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(The familiar sound of a heartbeats pulses as the IWO logo fades in and
out with the sound. Finally, with the crack of lightning, the screen
flashes to a bright white, and then back to black, revealing the
brand-new logo of the IWO.

*Fade to backstage*

(The cheap wooden door of the backstage locker room area is left wide
open, as a mysterious frame slowly enters it and closes it, encasing
himself in the room. On the nameplate it reads... "Phelen Kell"...)

*Fade to arena*

("Man in the Box" by Alice in Chains blasts throught the arena,
accompanied by an impressive display of fireworks and pyrotechnics. The fans
are giving a tremendous pop, as the camera pans over to the announcing
area, where GP, JT, and Nikki are ready to start the evening.)






GP: ........

JT: ........

Nikki: .......

(All three announcers wait until the crowd dies down a bit. They look
at each other, as GP swallows.)

GP: Fans, I'm not sure if you've heard the news yet... At 3 o'clock
EST yesterday, it was officially released at a closed press conference
held at IWO Headquarters that two of the IWO's greatest wrestlers, Psycho
Jay and Rob Kestler, have been released of their contracts. The
reasons are undisclosed at the time, but tonight will be the last match for
them both.

Nikki: Greg, this is really a shame. Those two did so much for the
company, and to see them go... It's going to be really difficult for a
lot of guys.

JT: You know what? Good riddance. Those two were goof-offs anyway.

GP: JT, show some damn respect for a chance. Tonight, however, will be
a tribute night. A tribute to both of these IWO, dare I say, legends.
We'll begin after a short break.

***Commercial Break***

GP - Fans, welcome back. We will have more to come on Jay and Rob, but
for now, let's just enjoy the great card put together by new Head
Booker Neil. It features two exciting wrestlers from two different
generations of the IWO. First off we have the new hot star , Shawn Arrows. He
made his name known in the IML 2 where he was the World Champ 2 or 3
times ...

JT - Hey what do you mean.... 2 or 3 ??.. you're supposed to know

Nikki - He has a point..

GP - Well I'm not a very big fan of the new generation of wrestlers...
prefer the old guys like Kell , Cappy , Tony Davis...

JT - They're not old....

GP - Well I didn't mean it that way... just shut up will ya ??. And
opponent will be the IWO Legend....

JT - Who has retired and come back more times than I've been slapped by

GP - Capital Punishment...

JT - What's the deal with him ? What else can he accomplish ??

Nikki - I guess the fire is still in him..

(Capital Punishment's song blasts as he comes out.)

Nikki - He might be getting older but he still looks fit.

(Cappy is attacked from behind by Arrows)

GP - Wow.... he came outta nowhere !!!

JT - Ya gotta be smart these days to survive in the IWO... and that is
these new stars bring to the IWO!!! BRAINS!!!...

GP - Knowing how to attack your opponents is a good thing but ya gotta
defense to win ....patience.... something these other guys don't have.

(Meanwhile Arrows is beating the crap outta Cappy with move after move)

Nikki - Yeah.. look at the Superbowl for example... it's not the
against the Rams in the Superbowl... it's the Giants and Ravens... the
top defenses in the NFL this year!!

GP - Great example....

JT - Yeah well if you're old fashioned and with big tits you probably
that.... but I like excitement!!

(JT protects himself...but Nikki doesn't slap.. )

JT - Hey aren't you gonna slap me ?

Nikki - No

JT - Why not ??

Nikki - Well this is the new IWO..... I won't slap you at every sexest
you say from now on... but don't push it!!

GP - I am very proud of you Nikki...

Nikki - Well thank you Glenn....

JT - Yeah... THANKS!!..

(Arrows and Cappy are now brawling on the ramp. Cappy has turned the
his way as he's wearing out the youngster , breaking out all the old

JT - Wow... that old man does have some fire in him... but still ..
will last longer..

(Both men are now headed to the backstage area. Cappy is throwing
through tables , doors , lockers. Arrows ducks a bum rush and flips
onto some cactus)

JT - What the hell is a cactus doing here ??

GP - I don't know but Cappy's back must be hurting bad...

JT - He smashed the cactus!!!

(Arrows is now bringing out Cappy.. down the ramp into ringside...
back has a bunch of little spike things on it. Arrows attempts to throw
into the steel steps but cappy reverses it and sends Arrows crashing

GP - Cappy ain't done yet...

(Cappy grabs Arrows and throws him into the ring.. pin... )



2 1/2 ....

(Arrows kicks out.... )

GP - Wow... almost but Arrows wont quite give up yet...

(Cappy begins to work on Arrows some more.... DDT.. followed by
Pin )



2 1/4.....

2 1/2 ....


(Cappy takes Arrows up to the turnbuckle.. they're at the top.. )

Nikki - This could finish him off....

(Arrows reverses the hold and DDT's Cappy off the top... Arrows gets
hurt in
the process while falling away from Cappy)





:: Ding Ding Ding ::

JT - There ya go Greg.... offense wins it...

GP - Yeah well regardless of what anyone said... it was one hell of a
match... Fans, as a special tribute to Psycho Jay and Rob Kestler,
some of the IWO wrestlers themselves wanted to comment on their final
night here. We'll be right back.

*Cut to the backstage area, where Donnie Daze is sitting on a stool.*

Daze: Psycho Jay and Rob Kestler were two of the best competitors the
IWO had to offer. It's a shame that the two of them both had to leave.
In Jay's case, being fired. In my opinion, they were the two best in the
IWO. They are hall-of-famers in my mind. There were no two guys who's
promos I looked forward to more than the two of them. Even when they
made fun of me, it was all in good fun. They will be missed by almost
everyone in the IWO. Jay... Rob... thank you. Hopefully you'll be back
someday... To bring humor back into the IWO.

***Commercial Break***

GP: Up Next, it's Rob Kestler's last match in IWO.

JT: Yes, it's very sad that Kestler got canned.

Nikki: JT, it really IS sad that Rob Kestler and Psycho Jay
won't be with us anymore.

(Dane Matthews and Gunner Smith's music starts up as the crowd gives a
mixed reaction. The two men step out of the curtain, tag belts around
thier waste, and head towards the ring. There music is then cut off by
Stayin' Alive as performed by Ozzie Ozborn. The crowd goes insane as Rob
Kestler, holding Happy Cube, runs down and attacks Matthews and SMith
from behind.)

