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Hostile Takeover 5/11/01
Live From:Detroit, MI

**The following is rated R... for Really Freakin' stupid**

[ The scene opens up outside in the parking lot where we see Sabastian Crow slamming the door to his yellow lamborgihni. He has his gym bag in his hand, as he Is dressed In black KIK pants, black boots, and a white sleeveless shirt. He storms himself through the parking lot In a large amount of frustration... ]

Sabastian Crow: That little weasel! Once I find him, he’s going to be sorry...

[ Sabastian Crow approaches the door’s to the arena where 2 guards stand... Crow looks at them both, straight In the eyes as they move to the side. ]

Sabastian Crow: Yeah !, you better move... tonight isn’t the night to fuck around...

[ Sabastian Crow storms his way inside the arena of the Chicago area.. We fade inside the office of Vice President Tom Ford where we see Tom sitting behind his desk, talking on the phone... ]

Tom Ford: Yes !, I understand how things go there, but you have to understand how things go here...

[ Pause... ]

Tom Ford: Uh huh !, well... you just see to that, all right...

[ Outside Tom Fords Office, Sabastian Crow throws down his bag and pushes the door open... he charges himself into the room... ]

Tom Ford: Whoa! Hey, I gotta go...

[ Tom hangs up the phone and stands up behind his desk... ]

Tom Ford: So, what are you doing here this fine evening Crow?

[ Sabastian Crow comes around the desk, grabs hold of Tom Ford and pushes him up a wall. Ford winces in pain at his pain from his arm, which is just healing now.]

Sabastian Crow: You God damn right you can help me!!!... I got screwed from my Extreme Title last Tuesday and I don’t appreciate It much...

Tom Ford: What are you talking about ?

[ Sabastian Crow brings Tom forward and slams him back against the wall, as his head bounces off. Ford grabs the back of his head in pain.)


Tom Ford: Listen Crow, just take your loss like a man. If you think I had something to do with it, then you're horribly mistaken.

Sabastian Crow: OH !... CUT THE CRAP FORD !!!!!!

[ Sabastian Crow brings Tom forward again and slams him from the wall, throwing him to the right of him onto the floor... Tom’s head bounces off the wall as he falls to the ground... ]

Tom Ford: Crow, do the wise thing and don't get yourself suspended buddy...

[ Sabastian Crow grab’s hold of Tom Ford’s collar and
brings him face to face... ]

Sabastian Crow: I'm not your buddy, and simply put,. I was never pinned... so now, I want my belt back !!!... and If you don’t give It back to me...

Tom Ford: I can't Crow, you were pinned! I can't just strip Tod of the title...

Sabastian Crow: Then I’ll just get It back myself !!!

[ Sabastian Crow throw’s Tom against the wall again as he walks out of the office... Tom scrambles his way up to the desk and picks up the phone, he dials a number and holds the phone to his ear... ]



Tom Ford: Jerry! (Pause) Call security !!!

( The scene fades off. We see an IWO logo fade onto the screen once, and slowly fade back out as the sound of a heartbeat is heard. This repeats three times, as the final time, a streak of lightning illumiates the letters in a charcoal of fire.

"Generator" by Bad Religion is heard softly, as we see highlights from MNM. We see Kent Anthason pinning Cyanide and becoming the new North American Champion, as well as Keri signing the restraint order against Joey Malone, her own husband. Slowly, we fade into the arena, as we see some 16 thousand fans screaming and cheering as loud pyro shoots out from all around. The camera fades all around, as we see Greg Parker, JT, and Nikki sitting at their announce position, like usual. Each of them, like usual, are finely dressed.)


Nikki:Talk about an A list of action tonight, we've got the Mysterious Birdman and Schitzo Tod, the newly crowned Extreme champion, going after the Suicide Kings for the World Heavyweight Tag team titles!

JT:What about Crow taking on Exx and Ford! We almost saw a preview of that just before we went on the air!

GP:And the main event, where four of the largest commpetitors for this years Mayhem will compete. Cyanide, Shawn Arrows, Sam Potright, and AWS Man(Also Known as Bill) go head to head for the right to call themselves the favorite for Mayhem!

(We fade into the backstage area, as we see Tammy and Kent walking into the arena. Tammy seems to be very aprehensive about the entire situation.)

Kent:We're going to have a jolly old time, won't we Tammy?

Tammy:Uhh... yeah... Yeah. I've got to go to Tony to make sure what's going on tonight... can you give me a little bit?

Kent:Sure thing Tammy.

(Tammy hugs Kent, as she turns around and runs down a congruent hallway.)

Kent:I wonder how the ol' Chap is doing?

(The camera slowly pans over to Tammy, as we see her bump into Davis, who seems to have been walking down the hall as well.)

Davis:Watch where you're goi... Tammy!


(They immediatly embrace each other, as Tammy gives Tony a kiss on the lips.)

Tammy:I haven't seen you since Tuesday!

(Tammy walks off with Davis as they head off back to the locker room area.)

GP:Fans, something is definitly going to go crazy tonight!

("Hail to the Chief" comes over the pa system, as the fans give a decent response. Out from the back, walks the Vice President of the IWO, and booker for May Mayhem, Thomas Ford. He has a microphone in his hands as well.)

VP Ford:Well, I know many of you are wondering, "VP Ford, how are you going to do Mayhem this year?" Well, As I promised when I sent out the message and previews for the show, I will announce them, right here, and righ tnow. You see, there will be 40 plus individuals battling it out for the shot at Beach Party 5, high above the sky, teh combatants will battle on a scaffolding, stretched across most of the ringside area. But, instead of the normal scaffold, this May Mayhem, will have a double cage surrounding it! There will be a cage, loaded with weapons surrounding the scaffolding, as well as another small cage above it, with trap doors on the roof of the first one! So, everything will be all peachy! And, throw in the fact that four men start, and every five minutes, two new men come down to the ring, it will DEFINITLY be crazy! So! GO TO COMMERCIAL!!!

**AH!!!! Commercial Break**

GP: Now, folks, it seems the trend is non title defenses tonight, and the next one should be a doozy - It's going to be Simon Seaman taking on Sabastian Crow, JT, your thoughts.

JT: To tell you the truth Greg, I don't have any dramatic outlook on the next match. Sabastian is going to match Seaman in the technical department, and Seaman has enought Charisma for the pair of them, it's just going to have to unfold as the match goes on.

GP: Well, the time for this match, is NOW! Let's get it underway.

("Enjoy the Silence" by Failure plays and who else but Simon Seaman should appear!)

Meygon: The following non-title match is scheduled for one-fall. On his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 238 pounds, from Los Angeles, California, Simon Seaman!

Nikki: Gee, I reckon I could handle a bit of that.

JT: Well then, you could probably handle a bit of this...

(JT points to Inevitably...)



("Enter Sandman" by Metallica plays and Sabastian Crow comes out, slowly, making sure the crowd absorbs the atmosphere.)

