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IWO Hostile Takeover
Friday, January 26th 2001
LIVE from the Compaq Center, Houston Texas
We'll destroy Houston first ... then make our way to Las Vegas!

Main Event!
Non_Title CT Champions Match
Spaz vs Donnie Daze vs Adam Wars
*All three of these men put their titles on the line in their
Conspiracy Theory tag team
matches for a chance at the IWO World Title. As the title holders they
are the obvious
favorites ........ so let's see what will happen if they all advance*

Handicap Match
AWS Man (also known as Bill) and Syphon Fission vs Schitzo Tod
*Schitzo Tod and AWS Man (also known as Bill) have been fighting each
other for a
while now. Recently Schitzo Tod got Syphon pissed off ... so now we
get to see if the
number one contendor and the Pacific Champ can dismantle Tod.*

Special Guest Referee: Jax Stone
Marvin 'Birdman' Garvins vs Mac
*Marvin Gardens is facing Jax Stone for the Extreme title at Conspiracy
Theory 2 days
after Hostile Takeover. Mac D. has lost twice in a row to Jax Stone,
can Mac gain
momentum into his CT NA Title Match or will Gardens gain the upper
hand? Throw in
Jax is the refere and we have one crazy match.*

First Blood Match
Dane Mathews vs Ken War
*Dane Mathews must go up against the legend Capital Punishment at
Conspiracy Theory
... so can he defeat another legend before to gain momentum? Just to
make Ken War
happy let's add a hardcore stipulation of First Blood.*

Scott Stone vs Simon Seaman
*Hey diJTa hear? Simon and Scott are on the same team for the CT US
Title Match!
Heh, this will make things interesting.*



(The familiar sound of a hearGPeats pulses as the IWO logo fades in and
out with the
sound. Finally, with the crack of lightning, the screen flashes to a
bright white, and then
back to black, revealing the brand-new logo of the IWO.)

(The scene switches over to a video of earlier today. The date on the
top left cornor
reads "1/26/2000 8:00 a.m.")

(Tod steps into a building that's marked "Offices of Jamie Kosoy". He
opens a door, and
is greetied by a secretary.)

Secretary: Oh, hello there. How may I help you?

Tod: I'm looking for Jamie Kosoy, I have some important business to
discuss with him.

Secretary: Do you have an appointment?

Tod: No, and I don't need one.

Secratary: I'll need you name.

Tod: It's Tod, just Tod.

Secretary: Ok Tod, I can pencil you in for next week if you like.

Tod: No, I don't like. I'm here to see Kosoy, and that's what I'm going
to do!

(Tod pushes past the secretary and heads up the hall to a door marked
"Jamie Kosoy
CEO" He storms in, and spots a roller chair, with it's back tuned to

Tod: Kosoy, we need to talk.


Tod: Hey! I'm taking to you!


Tod: I'm sick of this...

(Tod rolls the chair so it's facing him. He is surprised to find that
in the chair, sits Syphon
Fission, not Jamie Kosoy. Tod lunges for Fission, but Syphon smacks him
upside the
head with a sledge hammer. Tod falls on the ground, busted open, as
Syphon stands
over him.)

Syphon Fission: Don't even try...

("Around the World" by Red Hot Chili Peppers start blasting as the
scene switches over
to the Compaq Center in Houston Texas. An array of pyrotechnics start
going off in the
ring and on the ramp as the crowds go wild.)



Nikki: That's right, we're going to give the people in Texas a taste
of what's going to
happen at Conspiracy Theory oh yes we are.

JT: Damn it! You ruined it! We're supposed to scream for the first
few minutes?

Nikki: Oh piss off, I have a sore throat.

GP: Oh God, this'll be a long night.

JT: And diJTa hear? No high authority is in this building tonight!
Vice President Evan is
in Vegas with his head bookers, and that only leaves Eric Yun, just a
lowly member of
the booking team.

Nikki: Yeah, things are going to get really chaotic.

(The scene switches backstage where Syphon Fission is walking to his
Suddenly a man runs by and nails Fission in the back of the head with a

GP: What the hell? Syphon is down!

JT: Hmmph, this is the last card before Conspiracy Theory and he's
sleeping on the job.

Nikki: Shut up, geez.

GP: Well some IWO Officials are going over to check on Syphon and
we'll be back right
after this.

[Commercial Break]


JT: Yay! The infamous Greg Parker quote of death that he says a lot!

GP: Indeed.

Nikki: Well, this is JT's favorite kind of match...


Nikki: ...which has been changed over the commercial break to a


*Nikki bitchslaps JT*

Nikki: Shut up.

JT: Awww, I have feelings to.

GP: Let's go to Meygon for the announcements!

(We cut to Meygon, who is wearing the SMALLEST CLOTHES SHE COULD FIND.

Meygon: The following contest is a HARDCORE MATCH!

