ALL heard the rumors, Nikki!


(JT is blinded temporarily in one eye!)

JT: OW! -*(

Nikki: =P

GP: Ha!



(Meanwhile, outside of the ring, DPS starts to bash Archers head against the guardrail! Ben Archer falls to the ground, and DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) looks around, and grins! He then lifts up Archer, and makes a wild scream, before preparing to…)

JT: Oh my!

GP: Theres going to be a world of hurt tonight!

Nikki: Yeah!

(DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) suddenly runs into the ring, and climbs to the top rope! NECK CUTTA! Ben Archer is on the ground out cold as DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) continues to say 'Funkin' and takes the ladder into the ring, ready to set it up for good!)

JT: This may be it!

GP: Yeah!

Nikki: Or it may not!

(DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) sets up the ladder! He checks, and see Ben is still on the ground, and then turns around, and begins to climb the ladder! The fans are cheering as DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) reaches the top, and extends his hand out for the coupon!)

Nikki: DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) can bag it!


(Archer kicks the ladder down, and DPS Man(Also Known as Bob), abiding by the laws of physics, falls to the ground! Archer kicks him, and lifts him up! Then he grins malevolently, seeing that DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) is too weak to defend himself!)

GP: Oh oh…


JT: This isn't good!

(Archer sets up for a Reverse DDT, but then exectues The ArC, and DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) lands hard onto the surface! DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) looks knocked out, but Archer sets it up and executes it AGAIN! DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) is stunned! Meanwhile, Archer gets the ladder!)

JT: DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) is screwed!

GP: But not in a bad way!

Nikki: Except for maybe the fans!


Nikki: =D

JT: No, it sucked!


Nikki: SHUT UP!

(Archer sets up the ladder, and climbs it! He grabs onto the coupon, and it doesn't come off! He pulls harder, and then DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) spears the ladder off! Archer holds on to the coupon, and then it releases, making him fall onto DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) with it in his hand!)

(The Bell Rings)

Meygon: Here is your winner, BEN ARCHER!

("Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple hits as Ben Archer limps away with the coupon on his hand, probably to Pizza Hut!)

JT: What a great match up!

GP: Ben Archer deserved that win!

Nikki: Yeah…

(We fade backstage to where we see Crow, storming the hallways, knocking over stuff. Evan Levine follows him...)

Evan Levine: Crow ! Don’t get so worked up, sheesh!

(Crow just storms on through the hall.)

Evan Levine: Stubborn, dude. Stubborn.

(We slowly fade out.)

**Commercial Break**

("The Memory Remains" by Metallica hits.)

JT: Yay! A hottie with her squeeze!

(Out comes Dane Matthews, with Beth Potright. They look around at the
crowd... with a look of contempt on their faces. They head down to the ring.)

Matthews: This night has been weird... I get here, relax for a few hours...
and as I'm heading to the dressing room... what happens? Some kid runs
through the halls and bumps into me. That in itself is okay... except... he

(He holds an open hand out towards Beth.)

Matthews: Now, that kid looked to be in the 4th grade or something... how
could he know her? At first, I figured it was some fan... bu what he said...
he's seen her before. In person. And that's what I don't understand.

(He leans on the ropes.)

Matthews: I've gotten rid of Sam Potright... now he's probably used some
weird Wiccan, Satanist, whatever fucking religion he is -- magic and turned
himself into a kid. That's probably the truth, but either way... I figure, as
a little kid or not, Sam, you've still gotten yourself into something. I
destroyed your car... and you came right back around. I beat you up... and
now there's kids after me. Well... I figure... if you want it that bad, Mr.
Potright, then you're going to get it THAT BAD!

(Matthews points up to the ceiling.)

Matthews: How about... up there... we put the old IWO Cruiserweight Title, as
a sign... a signification of Beth Potright's managerial contract. Now, the
only way to get it would be via a ladder... but with that ladder... oh, hell,
let's go straight to it: TABLES, LADDERS, AND CHAIRS, Potright. TLC. For her

services. I bring what I have... you bring what you have. Mano-y-mano. Beach
Party... you win, you get her back, whether she wants to go back or not. I
win... she's mine FOREVER. Deal?

(He waits for a few moments.)

Matthews: Oh, that's right. I haven't seen you or that kid. I guess you're
not here tonight... but when I see you... I'll make that offer to your face.

("The Space Between" by Dave Matthews Band hits... Dane turns his head
immediately. We get a look over his shoulder as the lights go out... when it
returns, no one is there.)

