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May Mayhem 1999
Posted by Seth Christian

-President Jamie clears out the locker room to give their respects to Owen Hart and his family. This pay per view is dedicated to the Harts. I won't even get into how wrong the Mayhem Match seems now.

-Screaming intro since the fans are histatic. Although, most of them were quiet from the announcement that just occured. That's what gimmicks do to you though.

-Wyldesyde vs. Bubbles
No history behind this even though it's a "grudge match", and to tell you the truth, Bubbles is the only recognizable face from humiliation by We're Better than You later that month. Brawl starts things off, Wyldesyde gets the best, followed by a leg drop. Bubbles gets a rest hold sleeper in early for no reason other than to kill any momentum this match didn't have. Reversed the sleeper by Wyldesyde, then the arm is raised and dropped to check Bubble's status already. Turnbuckle throw counter to the sleeper followed by a bodyslam, then Wyldesyde gets up to his feet like nothing happened and kicks Bubbles in the gut and a ddt. Wyldesyde, in a humorous moment, attempts a figure four but messes it up so badly Bubbles is actually the one that locks the move in. Wyldesyde gets to the ropes, Bubbles does the heel thing and doesn't let go of the move. People'd scream if they cared. Moonsault by Bubbles, Wyldesyde with a piledriver, and the Bubbles hudaconrada's him into a two count. See, there's something called stringing manuver's together which makes a good match. This isn't that. Bubba, his manager, wants more punishment on Wyldesyde, I plead for a root Canal and a toy train. Tombstone Piledriver, low blow, and then Wyldesyde gets back into the match with a kickout and then followed up by a countered Belly to Belly Suplex. Not bad, but the announcers make meantion of this match(And I guess every other match that's here) not having dq rules. A Chair comes into play, and luckily that no charisma Bubba gets the shot to his face. Chokeslam by Wyldesyde, followed by Bubbles flying over the top through the German Announce Table. I swear, the IWO only has multiple languages so that they can have numerous tables set up alongside ringside during a normal match. Wyldesyde nails a hudaconrada, low blow by Bubba gives Bubbles control, as Bubbles rolls Wyldesyde into a small package for the three count at 5:49. 1/2* Nothing special here, and these guys were gone shortly after this match.

-I love how the announcers always welcome you back when a new match starts. It's not like I left to go somewhere. Cheap hype for the rest of the card. I already bought the ppv damnit, get to the wrestling! You're not going to sell those people watching the show through scrambles to call in and be like, "Well, I DO want to actually SEE the action, not just HEAR it."

-Da Bronx Bro vs. Dane Wilt
No intros for this match because they'd rather plug a show they're already showing. Sad, considering Bronx Bro went on to have mild low card success, and Dane Wilt became one of the greatest Main Eventer's in the business. Bronx gets the early advantage with a small suplex and clothesline, along with stomping Wilt down. Followed by a quick sleeper and a bulldog from the corner to a powerslam. Wilt is making Bronx look like Masato Tanaka as of now. And now, more hardcore sheenanigans with a table. Wilt gets the upper hand putting Bronx through the table, and then YELLS at the referee for not putting the table out o fthe ring in the first place. AMEN BROTHER! Preach on. Then he goes on to bring two chairs into the ring. Talk about hypocrisy, and it did help establish his character. Wilt ends up piledriving Bronx... "Through the chairs" according to Nikki. What a ditzy bitch. Wilt winds up with a baseball bat, and Wilt does his best job of having no idea Bronx Bro is around, and winds up getting hammered in what looked like poor acting, but a miscalculation of timing on Bronx Bro's part. A T.v. winds up, and this degenerates into a crappy ECW hardcore match, but then Bronx locks in a figure four. It's like they aren't sure which direction to take this match, so they're trying a little from both, and it's not gelling. Reversal by Wilt, but then a quick break into a slugfest. Wilt with an awesome missed moonsault from the ring to the outside! That's why Wilt was pushed to the moon, not to meantion his INSTANT charisma. And then Wilt tombstones DBB through the Spanish Announce table. I'm pretty sure that the Italian's get it next. Belly to Belly from Bronx gets a two on a change of pace, and then a few kicks followed by another missed cross body. DBB stumbles around, and gets SHOT in the face with the Face Lift for the three at 9:42. **. Wilt carried the majority of the match as DBB isn't a great worker, but he isn't horrible. Television set wasn't even used, and DBB's early psychology on Wilt's leg was abandoned quickly, but a solid contest that should have been the opener instead of Bubbles/Wyldesyde.

-Grudge Match:Widowmaker vs. Prophet
I really don't know why this is a grudge match, and neither does the IWO since there was no video package or entrances. That's what happens when you wind up tossing two talents less than a month after they enter the IWO. Then again, talents are an overstatement. Slugest to start it off, Prophet gains the advantage with an elbow drop, but Widomaker regains the advantage with a low blow. Powerbomb by Widowmaker for a long two, and then Prophet catches Widowmaker with another low blow. You would think IWO wrestlers would know more than ONE turnaround move, and a low blow isn't even a move! Prophet goes for a moonsault, Widowmaker gets his knees up, and then a small package ends this "match" at 2:20. I remember going to the bathroom at the end of DBB/Wilt and not making it in time for this match. DUD. I didn't miss much, and neither would you.