('Hellbound' by Eminem feat. D-12 plays as Scott Stone comes out to a
huge chorus of boos. One kid throws a little kid's entire box of a
Meal at Scott Stone. Scott Stone pays no mind... he'll get that kid

Meygon: From Scranton, in Pennsylvania... he comes here tonight,
standing at six feet, four inches, and weighing in at two hundred and
forty-four pounds... he is a former IWO North American, Pacific,
Television, and World Tag Team Champion... he is SCOOOOTTTTTT

(Stone steps through the ropes and rolls out of the other side of the
ring. He pulls out a bucket of toys, like barbed wire baseball bats and

GP: Hooboy. Stone's getting out his weapons already.

JT: It wouldn't be a hardcore match without them.

("Enjoy the Silence" by Failure plays as Simon Seaman comes out to a
pop. He comes out carrying two tables tucked under his arms.)

Meygon: And his opponent... from Burbank, California... he stands at
foot, three inches, and weights in at two hundred and thirty-eight
pounds... he is the master of the Silencer and the West Coast
Revelation... ladies and

GP: Seaman's got some tables already!

JT: Seaman slides the tables into the ring and the fight is on!

*ding, ding, ding*

GP: Stone surprises Seaman with a double axehandle on the onset! He
pounds away on Seaman with right hands now and there's a lot of
stomping, too!

JT:, is there any, like, thing that Stone does other than
punching, kicking, and stomping? Oh wait. There's a vertical suplex. I
guess that accounts for something.

GP: Stone with a floatover and he's just wailing away on Seaman with
vicious right hands! Seaman may be in trouble, because Stone is the
self-proclaimed King of Extreme.

Nikki: Only in name. He's no less extreme than Ken War!

GP: ....right....

JT: Stone finally lets up on Seaman and rolls to his toys! He's got a
lead pipe!

Nikki: But Seaman reaches from behind Stone and grabs the pipe! ....OH!
Low blow! That was one HELL of a low blow, too! Stone may be hurt a
whole lot!

JT: Stone is down, as Seaman gets out... a toaster?!


*JT bitchslaps GP*

JT: Wow. That's the first bit of bitchslapping I've done since I got
Nikki in bed.

*Nikki bitchslaps JT*

JT: Damn.

Nikki: Seaman with the windup... AND A BRUTAL TOASTER SHOT RIGHT TO THE
HEAD OF SCOTT STONE! Stone spirals to the canvas in a heap and the
toaster is broken!

GP: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(

JT: Ahem. Back to the real world, as Stone tries to get to his feet,
Seaman is just one step ahead! Clothesline by Seaman to take Stone back

Nikki: Seaman with a kick to Stone's gut! DDT!

GP: Seaman's on fire here!

JT: Seaman goes over to one of the tables and tries to set it up! Wait,
try? He does get it up, so I guess that destroyed the point of me
try. Erm, anyway, Seaman's set the table up, and now he grabs Stone! He
puts him on top of the table and climbs up, himself!

Nikki: Seaman sets up Stone, and he's trying to piledrive Stone through
the table! But Stone with a back body drop and Seaman falls over the
rope, off the table, and to the outside!

JT: Stone collapses off the table and tries to crawl over to his
weapons! And he's got a steel chair! Seaman's trying to climb back into
the ring, but Stone with a baseball slide with the chair as an assist!
Nice move by Stone!

GP: Stone slides out to the floor, but Seaman with a knee to the gut,
and now he rams Stone into the steel steps! Again! And again! And
And again!

JT: Seaman is a sadist here tonight! He's got Stone busted open!

Nikki: You're sick. You know that?

JT: That's part of my appeal, baby!

Nikki: To the homosexual crowd? Of course.

JT: :-O

GP: Stone rolls Seaman back into the ring and sets him up... scoop slam
onto the broken toaster parts! Seaman's in BIG trouble if he doesn't
mount an offense!

Nikki: Duh. Now Scott tries to pick up Seaman, but Seaman with a
piece to Stone's stomach! That may have punctured his stomach or
something, because he's bleeding from there, now!

JT: Seaman tries to follow up, but Scott with a kneelift! Seaman
stumbles around and Stone charges in on him! But Seaman with a
right into the broken toaster parts, and Stone is down!

Nikki: Seaman picks up Stone and sets him up for Seamaned 4 Life... but
Stone picks up Seaman from that position! He turns Seaman over... but
Seaman ducks! He grabs Stone from behind and hooks him up! WEST COAST
REVELATION(Reverse fisherman's suplex, held for submission)! RIGHT IN


*ding, ding, ding!*

GP: That was interesting, even though *sob* they broke the toaster.


GP: I can't!

Nikki: Er, we'll be back after this.

[Commercial Break]

(The scene reopens backstage where Syphon is knocking Phelen Kell's
locker room

GP: What the hell does he want with Kell?

(The door opens and Kell comes out dressed in street clothes.)

Phelen Kell: What the hell do you want?

Syphon Fission: Don't play dumb. I know you were the one who hit me
with the chair.