GP: Where is he?

(Dane turns around... there's the kid again. He jumps... the kid holds out a
note... which Dane accepts. He reads it...)

Matthews: I...... accept.

(The lights dim again. A spotlight shoots up to the ceiling, where a figure
stands, trenchcoat on... his face masked by his hair. He raises one fist to
the ceiling as the crowd cheers him on.)


GP:Oh, Crow is going to have a field day here. Up next, we are going to see Sabastian Crow take on Cyanide, and Cyanide was one of the men who helped destroy his car eariler this evening...

Meygon:This next match, is scheduled for one fall, and is a non-title matchup! Introducing first, here is the number one contender to the Extreme Championship, Sabastian Crow!

("Fuck Off" by Kid Rock hits the pa system, as out from the back walks out from the back. He immediatly goes towards the ring, and then snaps the microphone from Meygan and holds it to his lips. Pacing around the ring In anger.)

Nikki: Crow, does not look happy, tonight.

JT: Who would be. After a huge upset last Monday against AWS Man. Plus, the destruction of his lamborgihni’s original paint job. I wouldn’t be too happy, either.

Sabastian Crow: Now, I want all you people, to sit down and shut up!

(Audience Heat)

GP: Well, that didn’t work.

JT: Idiots.

Sabastian Crow: Wild Boars, you disgraceful amount of
jack knockers. Tonight...

(Suddenly, an “Asshole” chant starts)

Audience: Asshole. Asshole. Asshole. Asshole. Asshole.
Asshole. Asshole...

(Crow twists In anger, snapping at the audience.)

SHUT UP !?!?!?!?

(Audience Heat)

Sabastian Crow: SHUT UP!

GP: This Is really bugging Crow.

JT: Exactly. I mean, IWO fans just have no respect for true talent, anymore.

Nikki: Whatever. Crow, In my view, Is still an

JT: See! They’re even teaching Nikki bad habits.

(Nikki groans)

Sabastian Crow: Tonight... Wild Boars, tonight Is almost closing time. You seen, exactly what happened last Monday night before your match, the mind games continue, and the punishment gets worse. Simon Seaman, no, It’s not jelly you nimradic duple brains... It’s called blood. Blood that drips from Seaman’s forehead, In which I completely destructed, can’t you understand any of that ? And then, then, AWS Man got lucky, he actually made me tap out. In that match, we had one Hell of a long, fault, battle. Though, after that, I seemed to start gaining respect for the porno loving retard, though, that was until he bashedme In the main event. Then, It got to be *war*.

(Audience Pop. Just because, AWS Man kicked Crow’s ass, during Meltdown’s, main event.)

Sabastian Crow: So tonight, It’s not AWS Man. Oh no! It’s not DPS Man. Hell no. And, It’s defintantly not that weak little shit, Bob Job. Tonight, It’s Cyanide. The Extreme Champion. I, being the #1 Contender, It’s about time to see, what Cyanide can pull off, over Sabastian Crow. So Cyanide, bring your ass out here!

(Sabastian Crow throws down the microphone and takes off his shirt, as he awaits Cyanide.)

Meygon: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring first, Cyanide!

("Current of Love" by David Hasselhoff plays as Cyanide steps out onto the stage and struts to the ring, accompanied by the lifeguards, Callista, Stephanie, and Lydia. Cyanide climbs in, and then immediatly catches Crow with a pumphandle suplex. Crow gets up and hits a charging axehandle on Cyanide.Cyanide throws Sabastian Crow off the ropes and hits him with a diving shoulder block. Crow gets back to his feet and legsweeps Cyanide. Crow then hits a spinning leg lariat, sending Cyanide to the mat. Cyanide trys for a t-bone suplex but can't lift Sabastian Crow. Crow goes for a spinning neck-breaker, but Cyanide dodges the attack. Sabastian Crow drags Cyanide to the floor. the ref starts the count.)

Ref: One!

GP: Sabastian Crow is doing quite well at this point in the match.


(Sabastian Crow delivers a stiff inverted powerbomb, sending Cyanide to the hard floor. They head back into the ring. Cyanide drives a forearm
into Sabastian Crow and connects with a flying knee. Crow goes down.)

Nikki: Ooh. Crow's not doing so good any more.

JT: I could still do you good, Nikki.


(Cyanide grabs Crow's arm, drops down, and catches him in an arm grapevine. Cyanide gets up and Sabastian Crow hits a koppo kick on him.)

JT: Koppo kick! What a funny name!

