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[The scene opens with highlights from Monday Night Meltdown.]

**Fade into Highlights**

"Divine" by Korn.....yes, "Divine", not "Devin"...."DIVINE" by Korn blasts as Psycho Jay steps onto the antrance way with his hands handcuffed behind his back already. He makes his way down to the ring and rolls under the ropes.)

GP: Psycho Jay does not look happy about this situation at all.

JT: Well would you? Jay issued the challenge to take on BOTH Daze and Sanders in a handicapped match.....then Commish Ford made it even more handicapped by forcing Jay to wear those cuffs.

Nikki: Well not that Jay should be punished for it, but Ford did tell him to stay away from Evan Levine.

JT: But Jay was just doing one of his favorite activities, beating up Evan and humping his head.

GP: Well I don't know if there will be any head humping tonight JT, Jay has to hold someone's head still with his hands while humping and his hands are stuck behind his back. Now it looks like we're about to get
started.....Daze and Sanders are circling Jay, who's backed himself into the corner.

JT: Now that's smart cause if Jay can see both of them then he's got a better chance to defend himself.

Nikki: Daze starts to run at Jay, who immediately lifts his leg up....

GP: Daze put on the brakes just in time. Now wait......he's asking for a mic.

Donnie Daze: Hold on a minute. We all know that this match is never gonna end if Jay's handcuffed and backed into the corner. So Wesley, you've got the key.....unlock the cuffs and make this thing a little more

JT: Those MORONS! The only chance they had of beating Jay was with him cuffed!

GP: I don't know about that, but you would think two guys like that would take every opportunity they could get their hands on.

Nikki: Well, Sanders is reluctantly doing it.

GP: He unlocks the cuffs and Jay is free! Jay's shaking his arms to get the feeling back and looks steamed!

JT: Daze and Sanders are done!

Nikki: They better move fast befire Jay regains the feeling in his hands.

GP: Wait.....Jay points behind Daze and Sanders......Vincent has just entered the ring with a referee's shirt on! He smacks the IWO ref in the back of the head with his massive dong!

JT: What the hell?!

GP: Now Daze and Sanders turn back to Jay who runs at them with a double clothesline.....but stops?

Nikki: He stopped?

JT: Why did you stop? KILL THEM!

GP: Jay's extending his hand to Daze and Sanders.......THEY SHAKE HANDS?!?!?!

JT: What the fuck!

Nikki: Jay's shaking hands with Daze and Sanders?

GP: I cannot believe this, after all the things Jay said about Daze and Sanders in the past few weeks!

JT: Why would he want to align himself with those two LOSERS?

GP: Jay has a mic.

Psycho Jay: Fooled ya! Hahahaha!

[scene changes to COP standing in the ring alltogeather as the fans go nuts]


[scene dies out]

[The scene reopens with a hart beating...then a flash of the IWO banner....
There is another hart beating and it starts to get faster as the IWO banner
Flashes again and again. Then all of a sudden there is a strike of lighting and the
IWO banner shows up on fire. The IWO Symbol then melts into the MNM banner and fades into the dark as the scene then cuts into the The Hussler Dome and a sold out crowed of over 30,000 people on there feet. The camera view then changes to the ramp as Pyro and fireworks start to go off!!! The camera then starts to go over the fans with signs in there hands. One reads. 'Hump me once...shame on me. Hump me twice shame on you!" another one reads. 'Evan is my Game' Next to that there is a sign that says. 'IM BIGGER THEN TITAN' the cameras then cut to Max Riot, Jason Storm, and Ashley Keller.]


JS: YAY.....IM so happy!

AK: We know you are!

MR Fans we have one hell of a show for you tonight.....Psycho Jay will defend his world title belt in a one on one match with the man he turned it back on....Wes Sanders!!!

JS: How the hell did Sanders get this match...I mean come on man! He sucks!!!

AK: What the champ wants the champ gets!

JS: So if I was the champ and I wanted to kill someone I could?

AK: Shut up!!

MR: Also on tonight’s show we have maybe one of the biggest of nowhere matches....Chris Davidson gets his shot at NA gold!!!

JS: That’s just what we need....2 COP's with gold!

AK: I think it will be good for the IWO to have face champs!

JS: Oh brother!!!

MR: Plus much much more on MNM!!!

[All of a sudden "I am your Boogie Man" by White Zombie plays as the fans give major heat!!]

MR: This isn’t on the line up!!


[The fans start and asshole chant as Discord walks out and points to the entrance as The Real Heel Evan Levine makes his way out to the ring!!!]

AK: I wonder if he’s going to make that big announcement that he has been promising all week!

JS: Evan is a man of his word.....when he says he will shock the world HE MEANS IT!!!!

[Evan gets into the ring as trash is tossed in there by the fans....Evan gives off a big smile as he takes the mic out of the hands of Meygon]

Evan: Most of you people....right now are IM willing to bet waiting to hear me break under the pressure of another stable....but to my delight...THATS JUST NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!

[Fans boo]

Evan: You see...the truth of the matter is I could give a damn about what Psycho Jay does.... or even tries to do....Why you ask? Well....ill tell you why! Because everything Jay has done as ended in failure!! This small little stable of degenerates has nothing on CP....unlike them...we are the hart and soul of this decrepit federation!!!

[Fans boo]

Evan: And to prove my point, I have show not only the boys in the back....BUT THE WHOLE WORLD!!!! That no matter how hard Jay matter how much he works at it...THAT BELT WILL COME BACK TO ME!!! I mean US!!!!!

[ Fans start an asshole chant]

Evan: Now......before I get back to my point....IM going to address something! And that Something being.....Nick.....IM a hairy ass... Fat woman loven....fake god worshiping Kostos

[People give major heat]

Evan: Nick....I don’t know if you have noticed at all or not.....BUT NO ONE GIVES A DAMN WHAT YOUR THE FORMER PREZ OF!!!! But what they do care about is my response to your dumb.... and harrable comments to me!!! You want me at Fear the Darkness? You want to face the IWO LEGEND!!!!! You want to step in the ring with a man that hasn’t been defeated since the days of Dane Wilt? You want it.....YOU GOT IT!!!



Evan: You see Nick.... IT doesn’t matter that I haven’t bin in the ring in over 2 doesn’t matter that LiGiL is going to beat you tonight.....what matters is...At Fear The Darkness.....YOUR ASS IS MINE!!!!

[Fans Boo]

[All of a sudden "Divine" by KoRn plays as the fans go nuts!!! They all get to there feet as the IWO world champ Psycho Jay walks out alone!!! He makes his way to the ring]


JS: Watch your head Evan!!!

AK: I hope Evan has protection!

Psycho Jay: Hey poop head!!! You know...its nice that you want to talk about your love for Nick....but before you started to go on....and on....and on....and on....and on...about said that you were going to show the whole world that CP is better then COP!!! So.....IM going to ask you this once...Dude....WHATS THE DEAL!