-World Tag Team Titles:Hostile Youth vs. Insane Superstars
This was announced as an I.C. title match, but was actually Hostile Youth battling the Superstars. Youth had those belts for seven months now, losing them only for a short while to Inferno and Zombie the previous month. Really, I'm not sure why this is the match, since Youth had a match later with the Iconz, and Era of Our Kind was scheduled for the match. I think something must have happened, and due to depleted tag divisions, Youth defended their belts twice. Then again, I'd think it'd make MORE sense for a three way, but what do I know? Ashton and "Stalker," who's not Barry Windham mind you, start things off. Cain with a hudaconrada for a one count, into an arm bar, and tries for a leg hold. Windham... I mean Stalker kicks him off though, before hitting a running Tope on Cain on the outside. Cain with a chair shot on the outside later, thus giving this match another illegal weapon and no disqualification. At least it was outside the ring. Then the referee makes it no DQ. Like he'd dq anyone anyway. I don't think the IWO ref's know what a DQ IS! This turns into a Tornado tag, barbed wire gets thrown into the mix, and they wind up on the scaffolding. Vince Jacobs and Stalker are then HUNG from the scaffolding, and Jacobs is being hung by BARBED FREAKIN WIRE. And then, instead of pulling themselves up like sane IWOers, they fall down to the concrete below like the IWOer's we know and tolerate. If that isn't mocking a guys death, I don't know what is. Oh yeah, maybe the Mayhem match itself? Then Kell does something insane and frogsplashes Jacobs from the scaffold. And then people wonder why his knees and back are shot to shit? More pointless lightbulb brawling when Kell and Cain are the beasts on the mat. Stalker with a top rope hudaconrada through a table for two. Superplex position into a piledriver THROUGH the Mexican Announce table. I guess the Italian's get it LATER. Whoops. My Bad. Two count on Cain. Cain with a suicide dive onto all three men, followed up by a Superbomb through a few tables for the three count at 14:20. It wasn't 30:55 like stated, but whatever. **, but a four star match if rated on the ECW hardcore scale. I'd just rather see a brilliant technical match, and NOT see Kell kill himself when his push was already set in stone, but maybe that's just me and my sanity. Not to meantion this was the last appearance of the Superstars ANYWHERE, so I really didn't see the point.

-T.V. Title Match:High Flyer vs. Raynman
Quick history lesson. Raynman was a man with infinete potential that self doubted himself and drove himself out of the company. High Flyer is a man you all know and love in his first Pay Per View title match, but this isn't exactly the same Flyer. Flyer was trying to play a tweener role at the current mode and had nothing to really go on except his title win and a few fans of his wrestling style. He also wore ninja pants and had dreadlocks. Yes, I'm not kidding you. NINJA PANTS. It wasn't until the next month with the Cult where he got a chance to really shine. Anyway, start of the match, Brawlfest to start things off, which could have started off so much better had they just done some lucha action. RaynMan with a ddt, and then tries his RayCanrana, which is QUICKLY reversed into a vicious fold in powerbomb and a kickout after two. Flyer with a sleeper early, but RaynMan quickly counters, followed into a clothesline. Backbody drop by Flyer and then Flyer tries his Flying Moon Shot,only to eat nothing but the canvas. Double clothesline spot early, two count by Flyer, and then Flyer delivers a sweet brainbuster, followed by a quick elbow. Flyer attempts more wear downs, but RaynMan reverses it into his RayCanrana, but Flyer gets a shoulder up, effectively killing his finisher manuver since RaynMan had only been in the fed for about three weeks now. RaynMan tries again, and another Powerbomb spot. Personally, I'd rather have seen something better there, and then Flyer effectively kills his finisher again by nailing the newcomer with his move and only getting a two count. I think Flyer enjoyed have a bit of a weight advantage in this match with the amount of powerbombs he threw. And then the hardcore stuff is brought in with a steel chair shot, and the referee *gasp* reprimands him. Roll up gets a two from RaynMan, and then a clothesline by Flyer in anger followed by a superplex. Only a two count though, and then Flyer quickly climbs up top and nails his flying moon shot, but here comes Era of Our Kind and Chris Anthony. NOW I see why EooK couldn't make the match earlier. [/shrug]. A quick beat down on Flyer prompts people to think RaynMan joined Era of Our Kind, which he actually did later that month. Flyer takes a few chair shots, and then RaynMan gets one square in the face that knocks him out cold. Flyer nails his Third Moon Shot to seal the deal at 6:40. *1/2. The two guys were going for a style that wasn't theirs, and were cut off by CA and EooK. Could have been MUCH better, but I guess I'll take what I get, eh?

-World Tag Team Title Match:Hostile Youth vs. the Iconz
Match two for Kell and Cain. Kell is seriously superman at this point, wrestling two matches before the Mayhem match is just INSANE. See, at this point, the IWO had no tag team division and were bascially using two belts on two credible teams, which meant numerous attempts to booster a division that was falling apart. Frank Aliperti and Chaos were just another failed adventure. Ashton Cain starts things off, again! Like he always does I might add, but when you have something huge in store for you like Kell did that night, I can see why. Cain gets in control early with a knee lift, putting to shame anything Triple H has ever done in a wrestling ring, considering he does all his work in parking lots anyway. Nice tag spot as Chaos gets sent to the Youth corner and dazefully takes a right hand from Kell. Neckbreaker counter by Chaos and a tag to Aliperti seems to make Cain the face in peril. Backbreaker top rope knee drop combo works wonders seals the deal, as Aliperti begins his assault. Belly to Belly Suplex followed by an arm wrench. Rather odd though, seems like you can either work on the neck, the back, OR the arm, but Aliperti just doesn't decide. It's like he's at an all you can eat diner, which is good for hungry stomachs, but not for wrestling. Ashton gets his foot on the ropes, and then DIVES for the tag to Kell. Right hands in the classic hot tag as Kell throws a dropkick or two. Crossface by Kell doesn't get a submission as Chaos stomps away. Kell shows his versatility with a hudaconrada. Kell tagged back out to Cain, who recieves a Stun Gun for his troubles. Top Rope ddt by Aliperti, but only gets a two count as Cain effictively destroys THEIR finisher.Then again, it doesn't matter, since the Iconz made a total of zero appearances after tonight's show. Cain no sells, tags Kell, who gets a double ddt. Cain and Chaos battle outside while Kell and Aliperti do so in the ring. Kell locks in Malicious Intent but the referee gets distracted, as Kell breaks. Cain then slides the obligitory weapon into the ring and Kell nails a running lyger bomb on Aliperti. Cain finishes him off(even though he's the illegal man) with a shooting star press at 10:10. ** for good old fashion tag team fun.