Phelen Kell: What the hell are you talking about?

Syphon Fission: This bitch.

(Syphon pulls out a lead pipe from his pants and nails Kell with it.
He starts stomping
away on Kell.)

GP: Holy crap! Fission just nailed Kell with that pipe! Kell is

JT: Wait a second! Here comes Wars! Wars nails Fission from behind!

Nikki: Somebody stop them! They need to survive till Conspiracy
Theory damn it!

(Booker Eric walks by.)

GP: Finally someone who can do something.

(Booker Eric looks at the brawling men, chuckles, and walks away.)

JT: Hahahaha! He's gonna let it go on!

GP: These men are going to destroy themselves, and the Compaq Center
if they
continue this fighting backstage.

(Schitzo Tod walks by and blindsides Fission.)

GP: Now Tod is involved in this! Man, we gotta brawl in the locker

Nikki: Here comes AWS Man (also known as Bill!) Fission and AWS Man
(also known
as Bill) have a handicapped match against Tod later on! They double
clothesline Tod!

JT: Kell has got up and is going back into his locker room. He wants
no part in this!

(Fade to Kell's locker room. He looks at his chair and starts

Phelen Kell: Who took my fucking title?

(Fade to Donnie Daze's locker room. He has the world title.)

Donnie Daze: Hahahahahaha! I have the world title! I'm the champion!
I'm a legend! I
am so going to kick ass at Conspiracy Theo--

(From behind Adam Wars nails Daze with a chair.)

Adam Wars: Shut the fuck up. Don't wanna become annoying like
Onslaught do you?
Of course not.

(Wars picks up the world title and walks away.)

GP: Well we are in total chaos here at Hostile Takeover! Hopefully,
we'll try to sort this
out after these quick commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

GP: Welcome back to Takeover! The chaos is still going on backstage
and I'm being
told Kell has been roaming the locker rooms looking for his title which
Daze took and
Wars took it from Daze!

Nikki: Yeah but now we've got our First Blood Match coming up! Ken
War's taking on
Dane Matthews, a man who in my point of view, is not only hott, but is
also on a major
role in the company right now!

JT- Shut up whore!


JT- Damn! I don't think they care about how hott Dane Matthews might
what all those fans want to see right about now is blooddddd! Whoo hoo!
We're going to
see blood in this match for sure!

GP- Yes, your very correct moron! Ofcourse we're going to see blood!
After all it is a first
blood match! God! Why do I have to work with this moron?

Nikki- Your not the only one Greg! Remember I've got to work with this
pervert as well!

Ring Announcer- Ladies and Gentlemen..This match is a FIRST BLOOD
Coming down first, from Albany, New York..We've got one half of the
current IWO World
Tag Team Champions..He's the master of the Downtown Explosion..Ladies

["Memory Remains" by Metallica begins to play around the arena..The
fans slowly get on
there feet as the watch Dane slowly walk down to the ring..The fans are
booing for the
current IWO World tag champion..Suddenly, Ken War rushes down to the
ring and
attacks Dane Matthews with an leather belt.]

Nikki- KEN WAR! He's rushed down to the ring and is already beating
Dane Matthews
with that leather belt! Dane's on the ground and is currently feeling
some pain.

GP- Ken rolls Dane into the ring and continues to use that leather belt
as one bad whip!
Ken throws Dane into the corner and goes running in after him..BOOT TO
Matthews! Bigtime reversal! Ken's now staggering around the
ring..Matthews on the
toprope.. HURRICANRANA by Matthews! That took a lot out of Matthews as
well as the
legend Ken War..

JT- Look at that wimp! Look at Dane Matthews lying on the ground..STAY
DOWN! Shit
he's up! Kick to the ribs! FIELD GOAL!!! Matthews just bashed in Ken
Wars ribs! Look at
War, he's lying on the ground helpless! Dane slides out of the ring and
grabs his IWO
World Tag title..He's got the title in the ring! Whats he going to do

Nikki- Dane clobbers Ken War with the belt to the back of the head! The
Hall of Famer is
lying down in the ring unconcious! Matthews has got him up..Whats this
EXPLOSION ONTO THE TITLE BELT! Ken Wars busted open! Oh my god!

GP- Danes not done yet though! He's up on the top rope.. Wats this?
DESTINATION! Dane just hit the final destination off the topropes! The
referee is
noticing the blood on Ken War..The match is over!

JT- DANE MATTHEWS IS THE WINNER! Ken War didn't put up any kind of fit
at all!
What kind of pathetic jobber is he?!

Nikki- Danes still not finished! He's got the mic in his hand..

