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Blood Showers 1999
Posted by Seth Christian

It's 1999. The title had been vacated when Titan was "fired" from the IWO in storyline purposes, prompting a thirty two man tournament for the championship.

And how did the IWO hype this pay per view may you ask?

A bunch of kids dancing around in a park to the tune of...

"April Showers bring May Flowers, April Flowers bring May Flowers....

Yeah, I'm just as scared as you are. Those poor innocent kids. You think there parents would protect them from the bloodshed.

They do a quick rundown of the feuds in a vocal fashion. It seemed a bit out of character though, because Nikki's supposed to be a ditzy flirt without wrestling knowledge, and all JT cares about is blood, yet they go on to blatently read off cue cards at the begining of the show. But hey, whatever works, right?

JT blatently steals a Road Warriors line by adding in the word "Adrenaline" in it. Man, I'm surprised the WWF didn't sue back then.

-Opening Segment:Jamie Kosoy makes a Pacific Title.
Really, what exactly was the point of this segment except to stroke the Mysterious One's fragile psychie. ?┐? was a few months away from his World Title reign at the top of the promotion but decided that he couldn't wait for a belt to be around his waste. Therefore, Jamie, with all the other title belts being tied up in high profile feuds, decided to make a belt that quickly became a joke. I mean, that happens when it's handed to a man in a high profile situation and then jobbed off to Ken freakin' War and Justin Shack.

Opening Match: Winky the Penguin vs. Goopy the Monkey.
I'm really surprised that something like Animal Control let these two wild animals into the ring to go at it. I mean, it makes underground fighting seem like tea and crumpets in jolly ol' England. Just imagine if the animals went wild and attacked the fans in attendance? ... Oh right, that's what DID happen. No need to have an active and wild imagination here! After a staredown of "epic animal preportions," Winky and Goopy took to the crowd instead of one another. Just imagine the verbal lashing that the security guard got after this match occured. Just imagine the berage of people just demanding justice for what happened. It's amazing the IWO survived THAT! And following the BLOODSHED(heh, at least the name of the show fit with the match, right? Showers of blood?) Pest Control storm the ring, only to be taken down by the activists. And no, one of the activists does NOT look like Steve Christ people! He'd probably be one of the Pest Control people moreso than not. The high point of this "match" was a powerbomb delivered by a Pest Control guy on an Animal Right's Activist. The sad part is, that wasn't scripted. Match ended at 3:40 with -***

Television Title No1 Contendership:Earl "Bloody Dawg" Simmons vs. Joseph Wylde
Back in the day, IWO would make numerous Number One Contender matches, even when there were already a number one contender. This match would determine who would face the winner of Atlas vs. Jax Stone, or should have if they hadn't already had a television title contendership the week before involving a win by High Flyer. So, in genious IWO booking, a match was put together for a shot at a belt that already had a line. It was like going to the deli of your favorite supermarket and taking a number. And another announcement by Jamie Kosoy. No, he's not on television too much. Not at ALL!(sarcasm). He makes this a no holds barred contest. Hey, at least they're sticking to the theme. Not like that doesn't just make this an ECW showdown. Also, did anyone notice the piped in chants for this match at the begining? It almost put Goldberg to shame. Earl starts it off with a flurry of suplexes on Wylde, looking to work on the back it seems, but Wylde does a perfect no sell and catches Earl with a DDT. And Earl with another no sell. It almost seemed like "Whatever you can not sell, I can no sell better!" in the ring. Quickly this spot fest/indi showing was turned into even more of a spot fest, which is insane giving the sheer amount of determination to not use psychology from the get go. Also, giving a guy like Wylde a backdrop driver when Zombie, your main eventer, is using it is just idiotic. Wylde won't get over for using it, and he especially won't get any sort of a pop from using it as a wear down move on a no selling Earl Simmons. No wonder neither of these guys actually GOT a shot at Stone/Atlas. Bring in a chair, giving Simmons the power to chairshot Wylde all the way to the backstage area. I love how when you throw a chairshot with a downward motion, the guys back up an INCLINE. Perfect. This all leads to these two men going out to the parking lot to beat up on announcer JT's car, which was made pointless when this feud and these guys were out of here shortly after. The whole payoff to the match is that Simmons is a robot and Wylde throw him into a vat of silver liquid that's supposed to resemble steal at 8:34. Yeah, I bought that. 1/2*