[Fans laugh]

Evan: I'll tell you what the deal is....The Deal is next week in this very ring!! YOU....ME....YOUR STABLE....MY STABLE!!! IN A STABLE WAR!!!



Psycho Jay: You want a stable war....YOU GOT IT!!! But theres just one thing.....what the hell is that on your shirt!

Evan: Huh (Evan looks down) IM not wearing a sh............

[Jay nails Evan in the stomic as the fans go nuts!!! Jay looks out to the fans has he looks to hump the head of Evan Levine one more time!!! As Evan grabs Evan and the fans are going nuts.....Tony Davis comes out from under the ring and gets in right behind Psycho Jay and nails him with a Hammer over the head....Jay falls hard as Evan falls back!!! Tony laughs as he picks Jay up and............The Equalizer!!!!!]

MR: MY GOD!!! Tony Davis is taking apart the world champ!!!

[Tony Picks up Jay as Evan gets to his feet...he looks around and..]

JS AAAAAHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Evan Levine is humping the head of Psychp Jay!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I hope Jay has protection!!!! HAHAHAHA

[The fans boo as Evan stops and pushes Jay to the ground!]

MR: Fans...Tony Davis and Evan Levine have taken the world champ down!!!

AK: Why isn’t COP coming out to help him?

[The scene cuts to the back were we see CP and COP fighting it out!!!!]

JS: That’s why!!! Evan had the rest of CP wait for COP!!! IT WAS A TRAP!!!!

[The fans start to toss trash in the ring as Evan grabs the mic one last time]

Evan: See Jay....this is why I am better then you!!! This is why I..i mean CP will have that world title soon....Because your simply put...DUMB!!!

[All of a sudden "Sober" By Tool starts to play as the fans go nuts!!! Then from out of the crowed comes Phelen Kell!!! He jumps in the ring and is met by Tony Davis!!! Kell right away takes Davis out with a left a right and a DDT!!!! Kell looks over to Evan and points at him!!]


[Kell walks over to Evan and grabs him by the neck as the fans are going nuts...Then all of a sudden a Bear man jumps the railing and gets into the ring!]

JS: Someone order a bear?

MR: That’s one dark looking Bear man.....why is he dressed all in.....THATS AL COHOLIC!!!!!

[Al drops the container and takes a bear bottle out and taps Phelen Kell!! Kell turns around AL BREAKS IT OVER HIS HEAD KNOCKING HIM OUT!!!!]


[Evan stand back up and tells Al to put him in the Bitter Bear Face!!!!]



[All of a sudden from the back come the refs to get AL off of Kell]


AK: It’s only starting!!!


[cuts to a FTD promo]

[The show comes back on the air with a shot of Donnie Daze and Wes Sanders talking in the back]

Daze: Man…..after what Jay did to us on Friday…I wish we didn’t have to show up here tonight!

Sanders: Man don’t worry….I got Jay tonight in the ring…..What could go wrong….I loses?

[Both of them break out laughing]

Daze: Well…….yea!

[Sanders stops laughing and looks at Daze as the scene cuts back to the announcers]

JS: Our first match of the evening, we have a match
that features God vs Tod! Haha! That rhymes Max!

MR: Whatever the case may be, we have two of the lower
card rookies here in the IWO going at it. My pick for
tonight however, is going to be God.

JS: Why god!?

MR: Well, because he is the creator of our universe
and probably will use his mythical powers to win this
match and gain his first ever IWO title.

JS: ......

AK: .......

MR: Well, let's go to the ring for this opening bout
here on Monday Night Meltdown!

Meygon: Coming to the ring first, he is one half of
the tag team champions, and the current IWO television
champion, he is a member of the Children of the Porn,
here is Schitzo Tod!!

["The theme from Ranma 1/2" plays over the speakers as
Tod comes out carrying pen, who has his TV belt, and
Tod has his world tag team belt.]

Meygon: His opponent, the creator and master of the
Universe... GOD!!

[God comes to the ring like only God can, and he gets
in. He stares at Schitzo Tod and the bell rings to
start off the match.]


AK: Schitzo Tod is setting pen and both his belts
down, and from behind comes God with a thunderous kick
to the back of Tod!

JS: Well Tod seems to be on a winning streak as of
late, or else he wouldn't be a double double champion!

MR: Well Jason, you can sit there and talk about how
good Tod is, but the fact is, that will not save him
from God, the man who created this universe.

AK: God is hammering Tod with lefts and rights, and
the ref is trying to break it up, but I don't think
this is going to help the ref by getting in the way of
both of these men!

JS: God stops and he allows Tod to get up, but Tod is
quickly taken down by a HUGE monstrous clothesline
from God! You want to know something that surprises me?

MR: What's that Jason?

JS: This is a Schitzo Tod Match, and normally a lot of
weird things happen during one of these matches,
things that the IWO does regret for allowing Tod into
the promotion, and NOTHING has happened yet.

AK: Well the referee hasn't been knocked out yet,
normally those things happen when the referee is
knocked out cold, that way no one gets DQ'ed.

MR: Well God has Tod and tosses Tod into the corner,
but the ref was in there! Tod's elbow hit the ref, and
for the love of god, we better hit the ground, because
crazy shit galore is going to happen!!

[All of a sudden, "Stayin' Alive" as played by Ozzy
Osbourne blares over the speakers as Rob Kestler and
Cassie walk to ringside and sit next to the announcers
and put on headsets.]


[Schitzo Tod hears this in the ring, so he turns and
moos back, as Thomas Welsk comes out and tries to
seduce God, who seems to be sort of falling for it,
but back to Tod and Rob.]




Both: MOOOO!!!

Cassie: Derp

[Out of nowhere, Arnold the Pig comes out of nowhere
and attacks Thomas Welsk, and drags him away, as God
turns to Schitzo Tod, who is still mooing at Rob. The
lights in the arena dim, as a Horrid scream starts off
the song, "In Vein" by The Haunted. The crowd doesn't
know what to think, as a man totally clad in black
runs in and begins to beat on God, the referee sees
this, and calls for the bell. The man grabs God and
puts him on the top rope and grabs him by his throat,
and chokeslams him through the ring, but the ring
technitians patch up the ring and leave God under it.
Tod turns around to be attacked by the man as well,
who grabs the TV belt and smashes it over Tod's head.
He has Tod in a tombstone position, and he backs up to
a corner and carefully gets to the second rope, with
Tod still in the position. The man then jumps and
drops Tod on his neck with a second rope tombstone.
Tod is out and Cassie is yelling "That's not Silly!".]

Cassie: That's not Silly!