Meygon: ...and his opponent, making his way to the ring...Sabastian Crow!

(Crow climbs into the ring, and glares down Seaman.)

GP: And we're going to get straight into it here, Seaman comes off the ropes and nails Crow with a charging axhandle bodyblock! Sebastian jumps up quick and drops Seaman with a Gorilla Press Slam on the mat! And then Simon Seaman gives Crow a quick low blow! Ha!


JT: Well, that low blow was legal the match hadn't started yet. And the two lockup. Sabastian hits Seaman with the back of his elbow, he follows that up with a poke in the eyes! Not to technical on...WOAH! Crow executes a
fabulous inverted jawbreaker on Seaman!

Nikki: Seaman takes a jawbreaker. Crow helping Simon up, only to executes a headlock takedown! Simon heading to the ropes, he's off one side, over the top of crow, Crow is up! And Sabastian Crow delivers a spinning backbreak to Seaman!

JT: Whoa-hoa! Seaman getting pinned! There's the One! There's the Two! And Seaman kicks out on Two Counts!

GP: Simon Seaman quick to stand now, that man has new life. Simon executes the jumping sidekick on Crow. Sabastian staggers, and Seaman hits Sabastian Crow with the double arm DDT into the mat.

Nikki: Seaman climbs to his feet and Sabastian Crow is also standing again. Simon Seaman hits a spinning leg lariat on Sebastian sending him to the mat. And continues the abuse with some punches to the head.

JT: Wait! Crow takes Seaman's arm and locks him in a Triangle Hold! Seaman's arm is being hyperextended! Can Seaman tap out?! Will he tap out?! Oh, this is hidious, c'mon Ref!

Nikki: C'mon Ref what?

JT: Break the hold!

Nikki: Why? It's a legal hold!

JT: I said it for effect.

Nikki: What - this match wasn't getting through to everyone?

JT: Shut up, Stupid cow.

Nikki: What!

GP: Were either of you two thinking of returning to commentating this match anytime soon?

JT: Well, I was, until Bitchface here interrupted me.

GP: Well, can you see this...

JT: See what?

(SMASH! Sabastian Crow lands on top of the announcers table following a ropeflip hiptoss from Seaman.)

Nikki: Holy Mackaral!

JT: Seaman coming to get Crow and rolls back to his feet. Seaman applies an arm wrench to Sabastian Crow on the outside. He rolls Crow back into the ring, Crow is staggering up, and he's going to meet Seaman coming in with a half-snap inverted roundhouse DDT! My goodness! How the hell did he pull that off?!

Nikki: Both men are down, Seaman from that bump, and Crow from the energy put into that move. Crow is the first to make some kind of movement, and he's got Seaman motionless on the floor, wait! Wait! He's putting the Deathlock on Seaman! Simon in the Deathlock! But Simon is unconsious! Ha!

GP: Simon Seaman not even remotley feeling the pain from the Deathlock, but I'm sure his muscles are. The Ref is asking Crow to stop the move, and I'm sure Crow sees the pointlessness of the move himself anyway.

JT: Sabastian Crow releasing the Deathlock and going for a pin anyway, We have a count!

GP: One!

Nikki: Two!

JT: And Simon Seaman manages to hook a leg over the bottom rope! Seaman is alive! Seaman is alive!

GP: Seaman with a Left uppercut! A Right uppercut! Crow is being pummled! Seaman going up top! Here we go! It's all over! Silencer! Silencer!
Crow is down!

Nikki: Simon going for the pin! The leg is hooked! One! Two!


GP: It's done! Simon Seaman wins! Simon Seaman wins!

Meygon: The winner of this match...Simon Seaman!

JT: Who knows what's going to happen in the next few weeks! These two have had a truley epic battle...

[ Sabastian Crow stomp’s toward Meghan, cutting her off by swiping the microphone from her hand. He brings It to his mouth and speaks to her... ]

Sabastian Crow: Go waste your voice on a deep throat, missy !!!... I got work to do here...

Meghan: UGH !!!

[ The audience sends out a *heat* performance to Crow.
Sabastian Crow points his finger to the outside of
the ring... ]

Sabastian Crow: GO !!!

[ Meghan with a look of depression on her face, steps
through the ropes and exit’s the ring. ]

GP: Now that wasn’t very nice !!!

JT: It never Is... that’s what makes Sabastian Crow so
cool !!!

Nikki: Oh whatever !, he still look’s like a self
centered asshole to me !!!

JT: NIKKI !!!!!!!!

Nikki: What !?!?... It’s so true... he called me a
bitch, I call him a asshole...

JT: Yeah !, but how dare you say that about Sabastian
Crow !!!... President Evan Levine should have you
fired !!!

[ Simon Seaman continues to walk up the rampway as he
exit’s the ringside area... ]

Sabastian Crow: Thomas Ford !, I told you. One way or
another, I was going to get my Extreme Title back
tonight, whether you liked It, or not !!!... last
Tuesday night at Meltdown, we all seen exactly what
don’t see now, and that Is a fake infringement of
Sabastian Crow !!!

GP: Sabastian Crow claims to have lost his Extreme
Championship last Tuesday by accident...

JT: Claims ? Greg, you got It all wrong !!!...
Sabastian Crow was screwed and Tom Ford already knows

Sabastian Crow: Now, as you can see... pay attention
at the Tron up there...


(Tod squirts him all over. Crow starts to run, but Tod
chases him. He finally catches up with him and
kicks Crow in the back of the leg, sending him to the
floor. The rats are approaching fast.)

Schitzo Tod: So, what'll it be, Crow? Get eaten by a
bunch of rats, or give me your Extreme title?

Sabastian Crow: HERE. TAKE IT! JUST LET ME GO!

Schitzo Tod: Doesn't work that way. Lean back onto the

(Crow does so, and Tod puts a foot on his chest. A ref
comes from no where. 1... 2... 3!!!)


(Schitzo Tod takes his foot off, and laughs at Crow.
Crow has a weird look on his face, as Tod picks up
one of the mice. He pulls off it's skin, and there's a
little race car with red lights on the front. All of
are like that.)


[ Cameras go back to Sabastian Crow. ]

Sabastian Crow: All right !, lets narrow this down a
bit. For (1) I, Sabastian Crow, will NEVER lay down
for a piece of retardeness like Schitzo Tod !!!... and
(2) I, Sabastian Crow, will NEVER and have NEVER
just gave up a Championship Title, without a fair

JT: He’s got a point there !... Sabastian Crow has
never given up a Championship Title without a fair

GP: Please JT !... the Extreme Gold was all he’s ever
won here In the IWO so far, don’t get so cocky !!!

Sabastian Crow: So !... Thomas Ford, you sit back
there and you ask yourself... “How can Sabastian Crow
ever prove he didn’t get pinned ?”, well Tom, I got...