United States Title Match: Billy Larson vs. the Black Assassion
Can I just say that Summer doesn't have an ounce of talent in her body? Then again, she's not trying to be a wrestler like Torrie Wilson, so you gotta just look at her and smile. Larson was playing a Jarrett role at the time, getting most of his heat through his young beautiful valet before taking cheap shots at different races and cultures to get to the point where fans wanted to see him KEEELED. Weird logic, Psycho Jay did the same thing and became a Cult Icon. Go figure.

Larson goes for a cheap shot to start the match but Assassion plays the face and ducks underneath, and knocks Larson with a flying clothesline. Kick to the face out of back body attempt by Larson, and then a swinging neckbreaker.Larson gets distracted by Spyder, inverted DDT by the recovering Assassion for a two count. Piledriver and a splash from Assassion gets two, and then a chinlock rest hold. Already. This'd work better later in the match, but Larson sold it like he'd been beaten for thirty minutes already, dropping his hands twice before making his comeback. Larson playing a face now considering he's not exactly sure his direction, races back off the ropes and locks BACK in another sleeper, but Larson THANKFULLY counters that with a jawbreaker. Larson takes Assassion out with a clothesline, and then his eye candy gets a kick in. Before we can have a cat fight break out, Larson cross body's Assassion, and the trademark brawling whipping into the steel steps spot happen. More hardcore stuff here, as Larson brings out a broom. Yes, a Broom. This was BEFORE the Janitor Death Squad, so really, it made no sense AT ALL. Larson gets a stun gun on a guardrail here, and then Assassion reverses, and plays a heel trying to swing a chair onto Summer. Larson saves her at the last moment for some good drama here, and then DDT's Assassion onto the chair for a two count. Woulda made a decent spot to throw Armaggedon on, but Larson didn't do that. Larson catches Assassion with a Corkscrew Moonsault to the outside, and misses a dropkick. Top Rope Hudaconrada into a pin gets two by Larson, and more high flying with a cross body gets another two. Now we break up the talented wrestling with a cat fight. Now, as much as I enjoy a good old fashion cat fight, that's not for in the midst of a major pay per view match, it's for building up to a feud, or having their OWN match. Then again, if you think about a Summer/Spyder ppv match, I'm glad they went this route. Assassion tears at Larson's fingers, when Larson shrugs him off and nails a huge superkick. Assassion turns things around with a pedigree, when Summer catches Assassion with the weakest chair shot I've seen since Lance Storm tried to hit a conchairto. Assassion sells it like he was shot, as Larson picks him up and super powerbombs him to the mat. Larson nails a quick flurry of moves, a Urangi(called estutely by Weber as the rock bottom. No, He wasn't fired for his stupidity), a spring board plancha, and then Assassion gets pulled up in to a rake of the eyes, anda powerbomb for himself into a "both men are so beaten they have to rest for ten seconds" spot. To break up the drama of this spot, and to make sure the match lasts longer, we have another cat fight on the outside. I can just see it now. June's pay per view spectacular will include Summer going against Spyder in the main event in a naked mud wrestling match. Wouldn't put it past Summer... Then thankfully(although I DO love eye candy), they're taken to the back by the referee's. Larson canes Assassion, but Assassion rolls out, to the back, and picks up a barbed wire bat. You'd think he was Foley with the response it got. Larson of course plays the heel and bails, which would make sense had he not been playing the face earlier. Assassion nails a beautiful fame asser from the top on Larson and gets a two. Assassion gets a super powerbomb on Larson for a two, and then goes and gets a fork lift. Yes. A fork lift. It's not like Larson's Yokouna here people. Assassion spears Larson through the windshield of the forklift, even though actual forklifts windshields would probably be made out of fake plexi-Glass. A cloud of smoke appears randomly, followed by a scene that resembles the invasion of normandy as numerous men walk out from the back tooting rifles and shooting at the fans.

No, I just made that last part up. The smoke was a diversion to get Larson and Assassion up on the IWO-tron, where they wind up for five seconds before Larson spears Asssassion off. Realistically, they both should be dead, and the match should be over, but they stumble down towards the ring, and Larson nails Assassion with a chair shot to the temple, ONLY GETTING A TWO. Dear God, is Assassion superman now? Larson eventually finds Assassion's Kryptonite by ddting him through two tables, and locking in Armaggedon for the conventional IWO pass out "submission" victory at 20:49. *** Match drug in places and should have been cut shorter, but other than that, a nice brawl fest and easily the best match of the night so far.