(Cyanide trys for a powerbomb but can barely lift Sabastian Crow. Crow breaks free, and Cyanide locks him in an Indian deathlock. The ref is
checking for a tap out... Sabastian Crow tries to escape. Cyanide breaks the hold and drags Sabastian Crow to the floor. the ref starts to count again. Sabastian Crow gets taken down with a corkscrew armdrag. Cyanide executes a corkscrew legdrop on Sabastian Crow.)

GP: Sabastian Crow takes a corkscrew legdrop!

(Cyanide is up again and gets thrown into the turnbuckle. Sabastian Crow comes over and smashes Cyanide's head into it.)

JT: That's gotta hurt! That's really gotta hurt!

(Sabastian Crow and Cyanide climb back into the ring. Sabastian Crow punches Cyanide in the jaw, and follows up with a hard chop.)

GP: Follows up with a chop.

JT: Obviously, you idiot! Are you blind or something?


JT: Goddammit, Greg! Men aren't supposed to slap!

(Sabastian Crow short clothslines Cyanide and executes a springboard bulldog, slamming Cyanide's head onto the mat. Sabastian Crow chants start up in the crowd. Sabastian Crow locks him in the arm hammerlock submission. The ref is checking for a tap out... Cyanide tries to escape... Sabastian Crow breaks the hold. Cyanide stands up and hits a kneeling headbutt to Sabastian Crow's groin. Cyanide puts Sabastian Crow in an arm grapevine submission. Sabastian Crow climbs to his feet. Cyanide spinning mule kicks Sabastian Crow. Sabastian Crow gets hit with the shooting star press from Cyanide. the ref counts. ...1 ...2 Sabastian Crow kicks out.)

JT - You just can't win this early in a match. Especially with an opponent like Sabastian Crow. Or hell, even the damn easter bunny!

(Now Sabastian Crow is standing. Sabastian Crow picks up Cyanide and executes a cradle DDT. Both men stand up. Sabastian Crow grabs Cyanide and applies an arm wrench. Cyanide tries for a power move but is unable to lift Sabastian Crow.)

GP:Cyanide is too worn down. And Sabastian just THROWS HIM INTO THE REFEREE!

JT: I don't think Crow saw that he was standing there!

(Crow looks down, and shrugs as he begins to kick Cyanide down in the corner. Then, out from the back races Murdoch Hitler.)

GP:What the hell is he doing down here?


Nikki:The referee is going for the cover! He's going... ONE.......... .TWO.......... THREE! CROW HAD NO ABILITY TO MOVE AFTER THE TAZER! DEAR GOD! I can't believe it!

Meygon: The winner of this match, Cyanide!

GP:When the tazer affects wear off, Crow will be steaming mad!

Nikki:I think Crow's steaming now.

(Cyanide and Murdoch Hitler leave as the "Current of Love" plays.)

**Commercial Break**

Main Event #1
Lumberjack Tag Match
Winds of Change vs. Deadly Sins

GP:Fans, welcome back to Hostile Takeover, and up next, we are going to have a lumberjack matchup between the now Winds of Changes, Kent Anthason and Joey Malone, against the Deadly Sins.

JT:You have to wonder what Daniel Phillips is thinking at home.

GP:He's probably thinking how sweet it was to ban Donnie Daze from Arizona.

JT:Oh, no wonder he's not here tonight.

GP:We're not in Arizona!

JT:Then where the hell IS Smillyville?

GP:...Let's go to the ring.

Meygon:This next match, is a lumberjack match. It is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the lumberjacks!

(Some generic song that isn't taken by anyone, let's go with, "Schism" by Tool hits the pa system. Out from the back begin to walk the Lumberjacks.)

Meygon:Samuel Potright, Jeff King, Ryan King, Brian Dudley, Michael Dudley, Dane Matthews, AWS Man(Also Known as Bill), Evan Levine, DPS Man(Also Known as Bob), Simon Seaman, Sabastian Crow, and Syphon Fission

(The Beverly Hills Brusiers walks out, followed by Dane Matthews. AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) and DPS Man(Also Known as Bob) make their way out together, along with Simon Seaman.Evan Levine walks out, as Syphon Fission walks out next, who is followed by the Kings. Sam Potright is last, as he looks to have his focus entirely on Dane Matthews.)

GP:Wait, where the hell is Sabastian Crow?

JT:Well, he was just tazored, you think you'd be out here if you were tazored?

Nikki:Good point JT.

("Space Suit" by They Might be Giants begins to play.)