[ “I Am Your Boogy Man” by White Zombie begins
blasting over the speakers as the fans grow louder In
a *heat* reaction. ]

Nikki: Oh no !!!

GP: What does he want !?!?!?

JT: YaY !

GP: Better pucker up those lip’s JT... here comes Evan
the Ass !!!

JT: HEY !, you know you can get yourself fired for
that comment !?!?



Nikki: Sorry, haven’t done It In a while...

JT: ......

Nikki: =)

[ President Evan Levine walks from behind the curtains
with a microphone In his hand as he stands on
the stage... the music comes to an end, and he looks
around at the booing fans. Sabastian Crow looks on at
Evan. ]

President Evan Levine: Sabastian Crow, I must agree, you were screwed last Tuesday night on Meltdown...

[ Crow smiles and the crowd grows larger with *heat*
tensions. ]

GP: This Is out of question, disgusting...

JT: Greg !, what If Sabastian *Is* telling the truth
here ? Maybe he was screwed !!!

GP: Hmmm...

President Evan Levine: But !, blaming the incident on
VP Tom Ford ?... please Crow !, how would you
ever guess, Tom Ford has something to do with this ?

[ Crow smiles and paces around the ring... ]

Nikki: Ha !, that’s a good question... how does
Sabastian Crow know Tom Ford Is In on this ?

JT: Hmmm...

[ Sabastian Crow snickers, as he begins to talk
again... ]

Sabastian Crow: In my gym bag, I got tape footage from
special hidden camera’s on Tuesday Night
Meltdown. On that tape footage, show’s a delightful
Vice President paying off the one I am not...

GP: Hmmm... that maybe explains It...

JT: Heh !, I told you Sabastian Crow was telling the
truth !!!

Nikki: Tom Ford paying off Sabastian Crow... err, I
mean, a fake Crow though ???... I don’t get It...

[ The audience Is silent as Crow continues to stare
into the eyes of Evan... ]

President Evan Levine: So, what you’re saying Is, you
got actual proof Tom Ford screwed you out of the
Extreme Title ?

Sabastian Crow: Clearly speaking, yes !!!

President Evan Levine: Hmmm... come with me then,
we’ll review that tape In my office !!!

[ Sabastian Crow smirks a smile, throws down the
microphone to the mat, and step’s between the ropes as
“Enter Sandman” by Metallica plays, as he exit’s the
ringside area. ]

GP: Is Sabastian Crow telling the truth !?!?!?!?

JT: So, now you’re believing !?!?!?!?

GP: Not really !, I’m just trying to figure out what’s
going on here...

Nikki: Sheesh. This night Is confusing !

**Commercial Break**

(We arrive back to the arena, as we see High Flyer and Kate Young enter the arena. Kate seems to be largely pregnant, as Flyer is helping her down the hallway.)

Kate:Flyer... is this such a good idea for me to be here? It's getting close to the delivery date.

Flyer:Don't worry Kate, the doctor's said that it's about a week more, and I really need your support tonight.


(Flyer and Kate slowly continue the hallway... as the IWO cameras cut from the action back into the back hall way as two men coming walking out of the shadows and as soon as you can tell it is “The Drunken Bastard” Billy Ray and the Bartender as the crowd reacts with a loud roar as both men continue to walk past the camera into Evans office as the camera continue to follow them)

Billy Ray: Im back and I am sober just like you guys asked!

Evan: All right then, you are permitted to return to the IWO affective as of right now.

(the crowd reacts a bit stunned to Billy Ray being sober and to him and the Bartender returning to the IWO)

Billy Ray: All right it is a deal then…next Takeover, tell Tom to book me I will be there.

(as Billy and the Bartender both leave Evans office Evan just shakes his head)

Evan: I guess we will just see how long these two can stay away from the bottle.

(as Evan begins to laugh out loud as the camera fades back to IWO action)

GP: Well, it's time for the next match, and...

JT: It's gonna be a HORRIBLE squash!

Nikki: Shut up, JT. No one asked you.

JT: Actually, No One did!

(Some guy named No One appears.)

No One: I asked if it was gonna be a squash!

GP: Screw you, No One.

No One: :-(

GP: Actually, it's time for a non-title match, pitting the IWO World Champion, Donnie Daze...

JT: Who is God...

GP: Shut up. Against newcomer Bob Job. Now, Bob Job has had a string of stunning upset victories, but this will be his ultimate test...

("Superman" by Goldfinger plays as Bob Job comes out to a surprisingly big pop. Maybe it's because the IWO fans are glad it's anyone except Donnie Daze...)

Meygon: The following contest is a non title match, scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Birmingham, England... weighing in at one hundred and twenty-one pounds... he is the master of the Lucky Pinfall... ladies and gentlemen, he is BOOOOOBBBBB JOOOOOOBBBBB!!!!!

GP: Hooray for Bob Job!

JT: He is SO gonna get slaughtered...

Nikki: You never know!

(Bob Job climbs into the ring, continuing to get mad pops. Then his music stops.)

(...and "Your Disease" by Saliva starts. The fans quickly start booing the hell out of Donnie Daze, long before even his presence is felt.
Then he comes out, and gets things thrown at him. Donnie Daze has his IWO World title belt around his waist and Joey Legion and Matt Senate stand side-by-side behind Daze. Daze approaches the ring.)

Meygon: And his opponent, from Port St. Lucie, Florida... weighing in at two hundred and twenty-five pounds... he is a former IWO Extreme,
Pacific, and United States champion... he is the master of Dazed and Confused and Further Paralysis... he is the CURRENT IWO World

(Daze enters the ring, continuing to soak up many a boo.)

GP: Oh man, Bob Job has his work cut out for him...

JT: You god damned right... he looks like a little kid compared to that manly man, Donnie Daze!

Nikki: Sexual fantasies, again?


(Daze grabs a microphone.)

Donnie Daze: Okay, seeing as though I don't have much of an opponent, and seeing as though Greg, JT, and Nikki all suck ass at commentary...


Donnie Daze: I will do my own commentary for this match!


GP: Hey, Lawler did this back in the day!

*ding, ding, ding*

GP: And here we go! And Bob Job rushes at Daze, but Daze kicks him in the gut! Arm drag takeover by the larger Donnie Daze!


Donnie Daze: Aww, come on... did I bruise you? Sorry, it just slipped, you see...

Nikki: Oh god.

GP: Yup, JT's off in his own little world...


Nikki: Job is up on his feet and he dropkicks Daze, and knocks him down! Job goes for another, but Daze knocks it away! Job's back up on his feet, and he takes a clothesline!

(Bob Job does a beautiful 360 somersault oversell of the clothesline.)

Donnie Daze: What was that fly? Oh wait, that was just you. Heh heh heh...


GP: Bob Job is down from that VICIOUS clothesline by Daze!

Nikki: Now Daze picks up Bob Job again! He hooks Bob up for Further Paralysis! AAHHH!! FURTHER PARALYSIS ON BOB JOB!!

