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Hostile Takeover 4/13/01
Live:Kansas City, Missouri

(We open up to see a vintage IWO logo, placed over the middle of the screen. Slowly, we fade out, and into a picture of "Owen Hart:RIP." We fade into backstage IWO, as we see Vice President Ford being thrown off the roof of the arena by the man in the trenchcoat. Slowly, we fade back into the arena, as "My Hero" by the Foo Fighters, plays loudly over the pa system. The fans go nuts, as we fade around the arena, and finally rest on Greg Parker, JT, and Nikki.)

GP:Welcome to Hostile Takeover!

JT:On time I might add!


Nikki:Phew... Got my smacking shoulder back.

GP:Good, my muscles were growing weak too.

JT:Well, nuts to you, my face is fine!

Nikki:We aren't trying to hurt you physically, just mentally...

JT:Those are why I'm in a psychiatrist office all this time!

("Hail To The Reel Heel" by The National Evan's Orchestra plays through the arena as none other than IWO
President and CEO Evan Levine, "The Real Heel" walks down to the ramp and into the ring... he climbs up the steps and enters the ring, carrying a small packet of papers in his hand.)

Evan: Hello, Kansas City!

(They boo him. See what happens when you're in authority?)

Evan: Hmmph. Well... I guess I never liked this town anyway. Not the greatest town for wrestlers... or their families.

(We all know what he's talking about... and the crowd boos him immensely for it.)

Evan: Now, anyway, moving on... I suppose the world is wondering why is the IWO President, who is the process of making the IWO even better than it is, doing in the ring on a show like Hostile Takeover, when he knows that the damn VP is out to get him? And why, why does the Prez have some papers in his hand? Well, folks, I'll tell you. But I need someone out here... the World champion. This concerns you... so Sam Potright, get out here.

("Hemorrage(In My Hands)" by Fuel hits, and the crowd goes nuts. Sam Potright walks out, ready to wrestle, and
carrying the world title with him... he stops in the middle of the aisle.)

Evan: C'mon, Potright. We've only got a two-hour show! Get in here! NOW!

(Potright balks. He walks around the ring... and grabs a mic. He appeases Jamie the tiniest bit, hopping onto the

Potright: Yeah?

Evan: I've got a proposition for you.

(Potright knows what Jamie's done to wrestlers before... and what most of the Board thinks they can get away with in the confines of an arena. He slowly puts one foot through the ropes.)

Potright: And what would this proposition be?

(Evan shakes the papers. He's waiting for Potright to step through... he's an impatient man, and we know that
impatient men may snap at any moment. But Evan calms his nerves... and steps back. Potright enters the ring,

Potright: C'mon, tell me.

Evan: Do you remember Team FWF, Potright? That was some great times... we were wreaking havoc, going out and drinking afterwards... you can't say you didn't enjoy those times. And you know, you, me, LiGil, Scott Linx, the crew... we were like family. We're friends, Potright. And, as a friend, I'm worried about how your life is going to end up after WarCry.

(Potright shakes his head at this. Hearing Evan say that is like listening to a gold-digger say "I do" at a wedding.)

Evan: Sam Potright is the present and future of the IWO... and I want to keep that future secured as a safe one. So
what I have here, is papers that would null and void the verbal agreement between you and the Hardcore Isosceles Trapezoid... that would put away your Trick or Treat 3 match. That would remove the HIT from IWO programming, as he is NOT a legal part of this roster... and would allow you to rest on Sunday evening. You wouldn't even have to show up.

(The crowd smatters the ring with boos.)

Evan: SHUT UP!

(More boos.)

Evan: *Sigh*... All you have to do is sign here.

(Potright takes the papers from him.)

Potright: Why would I want to do this?

Evan: Because... I SAID SO.

(Potright looks at Evan... stares through him, as Jamie stares right back. They're close enough to knock each other's heads off.)

Evan: Sign the papers, Sam. For your career... for your wife. For that family that your brother-in-law is raising... little teenage Claudia, young, nubile Beth... yes, the world doesn't know about your wife's family problems, do they? I know they don't... but they found out. Signing this agreement would give you a night off with pay... and your paycheck for the PPV, as you know, is going to be large, because you're headlining it. If you sign this... that money that you are probably planning to give to that family, to help pay for their house mortgage... you know they're going to get evicted if you don't help them, Sam, and would your wife be able to handle knowing that her brother, and her nieces and nephews are out on the street? Huh? WOULD THEY?

(Potright takes the papers. He reads them over, walking around the ring... and throws them to the mat.)

Potright: ... No.

(He turns around, and stalks right up to Evan. He snatches the CEO by the collar, tearing the suede on the jacket a bit.)

Potright: And you listen to me, you little son of a bitch. Don't you ever... EVER... tell me to do something because
YOU SAY SO, because... I don't follow your little rules. I never will, because I'm not like corporate puppets that have come through before. You've seen the hell I've been through... you know what I've gone through. You can't tell me to do anything... you understand?

(Evan tries to tug Potright's clenched hands from his jacket... to no luck. Potright's barely inches shorter than the
Prez, but still, there's a deep fright in Evan's eyes. He has no idea what his own World champion is thinking, and
that's something dangerous...
Potright eventually lets go. Evan takes the microphone...)

Evan: No, I can't tell you to do anything... but there is someone I can tell what to do.

("I'm Gonna Kick Yo' Ass" by The HIT starts to play... Potright turns around. The music plays and plays... before
Evan takes a clipboard from under his jacket and gives Potright a hard smack in the back of the head with the metal part. Potright turns around, and Evan cracks the clipboard over Potright's face.)

Evan: But, before I do, I figured to inform you that our friendship is... over.

(Evan leaves the ring.)

Evan: He's all yours. Don't say I never did anything for you, Trapezoid...

(As Evan walks up the ramp, down runs HIT. He takes Potright by the arm and pulls him from the ring... and carries him up the ramp after Evan.)


GP:It's Hostile Takeover. It's the North American Title Tournament. Nine individuals all gunning for the second richest prize in the Internet Wrestling Organization.

JT:I thought the second richest prize was this IWO Easter chocolate bunny sent out by management.

GP:Well sorry to disappoint you, but it isn't.

Nikki:Guys, just shut up. It's time for Kent Anthason, Jade O'Dell and Bob Job.

('Duck and Run' by 3 Doors Down is heard throughout the arena as Kent Anthason makes his way down to the ring.)

Ring Announcer:This match is scheduled for one fall with no time limit. The winner of this match will move onto the second round of the IWO North American Title Tournament. Making his way to the ring, from New Orleans, Louisiana...standing at six feet four inches and weighing in at 245 pounds even. This is KENT ANTHASON!