Meygon:Introducing first, weighing in at a combined 493 pounds, and accompanied to the ring by Aubrey Gibson, here are Jack Breaker, and Jake Walker, the Deadly Sins!

(They walk out, because they aren't being mean like some people are and not walk out when their cue hits. They get into the ring.)

Meygon:And their opponents...

(And with that, "Shame" by BT starts blaring as the lights go out. After the guitar chords that open the
song finish, the area in front of the entryway explodes, and Joey Malone stands there to a huge pop,
wearing his ring attire and having the IWO World Title around his waist. Keri Lindum follows him out,
wearing a black dress, and then, "aenema" by Tool replaces it, and Kent Anthason, in his wrestling gear,
comes out to a huge pop.)

JT: ...Not these guys. Anyone but these guys.

Nikki: Deal with it.

(They get into the ring and grab microphones.)

Joey Malone: Hi.

(He holds up his right hand and gets a huge pop for it. He puts it down.)

Malone: ....Hi.

(He holds up his right hand again and gets another huge pop. He puts it down. He starts to do it again,
but Anthason stops him.)

Kent Anthason: Whoa whoa whoa... I think the greetings are over, Joey.

Malone: Aww...


Anthason: Should I just nudge you to talk, or do you want to slap you?

Malone: ... Nudge?

Anthason: Anyhow... Ladies and gentleman, we have a very big surpise for you tonight.

Malone: One that could rock the very foundation of the IWO. Yes, that strong.

Anthason: *raises an eyebrow* Yes, I guess it could be that strong. But words aren't going to like, shake
the arena or anything. What we're trying to say is...


(Kent slaps his hand on his head and shakes it lightly as Malone hits the turnbuckle and get's an
enourmous pop.)

Anthason: Joey, Joey... Hey, Joey.

Malone: What?

Anthason: We were trying to make this as dramatic as possible.

Malone: Sorry Kent, it'll never happen again.

Anthason: You're right. There won't me many more times we'll be announcing the Winds of Change

Malone: I guess you're right.

Anthason: And Daniel Phillips is probably punching an Aardvark somewhere in south Canada.

Malone: I agree.


Malone: So... Uh... We're here. We'll be signing Winds of Change autographs after the show.



Nikki: Heh heh.

GP: Why'd you say that in front of everyone?

JT:So, are we going to start this matchup or are we just going to sit here with our hands up our asses?

*Ding, ding, ding*

JT:And Malone is going to start this matchup off... Don't you think that if people are on the outside, they could just pull the wrestlers off the apron?

Nikki:I think they were instructed not to.

GP:Malone and Breaker are going head to head. They lock up, as Malone catches Breaker into a side headlock. Breaker backs up, and puts Malone on the ropes, and sends him off to the other side. Malone bounces off, and ducks underneath a clothesline, as Malone comes off the other side, Breaker drops his head, as Malone stops in his tracks, and drives Breaker into the mat with a huge elevating DDT.

JT:Breaker immediatly goes for the tag to Walker, but Malone cuts him off with a shot to the back of the head. Malone brings Breaker up, and snaps him towards his corner of Anthason, and locks him in a side inverted headlock. Sort of a Dragon Sleeper.

GP:Malone is slowly rising to his feet, and then drops down with an inverted ddt bridging Breaker's back across his knee. Malone brings him up again, and does it once more. Malone, brings up Breaker again, and then twirls him around, and leaps out from under him, bring Breaker closer to the Winds of Change's corner, and driving Breaker into the mat with a huge inverted DDT.

Nikki:What a combination of moves from our World Champion!

GP:And Malone tags in Anthason, who comes in with a leaping leg drop across Breaker's neck. Anthason goes on top for the cover, with the hook of the leg...1,2, NO! Breaker gets a shoulder up.

JT:Breaker won't stay down for too long, as Anthason gets Breaker up. Breaker begins to hammer at Anthason with right hands to the gut, but Anthason shoves them away. Breaker backs up, dazed, and then turns around, leveling Anthason with a huge dropkick out of desperation.

Nikki:Wait, what the hell is going on?

(All of a sudden, the picture inverts into what looks to be... a ZZT program?!?)

GP:Okay, if anyone is as confused as me right now, I think they deserve the nobel prize.

JT:For what? Confusion?

GP:Sure, what the hell.

(We see four little oval shaped smiles.)

GP:Well, judging by their old position, Malone is the blue smiley, Anthason is the white smiley, Breaker is the cyan colored one, and Walker seems to be Dark Cyan.