GP: Here he is! The man himslef! Rob Kestler!!!

(All four men enter the ring and the bell sounds. Kestler and matthews
start off. Kestler ythrows several punches to matthews, then delivers a
DDT. He dashes into the ropes, then drops on Dane Matthew, who has just
moved out of the way.)

JT: Ha! Nobody Home!

Nikki: Ya know what's bothering me? What happens when Rob Kestler tags
in Happy Cube?

(Rob Kestler delivers a kick to the mid section of Matthews, sending
him into the corner. He starts punching away.)

ref: 1. 2. 3. 4!

(Kestler backs down, the ref starts arguing with him... WHAM! Low blow
by Dane Matthews. Matthews tags in Smith, who takes advandave of the
situation. Gunner Smith whips Kestler into the ropes, but Kestler
counters with a clothsline, he catches his breath, then tags in Happy Cube.
The crowd goes nuts.)

GP: What's this?!

(Happy Cube just sits in the corner (seeing as he's a cardbord box.)
while Smith recovers from the massive clothsline.)

Rob Kestler: C'mon, this is your big brake, don't get butterflys now...

(Kestler picks up Happy Cube, then throws him into the ring. The box
accidentially hit's the ref, who gets knocked down. (hey, this is IWO
refs, it happens all the time.) With the ref knocked down, Matthews gets a
chair and trys to hit Rob in the head with it.)


(Kestler dodges the chair, and it goes right into the ring post.
Matthews drops the chair, and Kestler brings him over to the guard rail. He
begins smacking matthews head on it until he is busted open. Kestler
then shoves Matthews back in the ring.)

GP: Watch out, Gunner's right there...


(Gunner runs for Rob, Kestler evades, and sets Gunner up for the call
from beyond. He pulls it off, then climps to the top rope, where he
dives off and falls ontop of Matthews. The impact sends happy cube flying
ontop of Gunner. The ref comes to his feet then makes the count.)

Ref: 1 2 3!

Nikki: Kestler did it! He won!

JT: At least we never have to see him again.

GP: The crowd is going nuts! That was great! What a farewell match to
Rob Kestler, one of the best in the business. He will surely be

Joey Malone: I don't have a lot of time, so I'll make this quick. I
have some words to say regarding what happened to two of the greatest guys
I ever met... in the ring and out. Now, I know that you all probably
know what happened to Psycho Jay and Rob Kestler. ...and it is truly a
sad day in the IWO. If you didn't know, Jay and Kestler are two of my
best friends and their leaving was a shock to me. These two guys taught me
about half of what I know, and the other half came from trial,
error,and beating up on gnomes. They also unintentionally made me want to
improve and made me want to achieve. So I owe them big. A lot, even. I'm
going to miss them both.

***Commercial Break***

(We come back in the backstage area to a grim-faced Hooser Datty, ready
interview an IWO wrestler.)

Hooser Datty: I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I'm h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-her with

Voice: Stop stuttering, you moron!!!

(A translucent blue hand attempts to strangle Hooser, but since it is
apparently intangible, it goes right through him. The camera zooms out
show the undead figure of IWO loser elite, Zoey.)

Hooser: AHHHHHHH!? Wait,'re a ghost! Ha ha ha ha ha!! I can
right through you!

(Hooser Datty runs through Zoey's Ghost to get away.)

Hooser: (off-camera) GHOST! GHOST!!

Zoey's Ghost: Alright, IWO, that does it,...I'm back, and I'm gonna
get my
world title shot even though I can't wear a belt! I can't be beaten!
undead! IWO wrestlers, when I come for you, who you gonna call? I,...



Zoey's Ghost: (looking to his left) Huh?

(The camera pans right to reveal K-Mart and Wal-Mart, the Martin
along with Egon the Ghostbuster, wearing Ghostbuster uniforms and
(except for Walter, who's still stuck in the Wal-Mart Smile Costume.
Wal-Mart then aims his ray and shoots, but Zoey ducks and slips through

K-Mart: Why'd you have to yell that out, Walter?

Wal-Mart: Dude, Kevin, are you trying to tell me if you had a chance
to tell
a great joke like that, you'd pass it up?

(K-Mart and Egon look at each other.)

Egon: He has a point, Kevin,...

K-Mart: Yeah, you're right, even though I prefer the "Original"
when compared to the "Real" ones,...

(Egon, being the consumate professional, pays Kevin no mind after this

and looks a Crystal Ball hooked up to some sort of scanner.)

Wal-Mart: You mean the ones with the ape?

Egon: Gentlemen,...

(The Martins ignore Egon.)

K-Mart: Uh huh.


(The Martins gawk at Egon.)

K-Mart: Dude! You didn't have to yell!

Wal-mart: Yeah, like, for real,...

Egon: (holding up device, which is apparently some type of locator)
seems that Zoey is heading in the direction of the Men's bathroom! If
wait for him to go in, then,....

*Back to the ring area*

GP- Well folks, we're back from commercial break!

Nikki- Indeed! And ready for our next match of the night...Jax Stone
against Mac D. for the IWO ExtremeTitle!

JT- Whoopedy doo.

GP- This one's going to turn out to be a classic no less. These two
have been going at each other'sthroats for over a week now, and this
feud has finally risen to a head!

Announcer- Introducing first...he is the IWO Extreme

::Suddenly, Jax's theme music hits on the PA system,and Stone comes
walking to the ring, accompanied by Mike Marchese. The fans let out a
decent pop, and Jax climbs into the ring.::

Nikki- Jax looks well prepared for this match. I hope Mac's in the
same fighting mood that Stone is.Announcer- Introducing next...the
challenger..."THE KING OF EXTREME"...MAC...D-----.

::Just then, "Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit begins to blare on the PA
system, and Mac D. comes walking tothe ring.

GP- And Mac's got a microphone and a slip of paperwith him. What's
that idiot got up his sleeve now?

JT- SHH! I wanna hear this.

::Mac begins to speak as Jax looks flustered andanxious in the ring.::

Mac- Hold your horses Stone...I have something VERY important I want
to share with you and Marchese, so just shut the hell up. As you well
know, there were no stipulations assigned to this match. Just a
regular, plain 'ol Extreme Title Match. Well, I had a little talk with the
head booker backstage and well...I had some stipulations get assigned
real quick.

::Jax looks a little confused.::

GP- What's he talking about!?

Nikki- Who knows...knowing Mac, this match could endup with the
craziest stipulations on earth!