(Kent Anthason enters the ring and perches himself onto the top turnbuckle acknowledging the fans.)

JT:There's Kent Anthason. Arguably the favourite in this tourney.

GP:No doubt about that. We'll see how he'll do right here.

Nikki:This song rocks! Now I won't duck and run. I won't turn away. And I won't turn a....

JT:What are doing, Nikki?

Nikki:It's a good song. Let me enjoy it.


('The Final Countdown' by Europe is heard through the speakers as Jade O'Dell makes his way down to the ring.)

Ring Announcer:His opponent, standing at six feet three inches and weighing in at 267 pounds. All the way from Dublin, Ireland...JADE O'DELL!

(Jade O'Dell enters the ring awaiting their final opponent.)

('Herojuana' by NOFX blares through the speakers as Bob Job makes his way to the ring.)

Ring Announcer:And finally, standing at five feet, four inches and weighing 121 lbs. The master of the Lucky Pinfall. It's BOB JOB!

(Bob Job slides under the bottom rope.)


JT:That's the bell, here we go.

(Jade O'Dell and Kent Anthason surround Bob Job. Job tries to eye rake O'Dell, but he blocks it. Job then tires to eye rake Anthason, but Anthason blocks that. Job attempts a low blow kick to O'Dell, but O'Dell picks him up in a gorilla press as Anthason kneels down on one knee. O'Dell proceeds to drop Job face first into Anthason's knee.)

GP:Oooh! I felt his pain. That's for sure.

(Job slowly gets up, but O'Dell whips him into the ropes. O'Dell drops down as Job steps over him, but is met with a stiff clothesline by Kent

Nikki:We got some teamwork going between O'Dell and Anthason.

JT:That won't last for long. This is the North American Title tournament, not the pairs skating finals.

(O'Dell throws Job over the top rope and onto the floor. O'Dell and Anthason both follow.)

GP:What are they going to do now?

(O'Dell slowly picks up Job, but Job finally connects with a low blow. As Anthason looks on, Job executes his version of 'Sweet Chin Music' making O'Dell lose balance for a second. Job with a go behind on O'Dell and tries to get O'Dell back into the ring for his Lucky Pinfall, but O'Dell just doesn't give. Job panics and jumps up on O'Dell's back and gives him a sleeper, but O'Dell flips Job over onto the floor.)

GP:Bob Job has absolutely no chance against these two. The mismatch of the century right in front of our very eyes.

(O'Dell signals Anthason to get up onto the announcer's table as O'Dell drags whatever is left of job over to the table and they all three stand on top of it.)

JT:Not here guys! We just got this today. Don't do it!

(O'Dell hooks Job for the 6th Degree. As O'Dell has him up high, the fans await what is about to happen. Anthason grabs Job's feet and they both drive Job through the announcer's table, breaking it into pieces.

GP:You spilled my Zima, damn it! You can't do that!

JT:Bob Job has just been laid out cold. Look at this. It's a mess!

(Job is left laying outside of the ring as Anthason and O'Dell make their way back into the ring.)

Nikki:They just laid out the weakest link.

GP:Goodbye. My goodness.

(Anthason and O'Dell tie up. Anthason whips O'Dell into the ropes, attempts a back elbow, O'Dell ducks, Anthason tries a clothesline, O'Dell ducks again. Though as O'Dell bounces off the ropes a second time, Anthason catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker followed by a cover.)

GP:Quick cover by Anthason.




GP:Kickout with authority by O'Dell.

(O'Dell gets up and bounces off the ropes, hooks O'Dell and nails a swinging DDT. O'Dell follows up with a jumping leg drop. O'Dell whips Anthason into the turnbuckle and follows that up with a splash. Anthason staggers and O'Dell hits a bulldog and a cover.)




JT:Anthason got his foot on the bottom rope. Good job by the ref and excellent ring positioning by Kent Anthason.

(O'Dell picks up Anthason and drops him down with a vertical suplex. O'Dell keeps Anthason hooked and drops him down with another vertical suplex. O'Dell still has him hooked and nails a third vertical suplex.)

Nikki:O'Dell trying to soften up Anthason for the 6th degree.

(O'Dell mounts Anthason and hits a flurry of punches to his opponent's head. O'Dell picks Anthason up and whips him into the turnbuckle. O'Dell then walks to the turnbuckle and hits a knife edge chop. Another knife edge chop by O'Dell. O'Dell climbs to the second turnbuckle and tries a ten punch as the crowd counts with him.)






(Anthason hooks O'Dell legs and drops him down with a desperation power bomb.)

Nikki:What a move by Anthason!

(O'Dell gets back up and hits a belly to belly suplex on Anthason and picks him up again and signals for the 6th Degree. O'Dell gets him up, but
Anthason reveres that into a snap DDT and scales the turnbuckles to the top turnbuckle. The crowd gets on their feet in anticipation of the move.)

GP:I think we all know what it is time for.

JT:It's time for the Final Cut.

(Anthason executes the final cut perfectly and goes for the cover. In the corner of the shot, we see Bob Job struggling to get back into the ring
to break up the pin.)




GP:Anthason wins!

Ring Announcer:The Round 1 winner of this match...KENT ANTHASON!

GP:What a great match!

(We fade into the backstage locker room, as we see the trenchcoat man, minding his business. He seems to have drawn up some sort of chart, trying to destroy Joey Malone. We hear running water in the background, as it seems Tammy is in the shower. The trenchcoat man cracks his knuckles, as we hear a knock on the door. The trenchcoat man gets up to his feet, opening the door, as a delivery man stands there.)

Delivery Man:Package for Mr. Trenchcoat... Sign here.

(The trenchcoat man gives him an eerie look, and signs an x. He grabs the package, as he places it onto a table. He opens it, as a single black lotus petal falls down to the table. This immediatly enrages him, as he walks over to the shower door, and slams his fist against it. Tammy comes out, wearing a towel.)

Tammy:What! What is it!

(The trenchcoat man points over to the black lotus, as Tammy shakes her head.)

Tammy:I didn't tell anyone! I swear! I swear on my life!

(The camera fades out as to a commercial break.)

**Commercial Break**

(The camera slowly fades in to the backstage, as we see Erik Blake standing there with Busta Hymen.)

Busta Hymen- Hello IWO Fans! I'm standing here with Erik Blake who is willing to answer some questions for us all. Now Mr. Blake....we all know you have been upset due to the fact that you get "screwed" out of title shots. Then
you prove to the board by losing to Ben Archer on Monday that you can't get the job done. What are your feelings?