Basement Blood Match: Nathaviel vs. Black Assassin
Well, at least the IWO's sticking with the concept. Why not just get a tub of human blood and put it as a decoration near the entrance ramp instead? And towards the end of the show you could take the tub and rise it to the ceiling, with small grate holes at the bottom, "Showering" the fans in attendance. Yeah, That's good television. I'm actually surprised they didn't do that. Anyway, Nathaviel was this 6'10" monster who beat up the President and almost everyone else he came in contact with. He hadn't been pinned or submitted, but had lost a few matches due to his overwhelming "Blood nature." I still don't get this stipulation, but whatever. Match starts out with the lights out and Nathaviel appears behind Black Assassin. Hey, if you wonder what underneath the ring looks like, just ask Nathaviel. I'm sure he'll be able to tell you. Chokeslam, chair shot against Black Assassin's head. It was a Foley/Rock fest, six chair shots to Black Assassin's temple, which let Assassin's face bleed. I don't know if that was worked into the match because the IWO board thought it was entertaining or if they just wanted more blood to fit the name. More blood as Assassin low blows Nathaviel and grates his forehead with an electric fan. Your guess is as good as mine. Back to the locker room area with MORE forehead grating making even New Jack queeze. Big Scott Weber's car gets destroyed, followed by more jabs by forks and glass and cheese graters. Just a note, doners were in the backstage area for when this match FINALLY ended at 7:40 with a passed out submission victory for Nathaviel. Wise move, push the instopable monster more when he left the fed only a month later, whereas Black Assassin actually used some wrestling skill to move ahead to the Television Title Rankings. -DUD.

Stip Match:Billy Larson vs. Jamie Kosoy
They make a big deal about this match having stipulations as if none of the previous matches had any. Jamie isn't pushing himself as the next Vince McMahon, no, no siree. Jamie is announced as being from the Wrestling Capital of the world, Parts unknown, even though it's WIDELY know that Jamie hails from Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. I guess that's why the Announcer's a faceless no name that doesn't even work for the company anymore. Larson quickly comes out playing more of a face role even though he's more known for his heel runs. Jamie with the vicious heel stomp on entering face, and an actual hip toss misaccurately, but still shockingly thrown by Kosoy. Larson shows why he's a wrestler and Kosoy's just a manager, taking a few punches before shoving him down. Kosoy does a nice job of selling a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker as Larson started working on his back. Larson throws Kosoy into the corner and sandwiches him, followed by the Ten punch of fan approval in the corner. Belly to Belly Suplex again on the back, sidewalk slam, followed by Armaggedon. Jamie doesn't submit, putting himself over the submission win by passing out instead. Way to go Boss. Submission ends it at 5:50. * Amazingly. Larson carried Kosoy for the majority of the match and it advanced the storyline. Whether that was a good thing or not is your decision.

Intercontinental Tag Team Titles : Era of Our Kind -c- vs. Creatures of the Night
Here's the story. The I.C. titles always seemed to be more for the teams that were just starting out in the business. IE:two singles wrestlers joining up without a gimmick to help put them over even more than they already were in a tag division. Team like Justin Shack and Al Coholic, Chris Anthony and Tony Davis, and the ever popular Team Rocket come to mind. Once Hostile Youth hit the tag scene however, Era of Our Kind, a definitive popular tag team was reglected to holding the I.C. titles, changing them forever. Era should have been fighting for the World Tag titles while guys like the Texas Rangers should have been defending them against Creatures of the night. It turned the belts into stepping stones for high profile tag teams making a buzz, but when the tag division became depleted, you couldn't return to the formula of placing two singles wrestlers into the division to make a "weak" tag team, because they just couldn't logistically compete. They don't even give Creatures an entrance. Four man brawl at the begining starts things off, as it's not the normal one team dominates, but one member of either team picks it up. Reaper and Phantom start the match off. Phantom looked to be a heel in peril until tagging out to Mage quickly. EooK works over Reaper's knee, blatently kicking him there even though Reaper could have easily countered. Reaper became the face in peril as EooK worked over the knee until he reversed a piledriver and delivered a luke warm tag to Thorn, as Thorn takes down EooK, only to be escourted out of the ring by a blind referee who didn't see the tag. Reaper gets into a figure four, which is broken up by a top rope legdrop by Thorn. Thorn playing more of a heel here, throwing the referee away as he goes back to his corner for ANOTHER hot tag. Goes for a Doomsday device called the Darkness, which you just gotta appeal the IWO board for their sense of creativity with these guys. Master Mage chair shots Reaper off the ropes, as Phantom goes for a victory roll. Should have ended there, but Thorn gets up, only to get a chair shot and a German for the pin. 6:34. *1/2. This was begging for something to happen with Reaper's knee, maybe Reaper would have held Phantom up only for his knee to buckle. Made Era of Our Kind's double team pointless.