::The fans are getting restless and begin to boo.::

Mac- Hey...I'm out here to deliver some stipulations and that's
exactly what I'm gonna do. So, you either shut your f**king mouths, or I'm
gonna stand out here all night. Yes, I will do it.

GP- Please...don't.

Mac- Now, I felt the stipulations for this match are very, very
appropriate to say the least. Tonight's going to be...are you
ready? I can just feel the tension building up.

Nikki- *sarcasm* Can't we all...

Mac- Tonight's match will be...a midget and pornstar...lumberjack
match! Not to mention...this is a tribue Psycho Jay and Rob
Kestler. So in their memory...let's make this bitch extreme!



Mac- So, bring on the midgets and pornstars!!!

::Suddenly, twelve midgets and twelve pornstars make their way to the
ring, and then surround it.::

Mac- Oh I may have neglected to mention's anything goes.
So...get ready to bleed!

::Mac walks backstage, and pulls out a shopping cartfilled with various
weapons. Inside is a trash can,trash can lid, hammer, and other odd
weapons. Macruns to the ring, and slams the cart into the ringapron,
then jumps in.::

*Ding, Ding, Ding*

GP- And this match is off!

::Both men shoot at each other and begin to exchangestrong right hands.
Jax is holding Mac down byhooking one arm, and is delivering stiff
elbows toMac's back.::

Nikki- That's gotta hurt!

::Mac grabs behind Jax's knees, and pulls Jax to the mat! Mac begins
to launch off strong right hands, andthen locks on an arm bar! Jax
escapes with a thumb to the eye! Jax slowly rises up, and walks over to
the ring apron.::

JT- Not too close Jax.

GP- He better not forget that those vicious midgetand pornstar
lumberjacks will do anything!

::Jax reaches out to grab a singapore cane, and gets pulled to the
ground by Kobe Ta(pornstar). Kobe, Sylvia Saint, and two midgets begin to
wail on Jax with strong kicks to the head and midsection!::

Nikki- OH! That doesn't look good.

JT- What are you talking about? I'd love to be in his place!

::Using the distraction to his advantage, Mac reaches into the cart and
pulls out a trash can lid, and a fork. He then tries for a chair but,
is spotted by a midget, and heads back into the center of the ring.

::GP- Those damn lumberjacks are unrelenting!

::Jax gets tosses back into the ring, where Mac is waiting with a trash
can lid. Jax slowly staggers to his feet, and gets nailed with a trash
can lid right to the head! Jax staggers...and another shot, sends Jax
to the mat!::

JT- Uh...ow.

Nikki- You can say that again.

::Mac goes for a pin but, gets yanked off by Jenna Jameson. Mac then
stands up before being pulled out of the ring, and begins to yell and
taunt the lumberjacks. Then from behind, Jax has the trash
canlid...WHAM! Right over the back of the head of MacD.!!::

GP- OUCH! Mac's dazed after that one!

::Mac staggers forwards, and Jax levels him with a clothesline! Jax
covers...1...KICK OUT! Too early. Jax lifts Mac to his feet, and lands a
big DDT! Jax grabs Mac up by his hair, and Mac fires back with punches
to the ribs of Jax Stone.::

JT- Mac has some more momentum now. This may not look good for Stone.
Take a look at Marchese!

::Marchese is hitting on Busty Dusty on the outside of the ring, and
she slaps him in the face.::

JT- That man needs to learn from a pro.

::Mac lays Jax out with a double underhook suplex, and now has the
fork. Mac waits on Jax to get to his feet. Jax is up and dazed...Mac
runs over...FORK TOTHE HEAD!::


Nikki- Vicious! Mac is cutting Jax Stone's headopen, with a fork!


GP- Look at that!

::Mac is restraining Jax, while he cuts his head open with a fork. Jax
is yelling in pain. Jax soon iscovered in a crimson mask, as Mac
throws the fork to the outside of the ring. Jax staggers into a corner,
bleeding a good bit.::

GP- That was sickening.

JT- No Parker, that was awesome. I think we know who's my pick to win
the match.

Nikki- Yes, we do.

::Mac walks to the edge of the ring, and tries to grab the singapore
cane just like Stone did. Just then, three midgets grab Mac D., and
pulls him to the outside of the ring! Once midget then tosses
Mac,face-first into the shopping cart!::

GP- Uh oh...

::Jax rests in the ring, while Mac on the outside, gets wailed on by
Ron Jeremy, and four midgets.::

JT- WAIT! What's he doing! Ron's pulling his pants off! AGH!

Nikki- WOAH! It's even bigger in real life!

::Mac suddenly gets terrified by Ron Jeremy, who's trying to shove his
penis in Mac's face.::

GP- Mac's shocked!

::Mac grabs the cane, and scurries back into the ring. Stone has
regrouped now.::

JT- He better watch out...

Nikki- LOOK! Marchese has handed Stone a steel chair! And Stone is
waiting on Mac to turn around!

JT- Don't turn around Mac!

::Mac turns around, and gets the steel chair THROWN right into his
face! Mac falls to the mat in pain,after a brutal chair shot by Jax



Nikki- Mac just got hit in the head with that steelchair!

GP- "Hit" isn't the word for it! He got pummeled over! That chair
was tossed with such force from Jax Stone, the likes I've never seen!

::Back in the ring, Jax walks over to Mac D., who is face down on the
mat, in a pool of blood. Jax lifts Mac to his feet slowly.::

GP- What's that maniac going to do now!?::

Jax has the singapoe cane...WHAM! A SHOT TO THE HEAD WITH THE CANE!


Nikki- Mac is still standing after all of that!! Three shots with the
singapore cane and anunbelievable chair shot! I don't believe it!

::Jax backs Mac into a corner. WHAM! A shot with the cane. Another
hit with the cane. Once again. Another shot. One more. Again. Again.
Again. And finally, Jax breaks the cane over Mac's skull!::

GP- What was that!? About ten shots to the head withthat cane!?!

JT- I lost count! All I know, is that Mac D. is a bloody mess in that
corner, and Jax is laughing his ass off!
::Jax pulls Mac out of the corner...POWERBOMB INTO A PIN!!!
1...2...NO! KICK OUT!::

GP- Unprecidented! I can't believe Mac is still kicking after all of
this punishment! Jax is having aword or two with the referee now, and
Stone doesn't seem happy about that count.