Dane Matthews- Did you see what just happened to the so called "Hall of
Famer"? The
man that you guys look up to and consider a legend? I think thats horse
shit! You just
saw a little piece of what I'm going to bring to Conspiracy
Theory..You've just seen a tiny
bit of how bad I can get..What just happened in the ring was childs
play compared to
what's going to happen in the ring when Cappy brings his half of the
gold and you place
that ladder in the middle of the ring..Cappy I've already beaten one
jobber..Your ass is next! And once I'm finished with you..Then I'm
Going to be the IWO
LEGEND KILLER! Cappy if you've got the balls then you'll get your sorry
ass out here
and give the people a preview of whats going to happen on Conspiracy

Nikki- Dane Matthews is calling out Capital Punishment! Can you belive
this? What is he

JT- Shut up! I want to see if Cappy's going to react to this..

GP- Oh I think he is! Do you hear that? It's Cappy's theme! Cappys
coming down to the
ring and in a hurry! Here comes Cappy!

Nikki- Dane and Cappy are standing toe to toe just swinging away at
each other..Cappy's
got the upper hand right about now..He's got Matthews
wobbling..Matthews is down!
Cappy just knocked down Matthews!


JT- They've just signaled the starting of the match! This match is
officially under way!
Cappy's got Matthews by the hair! Cappys got Matthews screaming in
pain! Can you
hear that? Matthews is visibly in pain!

GP- I told you I liked Cappy didn't I?

Nikki- Cappys got Matthews in a sleeper hold..Danes trying to
escape..He's throwing
elbows to the face of Cappy..Danes up..Cappys knocked down with one
hell of an
elbow!Danes now standing above him..Boot to the ribs! Cappy's rolling
around on the
ground in pain!

JT- Matthews once again to the outside of the ring..He's pulling out a
table! A table from
underneath the ring! He's sliding it into the ring! He's not done yet
Danes throwing in chairs as well!

GP- Cappys up! Matthews back in the ring! CHAIRSHOT BY CAPPY! Oh my! I
Cappy just depacitated Dane Matthews with that chair shot! Cappy now
slams that chair
into the sternum of his current partner!

Nikki- Cappy's setting up the table! The table is up! Cappy throws
Matthews onto the
table...Could this be Crime and Punishment?! Cappy going for the Crime
Punishment..Wait! Matthews blocks it! Matthews throws cappy off of the
table and make
onto the mat!

JT- Damnit! I wanted to see some wood! What is this? WaiT! We're going
to see the
wood now! Matthews now roles CAPPY onto the table! whats this? Whats

Matthews has just creamed Cappy with that move right there! Both men
are out from the
table! Both men are lying there helplessy..

Nikki- WAIT! Shawn Arrows is in the ring! What the hell!?! Arrows just
put Dane
Matthews on top of Capital Punishment! Here goes the pin..

GP- ONE!!!!!TWO!!!!!THREEE!!! No!! Dane Matthhews has down the
unthinkable! He's
beaten Capital Punishment! What an upset we've got here...

JT- I knew it was going to happen! Dane Matthews said he was a legend
killer! He was
right too! See that people?!

Nikki- God Shut Up! I'm just glad that nice ass won!

GP- Oh God! We've got to take a commercial break..We'll be right back!

[Commercial Break]

{Some More Backstage Extras Here}

GP- Well ladies and gentlemen, it's time now for the
Marvin Gardens against Mac D. match! And on top of
that lineup, we're going to see Jax Stone as the
Special Guest Referee! I don't believe that.

Nikki- I tell you, I know who booked this match but
evidently they want to see a blood bath. It's quite
clear that none of these men that will be in the ring
tonight have no love-loss for each other.

JT- Ain't that the truth. Jax and Marvin have an
Extreme Title Match coming up this Sunday. And not to
mention, Mac has lost on the past two occasions to Jax

GP- Not just losing, Mac has viewed it as something
else. This man cares for neither of these two, and
doesn't have a problem cutting both of them open.

JT- Oh, he's already proved that.

Nikki- Let's not forget though, Jax and Marvin have
that Extreme Title Match. That's going to be one for
the books as these two former IWO Extreme Champions
face off.

GP- I can't wait to see that.

JT- Well, let's go to ringside for the beginning of
the match.

Announcer- Introducing first...he is the IWO Extreme
Champion...he is the special guest referee for the
following bout...ladies and gentlemen...JAX STONE!!!

::The fans cheer loudly as Jax comes walking to the
ring wearing a referee shirt. Jax steps onto the ring
apron, and then steps into the ring.::

Announcer- Introducing next...he is the number one
contender to the IWO Extreme Champion and will be
facing Jax Stone this Sunday at Conspiracy

::The fans begin to cheer as Marvin starts to walk to
the ring as "I Don't Know This Theme" by
TheRosterIsBrokenStill begins to play loudly. Marvin
climbs into the ring and he and Jax stare each other

GP- Both men as you can see, are plenty ready to go
ahead and rip each other part right here and now.

Nikki- Yep, you can see it in their eyes.

Announcer- Introducing next...he'll be participating
for the North American Title this Sunday at Cospiracy
Theory...he is "The King of Extreme"...MAC D.!!!