[See? Anyways, the man steps out of the ring and onto
the apron, and looks at Rob Kestler. He points at Rob
and dives off the apron and begins leveling Rob with
punches, which Eventually bust the Porn master open.
Cassie tries to claw the man's back, but he quits
beating on Rob and grabs her, he gets on the
announcers table and delivers a Sitdown Rock Bottom,
also known as the Fate of the Damned! Through the
table too! The lights go out for near to a minute, and
then come back on to see in the ring, Mike Extreme
standing over the fallen bodies of Schitzo Tod, Rob
Kestler, and Cassie. He begins to taunt them, as the
Children of the Porn run out and chase him out of the
ring, as he grins sadistically, and leaves through the
crowd. The children of the porn carry the men out as
Meygon announces the referee's decision.]

Meygon: The winner of this match via
Disqualification... GOD!!

[After five minutes of nothing happening, the
announcers table is fixed and Rob Kestler and Schitzo
Tod maraciously come back out and announce something.]

Rob Kestler: When people make attacks, it's not silly.
It's just a meanie-poo thing to do. Now, we at CotP
hate that so much!

Schitzo Tod: Yeah, its' not fun. It's dumb! That's why
we are proud to present to the IWO fans... The Krazy
Kow Klan!

Rob Kestler: Now, Tod and I don't wat to see you get
hurt, so if you need protection form rapes, murders,
parrot-napping, or anything, you can give us a call!

Schitzo Tod: Yes, CotP hate to see you get hurt, call
the KKK right now!

Rob Kestler: :-)

Schitzo Tod: :-)

[We fade to a commercial.]

MR : Up next, folks, we have a pretty, um, interesting match. A bathroom
brawl pitting one half of our world tag champions Team Tampax, AWS Man (also
known as Bill), vs. one half of our I/C tag champions the Winds of Change,
Joey Malone.

JS : Bathroom brawl!

MR : The only way to win this match is to give your opponent a swirly … ew.

JS : Bathroom brawl!

AK : Are you on medication?

JS : Supposed to be. (Giggles)

MR : Well, let’s get to the ring … er, bathroom for the introductions.

Meygon : First, hailing from Freakville, NC, standing at 6'1' and weighing
in at 234 lbs … he is one half of the IWO world tag team champions, and is
also the IWO Pacific champion … accompanied by Pen … the Insane One, AWS Man
(also known as Bill)!

(‘3.14’ by the Bloodhound Gang plays as the Tit-tron shows AWS Man (also
known as Bill) walking into the bathroom, carrying Pen. He sets his little
manager down in the corner and starts talking to it while waiting for

Meygon : Next, from the very hot and … hot city of Phoenix, Arizona, he’s
6’4” and 258 lbs … one half of the I/C tag champions … “The Crowned Prince
Of Mayhem,” Joooooey Maloooooooone!

(Joey Malone walks into the bathroom alone, as we hear ‘Smartbomb’ by BT. He
looks prepared for his match … or something, I’m new at this. The ref
flushes a toilet to mark the beginning of the match.)

AK : The two men are now circling each other in the tiny open area of the
bathroom … Ooh, sudden clothesline by AWS Man (also known as Bill)! That
caught Malone completely by surprise!

JS : Man, both of these guys are dumbasses. The fact that the sun rises in
the morning probably catches them by surprise!

MR : Be that as it may, they are both accomplished wrestlers here in the
IWO. Well, by now Malone is up from the clothesline, since it really
startled him more than anything else. The two go back to circling. AWS Man
(also known as Bill) tries for the clothesline again and, OH! Malone just
leapfrogged it, sending the Insane One crashing into a stall door!

JS : On the plus side for him, he’s wearing a paintball mask, so that
probably didn’t hurt his face as much as it would a normal wrestler.

AK : Good. I kinda like him. His manager’s a cutie.

JS : The spatula?

AK : No, the Nude!

JS : Oh … I hear he’s gay.

AK : Oh, Team Tampax just teases him by calling him that. He doesn’t mean

MR : You know, there is a match going on.

JS : Really?

MR : Yes. While you two have been talking, Malone has beating AWS Man (also
known as Bill) like a red-headed stepchild who just ran over the neighbor’s
cat and knocked down the mailbox!

AK : Huh?

MR : Um, I mean, Malone is really laying the punches into him. And now he
throws AWS Man (also known as Bill) out of the bathroom door. They’re
fighting down the lobby area!

JS : Well, they’ll have to make it back into that bathroom at some point in
order to finish the match.

AK : Or they can just go to a different bathroom.

JS : Shut up, bitch.


AK : Did you not see that coming?

MR : Back to the match. Malone whips AWS Man (also known as Bill) towards a
hot dog stand, but the Insane One reverses it. Hot dogs go flying
everywhere! Joey may have burnt his back on the hot surface of the cooker.

JS : You know, I hear that AWS Man (also known as Bill) gets really mad if
you don’t call him by his full name.

MR : Yeah, he tried to beat Silverchair with frozen cheese once because
Silverchair just called him AWS Man.

JS : Well, I don’t think he’ll be able to do anything to me if I don’t say
the whole thing. He won’t even know!

AK : I wouldn’t do that if I were you…

JS : And I wouldn’t have given head to Danny DeVito if I were you. Well, AWS
Man is now banging Malone’s head repeatedly into the cement floor … HA!
Nothing bad happened to m-

(JS is suddenly layed out from behind by a chair shot from AWS Man (also
known as Bill)’s tag team partner, Schitzo Tod. Tod waves to the camera and
runs off.)

MR : …Well, that was interesting. AWS Man (also known as Bill) is now
dragging Malone towards a flight of stairs. I think he's gonna throw him
down that flight.

AK : Perceptive, Max. And these guys are allegedly friends outside of the
ring. Ooh, Malone just dropped to his knees and delivered a painful-looking
low blow to AWS Man (also known as Bill)! He’s gonna feel that in the

MR : Well, this guy’s so slow it’ll probably be more like next week.

AK : Max, you’re not normally so sarcastic.

MR : Well, somebody has to be with JS knocked out. And now Malone sends his
friend hurtling head over heels down the steps. Ouch!

AK : Malone now backs off about ten feet. What is he doing?

MR : Wait, AWS Man (also known as Bill) is starting to stand. And now Malone
is taking a running start. He can’t be doing what I think he’s - MY GOD!

AK : AWS Man (also known as Bill) didn’t even know what hit him!

MR : Now with the Insane One successfully knocked out, Malone is dragging
him back up those stairs, which apparently didn’t lead anywhere. He’s
looking around for something … and now he seems to have found it, as he’s
heading towards a nearby bathroom.

AK : I guess he wants to hurry up and finish this while his opponent’s still
knocked dizzy. Wait a sec, they’re heading into a women’s bathroom!

MR : Well, it never said what type of bathroom it had to be!

AK : True, I guess. They’re doesn’t seem to be anybody in there. Tod flings
open the nearest stall and … WHAT THE HELL IS IN THAT TOILET!

knew who that was.