Pacific Title Match:Mysterious One vs. Jack in the Box
Little backstory. Mysterious One wants a title until he gets his World Reign in August, so the IWO board makes this pacific title that never really got over with the fans. This was their attempt to get it over, not in a story, but simply, "Jack wants the title." Wow. What tremondous booking. I'm litterally salivating with apathy over here. Jack in the Box is incredibly over considering he rode the Kamikazi Kid into the spotlight with him, and then KEPT the momentum up, which is rare for a World Champion's sidekick. IWO shows their love for the black album before Then comes tonight, where he loses about everything he ever worked for. Jack pulls out an assault rifle and fires it at guards. Yes, I'm not making that up. That was his weapon of choice in the Mystery Death Match, which, might I add, is incredibly smart thinking, but detracts from any sort of face push Jack would be getting. Mysterious One hits a somersault plancha to the outside. Jack gets whipped into the barbed wire ropes... which, might I add, showcase that the IWO doesn't know how to wrestle a match without SOME sort of weapon. I thought their organization had the world WRESTLING in it, not EXTREME. Rifle shot by Jack, followed up by a piledriver by the Mysterious One on a counter. Jack with ANOTHER low blow counter, followed by a leg drop and a wishbone. Man, haven't seen a wishbone in a LONG while. Then again, Mysterious One no sells it, and then rams himself into the barbed wire. Well, at least he can't no sell THAT. Jack throws Mysterious One into the turnbuckle, but it's reversed, then Mysterious One charges for a stinger splash, only to be thrown in a snake eyes onto the exploding buckle. Nice. Another rifle shot, and then Jack in the Box nails "The Jack," but doesn't cover. All I can say is WTFMF. Jack tries to fire the rifle at ?┐?, but the safety's on, so the Mysterious One throws powder in the eyes. Jack fires "wildly," LUCKILY nailing the lock to the outside of the cage. Uhmmm... why even bother locking it if everyone just KNOWS you're going to get to the outside. Jack winds up TYING the Mysterious One in the ROPES, which are made out of BARBED Wire. SICK spot to say. Low blow #3, clothesline, DDT onto the chair, followed by the Mysterious Death Driver, but Mysterious One can't make the cover. Jack slams the door on the Mysterious One's face when he tries to leave, and then the Mysterious One "Hulks up," fending off a body slam(*gasp* It's 1980 all over again!), and a door slam(which looked pretty wicked). Jack climbs the cage in retreat, Mysterious One with a clothesline, Gorilla Press, and then a dropkick sends Jack FLYING THROUGH a hole in the cage. That should have been it, but Mysterious One picks him up for a bulldog, then throws him into the turnbuckle, followed up by the Mysterious Death Driver for the three count at 12:20. **** There were a few problems, but the two men really played up the gimmick and worked through a hardcore hell in a cell that's worthy of pay per view, while not taking up too much time. This match however, effictively destroyed Jack in the Box's career and re-elevated the Mysterious One back to the top. I guess it was a way to bury Jack before he left the promotion just less than a month and a half later.

Extreme Title Match:The Raging One vs. Ken War
Didn't we see this match last month? Wouldn't a War vs. Max match be a bigger pay off? I mean, sure, I find a penguin locked in a cage above the ring kinda funny in a cruel simplistic mannor, but you waste two month's build to a War/Max CLASSIC on a rehash of the previous month's showdown with a tank of pirahna's, which, by all rights, should have stayed in Japan. TRO tries a chair shot by War hits it on a counter. TRO tries a diving clothesline but misses and catches a row of chairs. War then takes a fan's "foam War finger" and "shoves it up his ass." Well, while the Rock is threatening to shove things up people's rectums, Ken War actually does it. Kudos. War goes for a bulldog on chairs, but TRO shoves him off through them. War tries a northern lights, but TRO hooks and nails a gutwrench powerbomb. TRO hooks a torture rack, and War gauges the eyes, and then gets nailed by a samoan drop on the concrete by the now falling TRO. They wind up going into a tank with pirahna's and wrestle. WRESTLE, in the WATER, with Pirahna's slowly rising around the ring. Fujiwara arm bar by TRO, and we actually see psychology in an extreme match. Chris Anthony comes out to rekindle his feud with War which would end in a picnic table match. Sidewalk slam by War for the first cover, but only a two count. Dos-e-do by TRO and War winds up with TRO german suplexing War. TRO nails a tombstone piledriver as Chris Anthony does his best impression of a Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleader on the outside. Still, even with CA's pom pom clapping, War gets a shoulder up. War counters another pin into a figure four, as TRO screams in pain. CA makes his presance known by flipping the bird to War, which breaks the hold as War yells. TRO with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Ken War's thrown through the ropes as CA drops "chum" into the water to infuriate the pirahna's. War dives in to avoid them, but TRO rolls him up and hooks the tights for a LONG two. TRO nails a chokeslam for another two count. German by War for another two count as they are just trading attempts to end the match now. CA busts out a ladder and begins climbing it. Fans are expecting him to senton bomb an imaginary opponent on the concrete, but see, CA's not RETARDED. CA instead leaps towards Winky's cage and shows his delinquint skills by picking it's lock. Guess where he's heading after his career's over? Winky attacks War, but War nails the drop, rendering TRO's psychology non existent, just like an extreme match "Should be." TRO winds up sobbing over his pet before being thrown in the tank. Then, CA cracks the tank with a ball bat shot, freeing TRO and destroying the stip in the process. TRO gets up, and is handed the ball bat as he slams it over War's head. TRO winds up hitting Pygmies PainStick for a two, and then War tries the Drop. That is, until CA comes in, breaks the hold, DDT's War, and a second Pygmies PainStick does War in at 18:32. *** Would have been a good time to put War over for the title, surviving all odds and still coming out on top, setting up another rematch at Beach Party, or another match with Mad Max for the title. Either way, the fans would have came out in droves for it. Now, they kill the heat the title had in any sort of feud leading up to the second biggest pay per view of the year. CA played a nice part and set up his furture fight with War well, but this title lost it's direction and importance when the feud abruptly ended and it had no where to go.