Donnie: And another GLORIOUS win on Donnie Daze's part... heh heh

GP: Daze goes for the pin! One... two... HEY! HE PULLED BOB JOB UP!!

Donnie: OH! BUT DAZE MIGHT HAVE *MERCY*! Muwhahahahaha....

JT: That's because Daze can end Bob pain at ANY time, now!

Nikki: He'll KILL him!

JT: Daze is picking up Bob Job again!

Donnie Daze: Now, here's a little trick I picked up from `ol Dane


Donnie Daze: Aww, nuts... oh well...

JT: Daze picks up Bob Job again! He hooks him up! DAZED AND CONFUSED!

Donnie Daze: Well, Bob. It's been fun, but I really must be pinning

(Donnie Daze goes into the cover. But the ref is out.)

GP: Daze is covering, but there's no referee!

Daze: Uh, hey, ref! I didn't exactly put that much force in the kick!
Wake up! WAKE UP!

(The crowd pops for some odd reason.)

JT: What the hell is going on with the crowd?

Donnie Daze: Yes, yes, I know you're all excited that I'm winning this
match and all...


JT: I'm afraid to look...

(Joey Malone is seen in street clothes.)


(Malone leaps upon the apron and climbs into the ring. The crowd's
cheering is at a fever pitch.)



(Joey gets up there, and doesn't even bother to do the pre-Rising
handsignals, as he just leaps off and connects the Bad Moon Rising
swandive headbutt on Donnie Daze from 3/4ths of the way across the
knocking Daze right out.)


the LUCKY PINFALL! The referee is making his count!


Nikki: *crowd counts along* ONE.... (one...) TWO.... (two...) THREE!!!!

*ding, ding, ding*

Meygon: The winner of this match... BOOBBB JOBBB!!!

(Malone backs away from the ring, as "Superman" by Goldfinger starts
playing for Bob Job.)

JT: Damn him! Damn Malone!

(Bob Job has quickly exited the ring, but is still hurting. Daze is
up, and is absolutely throwing a temper tantrum.)

GP: Ah hah hah hah! Daze is PISSED!

Nikki: Daze is grabbing the microphone again!

Donnie Daze: Malone, what the FUCK is your problem?

(Joey grabs a microphone from a passing ruffian.)

Joey Malone: Daze, I believe that YOU are my problem. You arrest me,
bust a crutch over my skull, shit, Daze, you stalk my girlfriend and
make her sign a RESTRAINING order against me... and you wonder why I'm
pissed? Geez...

(Malone walks away, Daze drops the microphone and goes after him.)

GP: Uh oh, Daze is going after Malone!

[ We now go backstage where we see Evan Levine and Sabastian Crow, sitting on a black leather couch, watching the TV In front of them. Evan appears to be smiling as Crow wait’s patiently... Evan grabs the remote from the couch and flip’s the TV off as he continues to look straight with a smile. ]

President Evan Levine: Crow...

Sabastian Crow: Yes ?

President Evan Levine: I think we can get your Extreme Gold back, haha !!!

Sabastian Crow: Heh... ALL RIGHT !!!

[ The two get up and lay out a high five... they calm down the excitement as Evan gets serious again... ]

President Evan Levine: With this footage, you can defintantly say, you were never pinned nor defeated of the Extreme Championship Division !!!...

GP: WHAT !?!?!?!?!?

Sabastian Crow: Haha !!!... sounds exactly right to me...

President Evan Levine: Now, lets go... It’s time to get things straight !!!

Sabastian Crow: It’s about damn time !!!

[ Sabastian Crow and President Evan Levine walk out of his office as we cut to commercials. ]

**Commercial Break**

(We open up backstage, as we see Tammy and Tony Davis in Davis' locker room. Tammy is combing her hair, while Davis thinks in the corner, attempting to figure out his place in this entire thing. We then hear a knock at the door, as Davis is the first to respond.)

Davis:Man, I hope it's not one of those UPS Men again.

(Davis opens the door, and surely enough, it's a UPS Man. He hands Davis a package, as he reluctanly signs it.)

Davis:Hmmm, I wonder what good news he brings me today...

(Davis unwraps the package, as he sticks it into his VCR. He presses play, as we see an image of Flyer and Tammy, standing in the hallways of an arena. The hug, as she seems to be rather in a distraught mood... but the tape footage is from LAST WEEK! Davis, is simply in shock, as Flyer is seen giving Tammy a kiss on the check, and huging her.)


Tammy:Tony, it's not ...

Davis:Listen! I'm sick of being the man who gets jerked around. I want to know your decision.... who do you love Tammy?!? Is it Kent..... Me.... or Flyer?

(Davis immediatly slams the door behind him as he exits. Tammy just gets a look of shockness on her face.)

Tammy:... Flyer?!?

(Tammy opens the locker room door and goes racing out.)
[ We open up In President Evan’s Office, where him and Sabastian Crow are discussing something. We can’t make It out, but Crow leaves the locker room In a serious pursuit. Evan smiles and watches Crow leave the room as we go to ringside... ]

GP: What do those two have planned ?

Nikki: I don’t know, but what has already transpired tonight... I’m sure that anything, and I do mean, ANYTHING can happen !!!

JT: What a night !... what a night !!!

("Hail to the Chief" plays over the pa system as the fans turn to the entrance. Vice President Ford and Exx walk out from the back, as they get a decent amount of cheers. They both get into the ring, as Exx just stares at Ford from the corner. Ford grabs a microphone.)

VP Ford:Now, there seems to be a lot of turmoil going on backstage, and it seems to be centering around the screwing of Sabastian Crow by myself out of the Extreme Championship. The only thing I can say, is that your true punishment comes now. I fight my own battles Crow, and although I may not be as big or as strong as you, I have enough pride not to get others to do my dirty work for me.

("I am your Boogieman" by White Zombie plays, as out from the back walks Evan Levine, microphone in hand.)

Evan Levine:That isn't exactly the case there Ford. You see, earlier in the evening, I recieved footage from one Sabastian Crow....

**Video Footage**

[ On the footage, we see Tom Ford backstage counting loads of money into the hand of Sabastian Crow, well the fake Sabastian Crow. ]

Tom Ford: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, and 1000...

Fake Sabastian Crow: Hehe, thanks...

Tom Ford: Don’t mention It... now just skit skattle and take care of this !!!

Fake Sabastian Crow: I shall do !!!

[ The fake Sabastian Crow leaves the area as he walks toward the dark room, this, where he enters... the footage fades off. ]

**End Footage*

VP Ford:Wait... wait a second! That... that isn't me!

President Levine:Don't try to play dumb Ford, we all know you have a personal vendetta against Sabastian Crow, and you'd do anything to get that title out of his hands!

VP Ford:Listen Levine, I may not care for Crow at all, but I respect people who earn the championships, and I don't mess with one's accomplishments!