Erik Blake- What are my feelings? My feelings are two fists in the jaw of a lowly reporter who has to learn to watch his words. Ben Archer was a mistake. That match was a mistake. He managed to run for a while but i slipped up. I'm not worried about the fact that I lost...oh no. Archer I want--

[Just then Jade O'Dell walks in front of the camera and smiles.]

Jade O'Dell- Hey all you fans out there! Jade O'Dell is back!

Busta Hymen- Um...excuse me? But this time belongs to Erik Blake right now so...

Erik Blake- So you better get the hell out of here before you get your ass slapped.

Jade O'Dell- By who here?

Erik Blake- By me...

Jade O'Dell- You wanna try?

Erik Blake- I'd love too punk.

Busta Hymen- OK! Now we don't need to see this going on you guys.

Erik Blake- Yea...ok.

Jade O'Dell- Whatever...

Erik Blake Muttering- Dumb bitch ass cum guzzling hoe.

[Just then Jade O'Dell grabs a trash can and knocks Blake over the head with it. Blake goes falling down as Jade O'Dell gets the camera focused on him again.]

Jade O'Dell- Thats right! All you IWO superstars! I'm Jade O'Dell and I'm here to stay. I will not be taken lightly. If so, then you will get what this pussy got tonight. Think on that bitch!

(Fade into arena.)

GP- I can't believe that! Jade O'Dell just knocked out Erik Blake!!! But up next, we have to go to Gunnar Smith and Cyanide!

JT- Cyanide versus Gunnar Smith

Nikki- Does it make a difference?

JT- Yes!

Nikki- How come?

JT- Because Cyanide is the greatest!

GP- Didn't you like Blake on Monday?

JT- No....

Nikki-(Sighs) Forget him.

Announcer- Introducing first.....weighing in at 161 lbs.....He is The Genetic Perfection...Gunnar Smiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiith!


Nikki- Nice insult.

JT- Thanks I stole it from a website.


[Gunnar Smith steps to the ramp and raises his arms and Gold pryos shoot off from behind him.]

JT- Ugh...

Nikki- Thats perfection!

JT- Thats Sickening.

Announcer- Introducing next....weighing in at 314 3/4 pounds...Cyaniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide!


Nikki- Get off his dick!

[GP begins to chuckle a bit as Cyanide steps to the rampway with a floaty and looking into the crowd as if he is looking to save someone.]

Nikki- What the hell is he doing?

JT- He is making sure no one is drowing...




Nikki- No more cartoons for you.

JT- I don't watch cartoons butt-fucker!




Nikki- What the hell?!?

GP- Supermodels are running to the ring with Cyanide with red Bikinis on!

JT- I'm glad that Cyanide doesn't have a damn Bikini on.

GP- yea...

[Cyanide rolls into the ring and the bell rings right away. Gunnar Smith charges at Cyanide knocking his floaty down and delievering multiple punches to the head of Canide as he wears down in the corner. Smith backs up a bit and runs into the turnbuckle with a knee. He runs to the other corner and gets in a three-point stance.]



GP- Cyanide is wobbling.....he turns around.....BOOM! Spear into the corner by Smith. What a devastating blow.

Nikki- I doubt if Cyanide will come back after that one.

GP- Smith slow to follow up on Cyanide. Right now all he is doing is stomping. Smith lifts Cyanide up and throws him back in the corner. He is gonna just hurt him in that corner.

Nikki- REVERSAL BY CYANIDE! He is wailing on Smith! Where is he getting his energy from?

JT- That is because he is Cyanide!

Nikki- Your about 2 steps away from an ass-kickin

GP- Irish-whip to the corner. Cyanide may be going for a splash. He runs...........HE HITS IT! Cyanide is backing up and Smith just falls down. Cyanide goes for the cover....

Nikki- Too early for that....

GP- Cyanide picks up Smith and throws him into the ropes....Smith bounces back...SLEEPER APPLIED BY CYANIDE.


Nikki- If he keeps this up Smith is gone..he is already fading.

GP- Smith slowly fading.....wait Smith stop moving....what the hell?

[Smith stops moving for a minute with his arm in the air. Suddenly he uses a burst of strength to get free and send Cyanide to the ropes. Cyanide comes back and recieves a Michinoku Driver]


GP- He goes for the cover.....

Nikki- How did he do that!

GP- Smith is frustrated now. He pushes Cyanide into the corner so he can catch his own breathe. Not wise. What the hell? The model is up! The sexual model is up on the turnbuckle!

JT- That is the one I love.

GP- She is tongue-kissing the ref! WHAT THE HELL?!?

Nikki- Wait a minute! Cyanide has some sand! CYANIDE HAS SAND! HE HAS THROWN SAND IN THE FACE OF GUNNAR SMITH!

JT- My confidence is shattered.





Nikki- Why the hell are you crying? You love Cyanide right?

JT- My baby was kissing the ref....Tht slut!

Nikki- Who the model?

JT- No the ref...he forced himself on her!



(We fade into the back, as we see Busta Hymen looking down at a fallen Erik Blake.)

Busta Hymen- Mr. Blake are you ok?

Erik Blake-......

Busta Hymen- What are you going to do about Jade O'Dell?

Erik Blake-......

Busta Hymen- Well?!?I know your not going to let that slide.

Erik mercy.

[Blake gets up and storms out of the room leaving the reporter there by himself.]

**Commercial Break**

GP: We've seen Cyanide advance, and now, it's time for Simon Seaman versus 0┐0 in the North American Title Tournament.

JT: 0┐0 is my hero. He's going to win, you do know.

Nikki: Fat chance. Seaman's kinda hot, past his name that is.

Meygon: First in the ring. He is the "Mysterious one" himself. He's the master of the MYSTERY BIRD DRIVER!! HE IS... 0┐0 THE MYYSSSTTTEEERRRIIIOOOUUUS BIIIRRRDDDMMMAAANNN!

("When do birds suddeny appear" by The Carpenters plays as 0┐0 comes to the ring to a fair sized pop from the crowd. The North American title pops up on the IWO-Tron representing the tourney. 0┐0 get's in the ring, and does a little dance.)

Meygon: Next in the ring. He is the Silencer, and the lord and master of it also. He is... SIIIIMMMMOOOONNNN SSSSEEEEAAAAMMMAAANNN!

("Enjoy the Silence" by Failure sounds through the arena, as Simon Seaman makes his way from the back. He get's a nice little pop from the crowd, as he points to the crowd. Signaling toward his waist, he gets in the ring and jumps on a turnbuckle.)