::Mac slowly regains some sense, as Jax and Marchese yell in the face
of the referee across the ring.::

Nikki- WAIT! Something just happened!

::A midget throws in a baking sheet to Mac D. Mac slowly stands up,
and tries to balance out. Marchese and Jax don't even see him!::

GP- Those two better pay attention to Mac! He's back on his feet!

JT- Go Mac! Strike while the iron is hot!

MARCHESE! And Mac now, pulls Mike Marchese into the ring by his hair!
Marchese is yelling in pain!!::

GP- What's he going to do!?

Nikki- Who knows!?!

JT- Yeah...Stone's not here to help you now, bitch! Kick his ass!

::Mac holding Marchese by the hair now...he's debating what to do.
Mac's looking into the crowd now...WAIT! Marchese grabs the steel chair!::

JT- Watch out, Mac!

::Marchese hits Mac right in the midsection with the chair! Mac
releases Marchese, and Marchese dropkicks the chair into the face of Mac


GP- And Mac is back on his ass now, as Jax slowly comes to.

Nikki- This doesn't look good for Mac.

::Jax slowly but surely, drags Mac into a corner, and sets him on the
bottom rope. Jax lays the baking sheet over Mac's face.::


GP- This isn't going to be pretty.

::Jax backs up...he charges forwards...FALLING DROPKICK INTO THE BAKING

Nikki- EEK! That had to hurt!

::Mac rolls to the outside of the ring now, and is being bombarded by
midgets, pornstars, and Mike Marchese!::

JT- Will somebody do something!?

::The midgets throw Mac back into the ring. Marchese reaches under the
ring, and pulls out...a nerf gun! Wait! The nerf gun is filled with
tennis balls! Marchese throws the gun to Jax! Jax is in heaven!::

GP- What in the hell...

::Jax begins to unload tennis balls right onto the face and head of Mac
D.! Meanwhile, Marchese is searching under the ring again...and he
pulls out a noodle like little kids use in a swimming pool!::

Nikki- What the hell is going on here? Marchese is giving Jax all of
this weird ass weapons.

JT- I guess that's Jax's way of getting extreme.

::Jax is ripping off the shirt of Mac D. Jax has the wet noodle...and
he's whipping Mac with it! Again! Over and over! Mac's screaming in
pain from being lashed with the wet noodle!!::

GP- That's just cruel! Mac's back is a deep red now!

::Jax throws the noodle aside...and Marchese is bringing in a table.
Wait not just a table...a can of gasoline, some matches, and some

Nikki- This spells trouble.

JT- I know where this is heading!

::Marchese sets up the table for Stone now. Mike is dumping thumtacks
all over the table, and covering it in gasoline. Marchese throws a lit
match down...::

GP- We have a flaming, thumbtack-covered table! Unbelievable!

JT- And both men are covered in blood!

::Jax lifts Mac up...he's placing Mac on his shoulders! Jax is looking
to place Mac through the table! NO! Mac slides off. He kicks Jax in
the midsection...LYGER BOMB!::

Nikki- don't see that everyday!

JT- C'mon Mac! Finish him off!

GP- Both men are laying on the floor now, covered in blood, and
completely exhausted!! Referee Michael Tobin starts the standing ten-count!

Nikki- Hey Greg, does that matter? Can you have a standing ten-count
in an Extreme Title match?

GP- I dodn't think so, but it looks like there is one...

::As the referee gets to seven, both men begin to move. They're up on
nine, and Jax goes to attack Mac D., but Mac D. blocks him and returns
fire. And again. And again! Jax is stumbling backwards.::

JT- C'mon Mac, now's your chance!

::Mac D. looks around, and picks up the cookie sheet from before. An
evil glint is seen in his eyes, as Jax wobbles around the ring. Mac D.
raises that cookie sheet one last time, for the final blow... WAIT!!
It's Marchese!!!::

JT- NO!!

::Marchese grabs the cookie sheet from Mac D. before he can use it.
Mac D. spins around, but only to meet the sheet head-on, and falls flat
to the floor. Marchese picks him up, Marchese Drop!::

JAX FALLS ON TOP OF MAC D.! ONE!!! TWO!!!!! THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Announcer- The winner of the match, and STILL IWO Extreme Champion...

GP- What a match! Both men gave it their all, and neither should be
disappointed.. Hey, here are the midgets and porn stars!! They're in
the ring, attacking Jax, Marchese, and Mac D.!! And here's security!!
My God, all he'ss broken loose! We'll be back!!

*Jumps to the backstage area once again*

Syphon: I came in when Jay was the IWO World Champion. And I saw how
unmotivated he was. That was not the real him though…the guy I will
remember is the guy who made Michael Dudley look like a twat…the man that
head humped people for a cause…the man who won two IWO World Titles…the
man who is being fired before he has another chance to grace us all
with another World Title reign.

(Syphon takes a break and then continues.)

Syphon: Rob Kestler was a man who was impossible to make angry. He was
happy go lucky. No matter what happened to him…he always wore that
stupid smile of his. Without a doubt…I wish we could have fought on MNM…it
would have been an honor. It was great to see a guy work as hard as he
did even though the staff made a mockery of his career.

(Syphon then takes another pause to collect his thoughts. He then makes
final statement.)

Syphon: Jay…Kestler…maybe if the circumstances were different, we could
have had a couple rounds and told stories on how the staff here sucks.
I kind of wish I could have gotten to know you two better. I hope you
two the best in your future endeavors. You guys made the IWO great...

***Commercial Break***

*In the phone area for superstars to use the phone,in between two sets
of isolated lockers, lies thephone. The room is lightly lit because of
the lightabove the phone flickering on and off rapidly. On thephone is
Marvin Gardens, talking to who appears to beJoey Malone. The light goes
out again, and when itcomes back on, a tall frame towers behind
Marvin.There is a loud bang, as the light finally goes out...after a few
moments, someone comes in, grabs their bagand leaves. After a while, a
technical guy comes inand replaces the light. On the ground, lay
MarvinGardens in a pool of his own blood, and on the wall "Fear" is written in
blood. When this horrific sceneis shown to the crowd in attendence, "South
of Heaven" by Slayer blasts over the speakers accompained by evil

***Commercial Break***

(From the commercial break, we open to the backstage area, where Shawn
Carter is eating a white powdered doughnut. He turns a corner and
turns smack into Syphon Fission, dropping his doughnut.)


Syphon: Hey man, I'm sorry.