GP:The referee's are trying to break this up, but Sabastian Crow has won this match, and we've got a commercial break to go to!

**Commercial Break**

JT: It’s a Small World after all. It’s a Small World
after all. It’s a Small World after all. It’s a Small,
Small, World !!!

GP: What the hell are you singing ?

JT: Small World ?

Nikki: Ugh.

JT: What ? I happen to like that song !!!

GP: Whatever JT. Just don’t sing anything else for the
rest of the night, ok ?

JT: Greg no like my voice ?

GP: Your voice sucks !!!

JT: =(

Nikki: Yeah !, quit talking.

JT: ......

Nikki: Wow !, It actually worked.

GP: No, It didn’t. That reaction will only last for a
few moments.

Nikki: Ok !, then we better make this quick...

GP: Folks. If you’re just tuning In, then you
practically missed what just happened moments ago.

Nikki: Yeah ! You see, Tom Ford and Exx came out for
their match against Sabastian Crow. Then Evan
Levine came out and talked for a while, then shown
exclusive video footage, which I for one, find’s
absolutely shocking !!!

GP: On the video footage, It shown Tom Ford paying off
a Fake Sabastian Crow, for him to job to Schitzo
Tod last Tuesday night on Meltdown.

Nikki: Then, after all this happened... Sabastian Crow
came from out of the crowd, slid into the ring, and
brutally attacked Tom Ford and Exx getting a head
start on the match. But later on, Schitzo Tod made the
save knocking Crow to the outside, leading them to
fighting through the stands and hard telling where
they’re at now.

JT: Nice re-cap.

Nikki: I thought I told you to shut up !?!?!?

GP: Yeah !

JT: =p

Nikki: Ugh ! You are so childish...

JT: Hehe...

GP/Nikki: ......

JT: IT’S A SMALL World after all. It’s a Small World
after all. It’s a Small World after all. It’s a Small,

GP/Nikki: ......

JT: =)

Nikki: Ugh !, anyways...

GP: Yeah ! Onto our next match-up of the night...

Nikki: We have a Special Gauntlet Match. It appear’s
that Vice President Tom Ford Is well aware that
Joey Malone defintantly want’s a World Title Shot
against Donnie Daze, but can Joey Malone prove It ?

GP: That’s right ! Because up next, like Nikki said,
we have a Special Gauntlet Match. Joey Malone will
face off against all 4, LiGiL - The Black Phantom -
Jade ‘O’ Dell - and The Spaz Event. The winner of
this match get’s a automatic World Championship Title
Shot for, I guess, May Mayhem.

JT: Kick Ass !!!

GP: Yeah !, so let’s get this match under-way.

[ “Shame” by BT starts playing over the speakers as
the fans rise to their feet In a huge *pop* applause.

Meghan: Introducing to the ring at this time, weighing
In at a weight of 252 Pounds straight from
Phoenix, Arizona... he stands at 6’4, he Is... JOEY

[ The fans continue to applaud for Malone as he comes
to the ring, floating In midair. ]

GP: I always thought this was pretty weird.

JT: Ah Greg, It’s all Hollywood magic.

Nikki: I thought Joey Malone could really defy physics

JT: No Nikki !, It’s all Hollywood magic. Trust me...

Nikki: Whatever !

Meghan: And his opponents...

[ “Suffocate” by Finger Eleven begins playing over the
speakers as the fans come to a mild reaction. ]

Meghan: Introducing first to start things out...
straight from Detroit, Michigan... he weighs In at 254
pounds and stands In a height of 6’4... he Is LiGiL

Nikki: LiGiL has had his problems as well with
Sabastian Crow as of late.

GP: Yeah ! But tonight, he’s got to worry about bigger
things. The #1 Contendership to the World
Heavyweight Title Is at stake here...

JT: Oh yeah ! I forgot about that...


JT: Ouchies !!! You stupid bitch !!!

Nikki: We were just talking about It earlier so stop
acting dumb !!!

JT: I’m not acting !!!

GP: Well, we already know that.

Nikki: =)

JT: ......

GP: =)

JT: I hate you guys.

GP/Nikki: We hate you too JT !!!

JT: =(

[ LiGiL already stands In the ring with Joey Malone as
the bell rings and this match Is ready to start. ]

*Bell Rings*

GP: And here we go. Joey Malone -vs- LiGiL...

JT: Didn’t we already see this match In the past, Greg

GP: I think so. Yeah, we did... I think It was during
some World Title #1 Contendership Tournament.

JT: Yeah. And now, these two are at It again for the
#1 Contendership at the World Title.

GP: Heh, this Is cool.

Nikki: Yeah. I guess so. Anyways, LiGiL and Joey
Malone tie up, Joey pushes LiGiL to the ropes, Joey
drops to the mat, LiGiL jumps over Joey, Joey bounces
back up and armdrags LiGiL to the mat. LiGiL
gets back up, Joey Malone bounces off the ropes, LiGiL
runs toward Joey and Joey knocks him back down
with a hard clothesline. LiGiL back up again, and Joey
once again, hits a hard clothesline.

GP: LiGiL’s not concentrating too much on this match
tonight. Could he be the next contender to the
World Title ?

JT: Hehe, I think not !!!

Nikki: OH ! And theres the ADD !!!!

GP: Oh Shit !, thats got to be It...

JT: Joey Malone covers...



3.......... !!!!

*Ding Ding Ding*

Meghan: The winner -- Joey Malone !!!

[ LiGiL slides out of the ring. ]

GP: That was quick.

Nikki: Heh, tell me about It.

[ “Magic Carpet Ride” by Lenny Kravitz starts playing
over the speakers as The Black Phantom runs out
to the ring. ]

Meghan: Introducing to the ring at this time, he cums
himself from Chicago, Illinois... The Black
Phantom !!!!!

GP: Now, It’s Joey Malone -vs- The Black Phantom...

Nikki: Why the hell Is The Black Phantom getting a
chance to compete for a #1 Contendership... at the
World Title ?

GP: Beat’s me !!!

[ Cameras zoom into a sign from a fan that says “Black
Phantom has no Angle”. ]

JT: Hehe, that Is so true...

*Bell Rings*

GP: The Black Phantom runs toward Joey Malone with a
clothesline, Joey ducks... Black Phantom turns
around and... ADD !!!!!! Joey Malone just hit another
Arizona Death Drop !!!

Nikki: That’s the second one tonight ! Man, Joey
Malone Is fired up tonight...

GP: Joey Malone makes the cover...



3.......... !!!!

*Ding Ding Ding*

Meghan: The winner -- Joey Malone !!!

JT: Hehe, what a stupid jobber !!!

[ The Black Phantom slides out of the ring... ]

JT: You know what would make a good feud ?

GP: What ?

JT: The Black Phantom -vs- Bob Job... because both of
these guys suck with lack of ability. The feud will
be JOBBERIFIC !!!!, hehe...

Nikki: Haha, now that’s actually funny.