*Ding, Ding, Ding*

(The bell rings as Simon is still on the turnbuckle. 0┐0 runs up and pushes Seaman off to the outside. 0┐0 The goes up to the top and leaps off to the outside, giving Simon a suicida body press.)

GP: 0┐0 starts it off quick. He just pushed Simon to the outside.

JT: I told you. 0┐0 is MY HERO!

(0┐0 picks Simon up and slings him in the ring, he then gives him a scoop slam for good measure. 0┐0 goes off the ropes and lands a leg drop on the neck of Seaman.)

Nikki: Dude, Seaman...

JT: Looks like Seaman's, well, getting the Simon kicked out of him.


(0┐0 pulls Simon up by his hair, and throws him into the ropes. Seaman comes back, but then stops. He delivers a standing dropkick to the chest of 0┐0. Seaman, then stomps on the ribs of 0┐0.}

GP: Simon Seaman regains this match.

Nikki: See, JT? What'd I tell you?

(0┐0 reaches for the ropes to get himself up. Simon awaits, and when 0┐0 has gotten to his feet, he charges. 0┐0 leans down and flips Simon over the top rope, and to the outside, once again. 0┐0 jumps on the top rope, and gives the almost standing Simon Seaman, a Springboard Somersault press.)

GP: 0┐0 is all high flying tonight.

JT: Hey, with 0┐0 you get more bang for your bird.

GP: ...

(0┐0 pulls Simon to his feet, and plants him with a body slam. 0┐0 then gets in the ring as the ref reaches six. Simon slowly gets to his feet, and gets back into the ring.)

GP: 0┐0 looks like he could pull off a victory here, tonight.

(0┐0 slams a chop in Simons chest. 0┐0 takes Seaman to the ropes, and Seaman grabs the arm of 0┐0 giving him an irish whip into the other side. 0┐0 comes back and tries to dropkick Simon, but Simon grabs his legs and pulls hard, flinging 0┐0 back onto the mat.)

GP: 0┐0 hits the mat hard! Seaman pulled that one just right!

JT: Aww. Stupid, stupid Simon Seaman.

(Simon leans over the ropes.)

Simon Seaman: Shut the fuck up, JT. Can't you see I hav--

(0┐0 rolls Simon Seaman over for the cover! 1..... 2..... Kick out, by Simon Seaman.)

GP: Seaman kicks out from the suprise schoolboy pin.

Nikki: Yes! Take him out, Simon!

(Simon stands and chops 0┐0 hard in the chest. He reaches around the neck and pulls back giving 0┐0 an inverted DDT. Simon gives him a standing knee drop.)

GP: Simon's really taking it to 0┐0.

(Simon rips 0┐0 to his feet and slings him into the ropes. 0┐0 comes back and gives Simon a flying body press. Simon reverses it by turning it into a Flapjack. 0┐0 hits the mat hard, and Simon stands back up. Viciously kicking him in the side.)

JT: Dude, Seaman's crazy! GET HIM OUT OF THAT RING!

(Simon tears on 0┐0, until the referee pulls him back. 0┐0 stands to his feet and gives Seaman an evil stare. The ref leaves, and 0┐0 jumps toward Seaman.)


(0┐0 attacks Simon. The throws one punch that lands on Seaman's face. Another one to the jaw of Simon Seaman. 0┐0 grabs him and gives him a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker before, going to the top rope.)


(0┐0 leaps off the top rope and lands a moonsault on Simon Seaman. Birdman covers! 1... 2.........Kickout, by Simon Seaman.)

GP: Simon Seaman kicks out...

(0┐0 pulls Seaman to his feet, and gives him a swinging a neckbreaker. He pulls Simon back up once again, setting him up for a vertical suplex. 0┐0 pulls him up straight in the air, but Seaman punches him in his face. 0┐0 loses his grip, and Simon falls on top of him.)

GP: Woah, Simon barely made it out of that vertial suplex.

JT: Simon grabs 0┐0 and pulls him to his feet!

(Simon does so, and then slams 0┐0 down in front of the ropes. Simon bounces off the other set, and runs toward 0┐0. Simon jumps on the other set of ropes!!!)

Nikki: 50-50! SIMON SEAMAN WITH HIS 50-50!


(Simon Seaman pins, but as he does, "Three point four" by the Bloodhound Gang plays and AWS Man (Also Known As Bill) walks down to the ring. Simon stops his pin, and leans over to the ropes to yell at AWS Man (Also Known as Bill). Meanwhile, 0┐0 recooperates and slams his fists down on Simon's back while it's turned.)

GP: Simon could lose this one any second, kids.

(0┐0 turns Simon Seaman around, and plants him with a spine buster. 0┐0 then shouts at AWS Man (Also Known as Bill) to stay out of the match. AWS Man (Also known as bill) smiles.)

JT: AWS Man (also known as Bill) could ruin this all for Simon Seaman... I hope.

(Simon gets slung into the ropes, as 0┐0 comes back with a jumping knee to Simons chest. 0┐0 then proceeds to jump on Simon, stomping him in. 0┐0 covers... 1... AWS Man (Also Known as Bill) pulls the leg of 0┐0, breaking the count. 0┐0 looks over at AWS Man (Also known as Bill), he shouts a few things, before ripping Seaman back up, and slinging him toward the ropes. Seaman with an irish whip, and 0┐0 comes back, Seaman drops to the ground, and 0┐0 jumps over him, before doing a baseball slide to AWS Man (Also Known as Bill)

GP: I thought AWS Man (Also Known as Bill) wanted Simon Seaman?

JT: I thought so, too.

Nikki: ... Same here?

(AWS Man (also known as Bill) gets back to his feet, and slams a fist into 0┐0, knocking him down. But Simon Seaman is behind him. Simon turns AWS Man (Also Known as Bill) around, and nails him, before throwing 0┐0 back into the ring.)

GP: AWS Man (Also Known as Bill) is on the outside, and we have our two competitors back in the ring.

(Simon punches 0┐0 in the jaw, and slings him into the ropes. 0┐0 comes back and Simon nails a hip-toss.)

GP: Simon Seaman in full control of this match, but AWS Man (Also known as Bill) is back up, and getting in the ring. SIMON SEAMAN PINS!

(Simon Seaman with the pin. 1... 2...... AWS Man (Also Known as Bill) gets in the ring, and Simon stands to confront him.)


(0┐0 gets to standing, and sees what's happening. 0┐0 screams at AWS Man (Also Known as Bill) not to do it. But AWS Man (Also known as Bill) slams a fist into Seaman.)