::The fans start to boo loudly as Mac comes strutting
to the ring, with a microphone in his hands.::

GP- This looks familiar.

JT- Oh yeah, time to listen to Mac.

Mac- Alright people, I'm going to make this short and
sweet, even though I know the people here in the great
state of to hear me speak!!

::The fans cheer, Mac seems to be trying to get on the
better side of his home-state fans.::

GP- Bah...brown-noser.

Nikki- You're telling me.

Mac- First, there wasn't any special stipulations for
this match tonight, expect for Jax to be the special
guest referee. Well, I didn't like that too much so I
went up to the head-man in charge in the back, and
asked for some stips. Well, to put it blunty...he
told me to make up the stipulations myself. Well,
seeing as how I love doing that...I have made my

GP- No matter what is it, these men can all survive
in whatever type of hostile enviroment Mac D. has

Mac- Tonight's match stipulations, are none
other...than a Barbed Wire and LighGPulbs Deathmatch!
So Birdman, get ready to be plucked!

::Mac runs throws down his mic, and charges to the
ring. He slides under the bottom rope, and Marvin
begins to wail on Mac by stomping him in the back.
Meanwhile, ring hands slide in two board covered in
flourescent lighGPulbs, and two boards covered in
barbed wire. They then set the boards up at an angle
in the ring corners.::

JT- Yet another...blood bath coming up soon.

Nikki- That's for sure.

GP- What's that man's problem? Is he a sadistic
fucking weirdo or what?

JT- True. The IWO will sign ANYBODY nowadays.

::Back in the ring, Marvin has lifted Mac up and
landed a stiff snap suplex. Marvin now, is try to
force Mac's face into one of the barbed wire boards.
Mac is resiting by holding onto the ropes, and then
lands a big low blow to Marvin!::

GP- That was cheap.

Nikki- Well, it's legal.

::Mac pushes Marvin into the barbed wire but, Marvin
puts on the breaks at the last minute. Mac tries to
hook his legs from behind and pull him to the ground
but, Marvin slips over Mac's back!::

JT- What the hell is that?

::Marvin does some sort of a reverse sunset flip, and
rolls Mac D. up! 1! Mac kicks out.::

GP- What a move. I don't think I've seen anything
like that before.

::Mac and Marvin rise to their feet. Mac and Gardens
lock horns. Marvin take the upper hand with a
waistlock. Mac shoots back to strong elbows, then
lands a snap mare...into a kick to the spine!::

Nikki- Ow.

::Marvin climbs to his feet, and hiptosses Mac to the
mat. Marvin then goes to the mat quickly, and locks
on a sleeper hold. Marvin tightens the hold, and
doesn't seem anxious to let go at all.::

GP- Jax, being the great ref that he is is checking
on the situation. Marvin may very well choke Mac out
here tonight.

::Mac seems to be drifting off. Marving once more
tightens the hold. Mac's hand slowly makes it's way
to one of the lighGPulbs on the board of lighGPulbs,
and begins to pry one of the bulbs free.::

Nikki- Marvin better watch out.

JT- Or else he'll end up sporting glass shards in his

::Gardens, who is distracted while holding on the
sleeper hold, doesn't see Mac. Then without
warning...WHAM! Mac shatters the bulb over Marvin's
head! Marvin falls backwards, and to the outside of
the ring, holding his skull.::

GP- That had to hurt.

::Mac takes a minute to catch his breath, while Marvin
regroups outside of the ring. After a about thirty
seconds, Gardens rolls back into the ring, and Mac is
using the ropes to climb to his feet. Marvin runs
over, and Mac back drops him over the top rope, and to
the concrete floor!!::


Nikki- Right to the floor!

::Mac takes a moment or two to regroup, and Marvin is
out like a light on the floor. Mac grabs one of the
barbed wire boards, and throws it to the outside of
the ring. Mac then makes his way to the outside, and
lifts Marvin up.::

GP- This isn't going to be pretty.

::Mac sets up the board at an angle on against the
guard rail, and then gives Marvin a few shots to the
head. Mac grabs Marvin by the hair, and begins to
drag him over to the barbed wire. Mac tries to force
Marvin's head onto the barbed wire!!::

Nikki- EW!

JT- Resist, Gardens! That barbed wire WILL leave a

::Marvin elbows Mac a few times in the stomach, and
then grabs his hair. Marvin throws Mac's face
directly into the barbed wire, and holds it there!
Mac screams in pain, as "The Birdman" laughs

GP- That's brutal!

Nikki- Mac's gushing blood!

::Marvin lifts Mac's bloody face off the barbed wire,
and tries to force him down once again. Mac kicks
Marvin in the groin once again, and then clotheslines
him to the concrete floor. Mac falls backwards, and
leans on the ring post, to catch his breath.::

JT- Look at him. Mac's a bloody mess.

::Marvin slowly gets to his feet, and begins to walk
over to Mac. Marvin bends a weak Mac over, and begins
to punch him in the back. Then from out of nowhere,
Mac fires off several strong right hands into Marvin's

GP- Mac, mounting a comeback.