JT:What the fuck color is Dark Cyan?

GP:Well... Malone, the blue smiley, collides with the Dark Cyan smiley, which is Walker. It seems like there's a brawl that has erupted, but I can't tell.

Nikki:Anthason, the white smiley, has Breaker, and it looks like he threw him down with some move... I have no clue.

JT:Talk about freakin' Smileyville...

(All of a sudden, we revert out of it, as we see Sabastian Crow racing down the entrance way. We are back in real look of course.)

GP:IT'S CROW! And we're out of that mess that was there!

JT:Crow immediatly goes after the Wild Boars! AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) and DPS Man(also Known as Bob), along with Seaman are brawling with Crow on the outside! Evan Levine comes over, and it's pier six!

Nikki:The Kings are battling it out with the Beverly Hills Brusiers. Remember, Beach Party they square off for the I.C. tag team championships!

GP:Fission is out of this, as Dane Matthews is coming into the fray! Wait! Potright is up on the turnbuckle! And he leaps! Christ Air into the pile! Dear god! He just took out most of the people in the ring!

JT:In the ring, Anthason charges off the ropes, WAIT! FISSION JUST CLOCKED HIM WITH A SHOVEL TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!

Nikki:Anthason is backing off, stumbling from the shovel shot, and Breaker picks up Anthason, Walker with him, THEY HIT THE WRATH! RIGHT ONTO KENT ANTHASON! SQUARE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!

GP:Cover by Walker, 1-2-NO! Malone barely breaks the cover up! Malone grabs Walker, and THROWS him up and over the top rope. Breaker charges, and Malone dives, and picks him up, and Anthason slowly gets up... THEY NAILED THE FATED HURRICANE! DANIEL PHILLIPS MUST BE YELLING AT AARDVARKS BY NOW!

JT:Malone dives on top! Cover, 1-2-3! The Winds of Change win it! They did it!

GP:Crazy! Crazy!

**Commercial Break**

Main Event #1 Ring O' Tables
Special Guest Referees:Kent Anthason & Tony Davis
High Flyer vs. Syphon Fission

GP: Well, we've made it!

JT: The dual main events!

Nikki: This should be great!

Meygon: The following match is scheduled for the best out of seven falls…THROUGH A TABLE!

(The fans pop at this!)

Meygon: Entering first, he is a former IWO Grand Slam Champion. He is a legend of the IWO. He is….HIGH FLYER!

("Loco(Snow edit)" by Coal Chamber hits as High Flyer comes out to a TREMENDOUS pop from crowd as he walks to the ring. He slides in and climbs the turnbuckles, getting fan support!)

GP: Look at how the fans love High Flyer!

JT: Well, he's an idiot, their idiots, so it's equal!

Meygon: And his opponent…

(Suddenly, "Papercut" by Linkin Park plays as Syphon Fission walks down the rampway to a great deal of heat from the crowd! He then races down the rampway to the ring, and slides into the ring! High Flyer and him stare at each other! The fans really start tensing up!)

Meygon: He is a former two time IWO World Champion, he is….SYPHON FISSION!

(The fans are cheering for High Flyer, as suddenly…)

Meygon: Their first Special Guest Referee is….

(Suddenly, Kent Anthason pops out with a Ref shirt on to a huge pop from the audience! He walks down the rampway, grinning and slides into the ring as the fans cheer, and he seperates the two! Suddenly , Tony Davis chair shot blows Kent from behind to a chorus of boos!)

*Ding, Ding, Ding*

GP: Well, this match is off!

JT: And already one of the refs is down!

Nikki: This should get interesting, quickly!

JT: Maybe, maybe not.

(Kent looks at Tony, and Shoves him back, and starts cursing at him! Meanwhile, Syphon low blows High Flyer, and plants a DDT on him! The
fans are booing as Syphon laughs, and begins to lift up High Flyer for another go around!)

Nikki: Syphon with the advantage for the moment!

JT: Syphon is a skilled wrestler!

GP: But only the score on the huge screen on top matters

(Greg points to the screen with the names of Syphon and High Flyer on them and the number zero under each of the names.)

JT: Yes, but will they survive tonight?

(Suddenly, Tony gets a burst of energy, and shoves Kent Anthason hard, knocking right into Syphon Fission! Syphon gets angry, and starts to
punch Kent as Tony lifts him up, and High Flyer is dizzy! Syphon Fission puts his head between his legs!)

GP: Oh my god!