Television Title: Atlas vs. Jax Stone
Welcome to the age of worthless Championships. Atlas is the man with the distinction of having a promo that was forced to be aired over the course of an hour on IWO television. Yes, he is the previous cure for insomnia. Jax Stone is an up and comer not quite finding his niche with the IWO or the fans. After a short feud with Flyer in where both men tried playing heels and failed miserably, Jax was thrusted into the television title scene and was looked at as a rising star. Atlas however, was the man who went over Phelen Kell, one half of a rising tag team that would dominate the second half of 1999's IWO airwaves, but just wouldn't put over the younger Jax Stone. He already had a dramatic amount of pull with the company as it was, and no matter the amount of title chances Jax got, he never obtained the big one. Then again, at this point, he was just a low-t.v. title filler. Atlas plays the heel which just wasn't working for this greek God, even being aligned with Titan didn't help him stay around. Stone takes down the big man with an enziguri, and Jax seems to have a more of a high flying repitoire at this stage, trying a moonsault and hitting nothing. It was odd seeing JAX FREAKING STONE try a moonsault, but whatever. John Smythe gets his two seconds of television time barking instructions to a fallen Stone. Not like Stone can hear him when he's in a back breaker and Atlas' hands are pushing him down. Somehow Stone gets out, almost as if Atlas just let him out because they wanted to play chutes and ladders. Stone and Atlas go into a fist fight, and even with Stone's size, he shouldn't be doing that with him. Doesn't make sense if they want to push Stone as a smart man. At least Stone knew wisely enough to be the one to actually sell the punches, backing off into the ropes and then back bodying Atlas out. Various ECW crowd brawling between the two which has no place being in an normal wrestling promotions match, and didn't add anything to the match except giving Atlas a time to rest as Jax crawled around, trying to look as hurt as he could. Neckbreaker, belly to belly, and then more weapons, this time a table. Smythe with five more seconds, pulling the table away, causing Atlas to be distracted enough for Stone to recover. The finish comes when Stone throws Atlas off the top and nails him with a top rope fame-asser, known as the Elimination at 8:43. ** for the finish alone.

World Tag Team Title Match: Hostile Youth vs. Inferno and Zombie
This is the Pre-Dane Wilt era of Hostile Youth, with Youth being the fan favorites going against two singles wrestlers paired as a team. It took nearly six months for them to lose the stranglehold they had on the tag team titles, and they quickly regained them back at this pay per view.... Oh crap, I spoiled the ending. Like anyone didn't see THAT coming. The only reason Youth even lost the belts in the first place was because of controversal situations, but it was more or less to breathe life into the division. The four men cut short sentences that wouldn't be considered promo length even if they were put through babbelfish eighteen times. This was the first match of the night that lasted more than ten minutes, and rightfully so, even if Inferno was just a glorified mid-carder who was in there with three future/current main eventers. Zombie oddly nails a missle dropkick on Kell considering his size, and once again, to fit with the current style, a chair is brought in and across Zombie's skull by Kell. Kell misses a moonsault on Inferno, as Zombie gets a two for a powerslam. Hot tag by Kell to Ashton, followed by a slugfest with Inferno. Double cross body in a nice spot in the middle of the ring. Harlequin gets involved, looking to nail the tag champs, but Zombie delievers a VICIOUS Zombieplex which just gave this match another star. Zombie and Inferno nail Cain with a top rope crucifix/neckbreaker combo on Cain, which just looked brutal. Cain SOMEHOW kicked out while Kell dealt with Harlequin on the outside. Zombie and Inferno start argueing with the referee, while Kell comes in with a low blow, followed by the Malicious Intent. Cain then takes Inferno out of the ring as Zombie does the popular thing and passes out instead of tapping. **** at 20:10. Excellent main event of hour one, and a perfect example of drama and storyline coming together. What's even amazing is that Zombie went onto the main event against Fusion later in the evening.