North American Title:Al Coholic vs. Chris Anthony
Chris Anthony was getting the largest push of his career, even though he was destined for World Title greatness. He was a quality in ring worker and was very much so over with the fans, whichever alignment he played. Al on the other hand, was a guy whom many cited to be a horrible worker with a catch phrase gimmick and a push to the moon. Personally, I never thought of Al as a horrible worker, but never thought of him as anything special either. But he was over with the fans, so who really cared? Al fakes a handshake and slam Anthony face first into the mat, followed up by a one count. Al nails a swinging neckbreaker, and then showboats on the top, says his line to a huge pop, only for Anthony to duck underneath and powerbomb him off the second rope into a two count. Double flying body presses by both men hurt them, but doesn't wind up in the double ko spot. That comes up next after a double clothesline, and I seriously think I have ESP. Both men up, CA comes back off the ropes with a sunset flip for a two count, Shoulder tackle sends Al out of the ring, followed by a piscada. Obligatory chair shot by Al and he throws CA back ino the ring, followed by a leg drop that was sold as if Hulk Hogan had thrown it, but CA still gets a shoulder up. Al picks up CA and nails happy hour, and it's all but over until CA gets ANOTHER shoulder up. See, massive push, although they really should have worked him as a more face type role, throw him into the Shawn Michaels "Never give up," kick up for the second wind,and you've got a credible main eventer. Al screams at the ref, rollup by CA gets two. CA throws Al to the ropes, and nails a backhand spring moonsault into a LONG two count by Al Coholic. CA does the same yelling at the referee spot, before Al turns him around for another Happy Hour. But in mid-motion, CA reverses it into his Wild Ride for the submission, and a TAP OUT victory at 7:38. *** simply for Al actually slamming his hand against the mat. Would have been a simple **1/2 match had Al not cleanly tapped to CA's move and put it over. Otherwise, just a pure wrestling contest that worked and clicked, but didn't have time to really mess up alot of things. CA is and has been extremely underutilized.