JT: Thank you Nikki, heh.

GP: Poor Jobbers. I wish you would stop picking on
them !!! Just because they absolutely suck doesn’t
mean you have to keep bashing them.

JT: Why not ? Onslaught Is still being bashed and he’s
not even In the IWO anymore...

GP: Haha ! I erase my words.

[ “The Final Countdown” by Europe starts playing over
the speakers. ]

JT: OH ! I love this song...

Meghan: Coming to the ring now -- weighing In at a
weight of 267 Pounds, he stands at 6’3, all the way
from Dublin, Ireland... Jade ‘O’ Dell !!!!


[ Jade ‘O’ Dell runs from the back and slides into the
ring. ]

*Bell Rings*

GP: Now we’re up to Joey Malone -vs- Jade ‘O’ Dell

Nikki: I wonder how long Jade ‘O’ Dell Is going to
stay In this thing !?

JT: Good question.

GP: The match begins. Jade ‘O’ Dell and Joey Malone
circle around the ring, staring a hole straight
through each other. Joey Malone charges at Jade ‘O’
Dell but Jade hits Malone with a kick to the gut. Jade
‘O’ Dell bounces off the ropes and hits Malone with a
swinging neckbreaker, sending Malone diving to
the mat. Jade continues to hang onto Malone, he brings
him up and hits a scoop slam.

Nikki: Wow ! Jade ‘O’ Dell Is actually showing some
potential In this match.

JT: Hes defintantly fighting back ! With every amount
of pressure he has... he really wants to earn this

Nikki: Well, at least somebody Is wrestling down Joey

JT: Yeah. But Jade ‘O’ Dell -vs- Donnie Daze for the
World Heavyweight Title ?

Nikki: Good point.

JT: Yeah ! I didn’t think a match like that would
sound too good. Seeing as well, Jade ‘O’ Dell isn’t In
the best spot to be a top contender.

Nikki: True. Maybe sometime though, but for now, the
time Is not.

GP: Both men are back up now. Jade ‘O’ Dell bounces
off the ropes and comes back to Donnie, but
Donnie catches Jade ‘O’ Dell and hits a sidewalk slam.
Joey back up, and he dives back down with a
smashing elbow to the chest.

JT: Ouch ! Joey Malone Is picking up the pace again...

Nikki: Joey Malone goes for a cover...




Nikki: And Jade ‘O’ Dell actually kicks out !!!

JT: Well there’s a surprisment !!!... you hardly see
anybody kick out In this match.

Nikki: Well Jade ‘O’ Dell done It. Joey Malone brings
Jade ‘O’ Dell back up, but Jade ‘O’ Dell fights his
way up... he uppercuts Malone, and hits a beautiful
DDT to the mat... now, Jade ‘O’ Dell goes for a

GP: We could be seeing a #1 Contender right here




GP: And a huge upset to Jade ‘O’ Dell. He has yet to
put Joey Malone away...

JT: Jade ‘O’ Dell brings up Malone this time... Is he
going to hit another DDT ?... wait ! NO !!!... Joey
Malone blocked Jade ‘O’ Dell and hit the ADD !!!

GP: Joey Malone covers Jade ‘O’ Dell...



3.......... !!!!

*Ding Ding Ding*

Meghan: The winner -- Joey Malone !!!

[ Jade ‘O’ Dell slides out of the ring. ]

Nikki: Just one more guy left...

[ Joey Malone stands In the ring trying to catch a
breather... ]

GP: Yeah ! Just one more guy left and Joey Malone will
be facing Donnie Daze, very shortly...

JT: YaY !

[ “Twist of Cain” by Danzig starts playing over the
speakers as the fans give a mixed reaction. ]

JT: Well, that breather Joey Malone was trying to take
isn’t lasting for long...

GP: We’re down to Joey Malone -vs- The Spaz Event
ladies and gentlemen...

Meghan: Introducing last... he weighs In at 265 pounds
straight from Lexington, Kentucky... standing tall
at 6’4... THE SPAZ EVENT !!!!!!!!


Nikki: JT !!!!!!

JT: What ?

Nikki: Kentucky people are NOT hicks !!!!

JT: They’re not ?

Nikki: No !... you’re thinking about Arkansas.

JT: Oh.

Nikki: =)

*Bell Rings*

GP: The Spaz Event slides into the ring now... Joey
Malone quits his breather and catches The Spaz Event
In full speed, slamming him to the mat with a
powerslam. Malone brings The Spaz Event back up, and
hits him with a scoop slam, followed by a legdrop...
straight to the throat... Joey tell’s the referee to
the count...




GP: And Joey Malone only got a 2 count on Spaz...

Nikki: Joey Malone brings Spaz back up now... he irish
whips to the ropes, Spaz comes back and goes for
a football tackle but WAIT A MINUTE !!!... Joey Malone
defies physics and he’s showing It now, he just
stopped Spaz In mid air and HITS A NECKBREAKER FROM
THE SKY !!!!!

JT: Joey Malone goes for a cover and...



3.......... !!!!

*Ding Ding Ding*

JT: That’s It !!!!

JOEY MALONE!!!!!!!!!!!

*Crowd Pop*

GP: Joey Malone has defeated 4 men to get his shot at
the World Heavyweight Title !!!!... Donnie Daze, I
hope you’re watching this, because soon, you will feel
the wrath of physic power !!!!!!!

[ Joey Malone exit’s the ring as he heads up the
rampway as we fade to commercials. ]

**Commercial Break**

GP:And we are back, and ready for our MAIN EVE....

(The lights in the arena dim, as the turnbuckles begin to smoke with red, blue, and green fireworks in a circular fashion. Then, "See Thru All" by Staind is heard, as all four turnbuckles burst into a fire, as the lights come on. Flyer is standing at the top of the arena, hands raised to the crowd. He slowly makes his way down to the ring, and climbs in.)

JT:What could Flyer be up to tonight?!?

Nikki:I don't know, but it's bound to be of some sort of importance.

(Flyer walks over to Meygon, and takes the microphone from her offering hands. He taps at it, making sure it's on, as he waits and soaks in the applause.)

Flyer:Now, I know all of you have come here to see me wrestle tonight...(Cheers) but I've got something a little more important on my mind, and that involves Tony Davis. His attempts to hurt me, his attempts to destroy me, have not gone un-noticed. But Tony, you haven't gotten the job done just yet, have you! Well, it stops now! Because I am sick and tired of the un-just actions that you've done to me! You've tried to end my career many a times now Tony, and you haven't gotten the job done yet. I think you've lost your touch.

(Flyer hangs his head, in about to continue, but from the ringside area, we see Tony Davis jump the guardrail. He has a metal folding chair in his hands, as he slides into the ring. Flyer turns around, only to recieve a hellacious blast.)

GP:DEAR GOD! Shades of Warcry when Davis blasted Flyer!