3 Table Match: US Title Match: Dark Wolf vs. Jason Nash vs. Chris Anthony
This match would be a nice gimmick, had it been done in the Extreme title division. Instead, it wallows where high class wrestling should be. Dark Wolf and Nash are just glorified brawlers, which explains the stipulation, because Anthony could out wrestle both men with his hands tied behind his back. Double team the big man to start, but doesn't last as Wolf does the heel and turns on Anthony, a tweener. Nash comes back and KEELS both men with chokeslams. Hey, you want to see Kevin Nash without the long hair and the charisma? Here you go. Dark Wolf with a top rope ddt, followed by MORE blood. I think the tag title match is the only one without a crimson mask, and that was a four star contest! Piscada by Anthony, followed by a back body onto steel steps. Anthony winds up almost being powerbombed by Nash through the three tables, but Wolf breaks it up. Ending sees Anthony messes up an attempt to put Wolf through three tables, followed by a superplex to end it. Wolf retains at 9:45 to a ** match due to Anthony's sell job. Nash regains his heat by powerbombing Wolf AND Anthony. I care. I really really do.

Meat Locker Match:Extreme Title: Ken War vs. Raging One
War recently won the title from Mad Max, a cult ICON in the IWO after holding the title for over three months. Now, Raging One gets his OWN match stipulation against the WORST PROMO MAN OF ALL TIME. Raging One shows his extreme nature by eating raw meat. He was later determined to be the man who started the Mad Cow Disease, so Joey Malone thanked him for the manuver's nickname. The match's gimmick was that it took place in a cold meat locker. Man were they reaching with that one. Think a boiler room with lots of veal cutlet hanging from the ceiling. JT screams about blood, not like he hasn't seen ENOUGH TONIGHT. TRO with a boston crab to take War down early. TRO does an amusing "hearing the crowd" bit, even though he's in a solid concrete vault. Ken War gets a shot by a golf club, and any other match tonight, woulda spelt blood in an instant. A second shot after a humorous "mulligan" does the job though. TRO looks to leave the meat locker room and win the match, but all he finds are chickens, followed by a Ken War golf shot that breaks the putter. Man, now we know where Roadkill got his "Chickens" thing. Might I also add, that after the numerous chants of "We Want blood" from the fans tonight, everyone in attendance are freaks of nature or just insane. A nice overhead Press slam through a window by War, but it just causes more blood. War with a "Drop" through a desk table, which folded like my high school birdhouse. War looks to win, until everyone's favorite insane man Mad Max shows up, driving Ken War through a mock canoe with Mania, and then does the same through a log cabin on The Raging One. Max leaves, giving TRO the chance to nail War with another light shot and exit the locker room for the win. ** with the apperance of Max at 15:49, *** if you're using a Hardcore Spotfest scale.

Title Match : Mysterious One vs. ???
After five minutes of stalling, the Mysterious One comes out, and hits the security guards with the Mysterious Death Drivers. He grabs a microphone and says that since he gets a title shot, he'll just take the Pacific Title. *yawn* Kosoy says he's gotta pry it from his hands, and the Mysterious One does that, driving both him and VP Shaun with the manuver at 9:46. -** That's considered a match? Give me a job and I could do that.

North American Title Match: Jack in the Box vs. Shadow
More random violence that mimiks ECW to a T. Shadow and Jack battle in the backstage, but quickly goes back into the ring. Jack took Shadow out of the ring then quickly for the Jack, but was caught with Lights Out through the French announce tale. I'm surprised the French are even that close to ringside, given the whole "foreign announcers get their table broken" oath wrestlers take when the enter the business. Shadow attacks the referee when he wants to count out, which would usually lead to a dq, no? Shooting star misses, Jack in the Box fires with a Face Buster, then misses a leg lariot. Shadow however catches him with the same move, and then delivers a Bulldog, and a powerbomb without covering, only to be met with a Tornado DDT. Shadow with a desperation Superkick to knock both men down. Shadow throws down the referee when he gets up, then gets a brainbuster from Jack, followed by THE JACK for a LONG two count. Jack then uses weapons, because this IS Bloodshower, and the fans, whether they were frustrated at the amount of red they had seen or the fact that Shadow hadn't been dqed yet, started hurling in chairs. Jack powerbombed Shadow on top,and then a senton bomb attempt by Shadow misses through a table. A hell in a cell comes down, because there hasn't been enough spotfest violence today, as Jack and Shadow do battle on top. Jack nails THE JACK through the cell in a Foley/Taker spot, but Shadow winds up on top for the win. *1/2 at 10:15. Glorified Spotfest from the get go, and having Shadow go over was a poor decision, because Jack's career could have taken off now that Rappy was gone, but Shadow had litterally no following. Effectively killed two birds with one stone.