Mayhem Match
And here comes the sacreligious half of the double Main event. Well, that is if Owen Hart is your religion, which he DAMN WELL BETTER BE. Anyway, this is a four scaffold design without the hell in a cell to play off of, but beyond that, this is the same match we enjoy today. Oh yeah, back then, all the wrestlers entered at once. It's like a freakin' Battle Royal, and I'll be damned if I'm going to keep up with everything. Well, I guess Gunnar Smith got to ME too then? CA sends Fugite off by Fugite lands on the bottom scaffolds, pulling himself back up. Wyldesyde hammers away at Aliperti, but launches himself off after missing a clothesline. Too bad he wasn't the guy to lose his career instead of Owen. Not death, I don't wish Death on anyone, but hey, you'd all trade Wyldesyde's lack of a career to see Owen Hart with the WWF World Championship? Right. Game Set Match Bitch. The short lived and talented O'Neill Brothers double team Jack in the Box. They were booted when they disliked the decision to place the belts BACK on Era of Our Kind later that week. They may have had a point, but they were way too green to the fans to get those belts anyway. The O'Neill Bros. form the short lived Royal Raiders with X-Treme, Erik Campbell, and Da Raider. Can I just THANK the HEAVENS above that this was so short lived? Raging One flirts with being chokeslamed off before being pushed into Zodiak and shoving him off. Don't ask me where the IWO got it's gimmicks from. I'd guess the lost and found box. CA pounds away at Phantom as he just WALKS off the scaffolding. Now doesn't THAT suck? Ken War and Chaos battle, Enrage tries to eliminate them both but gets eliminated instead. Well, now at least he actually has something to be enraged about. Also, genious booking, the VALETS are on the bottom while the wrestlers fight above? You thinking what I'm thinking? Some random guy gets thrown off and lands in the lap of Summer. Hey, if you're going to go out, you might as well make the best of it. The O'Neill's go for a manhatten shake on Larson, but it's reversed, and Ryan gets thrown off only to be caught by Adam. Damn, talk about strength. The Royal Raiders assemble, only for X-Treme to kick Adam by mistake and make him drop his partner. No wonder they weren't put together with rings and set to guard the world's ecological resources like with Captain Planet. Davis hits a tombstone piledriver on the Vet, yes, an actual wrestling move. DEAR GOD~! Davis kicks the Vet off the scaffold pretty quick afterwards. Way to end the Vet's REMOTE push. Then again, when you have your face smack the metallic ring post in what doesn't seem like a stunt, you're kinda getting what you're asking for after hearing about Owen's demise by the same accident. Thankfully, the Vet did recover and, whether you like it or not, won the World title in 2000. Jax Stone choketosses Chaos, and then Fugite ddt's X-Link before rolling him off. Shadow and Frank Aliperi are battling and CA knocks them both off with double diving clotheslines. Wow, quick eliminations. You go for a snack and half the match seems over. Fusion drop toe holds Master Mage off the scaffold, and then Prophet trips over Fusion to fall off himself. Jax however, who was ALSO chasing, is smart enough to, I don't know, STOP?!? Ashton Cain and CyberCyclone exchange a brief set of moves that sends Cyclone off the top. Wilt and Kell catch each other's eyes, as they immediatly go to town with right hands and rolling around, punching one another. Cut to the Black Assassion hanging, and X-Treme tries to eliminate him. Then, TBA just pulls X-Treme off with him and they both crash to the floor. Jack in the Box powerbombs Thorn off the scaffolding, which is followed up by a Crescent kick by Adam O'Neill to send JitB out.Kell and Wilt wind up rolling off the scaffold, only for Cain to pull Kell up, and then Kell pull up Wilt into a ddt. Okay, whatever. I personally think kicking a guy off a forty foot scaffold would be the Way to get your revenge, but I guess I'm not a "Phoenix." Adam O'Neill is eliminated in a spot where you can't even see what happened. Gotta love battle royals *Groan* The Vet, AMAZINGLY, survived his fall, and the IWO are actually UPDATING us about his status. Wow, that's class act all the way. Justin Shack chair shots Erik Campbell off the scaffolding, and Phelen Kell pulls razor wire, presumably out of his ass, since I doubt he could find anywhere on the FREAKING SCAFFOLD. Fusion chokeslams Widomaker, and then Bubbles beer bottle shots Stalker off the scaffold. Then Bubbles jumps off of the scaffold himself. Stupid fucken clown. Probably had a gig in Hardford to attend. Shack hits happy hour on Al, which brings a slight smile to my face. Widomaker is tossed by the "I want a title!" Pacific Champion, the Mysterious One. RaynMan gets knocked off from a lead pipe shot by Ashton Cain. Man, that coulda made Tonya Harding proud. Kell gets glass(persumably from his ass again), and misses Dane, catching his partner Ashton. Flyer german suplex's Da Bronx Bro and they crack the scaffold a small bit. Phelen Kell nails Tony Davis off the scaffold to a lower one while Cain teased a break up. In a weird moment, Flyer and Davis do battle on the scaffolds, followed by Justin Shack chair shots Reaper after exposing his "tighy Whities." Yes. You heard me. Raging One and Tony Davis try eliminating Kell, but TRO throws his fellow stablemate out. Erik Campbell gets eliminated(Sorry, before he just fell to a lower level) by Wilt from a gorilla press. Al catches a dropkicking Flyer with a powerbomb, followed by a superkick from Shack. Three weeks later and we'd have the Cult... heh. Billy Larson and TRO powerbomb Vince Jacobs off the side while Wilt rolls a fallen Flyer off for another elimination. Dane brainbuster's Larson, as Kell and Wilt go at it AGAIN. Al Coholic nails TRO with Happy Hour, Al extends a hand to Shack, Shack extends one back, but pulls him in for the Shack Attack. Bronx Bro is almost eliminated by CA, but DBB reverses into a Rock Bottom. Then the IWO released a flury of weapons(even though Kell's been pulling them out of his ass the entire time. Might as well just call him Phelen "The Legendary Gum Ball Machine" Kell. Al breaks a beer bottle over Larson's head, TRO with a bat shot on CA, and then TRO goes on a rampage, knocking everyone down. Then Wilt low blows him and takes HIM down. Chair shots from War and Shack on one another, Kell tries to eliminate Shack but Justin gets a facebuster. Bronx Bro's knocked off by a Jax Stone steel bar. Ken War nails Coholic with the Drop, his move with the simple name because otherwise he wouldn't be able to spell it correctly. Al Coholic eliminates the Mysterious One from behind, and then Larson clotheslines Dane Wilt ALMOST over the scaffolding. Shack and Al double clothesline CA and Jax, which is weird since Shack and Al hate one another after the failed reunion. Then again, they go right back to trading blows, so maybe I shouldn't assume things. Like, maybe the earth ISN'T round. THINK ABOUT IT! Maybe it's like a rhombus, I swear. Fusion nails War with Extinction Level Event, and then TRO ambushes him. Kell, Wilt, and Larson exchange beatings, but then Kell and Wilt work together?!?! Ah, there it is. Kick to the gut by Wilt and a piledriver. Good, because we AREN'T in June YET. CA's Wild Ride is locked in on Jax Stone, when Ken war eliminates both Fusion and the Raging One, whom were battling one another. Larson locks in Armagedon on Kell, and then tries to throw him off. But Wilt comes in and and throws LARSON off, but LARSON hooks back in the cabling. Wow, weird stuff. Shacked 4 Life on Al, and then gets gossed over. Down to seven. German Suplex by War on Stone, Atomic drop by Shack on CD. Larson dvd's Wilt, and then goes for a tiger driver, only for Wilt to get out of it. Wilt goes for a face lift, but Larson ducks and catches Wilt with a flying forearm, which ALMOST sends his STUPID ass off the scaffolding. Idiot. Anthony tries to suplex Shack off, but Shack suplexes Anthony on the scaffold instead. Larson piledrives Wilt, and then gets his face rubbed in the scaffolding. Shack gets locked by CA's Wild Ride, and Shack taps out since, yes, that can release the hold! WOW! Just tap out and the guy HAS to let it go, even if there isn't a match going on! I didn't know that! Next time some big burly mugger comes up and locks on a sleeper, I'll just tap out and he'll walk away. Wilt face lifts CA from BEHIND. That was fucken sweet. War neckbreaks Stone, and then a powerslam. Anthony and Wilt battle it out, but Shack and Larson seems more interesting as they "Staredown," before Larson SLAPS Shack. Oh God. The dreaded bitchslap. Shack no sells it, SHOCKINGLY. I'm supposed that wasn't the elimination right THERE! Larson and Shack push one another before Shack t-bones Larson. CA and Dane battle, CA with a bullog, and then CA goes after Shack AGAIN. Exchange punshes as Larson nails Shack from behind. CA and Larson double team, into a double ddt, followed by a high five between Larson and CA into a vicious right hand shot. Remember that "Don't Trust Anyone" rumble speech? Now, if people LISTENED to it. CA and Larson with a slugfest, and War tilts a back breaker on Stone, and then a fisherman's suplex. Wilt then dives into BOTH men who had fallen, which was sweet since they were both already down on the scaffolding. Wilt with a dvd on Stone and a backbreaker on War. Larson with a full nelson which CA sells like he's been shot. Yes, we're back in 1980 all over again, and then Shack clips him out of the hold. Shack then charges CA, and instead of DOING a move, just runs RIGHT into a back body drop by CA eliminating himself. War tries the Drop on Stone, but Stone struggles out. Wilt tries to face lift War, but War ducks and Jax takes the brunt, as we're down to the FINAL FOUR. I wonder if the N-C-Double A can sue? War sees Anthony battling Larson, and goes towards him into a Lou Thesz Press. War with right hands, as Anthony tries to cover up. Larson puts the boots to Anythony, as War tries to pick him up for something, into a low blow by CA. Okay,sorry, final FIVE. Whoops. Forgot entirely about someone there. Dane and Kell go at it, and hey, look, all of the Hostile Youth guys are there. It's like the IWO's kliq or something. Larson and CA battle, and Kell with a scoop slam on Wilt. War attacks CA from behind, and then stomps, before Larson clotheslines CA bck down. War trips Larson, and they, on the ground, try pushing each other off. It's like two little babbies in a cradle fighting over a toy really. Kell makes the Nature Boy proud with a knife edge to Wilt, and then tosses him off, only for Wilt to pull himself back on. Larson headbuts War, and then an eye rake, and once again, we're back in 1980. Release Belly to Belly by Kell on Anthony, as Kell picks up War. War thumbs Kell's eyes, and Larson looks to be the vulture on the vurnerable Wilt. War ddt's Kell, and then CA does a precursor to Poetry in Motion by leaping off the kneeling Kell and dropkicking War in the teeth. I think War actually lost a cap to tell you the truth. Larson side slams Wilt, and then Kell and War return us to the 80's with a Wishbone. Score. Dane Wilt nails a hudaconrada on Billy Larson to bring us back into the 90's, and then Anthony bulldogs Kell, only to be tossed off by MAD FREAKIN' MAX! I still have no idea where he came from. Then again, he didn't last long, as he dove off the scaffold ONTO the fallen CA. Man, suicidal. And now Jax Stone returns to give us an ACTUAL final Five. See, Jax Stone was like, dead or something. Kell with a gordbuster suplex, and a reverse russian legsweep sees Kell in control. War and Stone battle, only for Wilt to go for a moonsault kick on Stone. Stone moves, and War recieves the move, and gets sent flying off the scaffold. And NOW, we're down to the Final Four, even though Ashton Cain was never NOTICIBLY eliminated. Wilt and Larson pair off as Jax and Kell go at it. Jax tosses Kell off the scaffold, but Kell hangs on in what could have been the end of Phelen Kell's push to greatness. Imagine calling Jax Stone the "Legend" after winning May Mayhem? Kell and Stone trade blows when Kell recovers, Stone with a arm wringer into a missed short arm clothlesline. Kell nails a neckbreaker out of this series of moves. Larson and Wilt conspire, and they wind up knocking off Jax Stone when they tried to knock both me down. Kell is there to compensate for the babyface adversity however, but Dane and Billy don't work together for long, arguing between one another, giving Kell the ability to grab Wilt's ankle and pull him off of the scaffolding.