Nikki: No!

(Just as Syphon is about to Death Plunge Kent Anthason, High Flyer gains full conciousness, and kicks him in the leg, releasing Kent! Kent then is lifted and Scoopslammed hard to the mat by Tony Davis as the fans begin to boo him on!)

Nikki: Tony used to a fan favorite…

JT: Until he saw the logical path!

GP: I think Tony is insane with rage!

JT: Quiet you!

GP: =(

(Syphon laughs, and goes to punch High Flyer, but the fans cheer as he is hard righted by High Flyer and he stumbles back! Syphon starts to curse High Flyer, and High Flyer shrugs, as he punches Syphon again! But this time, Syphon doesn't sell!)

GP: That might make High Flyer look bad!

JT: He already does it himself!

GP: True…

Nikki: JT, SHUT UP!

JT: Make me!

(Nikki smacks JT!)

JT: Ouch! =(

Nikki: SHUT UP!

(Syphon laughs, and grabs High Flyers hands! He then Headbutts him hard, and High Flyer falls to the ground! The fans start booing as Syphon begins to really manhandle High Flyer, and lifts him off of the ground again! The fans are going crazy!)

JT: The stupid fans are angry at Syphon again!

Nikki: With good reason! He betrayed WBTY2!

GP: Yeah!

JT: Well, I think the fans are morons

Nikki: Who here is the one that misspelled 'cat'?

(JT blushes)

JT: Shut up! =(

Nikki: Whatever…

JT: =*(

(Syphon tosses High Flyer into the turnbuckle! He laughs, and begins to kick him into the turnbuckle, and High Flyer slumps down! Syphon begins to really taunt the fans as High Flyer lays there, helpless, while Tony and Kent are brawling with each other!)

JT: Total madness! I love it!

Nikki: This isn't good for High Flyer!

GP: Not one bit good!


GP: Well, several weeks ago you hated Syphon!

JT: That's because he didn't lie, cheat, steal and perhaps even kill! But now he's willing to!

GP: So, what your saying is that you’re a mark?

JT: ….

GP: =)

Nikki: =P

JT: =(

(High Flyer is lifted, punched, and then put onto the top of the turnbuckle as the fans start to boo! Syphon then prepares to do a Superplex from the top of the turnbuckle! He then begins to execute the maneuver, hoping to score first point!)

JT: Syphon executing a Superplex!

GP: But what's this?!

Nikki: High Flyer reverses in mid air into a hurricarana!

(High Flyer manages to perform a Huricarana off the top of the turnbuckle, sending Syphon flying through the air, and through the table!)

(The Bell Rings)


High Flyer - 1
Syphon Fission - 0

GP: High Flyer in the lead now with one fall!


Nikki: Hey, he's a great High Flyer, JT!

JT: So?

(Nikki Smacks JT!)

JT: Ouch =(

(Meanwhile, Syphon is not stirring on the outside the fans are giving a great pop to High Flyer, who climbs out of the ring! Meanwhile, Tony Davis had finished off Kent, who was lying on the ground near unconciousness! The fans are booing as Tony slides out!)

JT: Tony wants revenge!

GP: Why does he hate him anyway?

Nikki: Egos... and he's affiliated with Flyer

JT: I don't have one!

Nikki: Sure…hypocrite!

JT: What?!

Nikki: You’re an idiot, you know that?

GP: Yeah!

JT: umm…

(Meanwhile, outside of the ring, Tony Davis looks at High Flyer with evil intent! He then grapples High Flyer from behind, and attempts to german suplex him, but High Flyer reverses, and flips out of the move as the fans start to cheer High Flyer on!)

JT: High Flyer escapes the move!

GP: And he heads over to Syphon…

Nikki: But Tony Davis attacks him from behind!

(Tony Davis sledgehammer blows High Flyer from behind as the fans boo him! Then, Syphon gets up, and High Flyer is rolled onto the table! Davis yells for Syphon to do it, and Syphon Fission puts his head between High Flyer's legs!)

Nikki: Oh no!

GP: This isn't good!


(Syphon Fission Death Plunges High Flyer through the table!)

(Bell Rings)


Syphon Fission - 1
High Flyer - 1


Nikki: Syphon's cheated!

JT: It's all legal in my books!

(Nikki Smacks JT)


Nikki: Idiot!

JT: =(

Nikki: =D

(Syphon starts kicking High Flyer, but then Kent Anthason baseball slides him into the guardrail! The fans begin cheering as he flips out of the ring and onto Tony Davis's neck, doing a Huricarana on him, as the fans support him on!)