John : Whoa, dude, like man, Jesus and I were in the bag, getting high off
the Holy Grail, and Jesus was like, “Hey, let’s drop your head into a toilet
in the women’s bathroom! It will be cool and stuff!” And I was like, “Yeah,
man!” But then Scott Stone’s girlfriend came in, and she looked like a man
and stuff, and Jesus got scared and ran off. So, like, can you get me out of

MR : Joey is slowly backing away and closing the stall door. He starts to
turn around and - MAN! A KNOCK YOUR FREAKIN’ HEAD OFF (Thrust Kick) BY THE

AK : That is why I’m glad I’m not a wrestler.

MR : Well, you’re also a woman.

AK : What, you think women can’t wrestle, you sexist pig? What about Chyna?

MR : Quiet, woman, you know we’re not allowed to mention other federations!

AK : But Evan Levine copies the WWF all the-

MR : SHHHHHH! So, anyway, AWS Man (also known as Bill) now picks Joey Malone
off of the bathroom floor. He opens up another stall door and tries to stick
Malone’s head into the toilet. At the last second, though, Malone shoots out
his hands and blocks it. The two struggle back and forth for several seconds
before Malone delivers a vicious mule kick, sending AWS Man (also known as
Bill) stumbling backwards out of the stall.

AK : Malone now grabs the Insane One and just chucks him right into one of
the bathroom mirrors! There’s shattered glass all over the place!

MR : Well, I believe that’ll just about do it for AWS Man (also known as
Bill). And apparently, so does Malone. He positions the two right in front
of the stall and hooks both of AWS Man (also known as Bill)’s arms. This
could be the New Arizona Heatwave (Tiger suplex into spinning sitdown

AK : He lifts him up, but AWS Man (also known as Bill) falls down on the
other side! He didn’t land on his feet though, and is now struggling to get
up. Malone looks frustrated as he turns around and - WHOA! Out of nowhere,
AWS Man (also known as Bill) just scooped Malone up over his shoulder. He
now staggers over towards the toilet.

MR : Oh, he’s struggling keeping him up there. Malone is slightly bigger
than the Insane One. But AWS Man (also known as Bill) nevertheless gets him
in position and delivers the Drop You On Your Freakin’ Face right into the
toilet bowl!

AK : And he flushes it, effectively giving Malone a swirly!


MR : And now the bell rings to symbolize the end of a hard-fought matchup.
Which is kinda weird, considering that the match started with the flush of a
toilet. Oh well, whatever, as if anything in that match made sense.

Meygon: Here is your winner!!!! AWS MAN!!!!

AK: Yea….anyone else need to go to the bathroom?

JS: With you….NO!!!

MR: Fans will be right back

[cuts to a break]

[The show comes back on the air was a car pulling into the building. As it is about to pull into a parking space it sees that someone has taken it pissed out of his mind the driver parks outside]

MR: And welcome back! Our next match is gonna be a great match! It's between Donnie Daze and Andrew!!

JS: And we all know since Donnie Daze's arrival here in the IWO, Andrew has mocked him constantly!

AK: And tonight Daze seeks revenge! Let's go to the ring!!

("Dumpweed" by Blink 182 begins to play)

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring first from Port St. Lucie, Florida! Weighin in at 225 lbs. and stands at 6'3" tall. He is a former IML World Champion!! DONNIE DAZE!!

("Hate Me Now" by Nas begins to play..)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent from Jackson, Mississippi, weight in at 215 lbs. and stands at 6' even! He is ANDREW!!

*Ding, Ding, Ding!!*

MR: And we are underway!! As soon as Andrew hits the ring Daze comes flying at him and starts pounding away on Andrew! Daze grabs him and tosses him against the ropes, and a flip! Andrew gets up and Daze with a BIG right hand and Andrew backs up, Daze bounces off the ropes and leaps but Andrew catches him and a power slam!!

AK: OOOH! Andrew stands up and starts kicking away at Donnie Daze!!

JS: And Daze get's out of the ring!!

AK: Booo what a chicken! Daze walking around the outside taking a break..he makes his way back up the stairs and get's in..Andrew waits for him and charges! Andrew starts punching away at Donnie Daze! This is turning into a brawl!!

JS: Daze stands up and delivers a right hand!


JS: Look at Daze throw those punches, Andrew though regains composure and delivers a left hook! Daze is bleeding!! Daze see's the blood..SPEARS ANDREW! THESE TWO REALLY HATE EACH OTHER!!

MR: The fans here are going crazy!! But come the officials!! They are breaking the fight up! The fans are starting to boo!!



JS: What is this!! Daze is just pounding away!! There's the ref!! He was all in the mix!! 1....2....3!!

MR: WHAT!??!

AK: What just happened?!?!

JS: The ref is signalling for the ball!! DONNIE DAZE JUST WON!!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner..DONNIE DAZE!!


[Cuts to a break]

(The show comes back with a shot of Donnie Daze walking backstage. The locker room seems to be empty... he opens the door to the main locker room, and heads down to his locker, where his street clothes are. He opens it and reaches in, when he notices someone beside him...)

Daze: What?

(It's Mike Extreme! Extreme grabs Daze by the throat and slams his head into the locker. And does it again. And again. Daze collapses on the floor of the locker room, the white linoleum now right against his cheek. Extreme grabs him and drags Daze's lifeless body from the locker room... and into the parking lot. The cameraman follows, and we watch as Extreme picks up Daze and deposits him in the dumpster, before getting into a truck, a decadent black one, and driving off with the dumpster dragging behind like a trailer would...)

** Commercial Break **

MR: Well fans, this next match is between two men who over the past couple
of days have grown to hate each other. It's going to be Former IML Prez Nick
Kostos facing the former IML North American Champion, LiGiL. Now in these
past couple of days, Nick has made some vulgar promos about LiGiL insulting
him and his ability to wrestle.

JS: Serves the damn man right. Nick is the best damn Prez the IML ever had,
as opposed to the crappy Prez Russ they have down there now. What has the
IWO come to when they hire guys like him?

AK: Oh c'mon, Russ is a good Prez and he's doing a good job down in the IML.
And anyway, Nick shouldn't be such an assh*le because he may be in for it
tonight when LiGiL finally gets a chance to face him.

MR: Well, Nick has shown as of late he can really compete in the IWO and may
just do it again tonight, then again, LiGiL is a former US and NA champion,
he is very experienced in this sport and could end the winning streak
tonight. Fans, let's go to the ring with this one-on-one matchup!

*Ding Ding Ding*

Meygon: Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is a special grudge match with
a 10 minute time limit and is set for one fall. Coming to the ring first....

(An IML theme music plays as Former IML President Nick Kostos walks out from
the back. He raises his fists in the air as some pyro goes off behind him.
The fans boo him all the way to the ring as he flips off a few people.)