::Mac then grabs a dazed Garden's legs, and takes him
to the concrete! Mac then begins to flip Marvin over
for a Boston crab! NO! Mac's flipping Marvin over
into the barbed wire!::

JT- Marvin's in a bad position right now!

::Mac forces Marvin's face into the barbed wire, while
placing a knee in Garden's back. Mac then releases a
now-bloody Marving Gardens, and lets him rest. Just a
second later, Mac climbs onto the ring apron, and
looks to be ready to go flying off.::

Nikki- I didn't think Mac was a high flyer.

JT- Who said he was? He may end up flat on his ass.

::Mac launches off just as Marvin slowly stands up.
Mac is attempting a cross body and...MARVIN CATCHES
HIM! Marvin attempts a Northern Lights Suplex!::

GP- Oh my!

::No, Mac stops the suplex. Mac with a spinning DDT!
Onto the barbed wire board! Both men snap the board
in half, and go right into the barbed wire! Mac and
Marvin both scream in pain, then roll on the concrete
trying to stop the pain of the barbed wire cuts.::

Nikki- What an idiot!!

JT- You'd think he was smarter than that.

GP- That looked damn painful.

Nikki- I have no doubt it was.

::After a few seconds, Marvin slowly climbs back into
the ring, and tries to regroup. Mac does too a few
seconds later, and both men end up back in the ring.
Marvin gets to his feet first, and grabs two long

GP- Uh oh.

::Gardens walks over to Mac, who is sitting on one

Nikki- ACK!

JT- Mac just recieved two lighGPulbs over the head!

::Mac falls to the mat. Marvin then goes and lifts
Mac up. Marvin bends Mac over...pumphandle slam!
Marvin leaves a bloody Mac laying on the mat, and goes
to the outside of the ring and grabs two steel

GP- Well, I feel bad to whomever those are for.

::Marvin sets up the two steel chairs, then grabs one
of the boards covered in lighGPulbs. Marvin sets up
the board between the two standing chairs, and begins
to taunt Mac as he lifts him up.::

Nikki- This is going to be nasty, I can just feel it

::Marvin begins to take Mac over to the corner.
Marvin gives Mac a few stiff shots, and then bends him
over. Marvin picks Mac up for a running powerbomb!
Marvin over to the boards...::

GP- Oh no!


::Mac slides back at the last minute and goes down
with Marvin! No handed face buster(x-factor) through
the lighGPulb covered board!::

Nikki- NO WAY!

::Mac and Marvin both go through the board, and lay
for a moment, motionless and bloody, in the center of
the ring.::

JT- This doesn't look good.

GP- Not at all. I think both men may be injured
after that move. We need paramedics out here, now!

::Suddenly, EMTs come to the ring, and begin to help
Mac and Marvin both onto stretchers. Both men are out
and completely soaked in blood. Jax on the other
hand, is just sitting in the corner watching.::

Nikki- I'm sure Jax is getting wood knowing that one
of his enemies just may have injured another enemy he
is facing in two days.

GP- Probably. Either way you look at it, it's a
win-win situation for Jax.

JT- True. If Marvin wins, than Mac's out of the
picture and Marvin is tired from the match. If Mac
wins on the other hand, Marvin exhausted still. And
with this...

Nikki- It's just all good for Jax Stone.

::The paramedics begin to stretcher both men up the
entrance ramp.::


::Marvin begins to climb off his stretcher.::

JT- I don't believe it! Marvin's not hurt!

GP- Mac may be though.

JT- Oh yeah.

::Marvin pushes the EMTs away, and goes over to Mac's
stretcher. Marvin lands a few shots and begins to
rush Mac to the ring on the stretcher!::

Nikki- He's not going to is he?

::Marvin looks to ram Mac into the ring on that
stretcher! NO! The stretcher turns halway down the
ramp, and Mac goes flying into the crowd!::

JT- He's gotta be ten feet into the crowd!

::Marvin goes below the ring and grabs a can of
gasoline. And then, Marvin removes a lighter from his

GP- We're gonna see some pyro tonight!

::Marvin sets the stuff inside of the ring, and then
goes to get Mac. Marvin searches for a minute and out
of nowhere...Mac with a chair to the side of Marvin's
head! Mac throws Marvin back to ringside, and then
into the ring!::

Nikki- What's Mac doing now?

::Mac grabs a singapore cane from under the ring. Mac
then rolls into the ring. Mac begins to drench the
cane in gasoline then...he lights it on fire! Flaming
singapore cane!!::

GP- Oh no!

::Mac lifts Marvin onto his knees. One shot with the
cane to the head! Another shot! Then another! Then
another! Mac throws the cane to the mat!::

Nikki- Unbelievable!

JT- That's going to leave a scar.