JT: Damn it!

Nikki: Ha ha!

JT: Whore…

Nikki: What?!

JT: Uh…

(JT is suddenly punched out!)

Nikki: Idiot…

GP: You go Nikki!

Nikki: =)

GP: Anyway, 2 tables down, 5 left!

(Syphon Fission starts to get up as Kent Anthason suddenly shoves him! Then, he kicks him in the gut and lifts him up! He does a Diamond Cutter! Then, he lifts up Syphon's apparently limp body, and rolls him onto the top of a table!)

GP: This is bad news for Syphon!

(JT suddenly gets up somehow.)

JT: This…can't…be…happening…

GP: High Flyer climbs to the top rope…

(High Flyer does a Top Rope Moonsault, the Flying Moon Shot, but Davis grabs Syphons leg and pulls him off at the last second, as Kent starts going after him! High Flyer goes through the table!)

(Bell Rings)


Syphon Fission - 2
High Flyer - 1

GP: Syphon in the lead! MY GOD!

JT: Things don't look so good for High Flyer! HA!

GP: Maybe, maybe not!

Nikki: You're not a psychic, JT!


(Nikki smacks him!)

Nikki: You are a TRUE moron!

JT: =(

GP: =P

(High Flyer is shaking in pain on the ground as Syphon is barely moving! Tony and Kent, however, are full of life! They are brawling with each other across the ringside area, and pandemonium is spreading around like wildfire as the fans cheer for Kent!)

GP: This is out of hand!

JT: I agree….for once!

Nikki: Bring out the champagne!

(Champagne suddenly is brought out!)

JT: Ha ha…very funny.

Nikki: I know =)

JT: Your not!

Nikki: =(

(High Flyer starts to slowly rise as the fans cheer him on! Syphon lies on the ground in pain still as the fans are cheering! High Flyer walks over,
and lifts up Syphon Fission! He puts Syphon Fission's head between his legs as the fans cheer!)

GP: Is he doing…

JT: The Death Plunge?!

Nikki: I don't think so!

(High Flyer suddenly lifts Syphon into the air, and runs with the limp body of Syphon across the ringside area as the fans cheer him on! He suddenly sees the table, and jumps into the air, defying the known laws of physics , especially gravity, when he running powerbombs Syphon Fission through the table!)

(Bell Rings)


High Flyer - 2
Syphon Fission - 2

GP: What a great comeback by High Flyer, and only 3 table are left, as the first who gets 4 tables will win this match!

JT: 2 more tables, huh? This should be interesting…

Nikki: It really should be…

GP: Anyway, High Flyer slided back into the ring, and is celebrating!

JT: Doesn't the idiot know he's got two more tables to put Syphon through?!

GP: Apparently not!

(High Flyer is get cheers from the crowd, thinking that he has won the match. But the fans realize this error, and they chant 'YOU'RE NOT DONE YET!' and High Flyer looks confused as suddenly, Tony Davis pulls him out of the ring!)

GP: That was bad luck for High Flyer!

JT: He's an idiot!

Nikki: I think he's smarter than he looks!

JT: Maybe, maybe not.

GP: Anyway, this match is really heating up now!

(Tony Davis pulls out High Flyer, and starts yelling at him as the fans boo! Wait, Kent Anthason is seen picking up something from the guardrail: a bell! The fans are cheering loudly as Flyer stands head to head with Davis, pointing behind him. Tony turns around, only to be struck by the Bell!)

GP: Ouch!

JT: That's GOTTA hurt!

Nikki: And High Flyer has rolled into the ring, trying to gain health!

JT: But Syphon is waiting for him!

(Syphon grins as High Flyer rolls into the ring, and he starts to pummel him with kicks! The fans start to boo loudly as Syphon shrugs off the anger of the fans, and continue to kick High Flyer! Then, he lifts up High Flyer, and Irish whips him to the other corner!)

GP: Syphon with the upper hand…

JT: This can change at any second!

Nikki: You want Syphon to lose?

JT: Uh…


JT: =*(

(Syphon starts to kick High Flyer, and then lifts him up! He punches him a good five times, and this time instead of attempting a superplex, he
attempts to perform a Samoan Drop through the table as the fans continue the onslaught of boos!)


GP: Why are you so mean?

JT: Cause I feel like it!

Nikki: You’re an idiot!

(Nikki smacks JT!)

(Syphon lifts up High Flyer and Samoan Drops him through the table!)