*Ding, Ding, Ding*


(Simon drops and rolls out of the ring, laughing at AWS Man (Also Known as Bill) who tries to follow, but 0┐0 turns him around and nails the Mystery Bird Driver on AWS Man (Also known as Bill) before leaving the ring. We fade into the back, as we see Busta talking with Jade O'Dell.)

Busta Hymen- Mr. O'Dell, why did you charge after Erik Blake? What did he do to you?

Jade O'Dell- He did what the superstars here better not do....disrespect me. Now--

[Just then Blake charges in the room and knocks Busta Hymen out of the way and jumps on Jade O'Dell. He delievers multiple punches to the jaw as Security is needed to break him off of Jade O'Dell.]

**Commercial Break**

GP:This night, like most nights, has been filled of craziness, and we won't end there!

JT: Please don't be jobbers, please don't be jobbers, please don't be jobbers.

GP: The Youth will be taking on Adam Wars and LiGiL.

JT: Damn it!

Nikki: It's not that bad. The Youth aren't too bad.

GP: She's right.

JT: Yes they are.

GP: He's right.

Nikki: Then there's Adam Wars and LiGiL... damn it. This is going to be awful.

GP: I'm sure it'll be exciting. In a way. Do you guys at least have predictions?

JT: Yep.

(JT pulls out a quarter and flips it. He catches it and looks at it)

JT: I'll go with the Youth.

GP: I think I will too.

Nikki: For the sake of the argument, I guess I'll go with Adam Wars and LiGiL. Both have had decent singles careers.

JT: Decent at best.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring first... the tag team of Exiled Youth and Extreme Youth... THE YOOOOUUUUTTHHH!!!!!!!!!

(The crowd gives a small reaction as the Youth comes out. Then run down the ramp and slide into the ring)

Ring Announcer: And one half of their opponents... former Pacific Champion... ADAM WAAAAARRRRRRSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

(The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Adam Wars comes out. He gets into his corner and eyes the Youth)

JT: At least we have some other matches to look forward to.

Nikki: Yeah. We'll be crowning a new North American Champion after Joey Malone was stripped of the title, and Donnie Daze takes on Sam Potright for the World Heavyweight title.

JT: Wow! That was quite a mouthful! How do you hold your breath that long? A lot of practice, huh?

Nikki: You ass hole!


GP: It wouldn't be a match without a smack from Nikki.

Nikki: Darn right!

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring next...the other half of their opponents... he's a former champion of some sort... LiiiiiiiiiGGGGGGGiiiiiiLLLL!!!!!!!!!

JT: Why did the ring announcer pronounce it with the lowercase i's and capital everything else.

GP: I guess that's the way LiGiL likes it.

Nikki: I remember LiGiL used to be good. A contender to the World title. Now he's just in filler matches.

GP: Poor guy is down on his luck.

(LiGiL runs down to the ring and slides in. He stands in the corner and begins to talk to Wars)

JT: Maybe I should give him my quarter.

(JT flips the quarter to LiGiL. LiGiL sees it, catches it, shines it, and puts it in his pocket)

Nikki: That was really nice JT.

JT: Thanks. Does that mean we can fuck now?

GP: One good deed isn't going to get you sex JT.

JT: How many does it take?


JT: I think I almost lost a tooth that time.

GP: Back to the match... it looks like Wars will be starting against Exiled.

(Extreme and LiGiL go to the apron as Wars and Exiled circle each other)

Nikki: What kind of name is Exiled?

JT: Maybe his parents were drunks of something.

(Exiled and Wars tied it up. They spin around once, and Wars backs him into the corner. Wars hits him with a knee to the chest, then backs away and hits him with another)

GP: A couple knees to the chest of Exiled by Wars.

JT: Wars is backing off of him.

Nikki: No. He hits a third knee to the chest.

(Wars hits another knee to the chest, then throws Exiled to the mat and begins to stomp him. He picks Exiled up and throws him to the ropes. Exiled comes back and Wars levels him with a clothesline)

GP: Wars levels Exiled with a clothesline!

JT: Can we call him EY instead of Exiled.

Nikki: No because his partner has the same initials.

JT: Damn it.

(Wars picks up Exiled and whips him to the ropes again. Wars then hits the ropes and flies at Exiled with a flying shoulderblock. It takes Exiled
off his feet. Both men get up quickly. Wars swings a punch at Exiled, but Exiled ducks and hooks a full nelson on Wars. He picks him up, then slams him to the side with a full nelson slam. Wars's head slams onto the mat was Exiled makes his way to his partner. Wars goes and makes the tag to LiGiL as Exiled makes the tag to Extreme)

GP: Both men tag their partners in.

(LiGiL rushes at Extreme but is with a clothesline. Wars rushes at him but is put down with the same move. He picks up Wars and throws him through the ropes to the outside. LiGiL comes up behind him and hits him in the back)

Nikki: Extreme was cleaning house before LiGiL got him from behind.

GP: LiGiL is looking to take and keep control of this match.

JT: God this sucks.

(LiGiL throws Extreme into the corner, then rushes at him and jumps, and hits a splash. Extreme stumbles out of the corner and LiGiL kicks him in the chest and plants him with a DDT. He makes the pinning attempt)

GP: One, two, no!

(Exiled hits LiGiL off of Extreme, but is pushed out by the ref. While the ref's back is turned, Wars comes into and helps LiGiL double team Extreme)

Nikki: Why would Wars and LiGiL have to cheat to beat the Youth?

JT: Because they suck.

GP: Thanks JT for your expert analysis.

(Wars stays in while LiGiL goes to the apron to take a breather. He puts Extreme's throat on the second rope and straddles over him. He bounces up and down pressing Extreme's throat against the ropes)

GP: Is Wars trying to kill him or something? He can't breath.

JT: That would make this match better. Someone dying!

Nikki: Sometimes I wish you would die.

(Wars pulls him off of the ropes, then sets him up and hits a snap suplex. He holds on to him, picks him up against and hits another. Then he hits a third and lets go of him. Wars makes his way to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle)

GP: This looks like a high flying attempt by Wars.

JT: No shit Sherlock.

Nikki: I hate when people say that.

JT: No shit Sherlock.

Nikki: GRRRR!!!!!!

(Exiled runs over and pulls Wars's legs out from under him. He straddles the turnbuckle in a way that would make any man cringe)

GP: A smart move by Exiled to stop Wars.

(Wars falls to the mat holding his penis and testicles. Extreme crawls to the ropes and makes the tag to Exiled. Exiled comes in and begins to stomp Wars. LiGiL rushes in but is held back by the referee. Both members of the Youth pound on Wars)

Nikki: Good thinking from this young team. Keep Wars away from LiGiL and stomp the shit out of him.