Meygon: He is the former President of the Internet Wrestling Organization
Minor League, he is Former Prez...Nick KOSTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Nick climbs into the ring and hops on the top turnbuckle and signals for
LiGiL to come out.)

Meygon: And his opponent....

("Suffocate" by Finger Eleven plays as LiGiL walks out from the back and
some flasy pyro goes off. The fans actually cheer the man as he comes down
to the ring.)

Meygon: Weighing in at 254 lbs. and standin 6'4" tall, he is the former IWO
US and NA Champion...he is "The Veteran Killer" LIGIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

(LiGiL takes off the IWO t-shirt he was wearing on his way to the ring and
slides under the bottom ropes. LiGiL then starts trading lefts and rights
with Kostos.)

*Ding Ding*

MR: And this match is underway! We've got Kostos and LiGiL throwing punches
with each other with one of them trying to get the advantage. Nick seems to
gain an advantage and whips LiGiL into the ropes, but LiGiL reverses and
whips Nick in himself. Nick comes back...LiGiL goes for a clothesline, but
Nick ducks it and comes back with a cross body block! But LiGiL tosses Nick
off immediately. LiGiL then gets up and kicks Nick in the midsection and
sends him into the corner. LiGiL follows in and goes for a big splash but
Kostos moves and LiGiL lands face first in the corner!

JS: Well Kostos takes advantage of this situation and locks a headlock on
LiGiL. He begins to grind down on the man, but LiGiL fights the hold. He
takes Kostos to the ropes and sends him into the opposite ropes. Kostos
comes back and LiGiL nails a back body drop on him! LiGiL goes in and begins
to choke Nick.

AK: The ref is threatning LiGiL with a DQ though.

MR: LiGiL breaks the choke, but he picks up Kostos by the hair. He nails a
huge left on him and sends him into the corner. LiGiL follows in with a
clothesline. Now LiGiL pushes Nick back tot he corner and executes a knee
smash on Kostos. LiGiL is executing repeated knee smashes, but Nick catches
one of the knees and low blows LiGiL!

JS: There ya go Nick!

AK: Oh be quiet and call the match!

JS: What? Can I not enjoy it?

MR: Anyway, Nick takes LiGiL and executes a vertical suplex on LiGiL. Nick
now goes to the feet of LiGiL and goes for Texas Cloverleaf and he locks it

AK: But LiGiL's not wantin to stay there long because he's trying to push
his way out! He is almost loose from the cloverleaf....he's out! LiGiL hops
up and nails a dropkick on Kostos that sends him out of the ring.

MR: Well LiGiL follows that move up by diving over the top rope onto Nick
Kostos on the floor! And the ref has started the count...


JS: LiGiL takes Nick and whips him into the guardrail on the other end.


MR: Now LiGiL runs and goes for a splash but Nick moves and LiGiL gets a
faceful of metal!


MR: Now Kostos takes LiGiL and picks him up for a slam, but instead he drops
his neck right across the guardrail!


JS: Now Kostos rolls LiGiL back into the ring. Nick climbs to the top
turnbuckle and waits for LiGiL to stand. LiGiL is up and Nick dives off with
a top rope with a top rope dropkick! Nick makes the cover!




AK: Not quite yet.

Meygon: 4 Minutes remaining in the match! 4 minutes remaining!

MR: Well both Nick and LiGiL have 5 minutes to make something happen here!
Kostos picks up LiGiL and sends him into the ropes and he goes for a
clothesline, but LiGiL ducks! LiGiL hits the ropes and comes back with a
jumping shoulderblock!

JS: Now LiGiL picks up Kostos and kicks him in the midsection. He grabs
Kostos by the stomach and he powerbombs him right in the middle of the ring!
LiGiL makes the cover....




MR: Close one there. Well LiGiL is getting really frustrated now. He picks
up Kostos and sends him into the turnbuckle. LiGiL goes in and climbs on the
second turnbuckle and begins to pound away on Kostos...1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7!
8! 9! 10!...LiGiL then jumps down and monkey flips Kostos to the middle of
the ring. LiGiL climbs up on the top turnbuckle and moonsaults off onto
Kostos! LiGiL makes the cover!




AK: So close yet so far.

Meygon: 3 minutes remaining in the match, 3 minutes remaining!

JS: Well LiGiL begins to pick up Kostos, but Kostos low blows LiGiL and then
takes him down with a fireman's carry. Kostos then locks on a front facelock
and grinds away on the head of LiGiL.

MR: LiGiL is trying to escape the hold but he can't quite do it and he is
starting to fade fast. The ref checks LiGiL and sees he is starting to pass
out. The ref lifts LiGiL's hand drops!

Ref: 1!

MR: He lifts it a second time drops!

Ref: 2!

MR: The ref lifts it one last time stays up! LiGiL is starting to
stand and he elbows Nick Kostos once! He elbows him again! He elbows Kostos
a third time making him let go of the hold! LiGiL now runs to the ropes and
comes back with a crufix!




JS: My man Kostos kick dout like a champ.

Meygon: 2 minutes remaining in the match! 2 minutes reamining!

MR: LiGiL or Nick better do something quick. Well Kostos hops back up and
kicks LiGiL in the midsection. He DDTs LiGiL right in the ring and he's
calling for a finishing move here!

AK: Wait! Look at the entranceway!

MR: Oh my God it''s that same woman who showed up on Hostile Takeover!
Who the hell is she?

JS: I don't know but she's fine as hell.

MR: Well this nameless woman comes to the ring and Nick Kostos seems to
notice her. LiGiL is up distracting the referee and this woman climbs onto
the apron. Nick is talking to her, but she blindsides Kostos with a smack to
the face! Nick is down! LiGiL makes the cover!




JS: Not even a smack to the face will stop Kostos!

Meygon: 1 minute remaining!

MR: Well LiGiL picks up Kostos and tries to finish this match up real quick.
The woman is still at ringside watching LiGiL. LiGiL sends Kostos into the
ropes and catches him with a big powerslam! LiGiL goes to the ropes and
comes back with a big leg drop! Now LiGiL starts to stomp away on Kostos!

Meygon: 30 seconds remaining!

JS: Well now LiGiL goes to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top. He jumps
off and nails a huge elbowdrop on Kostos! LiGiL is calling for the

Meygon: 15 seconds remaining!

MR: LiGiL picks up Kostos and puts him on his shoulders!

Meygon: 10!

MR: LiGiL is up on the second turnbuckle!

Meygon: 8!

MR: He's on the top!

Meygon: 6!

MR: LiGiL executes the Palindrome on Kostos!

Meygon: 4!

MR: LiGiL is gonna make the cover!



*Ding Ding*


MR: LiGiL did it! LiGiL did it!

JS: No! The bell rang before the three count! It's a draw!

MR: Let's get the official word from Meygon.