(Syphon keeps on walking, but Carter watched him go... Thinking...)

*Cut back to the announcing team*

GP: Meygon's in the ring, we're all set to go!

Meygon: Coming to the ring first, Hailing from
Albany, New York. Weighing
in at 264 pounds. Standing tall at 6'4". Master
of Courage Required, He is

(The Internet Wrestling Organization Jumbo Tron
begins to displays the IWO
"Onslaught The Epitome Of Greatness" logo as a
countdown is displayed under
the words "The Epitome of Greatness")


(As "Disposable Teens" by Marilyn Manson
[Instrumental Version] plays.
Onslaught walks out to a mixed reaction from
the crowd. A few fans have
started an Onslaught version of the Goldberg
chant. Onslaught walks to the
ring and slides in. He then does the Hard Boyz
gun taunt with the thumbs

Meygon: And his opponent He is the master of
the Silencer and-

GP: Well it looks like Simon is waisting no
time. He runs right to the ring.
He's on the apron Onslaught runs at him but
Simon hits a shoulder to the mid
section. Onslaught stumbles back. Simon
springboards off the rops and hits
Onslaught with a Frankenstiener. Onslaught gets
up and is taken down by a
dropkick, and another, and another! Onslaught
falls out of the ring and
decides to take a breather.

JT: You see! That's why he's The GOAT! Because
he's smart. He's taking a

GP: Onslaught better look out! Simon is on the
top rope.

JT: Onslaught look out! OH NO! Onslaught just
got hit with a flying cross
body. Come on Onslaught get up!

GP: Simon now throwing him in the ring.
Onslaught is back up and ducks a
clotheline. Simon comes off the ropes and hits
Onslaught with a Flying
Forearm smash! Man Onslaught's gotta think of a
way to slow Simon down.
Onslaught is a little slow getting up this
time. Simon runs at him and hits
another dropkick and Onslaught is in the
corner. Simon goes to the opposite
corner and runs at Onslaught. Onslaught is
nailed with a body splash.

JT: Come on Onslaught! Get up! Don't let Simon
beat you! Wait? What the hell!

(The lights go out)

GP: Oh no! Is this when Onslaught is suddenly
winning after the lights come
back on!

(The Lights come on showing Onslaught still
down and Simon in the same place.
Simon shrugs and picks Onslaught up)

GP: What the hell was that all about?

JT: Damn people in the back can't work the
lights. Onslaught now is put in an
Armbar. Onslaught is screaming in pain. He's
not taping though. Simon breaks
the hold. Simon now whipping Onslaught off the
ropes. No Onslaught reverses.
Simon swings at Onslaught but misses and.
is about to hit Prelude to Extinction! Simon is
up! AnD DOWN! The cover

GP: Onslaughts jaw just droped to the ground.
No one has ever kicked out of
that so quickly, at least not in IWO. Onslaught
now going for another one.
Simon is up and NO Simon floats over and hits a
Reverse DDT on Onslaught.
Simon going to the top now. Onslaught is on his
knees! Simon may be going for
the Silencer! No Wait Onslaught pushed the ref
into the ropes and Simon fell!
Onslaught now going for a Super DDT. HE nails
it! The Cover Simon
kicks out! He can feel that US title shot.
Onslaught now throws Simon off the
ropes and hits a Lou Thes press! he is punching
Simon. The ref makes the
count and Onslaught gets off him. Onslaught
picks up Simon and hits a Cradle

JT: I knew Onslaught would come back! Now he's
going to the top. Swanton
bomb! He covers Simon!! Simon
manages to kick out! Onslaught
saying thats it! This just might be it!
Onslaught powerbombs Simon and
COURAGE REQUIRED! Onslaught has it hooked!
Theres no way out for Simon! Simon
is trying to get out! He can't get to the
ropes, and he can't break the hold!
That's it! It's over!

GP: Well Simon isn't tapping or fainting! LOOK!
Simons head and Onslaughts knee are slowly
coming off the gorund! But Simon
puts more pressure on his back the higher he
goes! SIMON IS OUT! He slid his
head out from under the knee while it was
elevated! It's not unbreakable!
Simon has done what no other could so far!

JT: But Simon is hurt. His back is hurt.
Onslaught now getting annoyed. He is
taking the turnbuckle cushen off! The ref is
trying to stop him!

GP: Oh man Onslaught just pushed the ref out of
the ring! He takes off the
cushening! Wait Simon is up! Onslaught turns
around and is hit with a DVD!
Simon is going to the top now! Onslaught is up
and SILENCER! That's it! It's
over right now! Simon covers!

Nikki: That's not fair! Onslaught threw the ref
out of the ring! Simon now
throws Onslaught out of the ring!

GP: Where is Simon going? He is taking
Onslaught to the back! Simon has a
huge jug of Coffee now! He pours it on
Onslaught! Wait what the hell is this?
Midget Even Levine just came over and kicked
Onslaught in the shin! Onslaught
stumbles back and knocks over Vincent! Vincent
gets up and bitch slaps
Onslaught with his penis! HEHEHE!

JT: That isn't funny!

Nikki: Simon seems to think it is!

GP: Now Simon going back to the ring and the
ref is still down. Simon goes
into the ring and goes up top
again. He hits another Silencer! Onslaught now
hurt! Simon saying something.
He is hooking Onslaughts legs! COURAGE
REQUIRED! Simon has Onslaught hooked
in his own submission!


JT: Onslaught is taping out! Simon should have
won this thing! COME ON REF!
Get up and call this thing. Simon lets go and
goes to check on the ref. Wait
a minute what's this? Donnie Daze has come out!
He is going to attack
Onslaught! He is going to Attack Onslaught! No
onslaught look out!

GP: No wait he's going to Simon! HE HIT SIMON
THE BELT! Donnie Slides Simon in. Donnie gets
the ref up. Simon is in.
Onslaught picks him up and is saying that's it!

JT: Ha! Onslaught is about to add another
victim to his long list! And there
it is! Prelude to Extinction! Onslaught is
making the cover now!!
SIMON KICKED OUT! Oh there is no GOD!