JT: Wars is awfully full of shit, so this may take a while.

(The ref turns back around and Extreme goes back to the apron. Exiled picks up Wars and whips him to the ropes, but he grabs the ropes and quickly lunges to tag LiGiL. LiGiL rushes in)

GP: Wars finally made the tag to LiGiL.

(LiGiL rushes towards Exiled and takes him to the mat. LiGiL has him pinned to the ground, punching him in the face. Extreme runs against the ropes then comes back and drop kicks LiGiL in the face. Exiled gets up and hits a sit down powerbomb on LiGiL)

GP: One, two, three! This match is over!

(JT gets up, kneels down on top of the announce table, and says a prayer)

Nikki: It wasn't THAT bad.

GP: It was pretty bad.

Ring Announcer: Your winners... the YOOUUUUUUTTTHH!!!!!!!!!!!

GP: Let's go backstage to Donnie Daze who is waiting in his locker room.

(The scene fades to Donnie Daze, who is sitting in his locker room. He is putting on his elbow pads)

Donnie: Sam Potright... tonight is the night... all this week we've exchanged words, but it all comes down to this...

(Donnie stands up and stretches)

Donnie: I've spent the whole week getting my ass kicked by Mike Extreme as part of our toughness training, and now I think I'm more than ready to face you.

(Donnie sits back down)

Donnie: While you are one of the most hardcore men in the history of the IWO, I think I can keep up with you. In fact, I know I can.

(Donnie smiles)

Donnie: Sam, tonight is my night. Tonight is the night, that the son gets revenge on the father. This is the night of the rebellion. You've beaten me several other times, but I will have that on my mind during our match. I am very angry right now. The rage has been building all week, and tonight, it's all released. You don't stand a chance Potright. The title is mine!

(Fade back to the announcers)

GP:Fans, right after this commercial break, we hope to bring you the finals to a North American Title Tournament that has been one to remember!

**Commercial Break**

(We zoom backstage where we see Cyanide walking down the hallway in the back, carrying his
bag of things, sun tan lotion, beach towels, sunglasses, whistle. There are two very gourgeous lady lifeguards with him, and he makes his way toward his locker room with them.)

Cyanide: Well hello there...How about after I win the North American title, we all go have a pool party...In case you didn't know, I'm a lifeguard...If you want, I'll show you how they do mouth to mouth...

(We switch to another part of the arena backstage hallway, where Kent Anthason and his manager Big D are making their way toward Cyanide, to go to their locker room. Kent's got his hair slicked back, and his sunglasses are pulled up on his forehead. He's holding a map, looking at it while he walks.)

Big D: Hey, Kent, watch out...

Kent Anthason: Leave me alone, D. I'm trying to find my dressing room.

Big D: But, Kent, you're about to walk right int--

(Wham! Kent slams into Cyanide. He looks up from his map to see a stunned Cyanide. Cyanide looks almost pale as he stares at Kent in disbelief.)

Kent Anthason: Uhh... Watch where you're going next time. Actually, watch where you're going on the road, shouldn't you be on a beach somewhere?

Cyanide: How dare you! If you would have ran into someone like that at the pool, you could have knocked them in...

Kent Anthason: I'll knock you in, you dumb looking retarded fuck. That is, into another dimension.

Cyanide: ... Pretty harsh words from a guy who would knock little kids into the deep end of the pool. But that's pretty hard, since in wrestling skills, you stay pretty much in the shallow end.

Kent Anthason: You arrogant lifeguard shit. Don't you know you're hurting people when you beat them up at the beach?

Cyanide: All for the better cause, Kent.

Kent Anthason: The better cause is the North American championship that's up tonight. If we meet up, I'm going to drown you in a pool of your own sunscreen... and blood.

Cyanide: I'd like to see you try, you pathetic peice of non-lifeguard trash.

Kent Anthason: Don't make me come over there, Cyanide!

Cyanide: You're already over here.

Kent Anthason: Good point.

(Moment of silence.)

Cyanide: Loser.

Kent Anthason: Fuck head.

Cyanide: Bitch.

Kent Anthason: Whore.

Cyanide: Bitch.

Kent Anthason: Repeating shit.


Kent Anthason: I hear you. But when there's no other lifeguards to save you, don't come crying to me.

(Kent and Big D storm past Cyanide, as they go to their locker rooms.)

Cyanide: Well, there's another potential hazard to the locale pools and beaches.

(Cyanide writes Kent's name down on a peice of paper and walks off, with his two girls.)

**Commercial Break**

GP:Like I said before the break, up next we have the finals to what will definitly be remembered for all ages. Cyanide goes up against Kent Anthason, versus Bainkey and finally against the Unified Champion, Simon Seaman!

JT:The winner gets what Meygon is currently holding up in the ring, the North American Championship! It's been held by such greats as Capital Punishment, Tony Davis, Dane Wilt, and Billy Larson, and now, one of these four men will walk out IWO North American Champion!

Nikki:And the only veteran of the bunch is Cyanide, although Seaman has really been coming into his own lately. He's been almost unstopable as the Unified Champion!

JT:Shouldn't he have given a name to that damn thing yet?

GP:Well, Seaman hasn't been all there lately it seems, but we'll find out if he'll be a double champion tonight!

JT:Maybe he'll unify the North American and Pacific and US titles, and it'll just be like... the North hemisphere Championship or something...

Meygon:This next match, is for the vacated North American Championship! Introducing first, from New Orleans, Louisiana, and weighing in at 245 pounds... he is the master of the Final Cut, and considered one of the highest rising rookies in IWO history. Here is Kent Anthason!

("Duck and Run" by 3 Doors Down hits the pa system as the fans rises to their feet, some holding mini-IML World title championships. Anthason walks out from the back, raising his hands to the crowd and soaking in the cheers.)

Meygon:And his opponent, hailing from Long Island, New York, a Dragon Ball Z Fanatic, weighing in at 240 pounds... the master of the Kame Hame Ha....

JT:Haha, that's a funny finisher name.


("Theme to Dragon Ball Z" blasts over the pa system, destroying any sort of copyright privacy we once had. Bainkey walks out from the back, dressed in his usual Gi attire. He makes his way to the ring.)

Meygon:And their opponent...hailing from Los Angelos, California... he currently weighs in at 238 pounds, and is the master of the Silencer... here is Simon.. SEAMAN!