Meygon: Ladies and Gentlemen, the 10 minute time limit expired before the 3
count so this match is a no contest! No contest!

MR: Well fans..nevertheless, this was an awesome intense match! I guess both
men got the best of both worlds in this match...but I have to wonder, who is
this woman that is helping LiGiL? She is smiling and nodding her head as
LiGiL leaves the ring and she's walking to the back. Fans, what an intense

[The scene cuts to the back were we see Commish Ford playing Sega!! He seems to be playing Sonic the Hedgehog! As he is, VP Evan walks into the room]

VP Evan: Ford……what the hell is up with someone parking in my spot again!!

Commish Ford: I don’t know Evan….and right now I could careless!!! If you didn’t notice…IM playing a game here!!!

VP Evan: I could careless what the hell your playing…..either move it now or whoever parked there will regret it!!!

Commish Ford: Uh huh…..whatever!

[VP Evan smiles as he walks out of the room. Commish Ford looks at the door as Evan shuts it. Ford smiles as he turns off the game and once again looks at a shot of his car in VP Evans space. As Ford smiles, ALL OF A SUDDEN THE CAR EXPLODS!!!!!]


[Scene cuts to Evan outside of Fords door laughing]

[Cuts to a break]

[The show comes back on the air with a shot of the announcers!]

MR: Fans we have a great match next for you……….

:: All of a sudden The lights go down to a dim gray the familiar bass riff begins to play as the fans explode. Everyone throughout the arena knows what is about to happen.::

MR: Here we go ladies and gentlemen! Its "The Legend" himself Phelen Kell!!!

::Phelen Kell walks on to the rampway and the audience explodes even further. Phelen walks down the ramp and into the ring with a bandage wrapped around his head. He is handed a microphone.::

Phelen: ALRIGHT...Central Powers...if I didn't tell you before, I'm telling you NOW...THIS...IS....WAR! Not only do I have Al Coholic breathing down my neck, and High Flyer to face coming up at Hostile Takeover, but I've got the Puppet Master himself, Evan Levine creeping around poking at my ass to! Enough is enough! Phelen Kell is officially declaring war on the Central Powers! Al Coholic, you hit me with a bottle once, shame on hit me with a bottle twice, shame on me! You hit me with a bottle again, now its play time little man. Your angry because I've gotten the fame while you were left in the shadows? Why do you think that is? Maybe because I'm better than you! And always have been! And the only way you can even come close to my level is by HITTING ME WITH A FUCKING BOTTLE BEFORE FIGHTING! SO WHY DON'T WE JUST DO THIS NOW AND GET IT THE FUCK OVER WITH!?!?!? I'M NOT WAITING FOR FEAR THE DARKNESS!!!!

::Phelen drops the microphone and stands waiting in the ring.::

[All of a sudden “I am your Boogie Man” by White Zombie starts to play as the fans give major heat!! Kell looks with wide eyes as “The Real Heel” Evan Levine makes his way out!]

Evan: Kell….you know war is fine with me…..but you know what the best part about war is? ANYTHING GOES!!!!!!

[All of a sudden out from the crowed again comes Al Coholic. The fans try to warn Kell as Al gets into the ring. But this time Kell is ready for him! Kell turns around fast and nails Al in the gut! The bottle goes flying up into the air as Kell grabs it and BREAKS IT OVER THE HEAD OF AL!!!!]


[Kell picks Al up and sends him into the corner…Kell right behind him NAILS him with a big splash. Al stumbles out of the corner BITTER BEAR FACE!!!! KELL HAS AL IN HIS OWN MOVE!!!]



[Finally the refs come running down getting Kell off of Al…..but Al is out cold as Kell gets out of the ring and points to Evan.]

Kell: This is war Levine….and IM GOING TO WIN!!!

Evan: This isn’t over Kell….not by a long shot!

MR: Will be right back

[cuts to a break]

MR: Well, here tonight, as requested by Rob Kestler, it will only be I, Max, Dr. Zauis, and Prof. IQ. Well guys, it's a pleasure having you two here with me tonight in this ring. Now, Prof. IQ or Prof. Irvin Quiver, you are an old friend of Kestler's, right?

Prof. IQ: That is correct. Good answer!

MR: And off corse we all know Dr. Zauis from his role in "Planet of the Apes". Dr, why are you wearing your ape costume?

Dr. Zauis: What costume?

MR: Well, you are dressed up like the ape from the movie...

Dr. Zauis: Movie? Dressed up? I don't understand... I traveled back in time because I got some letter dated to me from Rob Kestler. Apparently he wanted me to hop in my time ship, and come help out with the commentating tonight.

MR: Ah... I see...

Prof. IQ: Well, lets get to the match, shall we?

MR: Of course, Meygon is now in the ring...

Meygon: First, the guest referee in this match up, from the Alverious cosmos, Planduex!

{The fans start to boo as some odd space music hits and Plandeux starts to make his way down to the ring.}

Prof. IQ: Well, here is Rob Kestlers nemesis. This man, or should I say, this alien, must be stopped!

Dr. Zauis: No, what must be stopped are wars! Wars will cause your human civilization to fall!

MR: Um... Right... Anyway, Planduex really wants Kestler out of the picture. And this friday on Takeover, he gets his chance.

Meygon: And the challenger... Scott Stone!

{All of a sudden "It's Raining Men" starts to play as the fans start laughing. Rob Kestler has used his music machine to play this song as Stone's entrance music. Stone steps through the curtains and starts walk down the ramp, receiving boos.}

Dr. Zauis: Here comes Scott Stone. A man who might suffer at the hands of war!

MR: Right... Scott Stone, getting his chance to pin and defeat his 5'th former world champ here tonight.

Prof. IQ: Stone certainly has a lot of talent, but I feel that Rob Kestler may come out on top.

Dr. Zauis: Nobody comes out on top! Don't you see?! You human lives will come to an end, and apes will rule!

MR: Yeah, that was a great movie series by the way...

Dr. Zauis: It's not a movie!

{It's raining men gets cut off by Stayin' Alive as performed by Ozzie Ozborn. The crowd pops as Rob Kestler kestler steps through the curtains and onto the ramp head. He makes his way down the ramp waving at the fans, until he enters. Rob then changes his expression from happy to mad as he stares into the eyes of Planduex.}

Scott Stone: (Shoving Kestler) Hey! Your fighting me tonight...

Kestler: (Turns his head away from Palnduex) Oh... Sorry...


MR: Well we are off! Kestler starting off strong with a DDT to Stone, but... he's now just staring right back at Planduex.

Dr. Zauis: This Planduex you speak of... Does he taste good?

MR: Ya know, I have no clue...

Prof. IQ: Stone is punching away at Rob, who is fixated on his nemesis...

MR: Well Stone with a.. Hey! What the?! The cameras have all been moved they are facing... Hastur?!