The two men left at Billy Larson and Phelen Kell, who's litterally hanging from the scaffolding. Kell pulls himself up for a low blow on Larson, and brainbuster's him into the scaffold. Kell grinds Larson's skull effectively busting him on the splinters. Ouch, that's a MAN'S blade job. Kell nails a cradle neckbreaker, which leads into Kell LAUNCHING Larson, but Larson catching a support chain on the way down. Do I smell Rumble 95 Finish? Larson climbs back up, and Kell does a heel stomp job...? Maybe a precursor to his Hostile Youth:Second Coming ways? Larson hangs on with one hand while Kell does some sort of weird dance. Larson then grabs ahold of Kell's foot, and pulls him down next to him. It's like American Gladiators Ladder Match style on a scaffold. I say Rico makes the run in as the two men battle for position. Kell and Larson exchange taking kicks, and Kell catches a kick. Larson backhands Kell, which lets Kell fall down, and Kell LATCHES ONTO LARSON, predating the Rob Kestler hanging on the scaffolding by his toe incident two years later. Kell climbs up using Larson as a ladder, but Larson pulls Kell's trunks down on his way up. Didn't need to see THAT. Kell falls and holds onto a support bar, and they both pull themselves up, as Kell takes a security cable OFF of the scaffolding. Phelen low blows Larson, and then chokes him with the cable. Like I didn't see that coming. Larson gets thrown into the support cable by the OTHER support cable(man, too many weapons, I'm getting myself confused), and he winds up hanging from the scaffold upside down. Larson winds up getting back up eventually, and Kell KICKS HIS TEETH OUT. Well, I'm sure all his teeth are still IN his mouth, but still. Kell goes for a powerbomb but Larson reverses into a SMALL Package. Desperate times call for desperate Meas... no, that was two months ago. Anyway, Larson catches Kell with a dropkick, and then Kell catches a leg, setting Larson to enzigurir him. Kell almost falls off AGAIN. Damnit, STOP TEASING ME AND END THIS THING! PLEASE! Larson uses that cable on Kell now as Kell regained his footing. Larson gets revenge and swings Kell into the support structure. Okay, you were building to the HEEL, getting the JUSTICE, on the FACE?!!?! WTFMF is all I can say. And even that doesn't do this justice. Larson throws Kell off in a choke-cable toss, but Kell latches on to ANOTHER support structure. GAWD. Someone kill me now, please? Kell returns up, and Larson locks in Armageddon to a HUGE heel pop. Yes, they think a finish is near, and THAT'S POP worthy. Larson starts pushing Kell off, but Kell reverses by grabbing his boot and twisting him off. Larson crashes through the tables below at 1:03:05 to make Phelen Kell the number one Contender and start off the Hostile Youth:IWO days. *** for a pretty much glorified battle royal with a finish that drug on for WAY too long and lost it's effectiveness when Kell and Larson finally DID manage to finish it. It's just amazing the match was as good as it was considering the circumstances just an hour before the show went on the air with Owen Hart's tragic demise.