GP: Simon can feel the title shot sliping away!
He knows this may be his last

JT: Onslaught isn't going to give him that
chance though! Onslaught is going
to the top! This could be that other move that
he decided to give a stupid
name too! Oh well as long as it might show some

GP: Wait no! Simon is up and racked up
Onslaught! Simon goes to the top now.
And hits a Frankenstiener! Onslaught is down!
Simon goes to the top again!He
is singnaling to the crowd! They are on their
feet! Will Simon do the
impossible and beat Onslaught even after
getting hit with the US title belt!
Simon jumps and SILENCER! The cover! 1...2...3!
Simon wins! It's over! Simon
wins it! Simon rolls out of the ring! The ref
goes and raises his hand. Wait
what is Donnie doing in the ring now? Onslaught
is getting up slowly. He sees
Donnie and tries to run but Donnie grabbed his

JT: Now Donnie picks him up. He is going to hit
another. Wait he tossed him
back down. He is leaving! Donnie has a mic!

Donnie Daze: You know what Onslaught? Your not
even worth it.

GP: Adam Wars has come out now and he's got a

Adam Wars: Well you know Onslaught I have been
waiting for this for a long
time. Your ass is mine now! Normally I wouldn't
hit a man while he's down,
but in your case I will make an acception!

GP: Adam goes to the top rope and the fans seem
to love it! He is singnaling
for it. Final Flight! HE HITS IT! Now Donnie and
Adam shake hands! Look at the crowd, they're in complete shock!
Simon's already in the back, with a US Title shot against Daze on MNM, and
Daze and Wars are outside the ring laughing at Onslaught as the medics
come out here to attend to an injured Onslaught. Fans, we'll be back...

*Jump to Tod in the back*

Schitzo Tod: Rob Kestler and Psycho Jay have been like brothers to me.
In the ring and out, they were always fun to hang around. Jay would
always have just the right thing to say, and Rob knew how to make people
feel happy, even when they are depressed. I guess this is one thing he
can't help me with. When I came into the IWO, Rob Kestler was the first
friend I ever made, then came Jay. I never expected to see them leave.
Now, I don't know why they've been fired, and I don't know why any of
this could happen to two great guys, but it did. IWO used them, abused
them, then left them out to dry. (wiping tears from his face) Jay and
Rob loved to entertain the fans. They loved making people laugh... Most
of the things they wouuld do were just out of love for the fans, and for
the IWO. Now, John Maples knew all of this, I guess he had a sixth
sense. No matter how many times they got into trouble, he would help them
out. When he left, IWO was ina slump, but Rob and Jay just kept on
entertaining. It's amazing how they managed to stick together, even when
trouble brewed. IWO raped them of thier pride... IWO raped everyone in a
way, firing Jay and Rob was the biggest mistake they'd EVER make. And
I'll be damned if they strip us all of our dignity. IWO can rot in hell
for all I care, nothing will be the same without Rob Jay... Without two
of my best friends. IWO has changed... Forever.

***Commercial Break***

(The camera cuts to the men's restroom, in which Kevin Martin and Egon
Ghostbuster walk dressed in drag. They start talking,...)

K-Mart-ette: So, I was like, no way I'm going to do you in a garbage

Egon-ette: Oh yeah, well, I got first place in the science fair!

Zoey's Ghost: (inside a stall, talking loudly because no one would
listen to
him otherwise) Hmmm,...Phelen Kell is champ, he's a face,...I need to
heel. So, this is my perfect chance to get heat before I become IWO
Heavyweight Champion!

(Egon and K-Mart look at each other, trying to suppress laughter, but
to no
avail. Zoey's Ghost then jumps out of the stall.)

Zoey's Ghost: BOOOOO!

(K-Mart and Egon turn around, smiling.)

Zoey's Ghost: Ahhhh, SHI(bleep)!!!

(Zoey's Ghost proceeds to run out of the men's room, but the Wal-Mart
aka Walter Martin, enters the door with a Ghostbuster ray aimed right
Zoey. He pulls the trigger while Zoey's a few feet in front of him,
but the
ray only slows him down. "Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker, Junior starts
to play
in the background.)

Wal-Mart: K-Mart, get your power pack!

K-Mart: Right!!

(K-Mart runs into a stall adjacent to the one in which Zoey was
hiding,....and comes out with a power pack on his back and a ray gun in
hand, firing at Zoey's Ghost, who is now dead still, screaming.)

Ray Parker Junior (in song): I ain't afraid o' no ghosts,...

Egon: The man's a genius!! Knowing of his homosexual activities from
brief tenure in the IWO, K-Mart took a chance and hid a power pack in
men's room!!

Ray Parker Junior (in song): I ain't afraid o' no ghosts,...

K-Mart: (over the noise and music) EGON! STOP TALKING TO YOURSELF

(:Egon the Ghostbuster throws a trap, but it's not your conventional
Ghostbuster trap,'s the treasure chest which once sealed the 13
of Scooby-Doo, opens when it hits the ground near Zoey's
a vacuum begins pulling him in,...)

Zoey's Ghost: (gradually being pulled into the treasure chest, "*"
point where Zoey's Ghost is trapped in the treasure chest)

(Richard Simmons, played by an actor, comes out of the stall Zoey was

Richard Simmons Impersonator: I LET YOU GO, ONCE, ZOEY-KINS, BUT I

(Richard Simmons Impersonator is sucked in treasure chest as well.
picks up the treasure chest and looks at Egon.)

K-Mart: So, you're sure he was one of the ghosts? He wasn't on the TV

Egon: Well, from what the Late Vincent Price told me, they've

(K-Mart and Wal-Mart look at each other, K-Mart with a petrified
frown,......Wal-Mart with the smile that's been on his face for almost
week. Fade back to the arena.)

GP: Welcome back to Hostile Takeover! This is the match everyone has
been waiting for... Psycho Jay's last match in the IWO!

JT: Good riddance, if you ask me.

Nikki: Greg, imagine what would happen if Jay won the title...

GP: I know Nikki, this place will be a zoo... But they're both ready
to go so let's get underway!

*Ding Ding Ding*

GP: They circle each other... and they
lock up.

JT: And Jay throws Spaz to the mat.

(Spaz goes and locks back up with Jay, and Jay
throws him
right back down!)

JT: Face it, Spaz cannot match power with Jay.

GP: Jay and Spaz lock up once more, and Jay
forces Spaz right into
the corner.

Nikki: Now Jay's unloading on Spaz with rights
and lefts!

(Jay sends Spaz into the opposite corner corner,
and charges in! Spaz gets
both feet up and nails him in the face.)

GP: What counter by Spaz. That was nice.