("Enjoy the Silence" by Failure hits the pa system as the fans begin to give cheers. Out from the back walks Simon Seaman, carrying both the Pacific and United States Championships around his waist. He makes his way to the ring.)

GP:Wow... lots of funny no making sense good guys in the promotion nowadays...

("Current of Love" by David Hasselhoff hits the pa system as out from the back walks Cyanide, wearing the red Baywatchesq bathing suit. The three lifeguards follow him out as well.)

JT:And now we REALLY have broken all trademark rules...

(Cyanide walks into the ring, as Meygon holds the North American Title high in the air to the crowd.)

GP:You have to think Cyanide is the perfect man to win this match. He's the veteran, and he took Joey Malone for all he could before Desperate Measures.

JT:I don't know, Anthason's been on a freakin' roll, and Bainkey's just been awesome for a rookie...

Nikki:Seamans' also riding high on his past accomplishments. It's anyone's game Parker...

*Ding, ding, ding*

GP:And they're off!

JT:This isn't a race track Parker...

(Cyanide goes for Anthason right away, as Seaman and Bainkey lock up. Seaman and Bainkey nail each other with right hands, while Cyanide hooks Anthason, and drives him into the mat with a huge bulldog drop.)

GP:And Cyanide takes Anthason down hard. Cyanide is back up quickly, and charges at Seaman and Bainkey, sending both of them, and himself flying over the top rope and down to the outside!

JT:Cyanide is the first one to his feet, but obviously took the landing hard. Anthason is climbing to his feet, and races to the outside, suicide diving through the ropes and onto Cyanide!

Nikki:Chaos and we barely started!

(All four men are down, as Seaman and Bainkey seem to be the first people up. Bainkey isn't exactly sure of what's going on, as Seaman grabs him from behind, and throws him into the ring. Seaman slides in quickly, as Bainkey tries to regain his bearings. Seaman knees Bainkey in the back, and hooks him, going for a German suplex, but Bainkey blocks it. Bainkey hits Seaman with a couple of swift elbow shots, and contorts his body, dropping Seaman into a reverse arm bar.)

GP:Seaman is screaming, writhing in pain as Bainkey wrenches the hold in further!

JT:Seaman is close to tapping, but it still is rather early in the match. Being that this is elimination style, Anthason and Cyanide aren't carring much about what's going on in the ring.

(We fade out to the outside, as we see Cyanide tossing Anthason into the steel steps on the outside, taking them off of the perched position. Anthason is down, grabbing at his shoulder, which seems to be what caught the steps hard.)

GP:Anthason falls down like timber in the woods....

(Fade into the ring, as we see Seaman slowly stretching for the ropes, but slowly coming up short. After a immense length of time, Cyanide comes into the ring, and drops a leg onto both Bainkey and Seaman, releasing the hold, but stretching Seaman's shoulder even more.)

Nikki:The oppertuinist Cyanide with a leg drop!

(Cyanide rolls over Seaman, and goes for a cover.)

GP:One, two... NO! Seaman with a shoulder up. So close...

(Cyanide picks Seaman up off the mat, and locks him in an arm ringer. Seaman goes for Cyanide's hair, as Cyanide tosses Seaman down to the mat with a shove. Seaman perches back up, as Cyanide repeats. Seaman kicks up, and flips Cyanide onto his back out of the arm ringer.)

GP:And Seaman just got sick of Cyanide's games...

(Anthason is shown climbing up top, as he leaps off, clotheslining Seaman and a recovering Bainkey down to the mat.)


(Anthason gets to his feet, as Cyanide catches him in a full nelson, bringing him up, and sending him down with a full nelson bomb. Into a cover.)

GP:FULL NELSON BOMB! One, two NO! Anthason barely saves his shot at the North American Title!

(Anthason gets rolled out, as Cyanide gets to his feet. He stumbles over to Anthason, as Seaman rises to his feet. Seaman turns Cyanide around, kicks him in the gut, and nails him with a huge cradle piledriver.)

JT:What a move! Cyanide dropped hard onto the mat!

(Seaman dives on top for a cover, but only gets a two count.)

Nikki:So close... but yet... so far.

(Seaman gets to his feet, angered... as Bainkey comes to his feet. He rears back, and slowly charges... Seaman turns around, as Bainkey goes for the Kame Hame Ha, but Seaman barely ducks, causing Bainkey to slam into Cyanide, knocking him down.)

GP:KAME HAME HA ON CYANIDE! Seaman grabs Bainkey from the cover, but Anthason dives on top! One, two, THREE! Cyanide's been eliminated!

Meygon:Eliminated, Cyanide!

GP:We are down to three, as Seaman, Bainkey, and Anthason are left. Seaman is firing at Bainkey, as he pushes him out of the ring, but Anthason is back up. He grabs Seaman, and nails a huge inverted suplex!


Meygon:Eliminated... Simon Seaman!

GP:And we're down to two! But Bainkey hasn't gotten up... as Anthason climbs up top! FINAL CUT! HE NAILED IT! He rolls Bainky over... One, two, three! That's it! We have a new North American Champion!!!

Meygon:Your winner, and NEW, North American Champion, Kent... ANTHASON!!!

**Commercial Break**

GP: It's time! It's time! It's --


GP: No... it's time for the World Heavyweight Title match!

(An IWO World Title Match graphic scrolls onto screen... and scrolls off. "Your Disease" by Saliva hits, bringing the crowd to their feet. Donnie Daze walks out.... he runs to the ring, and climbs onto the ropes... before his music fades, and "Hemorrage(In My Hands)" by Fuel replaces it. This song itself brings the crowd to an almost ravenous height of excitement, and as the music builds up the chorus... the crowd grows more anxious. Finally... Sam Potright, defending champ, walks out.)

Nikki: It's Potright's first defense. Can he handle the "thorn in his side?"

(Potright heads to the ring. As he climbs onto the apron, his music fades... and "Fear" by Disturbed replaces it.)

JT: Er...?

(Mike Extreme rolls a dumpster out.)

GP: What the hell? Oh, wait a minute... The Misunderstood Family! I get it!

Nikki: Explain it.

GP: Donnie was locked in a dumpster by Mike, remember?

Nikki: Um... he was?

GP: Yeah. Just before you and he had that one date... he was in a dumpster for some twenty-four hours.

Nikki: I kissed a guy with DUMPSTER BREATH?!

(Nikki coughs and spits.)