World Heavyweight Title:Zombie vs. Titan
Backstory. Titan was fired. Zombie won the vacant title tourny. Titan returns. That's pretty much it, minus the whole stable thing that happened after Bloodshowers where Zombie Zombieplexed Titan's "cousin." Start off the match with Titan micwork. Both men were over as heels, and it's hard to have a main event with two bad guys going at it. Kudos for the attempt. Let's see if it works. Titan says Zombie's running and he wants the title. Zombie comes out and complains about how Titan's a pussy now for wanting to scam the title. Blah Blah Blah, this is just a cheap way for Zombie's weight not being said on air. Not that he's fat, but it's just a theory. Some people are just so self consious. Zombie and Titan shove each other. Then Zombie falls over and Titan pins him. No, see, that's WCW. Crap. Zombie and Titan slugfest to start off, well, Zombie at least. Titan gets to his feet no selling by LAUGHING at the face of Zombie. You don't do that to an un-dead American. Titan grabs Zombie after these blows and throws him through the middle rope and to the outside, slamming his shoulder into the guardrail. Zombie comes back in quick, Titan goes for a few blows but Zombie uses his speed to avoid em. Zombie slides underneath after blow attempt three and dropkicks Titan in the back of the head, sending Titan to the outside. Zombie tries a cross body but Titan moves, and, like BSW put it, "SPLAT!" Titan brings a chair into the match(What a surprise), and gorilla press drops him onto it. Why not just MOVE THE MATS AND DO IT THAT WAY!?!? *Shrug* Zombie and Titan head up the entrance ramp and further showcase the IWO's blatent lack of using a count out on a show, LET ALONE pay per view. Zombie gets suplexed through a table, and Titan goes for a count, but it's not falls count anywhere. Titan sets up another table and goes for a powerbomb, but Zombie reverses it mid-fashion for a ddt through it. Zombie and Titan get into the ring, chair shot by Titan in the gut, and then SLAMMED across the head of Zombie. Splat indeed. Two count out of the chair shot in a match with disqualifications. Dos-e-do into a short arm clothesline by Titan, and don't you get the feeling Zombie's playing a face here? The "insermountable odds?" I guess you gotta sell tickets SOME how. Two count before Zombie's thrown to the corner. Titan charges, and Zombie pulls his best Johnny Cage ball breaker move. Man, I should really pull out Mortal Kombat someday soon. Zombie leaves the ring as Titan attends to his "testicular fortitude." Zombie sets up a table, as Titan returns to sneak up on Zombie, only to be drop toe holded into the ringpost. Zombie rolls Titan on, and tries to dive on and through, but just gets THROUGH the table, as Titan moved before Zombie connected. Man, sucks to be Zombie, eh? Zombie climbs in favoring his back, but then hits a 300 pound belly to belly, followed by a Titan neckbreaker. Yeah, I get how those moves flow. Zombie from behind, reversed by Titan into a german, but Zombie LANDS on his feet. Jesus, he's like, 250 or something. Titan showboats as Zombie catches the stunned Titan with a reverse DDT. Titan goes for another german in a bit, but Zombie reverses into one of his own. Zombie with a bulldog, and then the Austin/Michaels slam into mat spot by Zombie to wear down Titan. Zombie with two snap suplexes, a whip into the corner on Titan, and then an attempt at a kaji hajime. Zombie belly to back suplex's Titan out of a headlock, and Titan pratically no sells it, before Zombie running lariot's him back down. Lariot... urgh, I can't believe I used that word. *Backspace*. Dropkick over the ropes by Zombie spot AGAIN, and this time Zombie slingshot clotheslines Titan into the front rows, but Titan reverses whatever Zombie was doing and throws him back into the ring. Titan boots heel-like on the down Zombie, but Zombie catches one and pulls him down to the mat. Shoulderbreaker into a flying headbutt, and Titan then returns with a few forearms. Snapmare and an early headlock. *Sigh* Titan nails a powerslam out of the "fresh wind" Zombie. Kickout at one, and then a small brawl before Zombie nails a clothesline on an irish whip. Nice cradle neckbreaker by Zombie. Zombieplex reversed to a simple snap suplex, followed by a belly to belly by Titan. Zombie's superplexed by Titan, and a ten count starts. Reverse Russian Legsweep on the rebound by Zombie, and then an STF. Quick break. Cactus Clothesline sends both men outside. Jawbreaker by Zombie, followed by a BIG splash for the 9 count rest followed by TITAN falling on Zombie. I don't get it? I really don't get it. At least Zombie kicks out. Hogan legdrop by Titan misses as Zombie gets a two. Titan german suplex's Zombie onto a chair and BRIDGES. That's why he's a champion. Two count only though. Double clothesline into another rest spot. Titan throws his arm over, and another two count. Titan goes for a ddt, but Zombie gets a northern lights on a chair for another two count. Shoulderbreaker, followed by Zombie and Titan climbing the turnbuckle together. Titan throws Zombie off, and nails a GIANT elbow, but only gets another two. Zombie from behind on the arguing Titan with a zombieplex gets a LONG two. And then another zombieplex gets ANOTHER long two. Wait, aren't finishers supposed to END matches? A third straight Zombieplex ends the match at 18:49 and Zombie retains his title. *** Too many rest holds in a main event match, but the wrestling was crisp and fluid. It also helped put Zombie BACK over as a credible champion, since Titan was seen as a monster whom hardly lost at the time.

Once you fast forward to the Black Assassion/Billy Larson, you're set. The Hostile Youth matches are okay, and RaynMan/Flyer is decent for nostalgia purposes, but beyond that, the begining of this tape SHOULD be avoided.

The rest of the tape is gold, even if the promotion was a pseudo-ECW style by this point, it's still a good view.

Recommendation Approved.