World Title Tourny:Semi-s:Fusion vs. the Raging One
TRO was wrestling for the second time tonight, but came out rather quick after a delayed stall with a huge boot to Fusion. TRO showed very little wear from his Title win earlier in the evening. Fusion was able to nail a top rope hudaconrada on TRO for a two, and then a corkscrew plancha to a large response from the fans. Fusion is known to most fans as King Sting these days. Fusion and TRO take it to the back, getting tossed from a moving vehicle, and then wind up back on the vehicle traveling down a HIGHWAY. Well, at least it's not Uncensored. Fusion nails a clothesline from ONE car to another in what was considered one of the most riskiest stunts in the IWO tonight. That says something. Conviently, the camera shuts out to signal the end of the pre-recorded footage. That's when TRO and Fusion make their way back out to the ring. TRO wraps the ropes in barbed wire while Fusion nails Extinction Level Event, followed when TRO counters the same move through a table into a spinebuster.After a long delayed pause, Fusion and TRO battle on the top, leaving Fusion to nail Extinction Level Event off the top for the win. *** pretty decent match, even though most of the out of the ring stuff was pretty unbelievable. It was sweet none the less. Time set at 20:24.

World Title Tourny: Semi-s : Zombie vs. the Vietnam Veteran
The Veteran, a forty Seven year old man who resembled a young Bret Hart in the ring, got his first chance at being Champion. Then again, it would take him aout 18 more months to get the Belt, but we'll let that slide. The start of this feud was when Zombie locked in his Bowling Ball, while the Vet locked in his Purple Heart. Neither man tapped as Zombie passed out. The Vet, in a rage, yelled out "Say I Quit," costing him the match, and giving him a legitamet grudge against Zombie. The whole payoff is that Zombie has attacked the Veteran and has seen the Vet tap out to Larson's Armaggedon manuver, while Zombie has had a massive winning streak, even winning the tag team titles. A superhammerlock from the Vet starts things as Zombie writhes in pain. Zombie winds up in charge, nailing commentator Angel in the process, until the Vet nails Zombie with the Polish Hammer, followed into Kevin Sullivan's double foot stomp. Zombie winds up piledriving the Vet three times, as the Vet kicks out each time. Zombie can't believe it, as he picks Vet up again, goes for a facelock, when Vet turns it into a Rude Awakening preformed by Zombie on the Vet. And that's your finish at 12:43. *** It was the perfect time to put the Veteran over as the newest champion, but IWO went a different route as you can obviously tell.

World Title Tourny:Finals:Zombie vs. Fusion
This match was done almost as if Zombie was fully recovered, but that didn't detract from it overall. Early on, a fan who you could see as Eddie Cheno threw an egg into the face of Zombie. Two years later, Cheno would be wrestling in an IWO ring. Just imagine where you can go. Fusion, with the rest advantage, took over early, delivering a few high flying impact moves. A missle dropkick here, an elbow drop there. In an early flury,Fusion goes for a back body drop, countered into a powerbomb attempt, and countered again for a drop, followed quickly into Extinction Level Event. Zombie kicks out again, and that causes Fusion to nail another Extinction Level Event. This time, cue Titan's music, and a stall. Zombie takes advantage, roll up with a kickout, then a Zombieplex, and yet ANOTHER video cue. Ref bump, caused by a chokeslam, and then another Extinction Level Event from Fusion. Fusion counts himself three times, however it's worthless. Zombie gets his kaja hajime on Fusion, and then another video clip. At this moment, much like me, Zombie is quite thoroughly pissed at the video clips interupting a main event of a pay per view. This lets Fusion nail his finisher AGAIN, onto a chair this time(Hey, it IS blood showers), and Zombie kicks out! The referee is tried to e waken up, and then Zombie gets the advantage. Splash through the announce table, no pin. Zombieplex on the rampway, followed y another attempt at Extinction Level Event from Fusion. However, Fusion doesn't hit it, the music cueing up once more, only for Zombie to nail the Zombieplex for the three at 17:23. * Too much focus on the music and repeated uses of the finishers. It was almost as if the IWO were trying to kill these guy's end game manuvers.

The pay off? Titan comes down, Titan X-Press's Commish Ken, the referee, and Zombie, and makes his triumphant return. Yay. I'm brewing with excitement. You know what the real payoff was? A pissed off Zombie destroying Nikki's car, completing the destruction of all three of the commentator's cars.

Overall, the show was a complete bloodbath until the World Title Tournament, where you could see some quality wrestling. This is purely a rental though, for the World Tag Team Title Championship match and the World Title Tournament. A mild recommendation.