(Davis begins to just slam the chair down repeatedly onto the body of Flyer, in a moment that similarly resembles wrestlemania 17. Davis then begins to stomp down, as he then grabs the chair, and unfolds it. Davis places Flyer's knee inside the chair, when all of a sudden, we see Tammy racing out from the back, crying.)


(Davis rears back, and screams out.)


Tammy:... Please.. no! Tony...

(Tony goes back to stomp on the chairs end.)



JT:Dear god!?!? Flyer's Tammy's brother! This is confusing as hell!

(Tony puts his leg down away from the chair, and just has a look of shock. He leaves the ringside area, just walking away, as Tammy just stays in the ring. She immediatly goes to Flyer's side, in an attempt to see if he's good enough to walk or what not.)

GP:We've got to get medical crews out here, we will be right back!

**Commercial Break**

(We fade in from a commercial break, as we see Kate Young standing around backstage, next to an ambulance with Flyer. She seems to be crying as they load Flyer in, as all of a sudden, she seems to get a look of oddness on her face.)

Kate:Fly! I think... I think my water just broke!

(Flyer almost jumps out of his stretcher, as the EMT's try to take him down. Kate climbs into the ambulance with help, as she seems to begin a small contraction!)

GP:DEAR GOD! Kate Young is going to give birth in Detriot!!!

(We fade to the back, as Max Riot stands by with Sam Potright... behind them, the HT logo stands tall and brightly lit under the backstage fluorescencts.)

Max Riot: Syphon Fission on Tuesday said, Sam Potright... that you would explain yourself. Well...?

Potright: The reason why is... I'm sick.

Riot: Sick?

Potright: Yes, sick. Sick of guys like The Suicide Kings, Zombie, LiGil, ?¿?, and a million other guys that have lost their touch. I'm sick of watching these guys get titles and shots and main events simply on their names, rather than their wrestling ability. I'm sick of them talking about what they've done, and proclaiming that those trends will continue... I'm sick of guys like Zombie and ?¿? saying that today's IWO pales in comparison to yesteryear's, because... well... WE DIDN'T HAVE SCOTT THE MAGICIAN, did we? The old IWO is dead, gone. The Joey Rappaports have become the Kent Anthasons. The Phelen Kells are now the Syphon Fissions. The Mad Maxs are the AWS Mans, the DPS Mans, and the Joey Malones. The Ken Wars... have become the Sam Potrights. We're a new blood, a new charge... unfortunately, most of them are lost... and they've never thought about uniting and showing the world what a few men like us can do united...

I joined Mass Media Movement... yes, Mass Media Movement... because I knew that we're going to tear shit up now. The IWO has "wannabe" renegades, but those "wannabes" will learn the idea of TRUE REBELLION by watching Kent Anthason... Syphon Fission... and Sam Potright tear this mother down.

(Potright walks off to prep for the main event.)

JT: Whoo. Time for the main event. Then we can all go home.

GP: Er..yeah. This is a non-title, one fall, four-way square dance. Let's get down to Meygon for the introductions, because...yeah.

Meygon: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring first, being accompanied by the Lifegaurds - Callista, Stephanie, and Lydia, Cyaniiideee!

["Current of Love" by David Hasselhoff plays as Cyanide steps out to the stage, lifegaurd on either arm and one behind him. They are all dressed in red bathing suits, a la Baywatch, and Cyanide carries with him a red floaty-thing. Some pyrotechnics go off around them as Cyanide peers off into the audience, as if searching for someone drowning. The four make their way to ringside, where Cyanide slides into the ring and throws the red floaty-thing to the lifeguards.]

Meygon: Making his way to the ring next, from Greensboro, North Carolina, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-four pounds, Shaawn Arrroowwws!

["Ironman" by Black Sabbath hits as more fireworks go off and Shawn steps out to the stage. He jogs down the ramp to the ring, with Samantha Arrows at his side. He slides into the ring and he and Cyanide stare each other down from opposite corners.]

Meygon: Comming down to the ring next, from Salem Massachusetts, weighing in at two hundred seven pounds, Sam Potriigghhtt!

["Hemmorage(In My Hands)" by Fuel hits and Sam steps out from behind the curtain to still more pyrotechnics and cheering crowd. As he makes his way down the ramp, Cyanide and Shawn Arrows explode and charge each other from their respective corners. Arrows takes Cyanide to the mat with a spear, and Potright slides in just in time for the two to start stomping on him.The ef tries to break them up, but to no avail. Finally, Sam stops and goes to a corner too cool off while AWS Man (Also known as Bill) makes his way out.]

Meygon: Finally, from Freakville, North Carolina, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-four pounds, being accompanied by Pen and The Nude,
AWS Man (also Known As Bill)!

[AWS Man (Also Known As Bill) steps out and runs quickly into the ring. The ref rings the bell and the match begins. AWS Man starts off with a shoulder block on Cyanide followed by a leg sweep. Sam Potright responds with a leg drop to the back of Cyanide's neck, and Shawn Arrows hits a missle dropkick on AWS Man from the top rope. As AWS Man goes down, Cyanide pops up and takes Potright to the mat with a face crusher. AWS Man gets up and catches Cyanide with a hook kick, while Arrows hits a double knee drop on Potright. AWS Man
whips Cyanide into the ropes, and Cyanide counters with an Irish whip of his own. AWS Man goes flying into the ropes, rebounds, and Cyanide
catches him with a neckbreaker. He goes for a cover, but Arrows quickly breaks it up with a strong stomp.]

JT: Woah. Match is exciting. Yes.

[Cyanide and AWS Man both get to their feet, while Potright and Arrows begin brawling around the ring. Potright hits a Russian leg sweep on
Arrows, then sets Arrows up and hits a reverse DDT drop. Potright hooks Arrows' leg, and the ref counts...]



[Cyanide breaks up the pin attempt with a frantic fist drop. Potright pops up and angrily swings at Cyanide with a right hook. Cyanide attempts to fight back, but Potright catches him with a flurry of punches and jabs.AWS Man sneaks up behind Cyanide and hits a Dragon suplex, then takes Potright down with a shuffle side kick. Arrows catches AWS Man from the top rope with a clothesline. Potright pulls himself up, ducks Arrows' elbow, and hits a reverse DDT. Cyanide gets to his feet next, and Potright whips him into the corner. He tries for a foot choke, but Cyanide throws sand in his eyes.]

JT: Wait a second, where the hell did Cyanide get the sand from?

GP: Damned if I know.

[Cyanide boots Potright in the chest, and sets him up for a snap powerbomb. He drops Potright right onto AWS Man's back. Potright and AWS Man begin writhing in pain, as Cyanide goes for Shawn Arrows, who has been resting against one turnbuckle. Cyanide lifts Arrows for a piledriver, but Sam Potright manages to grab hold of one of Cyanide's ankles and the two topple to the mat. Potright pulls himself up and goes to the top rope.]

Nikki: Hey, Sam's in a lot of pain. Is he really gonna go up top?