(Spaz comes out of the corner with a dropkick,
which takes Jay down! Jay
gets back up and Spaz knocks him right back

GP: Jay's up on one knee, with Spaz taunting him.

Nikki: Jay now wants a test of strength.

JT: Spaz is unsure about it. I would be too,

(They lock up, and Jay hits a boot to the
midsection. Not Jay whips Spaz into
the ropes. Jay tries a clothesline, no! Spaz
grabs the arm... backslide!)

Nikki: One... two... no!

JT: Jay nearly got pinned!

(Jay grabs Spaz for a scoop slam... Spaz with a
small package!)

GP: One... two... no!

(Jay now gets up ducks a punch and clotheslines
Spaz to the ground.)

GP: Jay just stopped Spaz's momentum there.

(Jay picks up Spaz, hotshot into the ropes!)

JT: Now Jay's got the upper hand.

(Jay sends Spaz into the corner, Spaz rebounds,
right into a belly-to-belly
by Jay!)

GP: Jay goes for the cover... one... two... no!

(Jay picks up Spaz... back breaker. No cover. He
goes up the second rope...
double-axhandle drop! He goes for the cover...)

GP: One... two... no!

(Jay throws Spaz out of the ring. Spaz climbs
back up into the apron and
Spaz with a forearm shot to Jay. Sunset flip
over the top rope.)

Nikki: One... two... no!

(Jay pushes Spaz down to the ground, he goes off
the ropes and delivers a leg
drop on Spaz.)

JT: For the cover! One... two... no!

(Jay picks up Spaz, side suplex! He starts going
to the turnbuckle.)

JT: Jay's going up top!

Nikki: Oh, this is a dumbassed thing to do. Jay
has had the advantage
on the mat, why go up?

JT: Jay leaps... fistdrop by Jay! He hit it!

GP: Jay for the cover... one... two... no!

JT: How the hell did Spaz kick out from that?

Nikki: He wants to keep that NA Title!

(Now Jay picks up Spaz and sends him off the
ropes... Spaz ducks the
clothesline... tries a cross-body .... Jay
catches Spaz in midair! Fallaway
slam by Jay! Jay rolls into the cover!

GP: One...two... no! And again, Spaz kicks out
of a high-impact move!

JT: Jay's getting frustrated a bit I'd say.

(Jay grabs Spaz, butterfly suplex! Now he picks
Spaz back up... scoop slam!)

Nikki: Jay's pointing to the corner. Why?

JT: He going back up top!
(Jay climbs the top turnbuckle and flies for a
big splash, but Spaz gets his
knees up.)

GP: What a counter by Spaz! He is hurt!

JT: But so is Spaz! He's taken a lot of
punishment in this match already!

GP: Spaz gets to his feet, so does Jay! Jay with
a right hand...

(Spaz gets a left in! And a right! And a left!
And a right! He sends Jay into
the ropes, back body drop! Jay gets up and gets
met with a jumping calf

Nikki: Spaz with the cover! One... two... no! Jay
gets up!

(Spaz and Jay get back up. Jay with a thumb to
the eye. He sends Spaz off the
ropes, reversal by Spaz... Lou Thesz press by
Spaz. Jay gets to his feet...
Spaz meets him with a superkick!

GP: Spaz goes for the cover... one... two... no!

Nikki: Spaz is getting frustrated, now. He goes
up top!

GP: Spaz is waiting for Jay to get up! He leaps
for a top rope diving
hurracanrana, and connects! He even goes for the
cover! One... two...
no! Jay gets the left shoulder up!

JT: Spaz is complaining about a slow count, Jay
rolls him up! One...
two... no!

GP: Spaz rolls to his feet but Jay hits a

(Jay whips Spaz into the ropes, spinebuster!)

Nikki: What a move by Jay!

GP: Now Jay is saying that's it!

(Jay kicks Spaz in the stomach and hits a big

GP: POWERBOMB! Cover, ONE!!!!!! TWO!!!!!!!!!
THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAY WON THE NA TITLE!!!!!!!!!!


GP: Wait a sec, Jay's got a mic...

Jay: Guys, it's been great, thanks for everything. Winning the NA
Title here in my last match... It really means a lot. Oh, and Spaz...

(Spaz stops and turns around.)

Jay: I won't be needing this.

(Jay tosses the NA Title to a bewildered Spaz.)

Jay: Thank you, and good-bye!

GP: And they get louder!!! I didn't think it was possible!!!

Nikki: What sportsmanship shown here by Jay!! He will truly be

*Jump to Phelen Kell in the back*

Phelen: I remember I first met Psycho Jay in the AWF...I was there
watching my brother Vlad and my friend Ashton wrestle for the federation
and I saw Jay give an interview...the first thing I thought was "what an
asshole"...but then I realized...thats the genious in his work...and
the IWO is going to be very different without him here....he'll be
missed. And Rob Kestler....theres a great talent who I've faced on a few
occasions...not only is the guy a great friend and one of the funniest guys
out there...even when he's making fun of me...but he's a superb
athelete. Rob....Jay....the IWO is going to miss you...and so am I.

***Commercial Break***

GP: Welcome back!!! The Main Event is up next!

Nikki: I wonder who's going to be Schitzo Tod's

GP: I don't know, but either way this match is
going to be great. Brian
Blade turned AWS Man (also known as Bill) into a
heel on Meltdown, and now he
and Schitzo are gonna get it on! This is gonna
be a great match.

("AWS's Music" starts to play as AWS Man (also
known as Bill) and Brian Blade
walk down to the ring.)

GP: Those two look ready for a fight.

JT: Yeah, I'd put my money on them.

("Family Reunion" by Blink 182 starts to play and
the crowd goes nuts.
Schitzo Tod walks down to the ring and stares
down AWS Man (also known as

GP: Where's his partner?

JT: He's gonna get killed without a partner.
Hmmm, that means BLOOD! WHOO

Nikki: You're sick JT.

JT: You're a whore.


JT: Owwwie!

(AWS Man (also known as Bill) pushes Schitzo Tod
who stumbles backwards.
Blade and AWS Man (also known as Bill start to
pound and kick at Tod.)

JT: Schtizo Tod is getting beaten!

(All of a sudden Syphon Fission jumps from out of
the stands and rolls into
the ring.)


(Fission drop kicks Blade over the top rope. AWS
Man (also known as Bill)
charges him and Fission ducks a clothesline and
delivers a vicious superkick
to AWS Man (also known as Bill.))