(Bell Rings)


Syphon Fission - 3
High Flyer - 2

GP: What a close bout between these two!

JT: However, Syphon just needs to put High Flyer through ONE more table to win!

GP: That should be difficult though…

JT: Why?

GP: Because High Flyer has PRIDE!

JT: So?

GP: So he won't submit easily!

JT:And does this look like a submission match you freakin' moron.

(Syphon begins to lift up High Flyer as the fans boo him on! He headbutts High Flyer back onto the ground! Then, he kicks High Flyer, and begins to laugh at him! As he turns around, he receives a upper cut by Kent Anthason, whose pissed off!)

GP: Kent wanting blood!

JT: Blood…

Nikki: Shouldn't have said the B word, GP!

GP: Sowwy =(


Nikki: Nowhere yet, idiot!

JT: Oh… =(

(Kent lies Syphon on the table, as High Flyer attempts to do a top rope moonsault again, but this time, Kent holds onto Syphon, as High Flyer flips through the air, aiming onto his target!)

GP: This isn't good!

JT: Oh…no!

Nikki: YES!

(High Flyer moonsaults Syphon through the table!)

(Bell Rings)


High Flyer - 3
Syphon Fission - 3

GP: The fans are going crazy as High Flyer ties the score!

JT: Why do these STUPID fans want High Flyer to win?

GP: Because he fights for justice!

JT: Oh….THAT thing!

GP: Yeah…moron.


Nikki: Shut up!

(Nikki Smacks JT!)

JT: Ok…

(Davis hits the ring, and immediately takes a recovering Flyer up and over the top rope, landing Flyer on the outside.)

GP:Davis is obviously angered at what happened earlier, and Anthason is confronting Davis, but Davis will have none of it! DAVIS KICKS ANTHASON DOWNSTAIRS... EQUALIZER! DAVIS JUST LAIDED OUT KENT ANTHASON!

JT:And Davis is helping Fission up, go Davis!

Nikki:On the outside, Flyer is reaching underneath the ring... and HE PULLS OUT ANOTHER TABLE!

(The fans pop at the introduction of an eighth table, as Flyer rolls it in. Flyer gets up onto the apron, as Fission cuts him off from getting in with a shot from the chair used earlier.)

GP:Jeez! Fission whacked Flyer into another time zone with that chair shot!

(Fission grabs the chair that has just been slided into the ring, and sets it up near the turnbuckle. Flyer is slowly trying to regain his senses, as Fission grabs him up by his hair. He tosses Flyer back in, as Fission goes to the outside apron, and slowly begins to climb up to the top, pulling Flyer with him.)

GP:He's not going to super-bomb him through the table... is he?!?

JT:Damn sure looks like it! GO FOR IT FISSION!

Nikki:Anthason is down, Davis is looking on with approval, and Fission goes to lift Flyer, but Flyer won't budge!

(Flyer back body drops Fission up off the top, causing him to go flying over towards the ring and the table. However, Flyer does a Moonsault while Fission is on the air, catching up to his "projectile motion," and the both crash through the table, Flyer on top.)


*Ding, ding... *

GP:It's over! Flyer is the winner!

JT:No! There were two dings, not three! Davis is screaming, and Meygon tosses him a microphone.

Davis:NO! NO! This DOES NOT HAPPEN! Flyer, you may have driven Fission through four tables, but THIS TABLE, right here, is not an OFFICIAL table for THIS match! IT DOESN'T COUNT!

GP:Oh dear God! Flyer is screaming at Davis, and Davis screams right back! Davis shoves Flyer, and Flyer shoves Davis into a recovering Anthason, who LOCKS DAVIS! HE NAILS SWEET SERENITY! DAVIS DIDN'T EVEN SEE IT COMING!


*Ding, ding, ding*

GP:Fission is the winner! And he's demanding Anthason to raise his hands! That's throwing salt in the wounds folks...

(Anthason raises Fission's hand, but before anything could be happened, Fission pulls him in for a short armed clothesline.)

GP:Dear God! No respect shown by Fission! And he's just stomping away at Anthason with everything he has. He picks up Anathson... He's going to Death Plunge him in the center of the ring! Right on that chair!

JT:Wait! It's Malone! Joey Malone is racing out here! Fission immediatly drops his attempt, as Fission slides out of the ring, and begins to head up to the back!

(Malone is shown helping up Anthason in the ring, as Fission is on the outside, yelling about how his time has come. We slowly fade out to nothing.)

*Fade Out*