Hastur: Rob, I've found you again and this time there is no escape!

Dr. Zauis: What is this!

Prof. IQ: I can't explain this turn of events! Quickly, the camera must be placed back facing Rob!

MR: Ston is holding Kestler, while Planduex is staring at him!

Dr. Zauis: What?

Prof. IQ: No! Planduex is using his psychic powers to make Ron laugh! Rob is laughing! He is on the ground!

MR: He rolls into Stone who trips on Kestler! Stone is pinnig Kestler!

**1 2 3***

Prof IQ: Scott Stone beat Rob! He beat his 5'th ever former world champion!

Dr. Zauis: Wait! It's High Flyer! He's coming down to the ring!

MR: High Flyer, Planduex, and Scott Stone are all beating up on Ron Kestler!

{The theme to Ranma 1/2 starts as the crowd goes wild.}

MR: It's Schitzo Tod! Schitzo Tod is coming to the aid of Rob Kestler!

Prof. IQ: CotP sent out Tod to help his friend!

Dr. Zauis: This "Tod" is in the ring! Wait, he's got Planduex by the ear!

Schitzo Tod: TAM baby! TAM is up!

MR: The Tod-Anhialation-Maneuver, kick to the shin of Planduex!

Prof. IQ: Flyer and Stone are backing off!

Dr. Zauis: Tod has climbed the turnbuckle!

MR: PowerTod2000 (Shooting Star Press) To Planduex by Schitzo Tod! Tod is helping Kestler out of the ring! Folks, we'll be right back!

[Cuts to a PPV promo]

MR: Welcome back fans it's time for one of tonight's main events Aaron Kain putting his North American title up against Chris Davidson, who was a founding member of the Usual Suspects but can be found these day hanging around and Mooching of The Children of the Porn. What a loser.

JS: Say what you will about Davidson, but before his spiritual turn he was in my opinion pound for pound one of the best in the IWO. You never liked him Parker because he was never kind to you back in the days of the Suspects

MR: Well that's your opinion, I personally think he's a jack ass and so are you. We'll see how good he is when Seth Weiland can't wipe his ass for him. If he tries anything MDK will knock him around. No double teams this week my friend

JS: Don't worry Kain and MDK got all their double teaming in last night. Where's that slut Nikki when you need her?

MR: You two stop we've got a great match coming up Davidson is on his way to the ring as we speak take it away

Meagan: Coming to the ring at this time he stands 6 foot 1 inch tall and tip the scale at a fit 237 pounds hailing from the Houston chapter of the Church of Jésus Christo Sanchez Martinez Gutiarez Remirez representing the Frank Zappa look a like in a tuxedo shirt. Former AWF World Heavyweight Champion Chris Davidson!

{Chris Davidson and Seth Weiland looking to be all business. You can see in Davidson's eyes that he is ready for war he looks to be his old self. He looks into the camera and repeats "Violence for the sake of Violence" several times

MK: That's what I like to see the old Davidson if he can bring it this hard every time the entire roster would be in trouble.

Chris Davidson: For one night only the perverse, crude, perverted son of a bitch all you marks in the stands and all you overpaid, over hyped candy asses in the back love to hate. Seth out of fairness
to our fearless champion I'm going to give you the night off.

{Seth looks at him in confusion}

Chris Davidson: You heard me brother go to the back have a cold one with Jay. I want to show the entire world what the Children of the Porn are all about.

{Seth shakes Davidson's hand and heads to the back.}

Chris Davidson: Now that that's settled were only missing one key component to this dance. Kain get out here and bring my belt.


{Camera pans to Kain jumping the safety rail he comes up behind Davidson and lunges at his head nailing him with the North American title belt.}

MR: That should let Davidson know that he's not going to make his or the Children of the Porn's name off him.

JS: Come on that is garbage look at this crap Davidson is getting whipped with the belt. This is ruthless.

MR: Davidson wanted violence for the sake of violence and that's what he's getting. More than he can handle now.

JS: Davidson is staggering to his feet using the ropes, not that that's stopping Kain from whipping him this is barbaric.

MR: I just heard from the production truck that in honor of Davidson's religious holiday this has been made a no disqualification, no count out, falls count anywhere match. I can't believe were honoring this so-called holiday. The IWO has sunk to a knew low.

JS: Davidson is delivering elbows to the side of Kain for his first offense of the match. Kain has dropped the belt after repeated elbows he's finally doubled over Davidson delivers a quick double armed DDT!

MR: But Davidson isn't following up he's playing to the crowd, man this really is a glimpse at the old Davidson. Both of these guys are two of the most dynamic athletes on the roster but their respective egos really come back to haunt them.

JS: Davidson is telling him to get up he wants to lock up, collar and elbow tie up, a go behind Kain goes for the block GERMAN SUPLEX by Davidson bridge he goes for the cover....

MR: He gets a one count it's going to take more than that to keep him down.

JS: Davidson got a kick in the eye for his trouble. Kain goes on the offense, pile driver by Kain.

MR: Davidson pops right back up Kain looks confused, they're locked in a stare down Kain makes the first move paint brushing the challenger. They're going toe to toe this is intense.

JS: Davidson punches then Kain punches neither are giving an inch

MR: This is going beyond competition I can see real hate developing with every hay maker. Davidson takes a short cut forearm to the throat.

JS: Why not? This is no DQ! DIAMOND CUTTER! One of Davidson's old trademark moves. The challenger follows up with a snap elbow drop. He's going for the figure four this should be it.

MR: NO! Kain kicks Davidson right in the ass that sends him into the turnbuckle. Chris is stumbling around, Kain's got him..... wait lock...... he's setting him up on the top turnbuckle THE CHAMPION DELIVERS A SUPERPLEX DAVIDSON IS OUT! KAIN UP TO THE TOP SENTON BOMB! HE HITS THIS SHOULD BE IT!

JS: No Kain is going to the outside.... he's got a chair I think he wants to have some fun

MR: OW! That's gotta be it he's giving Davidson repeated blows to the head and stomach.

JS: OK this is just cruel.... Aaron hits the ropes Senton bomb ... no he misses SENTON on to the chair. Davidson is up on the top rope man is he resilient!

MR: He's holding the chair to his chest, FROG SPLASH WITH THE CHAIR. Davidson goes right back on the attack repeatedly pounding the champion's knee.

JS: Now he's just laying in wait for Kain to get up..... SUPERKICK! SHARPSHOOTER!

MR: The ref is checking on him, KAIN GAVE UP! NEW CHAMPION! DAMN IT

JS: Stop yelling this great!

Meagan: The winner and new North American Champion!!!! CHRIS DAVIDSON!

JS: This is fantastic, here come the Children of the Porn to celebrate. These guys are great.

MR: Let's just go to break.