::Mac lifts a very dazed, and bloody Marvin Gardens
up...RANDOM ACT OF VIOLENCE (Samoan Neckbreaker)!!!
Gardens is out! 1! 2! 3!!!!!::

GP- Mac wins!

JT- Mac captures the victory over Gardens! And Jax
is actually raising Mac's arm!

::Mac begins to strut around the ring in happiness.
But, what's this? Jax has the flaming singapore

Nikki- Uh oh!

::Mac turns around...THWACK! Mac gets laid out with
the flaming singapore cane to the head! Jax throws
the cane down, and begins to walk backstage!::

GP- Mac may have gotten the 1-2-3 but, Jax was the
real winner tonight.

JT- Yep, he just finished two birds with one stone.

Nikki- But, will he have the same luck at Conspiracy Theory?

[Commercial Break]

(Bloudhound Gang's Three Point One Four hits as the crowd goes nuts.
AWS Man (Also
known as Bill) Steps out onto the ramp receiving a huge pop. He slowly
struts down near
the ring waving to the fans.)

JT: Wait a second?! I thought he was heel?!

GP: That might be, but the crowd still loves him nevertheless.

Nikki: You've got that right Greg. Plus tonight, AWS Man (Also known as
Bill) will be
teaming with the number one contender, Syphon Fission!

(The Insane One's music comes to a halt, and is replaced by Linking
Park's Parpercut.
The crowd starts going insane as Syphon Fission steps out. He makes his
way down to
the ring, and calls for a mic.)

Syphon Fission: Well, it looks like Schitzo Tod chickened out of this
one... Had enough
Tod?! C'mon, get out here and show us what you can do.

(Time passes, still no Tod.)

Syphon Fission: Okay, I guess we've won then. Tod's probably
at home, crying
because of his head. I told you... Never EVER mess with me. Now, hit my

(Linkin Park's Papercut starts up again, then is cut off by Marilyn
Manson's Fight Song.
Tod appears on the ramp, led pipe in hand. The fans start to boo as He
walks down to
the ring. Tod enters, and the ref starts arguing with him.)

GP: It looks like Tod brought out an equalizer, but the ref is telling
him no... MY GOD!
Tod just smacked the ref upside the head with the pipe! The ref is
busted open!

JT: Ha! That'll show that fat moron.

(The ref falls to the ground.)

Tod: New rules- Whoever bleeds the most, looses...

GP: Tod goes right for Fission with the pipe! But AWS Man (Also known
as Bill)
dropkicks Tod from behind! Fission's signaling for AWS Man (Also Known
as Bill) to
deliver a win the freakin' matchifer on Tod so they can leave.

(The Insane One climbs to the top rope, then stops.)

Nikki: It looks as if he's reluctant to do this to Tod.

GP: He's shaking his head no! Syphon's mad!

(Syphon takes the pipe and starts to hit Tod. But the Insane One takes
out Fission with a
flying clothsline.)

GP: Now they're arguing, but- OH NO! BEHIND YOU!

JT: HA! Tod from behind with the pipe to AWS Man (Also known as Bill)'s

GP: Tod now nails Fission! Tod rolls out of the ring and runs away!

Nikki: AWS Man (also known as Bill) has gotten up and is running after

[Commercial Break]


JT: All three of these guys have been brawling backstage.

Nikki: Finally they will get into the ring and fight in an organized

GP: All three men are in the ring!

*Ding Ding Ding*

JT: And here we go! Spaz goes after Daze, but Adam Wars cuts him off
a clothesline!

GP: These guys need to conserve some energy for Conspiracy Theory!

Nikki: Donnie Daze is just hanging back and watching Adam Wars beat the
hell out of Spaz!

GP: Spaz's up, Adam Wars runs in, but oh! Sidewalk Slam by Spaz! He
goes for the cover! One...two...And, no! Daze just saved his title!

Nikki: Adam Wars would've kicked out, anyway. Spaz is pissed off
at Donnie Daze!

GP: Spaz charges at Daze with a clothesline! Daze ducks, spins Spaz
around, and, a DDT!

JT: Adam Wars's up, he runs to the ropes, springboard dropkick by Wars
Daddy to Daze! Daze's down! Wars goes for the cover! One...two...and,
Daze kicks out!

Nikki: All three men are back up, Spaz charges at Daze, Daze ducks and
Spaz goes to the outside!

GP: Adam Wars has Donnie Daze, now, and he throws him into the
Wars now, with right hands to Daze, he whips him into the other corner,
and charges in! Donnie Daze moves out of the way! Kick to the gut, off
ropes, bulldog!

JT: Daze's on fire! He comes off the ropes... suicide dive to Kurt
Spaz! Dear god!

Nikki: Spaz's down! Adam Wars goes to the outside, grabs Daze, and
throws him back in! Wars now goes up to the top rope! He leaps... but
Daze drop kicks him on the way down!

GP: He does movies, but he also does drop kicks! He's now up, and he
Wars! Whips him in, tilt-a-whirl slam! He goes for the cover!