Nikki: What a superkick! Syphon has evened the
fighting field! The ref is
trying to get order and start a regular tag team

GP: Schitzo Tod and AWS Man (also known as Bill)
are going to start it off

(AWS Man (also known as Bill) and Tod lock up.
AWS Man rolls around and puts
Tod in a hammerlock. Tod elbows AWS Man in the
mouth and he releases the
hold. Tod goes off the ropes and delivers a
thunderous clothesline.)

GP: That almost took AWS Man's head off! That
was amazing!

JT: You forgot to say also known as Bill!

Nikki: Oh shut up.

JT: Bite me.


JT: Damn it!

(Tod picks AWS Man (also known as Bill) to his
turnbuckle and tags in Syphon
Fission. They send him to the ropes double back
body drop.)

JT: Whoa! AWS Man (also known as Bill) knows how
it is to fly now. Boy he
was at least 12 feet off the ground!

GP: Syphon and Tod have gotten the early rhythm
here in this match. Syphon
stomps on AWS Man (also known as Bill) a couple
of times.

(Fission picks AWS Man (also known as Bill) kick
to the gut, DDT! Cover.)

GP: Here's a cover from Fission, one ... two ...
kickout by AWS Man (also
known as Bill.) Fission is starting to argue
with the ref about a slow call.

(AWS Man (also known as Bill) starts slowly
inching toward Blade.)

Nikki: He's gonna get a tag if Fission doesn't
stop arguing.

JT: Come on AWS Man (also known as Bill)! Get to

(AWS Man reaches for a Blade tag but Blade just
falls of the ring apron. AWS
Man (also known as Bill) is bewildered.)

GP: Schitzo Tod! He pulled Blade off the apron
to prevent the tag! The two
are brawling it out now, rights and lefts are
being thrown!

JT: Here comes the ref to try to sort this out.
Fission meanwhile has gotten
a chair from under the ring.

GP: The ref is outside tending to Tod and Blade!
AWS Man (also known as
Bill) gets up ....


GP: Oh man! AWS Man (also known as Bill) just
got nailed with that chair!
Fission throws the chair out of the ring. Tod
and Blade are finally back in
their respective corners.

(Fission drops an elbow on AWS Man (also known as
Bill) and makes a cover.)

GP: Nonchalant cover, one ... two ... thr.... NO!
Blade makes the save!

(Fission and Blade exchange a few word while the
ref gets in between them.
AWS Man (also known as Bill) from the ground
punches Fission right in the

down in pain. AWS Man (also
known as Bill) lunges and makes the tag to Blade!

(Blade runs into the ring and clothesline
Fission. Blade picks Fission up,
belly to belly suplex.)

GP: Blade comes in and the momentum shifts over
to Blade and AWS Man (also
known as Bill)!!!

JT: Yeah, damn straight! Come on Blade!

(Blade takes a swing at Fission ... Fission
ducks! Kick to the mid section,
snap suplex! Fission now goes over to Tod and
makes the tag!)

GP: Schtizo Tod is back in!

(Tod hops onto the top rope and delivers a
missile drop kick to Blade.)

JT: Oh man that had to hurt!

(Tod now starts punching away at Blade. Tod
picks him up, northern lights
suplex with a bridge.)

GP: Cover!

Nikki: One ... two ... three no! Kickout by

(Tod now is getting the crowd back into it, he
goes over to AWS Man (also
known as Bill) and knocks him off the apron.)

GP: Schitzo Tod is dominating! He tags Fission
back in ... double
clothesline on Brian Blade! Fission now picks
Blade up, kick, powerbomb!
Cover, one ... two ... saved by AWS Man (also
known as Bill)!

(Schitzo Tod gets back into the ring and delivers
a forearm shot to AWS Man
(also known as Bill.))

Nikki: All four men are in the ring, this is
utter chaos now!

(Schitzo Tod is pummeling AWS Man (also known as
Bill) with his fists. Blade
was able to knock Fission out of the ring. Blade
comes from behind Tod,
release German suplex!)

JT: What a suplex! Yeah come on, let's destroy
Tod now!

(AWS Man (also known as Bill) and Brian Blade
start stomping away at the
fallen Schitzo Tod. Fission rolls back into the
ring with the time bell and
the ref sees him and stops him. Blade now pulls
out a steel pipe and start
nailing Schitzo Tod with it while the ref is
distracted by Fission!)

GP: Oh man! Schitzo Tod was beaten pretty badly
by that pipe. Blade throws
the pipe out of the ring and the ref restores
order. AWS Man (also known as
Bill) is in there with a badly beaten Schitzo

(AWS Man (also known as Bill) sends Tod to the
ropes, back body drop is
telegraphed and Tod performs a sunset flip.)

GP: Last ditch effort for Tod, one ... two ...
kickout by AWS Man (also known
as Bill).

Nikki: Tod and Fission have held the upper hand
throughout most of this

JT: Don't worry, AWS Man (also known as Bill) and
Blade will come back. You
just watch.

(Tod and AWS Man (also known as Bill) get up.
AWS Man (also known as Bill)
knees Tod in the stomach. Powerbomb is reversed
to a hurricarana! Both men
are down and out!)

Nikki: Nice counter by Tod! Both men get
themselves back up and Tod nails
AWS Man right into his corner!

JT: What an idiot! Blade gets into the ring and
starts pounding on Schitzo
Tod! AWS Man (also known as Bill) is distracting
the ref! Wait, Fission
tosses Tod the pipe that Blade beat him up with

(Tod looks at Fission and....)


GP: Schitzo Tod just nailed Syphon Fission! Tod
ducks a punch!


GP: Down goes Blade! Tod now comes over and
nails AWS MAN (also known as Bill)!

(Tod drops the pipe and starts walking to the backstage area.)

Nikki: The ref is counting Tod out!

AROUND HERE???!?!?!?!?!?!

*Fade once again into the backstage area. Phelen Kell is seen coming
from his short interview, and going back to his locker room. Flipping
the light switch on, he inspects it, making sure nothing seems
suspiciously out of order. Upon moving further into the locker room, he notices
a doll, with a rope around it's neck, and it's hanging from the rope
being attached to a cross, and also on it is a piece of paper. Kell opens
it up and reads it, after several moments... he quickly grabs his
things and heads out of the locker room, dropping the paper. On it, written
in blood is the phrase, "Do you know where your children are?"...*

*Fade to back*