GP: Um... yeah... anyway... I think this match is now a Dumpster Match! Potright is just watching this on the apron... Daze knocks him off! Potright right into the dumpster! And here we go! Daze rolls out of the ring, and slams Potright's head into the dumpster's side! Potright dazed... Daze throws him into the steps! Sam's "son" kicking into high gear right off! He takes Potright, and knocks him into the guardrail! Kicks him in the ribs, tosses him into the side of the ring, and then goes for a drop toe hold! Potright with a block, springboards off the guardrail, and BAM! HITS A SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT FROM OFF THE GUARDRAIL! That is why Potright is the World champion... the innovation and quick planning!

JT: It's kinda funny that both guys are below 225 pounds and are wrestling for the Heavyweight title...

Nikki: Um... yeah... I guess. Potright's the lighter one, at 207. Daze is like 223 pounds, ALL MAN! At least, I think he was...

JT: Blondes...



Nikki: Daze gets pulled up by the hair, and gets thrown into a ring post! Neither man holding back tonight. It's for all the marbles!

JT: You don't even have close to all your marbles...

Nikki: That was stupid. I don't even think you're worth slapping now... Daze stumbles into the guardrail... Potright goes for some haymakers! A right, a left, and -- A FAN THREW SOME BEER INTO POTRIGHT'S EYES!

GP: That's no fan.... THAT'S JEFF KING! JEFF KING IS IN THE AUDIENCE! ANOTHER FORMER MEMBER OF THE "MISUNDERSTOOD FAMILY"! Daze gets the advantage again! He throws Potright into the ring... climbs up top... goes for an elbow! Hits it! Daze now goes for a Boston Crab!

JT: Good lord, I last saw that in... Boston!

(Long silence...)

GP: Are you off your mark or something tonight?


GP: I do not go "what a what a what a match".

JT: I know.

GP: And I do not YELL everything.


GP: Ass.

JT: Did you just say you like ass?

GP: No.

JT: Admit it, you said it.


JT: You also said you don't yell everything. How am I supposed to believe you?

GP: Oy... Potright is getting to his feet... Donnie with a German Suplex! But this is a dumpster match!

(Donnie realizes his mistake... he lets go.)

GP: Now Donnie is taking Potright to the ropes... tosses him in, looks like he's going to throw him all the way from the ring into the dumpster! Potright coming off the other side, Daze bends over, Potright grabs him, PICKS HIM UP AND POWERBOMBS HIM RIGHT INTO THE DUMPSTER! Now he has to close the lid!

(Potright gets out of the ring... and starts trying to pull the lids up and out of the dumpster's inside walls. He gets one up... and Mike Extreme tugs at his leg.)

Nikki: Can someone get the rest of the Misunderstood Family out of the way?

JT: Heh. Extreme gets kicked away, and Potright goes back to pulling that other lid up! But Daze is up! He pops open the first lid, and pulls Potright in with him! They're battling in garbage! This is SO FUNNY!

Nikki: The most intense garbage fighting of them all! Daze sends Potright's head right into the side of the inside of the dumpster! Potright retaliates by picking up a beer bottle and smashing it over Daze's head! Blood flows... it's on, now! Daze tackles Potright to the ground! They're rolling in trash!

JT: If Extreme were to close the lid on these two, he could be World champion! Hell... if I did it, I'D BE WORLD CHAMP!

GP: Um... no you wouldn't.

JT: Why not?

GP: You're not a legal participant. And neither is Extreme.

JT: Ah, nuts.

GP: Daze stands up, and Potright gives him a swift kick to the nuts! Daze falls to a wall of the dumpster... Potright kips up, ducks a clothesline attempt from Daze, Daze into the opposite wall, Potright with a DRAGON SUPLEX INSIDE THE DUMPSTER! DONNIE DAZE'S BODY IS JUST FLATTENED AGAINST THE WALL! Potright climbing out... he's going to try closing the lids again! Potright going for it... and he can't close one lid, because Donnie's foot is sticking out! Potright pushes it down... Donnie springs back up!

JT: Dang, that boy's got some zing in his fastball, still! He's up and he's getting out! Potright tries to push Donnie back in... Donnie picks him up on his shoulders and HITS A KRYPTONITE CRUNCH ON THE APRON! OW!

Nikki: Potright just goes limp! He might have lost all control to his extremities, for crying out loud! Donnie slides him off the apron and to the ground... he reaches into the dumpster. What's he gonna bring out?


JT: Nikki couldn't use one of those if she tried!

Nikki: Actually, I couldn't.

JT: ... Oh.

GP: Donnie measuring up Potright... goes for a frying pan drop from the apron to the floor... AND POTRIGHT WAS PLAYING POSSUM! THE FRYING PAN GOES RIGHT INTO DAZE'S HEAD! POTRIGHT WAS PLAYING POSSUM, DAMMIT!

JT: See? Yelling again.

GP: Shudddddddap. Potright takes Donnie, tosses him into the ring. He climbs onto the apron... he's going up top... looks like he's going for something big, something high-risk. He appears to be waiting for Donnie to get up... Donnie slowly getting to his feet... Potright jumps, AND HITS A HELLUVA MOVE!

JT: What was that? Looked like he just spun around in mid-air and hit a DDT!

Nikki: Well, Potright is the master of the DDT... and Daze sure as hell is living up to his last name right now! All Potright has to do is take Daze and throw him into the dumpster... but here comes the Suicide Kings! Jeff King on the apron... Potright knocks him off! Ryan King up, Potright goes for him, Ryan ducks and gets down! But now Extreme is in there... AND DONNIE DAZE TAKES HIM DOWN! DONNIE DAZE WITH AN ANKLELOCK! ANKLELOCK ON MIKE EXTREME!


GP: He's lost it! Donnie lets go, goes for Potright... Potright tries to lariat Daze, Daze slips around, DAZED AND CONFUSED! HE GOT IT! DAZED AND CONFUSED ON POTRIGHT! HE CAN TOSS HIM IN THE DUMPSTER NOW! Donnie takes Potright... he's taking him towards the dumpster... BUT EXTREME GRABS DONNIE! DONNIE CAN'T GET OUT! POTRIGHT... DONNIE MOVES OUT OF THE WAY OF A POTRIGHT SUPERKICK! EXTREME GETS IT INSTEAD! DAZE GOES FOR POTRIGHT, POTRIGHT KICKS HIM IN THE STOMACH, WAR WITHIN A BREATH! WAR WITHIN A BREATH! Potright with War Within A Breath! Both men are down... and neither man is moving. Who'll take it from here?

JT:I don't know Parker, but this has been one of the best matches I've seen for the IWO World Heavyweight Championship in months, if not years. Potright and Daze are giving it their all!

(All of a sudden... the camera cuts to static... and everyone is in shock. No one has any idea what happened...)