JT: Spaz with the save! Spaz, now, picks up Wars... he's going for

GP: Daze gets up and hits and jumping sidekick to Spaz! Spaz gets
knocked through the ropes!

JT: Spaz spends more time out on the floor than Nikki spends in


JT: Ow!

Nikki: Bitch.

GP: Donnie Daze has Adam Wars, and whips him into the turnbuckle! Wars
rebounds, kick to the midsection by Daze, suplex!

JT: Oh, god dammit! Where the HELL is the blood?

Nikki: Spaz with a chair! Spaz's got a chair! He brings it into the
and oh! He hit Donnie Daze in the back of the head!

JT: Yes! Well, Adam Wars's back up, Spaz aims for him, Wars with a low
blow! Now Wars's got the chair!


GP: Adam Wars has left a dent in that chair! Spaz's still up!

JT: Wars throws the chair at Spaz, superkick with the chair! Spaz's
down, and busted open! Yes!

Nikki: Wars goes for the cover! One... two... no! Daze stops the count!

JT: Daze has Wars, and a jumping DDT! That's Adam Wars's own move!

GP: Now, Donnie Daze is going for the sack! He's got... he's got...
the HELL!?

Nikki: Donnie Daze has a horn! What does he plan to do with it?

JT: Daze sneaks up on Adam Wars... and he blows the horn! God damn,
that was a loud one! Adam Wars jumped about ten feet in the air! Ha ha!

GP: Now Donnie Daze hits Wars with the horn! He goes for the cover!
two... no!

Nikki: Spaz has saved the match! He has Donnie Daze, and a powerbomb!
Now Spaz's going outside... he's got a table!

JT: The crowd is cheering! They love this!

Nikki: Spaz has the table in the ring, and is setting it up!

JT: Thank GOD! Daze's now getting pummeled in the corner by Adam Wars,
he whips him in, and bumps into Spaz! Spaz picks up Wars and... a
fisherman's buster!

Nikki: Spaz goes for a cover! One... two... no! Wars saves Daze!

GP: Donnie Daze rolls out to the floor, leaving Adam Wars and Spaz in
the ring!

JT: Adam Wars runs into the ropes, comes back, and gets a huge
clothesline from Spaz for his troubles!

Nikki: Spaz now positions Wars in front of the table, and...
powerbomb through the table! Adam Wars's out! Spaz goes for the
cover! One...two... no!

GP: Now Daze brings a table into the ring!

JT: Spaz stumbles into the vacinity and Donnie Daze puts him on the
table! Daze goes up to the second rope, senton splash through the
table! Spaz has been put out of commission!

Nikki: Daze grabs Adam Wars! Diving powerbomb from the inside of the
ring to the outside! Adam Wars is out! Again!

GP: How many times have we said that in this match?

JT: A lot.

GP: Daze grabs Wars ... tornado DDT off the top rope and through the
announcing table!

Nikki: This has been one hell of a match!

GP: Adam Wars stumbles back up and he drags Donnie Daze back into the

JT: Low blow by Daze! Brainbuster! Wars may have lost some brain cells

Nikki: Daze grabs Adam Wars and sends him off the ropes! He goes for a
back drop... no! Wars catches him! JUMPING DDT!

GP: Spaz is still down! Adam Wars is down! Donnie Daze is down! This
match has taken a lot out of everyone!

JT: Yeah. Wars gets an arm over Daze and rolls him over! He goes for
the cover!

GP: One...two.... no!

Nikki: Daze's kicked out of two big moves in the last couple of
minutes! My god!

JT: Wars can't believe it! He goes to the top rope, and waits for Daze!

GP: Daze's up, Wars leaps, no! Daze caught Wars in midair and hits a
diamond cutter!

JT: Spaz's back in and charges at Daze! Daze moves and Spaz
obliterates the referee in the corner!

GP: Daze with a fisherman's DDT to Spaz!

Nikki: Wait a second! From the back! It's AWS Man (also known as
Bill) and Syphon
Fission both beating up on Tod. Tod is stumbling back towards the

JT: From behind! Potright comes over and nails Fission! Potright and
Fission are
battling it out! They face along with Kell and a mystery man at the

GP: We have complete chaos here! Daze has gotten out of the ring and
is getting out of
the arena via the crowd! Adam Wars and Spaz are now brawling it out!

Nikki: We have chaos on the ramps and in the ring! That's all the time
we have for you
tonight. See you in Vegas!

(The scene switches over to Jamie Kossoy doing some paperwork. The
phone rings and
Jamie pushes a button on his phone to get his speakerphone.)

Secretary: Mr. Kossoy, you have a call on line three.

Jamie Kossoy: Okay....

(Jamie pushes a button.)

Jamie Kossoy: Hello?

Voice: I'll see you on Sunday poopface.

(Jamie's face goes completely blank and then he starts punching his
desk as the scene
suddenly switches to the IWO Logo.)