GP: Why, Nikki? Do you feel threatened by a man on top?


GP: Tee hee. Ouch.

[Potright connects with a body splash off the top rope on Cyanide and Arrows. AWS Man struggles up and drapes his arm over the pile of bodies.The ref starts to count.]



[Potright, Cyanide, and Arrows all manage to kick out. AWS Man remains on the mat, and the three hit simultaneous elbow drops on him. Potright then takes Arrows out with a snap jab, then a jawbreaker. Meanwhile, Cyanide drops a leg on AWS Man and sets him up for a Hangmans DDT. As AWS Man goes down, Arrows pops up and gets knocked onto AWS Man via Potright's clothesline.
AWS Man's shoulders go down, and the ref starts to count.]



[Potright breaks up the three-count with a knee drop. Cyanide takes Potright down with a rising clothesline, while Shawn Arrows slowly drags AWS Man upright. While Cyanide starts brawling with Potright, Arrows delivers a cyclone forearm on AWS Man, then goes to the top rope and hits a 450 splash. As Arrows pulls himself up, Potright knocks Cyanide over the top rope. He climbs out after him and knocks him onto the announcer's table with a strong right hook. He then runs back to the ring apron, climbs up top, and stares around at the crowd.]

JT: I think he's looking for...yes! Here it comes! The Fall From Grace!

[Indeed. Potright leaps off the top rope and delivers a perfect top-rope moneymaker - the Fall From Grace. Cyanide crashes through the table.]

GP: Oh my God! Potright just drove Cyanide straight through our

[While Cyanide and Potright lay among the wrecked table, AWS Man and Arrows continue brawling. AWS Man goes on the offensive, knocking Arrows down to his knees with a flurry of hooks and jabs. With Arrows knocked out, AWS Man hops up onto the top rope, pauses for a moment, then goes for a Win the Freakin' Matchifier (Shooting Star Press). As AWS Man gets airborne, though, Arrows climbs back up to his feet and catches AWS Man in a military press. He holds him for a few seconds, then drops him, takes a few steps foward, and catches him with a DDT.]

Nikki: Shawn Arrows reversed the Win the Freakin' Matchifier with an Arrow Shot DDT!

JT: Looks like this match is over!

[Arrows goes for a cover.]




GP: Kickout! Cyanide barely breaks up the cover with the energy he has left.

[Shawn Arrows tries to gain momentum by whipping AWS Man into the ropes. AWS Man rebounds, and Arrows hits a spinning neckbreaker. He goes for another cover.]



[This time, Potright rushes into the ring just in time to break up the three count. Cyanide slides in after him and knocks him off his feet with a forearm to the back of the head. He lifts Potright and hits a big facecrusher, then blocks a jab by Arrows and takes him down with an arm breaker. He piles his three opponents on top of each other, and goes to the top. He delivers a powerful moonsault on the pile, then picks Shawn Arrows off of the top of the pile and whips him into the ropes. Cyanide ducks to hit a spinebuster, but Arrows leapfrogs it, reverses direction, and tries to hit a facecrusher. Cyanide ducks it, though, and delivers a tiger suplex. With Arrows down, Cyanide goes to the apron and retrieves his red Baywatch floaty-thing. He slings it over his shoulder, then ascends to the top rope and hits a frog splash on Arrows.]

GP: There's the Lifesaver! Cyanide's got this one wrapped up! He hooks the leg!




JT:Dear god! Shawn Arrows kicked out of the Life-saver! I can't believe it!

Nikki:And neither can Cyanide! Cyanide is to his feet, astonished... but Sam Potright catches him with War Within a Breath! He caught Cyanide with it! And Cyanide is down and out!

(From the back, we see Dane Matthews running down to the ring, as he seems to have... a crystal rose in his hands?)

GP:What the hell is Dane Matthews doing out here!

JT:I don't know, but Potright's wondering what he's doing for sure!

(Potright is shown bending through the ropes, wondering what Matthews is doing out here. Matthews then slams the crystal rose into Potright's head, as he bounces back. Shawn Arrows is behind him, and rolls him up.)




GP:Dear god! Shawn Arrows just pinned the former World Champion Sam Potright!

JT:It's a shock! Arrows pinned Potright, and now he's heading to the back! Matthews is laughing as we go! I can't believe it!

GP:What a night it's BIN! HAHA! BEEN!!!! SEE YOU ALL...


[ We now go backstage where we see Sabastian Crow being thrown into the side of an ambulance. Schitzo Tod comes running up with a steel pipe, trys to hit Crow with It but misses as Crow rolls across the ambulance, the steel pipe goes through a window. ]

Nikki: AHH !!!

JT: Oh my God !, hehe...

GP: They’re still fighting !!!

Nikki: Sheesh !, when will It never end !?!?

JT: Never !!!... come on, I want to see BLOOD !!!!

[ Sabastian Crow kick’s Schitzo Tod In the gut as Schitzo Tod drop’s the steel pipe. Schitzo Tod approaches Sabastian Crow, but Sabastian Crow takes a big whack with the steel pipe, uppercutting Schitzo Tod to the ground. Schitzo Tod has been laid out... ]

GP: Oh my God !, did you see that shot ?

[ President Evan Levine comes into the scene. ]

President Evan Levine: Toss him In !!!... get rid of him !!!

Sabastian Crow: No problem...

[ Sabastian Crow picks up Schitzo Tod and flips him over his shoulder, Evan opens up the back of the ambulance door as Sabastian Crow tosses him In. Evan slams the door shut and smiles with evilness... Sabastian Crow brushes off his hands. ]

Sabastian Crow: First order of business taken care of!!!...

[ Sabastian Crow reaches down to the ground and pick’s up the Extreme Championship Gold. Sabastian sniff’s the Gold, feeling the rush off of It, as he smiles and nods his head. ]

Sabastian Crow: OoOoOoOoOH baby !... come home to daddy !!!, RAHAHAHAHAHA...

[ Sabastian Crow carries the gold to the front of the ambulance, as he opens the door and tosses the Championship In the passengers seat. He climbs up and sits In the drivers side, as he slams the door back,
rolls down the window, turns on the radio where we hear “Whatever” by Godsmack playing In the background. ]

President Evan Levine: You know what to do !!!

[ Sabastian Crow nods his head, puts the ambulance In gear and drives off. ]

GP: What !?!?!?... wait a minute, where Is Sabastian Crow taking Schitzo Tod !?!?!?

JT: Probably to the cemetery. He might of pulled a darkside bone and decided to bury his ass...

Nikki: Ewww !!!

GP: Folks !, we don’t know where Sabastian Is taking Schitzo Tod !!!, but we’ll hopefully find out soon... my God, I’m Greg Parker...

JT: And I’m JT !!!!

Nikki: *GASP*... and I’m Nikki...

GP: Thanks for tuning In, we’ll see you on Meltdown

[ Show comes to an End. ]