[cuts to a promo]

[The show comes back on with a graphic of a Cow Boy]

Voice: Its not time for IWO’s Dick of the week…sponsored by Cow Boy Dick’s…..get your mouth full of Cow Boy Dick!!!

("Born of a Broken Man" By RATM begins to play over the PA system. From the back runs Sam Potright with a Chair in his hand.)










GP: I guess that's retribution for earlier in the night inside the cage!

Nikki: We gotta take a break!

[cuts back to the graphic]

Voice: This has been Cow Boy Dick’s dick of the week!!!

[scene cuts to the announcers!]

MR: Well fans we have finally reached the main event for tonight.

JS: This pits Psycho Jay the champ against Wesley sanders..

AK: Who's Wesley sanders?

JS: Ummm some 2 time TV title holder...

AK: Heh oh yeah I remember that dude...oh well!

JS:OK before fuck face over hear interrupted, Wesley sanders was granted a shot before jay even won the title, so in retrospect-

MR: What the fuck is retrospect?

JS: I heard it somewhere before it sounded awesome! So back to it, Jay was using arrogance thinking he was going to win, but could he eat his words? Maybe...

MR: But look overall and victory wise, Wesley and Jay game from the same places, and Jay has showed how good he can be and the limits he can go to in the past few months, and Wesley sanders in the past has showed us a lot of strength and improvement, and it's time for him to step up to the next level and show his skill and that he can raise the bar!

JS: Well, i'm pulling for jay, the guy's a two time world champ and when he needs to he can get the job done, and can raise his level too. Which is why Wesley sanders doesn’t stand a chance in this match-up...experience that’s your main factor!

AK: Well my opinion is the tie breaker and IM going with all the way, he calls himself Da man Wesley sanders. He's young quick and he's been through some tough wrestling matches and has come a long way. Tonight I think the fans will find out why Wesley sanders calls himself the man! First look at the moves! The Finishing Touch, that's a move that fans like and wrestlers hate, then extreme displeasure when your in that move the only thing you can do is pass out or tap out!

JS: Look at Jay, the mans witty but look at the humpinator, the move is devastating and will put you into a state of death!

MR: Im agreeing about wesley you see the speed and you'll get The Finishing Touch, that move could come out of a whip to the ropes with wesley, because with him it's so unpredictable!

JS: Wesley isnt a veteran, he's too over confident and he can showboat and that will not let him win this match!

MR :Showboating isn't a factor he will get the job done!

JS: Whatever you say, then without further ado lets get to the match!

(Murder By UGK begins to play some mixed reactions come from the crowd, as pyro's start up.)

Announcer: Introducing first, weighing in at 245 pounds, and standing at six foot one inch. He hails from Atlanta Georgia, and is the master of extreme displeasure and the finishing touch! He is Wesley Sandeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers!

(Wesley comes out and holds his hands up as he is obviously fired, up he walks to the ring with an obvious serious and determined look in his eyes. He slides in the ring and goes to the ropes and holds his hands up and shakes his head to the crowd as some people boo and others eat it up.)

MR: There is your man! And your soon world champ! Wes Sanders...HAHA!

JS: Boo Boo Boo, jay is your man wait til he's out here you wont be doin that!

(Divine by KoRn begins to play as cheers begin and a few boo's can be heard, from the fired up crowd, pyro's begin as the announcer cues in.)

Announcer: And now, Introducing Second, Your IWO Champioooooon, he weighs in at three hundred and twenty pounds, and stands at six foot eight inches, he hails from South Philidelphia Pennsylvania, he is the master of the Humpinator, and the Superbomb...He is IWOs current and 2 time IWO Heavyweight champion, Psycho Jaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

(Jay comes out with vincent who runs down the ramp cursing as jay looks a little cross eyed and is smacking himself and smiling he walks around to the announce table and starts to hump the table. He laughs then slides in the ring into his corner as vincent stays to the outside.)

JS: Well there is your champ, and it WILL stay that way!

MR no no no!

JS: Well anyways we know jay will win!

(Jay hands the belt over as the assigned ref Dickson Balls holds up the belt and hands it to the announcer the bell rings...)

*Ding Ding Ding*

JS: Well were underway, Jay and Wesley begin to circle each other! Wes goes for a leg grab jay smacks him a way. Jay and wes lock up, wes breaks it and smiles then they go back in and wesley sneaks in a a drop toe hold, and then an elbow to the back of jays head!

MR: Look at that! Wesley stomps jay, and now he puts him in a half crab! Jay flips wes to the ground, Jay gets up quick and is met with a flying forearm to the head Jay spills to the outside!

AK: Wes, showing some rookie mistakes he's showboating around the ring! Jay slides back in, wes catches him jay for a drop kick but wes moves away!

JS: Wes stomps jay in the face, then picks his legs up...ouch damn headbutt to the legs! He's not gonna be able to flash that thing anywhere!

(We can hear vincent screaming on the outside!)


JS: Sanders picks Jay up and sends him into the ropes but Jay ducks the closeline....Jay goes to the other side and comes off hard.....OH!!! Double closeline!! the ref is now starting the 10 count!!!

(We can hear vincent screaming on the outside!)


AK: The Ref is up to 8 as both men are getting up now...and ROCK BOTTOM ROCK BOTTOM JAY NAILS SANDERS WITH A ROCK BOTTOM!!!! THE COVER!!! 1..............2...........WHAT!!! ITS TONY DAVIS!!! HE PULLS THE REF OUT OF THE RING!!!! OH HE NAILES HIM!!!


MR: Jay looks over at Davis as he smiles...NO WAIT!!! Vincent just nailed Davis with a metal penis!!!! Davis is out!!! Vincent grabs the ref and takes his shirt.....VINCENT IS THE NEW REF!!! He gets into the ring as Sanders gets up!!! Sanders runs at Jay and side steps him and nails him in the guy....HE'S HUMPING HIS HEAD!!!

JS: NO!!!!



Meygon: Here is your winner...AND STILL!!! IWO WORLD CHAMP!!! Psycho Jay!

JS: What the HELL WAS THAT?!?!?

MR: That was Jay winning by humping!!!

AK: That was classic!!!

MR: Fans were out of time.....for Jason and AK.....IM MAX Riot.....Thanks for joining us and tune in Friday for HT!!!!

[Scene dies out with Jay holding the belt up high]

Live Monday October 23
From the sold out
First Union Center in Philadelphia Pennsylvania!

Stable Wars!
Both stables will be placed in a 3 ring 3 cage match were if any of the champs partaking in this match are pinned the person that pinned them is the new champ! The only way to win is eliminate everyone on the other team!
Central Powers vs. Children of the Porn

Warm up match for Fear The Darkness!
Evan Levine vs. Hardcore Isosceles Trapezoid

Battle to the TV title
None title
Sizo Tod vs. Mike Extreme

Carlos Lopez vs. Donnie Daze